Peach or Perish

August 1, 2012
Holly Deyo

Yesterday was my last day as Steve Quayle's webmaster. After 11 years, Steve has decided to go in a different direction. As we get ever closer to End Times, we must do all what we can – each and every family – to prepare our loved ones and friends for what looms overhead. Regardless of faith, on a human level, these are frightening times.

I have immensely enjoyed the position as Steve's webmaster, but so many things demand our time, and there is simply not enough "body" to go around the work circle. Even with getting up at 4 a.m., it is impossible. So the problem solved itself.

Right now, every one of you reading this message should look to your own preps, see where deficits pop up, understand how to plug these holes, seek a bugout location, make friends with those who "have" if you "have not" and see if trades can be made. Skills and knowledge can always be bartered for commodities.

Never in this lifetime did I think we would be in the circumstance in which we find ourselves both as a Nation and globally. Life was too good, too normal. Government has now become the adversary, not our advocate. Things are upside down. Sideways.

Every single day the Lord grants you is a gift. Believe it!


Sunday Stan and I spent the Sunday harvesting peaches. These are first fruits this tree ever produced and it did do so in astonishing abundance! One tree alone produced over 300 peaches! Today we begin canning, making preserves and pie fillings. The cream of the crop will be sliced in half and frozen – those that aren't munched on the spot!

This is a young orchard, just 4 years old, consisting of different varieties of 15 dwarf apples, pears, peaches, plum and cherry trees. Despite a constant battle with birds, wind, hail, heatwaves and bugs, (Psalm 23:5) these trees produced a tremendous crop. Instead of perishing, these fruits chose to thrive!

As you can see in the second picture from the left below, the plum is still encased in bird netting. Frustrated birds tried to find a secret entrance till their wings were ready to fall off! Three sparrows did find their way into one peach tree, and then they panicked when our Australian Kelpie, Jayzbo, snapped at their feet. By the time we got the birds disengaged from the net, the feathered interlopers were more than happy to fly off without so much as a peck at the fruit.

Some folks put their bird nets on at the beginning of the season, but we leave ours off till just before it gets tempting for birds. As trees continue to grow throughout the summer their branches can get really tangled in that fine mesh, which makes it a pain to pick fruit. Even with delaying putting on these nets, we had such wild winds here, the branches still got snared. Some trees experience "growing spurts" and push through the nets anyway, like they did on the plum.

We lost some fruit, but they must have super-glued themselves to the branches as most survived. You can see how the peach leaves (above right) really took a beating in vicious winds.

We had – past tense – raspberries and grapes, and I know this sounds insane, but my work schedule has been overloaded for so long, we had to let the birds eat them. There was simply no time to spare. After this fruit feast, the quail are our bosom buddies. Probably forever now. <sigh> Every morning for the past 2 months you could see their crested heads bobbing up and down like they were jacked up on pogo sticks, snagging every raspberry in sight. Little blighters!

Underscoring this, a girlfriend from Montana and her husband visited a few weeks ago. Thankfully they are REAL friends, don't have to be entertained and understand what "real life" has been like. She took one look at both flower gardens and the veggie beds and went to work. They even stacked the woodpile. Linda drafted her husband, Darrell, and what they accomplished in 2 days... well, let's say we owe them a big debt.

She whacked and chopped flowers that threatened to take over nearly everything. She transplanted an entire bed of lettuce, planted another one with onion sets, yanked out native grass that thought Super Soil was a gift from God, and generally put everything to right that desperately needed it. All this happened right when it became apparent we had to put down our first dog, Seismo. Not exactly what you want to do when you have company, even if they are nearly family. To say the least, the last few months have been beyond stress-filled...


While much of our Nation is in extreme drought and worse, God blessed us with a bountiful harvest. And, as I type this, He is showering us with the most magnificent rain – an amazing gift in these dry times! Colorado is one of the driest areas with drought conditions in the 2 worst categories covering most of the state. It is surprising that water restrictions have not been implemented.


With drought hitting grain crops, cattle, hogs and chickens, soon there will be a meat glut on the market – BEFORE prices head skyward. This would be a great opportunity to stock up on fresh beef and poultry as hundreds of thousands of animals must be culled before their time. It's that or starve as feed comes at great cost. As you read from Ron Klinefelter Monday, hay in his area has gone up 300% - 400%. That is unsustainable for many ranchers. Just look at all the counties where crops are declared a disaster. It is truly shocking! This is an enormous heads up.

With near perfect timing, Sears has a nationwide sale on freezers – 25% off through Saturday. The money you spend on this appliance will rapidly be replaced by the savings on food you buy now, and you'll have the freezer long after this most recent crisis passes.

Be sure you have plenty of canning jars, and tons of replacement rings and lids. Remember, you can always can meat and butter, as dairy is another item set to kiss the stars.

These are signs of the times. Great fruits, great abundance, before the door closes. Prepare, friends. Days and opportunities grow short. See where you can "build community" within your area if you don't have an alternate survival location. Pray for guidance. Your answer might not come in the next few minutes or the next few days, but be diligent and faithful. God ALWAYS answers heart-felt prayers.

May the Lord bless each and every believer's household and keep you in His palm,


Click each image below for a birds-eye (ooh, bad choice of words) er, uh, bigger view of the harvest that would not be stopped!

Montmorency Cherry
Fuji Apple
D'Anjou Pear