Very Cool Animation of Our Solar System
Asteroid Impact Calculator

Dec 31
Sun-Grazing Comets Could Be Triggers for Electromagnetic Armageddon
The Solar Killshot - The Facts
Dec 27
'Brighter Than a Full Moon': Biggest Star of 2013... Could Be Comet of the Century
Most Extreme Space Discoveries of 2012
Dec 24
Black Hole Firewalls Confound Theoretical Physicists
Dec 21
California Meteor Broke Speed Record for Atmospheric Entry
Dec 20
Astronomers Flabbergasted By Giant Object, Never Seen Before
Dec 19
Scientists Find 'Habitable' Tau Ceti Planet
Dec 12
Large Glowing Ball Crashes in Sweden
Mystery Orb Crash: 'It Was Like Armageddon'
Missile and Meteorite Impacts Are More Complex Than Scientists Previously Thought
7 Milky Way Worlds Could Harbor Life, Say Astronomers
Dec 7-8
Mysterious Bright Flash in Sky Reported Across Texas
European Space Agency: Phobos Is Artificial
Dec 5
Stars Like Our Sun Could Have Planets That Are Even More Habitable Than Earth, Scientists
Dec 3
Titan’s Atmosphere Shifts Abruptly, South Pole Vortex Forms
Nov 29
Scientists Find Biggest-Ever Black Hole
Nov 26
Could a ‘Solar Maximum’ Event Spark Food Riots and Meltdowns? (One Respected Scientist Says ‘Yes!’)
Will the Solar Cycle Peak in 2013 Produce Tech-Crippling Solar Super Storms?
U.S. Electrical Grid 'Inherently Vulnerable' – Threats Include Blackouts Over Large Regions for Weeks or Months
Dr. Kaku Explains Possible Catastrophic Solar Event
Nov 23
Sunspot AR1618 Could Unleash an X-class Flare
Nov 18-19
Sun Unleashes 'Monster Eruption'
Nov 16
Sun Has 40% Chance of M-class and 5% Chance of X-class Flares Today
Increasing Threat Posed By Solar Flares Leaving Underwriters in the Dark
Nov 14
Thousands Gather for Stunning Total Eclipse Over Australia That Plunged Queensland into Darkness
Has the Universe Stopped Producing New Stars?
Nov 13
Tens of Thousands Gather for Australia Solar Eclipse
Mile-Wide Asteroid Spotted By NASA
How to Watch the Amazing Total Solar Eclipse Online
2012 Taurid Meteor Shower May Produce Fireballs
Nov 9
Nibiru........the Pole Shift

Nov 7
Scientists Puzzled - What's Wrong with the Sun?
Monster Asteroid 'Pinged' as It Buzzes Earth
Brightest Flare Ever Seen at Center of Our Galaxy
Nov 6
Prepare Now for Mega-Comet of Doom
Hunting for the Real 'Planet X'
Oct 29
Exoplanet 'Back from the Dead'

Oct 26-27
NASA: Rare, Enormous Gas Storm Detected on Saturn
Oct 23
Major Solar Flare Erupts from the Sun
X1.8 Solar Flare - Sunspot 1598

Rare Star Explosion Reveals Hidden Black Hole in Milky Way
Galaxy's Giant Black Hole Jet a Cosmic Afterburner

Oct 22
Solar Activity Ramps Up - Warning Issued
Calif. Asteroid Crash
Oct 20
Viewing Conditions for Tonight's Orionid Meteor Shower
Oct 18
Bright Light, Loud Boom May Have Been Meteor
Spectacular Meteor Shower This Weekend Expected Out of Orion
Related? Stan's DreamVision of 1996
Meteor Fireball Streaks Over South Bay

Massive Solar Flare Erupts from Sun
Video Captures 100000-Mile Solar Flare
Monitoring Io's Insane Volcanic Activity from the Comfort of Earth
New Study Proves Moon Was Created in Massive Planetary Collision
Oct 17
Amazing 'Star Wars' Planet Has 4 Suns
Earth-Sized Planet Discovered Orbiting Around Nearest Star
Asteroids Following Jupiter’s Solar Orbit Show Their True Colors
Oct 12
Large Asteroid to Pass Earth Friday Morning Just 1/5 the Distance to the Moon
Russia to Track Doomsday Asteroid Apophis
Oct 10
"Best Northern Lights I've Seen in Years"
Oct 9
Aurora Lights Seen Over NZ
Planet X and 2012
Oct 5
This Morning's CME Could be Earth-Directed
2 Black Holes Discovered in Star Cluster M22
Oct 3
NASA Captures Spectacular Solar Eruption
Oct 1
Monster Geomagnetic Storm Subsiding
Sept 28
Sun Hurls Massive CME Away from Earth

Sept 27
New Comet Predicted to Blaze Brighter Than the Full Moon
Sept 25
NASA Considering Deep-Space Outpost on Far Side of Moon
Link Between Coronal Mass Ejections and Sun’s Interior Motion
Sept 24
Something Is Very Wrong with the Sun
Sept 21
Several Strong Solar Flares and CME's Seen at Farside
Plasma, Solar Outbursts, and the End of the Last Ice Age
Pane Andov - Expected Cosmic Events from 2012-13
Sept 18
CNN Slowly Leaks Out 2nd Sun Brown Dwarf Star in Our Solar System Is Much Closer

Sept 11
Explosion on Jupiter
Potentially Hazardous Asteroid Approaching Earth Sept. 13-14, 2012!
Sept 6
Astonishing 'Whip' Half a Million Miles Long Spotted on Solar Surface and Its Radiation Is Heading for Earth
Milky Way 'Haze' May Be Dark Matter Signature
Aug 30
NASA Discovers Millions of New 'Supermassive Black Holes' - and Thousands of New Galaxies
Aug 29
Exploding Meteor Creates Sonic Boom Over Wales

Aug 27
Vid Shows Sun's New Wrath
Sun Fury Dramatically Increases from 2009 to 2012
41 New Transiting Planets in Kepler Field of View
Aug 17
Sun Spews Super-Fast Eruption
Newly-discovered 'Phoenix' System Produces 740 New Stars a Year
Sprites: Researchers Catch Glimpses of Electromagnetic Bursts High in Earth's Atmosphere
History Channel: Prepare for Society-Crippling Solar Blasts
New System Could Predict Solar Flares, Give Advance Warning
Aug 10
Glorious Perseids Peak This Weekend – Expect 100 Meteors per Hour

Aug 8
Solar Storm Could Knock Out U.S. Power
Striking Sun Photo Catches 3 Erupting Plasma Tendrils
Bombshell Over 'Doomsday Asteroid'
Aug 7
World on Alert for Massive Solar Storm
Where We Are in This Solar Cycle
Rover Curiosity Sends Back First Color Picture from Mars
Aug 3
Strange "Fire Rainbow" Cloud Appears Over South Florida

July 24
3 Years of Night Sky Wonders in 3 Minutes – beautiful
July 23
Rest of Summer Full of Asteroids, Shooting Stars
Goldilocks Planet Orbits into Hot Debate
July 19
Almost X-Flare Blasts Off Sun
NASA Orbiter Photographs Crater Leading into Underground Cavern on Mars
July 18
Extremely Slow-Moving Flare Blasts Off the Sun

"Exceptionally Bright" Meteorite Lights Up Skies in Finland
July 17
Signs of a Solar Catastrophe to Come?
Storm from Space Sparks Greatest Light Show on Earth

July 13
Revised Forecast: CME Launched at Earth by Yesterday's X-Flare Is Moving Faster Than Originally Thought
Earth Hit by Powerful Solar Flare
Excellent Animation Showing How Solar Storms Pummel Earth

Coronal Mass Ejections Can Cause Grid Failure – Solar Facts and Advice
The John Moore Show: Alert Level 3.6 Nibiru Is Near
July 12
Sunspot 1520 Produces X1.4 Solar Flare
July 11
Are We Safe from the Sun? Solar Flares Keep On Getting Stronger – Latest Hotspot the Size of 15 Earths Strung Together
Sun Erupts with Strongest Summer Solar Flare Yet

July 6
Sunspot Grows 10 Times Wider Than Earth, Shoots Off Intense New Solar Flare
Vital Eye for Killer Asteroids Could Shut Imminently
July 5
Sun Unleashes Huge Earthbound Solar Flare
July 4
Solar Fireworks Might Be Heading Our Way for the 4th
July 2
Images of Extreme Solar Activity Provide Origins of Powerful Space Storms
Burning Meteorite Trail Lights Up Australian Sky for 20 Minutes
BBC Broadcasts Nibiru In Documentary June 18, 2012
June 22
Meteor Strike on ISS Is Reminder of Cosmic Hazard
Solar Flares Endanger Nuclear Plants, Power Grids
Super-Sized Alien Version of Earth – New Discovery by Kepler Planet Sleuths
Moon Ice: Explorers May Be Able to Raid 'Lunar Freezer'
June 15
Pair of CMEs to Impact Earth Saturday
Space: Watch Huge, Shape-Shifting Sunspots
June 14
Close Encounter Due Today
June 13
Massive Solar Flare in March Broke Sun Storm Record
Hundreds of Superflares Seen on Sunlike Stars
40% Chance of M-class Solar Flares Today
June 12
Oldest Galaxy Spotted from Hawaii Telescopes
June 11
Armageddon a Space War Coming to You Soon
June 6
Black Hole Millions of Times the Size of Our Sun Is 'Hurtling' Through Space - Scientists Warn There Could Be Many More
Mystery Over the Giant Cosmic Explosion of 774AD Leaves Mark in Bark of 2 Cedar Trees
Once in a Lifetime: Transit of Venus Puts on Last Spectacular Show until 2117
Silhouetted Venus Reminder of Solar System's Size
June 5
X-ray "Echoes" Map a Supermassive Black Hole's Environs
Live Venus Transit Webcasts
June 4
Partial Lunar Eclipse Monday
June 1
Rare Astronomical Event to Occur June 5-6

Past Venus Transits Revealed Solar System's Size Pt 1, Pt 2
Astronomers Predict Titanic Collision: Milky Way vs. Andromeda
Crash of the Galactic Titans
May 31
NASA Readies 'Black Hole Hunter' Mission
Superflares, Like Solar Flares But Far Bigger, Fired Off by Sun-Like Stars
Time-lapse Footage of Earth as Seen from the ISS
May 30
Nibiru System Seen by Passenger on Commercial Aircraft over Melbourne May 28
May 29
2012 KT42, a Newly Found Asteroid Buzzes Past Earth
Nibiru Photographs Finally Released by Wise Telescope: Must See to Believe!
May 25
THIS Is Why It's So Hot? NASA Probe Inspects Boiling Surface of Sun with Hi-Tech Camera
May 23
Planet X? New Evidence of an Unseen Planet at Solar System's Edge
We Told You There Was Something in the Kuiper Belt

May 22
Asteroid 2012 DA14 Will Pass Very Close to Earth in 2013

May 21
Solar Eclipse Goes Social and Global

May 18
Incoming CME?
May 17
"Ring of Fire" Solar Eclipse Sunday, May 20

Asteroid 2012 KA to Buzz Earth Today
NASA Estimates 4,700 'Potentially Hazardous' Asteroids
May 14
New Planet Found in Our Solar System?

May 12
Sunspot AR 1476: 20% Chance of X-Flare in Next 24 Hours
Monster Sunspot Fires Off Powerful Solar Flares

May 11
Rare Brown Dwarf Discovered - 35 Times Size of Jupiter

May 9
Monster Sunspot Threatens to Unleash Powerful Solar Flares
Pair of CMEs Should Hit Earth Today and Tomorrow
Light from Alien Super-Earth Seen for 1st Time
Ancient Mars Volcano Blast Hints at Planet's Wet History

May 8
One of the Largest Sunspot Groups in Years Rotated Over the Sun's Northeastern Limb This Weekend

May 7
Space Weather Expert Has Ominous Forecast

Origins of Quasars and Galaxy Clusters
May 4
'Supermoon' Coming Saturday
NASA/Hathaway’s Updated Solar Cycle Prediction – Smallest Sunspot Cycle in 100 Years
May 1
Faster-Ticking Clock Indicates Early Solar System May Have Evolved Faster Than We Thought
700 Rogue Stars Ejected from Galaxy Found in Intergalactic Space
Remarkable Outburst Seen from Old Black Hole

April 23
Explosion, Fireball Reported in Nevada, California Likely to be Meteor
April 20
NASA Needs New Plan to Avoid Contaminating Other Worlds
Earth Unprepared for Super Solar Storm

April 18
Emergency Officials Warn: We're NOT Ready for a Solar Super Storm

Apophis Asteroid Is Focus of Russian Satellite Mission
April 17
Sun Belches Magnificent Flare
Most Spectacular Solar Explosion Seen in Years
Is NASA Hiding Existing Ruins on the Moon?
April 13
Galactic Collision May Contain Clues About Dark Matter
Meteor Spotted in 4 States
'It's 99% Certain There Is Life on Mars': Shock Finding
April 12
Where Did the Rest of the Asteroid Go After Hitting Earth 65 Million Years Ago
Stargazers Spot Meteor Streaking Across Chicago Area Skies
April 11
The Amazing Trajectories of Life-Bearing Meteorites from Earth

April 9
Spanish Astronomers Claim Dwarf Sun Beyond Pluto
Sun's Sibling Stars Could Host Cousins of Earth Life

April 6
Mars Probe Captures Video of 12-MILE-High Dust Devil Thundering Across the Planet
Magnetic Storms Spotted on Venus

April 5
Loophole Could Allow Private Land Claims on Other Worlds

April 4
Spectacular Video Captures Views of Star Trails from Space
April 3
Earth Has Scores of Mini-Moons, Models Predict
Glowing Ball Likely a Meteor Seen in NZ Skies
Meteorite Crashes Through Family's Roof in Norway
March 28
'Habitable' Planets Found Orbiting Red Dwarf Stars in Our Galaxy – There Could Be Billions, Including 100 'Next Door' to Earth
New Evidence That Comets Deposited Building Blocks of Life on Primordial Earth
March 27
Major CME Expelled on Farside of the Sun
Solar Storm Blasted Earth with Mega-Energy Dose
2 Small Asteroids Give Earth a Close Shave
Solar Tornado Wide as 5 Earths Caught on Camera
March 25
'It's Completely Unexpected': Mystery of Strange Cloud Formations Over Martian Landscape
March 23
Solar Storm Dumps Gigawatts into Earth's Upper Atmosphere
Mystery Rising Within Mercury
Jupiter Moon Io Shows Volcanoes, Mountains in New Map by USGS
March 20
The Planet X Cover-up in Mainstream Media
March 16
Near-Miss Asteroid Will Return Next Year
March 15
NASA Unveils Solar System Atlas
March 13
Severe Space Weather: How Big a Threat?
Cassini Captures New Images of Icy Moon Rhea
March 12
Not Over Yet: Solar Flares Still Shooting Out from Sun
Two More Solar Flares Erupt on Active Sun Saturday
New Irish Telescope to Reveal Secrets of the Sun
Death Star
March 9
Solar Storm Shakes Earth Magnetic Field
M6.3 Solar Flare & Earth DIRECTED CME March 9, 2012
March 8
Biggest Solar Storm in Years Nears Earth, May Disrupt Power
March 7
Sun Unleashes Huge Solar X5 Flare; Possible Earth-Bound Solar Storm
Strong S3 Radiation Storm Now in Progress – Ratings Defined Here
Chance of a Catastrophic Solar Storm Is 1 in 8; Would Take Down Power Grid, Food Transportation, Water Utilities, Financial Systems, Report
In 48 Hours Sun Rips Off 11 M-Class and 3 X-Class Flares

March 6
Beautiful Time Lapse of Milky Way – be sure to use the highest quality setting your computer will allow
March 5
Blast It or Paint It: Asteroid to Threaten Earth in 2013
March 2
Dark Matter Core Defies Explanation in NASA Hubble Image
March 1
Wind from Black Hole Recorded at 20 Million MPH
February 27
MPs Warn Over Nuclear Space Bombs and Solar Flares

Could Free-Floating 'Nomad' Planets Carry Seeds of Life in the Universe?
February 24
The Fireballs of February
Meteor Streaks Across Night Sky Over Canada
Extending the Habitable Zone for Red Dwarf Stars
Gigantic Black Hole Wrecks Havoc for Hundreds of Million Years in the Perseus Galaxy Cluster

February 22
Exoplanet GJ 1214b, Found by NASA's Hubble Telescope, May Be First Super-Earth 'Waterworld'

February 20
When Water Flowed on Mars: Color Shows Valleys Carved Out by Ancient Floods

Why the Moon Has No Active Volcanoes Despite Lots of Magma
February 17
Tornadoes on the Surface of the Sun
Surprises from SOHO Include Tornadoes on the Sun
Giant "Tornadoes" Seen Erupting from the Sun

February 16
NEOShield: a Preemptive Strike Against Asteroids
2 Earth-Size Planets Born of Battered "Jupiter"?

February 7
Hidden Galaxies May Swarm Near Our Own Milky Way
February 3
New Planet Discovered In Solar System with 3 Suns

Meteor Soars Over Texas Skies
January 31
Incredible Image of 'Black Hole' Shows One of Coldest Places in Universe

January 30
Strongest Solar Flare of 2012 Follows Worst Radiation Storm Since 2003

Forget Global Warming - It's Cycle 25 We Need to Worry About
January 27
Sun Spews X2 Flare

January 26
Another CME Blast Off the Sun

January 25
Breathtaking Aurora Borealis over Fairbanks
January 24
Planes Expected to Reroute Following Massive Solar Eruption
Increased Solar Activity After Strongest Solar Radiation Storm Since 2006
Map Shows Reach of Solar Radiation Storm

January 23
Almost-X Flare and CME Explode Off Sun

Strongest Solar Storm Since 2005 Hitting Earth
January 20
Solar Blast Heading Our Way
Comet's Death Dive into Sun Seen in Detail for 1st Time

January 19
Dwarf Galaxies: Breakthrough in Bid to Find 'Fossils' of Early Universe

January 18
Mars Rocks Fell on Morocco, Scientists Say

January 17
"Earth's Twin" May Be in Our Solar System

January 11
'El Gordo' Is Largest Distant Galaxy Cluster Ever Seen

January 9
How Many Moons Does Earth Have?