Why the U.S. must back Israel: I will make you [Israel] into a great nation and I will bless you; I will make your name great, and you will be a blessing. I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse; and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you. —Genesis 12:2-3

God Bless Israel.
And I will bless them that bless you, and curse him that curses you: and in you shall all families of the earth be blessed. —Genesis 12:3

Dec 31
We’ll Talk to Hamas If It Recognizes Israel, Peres Says
Two-thirds of Israelis Support Peace with Palestinians That Ensures Security, Polls Find
Dec 28
Jews Outraged by Hitler Statue in Warsaw Ghetto
John Kerry at State: A Disaster for Israel
Dec 26
Netanyahu: Israel Is Preparing for Dramatic Changes in Syria
Rare Find of Temple Era Artifacts near Jerusalem
Dec 19
Europe vs the Jews: Then and Now
Dec 18
Israelis Face 'Difficult Winter'
Dec 13
US to Renew Israel Munitions Stock to Make Up for Gaza War
PA Arabs Riot, Attack Israeli Soldiers in Hevron
Lawmakers Urge Obama to Close PLO Office in Washington
Dec 12
Obama Planning Direct Talks with Iran; US Will Strike in 4-5 Months If They Don’t Bear Fruit, Israeli TV Report Says
Israel Vows to Withhold $400M in Tax Revenues from Palestinians Over Statehood Drive
Abbas Threatens to Take Israel to ICC over Housing
Dec 7-8
Mashaal: Hamas Won't Recognize Israel
Mashaal: Palestine Is Our Homeland, from the Sea to the River
Dec 6
Israel Accuses US of Backing European Settlement Backlash
Dec 5
Iran Aims 170 Biological Missiles at Israel
Merkel to Warn Netanyahu: Promote Peace Process or Face World Seclusion
Dec 4
UN Tells Israel to Let in Nuclear Inspectors
Anti-Israel Hackers Invade IAEA Networks Once More
"Goal Is End of Israel," But "You Can't Say That to the World", Fatah Official

European Warning Shot: Europe Fed Up with Netanyahu; Wants Palestinian Issue Back on the Agenda Ahead of Elections
Nov 30
Palestinians Win Statehood Status at UN
T-ball War in the Middle East
Netanyahu: Abbas Speech Venomous, Israel Will Respond
Nov 28
Muslims Claim Netanyahu Plans to Build ‘False’ Holy Temple
Hungarian Rightist: List Jews Who Pose Security Risk
The Gaza Operation: Less a War Than an Anti-Iran Coup
Nov 27
Following Gaza ‘Victory,’ Hamas Sets Its Sights on West Bank
Americans in Israel Sue US for Funding Palestinian Terrorism
PA Submits Draft Statehood Resolution to UN
Nov 26
Satellites Show Iran Moving Quickly to Rearm Hamas
Hezbollah: Israel Would Be Hit with 1000s of Rockets in Future War
Jihad and Salafists May Blow up Hamas Truce
Hamas Emerges Stronger

Islamic Terrorists Bomb Egyptian-Gaza Border Base
Nov 23
Cease-fire Holds in Gaza after Latest Flareup
China Supports Palestinian Statehood Bid, Says Palestinian Envoy
Nov 21
Bus Explodes in Central Tel Aviv: Hamas Takes Responsibility & Reportedly Launches ‘Ecstatic’ Celebration
6 Israeli 'Spies' Executed Before Baying Mob in Gaza City, Before Motorbike Gang Drags 1 Bloodied Victim Through the Streets
U.S. Embassy in Tel Aviv Attacked
Hamas Militants May Have Received New Weapons from Iran Through Sudan, Experts Say
Hamas Fakes Deaths to Manipulate World Opinion
Why Israel Can't Accept 'Cease-Fire'
Nov 20
Netanyahu: 'Normal Life Impossible'
US Warships Head for Israel for Possible Evacuation of Americans
Wartime Smuggling of Long-Range Missiles from Hizbullah to Hamas
Iranian Arms Ship Carries Fresh, Improved Fajar Supplies for Gaza
Israel: No Ground War for Now
Gaza: Victims Too Young to Understand, But Not to Die
Israel: Even with Rocket-Busting 'Iron Dome' for Protection, Fear Hits Home
Israel Drops Leaflets Telling Gazans to Evacuate Their Homes and Gather in 'City Center'
Hal Lindsey's Watchman Warning – HOLLY COMMENT: If you're confused about what is going on in the Middle East between Israel and Gaza and why they've been at each other's throats for millennia, Lindsey sorts out the dilemma. Give it a listen. It might just change your mind on what's happening, who are the players, what's the agenda and why there is such ongoing animosity. Things aren't always what they seem.
Nov 18-19
Around the World, Protests Held For and Against Israel’s Gaza Operation
Israel Kills Another Top Hamas Militant
Iran 'Furiously' Tries to Rearm Hamas with Missiles
Egypt Presents Israel’s and Hamas’s Ceasefire Demands; Sides Diametrically Opposed on Disarming Terror Groups
International Pressure for Ceasefire Grows as Palestinian Death Toll Rises
Netanyahu: Israel Prepared to Expand Gaza Op
Israel Mobilizes 75,000 Troops; MK's Seek to Prevent Reoccupation of Gaza
Live Blog from Israel: At Least 65 Dead in Gaza Offensive
...Hits Hamas Prime Minister's HQ and Vast Network of Their Smuggling Tunnels
WH Says Israel Has Right to Defend Itself Against Hamas
Muslim World Must Retaliate Against Israel for Gaza: Iran
Hamas Preparing Chemical Weapons, Report
Obama Warns Against 'Ramping Up' in Gaza Crisis
Apocalypse Now: Israel Bombards Gaza for 5th Straight Day – Nearly 1,000 Airstrikes Pave Way for Imminent Invasion – amazing pics
Israel Faces 44 Million Attacks on Websites in Response to Gaza Offensive
Anonymous Leaks Personal Information of 5,000 Israeli Officials
Nov 16
Sirens Wail in Tel Aviv as Another Gaza Rocket Lands in Central Region
IDF to Call Up 30,000 Reserves Ahead of Possible Gaza Ground Ops
Pictures Coming Out of Israel Are Chilling
IAF Attacking 70 Rocket Sites in Gaza
Israel's Army Massing on Border
Two Gaza Rockets Explode in Tel Aviv Area. No Casualties
The Threat to the Israel-Egypt Peace Treaty
US Senate Unanimous in ‘Unwavering Commitment’ to Israel
Canada Throws Unwavering Support Behind Israel
Nov 15
Nearly 250 Gaza Rockets Batter South, 3 Israelis Killed
Hamas: Assassination Is Declaration of War
Israel-Hamas 'Open War': Live Updates
Rocket Strikes Just 9 Miles from Tel Aviv
Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood: Sever Ties with Israel
Obama Still Silent as Egypt Backs Hamas
US Issues Security Warning to US Citizens
Anonymous Warns Israel: 'No One Cuts Internet on Our Watch!'
Nov 14
Israel Calls Up Reservists, Gets Ready for Gaza Invasion
Nov 13
Two Rockets Fired from Gaza Shatter Fragile Calm
Israel Will Defend Itself
You Can Believe God Will Bring the Jews Home
Nov 12
Israel Drawn into Syria Fighting for First Time
... Fires Warning Tamuz Missile into Syria as Gaza Front Escalates
Israel, Gaza Militants Trade Fire in Escalation
Israel Border Town Residents Live 'Routine of Rockets'
Hamas: No Compromises With Israel on Anything, Ever
Did Flickr Eliminate Israel?
Nov 7
After Obama Victory, Political Knives Come Out in Israel
Nov 5
Israeli Warplanes Fly Over Golan as Hizballah Fighters Pour into Syria
Here's How Israel Thinks It Could Attack Iran Without Setting Off WW3
Oct 30
Poll: Israeli Jews Favor Romney By Wide Margin
Oct 29
20 Rockets Hit Israel Since Sunday Night
Iran Says Has Images of Restricted Israeli Areas from Downed Drone
Oct 26-27
Outrage as UN Report Calls for Israel Boycott
Oct 22
Rebuffing EU, Netanyahu Says ‘No Limits’ on Jerusalem Construction
Oct 18
Abbas: Netanyahu Destroying 2-State Solution
Preparing for War, Israel’s North Looks to Lessons from 2006
Betrayal of Israel By Liberal US Jews
Over 2,000 Jews Pray for Girl Shot by Taliban
Oct 17
IDF’s Largest Army Communications Battalion Holds War Drill
Oct 16
Israel's Knesset Votes to Disperse, Elections on Jan. 22
Oct 12
‘Holy Jihad’ Is the Only Way to Deal With Israel, Says Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood Chief
Replacement Theology Churches: Church Leaders Urge Congress to Reconsider US Aid to Israel
Netanyahu Agreed to Full Golan Heights Withdrawal, Report
Oct 11
Polls Show Netanyahu Poised for Big Election Win
Oct 10
Netanyahu’s Dilemma: Campaigning on a Security Ticket When Iran Calls the Shots
Netanyahu Announces He’ll Hold Elections ‘as Soon as Possible’
Oct 9
2 Days After UAV, Patriots Posted Near Haifa and Other Parts of N. Israel
Israeli Air, Tanks Pound Gaza After Massive Palestinian Barrage. Hamas, Jihad Threaten to Broaden Attacks
Oct 8
Israeli Planes Trigger Sonic Booms Over Lebanon in Possible Response to Drone Dispatch
Oct 5
Khamenei's Top Rep: 'To Annihilate Israel We Need 24 Hours, an Excuse'
Oct 4
Cold-shouldered By US, Netanyahu Shifting Anti-Iran Campaign Focus to Europe
Oct 2
After Arab Embassy Hits, Israelis Hold Pro-US Rally
Oct 1
Wake Up, Jews! It's Clear Obama’s Sympathy Is with the Muslim Brotherhood
Sept 26
Ahmadinejad Defends Holocaust Denial at UN; Israel Walks Out, U.S. Sticks Around to Listen
Iran: Israel Has ‘No Roots’ in Middle Eastern History
Sept 25
Netanyahu Heads to UN from Region in Turmoil, with a US President ‘Failing to Put Israel at Ease’
Israel on High Alert Ahead of Yom Kippur
Sept 24
Israel's Offshore Gas Reserves - Bonanza or Security Threat?
Sept 20
US Reportedly Warns Israel That Strike on Iran Will Cause Egypt, Jordan to Sever Ties
Obama’s Betrayal of Israel
Sept 18
Mitt Romney Lambastes 2-State Solution
Obama Breaks with Israel
Sept 17
Iran to IAEA: Israel’s Nuclear Arsenal Is ‘a Threat to International Peace and Security’
Sept 15
Intel from Israel...Things Are Stirring
Sept 14
Abandonment: America's Closest Ally Cast Adrift
Palestinians Call for Protests to End Oslo Accords
Yom Teruah – the Day of the Trumpet Blast!
Sept 13
Serious Times Are Upon Us
Rosh Ha Shannah
Sept 12
Knesset Speaker Rivlin: We Must Be Prepared If World Doesn't Help Face Iran
Jerusalem within New Iranian Missile’s Range – Could Reach Any Israeli City
Sept 11
Knesset Speaker Rivlin: We Must Be Prepared If World Doesn't Help Face Iran
Jerusalem within New Iranian Missile’s Range – Could Reach Any Israeli City
Sept 10
Chemical Threat Is Back; Hizballah, Israel Close to Clash
Sept 7
Former Knesset Head Hanegbi: Next 50 Days Most Fateful Since Yom Kippur War
Sept 6
IDF Intel: Israel Closely Monitoring Syria's Chemical Weapons
Rabbis Blow Shofar Against Iran
Spiritual Leader Rabbi Yosef: Pray for Iran, Hezbollah's Destruction
Russia: Don't Attack Iran
US to Iran: In Case of Israeli Strike, Don't Fire on Our Bases
Mofaz: PM Should Be Probed First on Leaks Over Nuclear Fears
Is Israel Without a Friend?
Bibi, Obama Have Lost It: Tension Between US, Israel Detrimental to Campaign Against Iran's Nuclear Program
Aug 31
‘Sparks Fly’ Over US Policy on Iran at Meeting Between Netanyahu and US Envoy to Israel
Bolton to Israel: Attack, It's Your Right
U.S. to Israel: If You Attack, We Don’t Have Your Back
Aug 29
Israel's Neighborhood Becoming Increasingly Volatile, More Islamist
Aug 27
Netanyahu to Lebanon: Israel Will Strike in Case of Hezbollah Provocation
GOP Questions ‘Two-State Solution’
Aug 24
Israeli Protesters Warn Against War as Government Appears to Prep Iran Strikes
Hezbollah Drill Prepares to 'Occupy' the Galilee
Aug 23
U.S. Issues Travel Warning for Israel, Not Egypt
Jerusalem: A Cup of Trembling (Zech. 12) Jerusalem: A Cup of Trembling (Zech. 12)
Aug 22
Iran War Could Cost Israel Economy $42B
Abbas: No Peace or Security Until Settlers Leave Jerusalem
Aug 21
Is Israel Planning EMP Attack on Iran?
Aug 20
Hezbollah Says Can Kill Tens of Thousands of Israelis
When Israel Strikes Iran in October
Aug 17
Ahmadinejad: 'Tumor' of Israel Will Soon Be Destroyed
Most Israeli Jews Reject Iran Strike, Say War Chatter a Bluff to Get US to Act, Poll Says
Aug 16
Iranian General: Israel Must Be Destroyed
Israeli Defense Minister: 'We Must Make Iran Decision Now'
Israel Ready for 30-day War After Iran Strike: Minister
Stratfor: The Israeli Crisis
Aug 15
Iran General: Israel Must Be Destroyed
By All Indications War Is on Our Doorstep
Demand for Gas Masks Jumps as Public’s Anxiety Over Possible War Rises
Talk of Military Attack May Be Cover for Cyber War on Iran
Aug 14
US Message to Israel: Don’t Rely on Us to Finish the Job in Iran
The Noose Tightens Around Israel
Aug 10
Hezbollah MP: Iran’s Nuclear Program Designed to ‘Finish Off’ Israel
US-Israel Rift Over Iran Nuclear Red Line Deepens
Aug 9
Israeli Intelligence Cracks Massive Hezbollah Bomb Plot
Aug 6
IDF Foils Assault on Southern Border After Terrorists Kill 15 Egyptian Soldiers
US Follows Israel’s Lead and Issues Sinai Travel Warning, After Hamas Frees Terror Chief
Aug 3
Ahmadinejad’s New Call for Israel’s Annihilation Is His Most Anti-Semitic Assault to Date
Ahmadinejad Anti-Semitic Rant a Wake Up Call
Why Muslims Must Hate Jews
Aug 1
Netanyahu: I Won’t Let Israel Face an Iranian Atomic Threat
New Push for 3rd Temple in Jerusalem
July 30
In Israel, Romney Declares Jerusalem to Be Capital
Israel May Move on Chemical Threat
An Ill Wind Blows Between US and Israeli Intelligence Over Attack on Iran
Replacement Theology, Israel and Her Enemies
July 26
New Israeli Taxes Are Steps Towards a $25-30B War Budget
July 25
Israelis Scramble for Gas Masks as Syria Deteriorates
July 24
Israel Stirs on Eve of Middle East War
Israel ‘Will Have to Strike’ If Syrian Weapons Are Moving to Hezbollah
Mofaz Hints at Netanyahu Plan to Attack Iran
July 23
Senior Iranian Cleric: Iran Will Attack Tel Aviv If Israel Strikes Nuclear Facilities
July 16
Israel Advised to Brace for Syrian Missile Attack – Conventional or Chemical
July 13
IDF Intel Units Growing to Cope with Mideast Upheaval
Israel's Shale Gale – 250 Billion Barrels of Oil
Church of England Supports Anti-Israel Group
July 4
Iran Threatens Israel with Home-Made Missiles - IRNA
July 2
Palestine Seeks World Heritage Status for Church of the Nativity
June 27
Iranian VP Mohammad Reza Rahimi: 'Zionists to Blame for World Drug Trade'
Putin Assures Abbas Russia Recognizes Palestinian State
Israel Braces for Morsi to Insert Changes into Peace Accords
June 22
IDF Chief: We'll Meet Any Threat, Any Time
June 18
Romney: I Would Be 'Opposite' of Obama on Israel
June 12
Holocaust Museum Defaced with Graffiti Written in Hebrew Thanking Hitler for Mass Killings
Betrayal from Within
June 11
Israel's Mass Evacuation Plan in Case of Missile Attack
June 5
Israelis Are More Afraid of Losing U.S. Support Than of Iranian Bomb
June 5
Report: German Officials Confirm Subs Sold to Israel Can Fire Nuclear-Tipped Cruise Missiles
Israel Braces for Al Qaida Takeover After Collapse of Assad’s Regime
Sources: Raptors Sent to Help Israel
June 1
Geneticists Find Jewish Roots in Colorado Indians
May 29
Peres to Gauck: Iran Preparing Another Holocaust

May 25
Israel Revives Military Option After Obama Rejects Its Nuclear Demands of Iran
Canadians Building an Ark in Gaza

Ancient Bethlehem Seal Unearthed in Jerusalem
May 21
Netanyahu: Jerusalem Will Stay United

Hamas: "We Will Not Recognize Israel as a State" – Any Peace Deal with Israel Would Be 'Truce'
May 17
Iranian Calls for 'Islamic Awakening' to Destroy Israel

BBC Poll: Israel's Global Image Plummets
May 15
'Lost Tribe' of Israel Returning Home – 'The Words of Isaiah Are Coming to Life Before Our Eyes'
IDF Official: Iran Could Order Hezbollah Hit on Israel
Iran Boasts U.S. Has Abandoned Israel

EU Slams Israel Over Settlements, Evictions
May 12
Nasrallah: Hezbollah Able to Strike Anywhere in Israel

Netanyahu Gambles on ‘Grand Coalition’
European Union to Slam Israel's Actions in West Bank
May 11
Spurred by Obama, Israel Files Marriage Equality Bill
Israel Weighs Cyberwar Ops to Stop Attacks from Sinai

May 9
Who Will Save the Jews the Next Time?

May 8
Come Together: Netanyahu to Form Unity Government, Elections Canceled
Washington: Netanyahu Is Here to Stay, So Is Israel's Military Option on Iran
Egyptian Cleric: The Capital of Islamic Caliphate Won’t Be Cairo, Mecca, Medina. It Shall Be Jerusalem!
May 7
Syria Moving Scuds to Israel, Turkey Borders – Report
Netanyahu Announces September 4 Election Date
Will Labor Write Netanyahu's Epitaph?
Knesset to Dissolve Itself Within 24 Hours
The Battle for America
Jews Unwelcome on Campus
PA Cartoons for Children: Destroy Israel
May 4
Israel Calls Up 6 Army Battalions Under Emergency Orders to Meet Growing Threat on Egypt, Syria Borders – Knesset Approves IDF Request for Another 16 Battalions If Needed
Israel Gets 4th German Sub
Israel's Early Election And Its Effect In Striking Iran
I Want to Shout, "Wake Up World Have You Completely Lost Your Mind"
Seal Dating to Time of the First Temple Found in Jerusalem
Methodists Vote Against Ending Investments Tied to Israel

Plight of One Million Jewish Refugees Expelled from Arab Lands
May 3
Mysterious Smell Envelops Central Israel
Israel Fortifies Border Fence with Lebanon

May 2
Former FM Livni Quits Knesset, Says ‘Israel Lives Atop a Volcano’

April 30
Netanyahu’s Choices: Strike Iran Before or After Israeli Elections

April 25
Why Israel Should, and Probably Will, Attack Iran
Netanyahu: 'I Could Deliver a Peace Agreement'
Netanyahu on a Middle East Peace
April 24
US Bid to Defuse Egyptian-Israeli Tensions Derailed by Egyptian Islamists
Israel Has Enough Gas Reserves to Make It Energy Independent
Israel Population at 64: 7,881,000 – Grew by 161,000 in 1 Year
April 23
Israel Races Against Time on Decision to Strike Iran
Turkey Blocks Israel from Chicago NATO Summit, Report

April 19
Netanyahu's April 19 Warning: Israel Obligated to Prevent Nuclear-Armed Iran
Israel Remembers Holocaust Victims With Siren, Ceremonies

April 18
Israeli Nuclear Bomb Would Deter New Holocaust
Hate Crimes Against Jews Becoming More Brutal
April 16
Israel: Obama’s Secret Dealings with Iran Conflict with US-Israeli Understandings

April 6
High Alert Ahead of Passover
IDF: Imminent Terror Threat from Sinai – Boosts Deployment on Southern Border
April 5
Rocket Fired from Egypt Hits Israel

Netanyahu Vows to Strike Back at Those Attacking Israel
April 4
Israeli-US Anti-Missile Drill Back on Track
Gov't OKs 1st Israeli Uranium Exploration License

April 3
Cosmic Warfare – Israel Appears to Be Preparing for War Against Iran
In Iranian Attack on Israel, Less Than 300 People Would Be Killed
March 29
'Global March to Jerusalem': Israel's Borders on High Alert As Huge Protests Loom
March 27
Poll: Most Jewish Israelis Say Iran Strike Less Risky Than Nuclear Threat
2,000,000 Set for ‘March on Jerusalem’ Friday, Organizer Claims
100,000 Participate in Israeli Flag Burning
Putin to Visit Israel in June
March 25
War Acts Ramp Up: Iran 'Planned to Bomb Israeli Ship in Suez Canal'
France: Dozens of Jewish Graves Desecrated
March 16
What Israel Has to Fear, Even If It Doesn’t Get Nuked
March 15
Iran Threatens N. Israel with Bombardment from Lebanon
Netanyahu: Israel Will Protect Itself Even If America Objects
Obama: Iran's Window for Diplomacy 'Shrinking'
Israel’s Grand Strategy
March 13
200 Rockets Hit Israel Since Start of Latest Gaza Escalation
7 Projectiles Fired After 'Cease-Fire' Came into Effect
U.S.-Egypt Consultations on Israel-Hamas Mini-War Exclude Netanyahu
March 12
Evangelical Christians Tighten Embrace of Israel
PM Netanyahu at AIPAC Warns Against Allowing Iran to Develop Nukes
March 9
Palestinian Abbas to Deliver ‘Mother of all Letters’ to Israel
March 8
Israel Asks U.S. for ‘Bunker-Buster’ Bombs That Could Improve Iran Strike
PA Says 'No' to Renewed Talks
March 7
Has Netanyahu Already Decided to Hit Iran?
March 6
Netanyahu to Obama: We Can’t Wait Much Longer, Iran Has 10 Indestructible Underground Nuke Plants
Terrorists Attack Egypt Gas Pipeline to Israel for 12th Time
March 5
Netanyahu to Tell Obama: Attack Iran – Or Else
Obama Plans to Pressure Netanyahu Not to Strike Iran; WH Meeting on Monday
Obama Is Israel's Worst Frenemy
Obama Speech Elicits Mixed Reactions from Israeli Officials
Assad Threatens Israel with Missiles If Syria Is Attacked
Nasrallah Calls on Muslims to 'Liberate' Jerusalem
March 2
To Bomb or Not to Bomb? Obama Netanyahu Meeting All About Iran
March 1
MK Herzog: Syrian Rebels Want Peace with Israel
February 29
Israel's Security Situation Worst in Decades, Report
February 28
Israel Won't Warn US Before Iran Strike
February 27
Israeli Government Official: Peace Can't Be Based on Ignoring the Truth About Jerusalem

Negotiations on Migron Evacuation Break Down
February 23
Israel Navy's New Super-Sub Revealed'
Iran Has 3rd Largest Jewish Population Behind Only US & Israel
Iranian Wife Admits Slain Husband Wanted to Annihilate Israel
The Iranian Plan to Annihilate the Jews

February 21
PA Reportedly Demands 98% of Land, Rejects Settlement Blocs
Muslims: Israel to Give Half of Al Aqsa to Jews
IDF Says Ground Invasion in Gaza ‘Matter of Time’
WH: Netanyahu, Obama to Meet in Washington on March 5

February 20
Netanyahu's Border Proposal: Israel to Annex Settlement Blocs, Not Jordan Valley

February 14
Fatal Attack on Israelis Abroad Could Spark War with Iran and Hizballah
Covert Ops Have Israel Placing Ships in Position
US to Cut Funding for Israeli Missile Defense Programs by $6.3M
Iran, Hezbollah Intent on Harming Israelis Globally

February 13
Netanyahu: Abbas Has Turned His Back on Peace

February 10
Israel Urges World to Reject Palestinian Unity Gov't
Pulling No Punches

February 9
Israel and Iran's Nuke Sites

February 8
Israel PM: Palestinian Reconciliation Deal Abandons 'Way of Peace'
Learn Why Christians Should Support Israel

February 6
Ayatollah: Kill All Jews, Annihilate Israel
Iran Can Destroy Israel in 9 Minutes
Krauthammer: Leak Indicates Israeli Attack on Iran ‘Certain’
Obama Still Tries to Stop Israeli Iran Strike. West Confronts Iran in Syria
Israel Strengthens Nuclear Deterrent Against Iran With Fleet of German Subs
Iran Warns Neighbors Not to Facilitate Strike Against It
Israeli Attack Will Prompt Pakistani Response
Iranian Warships Dock at Saudi Port

February 2
Israel FM Seeks Right of Return for Jews Who Fled Arab Nations

February 1
The Hope Betrayed?
Israel Hit with 1,000 Cyber Attacks a Minute

January 31
Report: Netanyahu Willing to Cede Judea and Samaria for Obama's Backing

January 27
Israel Outlined Border Principles to Palestinians
Israel Senses Bluffing in Iran's Threats of Retaliation

January 26
Israeli-Palestinian Talks End with No Progress
Jerusalem Concerned: Saudi Air Force to Outnumber Israel's Advanced US Jet Fleet

January 23
PA Mufti Denies He Called to Kill Jews
Netanyahu: Israel Must Prevent Elimination of the Jewish People
Maybe Just Maybe

Despite Reassurances, Muslim Brotherhood’s Rise Likely to Bring Difficult Days for Israel
January 20
EU Report Calls for Action Against Israeli Settlements
Wipe Out the Jews
January 19
Dempsey Visit Will Not Alter Israel's Refusal to Notify US of Iran Strike

IDF Holds First Brigade-Level Parachute Jump in 15 Years
January 17
British Premier Cameron Warns Time Running Out for Two-State Solution
Jordan's Abdullah: Israel Realizes Need to Revive Mideast Peace Talks Immediately

January 16
US, Israel in Open Rift Over Iran: Big Joint Military Drill Cancelled
Massive Drill Will Take Place Later This Year
U.S. Warns Israel on Strike
January 9
Iran Crosses Another Nuclear Red Line. Fordo Soon on Stream
US to Sell Israel 2,500 Hummers, Trucks
Massive American Troop Build-Up in Israel: War with Iran on the Horizon?
Muslim Brotherhood: We Did Not Promise to Honor Israel Peace Treaty

January 6
25 Killed, Dozens Wounded in Damascus Suicide Bombing
January 5
IDF Predicts Missile Attacks on Jerusalem in Future War
January 3
Muslim Brotherhood Deputy Head: We Will Never Recognize Israel
Israel to Shut Down Dimona Nuclear Reactor Should War Break Out