Medicine and Nutritition for Survival March 2011
Monitor Radiation in Your Area
RadNet Map for all 50 States
Radiation Dose Chart
EPA's RadNet Monitoring Data

Dec 28
Obamacare Could DOUBLE Health Care Premiums: Aetna CEO
Los Angeles Prepares to Fight Fukushima Debris
Murder in the Medical Matrix: the FDA
Dec 26
Livestock MRSA Found for First Time in UK Milk
Bangladesh Slaughters 150,000 Birds Over Avian Flu
Dec 24
Chicken Soup Really Can Help Fight Colds
Dec 21
WHO Head Warns Diseases Set to Rise
Dec 20
Woman Dies After Injecting Herself with Anthrax-contaminated Heroin
Bird Flu Confirmed in Nepal
Big Pharma: When Will Critical Mass Be Reached?
Dec 19
Norovirus Outbreak Strikes Nearly a Million UK Residents
911 Rescue, Recovery Workers Have Had Increased Incidence of Certain Types of Cancer
Dec 18
Can ObamaCare Be Stopped?
Dec 14
Huge Mass of Fukushima Tsunami Debris Halfway Between Hawaii and US West Coast

AMVA Encouraging Human Veterinary Care during Zombie Apocalypse
Chaos as Winter Vomiting Cases Hit 750,000, Forcing Hundreds of Wards to Close
Dec 10
Feds Keeping People Sick: The Vitamin D Story
The Horror of Meth: Before-and-after Pictures Reveal Shocking Transformation
CU Boulder Students Arrested for Taking Pot Brownies to ‘Bring Food Day’ Event
Could Ebola Now be Airborne?
Dec 7-8
High Flu Activity in US Leaves 3 Children Dead
Dec 6
Deepwater Horizon Chemical Dispersants 52 Times More Toxic than Oil
Dec 4
IRS Aims to Clarify Investment Income Tax Under Healthcare Law
Deadly 'Superbugs' Invade U.S. Health Care Facilities
Head Injury Study Shows 33 NFL Players Had Brain Disease Before Their Deaths
Are Poinsettia Plants Poisonous?
Dec 3
PRAYERS FOR GLYNDA: For all those who have appreciated Glynda Lomax's (Wings of Prophecy) prophetic teachings over the year, please keep her in prayer. On Nov. 27, she suffered a hypertensize stroke. Glynda was taken to hospital with life-threatening conditions and the doctors didn't know if she would survive or not. The bleeding in her brain is on the right side and is inoperable. At last message she has verbal impairment and she has lost some motor function on her left side.
Hack Attack: Now Your Pacemaker Is Vulnerable
'Apocalyptic Winds' Blowing in Mideast
Nov 30
A World in Denial: Underestimating Japan’s Nuclear Disaster
Big Tobacco Thwarts New Laws
NHS Patients Experience 'Contempt and Cruelty', Says Jeremy Hunt
How Long Will You Live? Colour-Coded Map Starkly Highlights Differences in Life Expectancy
Nov 28
Obamacare Headed Back to Supreme Court?
Syrup Found in Biscuits, Ice Cream, Energy Drinks Fueling Diabetes on 'Global Scale'
Judge Orders Tobacco Firms to Say They Lied About Smoking Dangers
Nov 26
New SARS-like Virus Detected in Middle East
Nov 23
Avian Flu Alert in Australia – HOLLY NOTE: Flus always begin in Asian countries and make their way to the Americas within 6 months of less
EPA Testing Dangerous Pollutants on Human Beings
Nov 21
Almost 100,000 Fukushima Kids with Thyroid Problems
Nov 18-19
British NHS Euthanizes the Elderly and Obamacare Follows Suit
How’s tHat Obamacare Waiver Workin’ Out for Ya?
Nov 16
The Lying Government and Its Socialized Healthcare Scam
Nov 15
Afterburner with Bill Whittle: Healthcare Cannibals

Nov 14
As Meningitis Outbreak Spreads to More States, Deaths Grow, FDA Wants New Powers to Police Pharmacies
Experts Now Blame Parents Who Discipline Their Children for Developing Cancer, Cardiac Disease and Asthma
Obama Donor's Corporation Lays Off Employees Due to ObamaCare
Nov 12
How Do You Kill Obamacare Now?
Nov 7
While We Were Sucking in the Fumes of Election News: Meningitis Cases, Deaths Continue to Grow and Spread
Congress Subpoenas Co-Owner of Meningitis-Linked Pharmacy
Virus Breaks Out at NYC Storm Shelter; Refugees Vomiting in Hallways
Nov 6
Biggest Diseases Big Pharma Will Continue to Cash in on Over Next 2 Decades
Nov 2
Obamacare: The Latest Man-Made Disaster Foisted on the US Economy
Obamacare to Increase Individual Insurance Premiums By a Large Percentage:
Colorado, 19% Premium Increase
Ohio, 55-85% Premium Increase
Wisconsin, 30% Premium Increase
Nevada, 11-30% Premium Increase
Minnesota, 29% Premium Increase
Obamacare to Cause Large Numbers of Doctors to Stop Accepting Medicare Patients:
Virginia, 23% of Doctors
Florida, 27% of Doctors
New Hampshire, 20% of Doctors
Michigan, 25% of Doctors
Pennsylvania, 25% of Doctors
Iowa, 34% of Doctors
Nov 1
Drive-Thru Flu Vaccines Being Administered for ‘Emergency Response’ Purposes
Oct 31
Fungal Meningitis Outbreak Toll Now 28 Dead, 363 Sickened
Hazardous Waste Leaves Hundreds of People Sick in New Mexico
No Love Connection: Chuck Woolery Outraged at AARP

Oct 29
Massachusetts Shuts Down Another Compounding Pharmacy after Inspection Prompted by Meningitis Outbreak – Cases Continue to Grow
Oct 26-27
'Greenish-Black' Material Tied to Meningitis Deaths
The $2250 Orgasm Injection
Oct 25
Officials: Filth at Pharmacy Linked to Meningitis
'Meningitis' Firm Loses License as Tainted Drug Toll Rises
FDA Releases Provider Lists Related to Meningitis Outbreak
Drug Firms 'Risking Lives by Hiding Bad Trials and Side Effects of Their Medicines'
Beaten by Obamacare, Washington Doctor Throws in the Towel
Cancer Risks Studied Near 7 US Nuclear Sites
Oct 23
Georgia Confirms First Case of Fungal Meningitis
New Devastating “Nuclear Catastrophe” in Fukushima Story Is a Hoax
FDA: 5 Reported Deaths, Heart Attack Linked to Energy Drinks
Oct 22
Meningitis Sickens 285, Death Toll 23
Meningitis Victims Face Long, Uncertain Recovery
Oct 20
Bankruptcy Likely for Framingham Firm Linked to Meningitis Infections
Oct 18
Issa May Subpoena Over ObamaCare
Officials: 61 Cases of E. coli from NC County Fair
Canadian Beef Recall Plant to Be Taken Over
Recall List
Worst Ever E.coli E.coli Outbreak Linked to Nearly 200 Cases in Northern Ireland
Meningitis Deaths Rise, FDA Faces New Questions
'Earthquake' Aftershocks Keep on Coming
Anthrax Can Grow and Reproduce in Soil, Researchers Find
Oct 17
Feds Raid Massachusetts Lab Tied to Meningitis Outbreak
Robo-Docs Signal the Rise of the Medical Machines
Oct 16
The Unconstitutional Obamacare 'Tax'
2 More Fungal Meningitis Cases Confirmed in Florida
2 New Drugs Tied to Fungal Meningitis Outbreak
Eat to Beat Knee Osteoarthritis and Other Aching Joints
Oct 15
CDC: Meningitis Outbreak Rises to 205 Cases in 14 States
First Lawsuit Filed Over Outbreak
NM Company Linked to Illness Expands Peanut Recall
Obama "Care" Problems – Plain Talk
Oct 12
First Lawsuit Filed Over Major U.S. Meningitis Outbreak
Oct 10
Meningitis Outbreak Death Toll Rises to 12, with 121 Cases Reported
‘Brain-eating’ Amoeba Claims 10 Victims in Pakistan
Oct 9
13,000 at Possible Risk in Meningitis Outbreak
Typhoid Vaccine Failure Warning
Japan Minister to Invite 10,000 Youth from 41 Countries to Remove Disaster Debris
Oct 8
Number of Rare Fungal Meningitis Cases Leaps to 105
Why Ryan’s Medicare Is Better for Seniors Than Obamacare’s Medicare
54% Favor Repeal of Health Care Law
Patients Starve and Die of Thirst on Hospital Wards
'Sharia-Medicine': Egyptian Clinic Treats People with Camel Urine Per Prophet's Advice
Oct 5
Hundreds in 23 States May Be at Risk in Meningitis Outbreak
Oct 4
Insurers – Who Praised Obamacare – Donate to Kill It
FLASHBACK: Obama Opposed His Own Medicare Plan in 2009
The End of Obamacare – Romney Reiterates Pledge to Get Rid of Controversial Health Care Law
Rare Meningitis Cases at 26 in 5 States, 4 Deaths
Mass Flu Vaccination Drill Also Is Practice for an Emergency
Oct 3
Doctor Seeking Illinois Senate Seat Offers Brutal Diagnosis of ObamaCare in Viral Video

Tennessee Meningitis Outbreak Investigated
Beef Cow Diagnosed with Anthrax in North Dakota
Oct 2
Obama Adviser Admits: 'We Need Death Panels'
Sears, Olive Garden to Offer Employees Money to Pay for Health Care
Plague Decimating Prairie Dog Population in AZ
Hundreds of Thousands of War Vets Still Waiting for Health Benefits
Sept 27
CDC: Another 400 West Nile Cases Reported in US in Past Week
West Nile Virus by Country
5 in Denmark Contract SARS-linked Virus
Sept 26
Suicide the No. 1 Cause of Injury-Related Death in U.S.
Sept 25
Can You Actually Die of a Broken Heart?
Grief and Stress Can Trigger 'Broken Heart' Syndrome

Officials Tracking Outbreak of Rare Salmonella Strain in 7 EU States
Miss. West Nile Cases Up to 186 for Year
Ark. Health Officials Report 5th West Nile Virus Death, Setting Record for Most Deaths in Year
Sept 24
Receivers of Flu Vaccine More Likely to Catch H1N1 Virus, New Study Finds
New ‘Sars-like’ Coronavirus Identified By UK Officials
Sept 21
Common Antibiotic Is Helping Spread of Superbug MRSA in Hospitals
Survival Healthcare: 5 Things You Can Do Now to Promote Medical Self-Care
Progress of Fukushima Radioactive Debris
Sept 20
ObamaCare Penalty to Hit 6 Million Americans
New Study Finds Rats Fed a Lifetime Diet of GM Corn Grow Horrifying Tumors
Kucinich Calls Out Monsanto: Americans Demand GMO Labeling
How to Prevent a Cold: 5 Ways to Fight off the Flu Naturally
Sept 17
Wild Rabbit Tests Positive for Bubonic Plague in Colorado Springs: Public Health Alert Issued
Sept 14
GMO Alert: Eating GM Wheat May Destroy Your Liver, Warn Scientists
Is Latest ‘Zombie Cannibal’ Attack a Prophetic Warning to America or Biological Warfare?
Sept 13
CDC Warns 2012 West Nile Outbreak 'Most Serious'
Does the West Nile Outbreak Signal an Epidemic of Viral Epidemics? Yes and No.
Tainted Ricotta Cheese Linked to Death, Illnesses
WHO Ebola Outbreak Out of Control in Congo
Hantavirus: Symptoms & Treatment
Sept 11
Vancouver Researcher Finds Flu Shot Is Linked to H1N1 Illness
Romney Says He Would Keep Parts of Obama Healthcare Law
Debris from Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Could Reach California Coast Soon
Radioactive Fallout Detected Far from Fukushima
Greenpeace Detected Cesium from Sushi Sold Beside Shinagawa Station in Tokyo
Japan Radiation Map
IAEA Launches Database of Fukushima Radiation Information
Vitamin Deficiency Causes Sickness and Death

'Super Tree' Maps 20,000 Medicinal, Related Plants
Sept 7
Feds Confirm You Can't Keep Health Coverage
Fish Oils 'Help Slow Age Decline'
Sept 6
Colorado Girl Recovering from Bubonic Plague
Yosemite Hantavirus Warning Expands to 39 Countries
Pentagon Launches Website to Track Radiation Exposure After Japan Quake
Aug 30
CDC: West Nile Cases Set Record, Rises 40% in 1 Week
Alarming Levels of Drug-Resistant TB Found Worldwide
Chocolate May Protect Brain from Stroke
Gates Foundation Funds Surveillance of Anti-Vaccine Groups
Aug 29
Colorado Sees First Human Case of Plague in 6 Years
Studies Examine Health Consequences of Meltdown, Damage to Fukushima Nuclear Power Plants in Japan
Aug 28
Hantavirus Kills Second Yosemite National Park Camper
1,700 Face Risk of Exposure
Mexican Mangoes May Have Sickened 100 with Salmonella
Radioactive Fish off Fukushima Coast
AIDS-Like Disease Mysteriously Appears Where Merck Conducted Vaccine Trials
Aug 24
West Nile “Worst the U.S. Has Ever Seen” Says CDC; 56% of Victims Face Life Threatening “Neuro Invasive” Symptoms
Aug 23
Researchers Identify New AIDS-Like Mystery Disease, Is Not Contagious
West Nile Quadruples This Year, Spreading Further and Faster, CDC
CDC: More Than 1,100 Cases of West Nile Reported Through August
'Brain-Eating Amoeba' Infections Prompt Warning About Neti Pots
Not Happy With Your Dentist? Ooooh, Check This Out – Both the 'Hygiene' and Lack of Novocaine
Is There WNV in Your Area?
Aug 22
Quebec City Legionnaires' Disease Outbreak Kills 2 More
Chicago Legionnaires' Disease Outbreak Traced to J.W. Marriott Hotel
Aug 21
21 Million Health Care Workers to Be Unionized Under Obamacare
West Nile Virus by County
WNV Surveillance in Canada
Aug 20
Lettuce Recall Over E. coli Suspicions
Obamacare Could Bring 'IRS to Its Knees'
Cities, Counties Nationwide Begin Mass Aerial Sprayings of Toxic 'anti-West Nile Virus' Pesticides
Deadly Ebola Outbreak: Nine Killed In DR Congo
Aug 17
Wall Street Insider: It Is Barack Obama Who Intends to Destroy Medicare
Obama’s Stealth Move Towards Single Payer Healthcare
Dallas Launches Aerial Defense to Fight West Nile Virus
New West Nile Threat: Kidney Disease
Aug 16
Colorado Cows Hit with Anthrax Outbreak
Dallas Mayor Declares Emergency Over West Nile Virus
West Nile Virus Spreading Faster
Aerial Spraying in Dallas County Begins Today
America's Fattest and Fittest States
New Discovery Points to Vaccine for Heart Disease
Horrible Ragweed Season Expected in East for Fall 2012
Ebola Discovered in Snakes
Aug 14
Radiation from Fukushima Meltdown 'Triggers Genetic Mutations in Butterflies'
Fukushima Plant Boss: 'Reactors Not Stable'
Arnie Gundersen: Lessons Not Learned from Fukushima Daiichi

Warm Seawater Forces Conn. Nuclear Plant Shutdown
Potassium Iodide Tablets Being Distributed in Penn.
10th West Nile Virus Death Confirmed in Dallas
Miss. Reports 26 More Cases of WNV
Health Dept. Issues Warning About Increased Risk of West Nile Virus
WNV Activity
76 Dangers of Sugar
Aug 13
How to Staple Skin with Dr. Bones video
Shigellosis Health Warning Issued in Nebraska County
Aug 10
Gonorrhea Strain Resistant to Almost All Antibiotics
Food Ingredient, Diacetyl, Linked to Alzheimer's
Aug 9
Papa John's Founder to Raise Price of Pizza Due to 'Obamacare'
The Death Star Arrives
Aug 8
Following Chevron Fire, Respiratory Complaints, Calls for Transparent Investigation
Gas Prices to Spike in Wake of Refinery Fire
Mysterious Honey Discovered That Kills ALL Bacteria Scientists Throw At It
Inflammation Is the Cause of Nearly All Disease - Here's How to Prevent It
Aug 7
Flesh-eating Bacteria Victim: 'It Was a Simple Cut'
Study: 31% of Doctors Shun Medicaid
Chemotherapy May Strengthen Tumor Resistance, Promote Growth
Aug 3
Put Obamacare Back in Play
Legionnaires' Disease Kills 1, Afflicts 14 Others in Quebec City
Vitamin D Prevents Breast Cancer, Study Suggests Again – HOLLY NOTE: Every day I spend as much time as possible outside without sunscreen and not covered by clothes. Maybe it's good genes, dunno, but I'm disgustingly healthy. If anyone should get skin cancer, etc. it should be someone who lives at our mile-high altitude. Every time sunscreen is applied, invaluable Vitamin D is blocked, which actually prevents breast, colon and rectal cancers. Is that contradictory or what, or is it NWO medical spin to make us all sick? Your call. Your choice. Google "vitamin D and cancer" for your own research.
Aug 1
New 'Bird Flu' Killing Baby Seals, Raises Concerns for Humans
July 30
Disaster in Florida? Hospital Revokes Vacations Aug. 9 - Sept. 8 – HOLLY COMMENT: Must read
Summer of Rage: Rabies Surge in Some States Might Be Due to Heat
Major Harvard Study Published in Federal Govt Journal Confirms Fluoride Lowers IQ
Ugandan Officials Face Ebola Outbreak; 14 Dead
6 More Ugandans Admitted to Hospital with Possible Ebola
Red Cross: Blood Supply Is Lowest in 15 Years
1st West Nile Case Reported in NY as Virus Hits 17 States
July 26
8 States Probe Hepatitis Outbreak
July 25
Fukushima - Local Children Unwitting (and Unwilling) Radioactive Guinea Pigs
July 24
CFL Bulbs Cause Skin Damage
July 23
All Americans Will Receive Microchip Implant Per ObamaCare
Exclusive Leaked Documents: ADA Is Intentionally Using State Legislatures to Block Alternative Nutrition Providers
July 20
Vitamin C from Pine Needles
July 19
Mexico Slaughters 3.8 M Chickens to Stem Bird-Flu Outbreak
Scientists Discover 2 Different Vaccines Combined to Create New Virus Strains
US on Track for Record-High Whooping Cough Rate
July 18
Evangelical College Joins Suit Against Obamacare Contraception Mandate
10 Most Depressing States in the U.S. – Find Out Why
July 16
Radiation on West Coast of North America Could End Up Being 10x Higher Than in Japan
As Japan Says Fukushima Daiichi Disaster "Man-Made" & "Preventable," Fears Grow for Nuclear Plants Worldwide
Orient: Obamacare Doesn’t Mean Actual Care
Let's Get Down to What Obamacare Really Means to You
19 Ways Cancer Becomes the Ultimate Soft-Kill Operation
Sterile Vs. Clean in Survival Situations
July 13
Chicken Superbugs May Be Responsible for Drug-Resistant Bladder Infections in 8 Million Women
9 Out of 10 Doctors Are at Odds with Obamacare
6 Governors Say They Will Opt Out of Medicaid
How Each State Will Approach Health Care Act
Colorado Health Dept. Contacts 8,000 People Potentially at Risk of HIV, Hepatitis
Romney Eyes Obama Move Gutting Welfare Reform
Cuban Doctors Battle to Control Cholera Outbreak
Radiation Exposure and Heart Attacks in Children of Fukushima
July 12
Estimated Cost of ‘Obamacare’ Is Now $2.6 Trillion – Nearly $1.7 Trillion More Than Obama Promised
Your Health Care Vs. Your Governor
Report: Thousands Fled Canada for Health Care in 2011
Shigella Outbreak in New York County Continues to Grow
July 11
ObamaCare Faces Latest Repeal Vote
Obamacare: Nullification, Equal Protection and Important Court Cases Pt 1, Pt 2
83% of Doctors Have Considered Quitting Over Obamacare, Report
The States Can Still Kill Obamacare
10 Most Depressing States in the U.S.
July 9
Drug Giant Roche Probed for Not Disclosing 15,000 Patient Death Reports
Worst TB Outbreak in 20 Years Kept Secret
July 6
Health Care Law ‘Here to Stay,’ President Insists
Boehner: Congressional Republicans Resolved to Repeal Obamacare
Mexico Destroys 1 Million Chickens for Bird Flu
Belize Poultry Farmers on Alert for Bird Flu
Bird Flu Kills 8-Year-Old Girl in Indonesia, Country's 8th Death
Bird Flu Vaccine to Be Rolled Out in 2013 After ‘Breakthrough’
13 Animal-to-Human Diseases Kill 2.2 Million People Each Year
July 5
Romney: Roberts' Health Care Ruling "Not Accurate"
Mystery Disease in Cambodia Kills 61 Children
July 4
Concerns Raised Over Cost, Scope of ObamaCare
Rasmussen: Conservative Anger Against Obamacare Hits 'Stratospheric Levels'
WSJ Chief Economist: 75% of Obamacare Costs Will Fall on Backs of Those Making Less Than $120K a Year
Gov. Rick Scott: Florida Won't Implement Medicaid Expansion of Obamacare
Mexican Government Declares Bird Flu 'Emergency' in Mexico
July 2
Voters Now Have Say on ObamaCare
John Roberts Changed His Mind After First Opposing Obama Health-Care Law in Supreme Court Deliberations: Report
A Vast New Taxing Power
Roberts Rules: Obamacare Is and Is Not a Tax
June 29
Charles Krauthammer, Judge Napolitano on Supremes Obamacare Ruling
2 Suffer Radiation Exposure at India Nuclear Plant
June 28
US Supreme Court Rules Obamacare Mandate Survives as Tax
John Roberts: Another Stealth Leftist
Rubio: Obamacare Is ‘Middle Class Tax Increase’ Primer on Obamacare
WH Insider: "Now We Are Truly Ready to Fight.”
GOP Governors Vow to Ignore...
Obama: Mandate is Not a Tax – VOW 3
Health Care Law Has Already Lost in Court of Public Opinion
Security Lapses Found at CDC Bioterror Lab in Atlanta
US Beaches Laden with Sewage, Bacteria: Study
June 27
Obama Warns on Healthcare Ruling
U.S. Water Fluoridation Began in 1945 and Continues Today, Despite That the FDA Never Approved It
June 26
After Immigration Ruling, Supreme Court Eyes Healthcare
Swine Flu Outbreak 15 Times Deadlier Than Thought, Study Finds
Experts Warn of Another Disaster Awaiting at Fukushima
Experts Warn of Nuclear Fire at Fukushima
June 24
Spin Doctors Prepare to Pounce on Health Care Decision
Obamacare Overturn Will Boost Jobs, But Not Immediately
Know the TRUTH about the Government Health Care Bill H.R.3200 - Key Points
Orient: Health Care Is the Next Bubble
Watchdogs: Medicare Billions Going to Castro, Cuba
Does America Have a ‘Dental Care Crisis’? Wait Until You See What Taxpayer-Funded, Soros-Linked PBS Documentary Has to Say
June 22
Some Bird Flu Strains Only Three Mutations Away from a Pandemic, Researchers Find
Krauthammer: Obama Will Attack Court to Rally Base If ObamaCare Overturned
Billions of Dollars Are in Play Over Health Care Law
June 20
Japan Sat on Fukushima Data as People 'Fled to Radioactive Zones'
Fukushima Debris Pile Taking Dead Aim at America
Sen. Begich Wants More Resources to Combat Tsunami Debris Hitting Alaska
Designed For Disaster: San Onofre Nuclear Plant Could Become California's Fukushima
West Nile Virus Making a Comeback
West Nile Virus Shows Up in 3 Colorado Counties
Experts Predict Mosquitoes, Bees and Other Bugs Will Take Over US with a Vengeance This Summer
West Nile Virus Prevention Tips
England in Midst of Largest Measles Outbreak Since 1980's
Top Doctor's Chilling Claim: The NHS Kills Off 130,000 Elderly Patients Every Year
Untreatable Strain of TB in India Raises Fears of New Global Pandemic
June 19
Radiation Protection from Nuclear Accident or Attack
June 15
Plague Rare in U.S., Surfacing in More Affluent Areas
World's Scariest and Most Dangerous Drug Turns Victims into Zombies!
When Radiation Arrives, What Do You Do? Part I
Drugmakers Line Up for Tsunami of Diabetes
June 14
Fukushima Daiichi: From Nuclear Power Plant to Nuclear Weapon #1
Unwelcome Guests Ride Debris from Japan Tsunami
June 12
Superbug Gonorrhea Spreading Across Europe
Mysterious Bleeding Disease Claims the Lives of 3
Fish Antibiotics in a Collapse by Dr Bones
Fish Antibiotics in a Collapse – print out
June 11
Fukushima – Precarious State of Reactor 4, Radiation in Our Food and How to Remove It from Your Body
Kill 1, Kill 12, Kill Millions, Kill Billions
Gamma Rays Link to Child Leukemia
ObamaCare Means Higher Costs for All Consumers
7 People Dead in Iran from Crimean-Congo Hemorrhagic Fever
June 8
E. Coli Hits 11 as Officials Race Against the Clock
Autism Signs in Fish 'Astonishing'
June 5
Temperature Spikes in No. 4 Fuel Pool After Pump Burns — Backup Also Breaks
Reality in Fukushima 3
Outbreak of Highly Epidemic H5N1 Bird Flu Virus Found in China Poultry
Turmeric’s Powerful Life-Promoting Properties Put Pharmaceuticals to Shame
How to Fight Water Fluoridation in Your City
June 5
Fukushima Radiation Hitting Streets of LA
"New Discovery": Hidden Danger of Fukushima Daiichi Spent Fuel Pool 4 - Crisis Continues
Vitamin D and Cancer – Vitamin D Outperforms Pharmaceuticals at Treating the "Big C"
June 1
Obama Tells Donors Health-Care Fight May Loom After Court Rules
Anthrax Reported on Northern Colombia Farms
Life Is Tough for Those Who Refuse to Leave Fukushima Nuke Plant Area
May 31
Thioridazine Kills Cancer Stem Cells in Human While Avoiding Toxic Side-Effects of Conventional Treatments
May 30
'New AIDS of the Americas': Experts Warn of Deadly Insect-Borne Disease That Can Cause Victims' Hearts to Explode
ObamaCare's Dirty Secret: It's 'Paid for' by Massive Cuts in Medicare
Cell Phones Monitoring Radiation Going on Sale in Japan Amid Nuclear Worries
TEPCO Email: Possible Re-Criticality in Reactor No. 2
CDC Wants to Go After Baby Boomers with Vaccines for Phantom Virus
May 29
Nuclear Disaster Spreads to Houses, Food
Exposure to Environmental Contaminants Today Can Influence Behavior Generations Later
May 25
Cesium-137 Contamination: Fukushima Amounts to 4 Chernobyls
May 24
Fukushima Disaster Is 'nuclear War Without War'
Skin Cells Transformed into Beating Heart Tissue, Fueling Heart Failure Treatment Hopes
May 23
Concerns Grow Over Stability of Japan Nuclear Plant
WHO Releases Mixed Fukushima Radiation Report
The Selling of Obamacare – with $20 Million of Your Money
Styrene and Formaldehyde Use Causing Health Complications
May 22
The Sleeping Dragon: Fukushima Forever
TEPCO Data Reveals: Nuclear Meltdown in Reactor 4 Spent Fuel Pool
7 NATO Officials Treated for Flu-Like Symptoms
The Mass Casualty Incident: Triage, Part 1

May 21
Large Crack on South Wall of Fukushima Nuclear Reactor 4

Strong Families Make Successful Children, Not the Nanny State
FDA, Big Pharma & NDAA
VOW 2 (starts at 41 min.) – HOLLY NOTE: I remember when Pres. Nixon declared "war on cancer" and we were told in Health class that cancer would be eradicated within a decade. Now, 40 years later, we're nowhere closer. Could it be that cancer is just too big a moneymaker for Big Pharma to "cure"?
May 18
Flesh-Eating Bacteria Consumes Man's Penis
Answers Remains Elusive for Cause of Mystery Itch in Florida High School
Fukushima Doctor: We Need Outside Help, We Are in Very Bad Condition, Especially Children
May 17

Respiratory Diseases, Infections Due to Popocatepetl's Ash
Mysterious Illness Strikes Hundreds of Flight Attendants, Causes Rashes, Hair Loss - Are 'Toxic Uniforms' Really to Blame or Is It Fukushima?
6 Cups a day? Coffee Lovers Less Likely to Die, Study Finds

May 15
Gene Therapy Extends Mouse Life 24% with Single Treatment
May 12
The Nuclear Industry and Fukushima: A Giant Nail in the Coffin of Humanity
Fukushima: Hot Particles and Measurement of Radioactivity
Science Journal Could Give Recipe for Deadly Avian Flu Virus

May 11
Corexit Chemical Dispersant Used by BP During Gulf Oil Disaster Linked to Horrific Human Injuries

May 10
Fukushima Radioactive Contamination Will Spread to Kamchatka, Hawaii, U.S. Soon
After the Media Has Gone: Fukushima, Suicide and the Legacy of 3.11

May 9
1 in 6 Cancers Worldwide Caused by Infections That Can Be Prevented or Treated

May 8
The Worst Yet to Come? Why Nuclear Experts Are Calling Fukushima a Ticking Time-Bomb
10 Things to Boost Your Immunity
May 7
Fukushima Reactor No. 4 Vulnerable to Catastrophic Collapse; Could Unleash 85x Cesium-137 Radiation of Chernobyl; Human Civilization on the Brink
Human Race Being Terminated by 'Scientific Suicide'
WH Again Threatens SCOTUS on Obamacare

May 4
Fukushima Primed for World Wide Disaster
Paper: Physicist Warns Even If No. 4 Spent Fuel Pool Survives Another Major Quake, “Failure of Jury-Rigged Inadequate Piping Installed After Disaster Could Put Cooling System Out of Commission”
New Worries at Fukushima
Homeland Security-funded Study: Playing Down Public’s Concern Over Radioactive Fallout Has Huge Economic Benefits – “We’re Not Trying to Bamboozle the Public”
60 Minutes Report: Fukushima Now Radiating Everyone: Will Impact All of Humanity
New Zealand Scientists Voice Concerns Over “Most Unusual Event” in 20 Years of Studies
The Only 2 Water Filter Systems That Remove Radiation (not even Berkey does):
Pure Effect
Seychelle Water Filtration

May 3
Miller: Obamacare’s Big Secret – Surprise! Government Health Care Takeover Will Increase Cost of Coverage
WH Refuses to Drop $8 Billion Medicare Private Plan Demo
Health-Care Reform Emerges in Races
107 Charged in Medicare Fraud Worth $452 Million
Bird Flu Paper That Raised Bioterrorism Fears Published
May 1
Fukushima on Steroids: “Japan Is in the Process of Contaminating the Entire Pacific Ocean”
Intense Light Prevents, Treats Heart Attacks

April 30
Japan 'Cloud' Update - Petro-Chem or Radioactive = West Coast Arrival Now
Doctors Working in Fukushima Say Lots of People Are Dying – “Bleeding, Losing Hair, and Having a Bad Health Condition”
Fukushima Wave of Radiation Heading for the USA West Coast
Radioactive Wave Headed Toward The Us 2012
Fukushima - Our Entire Civilization Is Hanging by a Thread
Fukushima...The ‘Japanese Chernoby'...A Year Later and Politics Still ‘Trump’ Safety
Some Japanese Towns to Stay Dangerously Radioactive for at Least a Decade
Solyndra Leaves Behind Trail of Toxic Waste at Facility in California

April 27
Two Meltdowns: Fukushima and the US Economy
Fukushima Nuclear Disaster Is Far from Over
Chernobyl Legacy
April 25
The Death Panel's Loving Embrace
Goodman: Bernie Madoff Accounting for Medicare
Nuclear Reactor Damaged By Japan Tsunami Still Has Fatally High Radiation Levels
Meltdown: What Really Happened at Fukushima?
Stress Is Harder on Women's Hearts
Deadly Hotspots: What Will You Die of Where?

April 24
Jim Stone - Fear Obscures Fukushima False Flag
The Pregnant Man Splits from His Wife Just as He Finalizes His Female to Male Gender Surgery
April 23
Fukushima Is Falling Apart: Are You Ready?
Fukushima Poses Lethal Risk to US West Coast, Says Senator – Another Bomb Waiting to Go Off – Extreme Nuclear Vulnerability, Especially in Reactor No. 4
Read Senator Wyden's Nuclear Field Trip Report

April 20
Biological Warfare
Is Fukushima’s Doomsday Machine About to Blow? – OpEd

April 19
Roundup Herbicide Linked to Parkinson's-Related Brain Damage
U.S. Allergy Season Worse Than Usual

April 18
China Syndrome? Japan Times on Melt Through: “Molten ‘Lava’ Melted Bottom of Containment Vessel”
Vomiting Road Workers Hospitalized After Exposing Mysterious Nuclear Waste
China Reports Bird Flu Outbreak – 95,000 Chickens Culled
Washington Post: We Tried to Bury That Story About ObamaCare Blowing Up the Deficit
Bizarre Skin Disease Continues to Spread
Tough Love: What You Really Need to Do to Lose Weight
April 17
Survey: 7 Deaths from Anesthesia Drug Shortage
Falling for This Myth Could Give You Cancer
April 16
Obamacare's Medical Mercenaries
Radio Ecoshock: The Worst Problems in the World – AOW
Criticism Hits Japan's Plan to Restart Nuclear Reactors
Visual Tour of the Fuel Pools of Fukushima

April 10
Radioactive Particles from Japan Detected in California Kelp
Vaccine Developed That Could Save Millions of Lives
Swiss Gov't's Exceedingly Positive Report on Homeopathic Medicine
How to Keep Your Kidneys Healthy, Happy and Stone-Free

April 9
Deadly Bacteria Lurk in Deepwater Horizon Tar Balls

Global War on Children, Pt 1: Physical and Mental Health Assault
April 6
Is Nuclear Fallout from Japan still Bombarding America?

April 5
Doctors Call for End to 5 Cancer Tests, Treatments

April 4
Federal Appeals Court Demands Obama Administration Clarify Health Law Remarks
Is Nuclear Fallout from Japan still Bombarding America?

April 3
Obama Warns 'Unelected' Supreme Court Against Striking Down Health Law
Obama Tries to Intimidate SCOTUS: ‘Unelected Group of People’ Shouldn’t Take Unprecedented Step in Overturning Obamacare
Democrats Resort to Magical Thinking on Obamacare
Health Ministry: Beware of ‘Honey Sex’
"Tooth Tattoo Diagnoses Illnesses from Inside Your Mouth
April 2
California Slammed with Fukushima Radiation
Autism Rate Jumps to 1 in 88 Kids in CDC
Vaccines and Autism: The Secret That You Are Not Supposed to Know
FDA Admits in Court Case That Vaccines Still Contain Mercury
March 30
Another $17 Trillion Surprise Found in Obamacare
If Supremes Scrap Health-Care Law, Who Wins Politically?
ObamaCare at the Court: Will We Be Citizens or Subjects?
"Healthwreck": Obamacare May Go Down Entirely; Medicaid Funding in Question; Justice Scalia Joked Reading Entire Bill Would be "Cruel and Unusual Punishment"
March 29
Can the Gov't Force You to Eat Broccoli?
Day #3: Is There a Whole If There's a Hole?
March 28
ObamaCare Finale Today
McCollum: Roberts, Kennedy Key to Striking Down Obamacare
Transcript: Health Care Supreme Court Arguments, Tuesday Part 1
#2 Reactor's Radiation Would Kill a Person in Just 7 Minutes
Tokyo Soil Samples Would Be Considered Nuclear Waste in the US
Fukushima Reactor Shows Radiation Levels Much Higher Than Thought – Damage So Severe That Clean-Up Expected to Take Decades
Eating Lots of Chocolate Helps People Stay Thin, Study Finds
March 27
ObamaCare Faces Crucial Hearing
Supreme Court to Decide if the U.S. Constitution Is a Dead Letter
The Constitution, 'Constitutional Law,' and ObamaCare
1st Day Transcript: Health Care Supreme Court Arguments
In Face of Crippling Drug Shortage, Ottawa Taps Its Magical Medicine Reserve
March 25
3 Epic Days: Health Care Law Reaches High Court
'Biggest Test' of Presidential, Congressional Power Since New Deal
Plan to Strike Down Health Care Law Before Supreme Court
Ruling Hard to Predict
West: Why Obamacare Is Bad for America's Health
Top 5 Freedoms at Stake If ObamaCare Is Upheld
Obamacare Rules Already Costing Insurers Tens of Millions
Can Obamacare Be Undone?
Top White House Aide: Romney ‘the Godfather’ of Obama Health Care
Stealth Sharia Implemented Through Obamacare?
March 23
Off-the-Charts Pollen Count Breaks Records, Spreads Allergy Misery
The Obamacare Hydra
ObamaCare Still a Disaster — No Matter How the Supreme Court Decides

March 21
Achoo! Why Is Pollen So Bad Right Now?
March 19
Cesium Found in Plankton Almost 375 Miles from Fukushima Nuclear Plant
March 16
Ann Barnhardt Schools – The Real Story About Your Health Insurance
CBO: Health Law Could Cause 20M to Lose Coverage
Greece on the Breadline: HIV and Malaria Make Comeback
Mouth Cancer Cases Soar Above 6,000 a Year for First Time, Thanks to Rise in Oral Sex
Australia May Declare Homeopathy ‘Baseless and Unethical’
'Horrific' Medical Practice Debated in Ireland
March 15
Obama Admin Finalizes Rules: $1 Abortions in ObamaCare
Catholic Bishops Say Fight Against White House Mandate Top Priority
Cost of Obamacare - Lies Revealed
March 14
Pat Boone Blasts Obamacare's IPAB
Obama's Health Care Law Is Great for Gov't Power Grab, But Devastating to Moms
CBO Revises Cost of ObamaCare from $900 Billion to $1.76 TRILLION
Health Care Costs Will Be Higher Than Half of Country's Income by 2037: Study
Text of ObamaCare H.R. 3962
March 13
Study: Thousands Face Cancer Risk from Polluted Drinking Water
Nuclear Expert: Fukushima 10 Times Worse Than Chernobyl – 1 Million Cancers
Are You Making Your Spring Allergies Worse?
Sign Up for Your Daily Pollen Count Here
March 12
Bioweapon Labs in Your Neighborhood: Special Report
March 9
Records Show Japan Gov’t Knew Fukushima Meltdown Risk Early
Bachmann Warns Healthcare Reform Law Could Be Used to Limit Family Birth Rates

March 7
Death by Drug Shortage, Widow Says

March 6
Drugmakers Have Paid $8 Billion in Fraud Fines

March 2
Sebelius Shocker: Decrease in Human Beings Will Cover Cost of Contraception Mandate
March 1
‘Mind-Boggling’: Far More Cesium Released from Fukushima Than Previously Thought
Kids Getting Drunk by 'Butt Chugging'
Iceman Mummy May Hold Earliest Evidence of Lyme Disease
February 28
Fukushima Seabed Radiation to be Cemented

Bird Flu, Pig Flu, Now Bat Flu – Human Risk Unclear
February 27
The Truth About Expiration Dates (for more information see Chapter 15 of Dare To Prepare)

February 24
Bird Flu More Common But Looks Less Deadly, Study
Measles Cases Rise to 15 in Indiana

Formula for Making Insulin
February 22
Into Fukushima's No Man Land
Dems Now Look to Regulate Vasectomies
Heart Attack Signs Women Should Know

February 17
Taxing Medical Progress to Death
FDA Reiterates Concerns with Diet Pill as Drugmaker Prepares to Make Second Push for Approval
Drug-Releasing Microchip Passes 1st Test in Humans
February 16
World's Experts to Hold Emergency Summit on Fears Over Man-Made Lethal Mutant Bird Flu

February 15
For Health's Sake, Share and Enjoy Lots of Lovin', on Valentine's Day and Year Round
After Slow Start, Flu Season Has Arrived
Decision Time for Researchers of Deadly Bird Flu
It's Not Just You - Seasonal Allergies Hitting Early, Hard
400 Lipsticks Found to Contain Lead, FDA
Full Lipstick List
Medical Marijuana Industry’s Cry for Banking Services Prompts Colo. to Flirt with Pot Bank

February 14
81 Mexicans Die of Swine Flu
12 Top Food Choices for a Healthy Heart

February 13
Air NZ Flight Flu Incident
Mystery Epidemic Devastates Central American Region
Genetically Modified Mosquitoes May Soon Be Released in Florida

February 10
Rising Temperatures at Fukushima Raise Questions Over Stability of Nuclear Plant

February 9
Gonorrhea Could Join Growing List of Untreatable Diseases
The Wild Duck About Homeopathy

February 7
What's Behind Our National Drug Shortages? HOLLY NOTE: Find out the real shelf life of over 100 meds. We aren't being told the truth so that Big Pharma profits

February 6
Nearly 500 Ill on Princess Cruise Ships
More Leaks Found at Crippled Fukushima Nuclear Plant
Disbelief: Japan Gov’t ‘Discontinued’ Radiation Monitoring Program Weeks Post Meltdowns – After Operating for Over 50 Years
Facebook, Youtube, Mass Hysteria: New Theory on Mysterious Tourette-Like Disorder
9/11 Cops’ Cancer Woe – Average Age Just 44: PBA

February 3
Mystery Illness: More Cases Emerge
February 2
Working Long Hours Raises Risk of Depression
Sugar Can Harm Like Alcohol and Tobacco, Regulate It: Article Says
February 1
Sundance Film Fest Horror Flick Causes Audience Members to Get Sick
FDA’s New Claim: “Your Body Is a Drug – and We Have the Authority to Regulate It!”
'Ponzi Scheme': Class Warfare Over Health Care

January 31
After 3 Days, Lung Bacteria Are Unstoppable
Obama’s Radical Power Grab on Health Care – Plays Catholic Allies for Fools
January 30
Water Leaks Found at Japan's Stricken Fukushima Nuclear Plant
Local Gov't Survey: Deteriorating Health Reported by Residents – 60% Affected After Fleeing Radiation – Were 40Km Away from Fukushima
Impossible? Worst-case Scenario Prompted Gov’t to Send Reinforcement to Fukushima Plant — “We Could Not Even Announce That We Compiled Such a Simulation” -Top Official
Boomers Healthy Aging - Alzheimer's Disease
Coconut Oil Touted as Alzheimer's Remedy
January 27
HPV Study Finds 7% of US Teens Carry Virus in Mouths
Morgellons: Unexplained Skin Condition Is Non-Infectious, Not Linked to Environmental Cause: CDC Report
Caffeinated Coffee Protects Against Alzheimer's, Diabetes, Depression and Prostate Cancer, New Studies
Mexico Ups Swine Flu Screening as Cases Increase
January 26
Why Doctors Might Be Turning on 'ObamaCare'

January 25
Microwave Popcorn Bag Chemicals Ruin Vaccine Efficacy

January 24
Fukushima Cover Up Unravels: “The Government Can No Longer Pull the Wool Over the Public’s Eyes”
Hot Rain: High Radiation Levels Recorded in Michigan
January 23
Scientists to Pause Research on Deadly Strain of Bird Flu
Bio-Weapons - Unsecure Labs – flashback
Fukushima Fallout in the American Heartland
Dr. Accused of Cancer Drug Fraud Found Hung

January 20
Vietnam, Cambodia Report Bird-Flu Deaths

January 19
Thyroid Cancer, Fracking and Nuclear Power

Childhood Leukemia Rates Double Near Nuclear Power Stations, Study
January 17
Princess Cruise Ship Turned Away Due to Norovirus Outbreak

Obama Admin. to Make Drug Companies Disclose Money Paid to Doctors
January 16
11 States, D.C. Back Obama on Health Law
26 States Filed Brief on Tuesday Opposing Affordable Care Act (ACA - Obamacare)
States Face Uphill Climb in Suit Over Health Law's Medicaid Expansion
Woman Loses Arm to Flesh-Eating Bug from Bath Salts
Doctors Unsure Why Thyroid Cancer Cases on the Rise
New Strain of 'Totally Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis' Reported in India
Scientists say UN Soldiers Responsible for Bring Deadly Cholera Superbug to the Americas?
January 12
12 Infected with New Swine Flu Strain
Plus Size Models Now Size 6?

January 9
Drug Company Recalls Bottles of Excedrin, NoDoz, Bufferin and Gas-X
Outbreak Strikes CONUS: New H3N2v Variant Spreading Human to Human
Energy Saver Globe Warning Message - Mercury Exposure Foot Injury Images

January 6
Journal Commentary Suggests Flawed Studies Intentionally Obscured Benefits of Vitamin Therapy in Preventing Strokes
January 3
Hong Kong on Alert Over Bird Flu
7 Diseases Big Pharma Hopes You Get in 2012
Dr. Louis Ignarro: How to Unblock Heart Arteries the Natural Way 3