Control the oil and you can control entire Continents. Control food and you control people. — former Secy. of State Henry Kissinger, 1974

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Dec 28
20 Genetically Modified Foods Coming to Your Plate
Dec 26
9 Foods You Should Never Eat Again
Wine Preference May Indicate Personality
Dec 24
3 Major Disasters That Could Lead to a Food Crisis Around the World

FDA Backs Safety of Transgenic Fish
Herb Gardening Yields Home Remedies
Dec 21
Milk Could Hit $8 a Gallon with Farm Bill Stalled
Will Your Next Burger Be Ground-Up Mealworms?
Dec 20
Botulism Confirmed in Queensland Cattle
Dec 17
How Water Is Being Used to Enslave the People
The Coming Water Wars
Drought Driving Up Cattle Sales
Diet Pepsi Quietly Changes Sweetener – Still Contains Aspartame
Dec 14-15
Smoked Salmon Recalled as Precaution Due to Listeria Risk
Hometown Farmer: Drought Burns Livestock Industry
Drought Expands in Many Farm States
Drought Expands in Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas
Dec 13
EPA Calls “Rain Water Pollution” and Wants to Take Your House Virginia
Pesticide Residues On Organic: What Do We Know?
Ongoing Drought Sparks Uncertainty in 2013 Corn Prices
Report Urges Cultivation of US Agricultural Science
Dec 12
526,421 Family Farms Threatened By New Death Tax
Dec 10
How a Gardening Novice Tackled Urban Farming
Pesticide Use Increases as GMO Technology Backfires
Dec 7-8
Season Has Changed, but Drought Endures
US Drought Expands, Concerns Mount About Wheat and Rivers
Ongoing Drought Raises Big Concern for Agricultural Future
Winter Wheat Farmers May Abandon More Than 25% of New Wheat Crop
FDA Expands Irradiation of Food Supply; Harmonizing with Codex Alimentarius
Dec 6
Scientists Create 'Coconut-Flavoured' Pineapple
Dec 4
Missouri Farmers Fight Rise in Hay Thefts
Mississippi River: From Waterworld to Water Wars
Dec 3
Farmers Say Drought Isn't Over
Drought to Do Number on Meat Prices
Chinese Snap Up Prime Farm Land in Western Australia
Reports of Deadly Salmon Virus in B.C. Tied Up Federal Resources for Months
Mycotoxins: The Hidden Hormone Danger in Our Food Supply
Nov 29
Winter Wheat Crop Starts Off in Worst Shape in 26 Years
Tight Supply to Send Grain Prices Surging in Early 2013
A Mandate to Raise Food Prices
California Dairies Reeling After Midwest Drought
Post-Thanksgiving Drought Jitters Come to Minnesota Farmers
GMO Cops: Biotech Giant Hires Former Cops to ‘Enforce Patents’
US and Mexico Make Water History
Nov 27
Superstorm Sandy Leaves Late-Fall Crops Struggling
Nov 23
Drought Forces Farmers to Feed Cattle Corn Stalks
Farmers Told to Buy Insurance If They Don’t Want to Get Sued By Corporations
Farmers Fight to Save Precious Wheat Crops
Mexico Officials: Allowing GM Corn Will Devastate Crops
GM Corn Variety 'Cannot Be Regarded as Safe': Author of Study Linking Food to Cancer Issues New Attack
GM Woes: No Water, No Birds, No Butterflies, and We’Re Coughing at Harvest Time
Damage Is Done By 'Bad Aim' Spraying Illicit Crops
Nov 21
Organic Farmers Condemn Us Report, Claim It Favors GMO
Nov 20
U.S. Winter-Wheat Crop Worsens as Dry Weather Curtails Growth – HOLLY COMMENT: Over HALF of our Winter Wheat is in Severe-to-Exceptional drought. News agencies are generally keeping this quiet, but one has only to compare the wheat belt map to the current drought map and see trouble. Now look at the UK's Winter Wheat report. – As a reminder, this is what most preppers store long-term for wheat supplies.
US Winter-Wheat Condition Worst in 27 Years
US Wheat Crop Rating at Record Low for Nov
US Winter Wheat Conditions Continue on Downwards Spiral
Drought in US Wheat Areas Provokes Dust Bowl Talk
UK Winter Wheat Shows Worst Fungus Symptoms Ever Recorded
For Those with Twinkie Withdrawals... Here's the Secret Recipe
Nov 18-19
Drought, Water Scare Has Agribusiness Giant Worried
Another Strike Against Farmers: Looming Death Tax
Food Prices to Rise for Holidays, Then More in 2013
GMO Dangers & Home Farming – (starts 8:10 min. in) AOW
True Grit: Amazing Black and White Photos Capture Struggles of Okla. Farmers Fighting to Survive the Dust Bowl
Nov 16
The Terrorist Risk of Food Trucks
Nov 15
Alaska Increases Estimate of Salmon Disaster
Drought Fallout: Lowest Corn Yield in 16 Years
Extreme Weather Ends Europe's Cheap-Wine Era
Affordable Food Is Key to Stability
Nov 14
Nanoparticles in Our Food
Nov 13
Nervous Farmers Scramble for Corn Seed After Drought
Walker's World: Food Crisis Again
Nov 12
LDS Canneries in the US and Canada
Nov 9
Did Prop 37 (GMO Food Labeling) Really Lose or Was It Vote Fraud?
Could Millions of GM Insects Be Released into British Crop Fields Without Safety Checks?
Great, Russia's Crops Just Failed
Purdue Research Farm Gets Organic Certification – HOLLY COMMENT: Gee, how many articles have come out lately saying there is no health difference between produce grown organically and those not. Regardless of what 'pundits' say, how smart can it be to each poison? See in doubt? Ask a dead honeybee.
Nov 8
Orlando, Fla. Man Fights to Keep Vegetable Garden in Front Yard
Imported Dried Fruits Recalled for High Lead Levels
Nov 7
Drought Impact Expected to Hit Groceries in January
Nov 5
David vs Monsanto: A Documentary on GMOs

Nov 2
Obama Left Hungry New Yorkers to Dumpster Dive

Bloomberg Diverts Food, Generators from Devastated Staten Island to NYC Marathon – UPDATE – Marathon Canceled After Severe Backlash from Public
Hurricane Hunger: What Happens When a City's Food Network Breaks Down
Flood Waters Pose Risk of Water Supply Contamination
U.S. Winter-Wheat Condition Worst in 27 Years as Drought Lingers
Crops Feeling the Effects of Sandy
Cuba Crops Ravaged by Sandy
Australia's Early Wheat Harvest Shows Lower Protein, Poor Yields
Crops Under Floods; 6 Dead
Nov 1
Hurricane Sandy Disrupts Food Distribution, 'Thousands of Trucks' in Limbo
Troopers Deployed to NJ Gas Stations as Frustration, Massive Lines Form at the Pump
Sandy Throws the Brakes on Harvest - USDA
Food Shortage Fears in Haiti After Hurricane Sandy
Violent Storms Cut Argentine Corn Crop By 20%
Oct 26-27
Fish Caught in Fukushima as Tainted as a Year Ago, Study Says
Greece Turning to Desperate Measures as Citizens Face Starvation Due to Economic Collapse
Oct 25
Homegrown revolution – Gardeners Expand to Tackle Alaska’s Food Insecurity
Scientist That Discovered GMO Health Hazards Immediately Fired, Team Dismantled
Judge OK's Genetically Modified Crops on National Wildlife Refuges
Oct 24
Drought Brings Uncertainty to State's Cattle Industry
UN Warns Northwest Africa Over Desert Locust Swarms
Genetic Roulette - The Gamble of Our Lives

Oct 19
US Taxpayers Face Steep Insurance Tab After Crops Fail
Massive Beef Recall Further Validates the Need for Small Farms and Local Agriculture
Oct 18
Drought, Hail, Cold Bring Worst Grape Harvest in Half Century
After Drought, Some Texas Ranchers Wary of Rebuilding Herds HOLLY NOTE: If this is the case, expect beef prices to go through the roof
Got Milk? Drought Threatens to Push Up Dairy Prices
EU Seeks to Cap Food-Based Biofuel Production
Oct 17
Global Food Reserves Have Reached Their Lowest Level in Almost 40 Years
The Next Food Crisis Will Be Caused By Globalist Land-Grabs and Privatization
9 Supermarket Secrets: What Your Grocer Won’t Tell You
Putin Calms Russians Over Poor Harvest
There Is a Staggering Amount of Feces in Our Food
Drought Leads Restaurants to Raise Prices, Cut Portions
Drought, Wildfires Have Beef Farmers Looking for Cheaper Feed
Oct 15
Peanut Butter Recall Extended to Raw, Roasted Peanuts
Treating Food Like Stocks and Shares Is a Recipe for Disaster
Flood, High Levy on Rice Trigger Fears of Food Crisis
4 Farmers Commit Suicide Over Flood Disaster in Nigeria
Oct 12
Worst Drought in Decades Holds Steady, Clouding Winter Crop Outlook
Drought Herd Culling Has Milk Prices Rising
Midwest Drought Claims Poultry Producer
Corn Supply Projections Sharply Lower
Severe Drought Means Food Shortages
Drought Persists, Hits Wheat Growers Hard - Report
The Year the Grains Failed: Why Poorer Countries Are Scheduling 'Food-Free Days'
US Farm Belt Needs Rain to Avoid Another Dry Crop Year
75% of African Nations Face Food Shortage Threat: Report
Oct 11
Preserving Hearty Fall Vegetables
Essential Food to Pack in Your Bug Out Bag
75% of African Nations Face Food Shortage Threat
Oct 10
Drought Cuts U.S. Crops Below Demand First Time in 38 Years
Drought Makes Winter Wheat Risky for Farmers
British Shoppers Warned of Fruit and Veg Shortages
Climate Change Threatens 1M Maize and Bean Farmers in Central America
Genetically Modified Foods, Depopulation, and Prop. 37
Oct 9
US Corn Crop Could Hit 6-Year Low, Slash Grain Reserves
Hot, Dry Weather Batter Corn Crops Across Eastern Europe
Toxic Leak in South Korea Sickens Thousands, Ruins Crops
Stink Bugs Wreaking Havoc on Crops
Stink Bug Infestation on the Rise in Several States – Are They in Yours?
Saving Season-to-Season with Organic Gardening
Fallout from Drought Hits Colorado Roaring Fork Valley Ranches
Monsanto Found Guilty of Chemical Poisoning in Landmark Case
Jeffrey Smith on GMOs - Seeds of Deception Pt 1, Pt 2

Severe Food and Water Shortages Continue Worrying Somalis
Oct 8
Reality: More People Requested Emergency Food Assistance Than Found Jobs
Infertility Gene in GMO Corn
EU Sides with Monsanto in 'GMO Cancer Corn' Word War
French Bees Make Green and Blue Honey After M&M’s Feast
Oct 5
More Food Impacts: First Major U.S. Snowstorm, Cold Snap May Harm Some Crops
Feds Will Use a Crisis to Seize Farmland and Food Stocks
Oct 4
Drought Crushes Local Beef Industry in Hawaii
Vanishing Fruits and Veggies: Warning of Shortages and Price Rises as British Crops Are Hit by Bad Weather
Experts: Food Prices Will Soar Leading to Political, Civil Unrest
Oct 3
Peanut Butter Recall Now Affecting Man’s Best Friend
Honda Recalls 600K Accords; Peanut Butter Recall Widens
700,000 Bags of Popcorn Pulled for Listeria Risk
Colorado to Feds: Turn on the Water
Oct 2
Road-Kill to Go? Chinese Restaurant Shut Down After Officials Find Dead Deer in Kitchen
Oct 1
10 Best Survival Foods at Your Local Supermarket
Forget Gas Prices: Have You Checked Your Water Bill?
Beef Products Recall Includes Meat Sold at Fred Meyer Stores
Sept 28
"Biblical" Drought Bites into Spain's Olive Oil Harves
Sept 27
Operation: Whole Foods Hidden Camera GMO Sting - Bait Organic, Switch to GMO

Stink Bug Invasion Promises Foul Fall
Top 10 Breakfast Cereals Most Likely to Contain GMO Corn
'We Are Hungry:' Students Protest School Lunch Guidelines in Video
Storing Honey
Sept 26
Pig Out Now, Worldwide Bacon Shortage Looming
Russia Halts Imports of Monsanto GM Corn Over Cancer Fears
Sept 25
Peanut Butter Recall Expands Beyond Trader Joe's
Corn Crop Is as Expected: Bad
Bad Weather Causing Soar in Food Prices in UK, Too
U.S.: Bees Disappearing at Alarming Rate - 19 Crops at Risk, 100 Potentially Affected – HOLLY NOTE: Think primarily fruits and melons
Sept 24
GMO Global Alert! Graphic Details of New Independent Study
From Zyklon B to GM Corn: How GMOs Transformed Food into Globalist Weapon
Sept 21
Farm Bill Left to Die on Vine Before Recess
Sept 20
Drought Hits U.S. Cattle Numbers, Forces Hog Sales
Food Prices to Hit Record Highs
Sept 17
Scientists Predict Food Riots Will Grip Planet Within a Year: We Were Warned 4 Years Ago!
Sept 14
Crops Take Another Hit in Federal Forecast
Sept 13
Rain Eases Drought as Midwest Corn Harvest Unfolds
Global Coarse Grain Supplies Down Lower U.S. Corn & Canada Barley Stocks
Sept 12
Corn Devastated By Climate Extremes: Midwest Rain Too Late to Save Crops

Grain and Hay Crop Forecasts Slashed in Australia
Droughts Could Cause Collapse of Food Webs
Sept 11
On the Farm: A Million-Dollar Rain!
Obama’s War on America’s Fresh Water Supply
Sept 10
Hunger Chaos Nears as World Suffers from Historic Drought
Sept 7
Food Inflation, Food Shortages and Food Riots Are Coming
'Extraordinary' Fruit Crop Loss Hits Farmers, Migrant Workers Where It Hurts
Breakdown: 3 Tons of Food Looted from Grocery Stores in Spain as Millions Struggle
Seafish Offer 'Smelly'
Sept 4
Why 2013 Will Be a Year of Crisis
Federal Government Approves Cubbie Farm Sale to Chinese-Led Consortium
Aug 31
6 New GMO Crops that May Soon Hit Your Dinner Table
World Food Prices Jumped 10% in July
Aug 29
Cheap Health Food: Tips to Combat Rising Food Prices
Aug 28
Drunk Causes Death of 70,000 Chickens
Aug 27
Food Prices Continue Upward
Food Shortages Could Force World into Vegetarianism, Warn Scientists
Aug 24
DO IT NOW – Wait or Die
No Relief in Forecast for Rise in Food Prices
Drought Extends, Crops Wither
U.S. Farmers Hope Isaac Will Bring Drought Relief
After U.S. Drought, Russian Wheat Worries
Spirit of Etsy: Crush Healthy Products as Illegal Drugs
Aug 23
Has Rain Ruined Britain's Fruit Crops?
Mayans Made Drought Worse With Crops
Aug 22
EPA Considers Waive of US Ethanol Mandate
Midwest Drought Could Cost Crop Insurers Billions
Famine Foods – Plants Not Normally Considered as Crops and Consumed During Famine
Fukushima Fish Carrying 258 Times the 'Safe' Level of Radiation
Aug 21
Another Hailstorm Wipes Out Crops in Georgia
No Drought-Busting Rains Seen for Crop Belt
Nearly Half of Corn Devoted to Fuel Production Despite Historic Drought
Midwest Drought: Rains Help, But Not Enough to Revive Crops
Congress Can't Choose Between Food Stamps and Drought Relief While Crops Wilt
Drought’s Impact on Food Prices Could Worsen Hunger in America
California Farmers Leaving Crops Unpicked Amid Labor Shortage
Salmonella in Cantaloupes Sickens 141, Kills 2
Nanoparticle 'Risk' to Food Crops
Aug 20
Farmers Reflect on Drought
...Forces Oklahoma Agriculture Producers to Ponder Hard Choices
...Cripples Hay Feed Industry
Ranchers Lose Hope Congress Will Provide Money for Feed in Time to Save Cattle Herds
Crop Outlook Dimming as July Heat Compounded Drought Damage
After Drought Blights Crops, U.S. Farmers Face Toxin Threat
Dryness Threatens Western Australia's Wheat Crop – HOLLY NOTE: A lot of countries are depending on Australia's crops as America's and Russia's crops are taking major hits.
GM Crops Sneak into 43 Varieties of Food
Aug 17
Food Warning – Kansas Senator Fears Failure to Pass Farm Bill will "Play Politics with Our Food"
Free Pickers Damage Orchard
Aug 16
Dairy Farmers 'Just Keep Praying' for Rain
Drought Expected to Take Toll at Checkout
Drought and the Second Ethanol Crash
Aug 15
Water Shut Off for Farmers
Drought Aid for Farmers Runs Dry in Washington
Mexico Purchases 1.5 Million Tons of Corn from Drought Stricken US
Report: Drought Worsens in Key Farm States
On Gardening: How to Get Rid of Those Pesky Fruit Flies
Aug 14
Crops, Soil Dry Out Further in Missouri
Report: Condition of Kansas Crops Worsens
Wyoming Faces Worst Hay Crop in Decades
Extreme Heat and Droughts -- A Recipe for World Food Woes
Ozark Aquifer Began Drying Up in 2009
World Powers Eye Emergency Food Meeting; Action Doubted
Australian Wheat Crop Critical as Global Shortage Looms
End Corn-Ethanol Mandate?
Aug 10
Worst Drought in Half Century: Crop Production Down, Prices at Record Highs: USDA Releases Grim Assessment of Drought
Shrivelled US Corn Crop Heralds Supply Squeeze Drama
Drought, Food Prices Fan Fears of New Crisis
Ranchers Send Cows to Slaughter as Drought Sears Pasture
US Biofuel Production Should Be Suspended, UN
Cesium from 60% of Fishery Products in Fukushima
Aug 9
Report: Drought Worsens in Key Farm States
U.S. Crops Limping into Autumn as Drought Lingers
Livestock Farmers Still Seeking Pause in Ethanol Production
U.S. Drought Drives Up Food Prices Worldwide
Man Sentenced to 30 Days for Catching Rain Water on Own Property Enters Jail
Aug 8
The Hunger Wars in Our Future
Worldwide Droughts Severely Affecting Grain Crops
Drought: Farmers Dig Deeper, Water Tables Drop, Competition Heats Up
Britain Faces Food Price Hikes as Fears Grow That Drought-Hit Russia May Impose Export Ban on Grain
Aug 7
Thanksgiving Turkey Prices to Go Up
Aug 6
EPA Moving to Control All Water in the U.S.
Grains Foreceast – Next Move Hinges on USDA Drought Tally
Food Disaster Worries Mount: U.S. Drought Continues to Worsen
Kevlar Tires Now Required to Traverse ‘Spear-Like’ GMO Crops
6 Ingredients You Don't Want in Your Food
Aug 3
No Help for Farmers as Congress Breaks
Garden Fresh Recalling 7 Tons of Salads
Think About Raising Your Own Chickens? Eliminate the Cost of Their Feed
Continuing Drought Forces Livestock Producers to Downsize
Aug 2
Italy May Have Lost Third of Corn Crop on Heat, Drought
Aug 1
Peach or Perish
Small Farmers Struggle as Drought Kills Vegetables
Lion's Share of Crops to Swelter into August
Parched Fields as Drought Devastates US Crops
Small Farmers Suffer Doubly in Drought: Crop Loss and No Insurance
Grain Markets Soar on Worldwide Crop Downgrades
Think America Isn't Being Judged? So. America Readies Record Crops Amid U.S. Drought
Gov’t Controlling People Through Food
July 30
Arkansas Farmer: Worst Drought I Have Ever Experienced in My Lifetime + Pics of Decimated Veggies
Crops Keep Shrinking in Historic Drought
Get Ready to Pay More for Your Steak
Oregon Man Sentenced to 30 Days in Jail -- for Collecting Rainwater on His Property
The Truth About Eggs and Diet
July 27
Drought Afflicts 86% of U.S. Midwest, Crops Wilt
Drought, Heatwaves, Now Hail Damages Crops, USDA Responds, Growers Alerted to Fire Blight Danger
How the Drought Will Affect Consumers (and What You Can Do About It)
Signs of the Food Apocalypse: Burger King App
July 26
Some Rain But Not Enough to Stave Off Crop Losses
Soybeans Next Casualty of 2012 Drought
Midwest Drought Worsens, Food Inflation to Rise
World in Serious Trouble on Food Front
Sandinistas vs. Monsanto
July 25
Upper Midwest Sees Forecast of Rain, But Enough?
Farmers May Weather Drought Better Now Than in '88
19 Crops That Would Disappear Without Bees
July 23
Couple Refuse to Rip Up Illegal Vegetable Garden after Demands from Draconian Council
Felon Farmers? Law Criminalizes Legitimate Businesses
Buying Local from Farmers Markets
Irrigation Business Reigns as Farmers Fight Drought
Cargill Recalls 29,000 Pounds of Ground Beef in Salmonella Scare
July 20
Message from Farming Family in Illinois
First Drought and Heat, Now Pests Are Destroying Corn Fields
Quietly, A Food Crisis Brews
They're Coming for Our Food, One Food Policy Council at a Time
Known to Kill Cows, Castrate Wildlife, Induce Spontaneous Abortion in Lab Rats... and it's Likely in Your Water
July 19
Cowpocalypse: Prepare for the Largest-Ever Drop Off in Livestock Herds – HOLLY COMMENT: Drought is forcing cattlemen to sell or butcher their herds early with minimal animals remaining. This will initially produce a glut of beef on the market, with possibly lower prices, but after this supply is sold, expect costs of beef and dairy to skyrocket. These higher prices may linger for several years as it takers about 3 years to rebuild a herd.
Midwest Drought Now Burning Pig Farmers, Too
No Respite for U.S. Crops; Kentucky Corn Hit Hardest
Drought Expected to Drive Up Cost of Milk, Cheese
...Officials Pray for Rain
Corn Production Slashed – Soybeans Next Shoe to Drop?
UK Wheat Exports Tumble as Stocks Hit "Historical Low"
World Grain Price Surge Triggering Defaults
Livestock, Ethanol Producers Fight Over Who Gets the Grain
As the US Drought Spreads to India, Will the Black Swan Be Deep Fried
Bird Flu Cases May 'Jeopardize' Mexico Egg Exports
July 18
Corn Disaster: Rain Coming, But Not Enough
Corn Prices Headed for Record Highs as Crop Shrinks
July 17
Widespread Drought Threatens U.S. Crops – HOLLY COMMENT: I just figured the U.S. grain stockpiles, where the USDA factors in Wheat, Milled Rice and Corn. This DOES NOT absorb the major hit on corn as its stockpile figures run Sept-Aug and soybeans are not factored into the formula at all. Soybeans are also taking a major hit, 2nd to corn. America is down to just a 39-day supply of grains, which when the corn figure comes in, the stats will only get worse once.
Threatens World Food Supply: “We’re Moving from a Crisis to a Horror Story"
From Milk to Meat, Grocery Prices Spike as Drought Lingers
Needles Found in Sandwiches on 4 Delta Flights
'Monsanto Protection Act' to Grant Biotech Industry Total Immunity Over GM Crops?
July 16
Ranchers Hit by Fires, Drought -- and Scarce Alfalfa
Food Crisis Fears as US Corn Soars
Worst Drought in the US in 25 Years Wrecks Havoc on Country’s Most Important Crops
Drought Hits Corn Crop Hard
July 13
Some Corn Farmers Mow Fields As Drought Worsens
Farmers Suffer as Soaring Temperatures Worsen Drought in Midwest
Midwest Corn Crop Hinges on Next 30 Days
Widespread Drought Causes Corn Prices to Surge; Grocery Goods Next?
Crops Surge as US Cuts Harvest Outlooks Amid Parching Drought
July 12
USDA Forecasts Higher Beef Production as Pastures Deteriorate
Russian Grain Harvest to Fall 15% in 2012
What Senators Got Paid Off to Support S.510 – The ‘Food Austerity Act’
Grocery Store Items Really Are Shrinking Before Our Eyes
July 11
Farmer Says Drought Turns Cattle Ranch into 'Desert'
July 9
Corn Crisis Explodes into Corn Disaster
Missouri Needs Rain and Lots of It to Save Crops
Extreme Heat Affects Jersey Crops
Heat Wave Threatens Crops: "It Could Be Catastrophic"
In Texas Cotton and Corn Are Hurting – Farmers May Not Plant FALL Crops
In Tenn. Crops Wilting Under Extreme Temperatures – Even the Weeds Are Dying
Ohio's Corn: “Rain Could Still Help, But Much of the Damage Is Already Done”
20-50% of Corn Crops in 9 States Rated Poor or Very Poor; Stockpiles Down 48% March-June
Midwest Drought Affecting National Food Production
Farmers Reporting Huge Crop Losses Because of Immigrant Labor Drop
Monsanto Launches Massive Campaign to Stop GMO Labeling
Danish Farmer Reverses Illnesses in Pigs by Reverting to a GM-free Diet
Farmageddon - The Truth About the Food and Dairy Industry
VOW  1
Grow Your Own Nutrition With Edible Gardening
July 6
Drought Could Spell Steep Crop Insurance Losses
July 5
Fears of New Dust Bowl as Heat, Drought Shrivel Midwest Corn
Colorado's Drought Declared a Crop Disaster
What Happens If Record Heat, Crippling Drought Cause Widespread Crop Failures Throughout The U.S.?
Poisonous Shellfish Found at Washington Harbor
July 4
Heatwave Threatens US Grain Harvest
Farmworkers Threatened by Pesticides, Government Red Tape – EPA Stays Mum
July 2
Growing Trend: Nighttime Farmers Markets
Deforestation and Food Demand
June 28
Heatwave, Drought Visably Impacting Nation's Corn Supply – Lowest Stockpile Since 1996
June 28
Gulf Shrimp Widely Contaminated with Carcinogens, Research
June 27
Corn Prices Rise as Midwestern Crops Wilt in Heat
June 26
Fukushima Seafood on Sale for First Time Since Nuclear Disaster
June 25
Senate Rejects Amendment Giving States the Right to Require GMO Labeling
Monsanto Faced with Paying $7.5 Billion Back to Farmers
Nature Revolts on Monsanto Franken Crops
How the Feds Set Frankenstein Free on the Farm Terrorizing Farmers, Making Us Sick
June 22
Closer Look Reveals Vulnerability in Wheat Supplies
Behind the GM Wheat Trial
Gov Criminalizes Self Reliance: Woman’s Survival Garden Seized and Destroyed by Authorities
June 20
Canada's Food Supply at Stake in New Trade Talks
Agent Orange Corn
June 19
Farming Woes in Arkansas
Crops in Western Ky. Suffering Due to Drought
Storms, Hail Damage Some Crops in South Dakota
June 18
Cattle Ranchers Hit Hard By Drought
Downpour Wipes Out 1/3 of Minn. Farm Crops
June 15
Russia's Rostov Farmers May Have Lost 30% of Grains Due to Drought
Millions of Grasshoppers Eating All Vegetation
June 14
UN: Food Supply Tenuous for 16 Million NKoreans
June 13
Army Worms Devour Crops at 40 NY Farms
U.S. Corn Crops Off to Dry Start, But Strengthening El Nino May Help
USDA Reduces Estimate of Nebraska Wheat Harvest
Odd Spring Leaves Michigan's Cherry & Apple Crops in Bad Shape
India's Crops Withering Away Due to Pollution
Farm Bill Divides Midwestern and Southern Farmers
Urban Gardens Are Sprouting Up in Tulsa (and All Over)
Speedy Gardening: Quick-Ripening Vegetables You'll Love
Add Homegrown Melons to List of Must-Haves
Interest in Organic Crops on the Rise
Gardeners Have Better Sex Lives
June 11
Red Tide Poisons Canada's Sunshine Coast Fish
June 8
Watching Building Drought in Corn Belt
3 California Counties Declared Agricultural Disasters
290,000 Bq/Kg at 18km from Japanese National Diet
June 6
Deep Sand Covers Farm Fields After Flooding
Related: Sand Destroys Farmland
Climate Change Endangering Food
Health Freedom Victory: Organic Farmers File Appeal vs. Monsanto
Michigan's Fruit Crop Hit by "the Most Damaging Weather Season in Recent Memory"
June 4
Farmer Panic! Crops Die as Gov't Blocks Wells
Midwest Cattle Farmers Complain of Government "Spying"
Maize Disease to Cause Food Shortage
2012 Global Food Shortage Emergency Crises - Start Storing Survival Food
May 30
Fukushima Radiation Detected in U.S. Food Supply
Big Food's 9 Dirty Secrets You Should Know
Exposed: Monsanto Planted GM Alfalfa Before USDA Approved It, Feds Knew
Prepare Fresh Corn on the Cob Without Those Pesky Corn Silks
May 29
Fukushima Radiation Shows Up in Bluefin Tuna Off California
Radioactive Tuna Found in California – in August 2011
Buy American to Eat Safe
‘Pink Slime’ Is Tip of the Iceberg: Look What Else Is in Industrial Meat

Groundwater Depletion Threatens Food Security in California, Texas
May 25
9 Meals Away from Anarchy Pt 1, Pt 2 – HOLLY NOTE: This is the "happy scenario" since this is an older video – this is more valid than ever

May 24
Blatant Corruption Exposed as EU Blocks France’s Ban on Monsanto’s GMO Maize

May 22
Bagged Salad Recalled Due to Possible Listeria Contamination
Extreme Weather Cancels County's Fruit Harvest
Ontario Apples 'a Disaster'

May 18
Growing Risks from Hatchery Fish

May 17
BP's Gulf of Mexico Oil Disaster: Seafood Has Dangerous Radiation
'Sin Taxes' Must Raise Food Prices by 20% for Any Effect, Argue Experts
May 15
The US, China, and India Risk Severe Water Shortages
'Existential Threat' to Western U.S. States – New Obama Water Policy Position Overturns Decades of Practice
Body Count: Agenda 21 and the Control of Food

May 14
Caterpillars Threaten Southern Crops
Sarah Browning: Vertical Gardening Makes the Most of a Small Garden Footprint

May 11
Severe Storm Destroys Thousands of Acres of Crops Wisconsin
Hundreds of Farmers Lose as Floods Ravage Kenya Crops
Hail Storms Damage Thousands of Acres of New Mexico Crops
Food Prices Hit Record High in Indiana Farm Bureau Survey
Minnesota Moms Threatened with Criminal Charges for Distributing Fresh Food from Local Farms

May 10
Asia Faces Threat to Crops If El Nino Unleashed Again
9 Babies Born with Horrific, Rare Deformity – Were Their Mothers Poisoned by Weedkiller?

May 9
Unusual Weather Devastates Michigan Fruit Crops
Soy-Crop Bust Spurs China to Drain U.S. Stockpiles
Guatemala’s Coffee Crop Hit by Killer Fungus
Crop Damage Drives Farmer to Suicide
Katherine Mckenzie: Why I Support Organic Gardening
Seeds: Save Money on Gardening by Saving Seeds
Downwind Backlash: 'Agent Orange Corn' Coming to Your Table?

May 8
Salmonella Cases Surge in Asheville, N. Carolina Area
"Pink Slime" Label Forces Beef Plant Closures
New EO to Eliminate GMO Trade Barriers
Farming and Food Tyranny in the Land of No

May 7
Will Chinese Herbal Pills Containing Dead Baby Flesh Lead to Human Mad Cow Disease?

May 4
U.S. Seafood Provider Testing for Fukushima Contamination: “Growing Concern for Potential Radiation Affecting the Nation’S Seafood” — ‘Trace’ Amounts May Have Been Present in ‘Rare’ Cases
Radiation Detected In Drinking Water In 13 More US Cities, Cesium-137 In Vermont Milk

Michigan Growers Say Disaster Unfolding: Erratic Spring Weather Zaps Cherries, Other Fruits
Toxic Chemicals Found In Gardening Tools
May 3
California Public to Vote on GMO Label Act; Biotech Lies Begin
Welsh Farmer Leads anti-GM Crop Protest Against Pioneering Wheat Crop Experiment
World Food Prices Fall; Inflation Fear Remains

Backyard GardWorld Food Prices Fall; Inflation Fear Remains
May 2
Hard Freeze Hits Fruit Crops
Top 10 GMO Foods to Avoid
Scientists Urge GM Campaigners to Call Off Protest
500,000 Chickens Killed in Egg Farm Fire

May 1
New GM Crops Could Make Superweeds Even Stronger
317 Sickened in Mexico's Food Poisoning

April 30
Canadians Track Japanese Tsunami Debris, But Won't Systematically Test Salmon for Radiation
Gardeners Look to Warm-Season Vegetables

April 27
Global Famine after Even Limited Nuclear War, New Study

Soft Drinks: Public Enemy No.1 in Obesity Fight?
April 26
Feds Attempt to Sieze Control of Food Retail System
April 25
Mad Cow Disease Found in One Calif. Bovine
Mad Cow Reemergence May Hamper California's Beef, Dairy Industries

The Assault on Food
April 23
Back to Eden
April 20
U.K. Joins Spain in Worst Drought for Decades as Crops Emerge
'Huge' Water Resource Exists Under Africa
China Buying US Corn

April 19
Drought Sparks Water Fight with Texas, Mexico
The War Is Just Beginning

Battle Over Water
April 18
Series of Freak Storms Hammer San Joaquin Valley Crops
Street Riots Form in Response to Monsanto Intrusion into Nepal
Farm Group Seeks U.S. Halt on 'Dangerous' Crop Chemicals
Happiness is Gardening in Spring!

April 16
Storms in the Calif. Hurt Farmers' Crops
Report: Yellowfin Tuna Tied to Salmonella Outbreak
Dole Recalls Bags of Seven Lettuces Salad Due to Salmonella Fears

April 13
GAO: Reducing Crop Ins. Premiums Could Save $1 Billion a Year – HOLLY NOTE: This means farmers will take it in the shorts again. When farmers can't afford to grow crops, what will you eat? As natural disasters ramp up, this puts them more at risk than ever.
Food Poisoning Bacteria Found in 20% of Chickens in UK Supermarkets

April 12
Millions Against Monsanto: The Food Fight of Our Lives

April 10
USDA ‘Doesn’t Know’ If You Are Eating Cloned Meat

April 9
Prepared for Growing Climate Change Water Threats
Experts Predict Long Droughts in Rwanda, Call to Increase Food Storage
Nearly 100 Sickened by Salmonella Outbreak

April 6
Preventing Food and Water-Borne Illness in a Power-Down Situation
Drought Hits 10 Million Ares of China's Crops

April 4
Gardening: Birds, Bees & Blueberries 5
April 3
Meat Industry to Retaliate for Pink Slime Exposure with Higher Prices; USDA and FDA Escape Scrutiny
April 2
Stealth GMOs Rapidly Consuming Global Food Supply
March 28
Mich. Asparagus Crop Taking Severe Hit Due to Weather
Frosty Night Threatens Early-Budding Fruit Crops
The True Cost of Growing a Garden
March 27
Doomsday Preppers or How to Look Crazy without Even Trying
How to Stockpile Food
Insane Michigan Gov't. Announces Plan to Destroy Ranch Livestock Based on Hair Color, Arrest Hundreds of Ranchers as Felons
March 26
16,000+ Lbs. of Ground Beef Recalled
March 25
Agricultural Terrorism
Court Orders FDA Action on Antibiotic Use on Farms
Container Gardens in Vogue for Spring Planters
Drought Moves More Cattle to Feedlots
Unprecedented Opportunity to Get BPA Out of Food
March 21
Potato Project; The Importance of "Organic"
Stink Bugs Migrating to the Deep South
7 Recent Victories for Raw Milk Freedom Advocates
March 19
Gardening and Chickens Make a Good Match
Raised Bed a Grand Gardening Option
March 16
Proposed Federal Rule Could Prevent Kids from Working on Farms
Children Face Dangers on Farms, But Not from Farmwork
Chances Are Pink Slime Is in Grocery Store Beef, Too
March 15
Imported-Food Outbreaks Rise, CDC
Meat Under Fire for Causing Cancer, Death
'Pink Slime' Beef Will Be a Choice for Schools
Green Thumbs Up: Plant a Pollinator Friendly Garden
Monsanto's Roundup Shown to be Ravaging Butterfly Population
To Counter Honey Bee Demise, Business Advisor Helps Alternative Bee Business Take Flight
Gardening Tip: Soda Bottle Planters
Water Emergency Could Drive Up Food Prices – Calif. Farmers to Get Only 30-50% of Needed Water
March 14
California Declares War on Raw Dairy Farmers
March 12
65-year-old California 'Milk Man' Subjected to Extreme Torture, Hypothermia, Raw Sewage in LA County Jail
Farms in Hawaii Sustain Major Damage After Heavy Rain Batters Isles
March 9
Overfishing Leaves Swaths of Mediterranean Barren
Water Shortage a Global Threat Without Urgent Reform: OECD
March 6
Floods Set to Push Up Food Prices
March 5
Bureaucrats and Other Pesky Critters on the Road to Food Freedom
The Beauty of Pollination - Time Lapse Photography
High Levels of Resistant Bacteria on Meat (Again)
March 1
Rally March 2nd for Farmer Facing 3 Years in Prison
Arctic Doomsday Vault Grows a Few Seeds Bigger
February 29
Bill Gates, Monsanto, and Eugenics: Promoting a Corporate Takeover of Global Agriculture
Mechanically Separated Meat – Pulverizing Animal Carcasses Used in Hot Dogs, Burgers, Lunch Meat, Spam

February 28
Drought Will Push Up Price of Food, Farmers Warn
February 27
Food-chain Unraveling: Livestock Plagues Hit U.S., Nepal, and UK, Mystery Virus Killing Numerous Animals

February 24
Farmland Goes for Premium as Commodity Prices Tick Up
Utah Bill Would Make Videotaping a Factory Farm the Same as Assaulting a Police Officer

Pruned Trees Grow Best Fruit
February 23
Florida's Blueberry Crop Damaged But Growers Still Hopeful
Farmers Furious After Iraq Stops Buying US Rice
Roundup Diluted by 99.8% Still Destroys Human DNA, Study
Monsanto Found Guilty in France for Farmer's Illness
Pasteurized Milk 150 Times More Contaminated with Blood, Pus and Feces Than Fresh Milk

February 22
Sticky Situation: Mild Winter Worries Maple Syrup Producers

Millions of Pounds of Toxic Poison to Flood US Farmland
Artificial Meat Not Without Health and Liberty Concerns
WH Blocking Release of Monsanto-linked Lobbyist’s Email
February 21
Monsanto's Bt GMO Corn to Be Sold at Wal-Mart – No Indication It Is Genetically Modified
NutraSweet Company Brags About the Second Coming of Aspartame

Would You Eat Lab-Grown Meat?
February 20
New Research: GMO Food Far Worse Than We Think

February 17
The Hungry Generation
GMO Foods and Intellectual Property: The Ultimate Food Fight
February 16
Weather Around the World Affecting Crop Prices
Want Easier Container Gardening? Downsize

‘Worrisome’ Arsenic Level Found in Organic Baby Formula
Maker of Snickers to Put Its Chocolate on Diet
February 15
Food Inspector Confiscates Kid's Homemade Lunch

February 13
Jeffrey Smith on Dangers of GMO Foods – Hr 1 (starts at 6:55), Hr 2 and Scotty Roberts' Research on the Nephilim – Hr 3, Hr 4

February 9
Record US Crop Losses in 2011
Farmers Worried About Warm Winter
January Freeze Kills Up to 20% of California Orange Crops
Rapidly-Maturing Wheat Crop Faces Multiple Threats
Warm Winter Having Impact on Crops, Azaleas
Brazil Soy Forecast Cut After Drought Parched Crops
World Food Prices Rose Most in 11 Months on Oilseeds, Grains
Global Food Prices Up in Jan, Snap 6-Month Downtrend
Are Biotech Crops Winning Over Farmers?
Global Plantings of GM Crops Grew 8% in Just 1 Year
Brazil to Overtake U.S. as Top GM Producer HOLLY NOTE: After all the bad press on GM foods, notice the transition in news articles from using "genetically modified" to "biotech" crops.
Truth About GM Crops Is Not Difficult to Find
GM Crops Around the World in 2011
WH, US Courts & EPA Shaft Veterans to Protect Monsanto & Dow

February 8
Monsanto GMO Food Alarm from Inside Scientists
The Ill-effects of Monsanto's GM Seeds in India
1 Can of Diet Soda a Day Increases Risk of Heart Disease by 43%

February 7
Global Food Crisis to Spur Sturdy Growth of GM Crops, Report

February 3
Food Crisis as Drought and Cold Hit Mexico
Minnesota Food Company Recalls Cooked Eggs Distributed In 34 States Due to Listeria
Monsanto-funded Legislators Suppress WA’s GMO-label Bills, Lie About Funding

February 2
Sugar Can Harm Like Alcohol and Tobacco, Regulate It: Article Says

February 1
Soaring Beef Prices Force Shoppers to Find Other Foods

January 27
US Cattle Herd Drop to 1958 Low
Calls for GMO Labeling Keep Cropping Up
Monsanto Shareholders Reject Study on Crop Risks
Dow and Monsanto Team Up on the Mother of All Herbicide Marketing Plans
Liar, Liar: FDA Secrets, Scandals & Slip Ups!

Thai Elephants Now Being Poached for Human Consumption
Good Food vs. Bad Food
January 25
Mexico Offers $2.6 Billion to Victims of Record Drought

January 20
Growing Potatoes

January 19
World at Risk for Devastating Food Crisis

January 18
33 States Getting USDA Emergency Disaster Funds
Mexico Hit by Rumors of Indian Famine, Suicides

January 17
Weather-driven Devastating Food Shortage Sparks Mass Suicide in Mexico City
Only in L.A.: Sex for Chicken McNuggets

January 16
How Close to a Train Track Can You Set Up a Vegetable Market?

January 13
Huge Underground Government Food Storage Cave

January 12
USDA Ignores Pesticide Ravaging Bee Population, Threatening Global Environment
Food Poisoning Outbreak at Sushi Bar Leaves 84 Sick, 19 in Hospital – Authorities Keep Multiple Incidents Quiet

January 11
USDA Agricultural Survey: Voluntary Not Mandatory
Farmers Sue Jon Corzine Over Missing Millions
USDA Scientist Reveals All: Glyphosate Hazards to Crops, Soils, Animals, and Consumers
Orange Juice Prices Hit Record

January 10
Out of Odor: Offensive-Smelling Bugs Put U.S. Farmers on the Defensive
Multiple Factors Will Raise Food Prices Another 2-3% in 2012

January 9
Grain Demand Not Met Domestically and Globally – Prices Skyrocketing

January 6
The Attack on Our Seeds
Monsanto Spends Whopping $2M in Q3 2011 Lobbying Government

January 5
Record Heat in the Dakotas Poses Fire Danger, Threatens Crops
Crops Damaged as Temperatures Drop to 31ºF in Western Fla.
U.S OK. Could See GE Fish Enter Canadian Food Supply Chain

January 3
Drought Predictions Spark Crop Failure Fear
Fla. Preps Crops for Frigid Temps Underway
Australia's Food Supplies Under Threat in Foreign Buy-Up
Food Swaps with Friends Fine, Says NZ Govt (sad America is this logical)
January 2
Freeze Coming to Florida – Crops in Danger