Live UFO Event Tracker (MUFON)

Dec 31
Revealed: The 'Alien Space Cathedral' Built in New Mexico Desert by Scientology Church
Unique Farewell for a Christmas Tree with Video
Dec 28
Englishman Wakes Up from Stroke, Can Speak Only Welsh
Dec 27
Weird Science 2012: Sex, Drugs and Doomsday
Dec 26
Fake Dentist Allegedly Used Apartment Bathroom as Office
Dec 24
Why Employers Should Resist Socialism: Employee Injured While Having Sex on the Job Is Eligible for Workman's Comp
Dec 21
We Survived! Deadline Passes for 'End of the World'
Apocalypse or New Era? Mayan Ceremony at 'Star Wars' Temple in Guatemala

Mysterious Attacks Leave Livestock Earless in Kentucky
Perth "Spiral" in Sky [Hoax]
Man Bites Head Off Poisonous Snake
Dec 19
The Incredible 'Alien' Skull Discovered in a Mexican Cemetery: 1,000-Year-Old Skeleton Reveals Bizarre Practice of Binding Heads
Dec 14
UFO Fleets Arrive in Mexico and California, TV News Video
'UFOs' Spotted over San Francisco, Brooklyn
Power Poles Burst into Flames in Texas One Day Before Meteorite Sightings
Are Human ETs Living Covertly on Earth?
Nov 28
'Bigfoot Is Direct Relative of Man and Had Sex with Human Females 15,000 Years Ago', Geneticist Claims
Fla. Man Choked to Death in Roach-Eating Contest
Nov 26
'Bigfoot' DNA Sequenced in Upcoming Genetics Study
Nov 20
Bizarre Muppet-Like Beast Discovered
Man Loses Penis in Oil Experiment
Nov 18-19
'Tennis Ball-Sized Chinese UFOs' Put India on Edge
8 Reports of UFO Sightings from 5 States in 11 Hours
Data Suggests Orange Light UFO Reports Cross U.S. in Waves
Nov 13
Incredible UFOs Land and Launch Over Denver 2012 HQ

Nov 9
Numerous Reports of Mysterious Booms and Strange Lights Over South Carolina
Nov 7
Did Hiker Film Bigfoot, Bear or 'Blobsquatch'?
Nov 6
UFO: Craft Enters Volcano, Suggests Aliens Among Us

Oct 29
UFO Descends into Live Volcano in Mexico
Oct 26-27
Was the Cigar-Shaped 'UFO' Actually a Giant Toy? Glowing Object Witnessed By Thousands across 3 States
Oct 23
Possible UFO Crash - Louisiana Explosion Not a Bunker

Oct 22
Mass UFO Sighting Over Kentucky Over Loads Police with Phone Calls, Oct 16
The Truth About UFOs

Britain Has Alien-War Weapons, Says Former Government Adviser
Oct 17
3-D Radar of Mystery Object That Hit Louisiana
Oct 15
BBC Film Crew Is Held at Gunpoint After Trying to Sneak into Area 51
Worker Dies After Being Cooked in Tuna Plant Oven
Cigar Shaped UFO Sighting Over Naples, Florida

Oct 2
Authorities Believe Oregon Farmer Eaten By His Hogs
Michigan State Professor Strips Naked in Class, Police Arrive to Escort Him to Hospital
Sept 20
UFO War: Chinese and US Navy off San Francisco
Sept 10
David J Smith Soundbyte on Planet-X
John Moore: Timetable for Collapse Still on Time
VOW (first 13 minutes only)
Yangtze River Runs Mysteriously Red
Mind, Matter, and Aliens
Sept 7
A Very Strange Storm & the Norway Spiral
Sept 6
Extreme UFO Activity Being Reported Especially Over the East Coast of the USA
Aug 31
UFO Enthusiasts on Alert: Curiosity Images Captured in Some Strange Lights in the Sky Moving Mars
Aug 30
Hundreds of Pigeons Vanish in mysterious 'Birdmuda Triangle'
Aug 27
New UK Crop Circle
Aug 24
Aliens Killing Human Beings - Very Rare, Yet Documented Case

Aug 23
Brit Couple Pelted by Raining Yellow Plastic Balls
Aug 15
Mystery of Dozens of Dead Birds Falling from the Sky in New Jersey Is Solved
Aug 13
UFOs & The Antichrist – starts 38:25 minutes in
Buddhist Symbol for Infinite Time and Wisdom Appears in Crop Circle
Aug 1
Crop Circles Appear in E. Washington Wheat Field
July 30
The Door to Hell: Look Inside a Giant Hole in the Desert Which Has Been on Fire for 40+ YEARS
When Aliens Attack Pt 1, Pt 2, Pt 3, Pt 4, Pt 5, Pt 6, Pt 7
The Counterfeit Rapture
July 27
UFO Sightings in Canada at Near All-Time High
July 23
US Military Prepares Personnel Against Outside Planetary Threat: Part Two
Return of the Great Dragon
'Invisible UFOs' Fill the Skies
July 16
UFO Disclosure on Fox News
There Is No Such Thing as a UFO!
29 Alleged Papua New Guinea Cannibals Charged with Killing 7 Over Sorcery Fees
From the 'You've Got to Be Kidding' Files: Thieves Ransack Air Conditioners to Get High on Freon
July 12
Documents Suggest FEMA Camps Readied for Massive Alien Invasion?
July 9
Scientology: A Very Sinister Induction
More Than You Ever Need or Want to Know About Scientology
List of Celeb Scientologists
July 6
If You Don't Believe Watch This- Recent Mass UFO Sightings 2011

National Geographic Seeks to Solve Mystery of UFOs
July 4
'Cannibal' Attack in China as Drunk Bus Driver Leaps on Woman in Street, Chew Her Face
Second Inscription Carved Into Stone Staircase Confirms 'End Date' of Mayan Calendar - December 21, 2012
June 28
When the Aliens Call, Who'll Answer?
1/3 of Earthlings Believe in UFOs, Would Befriend Aliens
'UFO' at Bottom of Baltic Sea 'Cuts Off Electrical Equipment When Divers Get within 600 Feet
June 27
Giant Crystal Pyramid Discovered in Bermuda Triangle
Charles Baker Got Naked, Ate Flesh of Jeffery Blake During Visit with Children: Florida Cops
3-Story Cactus Blooming, Likely Dying
June 22
Did Easter Island Statues Walk? Or Rock and Roll?
June 18
Scientists Mystified Over 200-foot-wide Object Deep Beneath Baltic Sea – ET Spaceship?
June 12
Spiral Seen Over Middle East Likely Russian Missile
June 11
NZ Nightskies – UFO, Hard Turning Craft, Meteors
June 8
Was UFO a Russian Ballistic Missile?
Keep an Eye on Skies for Saucers During the Olympics, Warns Former MoD UFO Expert
June 6
Cult or Spiritual Retreat? Desert Death Deepens Mystery
Bulgarian 'Vampires' from Middle Ages Found with Iron Rods Staked Through Their Chests
June 5
Latest 2012 Crop Circles: Manton Drove, Marlborough, Wiltshire, UK
Related: Crop Circle Is Polar Clock Showing Specific Date
MTV Awards Honor ‘Harry Potter’ and ‘The Hunger Games’
June 1
Miami Zombie Attack, Superhuman Strength May be Part of New Trend
May 31
Grab Your Boomstick: The Zombie Apocalypse May Actually Be Upon Us
May 30
Police ID Victim in Face-Chewing Attack, as Cops Recount 'Goriest' Crime
Mystery Continues After More Sightings of Strange Lights in Missouri Town's Night Sky

May 29
Many UFOs Appear Over Dulce New Mexico May 28
May 24
Man Survives 2,400-Foot Helicopter Jump Without a Parachute
UFOs over Blue Springs? Strange Objects Hover in Night Sky
May 17
Rocks Set Fire in Pocket: Woman Burned by Beach Rocks That Spontaneously Combusted in Her Pants
UFOs the Best Evidence 1 - The Visitors
Stairway to Heaven: 18,000+ Pound Chocolate "Mayan Temple"

May 11
Ancient Mayan Skull Said to Have Magical Powers Suffers Damage in Mysterious Accident
UFO Cluster Over Israeli Town on May 8
May 10
Cannibalism: Is It Safe to Eat People?

May 8
House Deliberately Built Upside Down
May 1
UFO Sightings in Indian Country

April 30
Booms, Bees, & Ancient Structures – VOW 1
Bombshell! -- Fema Camps Confirmed – VOW 2

April 27
Did NASA Satellite Capture Giant UFO Surfing the Sun's Surface?

April 23
Project Bluebeam to be Used to Create Fake Appearances of Religious Figures Worldwide?

April 18
UFO Fireball Gives Arizona News Team the Jitters

April 13
Glowing Whale-Sized Object Falls from Sky into Connecticut Lake

April 12
Red Light UFOs in Texas City Still a Mystery

April 10
U.S. Military Is Officially Preparing a False-Flag Alien Invasion
April 9
The Coming Global Transformation

April 5
Q&A: The Anthropology of Searching for Aliens

March 30
Mysterious Stone Monolith Likely an Ancient Astronomical Calendar
March 29
Sun-Star & Cross Of Peru – Reflections on the New Jerusalem & Giza Great Pyramid

March 23
What Is Causing the Strange Noises in the Sky Heard All Over the World?
Earthquake Eyed in Mysterious Wisconsin Booms
March 21
Mysterious Noises Rock Quiet Wisconsin Community
Clintonville 'Booms' Still a Mystery to Wisconsin Officials
Earthquake Booms, Seneca Guns, and Other Sounds – as Explained by USGS
March 20
In China, Millions Make Themselves at Home in Caves
Mysterious Rumblings in Canadian Town Bring Down a Barn
March 12
Photojournalist Films Flying Saucer UFO, Report from Colombia News
March 9
Gary McKinnon What Did He Really Find?
March 7
Hundreds of Reports on Loud Boom Heard in Multiple Ala. Counties

March 6
Apocalypse Now: Russian Artist Transforms Real-Life Photographs to Show How Cities Might Look After End of the World
February 24
New 2012 TV Interview Edgar Mitchell Ends UFO Cover Up
Strange Sounds in Missoula: My Ear-witness Account

February 22
Genetics Solves Modern Mystery of Blue-Tinged Family

February 20
UFO: Alien Base Under Mexican Volcano?
February 13
UFO Sightings Reveal More Strange Metal Boxes Along Coastal Beaches

Explosion Heard in South Carolina Monday May Be Meteor
February 2
National UFO Alert: California Leads with 90 January Cases

January 31
What Is Causing Waves in California to Glow?
Glob of Glue That Looks Like Homer Simpson Sells for $239,000

January 26
Rumblings on Vancouver Island Sparks Mystery

January 25
Blue-Eyed Chinese Boys Sees in Total Darkness
January 23
Worldwide Reports from YouTube of Mysterious, Unidentified Events

January 18
Mysterious Sounds Continue to be Recorded Worldwide
... Disinformation Campaign Starts

January 14
First Week of 2012, Worldwide UFO Reports Increased 500%
Mysterious Explosions Still Unexplained

January 11
UFO Sightings Skyrocket into 2012 – For greater insight, see The Cosmic Conspiracy
UFO New Zealand
UFO Phenomenon Falls Wakayama Japan

Incredibly Creepy Noise in the Sky in Denmark, January 10, 2012