Agenda 21 Getting Worse

HOLLY NOTE: The following is from a Net girlfriend living in Queensland. She is a level-headed woman and totally cluey abut current events.

What is astonishing about her tale is that the Australian government and developers don't need the particular lands and homes in question. Australia covers about the same amount of real estate as CONUS, but with only 7% of the population. This is yet another example of governments herding people into smaller, more controllable areas. Good on these little old ladies who told government to go pound sand.

For those who had previously eyed Australia as a great place to move as an ex-pat, this underscores my article Fleeing Babylon. As the UN digs in its ever-sharper, global-grasping claws, there are less and less desirable places to relocate. The New World Order permeates and invades all.

This article posted today exactly echoes what Lynette speaks of happening in Australia: Agenda 21 Micro-Apartments Built Across America in the Name of Sustainability. There is no escape.

September 28, 2012

Agenda 21? This is how it is done in Australia. Been going on for years.

Photo: Example of a Sydney Federation home.

We know a family who live in Sydney’s Parramatta. The oldest girl, now in her 80’s, lives in the family home which was built in the early 1900’s. She was invited to a meeting with Parramatta Council and she and others were told that the Council “could not tolerate” for much longer that there was only one or two people living in these big houses when they could be torn down for apartments (and no doubt to house the growing immigrants and mostly Muslim population). They were advised to sell out now.

They all told them to go take a jump but they fully expect some city ordinance or increased taxes to put more heat on them. These “old houses” in places like Parramatta, Burwood, Strathfield etc are what we call “Federation” homes – big block, big backyards, original everything and usually solid with double-brick construction. Many are heritage-listed with signatory red roofs. Just do a search for “federation houses” and you'll will see what I mean. Pukerifferus.....

Speaking of taxes... we got our first electricity bill incorporating the carbon tax today. For a 3-month period our last bill was $440.25. The current bill is $717.50. Yeah....... Can’t afford to go off-grid as you have to pay up-front and that would be between $10,000 and $15,000. If this keeps up we may very well have to bug out somewhere overseas.