Dec 28
Rescuers Save Dog from Ice
Dec 27
Blind Dog Finds Her Way Home in Depths of Alaskan Winter
Dec 26
Beloved Missing Dog Returns Home for Christmas
Hero Dog Missing Snout Seems to Have Beaten Cancer
Dec 21
#26Acts of Kindness Movement Grows as Feel-Good Trend Goes Viral after Newtown
Meet Rhode Island's Dancing Policeman Tony Lepore

Dec 20
Britain's Arctic Heroes Finally Given Medals after 70 Years
Dec 17
Indiana Man Reunited with Lost Dog After 5 Years!
Anonymous Donor Gives 5,000 Bikes to Ariz. Kids
Dec 7-8
Disabled Man's Life Is Turned Around By a Blanket

Don't You Wish You Could ... Return to Innocence

Dec 3
Contractor, Neighbors Rebuild Long Island Home for 95-yr-old 'Sandy' Victim

Nov 29
NYPD Cop Gives a Homeless Man Winter Boots – Restores Your Faith in Humanity
Nov 16
Love Letters Lost to Sandy Will Return to Widow, 91
Nov 14
Has the World Gone Mad?
Nov 12
German Shepherd Saves Australian Toddler from Freezing Overnight
Nov 9
Texas Soldier Surprises Wife and Daughter at School

Letter of Encouragement from Steve Elliott
Baboon Adopts Stray Kitten At Israeli Zoo

Cute Lab Puppy Discovers a Door Stop - What He Does is Adorable

Nov 7
Heartwarming Animal Relationships
Oct 19
Lost 10 Year Old Boy With Down Syndrome Saved by Puppies

Oct 15
Pilots and Paws: Group Saves Lives of Unwanted Pets
Family Dog Alerts Owners, Saves Dying Baby

Joel Miller: Do Angels Speak to Us?
Oct 12
Caught Cheating With Sexy Girl Prank

Oct 11
Larry the Flagman

Sept 21
13 Year Old Girl Brings Everyone to Their Feet

Choose LOVE: One Man's Manifesto
Pig Rescues Goat from Water and into Safety

Sept 18
A Love Story in 22 Pictures
Sept 7
My Children Will Be Helped
Dog Travels 500 Miles to Get Home
Sept 6
Russian Woman Falls Asleep on Scooter and Narrowly Escapes Death

Aug 31
Bali Diving

98-year-old Message in Bottle Sets World Record
Aug 28
Shy Supermarket Worker Stuns Absolutely Everyone
Aug 21
War Vet Tim Poe Sings: If Tomorrow Never Comes – inspirational
July 30
How to Forgive Someone When It’s Hard: 30 Tips to Let Go of Anger – HOLLY COMMENT: Believe it, you will be more blessed in forgiving others, than those are who wronged you!
July 13
Autistic Man, 28, Found Alive After Being Lost for 3 Weeks in Remote Utah Desert
July 12
Man Gives Away Money for His Birthday
The Ocean as You Have Never Seen
Baby Golden Eagle Miraculously Survives Utah Wildfire
Couple's Radio Flyer Turns Heads on Streets
July 6
Texas Town Turns Abandoned Walmart into Massive, Award-Winning Public Library
July 5
Dog Shot and Buried Alive Makes a Miraculous Recovery
July 4
Miracle in Wyoming
June 29
What a Wonderful World with David Attenborough
June 27
Terminal Texas Boy Made Honorary Sheriff’s Deputy
June 22
Canadian Sets Up Donations for Bullied New York Bus Monitor Surpass $547G
110 People Rescued from Capsized Boat Near Australia
June 20
Kansas Boy Scout Merits All 132 Badges
June 15
Remembering David Flynn
June 5
What Do You Do When You’re Overwhelmed?
Miniature Wonderland Includes the Largest Model Railway in the World – HOLLY NOTE: Unbelievable amount of work!
June 1
Chinese Firefighters' Dramatic Rescue of Taxi Driver and Passenger from Flooded Dam
Brain Surgeon Botches Wedding Proposal
May 31
Isaac's Live Lip-Dub Proposal
May 25
Just Between Neighbors HOLLY NOTE: Too bad they had to pick on Aussies as this situation could happen anywhere. If bad language offends, skip this, but it's too funny and these days, everyone could use a laugh.
May 18
Banker Saves a Dozen Ducklings from a Ledge
May 17
Australian's Bottle Leads to African Friendship
Arabian Show Horse Rescued After Swimming 3 Miles into the Ocean
Calif. Woman Says Hawk Drops Puppy from Sky

May 14
Columbia University Janitor Graduates with Honors
May 11
Surfer Rides 78-Foot Wave
May 8
Rescuers Save Kitten Stuck Underneath a Street
May 4
2-year-old Becomes the Youngest US Mensa Member

May 2
Two Stray Dogs in Love Get Rescued Together
Jackie Evancho and Sarah Brightman Sing a Heavenly Duet - Words Can't Describe It, Wow
April 25
Sick Girl Reunited with Service Dog, Sparkle
The Yo-Yo Trick You Had Never Seen
April 18
Clever Dog Lifeguard Rescues Pup

Amazing Pop Opera Duo - Britain's Got Talent 2012 Gets Standing 'O'

April 9
April 5
Rita Hayworth Is Stayin' Alive – Great dancing! Fabulous editing.
April 3
Driver Leaps to Safety as Tow Truck Plummets Off 200' Cliff
March 29
Man Claims Attack By Lion, Saved By a Bear

March 27
Rescue Workers Pull Man Stuck in Mud
Panamanian Hotel Worker Survives 26 Days Adrift
March 22
Crazy Chopper Crash in Afghanistan – Pilot, Co-Pilot Miraculously Survive
February 24
Michigan Teen, Lifts 2,000 Lb Vehicle Off Trapped Grandpa
February 21
90-Year-Old Grandma Dances to Whitney Houston
February 16
3rd Grader Saves Best Friend's Life in Cafeteria

February 13
Finding Peace on Planet Crazy

February 2
Papua New Guinea: Many Rescued After Ferry Sinks

February 1
This Is Impossible
January 24
Woman, 85, Saves Her Husband from Crazed Moose
Miracle Baby Defies the Odds
January 9
Bungee Jumper Survives 374 Foot Fall After Cord Snaps During Descent
January 3
Jim "Big Bird" Shutes List for 2012
January 2
A Lot Depends on You 3