We must guard against the overreaching hand of big government
trying to take away our freedom
—Steve Forbes

Dec 31
Obama Hopes to Enact New Gun-Control Measures in 2013
England Warns America: Don't Let Them Take Your Guns
– HOLLY NOTE: We've TWO major warnings from allies – England and Australia – about skyrocketing crime after gun bans are in place. Will Americans quietly submit?
Lawmaker: Tweak Constitution to Affirm Gun Rights: Amendments Would Deflect Leftist Plan to Register Firearms
Barbara Simpson: Anti-gunners: Please Shut Up! Simpson Blows Holes in Deceptive 'Gun-Control' Logic
Senate Committee Report on Benghazi Terrorist Attack Faults State Dept
Obama Urges Illinois to Legalize Gay Marriage
PC Police Ban 'Illegal' Language
Sandy Hook Shooting:Suspect Car Linked to Christopher A Rodia and Drug Family of Norwalk
Kitty Werthmann: Distorted Memories of Anschluss
Dec 28
Indefinite Military Detention of US Citizens to be Signed into Law By Obama
Civil War: Senate to Go for Handguns
Feinstein: All Gun Owners Should Be Registered, Fingerprinted
States, Cities Mulling Own Assault-Weapon Bans, Amid Doubt Over Federal Action
Dueling Data on Gun Crimes Put New Laws in Crossfire
Petition Calls for Gun Free Zones Around the President, VP, and their Families
3 Teenage Boys 'Kidnapped Woman, 22, on Christmas, Robbed Her and Raped Her for Hours Even After She Repeatedly Vomited on Them – HOLLY COMMENT: A personal firearm would have prevented these unspeakable acts.
Three in the Head
Pruden: Taking Aim at the Easy Target – Guns
Gun Control Fact-Sheet
DHS Insider Report: Coming This Spring: “Life for the Average American is Going to Change Significantly”
2013: It's Going to Be a Rough Year
Hero Remembered: Gulf War Leader Norman "The Bear" Schwarzkopf Dies at 78
Stormin' Norman Passes Away from Pneumonia – pics
States Slowly Killing Capital Punishment
Bad Laws Are the Worst Sort of Tyranny
Sharia Threat to America
Obama's Vacations Cost Us Millions for Security
Obama's Smoky Little Fish
Light Bulb Ban on Horizon: Future dims for Survival of Cheap, Reliable Illumination
Dec 27
Ex-Feds and Wall Street Execs Are Going into Hiding - Why?
FBI Labels Occupiers "Domestic Terrorists"

If You Are on This List You May Be in Grave Danger
Latest from “DHS Insider” Pt 1, Pt 2
Warning to Gun Grabbers and Collectivist Media: By Calling for Gun Control, You Are Unleashing Your Own Worst Nightmare
Raft of Unusual State Laws to Take Effect in 2013
A Failed Congress
Is This the Real Reason Behind Sandy Hook?
Black Racism Unchained: Exclusive: Jesse Lee Peterson Declares, 'It's Time for Whites to Speak Out'
Is Black America Lost?
Dec 26
Outrage Over Newspaper Naming, Maping Handgun-Owners
The Left's Alinsky Tactics in Gun Debate
Grandpa Shoots, Kills Indiana Teen’s Attacker
Someday They Will Have All Your Guns
Firing an 'Irresistible' Woman Is Not a Victory for Family Values – HOLLY COMMENT: The premise of this opinion piece echoed the first thought that popped into my head. It's not a victory for family values. Instead of firing this woman, the dentist should have exhibited some self-control.
Glenn Beck: Obama Destined for Prison?
And the Biggest Lie of 2012 Is ... Obama, News Media Fingered for Misleading Tales
25 Facts That Mainstream Media Doesn't Really Want to Talk About Right Now
Cold War Christmas Messages We Must Not Forget
Afterburner: Merchants of Despair

Dec 25
Tens of Thousands Sign Petition to Deport Piers Morgan
Dec 24
National Gun Ban Advocates Seek to Make Colorado Their Top Priority for 2013 Session
Lawmakers Look to Restrict Gun Magazine Capacity
Police in Every School Not Practical - There's Another Solution
Testimony of Darrell Scott (Father of Columbine Shooting Victim) Before House Judiciary Committee
Marine Back in US After Release from Mexico Prison
White House Chef Joins the Obamas in Hawaii
Could You Pass a US Citizenship Test?
Inhofe : Benghazi Will Be Biggest Cover-Up in History

Dec 21
Report: Jon Hammar to Be Released from Mexican Prison Today
North Korea Arrests U.S. Citizen
New York Gov: Gun Confiscation and Forced Buy-back an Option
Obama to Grab the Guns
Michigan Gov. Vetoes Bill That Would Allow Conceal-Carry in Schools, Churches and Sports Stadiums
Stewart Rhodes: My Personal Pledge of Resistance
26 Bells Mark One-Week Anniversary of Newtown Shootings
'I Am the Devil': Former Classmate Reveals School Gunman Had 'Online Devil Worshiping Page' as Childhood Barber Recounts How He Never Spoke and Just Stared at Floors
House Passes NDAA 2013 with Indefinite Detention Intact
Obama Killing Another Coal Plant
Obama Kills – Not a Tear Was Shed, Not Even a Fake One
It's Time for the Aware to Take Action
The Best Bug-Out-Bag Essentials
Dec 20
Newtown Teacher Called ‘Superhero’ at Emotional Funeral
Piers Morgan: 'Of Course' I'm 'Gleeful Tragedy Happened'
Krauthammer: The President Invoking Massacre of Children in Context of Fiscal Talks “Is a Sacrilege”
50 Million Reasons That Make People Think Obama Is Planning Civil War
If Obama Is Opposed to Guns, Why Did His Administration Just Purchase 1.6 Billion Rounds of Ammo and Sniper Rounds?
Gun Task Force Draws Cool GOP Reception
Thousands Join NRA after Connecticut School Shooting
Biden Flip Flop from 2008: If Obama ‘Tries to Fool with My Beretta, He’s Got a Problem’
Reality Check: Are Calls for Stricter Gun Laws Really About Guns

Good Laws Will Never Abolish All Evil
Marine Vet Stands Guard Outside School After Shooting
MUST WATCH: Why Isn't Obama Trying to Secure the Release of Marine
Reported Sex Assaults rise at US Military Academies
Everyday 'Heroes' Recognized for Life-Threatening Rescue Attempts Across US, Canada
Women Suing State Troopers Over Roadside Cavity Searches
Fiery 40-Car Pileup in New York Kills 1, Injures 33
Dec 19
Benghazi Report Blames 'Systemic Failures' Within State Department – HOLLY COMMENT: Conveniently, Secy. of State Hillary Clinton, suffers 'incapacitating concussion' – what are the odds?
State Department Dismisses John Bolton's 'Diplomatic Illness' Remark About Clinton
Hillary’s Benghazi Cover-Up – Diplomatic Illness and Travelgate
Obama Tasks Biden with US Gun Law Review
Cops, Detectives, FBI Agents, U.S. Soldiers Will Not Enforce Gun Confiscation Orders
Piers Morgan Calls Pro-Gun Advocate 'Unbelievably Stupid,' 'Dangerous': 'You Shame Your Country'
Essential Gun Charts And Facts No Matter Which Side of Firearms Control You Support
Exclusive: Fear of Being Committed May Have Caused Connecticut Gunman to Snap
Sandy Hook Massacre: Official Story Spins Out of Control
Bilderberg Group Member Rumored to be Selected by President Obama as Next Secy of State
Dec 18
Gun Sales Surge After Massacre
2 Million Gun Applications in November Alone
Heads Up: One of the premiere ammo/firearms retailers, Ammo Man, is so busy they've put up this announcement: Phone lines will NOT be answered today so if you need to place an order, please do so online. We are swamped and will be trying to catch up with all hands. Please e-mail all requests and they will be responded to as soon as possible.
Americans Turn in Guns After School Massacre
Myth #3: Gun Control Has Reduced the Crime Rates in Other Countries
Armed Task Force to Patrol Arkansas Streets
Libor Scandal Grows as Fathers of 2 Mass Murderers Were to Testify
Feds Look Other Way as Wind Farms Kill Birds -- But Haul Oil and Gas Firms to Court
Feds Secretly Free Dangerous Criminals Instead of Deporting Them
Dec 17
Sandy Hook Shooting: The Victims' Stories
'I Am Adam Lanza's Mother': A Mom's Perspective on the Mental Illness Conversation in America
De-mystifying Mass Murder in America
Antidepressant Induced Suicide & Violence
Newtown: Two Movies, Two Mass Murders, and Questioning All the Facts. Torrid Political Implications Are at Stake
Newtown School Shooting Story Already Being Changed By the Media to Eliminate Eyewitness Reports of a Second Shooter
The Day Christmas Died
Ind. Man with 47 Guns Arrested After School Threat
Progressives Plan March on NRA in DC Monday
Liberals Call for Murder of NRA President, Members & Repeal of Second Amendment
Senate Democrats Renew Call for Gun Law Debate
Sen. Durbin: Newtown Shooting May Lead Congress to Pass Gun Regulation

Sen. Feinstein to Introduce Assault Weapons Ban First Day of New Congress

Obama Politicizes Vigil in Newtown, Hints at More Gun Control
Obama Implied During His Speech in Newtown Conn. "We Have to Give Up Our Freedoms"
Stampeding Gun Control Through Crisis
Supreme Court Fight Over Gun Rights Looms
Pro-gun America Quiet, Contemplative in Wake of Sandy Hook Massacre
South Australia Mother Plans Toy Gun 'Buy-Back' after Sandy Hook Shootings in Connecticut
Sandy Hook & Batman Shootings Smoking Gun

Gun Control is Evil Misspelled
Stun Gun Used on 3 Elderly Mennonite Women
More Than 2000 Children Are Murdered in the U.S. Every Single Day
Ad War Erupts Over Meaning of 'Jihad' in U.S.
'Tea Party' Group Fights for Islamic Causes – It Must Rescue Movement from 'Evangelical, Conservative Jewish Bloc'
Camping at Home. The Easy Way to Prep
Dec 14-15
Search for Answers Begins as Nation Mourns 26 School Massacre Victims
20-year-old Gunman Opens Fire in K-4 School in Newtown, Conn. Killing 26; His Mother Later Found Dead at Her Home; Gunman Shoots Self at School
Outpouring of Sympathy from Around the World in Response to Connecticut School Shooting
Concealed Carry: Court Strikes Down Illinois' Ban
Could You Survive a Nuclear Meltdown?
EPA Going Too Far in Virginia?

Dec 13
Unions Prepare for ‘Civil War’
Michigan House Nullifies NDAA
U.S. Marine Tortured in Mexico Jail
Dennis Miller Slams Obama for Not Being the President of All Americans

Proposed CA Law Would Grant Homeless 'Right' to Urinate on Sidewalks
Gun Control, People Control and Thought Control
Martial Law In NJ 1st Week of February – John Moore Drops a Bombshell!

Benghazi Explained: Interview with an “Intelligence Insider” (Part III)
Dec 12
FEMA Trailers Sit Empty While Storm Victims Battle Cold in Brooklyn
Sandy Victims Wait as FEMA Trailers Sit Empty

Steven Crowder Speaks Out on Assault at Union Protest in Michigan

Homeland Security Increasingly Loaning Drones to Local Police
U.S. Air Force Sticking to Plans to Buy 1,763 F-35 Jets
I-77 Reopens After Massive Gas Line Explosion in W. Virginia
Dec 11
Obama at 'Max Damage Potential' Right Now
Boehner Faces Ouster Threats Within GOP
Paradise Lost: CA to Provide Free Cell Phones for Homeless
California Exodus as Thousands Quit State
Hey, Dude, My Pot's Caught in a Catch-22
Why Are Preppers Hated So Much?
Florida Failing to Protect Children
Dec 10
Navy SEAL Team 6 Member Killed Rescuing Doctor from Afghanistan
Obama’s Broken Promises to Sandy Victims
Obama's Money Plans Backed By Communists
Study: Obama Won Swing States Thanks to Irreligious Voters
Nuclear Smuggling Monitors for U.S. Cut Back
Administration Moves Forward on Gun Control
Obama's America: Tiny Homes for You

Give 'Made in the USA' This Christmas
American Made Products Directory
American Made Gift Ideas
American Made Building Products – 120+ products from over 33 states
China Goes Shopping for U.S. Business
Obama Aims to Save Chickens, Limit Humans
Louisiana Supreme Court Upholds Seizure of Motorist Cash
Los Zetas vs. “Your” Government: The Dreaded Comparison
Pearl Harbor Attack Exposed (starts 12:20 min. in)
Are Your Neighbors Christmas Crazy?
Fatal Attraction: US Flirts with International Speech Codes
Bob Costas: Just Another Mindless Gun Control Nut
Dec 7-8
EXCLUSIVE: FEMA Teams Told to 'Sightsee' as Sandy Victims Suffered
Driven By Fear: Gun Sales Soaring On Obama Ban Jitters
Insider vs Insider: “Stolen – Stolen – Stolen…”
'Gangnam' Rapper, About to Perform for Pres. Obama, Sang About Killing Americans
Rent Hike Threatened for Obama Voters
New Panama Canal Could Change Everything for US Imports
Vader: Drone-Based System Automatically Spots, Tracks People from 25,000 Feet
National Geographic's Doomsday Preppers Survey: How Prepared Are You?
Are Preppers Responsible for the Unprepared?
“Doomsday Prepper” Raided By Police, FBI After Criticizing Obama
Preppers Who Make Surviving the Apocalypse Even Less Fun
Dec 6
Senate Unanimously Passes 2013 NDAA; Power to Arrest Americans Remains
America More European After 4 Years of Obama
Detroit Councilwoman’s Rant: We Voted for You, Obama, Now Give Us Some of That Gov’t ‘Bacon’
Feds Expand Polygraph Screening, Often Seeking Intimate Facts
Americans Are Most Spied on People in World History
Lesbians "Marry" in West Point Chapel's First Same-Sex Wedding
Dec 5
Obama to Pitch Unilateral and Unlimited Debt Ceiling Authority Today
No Mubarak-Style Condemnation for Morsi Power Grab from Washington
Santorum: UN Disabilities Treaty Troubling
'Everyone in US Under Virtual Surveillance' - NSA Whistleblower
Moscow Times Predicts U.S. Collapse – HOLLY NOTE This is a retred of a 2008 article Russian Professor Predicts End of U.S.
Chicago Teachers Union VP Busted Participating in Midwest Marxism Conference
Krauthammer: 'Easy to Win Elections When You Give Away Candy That You Borrowed from the Chinese'

Report: Fox News Shelves Rove
Extreme Holiday Decorations 2012

Dec 4
Benghazi Storytelling: Too Many Answers, Not Enough Truthfulness
Benghazi Explained: Behind the Lies
U.S. Risks 'Another Benghazi' Under Mexican Rules Barring Agents from Arming
U.S. Denies Iran's Reports of Captured Drone
US Envoy Tries to Stop UN from Regulating Internet
Andrea Shea King Says Internet Threat Has Reached Critical Turning Point
It Takes 54 Trees to Make a Merry Marxist Christmas
Newly Released Photo Shows Bloodied George Zimmerman from Night of Trayvon Martin Shooting
Dirty Harry Is Ramming Gun Control Down our Throats
Obama's Dismantling of American Might Has Worldwide Repercussions
America Not Dealing with Reality
Gay Conversion Therapy Law Temporarily Blocked By Federal Judge
Good Bye Cable, It's Been Nice
Dec 3
Sandy-ravaged Communities Dealing with Cold and Lack of Housing While FEMA Trailers Sit Idle in PA
Disarming America: State Dept Advisory Board Urges Deeper Nuclear Force Cuts Including Unilateral Reductions
NBC Uses NFL Murder-Suicide Tragedy to Make Plea for Gun Ban
Krauthammer: Robert E. Lee Was Offered Better Terms at Appomattox Than Obama Is Offering Republicans
La. Town Evacuates; Police Relocate 6 Million Pounds of Explosives
What Will You Do When the Lights Go Out?
Doomsday Preppers Are “Socially Selfish – Preparing Themselves and the Hell With Everyone Else”
Nov 30
Senate Votes Down Indefinite Detention of Americans — or Does It?
Amendment to Protect Americans from Indefinite Detention Passes
Benghazi: Behind the Scenes (Part II)
The Way Out of ObamaNation Is the Collapse of Agenda 21
Sandy Victims, in Tears, Beg FEMA for Help as Work Comes to a Standstill

Staten Island Sandy Recovery Meeting Gets Heated, Victims Beg FEMA for Help
What Happened to 'No Red Tape'?
Nov 29
Rand Paul Renews Threat to Filibuster the NDAA
Sinister Sites: IRS Headquarters, Maryland
Rice Ends Second Day on Hill with Hopes of Nomination Appearing to Dim
If Every US State Declared War Against the Others, Which Would Win?
The Governing Class and the Decline of America
Constructing and Finding Hiding Places
Nov 28
Justice, House GOP Lawyers Will Meet to Discuss Fast & Furious Documents
Obama vs. House on Guns. Who Will Prevail?
The Left Continues to Revise America’s History
First Transgender Elected to Office Asked to Resign Over Past Conviction
Constitution in Peril
BP Suspended from New US Government Contracts Following Gulf Spill Settlement, EPA Says
What Environmentalism Really Means
Nov 27
Obama to Bypass Congress to Ban Semiautomatic Firearms
Black Friday Gun Sales Hit New Record High
UN Global Gun Ban Flimflam
Poll: 54% Dissatisfied with the Team Obama’s Handling of Benghazi
Empty Embrace… Hurricane Sandy Victim Upset After Being Played By Obama
Sandy Costs New York $42 Billion: Story reader comment: I saw the damage in Staten Island yesterday, still a lot of work to be done. Houses are blocking roads, many need to be demolished before they break under their own weight. Even those whose houses were not structurally damaged still have no electricity.
One Month On: 30,000+ People without Power in New York and New Jersey
President-for-Life, King of the World Paving Way for Messiahship
Barack Obama: From Beginning to End – What We Can Expect in Future
Two and a Half Smut Stars
Nov 26
Be Careful Who You Sleep With
Beyond Collapse: Surviving and Rebuilding Civilization from Scratch
Jamie Foxx: 'Our Lord and Savior Barack Obama'

Sandy Victim Promised ‘Immediate Help’ by President Obama Still in the Cold – Obama Promised: "We Are Here for You"
LIPA Customers Who Spent Weeks Without Power Due to Sandy Get Zapped With Normal Electric Bills
Confetti at Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Contained Police Secrets
Cuba, Venezuela, Russia, China Now More Free Than America in Notable Ways
Dean Henderson's Picks for Obama’s 2nd Term Cabinet
Gun Sales Soar Over Holiday Weekend
Massive Number of Coffins Videotaped: What Are They Preparing For?
Here’s How it Will be Done
Winning the Battlefield of the Future
I’m Tired and I Want to Go Home
Cal State Long Beach Will Offer Queer Studies Minor Next Fall
Nov 23
Presidential Memorandum: National Insider Threat Policy and Minimum Standards for Executive Branch Insider Threat Programs
Black Friday: Bargains, Brawls and Gunfire
Melee! When Black Friday (and Shoppers) Go Bad

4th Straight Year, Obama's Thanksgiving Message Doesn't Thank God
Voting for Obama Kept Families Away from Each Other for Thanksgiving
Obama Mocks Romney During Thanksgiving Turkey Pardon

West: Counting Blessings Despite Election Bruises
Feds Want Obama's Internet Instructions Kept Quiet
Stop the UN's Takeover of the Internet – What's at Stake, What You Can Do
US: We Initiate Terrorism to Create Terrorists to Overthrow Governments
Over 3,000 Leaks Found in Study of Boston's Natural Gas Pipelines
Quiet Rimfire Shooting Without a Suppressor
Nov 21
Unskewed Polls’ Founder Sets Up Site Claiming Obama Stole Election
Judge Jeanine to Obama: You Either Sent Help or You Didn't. You're Either Telling the Truth or You're Not. Did You Give the Order to Save American Lives?

Army, Navy Suicides at Record High
Thanksgiving 50 Years Ago
California Dreamin': Survey Shows More Drugged Drivers Than Drunken Drivers
The Surrealistic States of America
Nov 20
Senate Bill Rewrite Lets Feds Read Your E-Mail – HOLLY NOTE: You think they haven't been doing this all along?
Wal-Mart Draws Battle Line: Fights Union's Black Friday Job Action
TSA Unionized – Americans Screwed
TSA Issues Warning Over Opt Out and Film Week
How to Survive Societal Collapse in Suburbia
Thanksgiving, Colonists & Early American Law
Nearly 100 House Republicans to Obama: Don't Nominate Rice as Secretary of State
When Law and Order Break Down: “People Are Afraid Right Now. You Can See It in Their Faces.”
Indiana Explosion Now a Homicide Investigation
Homeless in New Jersey
Stunning Photographs of 3,200-Year-Old Giant Sequoias as High as 20-Story Buildings
Nov 18-19
Iran Moving Sleeper Cells Into America?
Congress to Probe WH 'Talking Points' on Benghazi
Anonymous Claims They Hacked GOP on Election Day

Gun Store: Obama Voters Not Welcome
What Seceding from the U.S. Will Cost You
We Pray for President Obama – HOLLY COMMENT: Not be cause we like him, but we respect the Office and are commanded to pray for our leaders. 1Tim 2:1-3
Obama Admin. Must Account to Congress for Targeted Assassinations
Left with Tornado Damage, Ala. Town Blames FEMA
Horrors of FEMA Disaster Relief
National Heritage Sites and Agenda 21
TVA Installing New Sirens at Nuclear Plants
TSA Abuses the USA: The Final Solution
Hal Lindsey: Atlas Shrugged

Nov 16
Impeach Obama Petition Reaches Threshold for Official Response
22 Signs That Voter Fraud Is Wildly Out of Control and the Election Was a Sham
One Good Thing the Reelection of Obama Has Accomplished
Hurricane Sandy, Martial Law, and FEMA Camps: Rehearsal for Future America?
The Ground We Are Standing on Is Quicksand
3 Myths About Secession
Wild Bill: Secession... Dumb Idea. BTW, Signing a Petition on a Govt Site Paints a Target on Your Back

GOP Leaders Back West’s Call for Recount
32 Questions That All Americans Must Answer
FEMA Shelters in Northeast Resemble Police State Prison Camps
CNN Report: Petraeus Knew “Almost Immediately” Terrorists Responsible for Benghazi Attack
Tulsa: Muslims Tell Interfaith Dhimmis to Abide By Sharia
Ron Paul's Farewell to Congress
Thousands of U.S. Military Votes Uncounted or Missing
Distraught Homeowners Take Post-Sandy Obama Visit with Grain of Salt
Obama Reportedly Signs Classified Cyberwarfare Policy Directive with Troubling Implications
The Nuts on Doomsday Preppers Wouldn’t Last a Week

Warning of Fault Danger to Reactors Given
Nov 15
With Over 100,000 Supporting Texas Secession, Ron Paul Weighs In
No Joke: The GOP Can Not Legally Help Stop Vote Fraud
Death of Key West Man Linked to Obama's Reelection
Top 10 Items to Stockpile for Emergencies
Another Building Explodes in Indiana: 3 in Less Than a Week!
Insider: CIA Is Purging the U.S. Military in Globalist Coup
Busted: Obama’s Fieldworks Office Admits Funneling Money to Defeat Allen West
Cracks Found in South Carolina Nuclear Plant
Louisiana State Police Confirm a Small, Unmanned Bunker Exploded
The Susan Rice Disaster
African Al-Qaeda to 'Export' Violence to US
Is U.S. Reaching Unsustainable Energy Path?
Nov 14
White House ‘Secede’ Petitions Reach 675,000 Signatures, 50-State Participation
Anti-secession Forces Fight Back with White House Deportation Petitions
Drew Zahn on US States Signing Petitions to Secede – (starts 5:11 min. – 38:50 min.) AOW
Rick Wiles on Allegiance to Obama and His Revolutionary Agenda (starts 4 min. in) AOW
Petraeus Will Testify Before Congress on Benghazi Attacks
Pelosi to Remain as House Leader
What China's Nuclear Missile Subs Mean for the U.S.
Colorado SWAT Team Will Be Met By 1500 Member Organized Militia?
What Are the Odds Petraeus Would Be Forced to Resign Rather Than Expose the Libyan Scandal?

Nullification and Secession - What You Must Know!
CBS News Admits FEMA Camps Are Real
US Democracy: Have We Passed the Point of No Return?
Patriots Declare: We Shall Not Let Vote Fraud Stand!
Allen West: 'Unconscionable' Vote Shenanigans
Was the 2012 Election Stolen?
Here’s How Touchscreens Killed Romney Votes
The Big List of Vote Fraud Reports
2012 Presidential Election – Popular Vote Made It a Lot Closer
Appreciation from an Australian for the US Constitution and Freedom
NTSB: No Evidence of Gas-Line Leak in Ind. Home Blast
A Nation Adrift
Breaking Up with Mainstream Media

Nov 13
Petitions Seeking White House Approval to ‘Secede’ Now Come from 47 States
Texas Petition Reaches 25,000 Signatures, Triggering WH Review
Secession Not a Reality, Despite Petition Efforts
Did Civil War Just Become Inevitable?
Moving to Canada

Drivers Questioned on Guns at Federal Checkpoint
Teachers Flock to Northwestern University for 'Marxist Conference'
Philip Hoezel's Upside Down Flag Protest Upsets Neighborhood on Veterans Day
Marijuana Laws: Growing Outcry in Latin America Over Colorado, Washington Votes
Obama Nativity Figurine Popular in Italian Shops
America Isn't the Greatest Country Anymore
All the President's Scandals: Petraeus and Benghazi: A Time for Truth
Election is Over - Be Prepared for the Fall Out
Obama Considering John Kerry for Defense Secretary
San Diegans Face 6 Years In Prison for Washing Their Car
Skype Rats Out Alleged Wikileaks Supporter Without Waiting for Court Warrant
Nov 12
20 States Including Texas Have Filed a Petition to Secede from the United States – HOLLY NOTE: Though this article was just written yesterday, it's already behind as other states have since submitted secession petitions. Altogether there are now 20 states disgruntled enough to pursue action. Few like to contemplate the break up of our Country and this may turn out to be 'something' or it may be 'nothing'. "A House divided against itself cannot stand." Pres. Lincoln, 1858
Status of Signed Secession Petitions in 19 States – HOLLY NOTE: When looking at the signatures on the White House site, Stan discovered that there is a core group of people signing these petitions for each of the various states making it look worse than it is. But, signatures are growing hourly in number.
Texas Judge Says Obama Re-Election Might Trigger Civil War
Russian Professor Predicts End of U.S.
Obama and America's End
Did Voter Fraud Swing the Election?
CAIR Poll: More Than 85% of American Muslims Picked Obama
New Petition to WH: Do Away with Electorial College, Go Back to Popular Vote – HOLLY NOTE: Anyone can create or sign a petition. You simply must have an account.
US Guns Sales Soar After Obama's Re-Election
To Our Veterans --Thank You For Your Service
Elmo 'Voice', Embraced by Obama During Election Campaign, Charged With Homosexual Child Molestation
Is Obama’s Cybersecurity Executive Order Imminent?
Obama Image Replaces Stars on American Flag in Florida
Lawmakers Raise Questions on How Petraeus Affair Was Handled
Cover-up at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
6,125 Proposed Regulations and Notifications Posted in Last 90 Days – Average 68 per Day
Explosion Destroys at Least 31 Homes in Indiana, 2 Dead; Cause Unknown
Remember This Before The Election: Obama Has Won Already – CBS Accidentally Airs Nov 6, 2012 Results 19 Days Before Election
FEMA's Wasteful "Disaster Socialism"
Terror on the Tarmac as Southwest Jet Carrying 125 Passengers Slides Off Frozen Runway
Yes, This Is the Obama Cover for Newsweek’s Post-Election Issue
What Happens with Keystone Now that Obama is Back In?
Before You Get Too Depressed About Obama Coming Back, Read This
After Sandy: A Few Tips
40 Outrageous Facts Most People Don't Know
Nov 9
Just Before Hurricane Sandy, Obama Signed E.O. Merging Homeland Security with Private Sector to Create Virtual Dictatorship
Read This E.O.
America Has Shifted to the Left and the Culture War Is Over
Defense Department Can't Put Soldiers, Ballots Together
16 Million Missing White Votes! Where Did They Go?
Gun Ban Back on Obama’s Agenda
Gun Sales Continue to Rise
NRA Skeptical of U.S., U.N. Arms Treaty
CIA Head Gen. Petraeus Affair Forces Resignation – HOLLY NOTE: Peculiar timing since Obama saw Petraeus as a threat regarding upcoming Benghazi testimony. If a person ever steps sideways, govt will find it, expose it and hold otherwise good people hostage to its will.
The Billion Dollar Election: Who Got Paid?
Kuhner: Obama’s America – Path Is Clear for Socialism’s Triumph
Romney "Shellshocked" By Loss
Store Owner Explains Decision to "Mourn" Election Outcome
Ron Paul: 'We're So Far Gone'
‘Republicans’ Rush to Help Obama Destroy America: Sean Hannity, “I’ve Evolved on Immigration”
The First – or Last – Tytler Election: We're All Greeks and Spaniards Now
How to Re-elect a Tyrant: Step-by-Step Instructions for Lovers of Tyranny!
10 Little-Known Consequences of a Second Obama Term
School Children Taught About Gay Foreplay, Saran Wrap
Nov 8
Eric Holder Under Fire — Again
Poll: Nearly 1/3 of Americans Would Accept ‘TSA Body Cavity Search’ in Order to Fly
America Commits Suicide
Sifting Through the Wreckage – A Grim 4 Years Lie Ahead
Napolitano: 4 More Years to Crush Personal Freedoms – Second Term May Deliver Authoritarian We Fear
The Lull Before the Social Storm
Ron Paul’s Election 2012 Lesson: Obeying the Constitution, No Sure Path to Freedom
What Does a Second Obama Term Mean for Gun Owners?
U.N. Celebrates Obama Re-election by Pushing Global Gun Control
Turn Them Over: Feinstein Moves to Ban ALL Assault Rifles, High Capacity Magazines, and Pistol Grips
Anti-Obama Protests Escalate at Miss. University
Cal Thomas: 4 More Years of Decline
Rampant INjustice

'Whites-to-Hell’ Pastor to Join Obama – HOLLY COMMENT: It's pretty hard to make the case that Obama is NOT broadening the racial divide.
One Nation Under Socialism - Jon McNaughton

Bringing the Dirty Tricks Back Home
An Ancient Evil Awakens 11-6-2012: Hoover Dam False Flag Soon?
Obama Already Creating More Jobs... in Pakistan
Nuclear Event in USA on Wednesday
Nov 7
10 Dire Consequences of Obama’s Re-Election Victory
Report: 2 Ohio Election Judges Removed for Allowing Unregistered Voters to Cast Ballots
Washington Legalizes Pot By Wide Margin
GMO Foods Labeling Fails in California, But Lifts Awareness
ALIPAC to File Official Protests of Illegal Immigrant Voters Detected In Nevada
More Illegal Immigrant Voters Documented in Massachusetts
Vote Glitch Reports Pile Up in US Election
Voters and FBI Put on Alert: Massive Deceptions Documented in Prop. 37 Campaign
UN Poll-Watchers 'Amazed' US Doesn't Require ID's to Vote
Election 2012: How the Winner Will Destroy America

In US Election, He Who Lies Wins

Connecting the Dots of the Obama Story: Chicago Backdrop
Colorado Legalizes Recreational Marijuana and Industrial Hemp
Saudis Helped 'Muslim Side' of Obama's Kenyan Family Go from 'Rags to Riches'
Top Dems ‘Engaging’ Groups Tied to Hamas, Muslim Brotherhood
Puerto Ricans Weigh in on Future Statehood
Divided States of America – Notes on the Decline of a Great Nation
America No Longer Dreams – Winner of US Elections Will Be President of a Divided, Disillusioned Nation
Be Afraid America, Very Afraid
Nov 6
Vote Fraud Underway - What Candidates Must Do
The Fundamental Transformation of America
Thousands of Military Ballots ‘Too Late’
Forensic Profiler: Obama Driven by 'Revenge'
Key Reasons for a Romney Win on Tuesday
Dick Morris: Romney 325, Obama 213
Valerie Jarret: “After We Win This Election, It’s Our Turn. Payback Time.” Did Team Obama Just Show Their True Intent?
Black Panthers Return to Patrolling Philly Polling Site
Warning! Obama Has Post-Election 'Surprise' – If President Gets 2nd Term, He'll Spring These Regulations on America
November Surprise: EPA Planning Major Post-Election anti-Coal Regulation
Unions Under Fire: Accused of Trying to Force Illegal Immigrants to Vote
Will We Sacrifice the Nation?
Priebus: America Needs Mitt Romney – A Real Leader: Our Nation Can’t Survive 4 More Obama Years
Joseph Farah: Vote for Mitt Romney – 'America as We Have Known It' Is at Stake
How Many Paths Are There to the White House?
Is Barack Obama Really A Saudi / Muslim "Plant" in the White House?

Romney Casts Himself as Uniter, Obama as Divider
Romney Votes as Candidates Hold Final Campaign Rallies
Election Day: Most Predictions of the Next 4 Years Will Be Wrong
Obama Ordered "Stand Down"
Benghazi-Gate: A Disgrace to the Nation
Medal of Honor Winner Blasts “Ditherer-in-Chief” Obama Over Benghazigate
Piedmont Boy, 3, Gets $2,500 Ticket for Urinating in His Front Yard
Will a Prophet Assume Command?
Nov 5
32 Large Newspapers That Endorsed Obama Last Election Now Endorse Romney MINI PIC HOLLY NOTE: Add to these 28 – The New York Daily News, Long Island Newsday, Illinois Daily Herald, Los Angeles Press-Telegram
Pueblo, Colo GOP: Machines Switched Romney Votes to Obama HOLLY NOTE: During the live interview exposing this story, one election official noted these vote switches were only occurring in swing counties, in swing states and ONLY from Romney to Obama. Of course, it's just a coincidence...
Poll Finds Romney Leading Obama in Montana
Romney Hits Back at Obama’s ‘Voting Is the Best Revenge’: ‘Vote for Love of Country’

Jon Voight Warns Against Obama Agenda to Destroy America

Romney Rallies Wisconsin

Obama Campaigns with Celebs as Sandy Devastation Continues
Parsing the Polls; If Gallup Is Right, Tuesday Will Be a Long Night for Dems
Nonvoters: Too Busy, Fed Up, or Say Their Vote Doesn't Count
Paul McGuire: Election Day – Who Will Rule Tomorrow? On Election Day You Have the Duty and Responsibility to Vote
Was Obama an Indonesian Citizen? Here’s What We Found When We Went There Looking
Prepare! On Wed Obama Took First Major Step to Ban All Firearms in the US
Henninger: Romney's Secret Voting Bloc
Dick Morris Stands by Romney Landslide Prediction
Troubles Await Next US Admin.
What Went Wrong in Libya
Mother of Seal: 'I Believe Obama Murdered My Son'
Liberal Media, WH Owes Preppers, Survivalists Massive Apology in Aftermath of Superstorm Sandy
Lessons from the Ultimate Safe Houses
China to Take Over a U.S. Airbase in Azores
Nov 2
Mitt: I Can Bring America Together. I Believe in America.
Obama Flip-Flops on 'One-Term Proposition,' Says Fixing Economy Takes More Than 4 Years
Sandy Power Outages Could Last 10 More Days; New Storm Coming?
Utility Workers Pelted With Eggs After Bridgeport, Conn. Mayor Blasts Provider
As Blackouts Linger, Northeasterners Try to Adjust
SHOCK: 72 Hours After Grid-Down: Starvation, Supply Shortages, Food Lines, No Clean Water, No Gas, Transportation Standstill
‘We Need Food, We Need Clothing’: Staten Island Residents Plead for Help 3 Days After Sandy
New Jersey Town Turns Away Alabama Volunteer Utility Workers Because They're Nonunion
Seaside Heights and Nearby Towns Under Martial Law in NJ
In Areas Hit By Sandy, Lawmakers Ask U.S. to Pay the Whole Cost
FEMA to the Rescue After Sandy – But Will Agency Need Saving Too? – HOLLY NOTE: This is the BEST example of why you should prepare yourself and your family. Depending on government for supplies or our personal needs and safety, chills my blood. Those who personally prepare are best served.
East Coast Fuel Shortages
Wave Took Out 5 of 6 Critical Pumps That Cool Reactor at NJ’s Salem Nuke Plant – Still Operating on Emergency Cooling
Military Trucks to Serve as Election Day Polling Places
The Choice
WH Insider – “Governor Romney Is Gonna Win This Thing”
Ruger Blows Away Expectations: Gun Sales Surge Ahead of Presidential Election
10 Lessons for Armed Citizens from the Aurora Theater Mass Murder
Abandoning America’s Honor
Obama and Biden Indicted by Grand Jury – HOLLY NOTE: But will it have any 'teeth'?
Conservatism Is Calling

October Surprise - Hurricane Sandy Wins Election and Aftermath
Obama Issues Executive Order Merging Federal and Corporate Effort in War on Terror

Nov 1
Tempers Flare: Residents Complain Government Is Too Slow Distributing Food and Supplies
After Sandy, a Desperate Search for Power

Millions Cope With No Power from Superstorm Sandy
Why Election Day Won't Be Postponed
More Electronic Voting Machines Changing Romney Votes to Obama
SMOKING GUN? Cable Warned Consulate Staff Felt Like Sitting Ducks
Benghazi Reveals Obama-Islamist Alliance
Libyan Attack Was Botched Kidnapping Attempt Ordered By Obama

Obama Just Does Not Like People Very Much
$43 Trillion Lawsuit Awaits Obama White House and Banks
Uninstalling Obama 1.0...94% Complete
2013: The Death of Free Speech
Andrew P. Napolitano: Reflections on the Loss of Liberty

Oklahoma Prepares for Open Carry Gun Law
Pipeline to Be Built in Seismically Active Area, 1 Mile of Nuclear Plant
Joel Skousen on Hurricane Sandy and the New World Order (starts 7:15 min. in – 45 min. long)
Behold the Illuminati
Oct 31
MSNBC Trashes Romney for Collecting Food, Supplies for Sandy Victims
Could Sandy Postpone the Election?
McCain: Obama Might Be Conducting ‘Massive Cover-Up’ With Libya Attack
"Mr. President – THEY KNOW"
Beck: Obama May Go to Prison and Be Impeached Killing Our Own

Libyan Leaks: Secret Document Reveals Al-Qaeda ‘Brother’ Put in Control of U.S. Embassy in Tripoli
Presidential Polls for Ohio: Romney 50%, Obama 48%
Individual Preparedness, Not Big Government ‘Management,’ Would Have Helped Most
FEMA Funds May Dry Up with Looming Budget Cuts
Confused Whom to Vote For? Take This Fun Quiz to See Who Most Matches Your Views
Despite Mainstream Media's Attempts to Silence It, 2016: Obama's America Is the #4 Best-Selling DVD
The Ground War
Federal Court Approves Use of Hidden Surveillance Cameras on Private Property Without Warrants
Voting "YES on 2" Means Getting the Gold Standard for Gun Rights in Louisiana
Oct 30
Hurricane Sandy Drowns Coverage of White House Scandals
Obama Uses Storm for Campaign
White House, FEMA Send Storm Victims to Internet for Help – HOLLY COMMENT: This is exactly why you can only depend on yourself in times of disaster and not FEMA or the government.
Oliver Stone's New Book Rips Obama
What Will Be Sandy's Effect on Economy?
Commander GEN Carter Ham Relieved of Duty for Wanting to Help Our Ambassador to Libya
Pentagon Denies Firing
Why Was Chris Stevens Allowed to Die? OPED
Media Slammed for Not Challenging Obama on Coverage of Libya Attack
Obama Signs New Executive Order Expanding Homeland Security Mission in the U.S.
White House Hiding Dead Gulf Wildlife in Garbage Bags
Just When Was Obama Born?
Detailed Look at Obama’s Radical College Past... and We’re Not Talking About Barack
EMP-warning Pioneer in Bitter Fight
'Transnational Gang' Merges with Drug Cartel
Illinois County Lands $100 Million Federal Waiver
Why You Can't Trust Government OPED
The 'Lord of the Flies' Administration
Oct 29
Obama Personifies Cloward-Piven Strategy
Obama’s October Surprise - Exposed by Benghazi?
Rush Military Caller Says That Obama Ordered NO RESPONSE to Benghazi Attack

Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer: My Sources Tell Me Obama Was in the Room Watching Benghazi Attack
‘He (Obama) Ordered the Stand Down. The CIA Is a Family & They Are Pissed Off. They Followed Orders.’
Father of Slain Benghazi SEAL to Obama: “It’s Better to Die a Hero Than Live a Coward”

Father of Former SEAL Killed in Libya Wants the Truth

Operation Bengazi Accountablity-1 Million Calls Monday Oct 29
A Great Tsunami Is Headed Our Way
Benghazi, Libya – Biopsy from a Malignant, Failed Presidency
Obama Admin's 'Loose Lips' Under Investigation
Ohio Governor Predicts Romney Win There
Gov. Kasich: Romney Will Take Ohio

Democrat: Why I'm Voting for Romney
Obama Has Disdain for Everyone, Not Just Romney
OBAMA IS FINISHED! Leftist ‘Main’stream Media Goes All-In for Mitt Romney
12 Reasons to Vote for Obama
Army to Assign Reserve Units to NORTHCOM, Other Regional Commands
Oct 28
Damning: Emails Reveal WH Told of Militant Claim 2 Hours After Benghazi, Libya Attack – CBS

Oct 26-27
Obama Avoids Question on Libya Requests for Help – HOLLY COMMENT: Is this the man you want for YOUR Commander-in-Chief? Think long and hard...
CIA Operators Were Denied Requests For Help During Attack on Consulate
McCain: Pentagon Was Not Prepared
Petraeus Throws Obama Under the Bus
Blockbuster Report Contradicts Panetta's Claim of 'No Real-Time Intel' During Libya Attack
Dad of Ex-SEAL: Those Who Denied Request for Help 'Murderers of My Son'
Biden Joke about Dead SEAL Goes Below the Belt: Asks Hero's Dad: 'Did Your Son Always Have Balls the Size of Cue Balls?'
President Calls Romney a 'Bullsh**ter' HOLLY COMMENT: Really nice talk... Obama has got to be the least presidential president
Romney Stands By Concerns About Shrinking Navy Fleet, After 'Bayonets' Zinger
Presidential Election Preview 2: Where They Stand and Why It Matters
Last Chance Election Primer
Absentee Ballots Sent to U.S. Military Serving in Afghanistan 'Destroyed in Crash'
Groups Use Fake Letters, Felony Threats to Suppress Republican Vote
How Hurricane Sandy Could Affect the Election
Mexican Point of View of Obama's Presidency

"We've Heard It All Before"

If Not 'Apologizing,' Mr. President, What Would You Call It?
Feds: 'Cannibal' Cop Plotted to Eat 100
Alleged Nanny Killing, ‘Cannibal Cop’ Present a New York Gone Mad
The SAME Unaccountable Government Agency Which Spies on ALL Americans Also Decides Who Gets ASSASSINATED by Drones
Globalists Plan for Civil Unrest if Obama Loses Gets Leaked
What's the Other Obama Saying These Days?
National Guard Whistleblower: “Doomsday Preppers Will Be Treated as Terrorists”
Ted Turner Apologizes for Saying It’s “Good” U.S. Soldiers Are Committing Suicide
Letter from a Brother in Christ: I Can't Talk About ...
Trading Liberty for Cybersecurity
Oct 25
US Control of Canyon Not So 'Grand'?
Beck: How Obama Used Ambassador Stevens to Funnel Arms to Libya and Syria

Obama Void of Vision
Video Snags Dem Boss Plotting Vote Fraud
The Liar President
Pray for an End to 'the Obama Tribulation'
America’s Most Biblically-Hostile U. S. President
Texas Farmers Face Off Against Keystone Pipeline
Irrelevant America
Biden: Who Am I? Why Am I Here?
How to Change the World
Oct 24
State Department Emails from Day of Libya Attack Show Al Qaeda-Tied Group on Radar
N. Carolina County Voters Say Ballot Cast for Romney Came Up Obama on Machine
Disturbing: CBS Declares Obama Winner of Election 2 Weeks in Advance
Colorado Finds 300 More Suspected Noncitizens on Voter Rolls
Fake Voter Registration Letters Raise Alarm in Florida with Early Voting Set to Begin
Underestimating Nation's Voter Fraud Vulnerability
The Machine

What States Do Obama, Romney Need to Win?

Dominion Investigates Shutdown of North Anna Nuclear Reactor
Oct 23
Romney Accuses President of 'Weakness' Abroad, as Obama Calls Rival 'All Over the Map'
Rasmussen: Uh-Oh for 'O': Daily Presidential Tracking Poll
Ditto Gallup: Romney 51%, Obama 46%
“Voter Fraud is a Felony” Billboards Removed Amid Outcry From Critics
Krauthammer on Obama's 'Unequivocal' Loss: 'Romney Went Large'
Image of Romney Crops Up in Iowa Farm Field
U.S. Congress Introduces Bill Ordering FEMA to Conduct 'Mass Fatality Planning'
Romney Passed the Test
10 Urgent Preparations for Possible Riots after the Presidential Election
Military Forces Chaplains to Perform Gay Marriage
Oct 22
Report: Islamist Radicals Find Warm Welcome in Obama White House
Obama Receives Endorsements from 3 Dictators
358 U.S. Generals and Admirals Support Mitt Romney
Trevor Loudon: An Urgent Message for America
Donald Trump Claims Barack Obama Bombshell
Top 5 Reasons Not to Re-elect Obama
Should Barack Obama Resign Tonight?
Obama's Class Warfare: Don't Get Fooled Again OPED
UN Deploying Teams to Monitor U.S. Election
WH Denies US, Iran Agreed to 1-on-1 Talks
PM ‘Knows Nothing’ of Iran-US Talks Agreement
Guess Where U.S. Troops Go Next
Super Storms of Consciousness - Seductive Winds of Armageddon
Latest Ammo Purchase Reeks of Collusion and Chicago Style Politics
Banned for Life: Armstrong Stripped of All 7 Tour Titles
Oct 19
Obama on Libya Terror Attack: 'Not Optimal'
Voter Fraud Fears in Swing State Ohio

Romney, Obama Roast Each Other, Themselves at Annuall Al Smith Dinner
HOLLY NOTE: Regardless of candidate preference, this is the best laughs we'd enjoyed in a while. Prepare yourself, they were cordial and funny.
Clinton: I Thought Obama 'Was Going to Cry'
Andrew Wilkow: Lt. Gen. Jerry Boykin and Dr. John Parnell
Andrew Wilkow: Slide Towards Socialism

DoD: Population Control Part of US “Stability Operations”
CIA Seeks to Expand Drone Fleet
How Obama & Friends Helped 'Advance' the Middle East
Obama Needs to Pack His Bags?
Just 3.4% of U.S. Adults Identify as LGBT – yet they dictate many PC policies
Oct 18
Gallup Shows Disparity Increasing – Romney 52%, Obama 45%
Sen. Inhofe Warns of Unfettered EPA in Second Obama Term
Obama Prosecuting Whistle-Blowers as Spies
To More and More Women, Romney Is the Safer Choice
The Second Debate
Obama-Biden: Playing the Liar Card
Who Is Responsible for the Mess in Libya?
Unconstitutional? Chicago Official Proposes Bullet Tax to Curb Crime
Russia Drops Bombshell on U.S. Nuclear Safeguard Plan and Few Notice
Feds Say Trust Us Wwith Your DNA
Oct 17
In Rematch, Obama and Romney Get Testy Over Jobs, Energy, Immigration
Debate Fact Check: Romney, Obama Make Stumbles in Round 2
'Moderator' CNN’s Crowley First Plays Umpire, Then Joins Team Obama
Crowley Gives Obama 9% More Time
What I Heard at the Debate OPED
Israeli Views of Obama Increasingly Unfavorable
State Department Paints Obama and Biden as Liars, Uninformed – or BOTH
Military Insider: Ambassador Rice Just Confirmed Obama White House Lie
The Muslim Agent Who Pulls Obama’s Strings
Nationwide Guns Ban Coming to America?
– HOLLY NOTE: Remember the experiences of these Aussies – people who feel they've been severely wronged with gun confiscation – when Obama comes for your weapons. Their govt sold them a bill of goods and see their freedoms stolen.
Utah Spy Center Uses Terror Tactics to Keep the Public Away
Surveillance State: From Inside Secret FBI Terrorist Screening Room to TrapWire Training
“Sir, You Must Come with Us” – Mobile Record
(the videographer spends the first 6 minutes presenting his credentials. To get to the meat of this vid, skip to 6:15 min. in)
Build a DIY Rocket Stove
Oct 16
Pressure on Obama as Romney Gains Momentum
Poll: Romney Near Landslide In Rural Swing Counties
In Swing States: Women Push Romney into Lead
Obama Supporters Threaten to Kill Romney If He Wins Election
How Will Romney Handle Benghazi Attack at Debate?

Documents: Despite Obama’s 2008 Claims, Political Relationship With Rev. Wright Began as Early as 1987
Obama's Family Funding Sharia
Stan's Take on Atlas Shrugged Part 2
Tea Party Versus Agenda 21: Saving the U.S. or Just Irking It?
Clinton Falls on Sword in Benghazi Scandal: 'I Take Responsibility', But ...
Behind the Benghazi Cover-up
Black Mob Picks on 'the Wrong Guy'
Your Right to Resell Your Own Stuff Is in Peril
Seller, Beware: Feds Cracking Down on Garage Sales
Webster Parish Sheriff Office Confirms Bunker Explosion at Camp Minden
Oct 15
Voter Fraud: The Way to America's Destruction
Another Obama Executive Order Allows Seizure of Americans’ Bank Accounts
'Atlas Shrugged: Part II' Kept from Mainstream Movie Critics, But Public Interest Remains High – HOLLY NOTE: Stan and I saw this the day it opened. It was even better than Part 1. It's hard to remember an instance when a movie actually made me angry, but this one managed in spades. Without giving away the plot, gas prices hit $42/gallon, which forces most people to travel by train. An Executive Order, Directive 10-289 is issued, which freezes all pay, no company can hire or fire, and all patents, all intellectual property must be signed over to the government. Ditto for copyrights. Government tyranny skyrockets and it pressures businesses to implement its new "fair share" law". Sound familiar? There are many parallels we see playing out right before our eyes in America. You can read the particulars here. It would be astonishing to think that this novel was first publish in 1957, but considering Ayn Rand was Philip Rothschild's mistress, she certainly had an inside track to the New World Order's agenda. Go see this movie if want a glimpse of your possible future.
WOW!… Ohio Coal Miners to Obama: Quit Lying About Us!
Pants on Fire: Obama Scrambles for Cover as Benghazi Lie Explodes
Social Justice is a Proven Failure... and So Is Obama
Obama's Communist Party Endorsement
Age of Obama: Post-Apocalyptic Shows Rule Television
Western Defense Budget Cuts May Be Unstoppable
EPA's Secret Document

Something in the Air
Shocking: 'You Should’ve Served US Better and Died!’ Debt Collector Berates Disabled Veteran
Oct 12
Biden's Demeanor During Debate Called Disrespectful
Devastating RNC Ad Captures Biden Laughing at the Issues

Sparks Fly as Biden, Ryan Face Off in Feisty VP Debate
Fact Check: Top 10 Worst Lies by Joe Biden in VP Debate
Biden Loses It
The Reality Principle: Obama and Biden Were Winning – Until They Faced Actual Opponents
Biden Makes Liars Out of Administration's Own State Department
The Obamage Is Done
Will the Election Results Cause Massive Riots to Erupt All Over America?
The Big Bird Counterattack
Romney Surge Rocks UK Betting Market
When War Games Become War, Really
Bill Maher: “We Need to Promote Death”
John Moore Shares a Secret

Oct 11
VP Debate Grows in Importance
Media to Declare Biden the Debate Winner
Quinnipiac/CBS News/NY Times Poll: Romney Edges Obama in Colo, Narrows Gap in Wisc
NBC/WSJ/Marist Poll: Romney Gains in Key Swing States
Obama Camp Helps You Vote Twice!
Obama Hysteria
Obama Fans: We'll Riot, Leave U.S. If Mitt Wins – 'I Want to Shoot Romney in the Penis. Why Do We Let Him Talk?' DEYO COMMENTARY: Remember all the Hollywood luminaries – Alec Baldwin, Susan Sarandon, Barbra Streisand, Stephen Baldwin, Eddie Vedder, Robert Altman – posturing and espousing to leave if Bush won? Yet instead of following through with empty threats they choose to suck up the rewards of living in the world's richest Nation. Gee, if only these weak Americans kept their word...
GBR: Obama Lied to America

2012 Laundry List of Obama Lies
Sen. Levin: It Was Obama Who Required NDAA

Obama's Lucky Charms: A Hindu God in His Pocket, a Masonic Emblem, and a Ring That Says "There Is No God Except Allah"
World's Richest Gets Richer Thanks to 'Obamaphones'
Michelle Hints at Political Future Beyond Barack
Government Dependency Will End in Chaos
Elections Should Belong to the People
US Security Chief in Libya: "State Department Told Us Don't Continue to Ask for Help"

Larry the Flagman

Will Americans Submit to TSA Cavity Searches?

Legislators Slam Advertising Group for Advising Members to Avoid Do Not Track Tech
More Proof Martial Law Is About to be Enacted

Black Mob ‘Knockout Games’ Now Spreading
Oct 10
Obama's Ring: 'There Is No God But Allah'
Bombshell: Obama.com Owned by Bundler in Shanghai with Business Ties to Chinese Govt
Foreign Funds: Obama Campaign Under Fire for Possible Overseas Donations
The Obamas’ Wahhabist Fundraising Empire: Obama’s First Cousin Spills the Beans (on video)
Cavuto: Big Bird Isn't the Problem

Let This Be a Warning America: When the Riots Start, Government’s Response Will Be Brutal
Supreme Court to Weigh In Again on Affirmative Action
New O’Keefe Video: Obama Campaign Staffer Caught Helping Activist Vote Twice
'Sexiest Woman' Turns Ugly: Mila Kunis Slams Christians, Republicans
The Communist Takeover of America - 45 Declared Goals

New Zealander Trevor Loudon Explains Communist Infiltration in the US – IMPORTANT – HOLLY NOTE: Every American, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity or party preference should watch this video. If non-Americans can see what's happening to our Country, why can't we?
Dying Woman Humiliated at Sea-Tac Airport by Security Search
Oct 9
High Stakes Ryan-Biden Bout Could Seal Deal for Romney
Gallup: Mitt's Debate Win The Biggest in History
Pew Poll: Romney Up 4 Points for Biggest-Ever Lead
Electoral College Model Predicts Romney Will Win Even Bigger Than Previously Thought in 2012 – HOLLY NOTE: The university referenced in this article is Colorado State Univ, set in the notoriously liberal town of Boulder. If they could, they would lean left, but their predictive models have been 100% accurate for presidential election results since 1980 and show a staggering Romney win.
The Mitt Romney You Don't Know
Romney Surges Among Women Voters Post-Debate
Romney's Presidential Foreign Policy Speech

Full Debate: Bill O'Reilly vs. Jon Stewart – full episode
(this will get pulled down quickly, just like 2016 did) HOLLY NOTE: When a video is likely to be removed within a few hours – generally due to copyright issues – and for ones that you want to keep forever, look into a YouTube downloader. You can generally get this software for free. Some will be on trial basis only and then they expect you to buy them later. However, for vids that have fleeting availability, this is invaluable software. To find one that works for you, enter into your search engine "free YouTube downloader". Make sure you designate for Mac or Windows. Most are very simple to use. This lets you store on your computer a video for later viewing. Since we have numerous terrific Videos of the Day today, in addition to the Videos of the Week, we will leave Vids of the Day up thru Wed. But if you're smart, you'll install a YouTube downloader on your computer.
Amid Foreign Contributions Scandal, Obama Campaign Claims It Tries to Stop Illegal Donations
Barack Obama, The Misoverestimated President
To: Americans Everywhere – For America’s Survival
An Open Letter to Secretary Napolitano
High Times: 3 States to Vote on Recreational Pot Use
DHS Embraces Small Spy Drones, Slated to Begin New Testing Program at Fort Sill, Okla.
Kid Rock Talks Politics - "Sorry Obama Didn't Do a Better Job"

The Buying of Obama’s America
Obamanites in Panic: Romney Signs in VA Defaced, Stolen, Smeared with Feces
Goldman Sachs Turns Back on Obama, and Supports Romney
Collapse & Evolution
VOW (starts 39:25 min.in)
Sandusky Sentenced to 30 to 60 Years in Child Sex Abuses
Oct 8
Obama's Executive Orders More and More Dispensing with Congress
Report: Foreign Fundraising Scandal Rocks Obama Campaign
Have Americans Finally Tired of the Obama Narrative?
Gallup: 5-Point Romney Bounce
Twitter Explodes After Black Actress Endorses Romney as the ‘Only Choice for Your Future’
Romney: 'Hope Is Not a Strategy' for America's Foreign Policy
Obama Ramps Up Attacks on Character After Debate
Multiple Twitter Users Threaten to Assassinate Mitt Romney: ‘Shoot Him Dead’
Letterman Suggests Romney Didn't Pay Taxes, Calls Him a 'Felon'
Russia Capable of Neutralizing US Missile Defense Threat
Spooks in the Machine Speak Up
Private Guns Eyed Amid Military Suicides
Police Warn Fans: 'Enter Detroit at Your Own Risk'
Undeniable, American Civil War, It Is in the Cards
FEMA Bill HR6566: Ordering National Preparation for Mass Death, Video
Curtis Bowers, Writer, Producer, Director, Star of Doco – "Agenda: Grinding America Down"
Columbus, Brave and Bright OPED
Canada Highlights War of 1812, with US as Villain
Oct 5
FEMA to Mobilize for “Mass Fatality Planning”
Military Police Used for Crowd Control in South Carolina
Don’t Be Fooled, That Debate Was a Big Deal
Revolt of the Spooks
On the Cannibals
AARP to Obama: Keep Us Out of It
Swing State Polls Are Rigged
Obama's Mask Slips
Time to Fight
NRA Endorses Romney as ‘Only Hope’ for Firearms Freedom
Officials Mull Seismic Tests Near Calif. Nuke Plant
U.S. Deems Chinese Canadian Energy Purchase National Security Risk
Oct 4
Time: Obama 'Got His Butt Kicked'
CNN Poll: Romney's the Big Winner
Romney Attacks Obama’s ‘Trickle Down Government’ in First Debate
Politico: Romney Up 4 in 'Toss Up' States
Left and Right Come Together to Slam Obama's Bomb of a Night (and Lehrer)
Was This Obama's Jimmy Carter Moment?
Princeton Economist: The Math Behind Romney's Tax Plan Adds Up
Frank Luntz Focus Group: Reactions to the 1st Presidential Debate

Not Just a Debate – A Lie-Detector Test!
Fact Check: Presidential Debate Missteps
Hurt: Obama the Debater: Making Jimmy Carter Look Awesome
Eric Bolling CLOBBERS Obama on His Stafford Act Demagoguery
5 Times Obama Smirked
Consensus: It Ain't Over – Debate Re-Energizes Campaign 2012
What Was the Dot on Romney’s Lapel Flag Pin? The Campaign Tells Us
We Have Been Duped: The Story
13 Minute Video Every Voter Should Watch

Police Lieutenant Who Decked Woman Will Be Fired
Black America: What if Obama Were White? – Larry Elder Spotlights Double Standard Among Supporters Despite Unemployment Stats
Military Absentee Ballot Requests Plummet from 2008
Diaz: Democratic Marriage Destruction Opens Door to Polygamy
Supremes Reject Appeal on Airport Scanners
Drones in the USA - SkyNET ALERT! - Attack of the Robots

U.S. Military May Consider You a Potential Terrorist If You Are Young, Use Social Media, or Question “Mainstream Ideologies”
Senate Panel: DHS Fusion Centers Produce ‘Predominantly Useless Information’ and ‘a Bunch of Crap’
George Zimmerman Considers Lawsuit Against NBC for Editing Non-Emergency Call to Make It Appear He Is Racist
Oct 3
The Speech on Race You Probably Haven't Heard: Obama Suggests Neglect of New Orleans Was Racial – HOLLY COMMENT: Note the distinctive 'black dialect' compared to today's 'presidential speak'. This is from the man who promised to unite America.
Video Surfaces of Obama in 2007 Suggesting Racism Slowed Aid to post-Katrina New Orleans, Pt 1, Pt 2

Allen West on Prez’s Controversial 2007 Speech: When Obama ‘Gets Off of His Teleprompter, You See a Different Type of President’
RNC: Obama Won't Debate the Issues
Guide to the Obama Admin’s 5 Major Scandals for Mainstream Media Dummies
Obama in 2006 on Raising the Debt Limit – Quote of the Decade
Biden: Middle Class Has Been 'Buried' Last 4 Years – HOLLY NOTE: Hoof-in-mouth disease strikes VP again.
Obama‘s ’Dreams from My Father’ Purged of All References to Communist Frank Marshall Davis
China Firm Sues Obama Over Blocked US Wind Farm Deal
CNN Story Shows Economists Favor Romney – But Headline Stresses They Do So 'Reluctantly'
Oct 2
US Diplomats in Libya Repeatedly Asked Obama Admin for Beefed-Up Security in Benghazi; It Was 'Denied'
Republicans Rip WH for Putting Tax Dollars on Line Over Possible Defense Layoffs
Lawmaker: 'Serious' Errors Made in Libya Response; Accuses Obama Officials of Seeing 'What They Wanted'
2016, Obama's America – full length, watch before you vote

Islam Rising: The Unraveling of Obama's Foreign Policy
Why Americans Might Tolerate This Failed President
Vegas Odds Maker Gives Reasons for Big Romney Win in November
Video Shows Black Philly Cop Punch White Woman in the Face During Street Gathering

Black Mob Hijacks Store: 'We Own This'
Obama Administration Armed Jihadists to Overthrow Governments
How Government Lies Become Truth
American Crossroads: Operation Hot Mic

A Dangerous New World of Drones
Oct 1
Perot: Fiscal Nightmare Means USA Could Be Taken Over
Chinese Hackers Break into WH Military Office Network in Charge of President’s Nuclear Football
Big U.S. Fleet Nears Disputed Islands, But What For?
Major Troop Movements in the US: Headed to DC? – Follow the Thread
Washington DC Destined by NWO to Go Up in Flames
50 C-135's Observed Over Nevada
Chris Christie: ‘Stop Lying, Mr. President’ About Romney’s Economic Plan
Chavez: "I'd Vote for Obama" – HOLLY COMMENT: What does that tell you?
Voting Rights Top Issue in Supreme's New Term
Fallen Soldiers March
Red Alert! Deployment, Preparing for War Now

NDAA (starts 8:35 min. in)
Prepare, People, Prepare – Emotional Politics
Preview of Univision’s “Bombshell” Report on Fast & Furious
Pat Caddell: Press Has Become 'Threat to Democracy' and 'Enemy of the American People'
Clint Eastwood - It's 'Halftime in America'

Thousands of Bombs Dumped in Gulf of Mexico Pose Huge Threat to Oil Rigs
Mainstream Media Threatening Our Country's Future
Sept 28
Issa, Turner Threaten Geithner with Subpoenas on Delphi Documents
Romney to Meet with Israeli PM Netanyahu Today
“Keep Obama In President, You Know! He Gave Us a Phone! Food Stamps, Social Security...”

Reality Check: Actions Speak Louder Than Words with President Obama and the NDAA?

Justice Dept's Warrantless Spying Increased 600% in Decade
Leno Takes Some Surprising Shots at Obama

Why You Shouldn't Vote for Obama
Politicized, Militarized DHS Unveils New Panzer Division
We the People – HOLLY NOTE: Though we ran this in 2010 it's a good reminder.

Kansas City Muslims Want Limits on Free Speech
Dearborn Islamic Leaders to Rally for Speech Prohibition
Agenda 21 Micro-Apartments Built Across America in the Name of Sustainability
$100,000 Reward Offered for Waldo Canyon Firestarter
Sept 27
NAACP Urges U.N. to Investigate U.S. for ‘Racially Discriminatory Election Laws’
Eye Candy on the View – Am-dad at the UN – America on the Rocks
30 Examples of Why America Is No Longer a Free Country
States Make Fake IDs Quick and Easy
Court Rules Motorists Can Be Detained for Paying by Cash at Toll Booths
Paul Craig Roberts: America, The Next Banana Republic

A Culture of Delusion
3-Star General: Muslim Brotherhood Has Infiltrated DoD
Who Is White House Visitor Hisham Altalib?
Sept 26
Do Americans Truly Understand 'Redistribution of Wealth'?
Perpetuating Falsehoods
Obama Versus Obama: Part II
Obama: 'It Will Not Be Enough to Put More Guards in Front of an Embassy'
Obama to UN: It's Not My Fault
Why Obama Won't Meet With World Leaders This Week
Obama, 'the Prophet of Islam,' and Slander
Obama, Ahmadinejad Singing from Same Choir Book
Madonna Calls Obama a 'Black Muslim,' Says She'll Strip Onstage If He Wins New Term
Army Sprayed Radioactive Materials on Population in St. Louis

John Moore on Firearms Expertise, Survival Tips And Censored News Stories

Appeals Court Caves to TSA Over Nude Body Scanners
Sept 25
Mr. Obama, Stop Praising Islam
What Do You Expect When Socialists Serve in Congress?
Plan B for Obama Redux
Obama and FEMA Create Civilian Army Trained in Domestic Preparedness
'Unskewed' Polls Show Nearly 8-Point Romney Lead
Blow Off
Obama 'Adviser Acknowledged Privately That in This Election Year, Campaigning Trumped Meetings with World Leaders'
How Obama Has Damaged America
Federal Cop: Do Not Go Anywhere Far from Home Between Now and Nov.. You Will Not Be Able to Get Back Home
Spawn of Pigford Lives… Obama USDA Offers Women, Hispanic Farmers $1.3+ Billion in Redistribution Payouts
Tony Blair: U.S. Should Stop Wanting Love
The Fed’s US Land-Grab Hidden Within Purchase of Mortgage-Backed Securities
Welcome to the Awareness Act Social Network
NSA Whistleblower – (starts 2:15 min. in)
Sept 24
Alternatives to a Bugout Location – What You Should Consider
Tsunami High Risk Areas Involve 23 Nuclear Power Plants
Preppers and the Transition Movement
“The Map”, FEMA Camps And More: John Moore
'Fast and Furious' Whitewash by Justice Dep't
Obama Lies Claiming Fast and Furious Started Under Bush
UN Small Arms Treaty Passes While Media Sleeps
Permanent Spin
All the World Wonders
The Secret History of America – The Greatest Conspiracy on Earth
Bowing to the Mob – So Much for Freedom of Speech
Big Oil Funding U.S. Politics
Sept 21
White House: Libya Was 'Terrorist Attack' – HOLLY COMMENT: Stating the obvious is now 'news'
DOJ-Funded Training Manual Lists Bumper Stickers as Terrorism
WH Insider: "Barack Obama – The Butcher of Benghazi"
Polls: Obama Ahead in Colorado, Iowa and Wisconsin – DEYOS COMMENT: Too many Coloradans sucking California weed and blinded by babble
Hope in Colorado
Obama Mutilates American Flag: It Oughta Be Illegal
Obama Voters Explain Why They Changed Their Vote

Pat Buchanan: ‘Barack Obama Is a Drug Dealer of Welfare’

Decentralize or Die!
21 Facts About America’s Decaying Infrastructure That Will Blow Your Mind
Three Mile Island Nuclear Plant Shuts Down Unexpectedly
Power Outage in Yukon Knocks Out Communication Systems Across Territory
Obama, Messiah, King of the Lose
Sept 20
10-part Report Raises Questions About Narrative of Obama's Early Life
Prostitution Scandal Report May Cite White House Staff Involvement
The Last Failed State
UN Promotes Another Gun-Grabbing Program
UN Conquers Texas
Big Sis: Obama Ready to Sign Surveillance Grid Executive Order
EPA's 4-Gallon Minimum Mandate
FEMA Corps Develops the Next Generation of Emergency Managers
"Who's Going to Survive?": Prep to Survive for Beginners and Experts Alike
Hollywood: The Lens of Lucifer

Sept 18
Obama in 1998: "I Actually Believe In Redistribution"

Romney Outlines $500 Billion in Annual Pay, Workforce, Program Cuts
Black Panther Leader on Election Day: 'We Will Be There'
Obama’s Communist Mentor
Florida Professor Suspended for Making Students Sign ‘Vote for Obama’ Pledge
What Obama Thinks of Americans
Can the Election Be Rigged?
WMD Expert Dr. Peter Vincent Pry on the EMP Threat
Jesse Ventura on Iran and UN Gun Control

Protester Dies After Inhaling Fumes from Burning American Flag
Nasrallah Makes Rare Appearance at Rally Against anti-Islam Film
Qaeda in North Africa Urges Killing More U.S. Envoys
Child with ‘Beheading’ Sign at Sydney Protest: Search for Mom Is On
Steve Emerson on Coren. Political Correctness Has Damaged All Aspects of Life

Emails Show DoJ Working with Media Matters on Stories That Target Critics
Smile, The Government Is Watching You

Sept 17
'Unfounded and Preposterous': Libyan Reports Shred WH Claim That Benghazi Attack Was Spontaneous, Unpredictable
Libyan Intelligence Challenges Obama Account of Deadly Consulate Attack – There Were No Demonstrations Outside Embassy; Strike Was Pre-Planned
Mohamed Al Magarief: If You Take into Account thE Weapons Used, Like RPGs and Other Heavy Weapons, It Proves That It Was Preplanned. It's a Dirty Act of Revenge That Has Nothing to do with Religion.'
Arab Media: US Ambassador was Sodomized by Muslim Mobs Before Being Murdered, Paraded in Streets
Full Summary of Latest Anti-American Sentiment
Tarpley: Middle East Riots a Provocation to Sink Obama
Bachmann: Obama "Most Dangerous President" Ever on Foreign Policy
Obama’s Lawyers Appeal Court Ordered Block Against NDAA Indefinite Detention Provision
Obama Caught Lying Again: He Was Member of 'New Party,' Says Kurtz
In Chicago, No Memory of Obama New Party Membership
Investigation Finds Obama Financing Mosques Worldwide with U.S. Taxpayer Dollars
Denial is Now National Suicide OPED
A Failed Presidency of Global Proportions OPED
Republican-backed Sequestration Bill Passes House, But Unlikely to Go Further
WH Warns of Military 'Destruction' in $110 Billion Sequestration Cuts
Allen West Gives Weekly GOP Address, Blasting Obama for Hollowing Out Our Military
Obama v. Romney on Federal Pay, Size of Government and Management (click on Romney tab for his positions; Obama tab to view his)
Oath Keeper Attempts to Wake Up Republican Sheep
How to Avoid Getting Trapped in FEMA Camps
Supervisors Finalize Jail Fee in Calif. County
Colorado Town High School Seizes Rosary Beads From Student, Says They’re ‘Gang Symbol’
The End of the Line: Interview with G. Edward Griffin
Flood Threat to Nuclear Plants Covered Up by Regulators, NRC Whistleblower
Sept 15
Attack Not Triggered by Film But to Avenge Killings of Senior al-Qa'ida Leaders
Diplomatic, Western Posts Targeted Repeatedly In Benghazi in Run-up to Deadly Assault
No Marines for Libyan Ambassador, Full Security Detail for Valerie Jarrett Vacation
Sept 14
Protesters Set Fire to American School in Tunis, Reuters Reports
US Braces for More Violence in Muslim World After Friday Prayers
Marines on Ground in Yemen as Mobs Attack Embassies in Tunisia, Sudan
Muslim Brotherhood Website Demands That West Criminalize ‘Assaults’ on Islam
Report: US Govt Knew of Possible Attacks on Diplomatic Missions
9/11 Cairo. Muslim Leader Burns Bible, Threatens Christians
Israeli Arab Official Warns of 'Armageddon'
Police Step Up Security Amid Prophet Mohammad Riots
Texas Campus Reopens After Evacuation
Ezra on Days of Rage
Romney Is Right: In Embassy Incidents, Obama's First Instinct Was to Sympathize with Attackers
Misplaced Blame for the Embassy Attacks
Obama Leadership Questioned in Aftermath of Consulate Strike
Is Anybody Driving the Bus?
More Sniper Ammunition Being Ordered by DHS. Who Are the Targets?
Russian Spetnaz Brake Ranks with US Commanders, Set Up Encrypted Communications Directly with Russia and Ammo Worries

U.S. Military Spending $20 Million for Firewood
HHS Chief Broke Law Restricting Political Activity, Signed Ethics Pledge
Rep. Walsh: Obama Should Follow Standard Procedure, Fire Sebelius for Violating Hatch Act
Which Parts of the US Will Be Gone under Agenda 21
Obama-backing Group Fights for Felons’ Votes
The World Obama Made
Chicago Homosexual Community Shocked Obama Could Keep It Secret
Claim: Obama Hid His Gay Life to Become President! Documented Report
Bachmann Says FBI Agents Watched Over Her Shoulder
Maryland Residents Are Sick of Being Spied on and Tearing Down Police Cameras
Sept 13
Al Zawahri Personally Ordered Al Qaeda to Murder US Ambassador Stevens
US Officials Investigate Whether Strikes in Libya – and Egypt 'Coordinated,' Timed for 9/11 Anniversary
Film Controversy: Innocence of Muslims: DEYOS' NOTE: We watched this film and yes, it's pretty obvious how it would anger Muslims. However, this is a single moment in time, a short film, soon to be lost in the myriad of other breaking news and other "outrages". The maker of this film, Sam Becile, is an Israeli-American. Likely this person is more than tired of his fellow countrymen (and women) referred to as dogs and apes in the Quran. Pretty incongruent since the Hebrews are God's chosen. Printed in millions, if not billions of Qurans and taught in Islamic schools throughout the world, this racial hate speak does NOT go away, not ever. Instead it is pounded into the hearts souls and minds Muslims worldwide. Their vitriol promulgates racial and religious intolerance much more than any 13-minute film ever could. These embassy attacks and Muslim uprisings likely have more to do with the anniversary of Sept. 11, 2001 terror attacks, which commenced on the exact day, than perceived slurs against Mohammed. The timing is too obvious. Muslim extremists are testing our defenses, our resolve and willingness to defend our position. Watch Obama let this slide too, and Americans will be left sucking a dry rag. He'll bow and scrape again and yes HE already apologized. (There is no link for this commentary.)
Arabic Sources Reveal the Truth Regarding Attacks on U.S. Embassy in Egypt: One of Culprits to Visit U.S. on September 15th
2 U.S. Warships Headed to Libya After Deadly Consulate Attack
After Attack, Obama Says Egypt Neither Friend Nor Foe – HOLLY COMMENT: Diplomatic dope must be good to smoke – unless you 'didn't inhale' like Bill Clinton
From Libya: ‘Don’t Shoot Us! We Were Sent By Mursi’

Middle East a Tinderbox, American Leadership Absent
Russia Deeply Worried...
Protesters Angered By an anti-Islam Film Storm US Embassy in Yemen
Egyptian Intelligence Warned of Embassy Attacks as Early as Sept 4
11 Years After 9/11, 2/3 of US Travel Warnings Relate to Muslim World
Cheney: Cairo, Benghazi and Obama Foreign Policy
Wall Street Insider: Sadly, Every Concern About This Man Calling Himself Obama Has Proven True – Far Worse Is Yet to Come
Obama's Second Term Transformation Plans
Beck: Who Is The Real Barack Obama?

Just 37% Say U.S. Heading in Right Direction
US Totalitarianism Loses Major Battle As Judge Permanently Blocks NDAA's Military Detention Provision
Issa 'Cautiously Optimistic' About Fast and Furious Report
US Police State? 4 Examples Prove It! Is ‘Revolt’ Our Only Option?
Sept 12
U.S. Ambassador to Libya Murdered by Rioting Muslims Among 4 Americans to Die in Protests Over anti-Islam Film
Russian Ships Displayed at DNC Tribute to Vets
WH Scrambles to Contain Controversy Over Netanyahu Snub
Brand-New Surge in Black-Mob Violence
Apocalyptic TV: Art Imitating Life or Predictive Programming?
Sept 11
IG Report: Top Justice, ATF Officials Ignored Public Safety in 'Furious' Ops
WH Insider: Ohio Now Turning to Romney – Polling Data 101
Obama Sold Vote Count to Company in Spain Linked to Soros
Michael Savage: How Obama Fixed 2012 Election
Constitutionalists Labeled as Terrorists for Speaking Out Against the Government
Obama’s 9-11 Proclamation Does Not Mention God
New York Post Ad Exposes Obama's 'Real Father'
Israeli Science Website: Obama Birth Certificate Forged
Assault on the Free Market
Obama's Slogan
Obama Campaign Declares, 'I'll Be Damned' – Fiery Comment Comes Hot on Heels of DNC Booing 'God'
A Shrink Asks: What's Wrong with Obama?
Sept 10
Obama Widens Lead Over Romney Despite Jobs Data: Reuters/Ipsos Poll – HOLLY COMMENT: Some things simply defy logic
Love Him or Hate Him, You Don’t Know Him
Due to Eligibility Concerns, Florida Judge Terry Lewis: Obama Is Not (Cannot be) the Nominee for the Democratic Party
Gun Sales Surge: An Obama Bounce
Pic of the Day: If You Weren’t the VP I’d Kick Your Ass – HOLLY COMMENT: Take a look at the expressions on these 2 bikers' faces. Not exactly thrilled.
30 Signs That the US Is Being Turned into a Giant Prison
Obama Supporter Interviews Herself

Obama’s THREE Proud Words – “Made in the USA“

The Conscience of a Voter OPED
FBI Begins Installation of $1 Billion Face Recognition System Across America
Russian and Chinese Soldiers Seen in Cheyenne, WY
9/11 Pseudo-Science: A US Foreign Policy Built on Fraud
10 Obstacles to Achieving Personal Independence
James Rawles on Economy & Survivalism - VOW (starts 7:20 min. in, first 2 hours)

Sept 7
Change You Can't Believe
Woodward’s Devastating Account of Obama’s Failed Leadership
2012 Obama vs Romney: The Illusion of Choice
We've Heard It All Before
– HOLLY NOTE: And you want 4 more years of this?
Fact Check: First Lady's False Fairy Tale of Struggle
Gallup Sued by DOJ after Unfavorable Obama Polls, Employment Numbers
Eastwood Says His Convention Appearance Was 'Mission Accomplished'
Colorado Public Television Presents 9/11: Explosive Evidence – Experts Speak Out
Chart of the Day: Smith & Wesson Sales
Who's Funding Purchase of the $35M Beachfront Hawaiian Estate for Barack and Michelle Obama to Move into January 2013?
No, Really: Govt Warns of 'Zombie Apocalypse' – HOLLY NOTE: Take this AP story to heart. When govt is finally compelled to warn the public, the situation is truly serious. You'll need more to prepare than just a clean pair of underpants as this article suggests.
America’s Takeover of the UN
A Godless Party Expels the Creator
America's 10 Most Polluted States
New Orleans Eyes More Levees After Passing Isaac's Test
Sept 6
Convention Floor Erupts, Boo and Shout 'NO' When God, Jerusalem Restored to Platform – HOLLY NOTE: It doesn't matter whether or not the Dems revamp their platform. This hasty retrace only came about after huge protest against them entirely removing God and Jerusalem from Convention-speak. Only the delusional could think God won't see through this quick backstep as anything other than an attempt to repair their God-forsaking actions.
Convention Floor Chaos

Savage: Dems Rejection of God 'the Turning Point'
Axelrod, Jarret Throw Fellow Dems Under the Bus, Say It Was Their Fault Jerusalem, God Were Left Out

Dem Buttons: Vote Black
Decline and Fall: The Tragedy of Barack Obama
Mother of Dem Convention Star Castro Called Alamo Defenders 'Drunks,' 'Crooks'
Maxine Waters Confronted on 'Stimulus' Corruption
Bill Clinton: A Good Lawyer Defending a Guilty Client'
Fact Checking Bill Clinton’s Speech and Other Dems at Convention
Remembering the Clinon-Attributed Murders
Delusional Reality: Everything Peddled by Politicians, Media, Banks and TV Is Fiction
Big Oil 1 - 0 Environment: Shell Granted Permit to Work off Alaskan Coast
Sept 4
What Obama Won’t Say in Charlotte: War on Terror is Done
30,000 Dead North Carolinians Registered to Vote
The Final Race, The Final Lap for Your Freedom
Chuck Norris' Anti-Obama Video Warns of '1,000 Years of Darkness'
Behold a Pale Horse
Why Blame Obama?
President Announces Open Season on Combat Vet
US Military Has ‘Taken Over’ a Small Colorado Border Town: What Are They Preparing For? HOLLY NOTE: Cokedale is only 10 minutes away from I-25 and 45 minutes away from Piñon Canyon Maneuver Site, the southern arm of Ft. Carson. Pinon Canyon is the Army Base embroiled in controversy when it tried to take over even more land from farmers through eminent domain in 2007. They original chunk of land they wanted included most of southern Colorado, which would make it roughly 3 times larger than any other military base in the U.S – about the size of Rhode Island. The military using the sleepy town of Cokedale as a staging area makes sense as it's n remote area of Colorado, close to a decent size water source and a hair's breath away from the Interstate.
Mr. Scam Man
Aug 31
Obama Calls for Amendment Limiting Free-Speech Rights
Obama Has Destroyed the Future of America in Order to Improve His Chances of Winning the Election
Obama Movie, 2016, Killing It Despite Negative Press
Romney to Voters: Move on from Obama Disappointment
Media Calls Paul Ryan a Liar. Real Facts Say Otherwise…
Eastwood Spars with Chair as Obama Stand-In, Calls Romney 'Stellar' Businessman
Bullets, False Flags and Biological Warfare: What is the US Government Planning?
Daniel Hannan Is Shocked We Are Discussing Social Issues with Our Debt Approaching $16 Trillion
Texas Voter ID Rejected by Supreme Court
New GOP Platform Condemns Fast & Furious, Blame Agent's Death on Operation
Best Paul Ryan Quotable Quote from Wednesday
UN Arms Treaty
Killing Fields
Older Couple Shares How Mitt Romney Ministered to Their Dying 14 Year-Old Son
Aug 30
Ryan Takes Aim at Obama in RNC Speech, Vows GOP Won't 'Duck the Tough Issues'
Rep. Ryan: Let's Do this. Let's Get This Done
John Moore: No Election this Fall - Financial Collapse
One of Most Dangerous Cities in US to Ditch Police Force
US Forest Service Has an Immediate Need for Ammuntion
Silence Is Not “Golden” When Defending Liberty
Aug 29
Ann Romney Takes Center Stage in Tampa, Vows Husband Mitt 'Will Not Fail'
Report: Actor Clint Eastwood Headed to Republican Convention in Tampa; Will He be Thursday’s “Mystery Speaker?”
RNC Raises Dialogue with ‘Truth-Telling’ Message, No Personal Attacks on the President
MSNBC Fears Romney Has White Appeal
Love and Change in Tampa
DNC Proceeds with 2-Hour Islamic ‘Jumah’ Prayers (and You Won‘t Believe Who’s Invited)
Look Who's Behind 'Voter ID Is Racist' Campaign
Former Marine Detained for ‘Ominous’ Facebook Posts Speaks Out for First Time: ‘It Made Me Scared for My Country’
Obama’s Sneaky, Deadly, Costly Car Tax
Amassing Arms for Secret Forces to be Used Against American Citizens?
I Heard It Through the Grapevine That the Government Was Violating Property Rights
Fast and Furious: Prosecutions Coming?
1 Million Gallons of Raw Sewage from Mexico Closes San Diego Beaches
Ron Paul Won
Paul's Winning Stratagem
40 Items to Barter in a Post-Collapse World
Remote Alaska to Stockpile Food, Just in Case
Aug 28
Obama 'Causes More Misery Than Natural Disasters'
Russian Expert Predicts Obama Will Declare Martial Law in America by End of 2012
Ann Romney: 'This Man Will Lift Up America!'
How Ann Romney's Incredible Family Journey from a Welsh Coal Mine Could End in the White House
DHS Source: “It’s Going Hot”
The Fall of the United States of Babylon!
Staged Crisis Leading to Suspended Elections Could Happen on Our Watch
The Western Onslaught Against International Law
Aug 27
The Speech Obama Failed to Deliver
Mystery Surrounding 1.2 Billion Rounds of Ammo Solved
Kuhner: Biden Dangerously Detached from Reality
Obama Remembers Neil Armstrong with a Big Picture of… Himself
Obama Declares War on Seniors, Steals Part of Their SS Check
Free Speech Disappearing & Corporate Tyranny Rising
Obama Wants to Jail You for Crimes You'll Commit in the Future
Megyn Kelly on Obama's America 2016
'2016: Obama's America' Earns $6.24M for Weekend, Number 6 on Political Documentaries Genre List
Seniors Arm Selves in Record Numbers Despite Big Media’s Anti-Gun Hype
Space Ship Earth: A Mass Extinction Level Event
Weather Extremes Test Nation's Power Grid
7 Reasons to Consider Off-the-Grid Independent Living
Aug 24
Obama, Holder Sledgehammer the First Amendment
Lawmaker Questions Holder on Abusing FBI Travel Privileges
Obama Makes Free Speech a Felony

Not the Behavior of a Winning Campaign
The Obama Syndicate: When Evil Rules the Land and its People
Will the Romney Campaign Demand Release of the Obama-Khalidi Video?
Obama Asks Eurozone to keep Greece in Until after Election Day
Federal Auditor: 2,527 DHS Employees and Co-Conspirators Convicted of Crimes
545 vs. 300,000,000 People – Charley Reese's Final Column in 2001 (and nothing's changed)
Watchdog: ACORN Back with 174 Rebranded Affiliates
Report: State Dept. Considers Eliminating US Nuclear Arsenal
Detained Marine Veteran Now Released, Per Judge’s Order
Obama Adds Military Heroes to 'Enemies List'
Best Military Quote
Psychiatry as Weapon to Silence Religious and Political Opposition
The Little Known New Madrid Pipeline Bomb
On Lance Armstrong
Aug 23
Texas Judge Preparing for ‘Civil War’ If Obama Re-Elected
Where's the Tough Love for Obama?
U.S. Census Bureau Helped Racially Target Thousands of American Citizens for Camp Internments
U.S. Marine Held in Mental Hospital Because of Facebook Posts
Full Frontal Nudity on Prime-Time TV Up 6,300% Over Last Year, Study
Aug 22
Radical Islam Joins the DNC
600 Rabbis Throw Their Support Behind Obama
'Forward.' The Perfect Campaign Slogan for Obama?
Traffic Cams, Drones Were Just the Beginning...
WH Insider Issues Warning – False Flag Planned for GOP Convention?
Are People Being Thrown in Psychiatric Wards for Their Political Views
Aug 21
Survivalist Congressman Is Ready for Doomsday
Top 10 Reasons Not to Re-elect Obama (part 2 of 3)
Music Superstar: 'We've Got a Muslim President'
WH Insider: Obama Preps Media for “Surprise” Presser
Republicans Pull Plug on Missouri Sen. Candidate Akin After Disgusting Rape Remarks
Maryland Train Derailment Leaves 2 Dead
America's Large-Scale Disaster Readiness Has Slipped into Neutral
House Guest 'Shot Ex-Girlfriend and Her Boyfriend Multiple Times, Sawed Off Their Limbs, Dumped Them in Canal'
The Strange Case of Joe Biden – HOLLY NOTE: Yes, let's make ourselves more vulnerable and an easier target.

Aug 20
Newsweek Shocker: Hit the Road Barack
Agencies Try to Damper Conspiracy Theories After They Put Out Orders for Thousands of Rounds of Deadly Bullets
Who Does the Government Intend to Shoot?
Archie Bunker Called It – HOLLY COMMENT: Anyone old enough to remember this 70s top-rated, cutting edge comedy will appreciate Archie's 'viewpoints' come true – tongue in check – so don't send 'cards and letters'. It underscores that Obama is a little sketchy on America – what kid doesn't know we have 50 states? Simply priceless.
Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: Amerika’s Future is Death
Another Icon Gone: Comedian Phyllis Diller Dies at 95
New Black Panther Audio: 'If They Are White, Kill ‘Em All'
Is There Anyone Obama Won't Betray?
Puttin Up the Flag
Poll: Voters Say They Are No Better Off Than in 2008
Police Allowed to Track Cell Phones in US Without Court Warrants
Aug 17
Obama's Czars With Pictures
Most Arrogant Man in the World
Flying Over America
Govt Awards Ammunition But Hides How Much It Spent and Quantity Requested
Social Security Admin. Explains Plan to Buy 174,000 Hollow-Point Bullets
A Warning from an Airman or Could This Be a Warning from God? (scroll down to the yellow rectangular sign) –
HOLLY NOTE: While this was posted with the BEST of intentions by the author, there was no source listed, so we proceed with caution. That said, some of these Executive Orders have been in place for 6 decades and subsequently grouped together in 1994 legally confiscating everything citizens have. Please see this page.

Since then, other EOs have been signed that are even more onerous for self-sufficient Americans. This escalated with Bush 42, including the nullification of Posse Comitatus, then ramped up considerably by Obama. Do check these other mainstream articles regarding martial law and posse comitatus. These laws did not just crop up last month. Do NOT let these EOs deter your preps.

As for food and water (etc.) storage, make your residence the main storage site for these items unless your bugout place is really close. If things go south without much notice, you may not have time to relocate – even a short distance. If you have a bugout location far away, store part of your supplies there and the remainder of your cache, somewhere completely off-grid in case the bugout place ends up as a "no-go".

Interesting Note: Saturday morning Stan and I headed to Colorado Springs. On I-25 between mile markers 128 and 122 – 6 miles of newly erected pole fencing with heavy-duty wire lined both sides of the freeway. If I-25 became log-jammed in an evacuation or disaster, how many people would have tough enough wire cutters in their vehicle as a matter of practice? Do you, right this very minute?

Depending on the size of your vehicle, you may or may NOT get through this cut fence, as the poles are set fairly close. I can't tell you the weird feeling we got looking at this long barricade when wide open spaces are the order of the day in Colorado. It felt like we could be "funneled" somewhere with no options.

SC Mission 2012 Starts Tomorrow: Disaster Exercise Masquerading as 'Free Healthcare Event'
Virginia Vintners Taste the Police State
Nearly 9,000 Marijuana Plants Seized in Pueblo County: One of Largest Busts in Colorado History
Welcome to the Third World, Part 7: Bye Bye, Public Services
Why Prep?
Aug 16
Obama: I Don't Think Anyone Would Suggest I've Tried to Divide the Country
Romney-Ryan Prepare Assault on Govt. Spending
Dem. Co-chair on Paul Ryan: He Is Honest, Straightforward, Sincere, Sensible
Christianity & Gun Owners in the Crosshairs: Chilling Tactic Exposed
Dishonorable Disclosures – must see
Virginia Business Owner Declines Request for Joe Biden to Stop in Store Because He Built His Business
'Preparing for Mass Civil War', Obama's Homeland Security Department Buys 1.2+ BILLION Rounds of Ammo
Why the Gov't Purchase of Ammo Should Scare the Hell Out of You
Obama Surreptitiously Implementing a Radical Plan to Destroy American Suburbs
5 U.S. Nuclear Reactors Shutdown in 3 Days
Chevron Refinery May Close for 6 Months Following Fire
Sept. 11 Museum Says Steel Cross, 'Historical Object,' Should Stay
Aug 15
Paul Ryan a Gift to Both Campaigns
Before You 'Fall in Love' with Ryan Check His Voting Record
This Congress Could Be Least Productive Since 1947
More Than 25% of Americans May Not Vote in Nov.
High Explosives Awardee Announced to Firm of Former TSA Head
Surviving an Active Shooter Event - English
American Gun Lovers Turn to Russian AK-47s
Zombie Apocalypse Weapons
Aug 14
GOP Sues to Force Obama Compliance on Fast and Furious
Who Built America?
TSA: Carcinogenic Petting Zoo
Scrubbed: Evidence Stanley Kurtz Was Right About Barack Obama's Plot to Destroy Suburbia
Obama: 'A New America in Which Prosperity Is Shared'
Obama in Iowa: Tell Paul Ryan to Do Something About the Drought
Government = Fraud, Waste, Abuse, Corruption
Prepping for Civil War: DHS Set to Purchase Up to Another 750 Million Rounds of Ammo
Zombie Response Training in San Antonio
Implications of Ryan Pick for Romney Campaign
Warm Seawater Forces Conn. Nuclear Plant Shutdown
New "Red Dawn" Trailer – Movie Coming Thanksgiving
Stratfor Emails Reveal Secret, Widespread Trapwire Surveillance System
The Fracturing of America
Prophetic? US Flag Falls During Serena Williams' Gold Medal Ceremony
Aug 13
The Civil War of 2016 U.S.: Military Officers Are Told to Plan to Fight Americans
US Army Tactical Manuals Describe How to Control Domestic Insurrection
NOAA Requests Ammunition for the Weather Service
Game On: Ryan Pick Begins Debate for America
Just Who Is Paul Ryan and What Does He Stand For?
Spike Lee Admits 'Black Jesus' Obama Failed to Live Up to Hype
Obama Signs Bill Exempting Presidential Appointees from Senate Confirmation
Meet the Hopeless Drunk from a Nairobi Shanty Town Who Is the U.S. President's BROTHER
America and Divine Intervention
53% in Colorado Oppose Tougher Gun Control Laws
Pastor John Hagee on Obama
The Most and Least Livable States in America
Aug 10
Afghan Police Squad Invited US Special Forces Soldiers to Dinner and Killed Them
Obama Considering Implementing Cyber-Security Measures Via Executive Action, Bypassing Congress
Cops Strip Search Mom, “Forcibly” Pull Tampon Out of Her for Maybe Rolling Through Stop Sign
Obama: Let's Repeat Auto Industry Success with Every Manufacturing Industry
Obama’s College Classmate Speaks Out: The Scandal at Columbia That Ends the Obama Presidency
Buchanan: 'Obama Has Steadily Diminished Both Himself and the Office He Holds'
Dreams from My Real Father: A Story of Reds and Deception (2012)
– must see
Obama's Massive 2nd-Term Industry Takeover Plans
Prepare for What Is Coming: “There is a Very Present Danger that is Facing Every American”
Dr. Jerome Corsi: Evidence Obama Was Married to Pakistani Man
Surveillance Cameras Turned Off During Sikh Temple Shooting
Nuclear Waste Issues Freeze Permits for U.S. Power Plants
U.S. Olympic Athlete, Mexican Flag?
Harry Reid’s Sideshow
College Grads Score Youtube Hit with 'Obama That I Used to Know' Parody
How Much Will the Chevron Refinery Fire Affect Gasoline Prices?
..Federal Investigation Underway
Aug 9
Obama’s College Classmate Speaks Out: The Scandal at Columbia That Ends the Obama Presidency
The Importance of Having a Firearm / Firsthand Experience
Illegal Aliens Can Vote, Military Can't?
Obama Opposes Boy Scouts' Policy Banning Homosexuals
US Govt Proposes Law Making It Illegal for Them to Kill You
Govt Media Sugar Coats Recent High Explosive Solicitation, Then DHS Hides Request
Drivers' Newest Nemesis -- Stop-Sign Cameras
Puerto Rico, Drug Corridor to the Mainland U.S.
Trashing Our World: More Laws Won’t Change Human Behavior
Dick Morris: Obamacare Causes Doctor Shortage
Aug 8
The High Cost of Voter Fraud: Obamacare
Obama WH Told GSA to 'Stand-Down' on Occupy Protesters
DHS Orders Over a Half Ton of High Explosives
Colo. Health Officials to Thief: Don’t Open That Box
Response to Chevron Refinery Fire Under Criticism
How the Oil Boom Is Changing North Dakota
U.S. Army to be Used Against “Insurrectionist” Tea Party?
Mandate by Congress Forces Post Office into Default
Surrounded by Psychopaths, Sociopaths as We Approach the Edge of Societal Collapse
Mind Control? Neighbors: Temple Shooter's Ex Wore 'Blank Stare'
Cracking Wisconsin Gunman's Secret Racist Tattoo Code
Court Gives Government Go-ahead for Warrantless Wiretaps
Federal Court Upholds the Herding of Demonstrators into “Free Speech Zones”
Aug 7
Massive SF Bay Refinery Fire Spews Health Hazards
Liars, Damned Liars, and Harry Reid
Vetting Conference Exposes More of Obama's Marxist Ties
Coming to Terms with Attacks on Liberty and Democracy
Globalists Gutting America Head for the New World Hills
Homeland Security and Military Vehicles - Pictures Captured in Kentucky
Hundreds of Tanks Moving Through Burbank, CA
Aug 6
SHADE the Motion Picture 'Official Trailer'

'White Supremacist' Behind 'Domestic Terrorism', Killing 6 at Sikh Temple
Grab My Gun? Get a Grip!
Cold Hard Facts on Gun Bans: “The Cost of Liberty Can Be Measured in the Loss of Life”
Millionaire Buys Every Foreclosed Home in Michigan County for $4.8M
Georgia Lumberyard Owner Hammers Obama on 'You Didn't Build That'
WH Considers EO, Leaves Internet Takeover a Possibility
If You See This Google Warning, Act Fast: Big Brother is Watching
All Presidents Bar 1 Are Directly Descended from a Medieval English King
How the Republican Party Stole the Nomination from Ron Paul
Military Evacuating Coasts: Incoming Object Likely Cause – HOLLY NOTE We like to vet everything posted, but we have not been able to verify this.
9 Steps to Take Now to Prepare for the Perfect Storm of Civil Unrest
Aug 3
Jon Stewart: 'You, Harry Reid, Are Terrible'
Obama Campaign Sues to Restrict Military Voting
Vacant Detroit Becomes Dumping Ground for the Dead
Wichita to Explore Options on Open-Carry Gun Law
Vermont Man Uses Farm Tractor to Flatten 8 Cop Cars
Thoughtcrime is Real
WH Insider: “We Got One Last Chance Here to Make It Right”
No Taxes on Olympic Medals, Outraged U.S. Lawmakers Demand
U.S. Nuclear Bomb Facility Shut After Security Breach – HOLLY NOTE: If an 82-year-old woman can get through the perimeter fences, how safe do you feel?
Congress Wants to See Obama's "License to Kill"
EMP Attack: '90% of Americans Would Be Dead'
Feds Sue for Control of New Mexico Water Supply
WH Analysts Feared Risks in Revamped Solyndra Loan
The FDA Is Spying on Its Own Scientists
Homeland Security Issuing Its Own DMCA Takedowns on YouTube to Stifle Speech
Gay 'Kiss-In' at Chick-fil-A Restaurants Today
Bug Out Boot Camp
Aug 2
Exposed! Obama's 2nd-term 'Marxist' Jobs Plan
How Would You Destroy America?
Govt. Silently Positions for Martial Law as Financial Collapse Arrives in America
Thoughtcrime is Real
The Most Important Press Conference Ever Held at Any Time in U.S. History: Part I
Aug 1
Scary Gun Ruling May Become Model for Nation
5 ATF Officials Singled Out in Fast and Furious Probe
DoJ Cries 'Distortions'
Dick Morris: Though Stumping for Obama, "Clinton Is Going to Cast His Ballot for Mitt Romney"
Does Barack Obama Expect the Upcoming Election to Spark Rampant Civil Unrest?
DHS Prepares Faceoff with American Public
Obama, the First Communist President?
The Pope Strikes a Blow for San Francisco
Poll: 2/3 of Democrats Support Gay Marriage
July 30
Scalia Opens Door for Gun-Control Legislation, Extends Slow Burning Debate
Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia to Chris Wallace: Guns May Be Regulated
Cowardly Republicans: Impeach Obama Now – Tom Tancredo Uses 'John Roberts Principle' to Argue for Immediate Action   OPED
Dick Morris: UN Shelves Gun Treaty...for Now
Keep the Pressure Up: Sign the Petition to Stop the US from Signing the Arms Trade Treaty! HOLLY COMMENT: Since as of July 27th, this has already been voted down, on the petition letter after where it reads: "July 27th in New York City" we added the phrase "and ALL such future legislation".
Former Navy SEAL Brandon Webb: How to Survive a Shooting
Navy SEAL Lessons Learned from Aurora Colorado
Surveillance & Harassment
VOW 2 (skip to 42 minutes in)
Brandon Darby: FBI Ignoring Sex Trafficking of Minors
Wile E. Coyote Joins Obama Campaign Team
DC Mayor calls Chick-fil-A 'Hate Chicken'
The New Wealthy Homeowners in America ... Are Chinese
CIA “Manages” Drug Trade, Mexican Official Says
July 27
UN Fails to Reach Agreement on Treaty to Regulate Global Arms Trade, However...
Gun Rights: Final Version of UN Small Arms Treaty Due Friday
Bombshell: Leaked UN Treaty Does Ban Guns
UN Gun Confiscation and the Robot Takeover!
D-Day for Gun Owners
Obama Calls for Measures Against Gun Violence
WH Rules Out Any Gun-Control Efforts Soon
Does Obama Think U.S. Soldiers Use AK-47s?
Gun Control: Why the US Military Is Fighting with the NRA
Thousands Sat in Their Cars for 7 Hours Tuesday as Police Played Blame Game – HOLLY COMMENT: Imagine how much fun this area will be during an evacuation!
Defense Official: America's Enemies Will Avoid the Battlefield and "Attack Us Here at Home"
Fed. Protective Service Orders ~150 Sets of Riot Gear to be Delivered in 15 Days
Emanuel's 'Chicago Values' Includes Supporting Gay-Hating, Jew-Hating Louis Farrakhan
Boston Mayor to Chick-Fil-A President" 'I Urge You to Back Out of Your Plans to Locate In Boston'
Several folks have sent this in again and just to clear the air – Sex with Animals Still Not OK in U.S. Military
Man Pleads Guilty in Chicago to Trying to Export Missile Parts to Iran
5 Guys Take Same Photo for 30 Years
July 26
Mayor Bloomberg Says Cops Should Strike Across the Country to Put Pressure on Congress to Crack Down on Guns
Concealed Weapons Save Lives
Obama Talks of Limiting Gun Use After Massacre
As UN Treaty Takes Shape, Raising Alarm Among Gun Rights Advocates
Media Underplays Successful Defensive Gun Use
Common Defense: In Crisis, America Buys Guns, Hurray!
Congress Warned That al-Qaida in Iraq Is Coming to America
Tragic Dramatics and the Obama Presidency
Aurora Theater Shooter Sent Notebook to CU Shrink Before Massacre
US Government Ran Chemical Experiments on Military Veterans Under Operations MKUltra, Bluebird and Artichoke
Anaheim, Calif. Braces for More Unrest After Police Shootings
Remarkable Photos Capture Life in Besieged Washington During Civil War
July 25
Windows Smashed, Fires Reported as Anaheim Police Shootings Protest Turns Violent
Another Gas Station Accused of Discrimination Against Military Members
Call for Planned Parenthood Probe
Trailer Exposing Obama's 2nd-term Blueprint
Obama Keeps on Conning America
Were the Batman Murders a Covert Op?
Mind Control: Colorado Shooter Was 1 of 6 Students With Grant for ‘Elite’ Neuroscience Program
Mass Murder a Modern Curse? Hardly.
Gun Control and the Murder Rate
From Arab Spring to the Coming Nuclear Winter
July 24
Colorado Gun Sales Jump 41% Since Tragedy
Texoma (N. Texas-SE. Okla.) Sees "Massive Spike" in Gun Sales Up After Colorado Shootings
Gun Sales Up 15% in Las Vegas

Ohio Guns Sales Increase 26% in 2012
Rise in Missouri Gun Sales, Colorado Shooting Part of Motivation
Calls for Gun Control Stir Little Support
Gun Sales Increase as World Leaders Negotiate Strict Gun Laws
Shooting Prompts Call to Curb Online Ammo Sales
HOLLY COMMENT: In case you missed it yesterday, buried in this article about the newly formed Marine Corp. battalions of law enforcement, they WILL be deployed on U.S. soil to stop civil unrest. The Posse Comitatus Act of 1878, which officially ended during the Bush administration in 2005, is now moving full-force forward.
Sanitizing Obama's Radical Past
3 Arrested in U.S. 'Dark Knight' Movie Incidents
Richard Rothschild Battles Local Agenda 21
55% of Americans Believe That the Government Will Take Care of Them If When Disaster Strikes
July 23
Colo. Shooting Prompts Call for Stricter Gun Laws
UN Arms Treaty Aims at Terror, But Puts Second Amendment in Crosshairs
Aurora's Strict Gun Laws Didn't Prevent Shooting, But If One Law-Abiding Person in the Theater Had Been Carrying One...
"Locked & Loaded" - Vietnam Vet Calls for More Guns
Marine Corps Creates Law Enforcement Battalions
Cops Say Attack Planned for Months – Shooting Was 'Calculated and Deliberate,' Source Says Gun Jammed
Gunman Used Same Drugs That Killed Batman Star Heath Ledger
Stories of Victims Killed Emerge
Remembering the Victims with a Vow: 'I Refuse to Say His Name'
12 Crosses Built as Tribute to Those Killed in Aurora Theater Shooting
Trip Wire in Apartment 'Meant to Kill' – All Explosives Removed
The Curse of Batman: How the Film Is Plagued by Tragedy
Taking the Cyberattack Threat Seriously
Obama Pens Cybersecurity Op-Ed, Scares Americans Everywhere
NCAA Slaps Penn State Football with $60M fIne, 4-Year Postseason Ban, Must Vacate All Wins from 1998-2011 in Wake of Child Sex Scandal
Drones to Fire Lasers Over US
7 Habits of Highly Ineffective Government
America's Future: No Longer Worth Celebrating
Troops March in San Diego Gay Parade - in Uniform
Preppers Are Going to Die
July 20
Mass Murder: 12 Killed, 50 Wounded at Aurora, Colo. Movie Theater
Witnesses to 'Batman' Massacre Describe Terrifying Scene
CNN's Piers Morgan Exploits 'Dark Knight' Massacre to Push Gun Control – HOLLY COMMENT: Right after the tragic 1996 massacre in Port Arthur, Tasmania, within 6 months Australia seized the opportunity to institute gun confiscation. People then were pliable and frightened thinking the removal of guns would make them safer. It has only made them less so. If someone has an agenda to hurt, they will find another way to accomplish it.

Already gun control in America is being quietly implemented through a UN Treaty and in times of natural disasters as seen during Hurricane Katrina. These precedents condition people to quietly hand over firearms. Watch for this agenda to ramp up significantly.

It's just like after 911 when people were terrified of a repeated terrorism. Now look at our freedoms – what's left of them. All it takes to transform our lives is one tragic mind-conditioning act. When freedom is surrendered to more government control, it never returns.
Rush Limbaugh's Right: The Dark Knight Rises Is a Pro-Obama Plot
Surviving Obama
Congress Hears Warnings About Drones in US Skies
July 19
Why Are So Many Bad Things Happening to America?
Gun Confiscation Training
Troops Ordered to Kill All Americans Who Do Not Turn in Guns

States’ Pressure Shifted TransCanada Stance on Pipeline Extension
Former Worker of Bohemian Grove Speaks Out About the Club

Sex Scandal Casts Pall Over Lackland AFB
Watergate, Nixon, & the Mafia 1 (starts 40 min. in)
The Business That Government Built
Dunmire: Sequestration Set to Damage Defense As No Enemy Could
July 18
Arpaio: Obama Birth Record 'Definitely Fraudulent'
Leaked! Obama's Devastating 2nd-term Plans
Top 10 Things Obama Has Not Released
Sununu: Obama Should 'Learn to Be an American'
Senator Implicates Top FDA Office in Agency Spying Program
The Disclose Act (S. 3369): Destroying our First Amendment
Political Sharia
Congressional Approval Rating Falls Again
July 17
Cover-Up! Contracting System Sanitized of Kenya Documents
Now 'Indisputable Proof' of Obama Forgery
The Folly of Obama's Politics
Nobody Else Made It Happen, Mr. President
Obama Preparing for Citizen Uprising? – Warning Sounded Over WH Power Grab
Daily Presidential Tracking Poll: Romney 47%, Obama 44%
Bill Whittle DESTROYS Any Notion of Reelecting Obama with Rehash of His Greatest ‘Successes
66% Believe U.S. Has Too Much Government Power, Too Little Freedom
UN Gun Grab Follows State Department Plan
Signs of Things to Come
War Veterans Told to Remove U.S. Flags
Obama’s Manifesto
Troops Ordered to Kill All Americans Who Don't Turn in Guns
12 Hellhole Examples of What the Rest of America Will Look Like Soon
Where Will We Be in 2016 – Dinesh D'Souza at CPAC 2012
July 16
Emergency Alert! UN Set to Ban Civilian Gun Ownership
Clinton Set to Sign U.N. Treaty to Disarm America, Advance Global Government
Hillary's End Run on Gun Control! Dick Morris TV

Senate Scheduled to Vote Today on anti-Free Speech Bill
Hurricane Katrina Door to Door Firearms Confiscation: "You Never Expect to Do This in Your Own Country"
Obama Won't Apologize for Attacks
Obama May Cancel 2012 Elections! Dr. Jerome Corsi Pt 1, Pt 2
VP Decided
Dead Dogs for Obama
Obama to Business Owners: "You Didn't Build That"
O’s Scary ‘Story’
Emergency Alert! UN Set to Ban Civilian Gun Ownership
Sticker Shock! Air Force Tests Biofuel at $59/Gallon
Leaked Docs Reveal 'Off the Charts' Damage at US Nuke Plant
Oversight Board Questions Nation's Premiere Nuke Lab on Radiation Risk
DHS – Praise Lord Obama and Pass the Ammo
Today's Kids Inherit World Reverting to Barbarism
Top 10 Items for New Preppers VOW 2
July 13
America's Coming Civil War -- Makers vs. Takers – OPED 1
Morgan Freeman on Obama  OPED 2
DHS Emergency Power Extended, Including Control of Private Telecom Systems
Romney Aide: Obama Hits ‘New Low’ With Felony Smear Campaign
Homeland Security Seeking Assault and Sniper Rifles
Leftist Radio Host Mike Malloy 'Calls Satan' to Learn How Breitbart Is Doing in Hell
Gun Sales Skyrocket as D-Day for Gun Control Looms
Gun Making: An American Cottage Industry
Treaty Overboard: Just Three More ‘No’ Vows Needed to Block Law of the Sea
Report: US Lost Billions to 'Fraud, Waste and Abuse' in Iraq
Home Owner Visionary
July 12
Lawmakers Opening Intel Leak Probe?
Obama Downplays Security Threat from Chavez
Judge Andrew Napolitano: We Are at a Turning Point – OPED 1
Update on UN Arms Trade Treaty
5 Words for the UN: From My Cold Dead Hands
Biden Plays the Race Card in Vegas
Chicago Police Sergeant: "Tribal Warfare" on the Streets
Photos of FEMA Camps, Regions, and Warnings
Man Swallows 62 Condoms of Cocaine
US Soldier Denied Service at Muslim Owned Gas Station
Gas Station Owner Apologizes...
Pentagon Takes Over Civilian Duties and Sprays Mosquitos in Florida
How to Deal With a Government Checkpoint
HBO's NEWSROOM Opening Scene "Why America's Not the Greatest Country" (language warning)
July 11
Is President Obama Intentionally 'Destroying' America?
More Charges in Murder Tied to 'Fast and Furious'
From Arab Spring to American Summer: The Politics of Power Outages
Obama Now Controls All Communications Via Executive Order
Barack Obama's Falsified Social Security Number
Curl: Who’s Bailing on Obama? Just About Everybody
Obama Loses Ground to Romney in Key Measures of Poll
'After 9/11 NSA Had Secret Deal with White House'
Colo. Satanist Wants Theft of 'Vote for Satan' Sign Declared a Hate Crime
July 9
Hill Poll: Majority Believe Obama Has Changed Country for Worse
President Uses 'I' and 'Me' 117 Times in 1 Speech
New E.O. -- Assignment of National Security and Emergency Preparedness Communications Functions
...Challenges First Amendment
Russian Nuclear-Capable Bombers Intercepted Near West Coast in 2nd U.S. Air Defense Zone Intrusion in 2 Weeks
Tom Tancredo: John Roberts' Move to the Dark Side
California High-Speed Rail Gets Green Light
Everybody Must Get Droned
Colorado Will Furnish Christmas Tree for U.S. Capitol This Year
Iron Curtain Encircles Latin America; USA Next
Barney Frank First Sitting Congressman to Enter Same-Sex Marriage
David E. Martin Reveals 12 People Bought Obama's Presidency
July 6
Trump: Obama Will Start Iran War to Win Election
Erkes and Schiller: Obama’s Bait and Switch
Frustrated Montana Woman Tells It Like It Is – Most Americans Feel Utter Despair About the Dysfunctionality of Our Current President
Obama’s Constitutional Crisis
Passengers Could Be Asked to Give Drink Samples to TSA
NRA Chief on Stopping the UN Arms Trade Treaty Backed by President Obama
Johnny Cash "Less" Sings the Obama Blues
Nugent: Turncoat Roberts – Chief Justice’s Surprise Ruling Means Limited Government Is Dead
Brad Pitt's Mother Pens Anti-Obama Letter to Local Newspaper
Is US Government Reading Email Without a Warrant? It Doesn't Want to Talk About It
Fast and Furious: 'Storm Just Starting to Brew'
Does the Law of Unintended Consequences Rule the Land?
When Brain-Dead Politically Correct Liberal Communists Rule America… Oh Wait, They Already Do
Congressman: American Schools Should Be Modeled After Madrassas, ‘Where the Foundation Is the Koran’
The Communists Killed Kennedy
July 5
SCOTUS and the Collapse of States' Sovereignty
Obama Told to Back Off U.N. Gun Treaty
Lawmakers Back Bill For ‘Made in the USA’ Flags Only
GOP Congress Breaks ‘Pledge to America’
My 3 Daddies: California Eyes Multiple Parenting Law
Twitter Ordered to Hand Over Occupy Protester's Tweets
President Reagan's Address to the Nation on Independence Day - July 4, 1986
4 (good reminder of when the President worked to unite our country)
July 4
Can Americans Escape the Deception?
Ever Wonder Why We Even Bothered?
Honoring the USA on Independence Day
Alt-Market Celebrates Independence Day
Judicial Betrayal
Gov. Jindal: We Need to End Obama's 'Culture of Dependence'
Vets to Work ... On Canada's Pipeline
Oil-Drilling Trade-Offs: Keystone for Alaska
Phony Badges Flooding into Chicago Area
3 Former NSA Employees Expose ‘Mass Illegal Surveillance’ in Court
Complete Disaster Non-Preparedness: DC Grocery Stores Out of Food, Gas Unavailable, Grid-Down as Summer Heat Rages
6 Ways to Prepare for Going Off-Grid
July 2
Krauthammer: Why John Roberts Ruled the Way He Did
Only 43% Now Believe America Is Last Best Hope of Mankind
Grant Approved to Equip Fire Marshals with Bulletproof Vests
Trans-Atlantic Doomed to Extinction
What to Expect When You’re Expecting... A Collapse!
June 28
House Finds Holder in Contempt Over 'Fast and Furious' Investigation
The Biggest Scandal in U.S. History
Was Obama Involved in 'Fast & Furious'?
Monckton Tells Lords: Obama Presidency at Risk – More Severe Than Fall of Watergate
Colorado's 'Epic Firestorm' Reveals Danger of Air Force Cuts
Panetta Pleads for Missile Defence Dollars
The FBI’s Secret Surveillance Letters to Tech Companies
Obama Unmasked Over Time by “Gaffes”
Rove: Obama's Strategies Are 'Just Pathetic'
NSA Won't Disclose How Many Americans are Being Spied on
Sheriff Arpaio Obama's Records Are Missing + Mike Zullo, Jerome Corsi
Whatever Happened to the Keystone XL Pipeline?
60% Favor Building Pipeline
A Political Glossary
What Should You Take If Evacuated
June 27
Obama Booed During Own Fundraiser: ‘I Understand, My Mistake’ (Updated with White House Spin)
In a First, Pentagon Celebrates Gay Pride
Oreo Cookies Go Gay on Facebook
June 26
Issa Challenges Obama Executive Privilege Claim – HOLLY NOTE: His position of (fill in the blank) must really take its toll. Look how gray he's gone in 3-1/2 years.
Is Prepping Worth it? What if Nothing Happens? Is it all a Waste?
June 25
All Eyes on Supremes as Health Care, Immigration Rulings Loom
Guess Which Restaurant Defends Right to Bear Arms!
“Don’t Be Alarmed”: Army Trains MPs to Drive Tanks on U.S. Streets
The Other Eric Holder Scandal
Phoenix Boy, 14, Shoots Armed Intruder While Watching 3 Younger Siblings
New Yorkers Stunned as Plane Flies Swastika Banner Over NYC’s Beaches
US Govt. Gives Classified Tesla Tech to UN for Sustainable Development Scheme
The Swiss Army Survival Tampon
June 22
House Could Send Holder to Jail Without Approval of Senate or U.S. Attorney
‘They’re Lying and They‘re Hiding it’: Parents of Slain Border Agent Brian Terry Speak Out in Rare TV Interview
Parents of Murdered Border Agent: White House Is 'Hiding Something'
Obama’s Claim of Executive Privilege: It’s Frivolous
Terry Family Speaks Out in Rare Interview
Dems Avoid, Republicans Slam Pelosi Theory on Holder Contempt Push
NYT: Jay Carney Made an ‘Angry Phone Call’ to Fox Exec. Following Anti-Obama Video
Editorial: End the Secrets on Fast and Furious – OP ED 2
"Hope and Change"...Still? Looking Back at 4 Years of "Change"
The Scam Wall Street Learned from the Mafia
Anonymous Attacking Creators of Indefinite Detention Bill
Massive Nuclear Explosions and Coverup in Indiana and Michigan – HOLLY NOTE: You may want to plow through the first 5 1/2 minutes with the volume off to avoid the rap "music and get to the heart of this important video.
How About an American DREAM Act? – OP ED 1
Gay Activists Visiting White House Take Photos of Themselves Flipping Off Reagan Portrait
Will Toledo, Ohio Be the First Major American City to Be Owned by China?
Shocking Obama Words: Bombshell Anti-White Audio Uncovered!
Obama’s Nixonian Contempt for Transparency
Obama's First Assertion of Executive Privilege: Ill-Timed and Ill-Considered
Pelosi Calls for Super Committee Transparency – flashback
Jack Cafferty Destroys Obama and Pelosi on Transparency – HOLLY NOTE: Consider how much less transparency there is now. Another broken promise...
Ron Paul’s Task: Build Up the Remnant
Top American Brands That Will Disappear in 2013
Agenda 21: How Will It Affect You?
5 Types of Looters You Must Prepare For
Brace for the Apocalypse! Surviving the Worst in an Inland Lifeboat
June 20
House Panel Debates Contempt Vote as Obama Exerts Executive Privilege
Obama Exerts Executive Privilege in Showdown Over 'Fast & Furious' Docs
Obama 2007: Bush WH Trying to “Hide Behind” Executive Privilege, They Need to “Come Clean” – flashback
AG Eric Holder’s Lletter to Obama Asking to Assert “Executive Privilege”
Secret Service Agents Partied Like Rock Stars on Obamas' Vineyard Vacation
38 Falsehoods Found in Obama Autobiography
Obama Unmasked
Federal Judge Strikes Down Part of Chicago's Gun Law
News Broken: US Journos Barred for Doing Job
More Taxpayer Millions for Van Jones and His Nest of Vipers
No Charge for Texas Dad Who Killed 5-year-old Daughter's Rapist
The Economic Abuse of Veterans in America
Hellish JetBlue Flight Turns into Vomitorium
All Over America Gov't. Control Freaks Force Preppers Back onto the Grid
June 19
Thousands of Military Drones to be Deployed Over CONUS
Talk of Drones Patrolling U.S. Skies Spawns Anxiety
Coburn: Obama Is Not Doing Fine
Obama's Latest Excuse Against Probing Eligibility
Was Obama’s Socialist Party Racialist?
Miller: Gun Ownership Up, Crime Down
Sen. Marco Rubio: Obama Using E.O. to “Deliberately Divide Americans” and Circumvent Congress
Shotover Jet – HOLLY NOTE: A girlfriend sent in this video and there's only 2 things to say: wear a crash helmet and take an "Obama" before doing this ride.
All Over America Government Control Freaks Are Forcing Preppers Back on to the Grid
NSA Refuses to Admit to Spying on Americans
The Grey" - Luciferian Movie Not About Masculinity
Bedford County Dead Dog Receives Voter Registration Forms
WWII War Hero Has Land and Home Stolen
June 18
Obama Plays 100th Round of Golf as President
President Obama: The Biggest Gov't. Spender in World History
Holder's Just-Us Department under Fire
'Fast and Furious' Whistleblower Says He's 'Disappointed' One Year Later
One Year Later, 'Fast and Furious' ATF Whistleblower Speaks
O Invents Own Legend
Obama’s Policy Strategy: Ignore Laws
More Gov't. Offices Move to Denver? Colorado Likely on Short List of Candidates for Patent Office
Conservative Bloggers on High Alert After 'SWAT-ing' Attacks
Facing Contempt Charges, Will Holder’s Politicking Finally End?
June 15
Rubio: Dems 'Pit Americans Against Each Other' to Win Elections
Corruptocrat Eric Holder's GOP Enablers – They Must Go
Thank You Barack Obama… As Promised, Canada Is Building Pipeline to Sell Gas to China
This New Drone Will Radically Enhance Navy Surveillance Capabilities
Pentagon Report Lists 110 Potential Drone Bases in the U.S.
Aerial Mapping Raises Serious Privacy Concerns
Massive Nuclear Secret Uncovered In Austin, Texas
Secret Service Buys 26 Devices to Identify, Collect Wireless Communication Data
Chuck Baldwin Warns Ron Paul
Swing States This Year
It’s Almost Time for Panic: 5 Disasters That Can Push Humanity Off the Cliff
The 3 Stages of Crisis – Looking Through the Other Side of Disaster
Chinese Plot to Strip Americans of Firearms
Police: Taser Used On Nude 80-Year-Old Woman Attempting Hit Officers With Cane
Obama Plans Attack on First Amendment if Re-elected
June 14
Shocker: AFL-CIO Shifts Resources Away from Obama, Dems
Holder Faces Corruption Scandal, Too
Rubio: Florida Illegal Voter Purge Not Targeting Hispanics
Krauthammer Slams Obama on Economic Claims
Panicked Democrats Tell Obama: Your Economic Message is Failing
U.S. Rebellion Ignited Against U.N. Globalization
Cal Thomas Column: Just Who Are Calling 'Extreme'?
Squealing Versus Killing
Dennis Prager Q & A. at Denver Univ
Why You Absolutely Must Have Food Supplies, Hard Assets, and Reserve Cash
Romney Is Right About the Importance of Being Able to Fire People
June 13
Chuck Roast – Grassley Wants 'Somebody's Scalp' Over Fast and Furious
Grassley to Holder: "Cough Up the Docs"
No Silver Lining for Obama in Slew of Recent Polls: A Comprehensive Disaster
Dems Fret about Obama's Prospects
Oh, Joy (Biach) Behar: 'I'd Like to See [Romney's] House Burn'
Gingrich Annihilates Sharpton in Epic Food Stamp Battle
Labor Unions Are Not Dead. They Are Reloading.
Firearm-Friendly Towns in Idaho Lure Gun Makers
GM Is Becoming China Motors
Unhinged: 'Crappy Sex Lives’ of ‘The Right’: Netroots Panelist Claims ‘Twisted’ Conservatives Have ‘Forced, Coerced, Nasty‘ Sex with ’Children & Animals’
‘When Does it Move Beyond Self-Defense?’: Civil Rights Leader Questions Texas Dad's Killing of Daughter’s Molester
June 12
'You've Violated the Public Trust' – Cornyn Tells Holder to Resign, Blasts Him Over Fast and Furious
AG Eric Holder: Everyone Knows ‘In-Person Voting Fraud Is Uncommon’
Judging the Damage from Obama's Leaks
Navy Drone Crashes Off Maryland; No Injuries
Poll: Obama Rapidly Losing Support Among Black Voters
Law of the Sea Treaty vs. the Free Economy
The 911 Call and 80+ Members of Congress
Growing Independence from Both Parties
US: Russia Sending Attack Helos to Syria
Indiana First State to Allow Citizens to Shoot Law Enforcement Officers
June 11
Issa Panel Sets Holder Contempt Vote
King: Leaks Lead to White House
Gallup Poll: Jewish Support for Obama Plummets to 10%
N.Y. Dems Poised to Nominate Former Black Panther, Anti-Israel Radical for Congress
Reward for Obama: 10 Camels! Somali Islamists Respond to US Bounty
Non-Citizens, Convicted Felons Could Swing the Election for Obama
Major Attack on US Naval Forces in the Straits of Hormus
Hormuz Attack Story – Updated
Principal Bars Kids from 'God Bless the USA' Song at Graduation
Cities Crack Down on Homeless: Compassion Fatigue?
California: Blackouts Possible this Summer, Nuclear Plant Offline
Fukushima Forum: Arnie Gundersen Compares U.S. and Japanese Nuclear Reactors
5-Year-Old Sings 'God Bless the USA'
June 8
Lawmakers Vow Crackdown on Leaks
NDAA Unconstitutional: Federal Judge Bans Obama from Indefinitely Detaining Americans
Obama Caught Lying Again: He Was Member of 'New Party,' Says Kurtz
Axelrod Plays Dumb on Obama and Socialist 'New Party'
Holder: Email with Words 'Fast & Furious' Not Referencing Fast & Furious
Lawmakers Express Concerns with Holder Leadership Following Testimony
Issa to AG Holder: Who Is Responsible for Operation Fast & Furious?
Capitol Hill GOP Lawmakers Ask Holder to Probe Harassment of Conservative Bloggers
Bill Clinton: 'I'm Very Sorry' for Bush Tax Cuts Comments
The Eye-Popping Wisconsin Story You Didn’t Read
The Awakening of the Average American
Suicides Among U.S. Troops Averaging 1 a Day in 2012
Colorado Man Ticketed Rushing Pregnant Wife to Hospital – 20 Minutes Before Birth
Bank Runs, Food Shortages, Riots, Looting, Blood in the Streets. And That's Just Greece: 10 Things to Prepare for NOW
A Primer on Shotguns
Paracord: The Most Versatile Item in Your Bug-Out Bag
Nuclear Cover-Up: Explosions, Military Helicopters Filmed Near Blacked Out Radiation Zone
Engineers at Davis-Besse Nuclear Reactor Near Toledo Found a Pinhole Coolant
Feds Arrest 190 Alleged Child Predators in Massive Undercover Operation
Ted Turner Calls for Depopulating Two Thirds of the World – Luke Rudkowski Reports
Ted Turner: World Needs a 'Voluntary' One-Child Policy for the Next Hundred Years
June 6
Meet John Brennan, Obama's Assassination Czar
Wisconsin's Walker Survives Recall by Wide Margin
Walker Victory Big Warning for Obama in Key Swing State
Recall Victory's 4 Lessons
5 Reasons Why Labor Has Already Lost the Recall
10 Signs That America's Highways Are Being Transformed into a High Tech Prison
Secure Communities Launched in D.C. on June 5, as City Leaders Object
U.S. Military Is Operating Drones Domestically, Sharing Data with Law Enforcement
Obama's Latest Drone Target: Who is Abu Yahya al-Libi?
Colorado Police Halt 19 Cars, Handcuff Everyone to Find 1 Bank Robber
The Government’s 'Boots on the Ground' When It Hits the Fan May Be Your Neighbors
Today, The Anniversary of D-Day- America’s Greatest Generation- Desecrated by All of Us
11 Famed US Sites Named to Annual 'Most Endangered Places' List
June 5
More Than 1.5 Million Texas Voters Could Have Registration Suspended
Wisconsin Recall Election Monitored for Discrimination; Contests in California and New Mexico
Is Fast & Furious Investigation Fizzling?
Marine: Obama Claimed He Was Born in Mombasa, Kenya
CBO Finds Obama Stimulus May Have Cost as Much as $4.1 Million Per Job
Another Obama Record!… US Treasuries Lower Than Any Time During Great Depression
Man Beaten for Removing Democrat Lawnsigns from His Yard
June 4
Cops Gun Down Man for Legally Carrying Firearm
Civil Rights Advocates Trying to 'Shoot Down' Drones
Spy Drone Nearly Brought Down a Plane in Colorado
U.S. Missiles Infected with Chinese Fakes – '84,000 Suspect Electronic Parts Installed
Zimmerman Turns Himself In
Bilderberg 2012: Protesters Hail Their Hero, Alex Jones
Does Obama Have a Winning Wildcard?
Law Enforcement Officials Refuse to Identify Who Installed 'Mystery' Cameras on Utility Poles Throughout NY County
The List: A to Z Survival for the Abysmal Times Ahead
Craig Hulet on Surveillance State Is Here (first hour only of Brain Wars, starts 5:40 in)

June 1
Cop: 'First Amendment Rights Can Be Terminated'
Feds Order Florida to Stop Purging Ineligible Voters from Rolls
Obama Nobel Prize Winner Turned Hit Man-in-Chief?
Bilderberg 2012: Official List of Participants
Professor’s Appalling Rant to Students: Cops Are ‘Piggish,‘ Conservatives Are ’Schmucks,‘ America is ’Perverse Place,‘ Need to Revisit ’Useful’ Marxist Concepts
May 31
Just Making It Official: Rockefellers and Rothschilds Unite
WH Insider: Obama in Serious Trouble – And That Makes Him Very Dangerous
Obama "Then and Now" – Does He Live Up to 'Hope & Change'?
Obama Drug Use – Choom Gang, Roof Hits and Total Absorption
Muslim Brotherhood Infiltrates U.S. Public Schools?
Response of Man Told He Couldn't Fly the American Flag in His Yard
May 30
Bill Outlawing Abortion for Sex Selection to Be Voted on Today
WH Says Obama 'Misspoke' After Poles Demand Apology Over ‘Polish Death Camp’ Remark
Illinois Rep. Loses It Over Taxpayers Paying Teachers' Pensions
Miller: SWAT Rampage Destroys Iraq Vet's Home Over Guns
Eric Holder, ACLU Lawyers, IRS Admin. to Advise 100s of Black Pastors on What to Say During 2012 Election
WH Defends Terror 'Kill List'
Birth Certificate Whac-a-Mole
Thousand$ Raised to Help Jailed Honor Student
Media and Activists Calling for Peaceful Resistance at Bilderberg 2012
Obama Awards Medal of Freedom to Avowed Socialist
Earthquake Could Trigger San Onofre Shutdown
EPA Celebrates the ‘Crushing’ of 1M Working Refrigerators
May 29
War Drums: We're Ready to Stop Iran
The Distinctive Trait of America
Arabic Mandated in New York Public Schools is a Step Toward the Islamization of America
And Exactly What Is Your Job About, Mr. President?
It's None of Government's Business!
Government to Fork: The Obama Garden
American Holocaust and the Coming New World Order
Foreign Agents Creep into U.S. & Canada Under Integration Scheme
Drones Shot Down Over Texas
New Mexico Named 'Riskiest State' in the US
See Where Your State Ranks
Amarillo by Morning (Smith and Wesson on My Mind)
May 25
After Armageddon - A Look at a Post SHTF Situation
How Can Anyone Be a Birther?
100,000 Texas Students to Be Tracked Via Chips in IDs
Meet Soros-Funded Domestic Terrorist Brett Kimberlin Whose ‘Job’ Is Terrorizing Bloggers into Silence
Obama EPA Officials Visit Man at Home for Inquisitive Email
Nuclear Sub Damaged by Fire Might Have to be Scraped
Priest Removed from Ministry Due to Sex Abuse Allegations Now Works Security at Philadelphia Int'l. Airport
Liberals Blame Obama’s Primary Humiliation on “Race”
Law of Sea Treaty Faces Rough Water
The Law of the Sea Treaty Will Sink America's Economy
Why Are FDA Agents Armed?
Attorney Association Bans Biblical Marriage Conference
May 24
Nuclear Sub Burns at Portsmouth Naval Shipyard: Cause of Fire Under Investigation
Update on NDAA and Drones Flying Over the US
45 Signs That China Is Colonizing America – related Photo of the Day
Iran Navy Saves US Freighter from Pirates: Report
May 23
Joseph Farah Lauds Lou Dobbs for Broaching 'Kenya-Born' Revelation
Margaret Thatcher Adviser Talks Obama Eligibility
Jack Abramoff Spotlights Obama's Brazen Violation of His Own Lobbyist Rules
Crossroads GPS: "Basketball"
Nuclear Accidents Likely 'Every 10 to 20 Years'
Obama Admin. Giving Away 7 Strategic Islands to Russia
Just Lovely: Look Who U.S. Is Helping Now
Planet Infowars: Rallying Point for the Resistance!
May 22
Bain Backfire: Obama Camp in 'Full Damage Control Mode'
Obama and Congress in Violation of Oaths of Office
Levin: Obama's College Transcripts More 'Secret' Than Details of Bin Laden Raid
Sheriff Joe Sends Detectives to Honolulu
Obama is the Big Lie
5 Grave National Security Threats That U.S. Must Address Strategically
Agenda 21 Conspiracy Theory or Threat
Obama's Giveaway: Oil-Rich Islands to Russia
Obamahontas: POTUS Claimed Cherokee Ancestry, Too
Internment and Resettlement Operations: Field Manual 3-39.40, Feb 2010 – HOLLY NOTE: Everyone should download and read this
A Victory for All of Us
New Bill Would Make It Legal to Target Propaganda, "Psychological Operations" Directly at U.S. Citizens
The Top 50 Excuses for Not Prepping
The Prepper Movement: Why Are Millions of Preppers Preparing Feverishly for the End of the World As We Know It?
The Whole World Is Watching: NATO & The Chicago Summit
Senate Dems Back Increase in Air Travel Fee to Close TSA Funding Shortfall

47 Treated After Chemical Explosion in Georgia Town
May 21
NATO Summit: Loud Cheers as Those Arrested, Detained Released from Police Facility
US-Pakistan Rift Complicates NATO Summit in Chicago
Leadership Window Dressing at G8 and NATO Summits
Sunday's NATO Protests: Sights and Sounds
City of Chicago Website Hacked, Back Online
NATO Summit Protest Gallery
USA's Creaking Infrastructure Holds Back Economy
A Racial Revolution?
N.C. Teacher Tells Student He Could Be Arrested for Talking Badly About Obama
It’s a Crying Shame
American Crossroads: Operation Hot Mic
May 18
Shocker! Obama Was Still 'Kenyan-born' in 2007
Obama’s Father Exposed as anti-White Terrorist by British, U.S. Intel
Defense Contractors Eye Cuts to Jobs, Plants
30,000 - 100,000 Russian Troops Scheduled Within Next 7 Months - May 2, 2012
1 HOLLY NOTE: Not saying this isn't happening but the original figures were for 22 troops which bloomed to 30, then morphed to 100,000 and now it's 200,000 troops. This may be correct or it could be Internet rumor run amuck. We simply don't know. We are only 30 minutes from Ft. Carson and local papers have all reported Russian troops cross-training, but they are all sticking to the initial 22 head count. With that in mind, remember that prophetic info has been collected for years about a coming Russian/China invasion after our country has been severely weakened. This we believe prophetically correct so the aforementioned is not a crazy scenario.
Trayvon Martin Documents Released
Witness Told Cops: Trayvon Straddling and Punching 'MMA Style'
Protest Erupts after All-white Jury Acquits ex-Houston Cop Over Teen's Beating
GSA Caught in Another Spending Spree
Congress Holds Hearing on Corruption, Abuse within TSA
Newark Airport Security Deficiencies Known by Obama, Congress?

May 17
The Vetting - Exclusive - Obama's Literary Agent in 1991 Booklet: 'Born in Kenya and Raised in Indonesia and Hawaii'
Part of NDAA – Military Detention Law – Blocked by New York Judge
Arizona Official to Hawaii: Show Birth Verification
Rush: Obama Planning Late-year Surprise?
Judge Napolitano : First American to Shoot Down a Drone Will Be an American Hero
Dem Senators Want 30% Tax on Anyone Who Renounces US Citizenship
Who Is Buying American Firearms Companies? Why?
Regular Patrol Cops to Get “Ballistic Shields” in Florida
Obama Administration Shrugs Off Contempt Threat Against Holder
James Dobson Says the Family 'Will Cease to Exist' If 'Gay' Matrimony Prevails
Bilderberg Technocrats Hacking U.S. Elections
Election 2012 Prediction: Bilderberg Gets In
Two Representatives Looking to Neuter the NDAA
Half of Americans Support Homosexual ‘Marriage’
Congressman Darrell Issa: Second Amendment Hero
Whistleblower Reacts to New Nexico Prison Rape Allegations
Report: Nearly 10% of Inmates Suffer Sexual Abuse
5 Reasons America Is in Decline
The Fall
US Veterans to Return War Medals in Protest
Obama Most Morally Bankrupt Imposter President in US History
Influential Panel Calls for Steep Reduction of US Nuclear Weapons
Credit Card Fraud Prevention Advice

Census: Minorities Now Majority of U.S. Births
May 15
It Can Happen Here
Former Counterterror Chief: CIA Weakened Under Obama, Leaks Very Damaging
Obama Steps Up Gay Marriage Fight – Calls for Repeal of DoMA
Colorado Civil Unions Bill Killed Before Reaching House Floor
Gay Rights in the US, State by State
Michael Savage: How Obama Fixed 2012 Election
New Obama Book Shocker: Kennedys and Obamas at War — Caroline Considers Obama a ‘Liar’
The Amateur: Barack Obama in the White House
Top 9 Reasons Congress Is Broken
Holder Could Be Prosecuted if He Stonewalls Gun Probe Any Further
Global-warming Policies and the Threat to U.S.
Commies Storm Obama Headquarters – Praised Radical Group Founder as 'Great Reformer'
Fuzzy Math on Energy
White House Lied, Jobs Died
Rainbow Circus, Global Economic Collapse and Thermonuclear War
A Censored Race War?
Foreign Wars Could Send Hoards of Third Worlders to our Shores in Coming Decades
So You Want to Own a Gun (Part Three)
700 National Guard Homeland Response Force Troops Set to Train in New York

May 14
'First Gay President': Newsweek Marks Obama's Landmark Announcement with Controversial Cover
1st Gay President Cashes In
Economic Meltdowns, Global Warming, Guantanamo: How the World Is Disappointed in Obama's Performance and Broken Promises
Feds' Intrusions into U.S. Farms and Families
How Horrific Will It Be for the Non-Prepper?
Terry Anderson, – Black L.A. Talk Radio Host – Listed Things Sen. Obama Said That Aren't Exactly Correct
The Obama Golf Counter
General Motors Is Becoming China Motors
May 12
Around World, Obama's Presidency a Disappointment
NATO Protesters Gearing Up
Geraldo Rivera Calls TSA Screening 'Manual Rape'
$100 Million NATO Invasion of Chicago Coming Soon
DHS Whistleblower: Obama to Commit ‘Reichstag’ Event to Enact Martial Law
Kansas Lawmakers Pass Anti-Islamic Law Measure
Facebook Co-Founder Renounces US Citizenship
Obama Tied to Bill Ayers' Radical Leftist Organization from Age 11
Obama Selling Gay “Party Pack”
Rev. Franklin Graham: Obama Has ‘Shaken His Fist at’ God
'I Am Not Going to Surrender My Office to the Federal Government,' Sheriff Arpaio
Sheriff Joe Demands Obama Draft Registration
Dems Revive Bill to Strip Sheriffs of Power
MAP-21 Bill Could Revoke Passports and Force Motor Vehicles to be Equipped with ‘Event Data Recorder’
Society's Double Standard on Depravity
May 11
Issa to Holder: ‘Fast and Furious Will Be Your Legacy’
Darrell Issa: Eric Holder Like ‘Waiting for Godot’
Obama’s Sordid High School Past: Drug Use, Black Nationalism
Sorry, Joe, Most of Iran’s Nuclear Progress Has Come under Obama
Surprise! Gay President Supports Gay Marriage

America - Systemic Collapse (Pt 1) 2
Woman Accused of Cutting Baby from Womb in Kennewick Wants New Trial
May 10
U.S. Military Conducts ‘Realistic Urban Training’ Exercise in Miami
Military Training in the Middle of Miami Jolts Residents Out of Bed
Chinese Group Plans to Construct a 200 Acre “China City” in Michigan
Chinese Takeover of America Begins... Federal Reserve Clears Communist China for First 'Takover' of US Bank!
Military Job Video... Internment Specialist – Concentration Camp Guards in USA
Russian Soldiers to Train at Fort Carson
Raytheon Declares US Missile Interceptor Test 'a Success'
Military Training in the Middle of Miami Jolts Residents Out of Bed
House: No Gay Marriage on Bases
Romney Reaffirms Support for Traditional Marriage
Catholic Schools Could Be Breaking Law Over Gay Marriage, Warns Minister
Gay Marriage is Obama’s Poison Pill
Obama's Plan to Destroy the Republic
Rick Wiles Interviews Doug Hagmann Regarding the Coming Civil War in America
Al Sharpton: GOP Has Declared 'War on Black People' Time to 'Fire Back'
How the Oil Industry Deceived the US with Promise of Energy Independence
May 9
Army Admits Re-Education Camp Manual “Not Intended For Public Release”
Uncle Sam the Snooper – American Freedoms Being Replaced with Illusion of Security
Hurt: Obama’s Real ‘War’ Is Against the Elderly
Obama Wants Power, Not Jobs
Obama’s Same-Sex Evolution – Takes Wide Stance on Homosexual ‘Marriage’
North Carolina Bans Gay Marriage Civil Unions, Too
Killed in Colorado: Civil Unions Bill
GOP Pushes East Coast Missile Defense Site
Over 1,300 Tubes Damaged at Calif. Nuclear Plant
Snapping Up, Locking Down the Land
'Green' Lawsuits Costing Taxpayers Millions
Strange Anomalies in the Famous Situation Room Photo

May 8
The Chicago Way: Justice for Sale at Holder's DOJ
Issa to Holder: You Can Still Avoid Contempt If You Give Up Fast and Furious Documents
Is Obama Negotiating Treaty That Would Essentially Ban All "Buy American" Laws?
Obama: “2012 Is Make or Break for American Marxism”
Obama Admin. Security Official: We Don't Need to Subpoena Reporters Anymore Because We Already Know Who They're Talking To
Romney Silent as Supporter Insists Obama Be Tried for ‘Treason’
Obama's Secret Gun Control Plan! Dick Morris TV: Lunch Alert
Now a Witness to Breitbart's Death Vanishes

May 7
The Planned Re-Election of Obama, Revolutionary Style
Private Investigator Doug Hagmann Interview on TruNews
America Catering to Mexicans for Votes in Presidential Race
U.S. Internment Camp: Prison for a New American Century
Is Fast and Furious the Next Watergate?
Ark. Congressman Wants to Disconnect $1 Billion Free Cell Phone Program
Tracking Cellphones Compromises 4th Amendment
Joe Biden on Gay Marriage Then and Now
VP Biden on Same-Sex Marriage
Muslim Brotherhood Invades Tampa to Re-elect President Obama!
May 4
Special Warning: DHS Knows an Economic Collapse Is Coming and That People Are Not Prepared
Leaked U.S. Army Document Outlines Plan for Re-Education Camps in America
“We are Preparing for Massive Civil War,” Says DHS Informant
Obama's Ex-Girlfriend: What Her Diaries Reveal
Secret Files Missing at National Archives Due to "Chronic Disregard”
Dictator Obama Issues New Threat to Supreme Court over ObamaCare
Wave of Black Mobs Brutalizing Whites Since Trayvon Martin Slaying
May 3
Obama Signs E.O. Declaring International Law for the UN
Obama’s Midnight Madness: Prez Campaigns at Expense of Nation, National Security
Issa Makes Case for Contempt Order Against Holder, Says 'Furious' Response 'Cannot Stand'
“If I Wanted America to Fail”
Big Brother is Bipartisan, Good to Know
Neo-Nazi Among 5 Killed in Arizona Home Shooting
Facebook Users Heap Baggage on Spirit Airlines After Dying Vet Refused Refund
Custody Battle Pits U.S. Mother Against Palestinian Father Who Moved His Kids to Gaza

May 2
Seattle Mayor Issues Emergency Order After May Day Mayhem
Shoot-to-Kill Order Enforced in No-Fly Zone During NATO
Perverting Charity: One of America’s Largest Foundations Sets Aside Giving to Pour Millions into Liberal Political Causes
Colorado Couple Downsizes to 127-square-foot Home
May 1
New Obama Slogan Has Long Ties to Marxism, Socialism
Obama Has Yet to Understand That the Next President Will Be Cleaning Up His Messes
SEALs: Obama Taking Credit for bin Laden ‘Cheap Shot’
Mark Levin Interviews Ex-CIA Chief Jose Rodriguez Who Says Pelosi Lied About Waterboarding
Miller: Obama's Blame Game
Gaffney: Wanted: A Competent Commander-in-Chief
A Cynical Process: Labor Unions Have a Lot in Common with the UN
U.S. Troops In Neighborhood Streets Fully Armed
US Attorney General Eric Holder's Ballot to Vote Offered to Total Stranger
Top ICE Official Pleads Guilty in $500,000 Scam
Human Colony Collapse Disorder: The Top 10 Countdown to Our Own Extinction
Global Risk Consultant: World Is Changing But ‘Absolutely Foolish’ to Bet Against the US
Polling Shows that Gun Love Is on the Rise

April 30
Top EPA Official Armendariz Resigns Over 'Crucify' Comment
Cyber Intelligence & Internet Spying: House Passes Draconian Internet Spying Bill
Why You Should Be Afraid of CISPA
‘If You Don’t Have Any Guns, You Can Ask Eric Holder to Get Some For You’: Jimmy Kimmel’s Full Routine
Authorities Refuse to Disclose Details of Chicago Evacuation Plan
Virginia Lawmakers Agree to Reject NDAA
'Your' Car Won't Be After 2015
LAPD: Breitbart's Coroner May Have Died from Arsenic Poisoning
'Civilization Jihad' and Obama's Connections

April 27
Republicans Prepare Contempt Citation Against Eric Holder Over Fast and Furious
Report: Russian Troops to ‘Seize’ CIA Facility in Elaborate War Game... on U.S. Soil
Russian Troops to Target Terrorists in America as Part of Drill
Milwaukee Red Cross Told to Prep for Chicago Evac During NATO Summit
Local NATO Hosts Red-Faced Over ‘Red Zone’ Militarization Plan
Want to Know Just How Close the Muslim Brotherhood Is to the Obama Admin?
Michelle's Spanish Vacation Cost Taxpayers $500,000
Poll: Feds' Favorability Drops to 15-year Low
Karl Rove’s Electoral Map: If Election Were Held Today, Obama Would Win
The Romney Opportunity – "More Than Any President, This Incumbent Is Willing to Say Things That Aren't in the Area Code of the Truth"
Krauthammer: Biden Holds 'American Record for Wrong on Most Issues in Foreign Affairs Ever'
Clinton Admin: US Secret Agents, WH Staff in Moscow Club Known for Sex, Drugs, Cop Raids - Report
Labor Dept. Withdraws Farm Child Labor Rule
Politics Stands in Way of Nuclear Plant's Future
Americans Are Not Stupid - With Subtitles
Judge Wants Definition of 'Natural Born Citizen'
Draft House Measure Demands Nuke Capability in New Bomber from Get-Go

April 26
Jim Inhofe Rips EPA’s ‘Crucify Them’ Approach
Report: Secret Service Involved in Second Prostitution Scandal
Stealing Our Elections
Obama Racialism, Fired Up in Jacksonville
Obama Admin. Let Grenades Walk in Fast and Furious, Documents Show
High-ranking DoJ Official to Resign Amid Fast and Furious, Virgin Islands Bribery Scandals
TSA Screeners Allegedly Let Drug-Filled Luggage Through LAX for Cash
Dad: TSA Got Aggressive With 7-Year-Old with Cerebral Palsy
Dershowitz: Prosecutor in Trayvon Martin Case Overreached with Murder Charge
Teen Charged with Hate Crime, Says He Was Mad About Trayvon Martin
Contract Battle Sets Up Possible ‘Occupy’ Shutdown Attempt on Golden Gate

April 25
Romney Promises 'Better America' after 5-State Primary Sweep Puts Pressure on Gingrich
In the Social Media World, Rubio Would Be Romney's Veep Choice
H. L. Mencken Says Obama Is Not the Problem
IRS May Have Authority to Remove Your Right to Have a Firearm
Secret Service Scandal Focus Now on Capitol Hill
Pentagon Confirms Plan to Create New Spy Agency
3 More Agents Ousted in Secret Service Scandal, 2 Others Cleared
Senior U.S. General Orders Top-to-Bottom Review of Military’s Islam Training

No Charges Over 'Reverse Trayvon Martin' Shooting in Phoenix Area
April 24
Bank of America's War on the Second Amendment
Federal Communications Commission Is More Secretive Than the CIA
Obama’s Enemies List
10 "Cannots" for Society!
Justice Sotomayor: Tax Evasion, Perjury - What Did Obama Know & When?
Agenda 21: The End of Western Civilization
North Dakota Votes to Secede from Union
Arizona: Countdown to the Showdown on S.B. 1070
Scandals, Scandals Everywhere!
Homes Abandoned Amid Riot Warnings in Chicago
House GOP Rejects Vote on
Obama State Department Set to Cede Oil-Rich Alaska Islands to Russia

Another Fraud Charge on Convicted Felon George Soros: Flying the Coop on His Fraud Company and a $39.4 Million Judgment Against It!
Black Mob Beats White Man to Near Death
When Is Race Important in Violent Deaths?
Georgia Granny Thwarts 2 Would-Be Robbers in Shootout
10 Important Issues Only Ron Paul is Addressing
New York Store Dedicated to 100% Domestic Merchandise
2012 GPA Redistribution Petition & Video Contest - Carthage College
April 23
Obama Increasingly Seeking Ways to Act Without Congress
Lindsey Williams on Jeff Rense Spills the Beans
Slaves or Not: the American Police State
TSA Installs Undercover Agents on Texas Busses
Domestic Drone Authorizations
Iran Building Copy of Captured US Drone
18 Venn Diagrams Showing How Corrupted American ‘Democracy’ Really Is
What Most Gun Nuts Get Wrong

April 20
New Agency – Office of Financial Research – Stirs Orwellian Fears
GOP Senators Accuse Obama of Lying About Scarcity of Oil Supply after USGS showed US May Have More Than 20% of World's Untapped Supply, Not 2%
Another “False Flag” Operation Pending
EU gives US Go Ahead for ‘Big Brother’ Snooping
Surveillance Net: “Beyond Anything That Has Ever Existed Previously”
Possible New Evidence Shows George Zimmerman's Bloodied Head
Congress Is About to Pass Bill That Restricts Traveling, Driving and International Banking
Ted Nugent Meets Secret Service: Was He Singled Out?
Mass-Casualty Earthquake Drill Held in Ogden
Social Security Administration Letting Tax Dollars Go Up in Smoke

April 19
Pentagon Chief: 'We're Within an Inch of War Almost Every Day’
Does President Obama Take Too Many Vacations?
3 Out at Secret Service in Colombia Prostitution Scandal as Congressman Warns 'It's Not Over'
No Joy in Democratville Regarding the Election
Mark Levin: Obama Is an Imperial President
Stop the Liberal Presses: NYT/CBS Poll Finds Trouble for Obama
TransCanada Submits New Keystone XL Pipeline Plan
Lindsey Williams on Alex Jones
The Eligibility Issue Still Matters to Americans
Obama: "We've Begun to See What Change Looks Like" (and it's ugly)

Illinois City Official Accused of Stealing $30M from Taxpayers
Governments Cash in on Carbon Taxes
Red Alert: Draconian CISPA Bill Picking Up Sponsors Ahead of Vote Next Week
Here's What You Need to Know About the Gov’t Possibly Mandating Vehicle ‘Black Boxes’

April 18
Legendary Dick Clark, 82, Dead of Massive Heart Attack
Senate Dems Refuse to Produce a Budget for 3rd Year in a Row
Blackhawks Circle Low Through Chicago Skies as Secret Service Releases Security Details
Shredding the Constitution
All Aboard the Auschwitz Express: “People Don’t Want to Believe It”
Appeals Court Upholds Arizona's Voter ID Requirement
House Bill Limits Federal Restrictions on Hunting
10 Disgusting Examples of School Children Being Arrested, Handcuffed and Brutalized by Police
800+ Major Corporations and U.S. Chamber of Commerce Support Internet Freedom-Crushing CISPA
Secret Service Looking into Ted Nugent Violent Anti-Obama Message
Keystone XL Likely Dead
Fukushima Daiichi and US Domestic Nuclear Crisis

April 17
Record Number 1,800 Americans Renounce Citizenship Over Taxes
The Babylonian Captivity of Washington: Israel Can Start a War and the US Can Do Nothing to Stop It
Security Clearances Yanked for 11 Agents Accused in Prostitution Scandal
GSA Exec Pleads Fifth on Capitol Hill Outrageous Spending
Join Demand to Investigate Mich. DNR Director Rodney Stokes Over Forced Shooting of Baby Piglets in Cold Blood
Here's the E.O. re: Yesterday's New Item.: Supporting Safe and Responsible Development of Unconventional Domestic Natural Gas Resources
Senate GOP Blocks Buffett Rule Bill
Obama in Colombia: ‘Part of My Job Is to Scout Out Where I May Want to Bring Michelle Back Later for Vacation’
Little-Known DOJ Cell Watches Trayvon Martin Protests
Helter Skelter Manufactured Crisis=Manufactured Race Wars
The Real Obama: His Inner Circle
Poll: Pelosi Still the Least-Liked Member of Congress

April 16
Obama's Bodyguards Sent Back to US after Prostitution Scandal
Scandal Overshadows Obama Colombia Trip
Obama: I'll Be Angry If Secret Service Prostitution Allegations Are True
Issa on Scandal: Not the First Time
Romney Warns NRA: Obama Coming for Guns
Not-So-Smooth Operator: Obama Increasingly Comes Across as Devious and Dishonest
Power Grab for Natural Gas – New Executive Order
Why America Is Devolving Towards Absolute Government Control - With America Headed Towards Socialism, Most Care Not Enough to Resist
Ex-Reporter Sues After Alleged Police Brutality Deleted Off Camera
The Nuclear Assassination of America Exposed
Farrakhan Threatens: People Will Kill Their Leaders in a Few Days

Former Hitler Youth Whistleblower Warns of America's Nazi Future
Big Sis Needs More Ammunition – This Time for Training

April 13
Obama Hammered for 'Jetting Around,' Taking Vacations While Americans Suffer
Outmaneuvering Netanyahu - Obama's Iran Strategy
Obama Abuses Words as Clinton Abused Women
Something Wicked This Way Comes
America and Titanic: a Shared Destiny?
Obama Supporter, Rosen, Ignites Mommy Wars with Romney
Rosen Didn't Misspeak; She Spoke Deliberately, with Passion
Gambling on Security: Is America Safe Enough to Afford a Downsized Military?
Napolitano Perjures Herself to Congress in Fast & Furious Testimony
Twice as Many Unmarried Couples Having Babies
City Council Awakens to Evil and Defeats It
Cable Glitch Causes Porn to Air on Colorado Springs Channel Instead of Good Morning America

April 12
US Military Stocking Up on Massive Amount of Anti-Radiation Pills Prepping for Nuke Fallout
US Military Stocking Up on Massive Amount of Anti-Radiation Pills Prepping for Nuke Fallout
Congress Flooded with Calls to Probe Obama
Obama: Who's Your Daddy?
State Seizes Property Under ‘Green’ Zoning Laws, Terrorizes Man to Death – Agenda 21's Eco-Fascism Bares Its Teeth
Zimmerman to Face 2nd-degree Murder Charge – 'Thank You, Lord,' Says Martin's Mother
Tyson on Zimmerman: 'It's a Disgrace He Hasn't Been Shot Yet'
Race War! Democrat La Raza (meaning The Race) President: Blacks, Hispanics Should Team Up ‘To Attack Common Enemies’ 1
Stealing the 2012 Election Planned!... A SPANISH Company NOT the American People Will 'Count' Votes in November!
Allen West: I ‘Believe’ About 80 House Dems Are Communists, and Obama is ‘Too Scared’ to Debate Me
Andrew Napolitano: What If the Gov't Rejects the Constitution?
Map of the Dead – Zombie Survival

April 11
How Are Those Supreme Court Attacks Working Out for You?
Obama as Farce
Cities – A Prepper’s Nightmare & Solutions
Treasury to Cut Costs by Remaking Coins, Replacing Paper
Nazi Engineers, Secret U.S. Military Bases, and Elevators to the Subterranean and Submarine Depths (Pt 1)
DoD to Further Militarize U.S. Law Enforcement with Hundreds of Military Robots
US Military Sets Goal to Cut Power Grid Dependence – Could Require $20B in Private Financing
Gary North: Forget Moving Overseas
April 10
Fleeing Babylon

American Universities Infected by Foreign Spies Detected by FBI
Gas Prices Grow More Under Obama than Carter
Study Claims ObamaCare Would Explode US Deficit
Obama Receives Brazil's Ex-Terrorist President
Oblivious to the Obvious
Obama's Re-Election: A Stake in the Heart of the American Spirit
This Is How Media 'Fact Checks' Obama?
There's Truth, Then There's "Obama Truth" – See Obama Double Speak
Wall Street Insider: My God... My God... What Has Become of America?
How NBC Editors Made the Zimmerman 911 Call Sound Racist
Luxury Doomsday Prepper Shelters Being Built Into an Abandoned KS Missile Silo
April 9
MPAA Chairman Chris Dodd Wants to Resurrect SOPA, Confirms Secret Negotiations
WH Diverted $500M to IRS to Implement Healthcare Law
Senate Budget Leader Predicts Budget Stalemate Through 2012 Campaign
WH Ignores Congress, Sends All $1.5 Billion in Aid to Egypt
O'Keefe's Latest: Voter Fraud Investigation Lands on Eric Holder's Doorstep
13 Ways Government Tracks Us
What If Earth Day Explodes 4/22/2012. USA Is Not a Government!
Ted Nugent: Thank Obama for Record Gun Sales
Globalist Plan to Disarm America
New Black Panthers: Race War for Trayvon April 9th 'Day of Action'
2 (language warning)
April 6
The Left’s Frontal Assault on the Supreme Court
Kuhner: Obama v. Supreme Court – President Would Weaken the Pillars of Our Republic to Get His Way
Obama’s Bullying of Court Shameful
Holder Says Court Power to Review Laws 'Beyond Dispute'
Savage New Territory: Trickle Down Tyranny
US Gov't. Orders 750+ Million Rounds of Hollow Point Ammo in 3 Years
Leader of ‘DARPA for Spies’ Steps Down
Obama's Budget: 'Interest Payments Will Exceed Defense Budget' in 2019
Man, 78, Beaten by Teens: 'This Is for Trayvon'
Asked Why Gas Prices Are Going Up, Biden Gives 11 Minute Answer on Iran, Bombing Oil Fields
California's Nuclear Power Woes
Obama Misquotes Bible on Wealth Redistribution
They Party ... On Your Tax Dollars: Video Shows Feds Joking About Cost of Lavish Conference
Arlen Specter: a Sty in the Public Eye
US Plans to Deploy Combat Ships to Singapore: Panetta
Islamic Indoctrination in Textbooks

April 5
Obama Engaged in "Unhinged Attack," Hensarling Says
Exposing the Obama-Soetoro Deception
Former Obama Student: Obama's Ignorance of Constitution Embarrassing
Judge Napolitano: I Think the President Is Dangerously Close to Totalitarianism
Hope for the Dead – Andrew Napolitano Links Freedom from Government Control to Jesus' Resurrection
Obama Is Making the Case for His Own Impeachment
April’s Fools
Arpaio: If DOJ Wants to take me to Court, Fine, I’ll Meet Them in Court
Secrets of Prometheus Film Leaked
Gun Shops: Obama Re-election, Doomsday “Preppers” Still Driving Rocketing Sales
USDA Orders 326,000 Rounds of Ammo as Homeland Security Stays Quiet Over 450 Million Round Order
Police Officers Sentenced Over Katrina Killings
Canadian PM Blasts Obama on Keystone: The U.S. Is an Unreliable Energy Partner
School Changes Lyrics from 'God Bless the USA' to 'We Love the USA'
'It's On, Cuz We Don't Have to Worry About Re-election'
Could the Pelican Brief Become Reality by the Assassination of Supreme Court Justices to Save Obamacare?
WH Not Considering Slashing Deployed Arsenal to 300 Nukes: Expert
Why the US Cannot Extract Most of its Oil Reserves

April 4
Iran Says if Attacked by Washington "No Place in America Will Be Safe from Our Attacks"
Iran Will Retaliate If Attacked, But How?
No Limitations on U.S. Missile Defense: Envoy 
Russia to Consider Sanctions Against U.S.
Romney Sweeps 3 Primary Contests, Eyes General Election Battle 
NSA Whistleblower Thomas Drake Prevails in Unprecedented Obama Admin. Crackdown
Former WH Speechwriter Suggests Military Coup Could Oust Obama
Full Text of Newsmax Column Suggesting Coup
A Nation Arms Itself – for What?
Lawmaker Wants Hearing Over $820G Vegas Bash
Oscar-Winning Producer Presents '2016': Investigative Obama Documentary
World Trade Center Nears Landmark Height, Reaches 100 Floors

April 3
President Obama Warns 'Unelected' Supreme Court Against Striking Down Health Care Law
The Real Obama: Betraying Israel
Obama Imposes Martial Law
Who Shrank Our President?
Just 6% Rate Congress’ Job Performance as Good or Excellent
US Draws Up Plans for Nuclear Drones
Pentagon Activates Missile Defenses for NKorean Launch
Affirmative Action Ban Upheld in California
The Census' Broken Privacy Promise
American Crime: Black on Black; Black on White

April 2
Top Obama Campaign Donor Accused of Fraud
Arpaio Takes Obama’s ‘Forgery’ to Public: "Biggest Constitutional Crisis Since Watergate"
Occidental College Transcripts Reveals Obama Claimed Foreign Citizenship to Get Scholarship
With GPS Data Out, Feds Eye Warrantless Cell Phone Surveillance
Obama: Government 'Made This Country Great' (and we always thought it was the people!)
Swing States Poll: A Shift by Women Puts Obama in Lead
Homeland Security Targets Anti-Abortion Activists as Domestic Terrorists
DHS Isn’t the Only Ammo Hog in the U.S.
Civil War Has Begun: America Is Fatally Deceived
Melissa Woodward: A Sex Slave's Story
America is Freemasonry's "New Atlantis"
UN Decides When We Go to War, Without Congressional Approval
The Voter ID Battle
Feds to Announce Distribution of $500M from Google
March 30
The Trayvon Timeline: How Local Crime Story Became National Racial Outrage
ABC News Doctors Zimmerman Video to Peddle False Story in Trayvon Martin Case
Parents of Murdered British Students Criticize Obama
Hurt: Brutal Week for Obama, the Worst of His Presidency
Behind-the-Scenes Attempt to Kill Arizona’s Obama Eligibility Bill
Obama Unleashed
Hero U.S. Soldier Gives Life to Save Afghan Girl
Lawmakers Press Obama to Help Avoid Defense Cuts
Air Force Announces It's Upgrading the One Plane It Needs to Bomb Iran
FBI Memo: Agents Can “Bend or Suspend the Law and Impinge Upon the Freedoms of Others”
DHS Buying 450 Million New Bullets
Fear Grows in Calif. Cities Near San Onofre Nuclear Plant
EPA Climate Proposal Could Limit Coal's Future, at Least in U.S.
5 Arrested, Accused of Forcing High School Girls to be Prostitutes

March 29
Obama Budget Defeated 414-0
Feds Refuse to Release Obama Draft Docs to Sheriff Joe
Plans for a New Pipeline to Rival Keystone XL
Lawyer: Zimmerman Police Video the 'Smoking Gun'
Man Arrested at Philly Airport Over Alleged Bomb
Family Demands to Know If Weapons Used to Kill ICE Agent Could Have Been Seized Before They Crossed into Mexico
Jack Van Impe:  Obama Has Been Chosen to Lead New World Order
CNN Poll: Obama Leads GOP Candidates
Not Being Gay is Now a Crime
Man Destroys Neighbor's House With Bobcat After Accusing Them of Selling Drugs
Al-Qaida Warns Muslims: Time to Get Out of U.S.
Al-Qaida Nukes Already in U.S. – 7 Cities Targeted

March 28
Why Obama's Open Mic Slip Could Seriously Hurt His Reelection Hopes
The Terrible Truth Told by Obama's Open Mic Slip
Issa Says Obama’s ‘Going to Sell Out Our National Defense After the Election’
Russian Media Expose Obama's Birth 'Forgery'
Eligibility Invades U.S. Town-Hall Meetings
Troubled U.S. Nuclear Plant to Stay Shut Down
A Nuclear Blast of Any Size Would End D.C. as We Know It
Freight Train Carrying HAZMAT Derails, Catches Fire in NE Indiana
JetBlue Pilot Subdued After Total Meltdown on Flight
Boston Loses Landmark Case Against Man Who Recorded Police Brutality
March 27
The Audacity of Obama’s Intentions Revealed
Obama’s Hot Mike Disaster
U.S. Military Being Replaced With Obama's Own National Security Force?... Obama Youth Gestapo?
7 Rules of Bureaucracy
"Guns" I Think You Should Read This
Was Trayvon Martin a Drug Dealer?
Women Don't Need Men
Green Climate Fund Wants Immunity from Any Kind of Prosecution
March 26
Obama: 'After My Election I'll Have More Flexibility'
Insider Warned Us – Obama’s Racial Division Plan Now Underway...
Santorum to NYT Reporter: "Quit Distorting Our Words, It's Bulls---"
March 25
President Obama’s Hall of Blame
Obama Replacing U.S. Military With His Own National Security Force?
Dick Morris: Obama Has Assumed Dictatorial Powers
The Presidents Book of Secrets
U.S. Military Purging 'Birthers'?
Thousands to Facebook Marine: We've Got Your Back
National League of Cities Efforts to Ban Guns in America Through Your Local Government
Group Teaching Homeless How to Invade Apartments
9/11/01: Failures of US Secret Service on Morning of 9/11: Call for Transparency
"After America, There is No Place to Go"
Trayvon Shooter 'Couldn't Stop Crying' After Shooting\
Witness Counters Trayvon Media Narrative – Says 17-Year-Old Was Beating Zimmerman Before Shooting
Gingrich Says President’s Remarks About Trayvon Shooting ‘Disgraceful’
Black Panthers Offer Bounty for Capture of George Zimmerman
...Calls for Lynching
Leveraging Racism for Chaos – Gateway to Communism
Spike Lee Retweets Zimmerman’s Home Address
Teacher Fired After Not Noticing 3rd Graders Having Oral Sex Under Desk
March 23
Alex Jones Breaks Down the Martial Law System with George Noory
Martial Law Executive Order: History Should Cause Concern, Not Comfort
US Intelligence to Keep Tabs on Americans With No Ties to Terror
Kuhner: Obama’s Power Grab
Screw Democracy! Obama Administration Will Give Muslim Brotherhood $1.5 Billion in US Aid
Federal Judge Okays Flag Desecration
Supreme Court Ruling: Victory for Property Owners, Defeat for EPA
Gun Sales Explode as Election Looms – Sturm, Ruger Can’T Keep Up With Demand, Suspends Sales
Obama Administration's Plan to Cut Back Pilot Firearm Training Raises Security Concerns
'This Is Such a Crock': Limbaugh Calls Out President for 'Approving' the Keystone Deal
Limbaugh on Obama's Keystone Pipeline Half Approval
Team Obama Selling Vulgar T-Shirts
Prisoner Exodus in California Continues, Sparking Safety Concerns
Human Fetuses Found in Luggage at Miami Airport
March 22
Marine Faces Discharge for Being Openly Critical of President Obama
8th Graders Forced to Gather Opposition Research on GOP Candidates
Sheriff Joe Wants Obama's Original Draft Card – Asks Feds: What Steps Will Be Taken to Investigate Possible Forgery?
The Selling of the Presidency, 2012 – Joseph Farah Tries to Keep Straight Face Watching Propaganda Film
Obama Caught Fibbing at Oil Field
Obama Tries to Spread Blame on Solyndra, Keystone
The Militarization of America
Super Rich Republican Donor Calls Obama ‘The Most Dangerous American Alive’
Ken Blackwell: Holder's ‘War’ on Voter IDs Decried as Obama Re-election Tool
More Senators Express Disappointment in Holder’s Job Performance
If I Were the Devil: Paul Harvey (Warning for a Nation)
OWS Protesters Dumping Fecal Matter, Urine Around NYC
Gaffe-a-Minute Biden Jokes Inappropriately About the Irish: 'Lubricating Has a Different Meaning!'
MUSHROOM ALERT! Legislature to Vote on Dozens of Imaginary Budget Bills Today!
Obama Doubles Down on Solar Energy Efforts
Energy Industry Accuses Obama of Rigging Oil Numbers of Untapped Resources
Feeding the Homeless Banned in Major Cities All Over America
March 21
Obama Wants to Track You
Why is Obama Lying About US Oil Reserves?
5 Dirty Secrets Obama Doesn’t Want You to Learn before the Election
Huckabee: Does Voter ID Battle Make Sense?
Obama Executive Order: Takeover of Municipalities Drowning in Debt!
Obama Bypasses Fossil Fuels to Burn Green Dollars
March 20
The Obama Admin.: All Your Privacy and All Your Stuff Belong to Us
The Real Obama: Absolute Power
Did the Obama Admin Give MSNBC Sensitive National Security Info on Movement of Nuclear Materials?
US War Game Simulates Aftermath of Israeli Strike on Iran
Gov't. Buying All 5.56 Military Surplus Ammo & Telling Ammo Dealers to Stop Selling to Vendors & Civilians
Obama's Legalization of Slavery and Systematic Population Reduction
A Video That Is Beyond Disgusting
What the Mailman Knows about Ayers and Obama
Obama Blamed Troubles on Fox News, Book
Begich-Manchin Has One Purpose: To Keep the Senate Gavel in Harry Reid's Hands
Tapping the Strategic Petroleum Reserve
The Decline of American Power Continues
Grading the Nation: How Accountable Is Your State? 8 Get an 'F' on Corruption
Rotten Deal? Despite Tim Tebow's Heroics, Broncos Bring in Manning
March 18
Obama Executive Order: Peacetime Martial Law!
New Obama Executive Order Seizes U.S. Infrastructure and Citizens for Military Preparedness
Read Obama's Latest E.O.: National Defense Resources Preparedness
Executive Order: Power Grab or Mere Update?
Gov’t Study Asks: What Happens if Someone Nukes D.C.?
Document: "National Capital Region: Key Response Planning Factors for the Aftermath of Nuclear Terrorism"
Proposed UN Environmental Constitution for World Would Establish an Incredibly Repressive Global Governance
The Chief Executive Has Just Declared: Congress Is Irrelevant
“We Are This Far from a Turnkey Totalitarian State" - Big Brother Goes Live September 2013
The NSA Is Building the Country’s Biggest Spy Center (Watch What You Say)
Tennessee Lawmakers and UN Agenda 21
Navy Expected to Recommend a Force of About 300 Ships
Holder in 1995: We Must 'Brainwash' People on Guns
Just 41% Say America’s Best Days in Future
The Obama Flag, Who Decided It Would Be OK?
A Black Man, The Progressive’s Perfect Trojan Horse
Gunboats, Super-Torpedoes, Sea-Bots: U.S. Navy Launches Huge Iran Surge
Castro Knew JFK wAs About to be Killed, Claims Retired CIA Intelligence Chief
March 16
2012 or Never
Kuhner: Oust Obama – President’s Globalist Doctrine Undermines American Sovereignty
Activist: Voter ID Laws Aren't Discriminatory
Ayers: 'Revolution' Needed to Stop 'White Supremacy' 
78% of Voters: Don't Send US Troops to Syria
He Thinks You’re Stupid… Obama Repeats Myth About US Oil Reserves
ATK to Supply 450 Million Rounds of .40 Caliber Ammo to DHS
Napolitano: Can the Secret Service Tell You to Shut Up?
Road Open After HAZMAT Situation at Los Alamos Labs
Announcing the Creation of FEMA Corps
March 15
U.S., Britain to Agree to Release Emergency Oil Reserves
FBI Warns of Homegrown Violence After Afghan Massacre
U.S. Troops Numb...
Blago Heads to Colorado to Serve 14-Year Sentence
Courts or Polls May Be Next Stop in Pa. Voter ID Law Fight
Texas Takes Aim at Blocked Voter ID Law
UN Human Rights Council Will Investigate US Voter ID Laws
Obama’s Words Disguise His Israel Foreign Policy Actions
AFL-CIO Plans Door-to-Door Politicking for Obama and Other Dems
Obama's Fix for Gas Prices: "Set Up Task Force to Look into Speculation"
30 Years Later, Same Vital Questions
Only 20% Say They Are Better Off Now Than 4 Years Ago
Marines Forced to Disarm Before Panetta Speech in Afghanistan
It's Not About ’Stuff‘ It’s About a ‘Mindset’: Beck and Panel Discuss Emergency Preparedness
March 14
American Flag (Made in China) with Obama's Image Sparks Outrage at Florida Dems
Regulation Nation: New Study Finds Obama’s Regs Cost $46 Billion a Year
Poll: Government Officers Impeding Reporter Access to Info, Interviews
Key Witness in Obama Passport Fraud Case Murdered in Front of Church
The War Is Over, the War Is Lost, Bring Them Home
Major US Airport to Evict TSA Screeners
TSA Wasteland – in Graphic Display
Which Is Better - A Society with Loose Sexuality or a Society with Strict Rules for Sexuality?
Residents Fleeing Puerto Rico – More Natives Live in U.S. Than on the Island
Why Are Millions of Americans Preparing for Doomsday?
My Doomsday Tab: $130K on Bunkers, Guns and More
March 13
Media Works Hard to Protect Obama on Gas Prices
Media Cover-up of Obama Impeachment Exposed
Poll: 88% of Americans Vote YES to an Obama Impeachment
Dead People and Clones Voting in Vermont
Taliban Threatens to Behead US Soldiers Over
March 12
Changing Our Country Into Several Countries
Obama's Secret Plan to Soar Gas Prices – Chuck Norris Exposes Strategy to Sabotage Americans at the Pump
Obama Signs Anti-Protest Trespass Bill
Obama Admin. to Congress: You’re Irrelevant
Why Is Obama Administration Not Interested in Defense of the U.S.?
Obama Is Killing America
Mary Matalin Smacks Down Spitzer: We're Not Better off Than 4 Years Ago, "If Carter Was Malaise, This Is Despair"
Will a Sitting President Finally Be Held Accountable for High Crimes and Misdemeanors?
Our Choice: Impeachment or Dictatorship – Tom Tancredo Urges House to Begin Proceedings Against Obama ASAP
Gun Sales Up 24%, Some See Link to Obama Re-Election Fears
Gun Nation: Inside America's Gun-Carry Culture
CAIR Hails 'Sharia' Victory in Florida, Presses Broader Agenda in Congress
Obama Apologizes for Afghan Slayings, Still Ignores Mexican ‘Fast and Furious’ Murders
US Military Turns Up the Heat on Rioting Mobs
Planned Parenthood Accused of $6M Fraud
March 9
Obama Quietly Prepares for Fall as Republicans Fight
Gallup: Half of All Americans Call Obama Presidency 'Failure'
Lou Dobbs: Report Details 21 Legal Violations By Obama Admin.
What Happened to “We the People”?
Soros and Big Dem Donors Set to Clean Up from NAT Gas Act
Keystone XL Pipeline Denied Lifeline Thrown by Republicans
'Sandhogs' Dig Massive Tunnels Under NYC
Why Putin Is Driving Washington Nuts
Coup D’etat: Pentagon & Obama Declare Congress Ceremonial
Texas Children Found Living in School Bus, While Parents Imprisoned for Embezzlement
March 8
Exclusive: Unedited Obama Race Video Unveiled
High School Students‘ ’USA! USA!’ Victory Chant Deemed Racial Insult
Free Speech in US, but Only in Designated Zones?
Panetta: US Weighs Iran Strike Plans
Reluctant U.S. Prepares Military Options for Syria
New U.S. Air Force Energy Strategy Call for Nuclear Reactors in Space
Arsenal of Weapons, Explosives Found at NY Home
12 States on Path to Guns With No Permits
Panel Recommends US Customize Nuclear Power Plant Emergency Plans
No Food Stamps for $1 Million Lotto Winner
How to Beat a TSA Body Scanner and Flush a Billion Dollars Down the Toilet
March 7
John Bolton Responds to Obama's Tuesday News Conference Calling It a 'Conscious Falsehood'
Confirmed: Obama's Birth Certificate Not Authentic 2012
Michelle Obama Attends $100,000 Per Couple Fundraiser
Congress 'Criminalizing' First Amendment – 'No Longer Need to be Conspiracy Theorist' to Worry About Police State
The Era of the Creepy-State is Here
Obama’s Missile Defense Madness
The Scorched-Earth Politics of America's 4 Fundamentalisms
How Much Does Obama's Campaign Know About You?
Supreme Court Ginsburg Likes Use of Foreign Law

March 6
Attorney General Holder Says Murder Is Legal
Obama Second Term Odds Spurs Rash of Gun Buying
Majority in 3 Key States Doubt Obama Eligibility
Obama's Remaking of America
Report: Wikileaks Emails from Stratfor Allege Osama Might Not Have Been Buried at Sea
Holder Promises to Kill Citizens with Care
Why Are We Still in Afghanistan?
'Make My Day' for Businesses Bill Fails in Colo. Senate
Minorities Now the Majority in 106 US Cities
March 5
The NDAA: A Clear and Present Danger to American Liberty
Obama Sets NDAA Detention Guidelines
Hawaii Official Now Swears No Obama Birth Certificate
Is Obama Targeting Key Patriots on Enemies List?
Malice in Wonderland as Barack’s Presidency Finally Runs Out of Gas
Daylight: The Story of Obama and Israel
Terrorist Lawyer Gets Big Justice Post
Marines 'Starting to Look Ridiculous'
Making Military Families Pay
Barrasso: Strategic Petroleum Reserve Is for Emergencies - Not Political Disasters

March 2
Senator: Obama's Acting Like U.S. Is USSR
Obama Likens Himself to Mandela, Gandhi
"Go to Hell Barack" Ad Greets Commuters at Washington DC Metro Station
AZ Sheriff Joe Arpaio Releases Results of Obama Birth Certificate Probe: ‘Forgery’
After $400M Fed Loan, 3rd Obama-Financed Solar Company in Trouble
Breitbart's Last Investigation? Obama
Michael Savage Raises the Question: Was Breitbart Assassinated?
Alan Dershowitz: Media Matters Hurts Obama
Media Matters to Dershowitz: 'Go to Hell'
‘Anti-Jewish Extremism’: Group Takes Out Full-Page NY Times Ad Blasting Media Matters & CAP
The TSA Is Coming to a Highway Near You
Must-Watch Video: Unsafe American Nuclear Plants Pt 1, Pt 2
Egyptian-Held Americans Freed after $300K-Each Payment Made
Clinton: Build Keystone Pipeline on Alternative Route
Springsteen's 'Wrecking Ball' Slams into Dire Times
March 1
Publisher and Author Andrew Breitbart Dead
Conservative Commentator Andrew Breitbart Dead at 43
In Memoriam: Andrew Breitbart (1969-2012)
Goodbye, First Amendment: ‘Trespass Bill’ Will Make Protest Illegal
Obama Issues Another Unconstitutional Edict
Arizona Sheriff Probes Obama's Birth Certificate
The Autoworkers Obama Left Behind
February 28
Holder Loses Cool During House Hearing When Asked About Fast and Furious
...Could Be Jailed for Ongoing Cover-up
Occupy, Nation of Islam Hold Joint Rally
Shooting a RINO
The Coming Biological Warfare Attack in America
FEMA Preparing “National Responder Support Camps” Eerily Similar to KBR’s “National Quick Response Team”
Gallup Poll: 72% of Americans Call Individual Mandate ‘Unconstitutional’
George Soros Tells Progressive Donors Obama Might Not Be the Best Investment
Obama Energy Chief Bombshell Admission ...
February 28
Detention-prevention Bill Hangs in Balance
Obama to Cut Healthcare for Troops
It's Coming: Union, Leftist Leaders Announce '99% Spring?'... and Training in 'Places of Worship'
Swing States Poll: Health Care Law Hurts Obama in 2012
11 Reasons to Get Your Kids Out of Government Schools
Denver Anarchists ‘Urine Bomb’ Police
Silencing the Critics
The Battle for the Soul of America
TransCanada to Proceed with U.S. Southern Leg of Keystone Pipeline
Global Warming Causes Amnesia
How to Destroy America: A Speech by Governor Lamm
13-Man SWAT Team Raids Medical Marijuana Patients' Home
KKK: Membership 'Booming' in Colorado
Kirk Cameron's 'Monumental' Film Looks to Rediscover America's 'National Treasure'
Great News: ObamaCare High-Risk Pools Cost Double Their Original Projections
The Con Artist: We Can’t Afford a Sequel
February 27
Here Comes Obama's 3 AM Phone Call
Wyoming Lawmaker Introduces Doomsday Bill to Prepare for Collapse of Federal Government
Can Obama's Detention Plans Be Stopped?
Is America a Police State Yet?
It's Time D.C. Understood: 'This Is Our America'
Obama Plays Race Card, Calls on Churches to Support Campaign

Farrakhan Warns Race Hate Could Lead Obama Assassination Attempts
33 Ways to Encourage Atlas to Shrug
9/11 Foreknowledge Caught on Computers That Measure Global Mind
Wikileaks Pairs with Anonymous to Publish Intelligence Firm’s Dirty Laundry
Clinton to Muslims: Pay No Attention to GOP Campaign Talk
Mark Levin Slams First Lady for Class Warfare Marxist Bullcrap!
Signs You're Living in Georgia

February 24
States Sue to Block Obama Contraception Mandate
Obama Brag: "I've Got Another Five Years Coming Up"
'Stupid' and Oil Prices
US Preparing for Military Intervention in Syria?
Obama Leading America to War
Another Obama Lefty Confirmed to the Bench
Little Background on Jesse Furman
What Ron Paul’s Detractors Reveal
Sen. Pat Roberts' Office Is Latest to Get Powder-Filled Letter
Maryland Poised to Legalize Gay Marriage
Homosexual Manifesto Threatens America
The Big Creep

February 23
GOP Field Clashes in Heated Debate
AP Fact Check: GOP Candidates Make Debate Claims on Bailouts, Budgets & Taxes
Politics Obama Brags About Bypassing Congress - Again: ‘Joe and I We’re Going to Act’
Poll: USA More Hopeful on Economy, Not Politics
Son of Marx
Midair Helicopter Crash Kills 7 Marines
This Forgotten Oil State Could Out-Produce Alaska and California Soon
Grandfather Arrested for Holding Burglar at Gunpoint While Waiting for Police to Arrive
Iran Missiles Could Hit US in 2-3 Years

February 22
McCain to Introduce Cybersecurity Legislation Giving Even More Domestic Control to NSA, Military
Virginia Votes to Refuse NDAA
Free Speech for Conservatives
The Basic Reason for America’s Constitutional Crisis
New Government Initiative Would Circumvent 2nd Amendment By Targeting Ammunition Not Guns
Americans' Satisfaction Almost as Low as It Was Under Carter
Reigniting the Tea Party Movement
She Animal - The New Female Sexual Predator

February 21
Obama State Department Set to Cede Oil-Rich Alaska Islands to Russia
Top 10 Reasons to Elect Anybody But Obama
Newt: 'You Can't Put a Gun Rack in a Volt'
Special Ops Forces Killed in Air Crash in Horn of Africa
Infographic on the Greatest Gun Salesman in America: President Obama
Attractive Females Targeted by TSA Agents for Multiple Naked Body Scans
Illegitimacy Becoming the Norm
Tween Dating on the Rise

February 20
Ron Paul: U.S. ‘Slipping into a Fascist System’
Reversing Obama’s ‘Soft Despotism’
Gradually, Then Suddenly
Santorum: 'I Wasn’t Suggesting the President's Not a Christian'

Buchanan Liberated from MSNBC Constraints
Just Weeks after 17-Day Hawaii Vacation, Michelle Hits Slopes with Daughters in Aspen
U.S. Nuclear Plants Spark Concerns
Behind 9/11: Hr 1, Hr 2, Hr 3, Hr 4 – VOW

Top Secret America, Pt 1: A Hidden World, Growing Beyond Control
Top Secret America, Pt 2: National Security Inc.
Top Secret America, Pt 3: The Secrets Next Door
Top Secret America, Pt 4: Monitoring America
February 17
American Politics in One Easy Lesson

Maine GOP Recounting Caucus Votes (see yesterday's video)
Overreach: Obamacare vs. the Constitution
FEMA Solicits Firms to Monitor Media Coverage of Their Activities
New Jersey Passes Gay Marriage Bill, Christie Expected to Veto
5 Reasons to Oppose Gay Marriage
Bathing, Sex Habits Fair Game for Census?
2nd NC Mother Says Daughter’s School Lunch Replaced for Not Being Healthy Enough
Miller: Obama’s Fast and Furious Spin
Who Are Police Dash Cams Really Protecting?
February 16
President Obama’s Plan to Kill Armed Pilot Program
Obama's Nurse Ratched
The Rising Fever of Despotism
Obama's Catholic Church Gambit: Lessons from American Communists
Boxer: Insurance Rights Trumps Religious Rights
Maxine Waters Calls Republican Leaders 'Demons'
Maine Prevents Ron Paul Victory Because of "Snow"!!

Rampant Voter Fraud in Maine
Santorum Paid Double Romney's Tax Rate in 2010

FCC Cracking Down on Dinner-Interrupting Marketing Robocalls
Americans Are NOT Stupid (Just Ignorant?)
It's Five Minutes 'Til Twelve - Pt 2
Investment Firm Fires WND Reporter for Exposing Scandal
Ted Nugent (a bit extreme) on the 2nd Amendment
Insanity! Is Barack Obama Going to Unilaterally Slash Size of U.S. Nuclear Arsenal by Another 80%?
February 15
HOLLY NOTE: First Panetta drastically cuts the military budget, then to meet these budget demands, the Pentagon may oust troops. Our Navy is smaller than it has ever been since 1917, the Air Force is smaller and older since its founding and now Obama wants to eliminate 80% of our best deterrent weapons. "Strength through deterrence" is on the chopping block. We are being neutered, made exposed and vulnerable. This not only puts our own country at risk, but all those who America protects. Obama's living up to his promise to "profoundly change America". Now we pay the price. Obama HAS GOT TO GO!
Obama Provides a Hint of How He'd Fight Future Wars
Is Obama Using the IRS to Silence Opposition Voices?
Something Fishy? Deflated Valentine Balloon Downs Power to 15,099; No Explanation for 2nd Outage Affecting Another 21,000
When the Grid Goes Down, You Better Be Ready!
What If the Lights Go Out?

February 14
Panetta to Defend Cuts to Military in Budget Plan
Pentagon May Oust Troops Involuntarily to Meet Reductions in Budget Plan
Study: 1 in 8 US Voter Registrations Have Major Errors
Chris Christie on Israel - and What It Means to Be a Leader
NJ State Senate Passes Same-Sex Marriage Bill
Chris Christie Vows to Veto It
Whitney Houston Lost Most of $100M Fortune After Years of Drug Abuse, High Living
Media Matters' War Against Fox
Judge Napolitano: WhatIif Democracy Is Bunk?
ObamaGenius: ‘Since My Chevy Volt Won’t Sell, I’ll Penalize Americans $2,500 More Per Vehicle Sold’

February 13
Whitney Died of Prescription Drug, Alcohol Combo, TMZ Reports
NRA: Obama Will 'Erase' 2nd Amendment Next Term
Former DEA Chief: 3 Other Agencies Knew About 'Fast and Furious'
Ted Nugent Speaks Out Against Obama and Gun Control
Obama "Accommodation" to Religious Groups Changes Nothing: New Policy Simply Moves Contraceptives to List of Basic Services
Beauty and the Beast...the Beast State is Turning on the Church
Samuel L. Jackson: 'I Voted for Obama Because He's Black' – HOLLY NOTE: This is as mindless as women who voted for Bill Clinton because he had great hair.
America’s Monarchy, Are They Forcing New Revolution?
Fox Business News Axes Freedom Watch
It's Five Minutes 'Til Twelve
Obama Hands Over Sovereignty to UN! Dick Morris TV
Chuck Woolery on Democracy
February 10
Obama to Cave on Birth Control Rule, But How Much?
Santorum: Obama Leading Christians to the ‘Guillotine’
LAPD Pioneers High-Tech Crime-Fighting ‘War Room’
The Corruption of America

February 9
Appeals Court Rules Against California's Voter-Approved Ban on Same-Sex Marriage
Washington Lawmakers Pass Gay-Marriage Bill
2 Judges Against 7 Million Voters
Birth Control Fight Threatens Democrats
Most D.C. Workers Won't Be Prosecuted in Fraud Case
Justice Ginsburg Should Resign
1st Nuclear Reactors Approved for Georgia Since 1978
White 'Cobwebs' Found in Nuclear Waste Pool
A Nuclear Threat to Our Health
The Great Shakeout: Earthquakes Affect Reactors, Too
World's Last WWI Vet, Florence Green, Dies at 110
Two Parties = Zero Difference. The Horrors of Big Government.
F.E.M.A. The Secret Government as Described on X-Files
Chuck Woolery on the Zombie Apocalypse
February 8
Santorum Finally Gets His Moment
South Carolina Sues Justice Department Over Voter-ID Law Block
Drones Over U.S. Get OK by Congress
How Hypocritical Is Barack Obama?
Why 21 Democratic Senators and 1 Sitting President Must Be Defeated
NY Times Publishes Hit Piece Against US Constitution as FBI Demonizes Americans as Possible Terrorists
FBI Says Paying Cash for Your Morning Coffee a Potential Terrorist Activity, Urges Coffee Shop Owners to Report Cash-Paying Customers
Air Marshals Gone Wild! Tales of Sexism, Suicide and Bigotry
'Doomsday Preppers' Highlights Extreme Survival Techniques HOLLY NOTE: Stan and I watched the first two episodes. As expected, NatGeo made preppers look ridiculous and extreme.

February 7
States to Feds: Take This Law and Shove It
Clint Eastwood: 'I am Certainly Not Affiliated with Mr. Obama'
Obama Reverses Stance, Previously Described Super PACs as "Threat to Our Democracy", Now Urging Unlimited Donations
Obama: I'm Getting 'Better as Time Goes On'
Candidates: Obama Violating Freedom of Conscience
Obama Admin. Faces Backlash Over Rule Ordering Birth Control Coverage
Army Told Chaplains Not to Read Catholic Letter
Fast and Furious: Josephine Terry to Holder, ‘What a Joke You Are’
ACORN Is Up to Its Old Tricks
Sheriff Joe sets D-Day on Obama's Eligibility
Problems at California’s San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant Could Have Lead to Meltdown
Are There Holes in Pipeline Transparency?
"Bold Alligator 2012" Drills 20,000 Troops on US East Coast for Persian Gulf Action
Wake Up, America
Mo. Teen Describes Killing as Amazing, Enjoyable

February 6
President Obama: 'I Deserve a Second Term'
Americans Are Better Than Who Obama Thinks We Are
America after Obama
Blockbuster Revelation! - Mini Documentary - Illegal Obama "Propped Up" by Congress!
Romney's Nevada Win Leaves Rivals Few Options
Gingrich’s Deep Ties to Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac
Senate to Vote on Bill That Could Kick TSA Out of Airports
Tennessee Begins Push Back Against NDAA Tyranny
Egypt to Try 19 Americans in Case Straining Ties
Most Expensive Red-light Cameras Bring in Calif. Millions
Is a Fukushima-level Event Inside the U.S. a Foregone Conclusion?
Controversial Artist Depicts Obama Trampling the Constitution
The Forgotten Man - Jon McNaughton
Watch This Year's Super Bowl Ads - and Read Expert Reviews

February 3
Exclusive: Israel Warns US Jews: Iran Could Strike Here
Santorum Warns of Doomsday Under Obama
Doug Vogt’s Mega Neutron Bomb on Obama’s Eligibility
How’s That Hopey-Changey Stuff Workin’ Out for Ya? Number of U.S. Expatriates Continues to Soar.
Holding Holder's Feet to 'Fast and Furious' Fire
Criminal Rot Spreads Through Justice Department
Colorado's "Make My Day" Law Advances for Businesses
Mitt Romney and Poor Americans
TSA Trains Super Bowl Hot Dog Sellers to Spot Terrorists
San Onofre Nuclear Plant Radiation Leak, Worn Tubes Raise Concerns
Egyptian Kidnappers Reportedly Free 2 American Tourists
Roseanne Barr Seeks Green Party Presidential Nod
Rosanne Singing National Anthem
February 2
Q: Did DOJ Know About 'Furious'? A: Memo Says Yes, a 'Terrific Idea'
Panetta: U.S., NATO to End Afghan Combat Mission Next Year
Obama's NDAA Makes it Harder to Fight Terrorism
Cite Obama with Contempt, Lawyers Urge
Sen. Lee: Obama's Consumer Bureau Set Up in Manner ‘Reserved for Despots’
Outrage Intensifies Over Labor Dept. Proposal to Ban Children from Doing Some Chores on Farms
Police State USA
War Through Weakness?
2 Texas Missionaries Murdered in North Mexico
It's Baaack! The Plan to Kill Talk Radio
San Onofre Nuclear Plant Closed After Radiation Leak
NRC Concerned About Seismic Activity Around Nuclear Reactors

Trump to Endorse Romney, Sources
February 1
Darrell Issa Threatens Eric Holder with Contempt Over 'Fast and Furious'
Are Big Media Covering Up Fast and Furious?
New Risks for Nuclear Plants: Reactors in Central, Eastern U.S. Face Greater Earthquake Threat, Study
F-35 Story Shows Why It's So Hard to Cut a Federal Program
January 31
Bungling TSA Agents Find 2 Pipe Bombs at Airport… Wait 6 Hours Before Calling Cops Dems: Arizona Officials to Blame for 'Fast and Furious' Scandal
Obama Eligibility Challenges Spread to 6 States
Media Blackout in Obama Georgia Ballot Eligibility Case
Obama Eligibility Court Case…Blow by Blow
Obama: The Most Polarizing President. Ever.
No More Leading from Behind for America
ON FIRE: Paul Ryan Completely Dismantles Obama
President Obama's Civilian Soldiers
Obama Sandbags the Archbishop
GBTV: Predictions Come True Part 2
Nuclear Plant Vents Radioactive Steam onto Downtown Chicago
Illinois Nuclear Reactor Shutdown Probed
NRC Wants U.S. Nuclear Operators to Adopt New Seismic Model
Leaky Nuclear Plants vs. Renewable Pipe Dreams

January 30
300 Arrested in Occupy Oakland Protests; Police Say Some Broke into City Hall
Tea Party Fight Coming
Police Usage of Armored Surveillance Vehicles Becoming More Widespread
Presidential Commission: Directed Energy Weapons Used on American Citizens in Tests
New Jersey Assembly Committee to Consider Ammo Ban & More
GMO Food and Unconstitutional Legislation – Hr 1, Hr 2, Hr 3, Hr 4 HOLLY NOTE: During the 2nd hour, audio experiences periodic drop outs, but is clear after that. Be patient, this is a "must hear" interview. VOW

Pentagon Looking at Bigger Bomb, Navy SEALs Mothership for Persian Gulf
January 27
Military Conducts Dramatic Helicopter Maneuvers Over Downtown L.A., Learning How to Operate in Urban Areas
Egypt Preventing US Citizens from Leaving
U.S. Prepares for Unmanned Warfare
Peak Oil Crisis Being Compounded by Refinery Closures
U.S. to Lose Out Yet Again on Developing Cuba's Offshore Oil?
Despite Current Oil & Gas Boom, Obama Admin. Deserves No Credit
Obama Accused of Disrespecting Court, State, Americans
Obama Birther Court Hearing in Georgia
Buy Buy American Pie
The Vote Pump: Obama Will Have $1B to Spend on Re-election
January 26
Georgia Warns Obama of 'Peril' of Ignoring Eligibility Hearing
Hearing to be Broadcast Live
This Is the One Obama SOTU Clip That Has Beck So Upset
Familiar Rhetoric, Failed Record
Obama Calls on Energy Companies to Disclose the Ingredients of Fracking Fluid
New Pentagon Plan Focuses on Drones, Special Ops, Cuts Traditional Forces MII PIC

January 25
Obama Pushes for New Taxes, More Spending in State of the Union
FACT CHECK: Obama's 2012 State of the Union
'No Spin' State of the Union
Minuteman PAC Warns of Imperial Presidency
Picket: Obama Ignores Call from Americans to Build Keystone Pipeline
Harper Builds Oil Link With China After Obama Keystone ‘Slap’
Drawing a Pipeline in the Sand: GOP Determined to Make Obama Pay for Nixing Keystone
Obama’s America: A Tired Old Mare
Elites Pushing Class Warfare is Just Another False Paradigm
A State of Class Warfare
If You Thought SOPA Was Bad, Just Wait Until You Meet ACTA
Charlotte City Council OKs Expanding Police Power During DNC
The Right to Bear Arms: Over 10,800,000 Guns Sold in the USA in 2011
Battle Los Angeles: Joint Military Training Exercises in L.A. Seek to Prepare Soldiers for Urban Warfare
Same SEALs Who Killed bin Laden Rescue US and Dane Hostages Held in Somalia

January 24
SOPA and PIPA Fully Alive – And a New Bill Joins Them
Obama Not Scheduled to Appear in GA “Birther” Hearing Despite “Order”
More Obama Constitution-shredding
Another Obama State of the Union: Let Us Count the Lies
Romney Tax Return: $21M Income, $3M Charity, $3M Taxes
Why Do Soldiers Overwhelmingly Support Ron Paul?
More on Ron Raul
TSA’s Endorsement of Rand Paul for President in 2016
Police Preparing for Riots / Martial Law / Economic Collapse

Third World America: Bodies Driven to a Pauper's Burial in a U-Haul
Multiple Nukes Going Off in U.S. Cities
The Disarmament of America, Part 2
UN Small Arms (Gun Confiscation) Treaty to be Ratified by the US Senate in 2012
‘Occupiers’ Throw Bibles, Allegedly Urinate on Cross

January 23
Police State USA and the NDAA: Creating American Terrorists
1.4 MILLION Gang Members and More Pour into the U.S. Every Single Day
Iranian News Sources Claim Obama Recognizes Iran's Nuclear Rights
U.S. Bridges, Roads Being Built by Chinese Firms
Newt Gingrich Denies Bohemian Grove Existence: Some People Have "Fantasy Lives"
Witnesses Document Potential Vote Fraud in S.C. Primaries
First Phase: US Deploys 12,000 Troops in Libya
The Next SOPA
Obama’s 32 Month Report Card
Georgia Judge Orders Obama to Appear in Court
Atlanta Paper Sorry for 'Kill Obama' Article
‘God’-awful OWS Mob Steals Sacred Item from Church
The Pig in the XL Pipeline
Americans Preparing for Civilization's Collapse
Safe Firearm Storage at Home
CONUS: Woodland Military Equipment Movements Ramp-Up as Investigation Continues
US to Keep Just 11 Aircraft Carriers to Show Sea Power

White Middle-Schooler Beaten Unconscious by Group of Black Students
January 20
Carney Dodges Question About Obama's College Transcripts: "I Would Refer You to the Campaign"
Federal Official in Arizona to Plead the 5th and Not Answer Questions on Fast and Furious
Nugent: Fast and Furious Stinks
Creeping Authoritarianism on Capitol Hill
SOPA and PIPA Part of Effort to Domesticate Politically Incorrect Internet
Vote on PIPA Internet Censorship Bill Postponed
Miller: Simple Entitlement Reform
Worries Over "Occupy Super Bowl"
Former Sen. Chris Dodd Calls Largest Internet Protest in History a "Gimmick"
Obama Names Turkey's Erdogan Among Top 5 International Friends
More Harmful Foot-Dragging from Washington
Obama Argues Against Appearing at Eligibility Hearing
Debate Audience Protests CNN Attempts to Exclude Ron Paul
A GOP Candidate's Bitter Ex-Wife Receives More Coverage Than Video of Obama Dining with Terrorist-Supporters
Obama's Impressive List of Accomplishments
Kuhner: Opposing Obama Is Not Racist
January 19
NDAA – THE Single Most Dangerous Legislation Ever Passed – Hr 1, Hr 2, Hr 3
- must hear
Why the NDAA is Unconstitutional
Ron Paul Introduces Legislation to Strike NDAA’s Unconstitutional Section 1021
Ron Paul Introduces Repeal of Indefinite Detention in NDAA

The Emperor Barack
Obama Is, in Fact, the Food Stamp President
Iowa Caucuses a 'Split Decision'
InsiderAdvantage Poll: Gingrich Now Leads Romney in S. Carolina
...Will That End Tonight When Ex Airs Dirty Laundry?
Perry Dropping Out – May Endorse Gingrich
Indiana Unveils First License Plate for Gay Youths
January 18
Obama to Reject Keystone Pipeline – There Goes Tens of Thousands of Jobs
Feds to Start Their Internet Grab
Wikipedia, Other Websites Go Dark in Anti-Piracy Bill Protest
Why Wikipedia Went Down at Midnight
Glitch? Here's How to Beat Wikipedia’s Blackout
SOPA Explained: What It Is and Why It Matters
The Secret Behind SOPA
Recipe for Vote Fraud: Global Internet Voting Firm Buys U.S. Election Results Reporting Firm
NYPD, Feds Testing Gun-Scanning Tech, But Civil Liberties Groups Up in Arms
TSA Apologizes to Elderly Women for Strip Search at Kennedy Airport
100 American Contractors Have Been Detained by Iraq in 2012
State Department: U.S. Not ‘Overly Concerned’ About Iraq Detentions
Problems Plague Cleanup at Hanford Nuclear Waste Site
How to Divert the Unprepared from Your Preps

January 17
'Constitutional Crisis' from Recess Appointments?
Mark Levin: ‘We Now Live in a Post-Constitutional Country’
Are You Ready for the Coming One World Government?
US Prepares for War Against China (see Video of the Week)
Life in Orwellian Times

The Enemy Expatriation Act, No Different Than the Nazi Nuremberg Laws (H.R. 3166; S. 1698)
Big Government to End Internet Freedom
NDAA and Patriot Act are Unconstitutional, Therefore Void & Powerless
SOPA Headed for Major Makeover in Face of WH, Internet Opposition
Wikipedia to Shut For 24 Hours to Stop Anti-Piracy Act
WH Letter Defends E-Parasite, Anti-Internet Bills
A Power Play in Congress – and How to Stop It
CNN Poll: Congressional Approval Hits All-Time Low
Congress Logs Most Futile Legislative Year on Record
Guns, Gold, and Spirit of Jefferson Rise Again
Single State Defies Obama Detention Plan
New Space-Arms Control Initiative Draws Concern
New Navy Budgets May Sink Plans for Aircraft Carriers
Harry Reid's Magic Glasses
Obama Reorganization Bid Faces Challenges on Capitol Hill

January 16
Another One Down, Huntsman to Drop Out, Back Romney
NDAA: Death to Due Process
Dead On Arrival: SOPA Shelved Indefinitely, Obama Succumbs to Pressure, Issues Official Veto Threat
On SOPA, Obama Walks Thin Line
As Keystone Pipeline Decision Looms, WH Suggests Deadline Is Too Soon
As Obama Dithers… Canadian PM Harper to Travel to China to Sell Oil
Eric Holder, Voter ID, and the Chicago Way
The Left's War on Voter Fraud Reform
How Progressive Race-Baiters Destroyed Civil Rights Progress in America
Top 10 Obama Revelations
The Abolition of Gender
How to Prepare for the Difficult Years Ahead

January 13
New Bill Would Allow U.S. Government to Revoke Citizenship Without Conviction
Another Tyrannical Success for Lieberman: Enemy Expatriation Act Now Law Under NDAA
Judge Napolitano - What If It's About Them
States Still ‘Gun’ for Unsuspecting Firearm Owners
History Repeats Itself with the NDAA; Pentagon Furious
Obama Czar Proposed Government ‘Infiltrate’ Social Network Sites
Panderer-in-Chief: Why Obama's National Security Record Is Weak and Dangerous
Obama’s Race Pandering
The Obama-Brotherhood Love Affair Heats Up
How's That Government Meddling Workin' Out for Ya'?

January 12
The Disarmament of America
Presidential Candidate Gun Record Guide
Court Sets Back Oklahoma's Proposed Ban on Islamic Law
Cop Killing in Arizona Connected to Fast and Furious?
11 Shocking Home Invasion Horror Stories That Are Almost Too Creepy to Believe
Miss. Judge Blocks Release of 21 Inmates Given Pardons by Gov.
Obama Targets Facebook, Twitter, Drudge
Rights? In the New America You Don’t Get Any Rights!
Nationwide Poll: Ron Paul Surges into Second
Rush: Romney Admits He’s Just Like Obama
2012 Candidates on the Issues: Newt Gingrich, Ron Paul, Rick Perry, Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, Barack Obama
What If Elections Don’t Matter?
The Real 99%
Veterans Court Under Way in Calif County
Sarah Palin Rips Michelle Obama: ‘Are We Just a Bunch of Numbskulls?’
Michael Savage: Look Out, She's Going to Vote!

January 11
New Jersey Will Pay You $1000 To Destroy The 2nd Amendment
Turn in Your Neighbor for Owning a Gun....get $1000 Reward in Newark, NJ
Supremes: EPA Actions ‘Outrageous’
California Educators Normalizing Deviancy?
Mississippi Gov. Pardons 210, Including Murderers, Rapists
President Obama vs. Republican Candidates
Write-In Campaign for Clinton Underway in New Hampshire
Michelle Obama: Tired of 'Angry Black Woman' Stereotype
Issue Snapshots: Positions of the Republican Presidential Candidates, at a Glance
Enviromentalism Path to Global Dictatorship
TSA Annual Report Proves It's Useless
Navy Readies for Chinese Power Grab on Shipping

Vet Illnesses & PTSD – Pt 1, Pt 2, Pt 3 must hear
January 10
Fidel Castro on Obama: A Robot Would Be Better
As George Soros Planned – Final Implementation of Obama Dictatorship in Progress on All Levels
Complacent Conservatism Is Allowing America to Slide into the Abyss
Environmentalism Path to Global Dictatorship
Ron Paul and Israel
CBS Poll: 58% of Republicans Dissatisfied with GOP Field
Obama's Fascist America in 10 Easy Steps
Non-citizen Voting in Connecticut
The Top 5 Reasons Obama Must Be Removed as Commander-in-Chief (HOLLY NOTE: This is a mere scrape at the long list)
US Schools with Their Own Police
January 9
Iran Sentences American to Death in Spy Case
The Answer is NOT "Anybody But Obama"
** 1
Ron Paul Likens Obama to “Dictator” Over ‘Recess Appointments’
Feds Find Failures in Cook Co. Homeland Security Project
How Homeland Security Monitors Its US Journalists
New Clancy 'Rainbow 6' Vid Game Labels OWS Protesters as New Domestic Terror Threat
500,000 Military Layoffs Planned as Obama Argues for Federal Pay Hikes and Need for $103K/year "Invitations Coordinators"
Obamas Held Secret Alice in Wonderland Halloween Party at WH in Depths of 2009 Recession
California Jails Release 57 Inmates Early
Oil Storm
January 6
Obama to Gut Military – Takes Flak on Defense Downsizing
Why Are More Women Buying Guns?
GA Judge Denies Obama Motion to Dismiss Complaint That Would Keep Him Off the Ballot
McCain: 'This President Leads from Behind'

January 5
Training Excercise Startles Locals
Agenda 21 Strikes Back – Stacy Lynne Arrested – Son Taken
Obama and Dictatorship
Obama Lies 4 Times in 1 Commercial
Court: Obama Must be ‘Constitutionally’ Eligible
Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death: 2012 NDAA
Ron Paul in His Own Words on Drugs and Prostitution
Planned Parenthood Kills 329,445 Babies in 1 Year Using $487.4 Million in Taxpayer Funds
Will Generation 'Gimme' Work for the American Dream? Eye-opening Insight into America's Youth

January 3
Warning to America: ‘We Are at Crossroads’
Gun Makers Baffled by ATF Criteria
Nugent: Pay Lawmakers What They’re Worth: 10 Bucks
America’s Meddling Abroad: Pat Buchanan rips 'Neocons and Democratists' U.S. Funds to Disrupt Elections
Eyes Turn to Virginia as State Weighs Voter ID Law
Knight: Voter ID terrifies Democrats
America is an Insecure Empire with Catherine Austin Fitts

January 2
ACLU Leader on Signed NDAA: "Obama's Action Today Is a Blight on His Legacy"
Obama's Signing Statement on NDAA: I Have the Power to Detain Americans... But I Won't
Obama's Golfing Ruins Christmas for Marines and their Families
Ron Paul’s Soros Defense Plan
Game Over: Tyranny Revealed
40,000 New Laws Go into Effect
Witch Hunt in the Heartland
New Nationwide FEMA Camps Should Raise Eyebrows
No Rest for Conservative America, the ‘Sleeping Giant’, in 2012
10 Things to Do to Survive 2012
Andrea Mitchell: Iowa Is "Too White, Too Evangelical, Too Rural"
'Occupier' Stabs Cop on New Year's Eve in Zuccotti Park
68 Occupiers Arrested in NYC on New Year's
White House Mulling Policy Shift Toward Taliban?

L.A. Arson Wave Grows to About 40 Fires; Most Since 1992 Riots
Purposeful Dumbing Down?: High School Diploma Requirement Might Violate Americans with Disabilities Act