The next time some Aztlan fanatic tells you the U.S. stole the
American Southwest, please direct them here:

Illegal Alien Population by State
Illegal Immigration Costs U.S. $113 Billion a Year, Study Finds
FBI Stats

Dec 27
Arizona Ranchers Demand More Border Security
The Border Security Muddle Post 9/11
Dec 24
Employer Audits Skyrocket in Illegal Immigrant Search
Dec 20
Letter from Mexican Ambassador Dampens Hope for His Early Release of Jon Hammar – HOLLY NOTE: Early release? He's been unjustly incarcerated since August.
Cpl. Jon Hammar? – HOLLY NOTE: This is so important, it will be available over the weekend. Write your Congressmen. This is just so wrong.

Free Jon All Means
Dec 19
Mexico Says Some 80 Drug Cartels at Work in Country, Up from 8 Reported By Previous Government
Dec 18
'Please Release Him': Mom's Plea for Marine Kept in Chains in Mexico Prison
Gun That Put Marine in Jail Is Legal, Veteran Guide Says
Dec 17
'Family Chain Migration' to Flood U.S.
Dec 3
Coast Guard Member Dies After Boat Hit by Smugglers
California Republican Eyeing Governorship Hit for Hard-Line Illegal Immigration Stance
Nov 28
Republicans Counter Immigration DREAM with Achieve Act
Nov 27
Homeland Security Promotes Welfare for New American Immigrants: Come and Get Some Handouts!
Nov 26
Mexico's Fearless Woman Mayor Who Survived 2 Drug Gang Assassination Attempts Is Beaten to Death and Dumped By the Roadside
Secret Graves, 19 Bodies Found in Mexico
Nov 23
US Customs and Border Protection Plans to Buy 14 More Predators
Nov 21
Govt Website for Immigrants: Come to America and Take Advantage of Our Free Stuff
Illinois Moves to Grant Licenses to Illegal Immigrants
Nov 18-19
Exit Poll Shows Support for Immigration Enforcement, Not Amnesty
Navarrette: Mexico Plays a Role in U.S. Immigration Debate
Nov 13
Unlicensed to Kill, But Sanctioned in San Francisco
Graham, Schumer Offer Immigration Plans, as Reform Becomes Hot Post-Race Issue
Intractable Poverty and Cultural Poverty Create Multicultural Perfect Storm
Nov 12
It's Coming! Obama Plans Massive Amnesty Wave
Mexican Drug Cartel Assassins Bought Guns from U.S. Border Patrol
Nov 8
Now What? (for Immigration)
Nov 2
2/3 of Jobs Went to Immigrants (Legal and Illegal) During Past 4 Years
Oct 31
The Immigration Factor: Importing Cultural Poverty
Oct 29
Napolitano: 3,000 Illegal Immigrants a DAY Applying Under Obama's Deportation Reprieve Plan
Oct 25
Obama Says Latino Vote Is Key to Victory, Vows Immigration Reform in 2013 HOLLY NOTE: He promised this 4 years ago and has done nothing. Now that his presidency is in jeopardy, Obama once again resurrects this tired, dead promise.
Obama’s Re-Election Gambit: Amnesty for Illegal Immigrants
Oct 17
US-Canada Crossing Closed After Canadian Agent Shot
Oct 15
Border Landowners Say Feds Shortchanged Them

Oct 11
The Immigration Factor: If We Do Nothing – America in 2050 – HOLLY NOTE: One way or another the vast majority of us are immigrants and we treasure this heritage. My family first came to the US from Ireland, Germany and France in 1685 and Stan's ancestral home is still alive and well in New Paltz, NY since 1654. Most of us came from 'elsewhere'. However, until this Country can supply each American with a job – those who want to work, it seems counter-productive to add more people to the roster. Once this inequity is resolved, then open America's doors wide again. Just sayin' – put Americans first.
Oct 10
Extreme Narco Violence in Mexico
Oct 9
Drug Cartel Arrest Made in Mexico in 2010 Death of David Hartley
Mexico 'Migrant Mass Murderer' Held
Despite What the Obama Admin. Purports, Illegal Aliens Still Pouring Across the Border – and Die

Oct 5
Government Training Included Exercise in Which Employees Were Told to Chant "Our Forefathers Were Illegal Immigrants"
Oct 4
Foreign Aid Has Become 'Real Money'
Mexican Troops Arrest 2 in Killing of U.S. Border Agent
Oct 2
2 US Border Agents Shot, 1 Murdered Near Major Drug Corridor
Romney Offers New Ideas on Taxes and Immigration
Sept 28
'El Taliban' Is Gone, But His Rival Mexican Drug Lord Is Worse
Sept 25
The Immigration-Population Factor: If We Do Nothing Accelerating Consequences
No One in Arizona Could Write this Story and Live
Sept 20
Arizona Sheriff Larry Dever, 60, Dies in 1-Car Wreck
Sept 18
132 Tunnel Out of Mexico Prison Near US Border
Sept 11
L.A. to Consider Multi-Use Library Cards for Illegal Immigrants
Sept 10
Border Patrol Halts Program That Provided Flights Home to Mexico for Illegal Immigrants
Sept 7
Illegal Alien Benita Veliz Speaks at DNC Convention: What’s Next? An Illegal President?
Sept 6
Federal Judge OKs Section of Arizona Immigration Law Allowing Police to Question Status of Suspected Illegals
ICE Union Petition Hits 75K Sigs as Obama Immigration Policy Takes Convention Stage
Sept 4
Border Patrol Probes Shots Fired at Agents in Texas
Aug 31
California Driver's License Bill Passes for Illegal Aliens
Aug 30
Aug 28
The Immigration Factor: The Reasons for Endless Immigration – If We Don't Stop This Invasion, There Won't Be a Pot Left to Pee In
Aug 24
Evidence: Border Is Not Secure
Arizona Sheriff: Border Is a Mess, Union Rules Hamper Border Patrol Work
Immigration Agents File Suit Against Napolitano Over 'Amnesty' Program
Illegal Immigrants Could Get Billions in Tax Refunds
Mass. College Offers Illegal Immigrant Scholarship – 25K Per Year
Aug 22
California to Grant Driver's Licenses to 400,000 Illegals
Aug 21
Illegal Aliens Protest 'Illegal' Label – that's pretty rich
Aug 20
NE Gov Says No Licenses for DREAMers
63% Oppose Driver’s Licenses, Public Benefits for Illegal Immigrants Who Get Work Permits
Aug 16
Gov. Jan Brewer Signs E.O. Blocking IDs, Benefits for Illegal Immigrants
Aug 15
Over a Million Illegals Poised to Come Out of Shadows
DHS Launches New Immigration Program
Obama Is Ready to Sign Up Illegal Aliens
US Govt. Weighs Using Battlefield Blimps at Mexico Border
Aug 14
Rep Raises Alert on Illegals Barred from Deportation
Ryan Sparks Split on Immigration
Aug 13
56% Put Border Control First
Aug 10
High-ranking Mexican Drug Cartel Member Makes Explosive Allegation: ‘Fast And Furious’ Is Not What You Think
Aug 9
Arrested Illegals Who Were Released Charged with 16,226 Subsequent Crimes
Aug 7
States Passing Fewer Immigration Laws, Report Shows
Aug 6
4 Powerful Senators Demand Immigrant Welfare Answers from Napolitano, Clinton
Obama Immigration Policy Opens Work Permit door to ID Thieves, Jailed Illegals, Uninsured Drivers
Obama Using DREAM Act to Enforce Full Open Border Policy
The Leather Jackets
4 HOLLY COMMENT: A Net friend from Australia submitted this video. He wrote that though this video focuses on England it'd be funny if it weren't happening in his country too. While it is humorous, the same scenario is happening in America and has been for several decades. You have to wonder if Canada is any smarter than the rest of us.
Aug 3
Rep Pushes 'English Only,' Gets Earful of Spanish
ICE Agent Faces Suspension for Arresting Illegal Alien and Disobeying Orders to Let Him Walk
Agency for ICE Agents Say Morale in Toilet
Crimes of Illegal Aliens Against "We the People"
July 30
Illegals Begin Exploiting Obama Immigration Order
July 27
DREAM Act Rule Gives Illegals Easy Way to Avoid Charges
ICE, Border Patrol Unions Claim Illegal Immigrants Exploiting 'Dreamer' Policy
'America's Toughest Sheriff' Trial: Arizona Deputy Says He Risked His Life for Illegal Immigrant
Top Immigration Officials Describe Border Chaos Resulting from Admin's Amnesty Policy
July 19
Napolitano Defends Obama's Decision Not to Enforce Immigration Law
Homeland Security Deletes Immigration Enforcement Success Stories From Website
July 18
Teen Killed After Illegal Immigrant Loses Control of SUV
July 13
Obama Floods America with Armed Undocumented Voters
July 12
Sheriff Joe Arpaio Assassination Plot Foiled
Mexican Newspaper Silenced by Cartel
DEA: Major Border Drug Tunnel Found Between Mexico and Ariz.
July 11
Closure of Border Patrol Stations Across 4 States Triggers Alarm
U.S. Gov’t Admits Border Patrol Agents Outgunned Along Border
Majority Backs Arizona on Immigration Crackdown Law
Sanctuary Cities May Be Facing Legal Action
State Costs of Illegal Immigration
Trial Exposes Corruption Within U.S. Border Patrol
Border Patrol Rescues 15 Migrants in Arizona Desert
5 Men Indicted in Death of Border Agent
July 6
Hispanic Father, Son Charged with Texas ICE Agent Shooting
Illegal Immigrants Cost Indiana ~$130 Million Annually, Report
Court Decision Gives Road Map on Immigration for 7 Million Here Illegally
Bill Could Create Sanctuary State for Illegal Immigrants
July 4
Children Cross Border Alone, Fleeing Drugs and Gangs
July 2
Most Threatening Internal Issue Since Slavery
June 28
Deeper Than Immigration, State Sovereignty Is at Risk
Napolitano: Restraining Arizona, Unleashing Obama
June 27
Arizona Declares War of Attrition to Force Out Illegal Immigrants
June 26
In Arizona Dissent, Scalia Blasts Obama's Deportation Stay, Immigration Policies
Obama’s Naked Lawlessness – Halting Deportations, Rewriting Law
Supreme Court's Ruling on Arizona Immigration Law Underscores How Profoundly Broken Federal Policy Is
With 90 Dead, Oz Refugee Disaster Sparks Row
June 25
Obama's Desperate Amnesty Gamble – Tom Tancredo Does the Math Showing Move Won't Help with Re-Election
Remains of 30 People Found In Different Parts of Mexico
Kicking the Can Down the Road: Slavery, Silent Assertion and Immigration
June 20
Obama’s Do-Nothing Power Grab – Amnesty for Illegals Is Central to President’s Re-Election Hopes
Colorado Lawmakers to Discuss Denver College's Lower Tuition Rate Aimed at Illegal Immigrants
June 19
Mexico Praises Obama 'Courage' on Illegals
Obama: Pass DREAM Act This Year: 'Now, Let's Be Clear, This Is Not Amnesty or Immunity, and It Is Not a Path to Citizenship'
17,000 Border Agents: Holder Must Resign
Asian Immigrants to US Now Surpass Hispanics
June 18
10 Things Will Happen If Barack Obama Continues to Systematically Legalize Illegal Immigration
Obama in March 2011: Can't Stop Deportations Through Executive Order
President’s Hypocritical Stance on Immigration
June 15
Rule by Executive Fiat: Obama, Napolitano Bypass Congress, Stop Deporting Illegals Under 30, Will Give Them Work Permits – HOLLY NOTE: Just in time to curry favor with Hispanics before the election, which will be critically important in Nevada, New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado and Florida – states with high illegal populations. This edict does not address their undocumented parents or families, and will encourage future inflows of illegal immigrants. It is fundamentally unfair for those who come here legally, which we welcome. These 800,000 illegals are being given preferential employment treatment when millions of law-abiding Americans are out of work. More importantly, once again Obama does an end-around Congress, asserting his will over that of The People.
Obama Enacts Semi-Amnesty for Hispanic Vote
Obama Steamed: Heckled by Daily Caller Reporter During Immigration Speech
Rep. Steve King to Sue Obama Admin. Over New Immigration Policy
Sheriff Arpaio: Illegal Immigrants 'Will Still Be Arrested,' Despite Obama's Policy Shift
June 11
US Braces for Mexican Shift in Focus of 'War on Drugs'
June 8
14 Dismembered Bodies Found in Northern Mexico

June 4
8 People Die in Drug Violence in Mexican Resort City
May 31
Mexican Drug Cartels Make Fake Military Uniforms
Florida Republican Introduces DREAM Act Alternative in House
Rubio's Dream Act-style Proposal Not Amnesty, Confronts 'Humanitarian Issue'
May 30
‘Citizen Militias’: Arizonans Vow to Take Matters into Their Own Hands to Protect Border
Farrakhan: ‘Sad That Mexico Lost CA, AZ, Colorado, NM‘ Through American ’Trickery’; Soon Whites ‘Will Be the Minority’ In the Country They ‘Took’
Related: When some Aztlan Fanatic Tells You the U.S. Stole the American SW, Direct Them Here
Man Caught Fitting 21 Illegal Aliens into Van
May 23
Young Illegal Immigrants, Unwilling to Accept Life in the Shadows, Declare Themselves Publicly
Illegal Immigrants in Colorado Push for Driver’s Licenses
Drivers Licenses for Illegal Immigrants in California Gaining Momentum?

May 17
Illegal Aliens Sue U.S. Senate
Obama's Illegal Uncle Gets His Driver's License Back
Illegal Immigrant Uses Dead Man's I.D. For Years to Work as Top Airport Security Official
Majority of Mexicans Want More U.S. Help in Drug War

May 12
Millions of Illegal Immigrants Are Using Massive Scam to Get Bigger Tax Refunds Than You Are

May 10
Florida Finds Nearly 2700 non-US Citizens on Voting Rolls
Florida Investigating Potential of Thousands of Non-Citizen Voters
IRS Field Agent: Here's How Illegals Scam System
Justice Dept. Plans to Sue Arizona Sheriff Arpaio

May 9
Court: Illegal Immigrants Can't Have Guns

May 8
Border Patrol Gets First New Strategy in 8 Years

May 7
The Post Mortem Demonization of Border Guard J. T. Ready
23 Bodies Found Near US-Mexico Border; Victims Hanged, Decapitated
May 4
The Dark Side of Illegal Immigration – Criminal Aliens Not Tracked
Loophole Gives $4 Billion in Illegal IRS Free Funding Given to Illegal Immigrants
April 27
Illegal Alien Accused in Death May Go Free – Without Trial

April 26
U.S. High Court Appears to Back Arizona on Immigration

April 24
The US Has Finally Done It: Mexican Immigrants Become Emigrants

April 23
Feds Can't Deport Illegal Immigrant Arrested 35 Times in Alabama
Arizona Immigration Law: States vs. Obama at US Supreme Court, Again

April 19
Rubio's Immigration Push a Potential Lift for GOP

April 18
14 Found Dead, Dismembered in Mexico Border Town

April 3
3,168 Undocumented Immigrants Held in Largest-Ever Sweep
April 2
DHS Uses Wartime Mega-Camera to Watch Border
March 28
States' Anti-Illegal Immigration Bills Struggle
March 25
60% Say Border Control Is Priority in Immigration Reform
March 22
LAPD to Stop Impounding Cars of Illegals Driving Without License

March 21
Iranian-backed Terrorists Pose Threat to U.S. Southern Border
March 20
Who Is the Stranger?
March 16
Border Violence Pressures US Ranchers
March 8
Teaming Wreckage of Humanity: Immigration’s Path

March 7
Texas Warns Against Spring Break Travel to Mexico

March 5
Voter ID, Immigration Laws Take Center Stage as Demonstrators Re-Enact Selma-Montgomery March
March 2
77% of Illegals Caught on Mexican Border Were Not Prosecuted
7 Human Heads Found on Mexican Street
March 1
Plan to Return Mexican Illegal Immigrants Home Starts in April
February 27
Cruise Line: 22 Passengers Robbed in Mexican Seaside Resort

February 23
Immigration Enforcement Program to Be Shut Down
Gingrich: "Utterly Stupid" to Say US Can't Control the Border
Cops Confirm: Bullet That Hit Woman in Texas Came from Gun Fighting in Mexico
LAPD Police Chief: Yes, I Support Drivers Licenses for Illegal Immigrants

February 22
The 100 Million Immigrant Equation

February 17
Obama Reverses Progress on Illegal Immigration
ICE Agent Killed in Federal Building Shootout
The Elevator Metaphor to the Cassandra Syndrome
Supremes Told Arizona Law Repels 'Invasion'
February 13
Border Agent Blows the Whistle: Hezbollah, Allied with Cartels, Are Funding Muslim Terrorists and More
Colorado Senate Approves Tuition Break for Illegals
U.S. Travel Warning on Mexico Is More Precise on Violent Areas

February 9
Mexico's Drug Cartels Have Expanded Beyond Drugs and Guns
Sheriffs Warned on Rural Cartel Threats
Obama Administration Names Official Advocate for Illegal Immigrants

February 6
Insurgency in America? Upcoming GBTV Report on Mexico Border Will Show Horrific Violence and Instability

February 3
Former DEA Chief: Hezbollah Eyeing Southwest Border, ‘Hell to Pay in the Not Too Distant Future’
Cross-border Meth Trade Booms Amid Mexico's 'War on Drugs'

February 1
Police Nab Mexican Drug Boat North of Los Angeles
Corporations Have No Use for Borders

January 30
Latino Vote Should Worry Obama, Not GOP
Trash Piling Up Faster Along Border with Mexico

January 26
Obama, Brewer in Tense Exchange

January 24
Obama Admin. “Rigging” US Census by Counting Illegals

January 20
DHS Pushes to Cancel 1,600+ Deportations

January 18
Immigration Challenge Not Over - America Sacrifice Zone
Expert Says Beheadings in U.S. Look Like Work of Cartels

January 17
Obama Plans to Set Up UNMANNED “Kiosks” at Border to Stop Illegal Immigrants

Vanishing Victims: The 'Open Wounds' of Mexico's Drug War
January 14
CO Illegal Immigrant Tuition Bill Introduced Again
Mexico’s Drug War Death Toll Nears 50,000

January 12
Savage to GOP Candidates: Say This and You’ll Win
Obama’s New Immigration Czar Tied to George Soros, Occupy, ACORN, MoveOn
What If 20 Million Illegal Aliens Vacated America?
Tell Congress and the DoJ You Support Sheriff Joe Arpaio

January 11
Obama Picks Immigration Reform Advocate to Lead Domestic Policy

Report: Obama Admin Will Circumvent Congress with New Illegal Immigration Rule
January 9
Report: Obama Admin. Will Circumvent Congress with New Illegal Immigration Rule

January 6
Illegals Live as ‘Permanent Patients’ in U.S. Hospitals

January 5
‘Resign Now’ Protest Against Sheriff Joe Fizzles
Obama and Holder Taking on Arizona's SB1070
31 Killed in Brutal Mexican Prison Fight

January 2
Man Accused of Sexually Assaulting, Murdering 1 Mo.-Old-Baby Had Been Recently Deported