Confirmation of "Dream of a Giant Earthquake on the New Madrid"

January 31, 2012

Dear Holly and Stan,

I am a daily reader of your news site and read the note you posted from Nancy titled, "Dreams of a Giant Earthquake on the New Madrid." The reference to "Grand Canyon" in her dream stunned me. It was a familiar reference to something else I had read two months ago. There is a woman (wife, mother and devout Catholic) in Pennsylvania named Jennifer who writes a journal of messages she receives from Jesus. She is a seer chosen by God to speak to us all for the times we are living in now. I never criticize or judge others who humbly claim such gifts or even dreams. My trust is in the Father, Son and Holy Spirit to lead the way for discernment, wisdom and preparedness. With that in mind, I would like to share this with you to watch, pray over and discern for yourself. Let us pray this does not happen.

Here is "Jesus' message" to Jennifer exactly two months prior to the day Nancy's dream was written to you. I included Nancy's notes for comparison.

Thank you for your time and for all that you do to keep us informed.

Yours in Christ,

in VA/DC area

Words from Jesus
5:46 PM

My Child, the mountains will awaken, the hills will roll forth with great might as the earth opens up in the middle of America and you will no longer see a Grand Canyon rather a greater one.

You will see a war begin as the north will ignite manmade missiles against the south as the two Korea's cannot make peace with one another. I tell you My children you seek to find stability within the markets yet I tell you your peace is not in the ways of the world, for until humanity converts to My mercy greater turmoil will come.

You will hear thunderous cries of your brothers and sisters as the battle between heaven and the beast intensifies. Put on your armor My children and clothe yourself with the protection I have given you through the Eucharist, through fasting and prayer and most of all reconciliation.

You would not choose to attend a great feast wearing clothes that are soiled and smell as they are rotten for the gatekeeper would turn you away. Just as I tell you that heaven is awaiting you but you as caretaker must take care of the things that stain your soul so that they are removed so you are prepared for the time of My visitation for I am Jesus. Come My children and reconcile yourself before your King, now go forth in haste for I am Jesus and My mercy and justice will prevail.

Source:'s website)