Dec 31
Failed Syria Envoy Brahimi’s Mission Brings Chemical War Closer
Russian Large Landing Ship Heads for Syrian Tartus
Iran Announces 6 Days of Naval Exercises
Iran Test-Fires Missiles Near Strait of Hormuz
Explosions Across Iraq Kill at Least 10, Wound 46
New Year's Eve Spectacular in Sydney

Media Censorship & The Truth About the Qu'ran

Dec 28
Turkish PM Gave Order in Uludere Air Strike
A Jordanian-Palestinian Confederation Aired By Netanyahu, Abdullah
CNN: Assad Using Iran-Made Missiles
Is Palestine in God’s Mideast Peace Plan?
Dec 27
US Preparing Attack Option in Syria, Top Minister Implies
Turkey: Assad Sought Asylum in Venezuela
Contradictory Reports Say Iran May Have Been Hit By Hackers, Indicate Attacks Come from Israel and U.S.
Russia Faces ‘10 Days of Hell’ – Public Health Chief
India Tea Workers Burn Boss to Death
Professor: Don't Be Surprised If There's War Between Japan and China Next Year
Dec 26
Syrian General Who Led Military Police Defects to Rebels, Says Army Has Become 'Gang for Killing'
Activists: More Than 45,000 Killed in Syria Conflict
Assad Said to be Stocking Up on Artillery
Egypt's New Islamist Constitution Becomes Law
Pipeline Blast, Quake Strike 2014 Olympics Russian Host Sochi
Dec 24
NKorea Rocket Could Carry Nuclear Warhead to U.S. Mainland
'Sarin-like Gas' Kills 7 in Homs
Afghanistan: Fire Sweeps Through Kabul Market, At Least 600 Shops Have Been Destroyed
Egypt Votes 'Yes' on Morsi's Constitution
Tear Gas Fired at India Gang-rape Protests
Dozens Killed in Air Strike on Bakery in Central Syria
2013: Dawn of the Luciferian Era
Dec 21
NATO: Syrian Forces Firing More Scud Missiles
21/12/12 Beginning of "Seven Years of Tribulation"
Victoria Train Passengers Outraged Over Online Petition to Ban Bogans (Undesirable People)
Vancouver Isl. Teacher Suspended for Showing Grade 4 Students Christmas Video Featuring Drag Queens
Dec 20
Syrian Defector: Assad Forces Transferred WMDs to Lebanon
Al Qaeda Grows Powerful in Syria as Endgame Nears
A Metastasizing Problem: If Hugo Chávez Goes, What Comes After?
2012 in Review: The Events That Brought Us Together

Dec 19
Nearly 4,000 UK Troops to Leave Afghanistan Next Year
Golden Eagle 'Snatches' Child in Canada
Syria Crisis: UN Launches Record Humanitarian Appeal
Dec 18
Iran to Continue Uranium Enrichment - Nuclear Chief
Ya'alon: US Poised for Action on Iranian Nuke Program
Assad’s Chemical Stockpile ‘Has Reached Similar Levels to Israel’s Nuclear Weapons,’ Defected Syrian General Says
Jerusalem Concerned...
Israel Considering Attack on Syria
Russia Has Sent Warships to the Mediterranean Sea
Syrian Rebels Say Aleppo May Soon Be Theirs
Iraqi President in a Coma After Stroke
British Columbia's Preppers Are Preparing for the Worst
Dec 17
Iran Making Anthrax at Secret Plant
Syrian Islamist Rebels Take Aleppo Infantry Base
Syria Crisis: Damascus Al-Yarmouk Camp 'Attacked'
Syria’s VP Says Both Sides Are Losing the War
Libya Closes Borders, Declares Martial Law
No Water, Power, Cash: Syria Rebels Run Broke Town
US Pulls War Fleet from Syrian Water. Ahmadinejad Cancels Turkey Visit
Egypt Looking to Remilitarize Sinai – Buffer Protecting Israel for Decades Now at Risk
Steve Quayle on State of World Tribulations
Is It Time to Ban Doctors? – Statistics on Australian Crime after Gun Recall

Australian Gun Buyback Has No Effect on Murder Rate
Australian Gun Buyback Not Helping

Dec 14-15
Man Stabs 22 Children in China
U.S. Troops Will Man Patriot Batteries Along Turkey’s Border with Syria
US-Iranian Nuclear Talks Fail. Iran Has Plutonium for 24 Nagasaki-type Bombs
Dec 13
'Syria's Chemical Weapons Are Ready for Use'
Assad Fires Scuds to Stop Al Qaeda Arm Seizing Chemical Arms at Al Safira
Syria Government 'Losing Control' - Russian Official
Battle for Damascus Begins
China Patent Office Becomes World's Largest: WIPO
The North Korean Missile Threat
North Korean Satellite 'Tumbling Out of Control,' US Officials Say
Tweeters 'Could Be Military Targets'
Dec 12
Rogue Rocket: N. Korea a Step Closer to Being a Nuke Threat to US
Obama Recognizes Syrian Rebels
Nude Jogger Ruling Sign of Growing Tolerance
Iran Admits Exporting Drone Tech to Venezuela
Dec 10
Syrian Refugee Numbers Top 500,000
Active Fault Line Runs Under Nuclear Plant West of Tokyo
US Continues Fight Against Arab, Chinese and Russian Push for UN Internet Regulation
Japan May Scrap Nuclear Plant Over Seismic Fault
Report: Taliban Plan to Move in as U.S. Withdraws
Dec 10
Satanic Elite: American Mind Control and World Government 
Resistance Against the Globalists Is Futile Unless …
Video: Syrian Rebels Make Child Behead Prisoner
Countdown to Obama’s Military Invasion of Syria

Egypt Army Gets Power to Arrest Civilians
Dec 7-8
Violence in the Middle East Reached New Heights
If All Else Fails, US Will Hit Iran in 2013, Say Former Top Advisers to Obama and Bush
North Korea Puts World on Edge
World Nuclear Holocaust Coming?
Egypt’s Military Warns of ‘Disastrous Consequences’ If Crisis Not Resolved Through Dialogue
'Blood on Your Hands': DJs Under Fire After Death of Nurse in Royal Prank Call
Dec 6
Syria Loads Chemical Weapons into Bombs; Military Awaits Assad's Order
Thousands of US Troops Arrive Near Syrian Shore on USS Eisenhower
10,000 U.S. Troops – Plus French, British and NATO Soldiers – Get Ready for War Against Syria
Syrian Deputy FM: 'West Using WMD Fears as Pretext for Intervention'
Syria Rebels Testing Tekkim Chemicals to Use as Weapons

Report: Syria's Assad Seeking Asylum in Venezuela, Cuba
Japan Deploys Warships Ahead of N.Korean Launch
Manitoba Forces Homosexuality on Children
Dec 5
Men Don't 'Worry About Being Caught': Sex Mobs Target Egypt's Women
Turkey Knows Everything About Syria's 700 Missiles, Foreign Minister Says
Egypt's Morsi Drops Mask, Reveals Radical Agenda
Morsi May Suspend Decree
USS Eisenhower Arrives off Syrian Shore
China: An Extreme Communist Makeover?
Gerald Celente: Peace on Earth: Are You For It? Or Are You Against It?
Dec 4
Clashes Outside Egypt Presidential Palace in Cairo
Egypt's Morsi Flees Presidential Palace
Brigitte Gabriel's Warnings About Egypt Were Right

NATO to Send Patriot Missiles to Turkey Due to Growing Fears of Syria WMDs
Mortar Attack on School Outside Damascus Kills 29
NATO Warns on Chemical Weapons
Syrian Rebels Lay Siege to Military Base

Amsterdam to Expel Nuisance Neighbors
Bomb Explodes at Office of Extreme Right-Wing Party in Athens
Ukraine's Government, PM Resign en Masse
China Conducts Mobile ICBM Test Days Ahead of Expected North Korean Launch
Nov 30
NKorea Readies Rocket Launch That Would Alarm China
Nov 29
Inside Britain's Armageddon Houses: Preppers Fear the World Will End
Second NKorean Missile Launch Would Be Unprecedented
China Claims Right to Disputed Sea
A Shift in the Global Energy Balance
European Disintegration: Animal Prostitution
Syria Chops Off Internet Access
Nuclear Christmas, False Flag in America to Blame on Iran? – HOLLY COMMENT: While the author is to be commended for service to country, keep in mind that he is senior editor for Veterans Today. This publication is increasingly anti-Israel, a heavy supporter of Iran – which says quite a bit – and very anti-conservative. Veterans Today garnered considerable attention with Duff's article: UFO War: Chinese and US Navy Off San Francisco. Absolutely no one else had any tickle on this story. So was it blarney? You decide, but reader beware. Usually when a story is potentially that big, other venues get a whiff – and I don't mean just simply reposting the same article.
Nov 28
Report: Iran Building Powerful Nuclear Device Triple the Force of Bomb That Destroyed Hiroshima
Pakistan Claims It Test-Fired a Nuke-Capable Missile
Twin Bomb Blasts Shake Damascus Suburb, Leave at Least 34 Dead
Missiles for Rebels May Spell the End of Assad
US Senate Works on New Package of Iran Sanctions
Nov 27
US-led NATO Intervention Begins in Syria War. Patriots in Turkey
Arafat’s Body Exhumed, to be Tested for Radiation Poisoning
Xi Feels Threat of a China Spring
Germany to Ban Sex With Animals: Report
China's Communist Party Newspaper Falls for Onion Story about Kim Jong Un
Nov 23
Protests Rock Egypt After Morsi Seizes Sweeping New Powers
Over 40,000 Killed Since Start of Syria Conflict
The (Real) New Middle East
United Nations Wants to Use Drones
The Day the World Ended - WW3 Simulation

'Countdown to Doomsday' Preview: The Mystery of the Maya

Ontario Smacked by U.S. Lawsuit on Fracking
Nov 21
Islamic Hardliners Announce Fatwa on Malala Yousafzai
The Secret War Between China and the US for Africa's Oil Riches
Nov 18-19
World Braces for Syrian Trainwreck
Over 100,000 French Protesters Rally Against Gay Marriage, Adoption
Militant Muslims Cutting Out Tongues
Nov 16
Death Toll in Syria's Civil War: 37,000
Russia Loses Link to Its Civil Satellites
Bilderberg Group Quietly Meets in Italy
Nov 15
Riots in Jordan May Spark Arab Spring Revolution
Thousands of Passengers Hit By Flight Chaos Across Europe as Anti-Austerity Day of Action Is Marred By Riots and Violence – HOLLY NOTE: These are absolutely shocking photos
New Man Elected to Lead China
Nov 14
Putin: Obama Plans to Visit Russia
Iran Unveils Three New Missile Systems as a Warning to Enemies
82 People Arrested in Spain as Mass Protests Sweep Europe
Hamas Military Chief Ahmed Jabari Killed in Israeli Strike
Israel Threatens to 'Topple' Abbas If Palestinians Win Statehood - Report
Climate Change Withered the Maya Civilization
Nov 13
Top 3 Weapons to Survive the Apocalypse

UN Wants Control of Web Kill Switch
Japan's Last Remaining Nuclear Power Plant May Be Built on an Active Fault Line
UN: 2.5 Million People Uprooted Since Beginning of Syrian Civil War
Nov 12
Russia Will ‘React Sharply’ to US Aegis Ships – Deputy PM
UK Troops 'May Be Sent to Syria Within Months'
Riot Police Clash with Nationalists in Poland
Gerald Celente Warns WW3 Is Looming
Nov 9
More Than 11,000 Syrians Cross into Turkey to Flee Violence
Merkel: EU Will Become a Superstate
High Uranium Levels Found Near Finnish Mine Leak
Nov 8
Russia Expects Missile Shield ‘Flexibility’ from Reelected Obama
China Submarines to Soon Carry Nukes, Draft U.S. Report Says – HOLLY NOTE: This doesn't give a warm fuzzy when a Russian sub was recently detected near our East Coast
Julia Gillard (Australia's Prime Minister) Parody of The 12 Days of Christmas
– HOLLY COMMENT: For our Aussie friends. The rest of you may appreciate this, but will likely not be familiar with some of the issues and abbreviations; e.g. ALP = Australian Labor Party, certain taxes, etc., but can sympathize with staged riots, govt slush funds and out of control govt spending. At 10 p.m. after the election, an Australia girlfriend phoned to commiserate. She mentioned that when talking with some other US friends they had threatened to move to AU if Obama were given another 4 years. Lynette warned, "Don't come down here! It's worse!" Lynette's right. In fact, she is looking for another country to relocate to! It's been 11 years since Stan and I moved back to Colorado and AU was bad then. Face it, most countries' governments are rotten these days and the grass isn't necessarily greener.
Assad Rejects Exile, Says Will 'Live and Die in Syria
Red Cross Says It Cannot Cope with Syria Emergency
Argentine Capital Buenos Aires Hit By Major Power Cut
The Battle of Benghazi – Our Enemies Will Learn Them. Will We?
Nov 7
Well Done, Now Support Our Statehood Bid, Palestinians Tell Obama
Second Time Around, Obama Victory Fails to Enthuse Arab World
Obama Reelection Signals New Phase in Syria War
Bombs Explode Across Damascus
Israel Warns Damascus Against Syrian Golan Overflights
Israeli PM Says He Is Ready to Order Attack on Iran
Korean Peninsula Teeters on Brink of War – Pyongyang
UK Facing Middle-Class Brain Drain as Professionals Seek Better Lives Abroad
Nov 6
Russian Sub Skirts Coast
Netanyahu Vows to Stop Iran, Even in Defiance of the US
Nov 5
Iran Suspends Uranium Enrichment. Gesture to Boost Obama’s Reelection
Big European Earthquake in Daveland. Quite a Few Dead
Darwin Award? Celebratory Gunfire at Saudi Wedding Cuts Cable, 23 Electrocuted
Oct 31
If Iran Gets Nuclear Weapons, So Will Turkey: Israeli Defense Minister
Hurricane, Earthquake or Zombie Apocalypse, 2/3 of Canadians Not Disaster-Ready
Oil, Guns, Spies and Islamism
Oct 30
Obama's Failed Mideast Record
Syria on a Cliff Edge Between Assad and Al Qaeda
Syria on a Cliff Edge Between Assad and Al Qaeda

Syria: Fears Over Failed Ceasefire
Qatar: Syria War Is Genocide
Border War: Syria and Turkey Have Exchanged Fire Every Day This Month
Army: Sudan Military Factory on Fire Again
As Western Sanctions Bite, Iran Seeks Greater Trade with Egypt
Britain’s New Drug Scene
Woman Who Was Raped and Left in an Alleyway Was Then Raped Again By a Passer-by
Oct 29
The Day Russia Attacks the United States
CIA Chief Says US Not Involved in Khartoum Attack
Is Pakistan's Paranoia Pushing it Into a Nuclear War with India?
Superbowl and Mardi Gras Delay Deepwater Horizon Trial
Oct 26-27
Britain Rejects US Request to Use UK Bases in Nuclear Standoff with Iran
Workers Discover Remains of Ancient Temple in Indonesia
Israel Mum on Mystery Explosion in Sudan
Almost 150 Killed as Syria Truce Collapses
At Least 41 Dead in Afghan Suicide Attack During Eid Prayers
Police Tear Gas Chilean Youth Demanding Education
Canada Joins Israel, US in Calling for UN Rapporteur’s Removal
Burma: Satellite Images 'Show Rakhine Destruction'
Oct 25
UN Calls for Worldwide Internet Surveillance and Data Retention in the Name of Fighting Terrorism
U.S. Says Opportunity Missed on Enhancing Biowarfare Pact Activities
Oct 23
Report: Turkey Rejects Israelis Call to Resume Normal Ties
Oct 22
A Cuban Missile Crisis for Today?
Lebanon Launches Major Security Campaign to Calm Sectarian Violence
Putin Flexes Muscle in Big Test of Russia's Nuclear Arsenal
Top Russian Official in Iran to Discuss Ally Syria
UN Gun Control: Canada Already Starting to Comply with UN Small Arms Treaty
Oct 19
Satellite Photos Reveal Iran's Nuclear Cover-Up
Iran-UAE Island Dispute Could Escalate
A 'Hidden' Nuclear Crisis, How China Sees the US, and 'Chilecon Valley'
Oct 18
Turkey-Syria on Brink of War – Could Draw U.S., NATO, Iran, China into Conflict
Syrian Civil War Could Engulf Middle East UN Envoy Says
Blind Man Tasered By Police: I Was Terrified

Oct 17
All of Iran’s Advanced Enrichment Centrifuges Now Removed to Fordo
Netanyahu Warns of Syria Transferring WMDs to Terrorists
Israel Might Intervene to Prevent Syria's Chemical Weapons from Falling into Wrong Hands, PM Says
China to Shoot at High Frontier
England May Scrap First and Second Class Mail
Winds of Separation Hits Europe
Oct 16
Experts Say Tehran May Be Preparing an EMP Strike on the US, Israel, or the EU – Which Could ‘Fry’ Electrical Grids, with Devastating Consequences
EU’s New ‘Tough Sanctions’ on Iran Good, But Not Enough, PM Says
Iran's Secret Plan to Contaminate the Strait of Hormuz
U.S. Said to Mull Strikes vs. Benghazi Attackers
Special Ops Teams on Standby
Did Obama Stage Benghazi Attack?
The Local Agenda 21 Planning Guide
Oct 15
Iran: New Long-Range Drone Can Carry a Bomb
The American Mistake: Iran Doesn't Need Sophisticated Weaponry to Launch Nuclear Attack on Israel, Change Mideast
Hizbullah 'Drone Infiltration into Israel Amounts to Declaration of War’
IDF Boosts Security Along Israel-Egypt Border
Egypt on High Alert for Revenge Attacks in Sinai
New W. Intel: Syrian Rebels Don’t Have the Numbers to Win
Syria Bans Turkey Civilian Flights Over Its Territory
Girl Shot by Taliban in Pakistan Sent to UK for Treatment
Russia, Iraq Announce Landmark Arms Deal
Pakistan, Russia Move Closer Toward Military Cooperation
Oct 12
Turkey Says Cargo Aboard Syria-Bound Plane Violated Rules, But Won’t Say What Was Found
Oct 11
Syria and Turkey on Brink of All-Out War
U.S. Sends Troops to Jordan to Monitor Syrian Chemical Weapons Sites
Turkey's Army on High State Of Readiness, First Step for Syria No-Fly Zone
Russia: Iran Won't Use Nuclear Weapon Against Israel
Putin's Scheduled Turkey Visit Postponed: Spokesman
Is a Larger Middle East War Inevitable?
Oct 10
Naked Fury: Nude Demonstrator Is 1 of 50,000 Protesters in Athens as Angela Merkel Is Met with Burning Swastikas; Greek Riot Police Battle Crowds with Tear Gas
Romney: Long Way to Go Before Iran Strike
Disaster in the Making: Grave Warnings Issued That Keystone Pipeline Is Structurally Flawed
The Qatari Takeover of France
Oct 9
US-Israel Reportedly Discussing Joint ‘Surgical Strike’ on Iran
'Saudi Weapons' Seen at Syria Rebel Base
More Weapons in Syria Could Trigger 'All-Out War'
N. Korea Says South, US Within Its Missile Range
Ahmadinejad Admits: Chance of Attack on Iran Exists
Oct 8
Wider War Feared Between Turkey and Syria
Turkey Retaliates at Syria for a 5th Day
Escalation Along Syrian-Turkish Border 'Extremely Dangerous': UN Chief
Iranian official: Israel to Lose 10,000 Troops If Strikes Iran
Dozens of Rockets, Mortars Hit Southern Israel
Lemmings… At the Precipice of WWIII
NY Times Concedes It Is Unknown Whether Syrian Artillery Came from Rebels or Govt
United Nations Seeks 'Global' Tax

Victorious Chavez Vows to Deepen Venezuela's Socialist Revolution
Iran Says It Blocks Cyberattack on Oil Platforms
Jailed Double Murderer Joran van der Sloot Impregnates Woman
Oct 5
Defecting Iranian Cameraman Brings CIA Priceless Film of Secret Nuclear Sites
Hundreds of Arabs Assault Guards at Temple Mount
Former US Defense Secretary Lashes Out at Israel, Warns Against Military Strike on Iran
Assad ‘Moved’ Chemical Weapons, Sought Cooperation with ‘State of Israel:’ Leaks
Continuous Turkish Artillery Barrage Cuts Out 10-Km Buffer Strip Inside Syria
Real-life 'Wolfman' Lived with a Wild Pack of These Predators for Nearly 3 Years
Oct 4
Khamenei: Iran Never Has And Never Will Bow to Pressure
Int'l Christian Lawmakers Vow to Stop Iranian Nukes
Turkey PM’s Office Says Turkish Artillery Fired on Syria after Shelling of Turkish Town
Turkish Parliament Approves Military Intervention in Syria
Iran Announces Construction of New Space Center
Taiwan ex-PM Heads to China on Landmark Visit
Oct 3
Iranian Source: Nuclear Program Hiring ‘Non-Stop,’ Ramping Up Enrichment
Fearing Israeli Strike, Iran’S Military Drilled Attacks on Haifa, Dimona
At Least 40 Killed in Suicide Bombings in Syria
Syrian Refugees in Turkey rEluctant to Return Until Violence Ends
Russia Warns Obama's 'Reset' in Relations 'Cannot Last Forever'
Slaughtered 'One By One': Gunmen Kill at Least 25 at Nigeria College Residence
Oct 2
Iran Won't Relinquish Nuclear Program'
Iran's Rial Plunges to All-Time Low as Sanctions Bite
Ahmadinejad: Iran Is Successfully Riding Out Sanctions
Iran's 'Red Line' in Syria: Use of WMDs
Russia Warns NATO to Stay Away from Syria
Syria 'Reaffirms' Commitment to Restore Golan Heights
Rights Group: Police Rape Woman in Tunisia, Then Charge Her with Indecency
Iranian Protesters Destroy French Embassy Police Post
John Cleese: Alerts to Threats in 2012 Europe
Oct 1
Jordan on the Brink: Muslim Brothers Mobilize for King Abdullah’s Overthrow
Sabotage of Iranian Enrichment Plant Enabled Netanyahu to Move Red Line to Spring 2013
Absolutely Uncertain

Turkey, Egypt Denounce Syria Regime, Pledge Support for Palestinians
Australian Govt Now Spies on Its Citizens More than the US Govt Does
Agenda 21 (starts 4:45 min in) OW 2
Agenda 21 in Action? Smallest Apt. in London – 10ft x 8ft – for Sale: $145,000
Sept 28
UN Poised to Come a 'Tapping' for Tax $$
Agenda 21 Getting Worse
The World is Waking Up to the New World Order
7 Brits Perish in Hellish Nepal Plane Crash That Kills 19
Netanyahu Warns of Iran's 'Apocalyptic Leaders'
Iran Warning "Reverberating"
Netanyahu's Warning to UN
‘Necessary Preparations’ Made for Using Force If Needed Against Iran, US Ambassador
Sept 27
Vaclav Klaus Warns That the Destruction of Europe's Democracy May Be in Its Final Phase
Israel Deputy FM: US, Israeli Red Lines on Iran Growing Closer
Iran Displays 'Proof' of Western Sabotage
Analyzing the Covert War on Iran's Nuke Program
Ahmadinejad’s End Times Speech to the U.N.: Gives Most Detailed Explanation of 12th Imam to Date; Tells UN Leaders Mahdi Will “Soon” Reign Over World
Netanyahu Response: 'Clear Red Line'
Ahmadinejad's Vision of New World Order
Over 300 Die Wednesday in Bloodiest Day of Syria Revolt
David Cameron: 'Tell President Obama I'll Call Back, I'm Playing Tennis'
Egyptian President Warns World: 'We Will Not Allow' Insults to Islam
Déclassé: Egyptian Prez "Arranges" His Privates on Live TV with Australian PM Julia Gillard

Sept 26
Ahmadinejad Wants New World Order
Riot Rage: Athens Protesters Throw Firebombs, Police Shoot Tear Gas
Only 52% of the $5.33 Billion Pledged by Donors to Rebuild Quake-Torn Haiti Released – HOLLY NOTE: This nearly 3 years after the quake hit. Roughly 85% of the $$ did NOT go to the people but to the Haitian govt, non-govt groups and contractors. Some donations even went to the UN! No wonder so many Haitians are still living in tents and shacks.
Sept 25
War Is Imminent Between Israel and Iran
Iran Test-Fires Missiles Designed to Hit Warships
Tehran Says New Drone Can Reach Most Mideast Destinations
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad: Iran ‘Clear’ on Israel – HOLLY COMMENT: If 'eyes are the window to the soul', notice how small and mean his are.
Muslim Nations Seek Ban on Free Speech
Taiwanese Ships Clash with Japanese Coast Guard Over Disputed Islands
China's First Aircraft Carrier Enters Service
Sept 24
Iran: Strike a Chance to Wipe Israel Off Map
Israel, America and the Armageddon
World War III
Obama Says Israel’s Concerns Over Iranian Nukes Is “Noise” …Update: So Does Ahmadinejad

A New Cold War
Dangerous, Deepening Divide Between Islamic World, West
Damascus Assad Foes Seek His Peaceful Ouster
Japan Protests As Chinese Ships Enter Disputed Waters
Indian Nuke Plants Among 23 in Tsunami Risk Zone
Tsunami Debris Washes Up in Hawaii
Sept 21
Report: Iran Hacked into US Bank Websites
Ahmadinejad Blasts Israel, West Over Film, Cartoons
Tehran Displays Missiles Capable of Reaching Israel
Mideast Ambitions: Turkey, Egypt Seek Alliance
SKorea Fires Warning Shots at NKorean Fishing Boats
Sept 20
Iran Admits It Deceived the West Over Nuclear Program – HOLLY COMMENT: Could anyone, anyone at all be even slightly surprised.
Iran Ships Arms to Syria Via Iraq
Sept 18
Iran Confirms It Has Forces in Syria and Will Take Military Action If Pushed
Syrians Tested Chemical Weapons Firing Systems
Can Syria's Rebels Overthrow Assad? An Interview with Jellyfish Operations
Can You Pass this Simple “Who Did It?” Test
UN Agenda 21: Environmental Piracy
Sept 17
US and Iran May Be at War in 2013, Predicts Former US Envoy to Israel
Iran Accuses Nuclear Watchdog of Being Infiltrated by “Terrorists and Saboteurs”
Obama Means It When He Says Iran Will Not Be Allowed to Go Nuclear, Netanyahu Affirms
Naval Forces from 25 Countries Massing in Persian Gulf as Israel Prepares to Strike Iran: Armada Includes 3 U.S. Carrier Groups
The Sunburn Missile: The Weapon That Could Defeat the US in the Gulf
Rarely Has an International Crisis Been More Predictable
1,000 Chinese Fishing Boats Sailing Towards Disputed Senkaku Waters
Sept 15
Arrests Made After Police Officers Injured at anti-Islamic Film Protest in Sydney
Violence Erupts in More Than 20 Countries at Protests
Protests Spread

Sept 14
Sudanese Muslims Torch Cars, Smash Glass Outside German, UK Embassies
Violent Islamic Acts: No Apologies But the Toll Keeps Mounting
Iran Strike Must Be Bigger Than Afghan/Iraqi Ops Combined, Report
U.S.: Syria Must End Nuclear Stonewalling, Conflict No Excuse
Macho Man' Putin Admits Staging Stunts
Sept 13
The Scariest Iran War Scenario Ever
Russia, China Join West in Iran Rebuke at UN Nuclear Meet
2 Million Syrians Hit By Food Shortage, Assad Regime Is Delaying Aid
Top Drug Boss ‘El Coss’ Captured, Mexican Navy Says
Sept 12
Brigitte Gabriel: Rep. Ellison & Male Chauvinism of Sharia Law

'Screaming for Their Lives': Pakistan Factory Fires Kill at Least 261
Sept 11
Protesters Storm U.S. Embassy in Cairo
Obama and Netanyahu Shadowbox on Iran Ahead of Final Round Sept 28
Ahmadinejad Urges Drastic Change in World Order
A Dose of Real-World Intel on Iran
After Years of Calm, Mob War Returns to Naples
China Sends Patrol Ships to Disputed East China Sea Islands
Sept 10
Is Iran a Security Threat to Canada?
Iran Expects More Embassy Closures
US Preps for Post-Israeli World
Experts: Israel Could Send Iran Back to Stone Age
The Declining West: Tragedy or Comedy?
More Ridiculously Staged Propaganda on Syria
Sept 8
Canada Closing Embassy in Tehran, Gives Iranian Diplomats 5 Days to Leave the Country
Sept 7
Worries Intensify Over Syrian Chemical Weapons
Syria's Chemical Weapons Stored in 20 Sites Around Country
Concerns Over Poland's Atomic Energy Ambitions
Turkish Officers Take Command of Syrian Rebel Brigades. N. Israel on Alert
19 Signs That Israel and Iran Are on the Verge of War
Exclusive: Insiders Suspected in Saudi Cyber Attack
Germaine Greer Attacks Brisbane Writer's Festival, Accusing Queenslanders of Not Being Able to Read
Journey to the center of the Earth: British Climbers Drop Nearly 4,000 Feet into Cave Once Dubbed 'World's Deadliest'
Sept 6
Turkey Grenade Depot Blast Kills 25
Lindsey Williams Video: 'Secrets of the Elite'

French Nuclear "Incident" Raises Concerns
Sept 4
Thousands Flee Syria as Crisis Worsens
Syria Calls Reserves as It Strains to Crush Revolt
If Israel Attacks Iran, US Mid East Bases Will Pay Dear – Nasrallah
Iran Completes 30% of Missile Defense System, Says Military Official
Iran to Hold Massive Air Defense Drill in October
Obama: Iran Military Option Remains on Table
Canada Warns that Anonymous May Attack Oil Sands Energy Companies
Spy Drones Flown from Australia
Aug 31
Iran Doubles Underground Nuclear Capacity
Turkey's New Role in Mideast Worries Many
Khamenei: Time for New World Order
Special Report: China Inc's Debacle in the Outback
Police Admit Drones Possible in New Zealand
US Targets Mexican Oil Company Linked to Drug Cartel
Couple Finds Medieval Well Under Their Living Room Floor
Aug 30
Russia Is Disengaging from Syria: Arms Shipments Stopped, Warships Exit Tartus
Aug 29
The Most Fateful Decision of All
How Iran Could Get Carte Blanche in the Middle East – Without a Nuke
Bin Laden 'Killed While Unarmed': SEAL Book Debunks Official Death Story
Descent into Darkness
In New Blow to Military, Egypt’s President Will Regain Exclusive Right to Declare War
Clashes, Arrests as Over 30,000 Students Protest in Canada
Aug 28
France Ready to Recognize al-Qaeda as Syria’s Legitimate Government
Israel Calls Iran the Greatest Nuclear Threat
Piracy: Skulls, Cross-Bones and Letterhead
Aug 27
Taliban Behead 17 Caught Dancing to Music at Party
Russia to Join Military Drills with Canada
Iran Shields Covert Nuclear Activities from Spy Satellites
Horror Stories Abound from Syrian City
Britain and US Plan Syrian Revolution
Aug 24
Syria Army Shells Damascus Suburb, Kills 21
Terrorists in Syria Using Prisoners as "Human Bombs"
U.S. Sends Aircraft Carrier Back to Gulf to Face Iran, Syria
Much at Stake for US as Tensions Rise in Troubled China Seas
PM Accuses Iran of Accelerating Atomic Weapons Work
Court Finds Norwegian Mass Killer Breivik Sane, Gets 21-Year Sentence
3 Dead in Newly-Built Multi-Million Dollar Chinese Bridge Collapse – HOLLY NOTE: Think inferior, weak steel; drywall emitting hazardous sulfides, poisoned pet foods and baby milk, tires made with splitting rubber, fish and seafood containing antifungals and antibiotics, toys containing lead, toothpaste containing antifreeze, the list is nearly endless.
Aug 23
Israel Unlikely to Warn U.S. in Advance of Attack on Iran
US Puts Syria WMD Contingencies in Place, Report
US, UK, French Elite Units on Standby for Seizing Syrian Chemical Weapons
Hezbollah Exercise Includes 10,000 Operatives, Report
Former Diplomat: US, Pakistan Should 'Divorce'
Nuclear Fears Over French Polynesia Atoll Collapse
Leaked Explosive Videos Reveal That the Syrian Revolution Is Plain Evil
Germany: "Islamists Want to Bring Jihad to Europe"
Israel Demands Egypt Withdraw Missiles, Tanks from Sinai
Aug 22
HOLLY NOTE: Normally I would only list this in the Audio of the Week area, but this is so vital, so important that you get this, it must be listed so you don't miss it. Please consider the info and pray about it. It is prophecy becoming fact. Further proof of the Bible's relevance and a BIG heads up to get "your stuff" in order. William R. Forstchen, author of One Second After Discusses the Possiblity of an EMP Attackmust hear. The first hour may be one of the most important programs we've ever listed. The middle 2 hours on Chemtrails & Weather Modification are good value too, but the first hour should raise every hair on your head as it is prophecy coming to life. (starts 8:58 min. in)
Iranian Leaders in Israel’s Sights After Calling for Its Destruction
Iran Unveils Upgraded Missile as Israel Turns to Talk of Attack Plan
Terrorists Warn Israel: Harming Al-Aqsa Will Open Gates of Hell
Syrian Forces Kill at Least 31 in Damascus Raids
Russia Blames West for Fueling Armed Conflict in Syria
Russian Chemical Weapons Stockpile Expires January 2013
The Shockingly Rapid Radicalization of Egypt
Déjà Vu – The 1930s Are Coming Back
N. Korea Takes Key Step in Constructing Nuclear Reactor
South Africa Is Past the Point of No Return
48 Hacked to Death in Ethnic 'Revenge Attacks' in Kenya
Muslim Kicks Dog, Dog Owner Arrested
Aug 21
The New World Disorder
Netanyahu ‘Determined to Attack Iran’ Before US Elections
Obama Threatens Force Against Syria Over Chemical Weapons
Russia Denies Sending Chemical Weapons to Syria
Iran Unveils Upgraded Short-Range Missile
Europe Starts Stockpiling Oil as Iran Conflict Looms
Israel to Egypt: Remove Tanks from Sinai
South American Bloc Adopts Resolution on UK Threats to Ecuador
'Cave Cathedrals' in All Their Ancient Glory
Aug 20
Top US General: Washington and Jerusalem Don't See Eye to Eye on Iran Threat Timetable
Kim Warns Troops to Prepare for 'Sacred War' During US-South Korea Exercises
Arab Spring Run Amok: 'Brotherhood' Starts Crucifixions
Americans Aren't the Only Ones Murdered in Afghanistan: 3 Kiwi Soldiers Killed in Bomb Blast
Where is the Indictment of Julian Assange?
Events in the Middle East & China and Why It Should Matter to You – (starts 6 min. in)
Agenda 21: ‘The Agenda That Wasn’t Really There’
Aug 17
Iranians Commemorate ‘Al-Quds Day’ by Burning Israeli, US Flags
Syria’s Neighbors Braced for Chemical Threat – Assad Warns Turkey on Stingers
Gulf States Use New Ray Gun in Battle Against Pirates
Object Crash-Lands in Fiji
Aug 15
Neither US Nor Israel Can Destroy Iran’S Nuclear Capabilities, Only Cause Delay
Steve Emerson on the Facts in Egypt and the Muslim Brotherhoods True Face
Can We Please Stop Funding the Muslim Bros?
Big Chinese Investments in Africa Since 2010
Germany Arrests 4 Suspected of Supplying Iran with Parts for Nuclear Reactor
Police Too Worried About Being PC to Prevent Abuse Linked to Witchcraft
Damascus Blast Aftermath Near UN HQ

Aug 14
Russian Nuke Attack Sub Patrolled Gulf of Mexico for Weeks Undetected
Russian Subs Patrolling Off East Coast of U.S.
Former Mossad Chief: We Could Destroy Parts of Lebanon to Stop Rockets
Syrian Rebels Armed with First T-62 Tanks
...Plans for 'Strong Possibility' of NATO Action
U.S., Turkey Plan for Syria's Collapse
Attack on Iran Means Regional War, Says Ex-IDF General
Iran: Israel Won't Launch 'Stupid' Attack
Dark Deeds and Strange Court Case in Perth – Australian Murder Trial Rivals Olympics Coverage
Jobless Refugee and Her 7 Children Given $2 Million House in Upmarket London Street Face Eviction After 'Trashing It'
Aug 13
Iran Can Build N-bomb by Oct. 1. Cairo Coup Hampers Israeli Action
Assad's Termobarics – Courtesy of Russia
Aug 10
Morsi's Anti-Terror Ploy to Root Out pro-US Influence in Cairo, Cut Israel from Sinai
Barak: A Nuclear Iran Is Taking Shape Before Us – Time for Decisions Is Short
War Preps: France Draws Up Plans to Evacuate 200,000 Franco-Israelis
NKorea Able to Test Nukes in 2 Weeks, Study
Aug 9
‘The Fourth Reich’ Has Arrived
Depopulation IS the Big Plan
Egyptian Capital Hit by Massive Power Cut
Aug 8
Turkey's Nightmares Coming True in Syria
Bitter Memories, Little Hope for Syrian Refugees
Egyptian Helicopters Join Battle Against Renewed Islamist Attack
Jalili in Damascus Underscores Iran’s Commitment to Assad
Aug 7
Iran Threatens US, Turkey After Israel with Spreading Syrian Conflict
New Intel: Iran Closer to Attaining Nukes Than Previously Thought
Netanyahu: If Iran Goes Nuclear, It May Actually Use Bomb
High Iranian Official in Beirut for Urgent Talks with Hizballah on Syria, Israel
More Syrians Flee to Turkey as Fighting Spreads
Iran Threatens It Will be ‘Turkey's Turn' If It Goes Ahead with Syria Policies
Dire Future
 VOW (starts 41 minutes in)
Aug 6
A Horrible Evil - Echoes of Port Arthur
Martin Bryant Port Arthur Killer
Wartime Tasks Split: US to Smash Iran’s Missiles, Israel Tackle Syria, Hizballah
Iraqi Court Absolves Terrorist Freed by U.S. after Killing Soldiers
On Iran: Mission Possible, and Before It's Too Late
Aug 3
Ex-Mossad Chief: Iranians Should Be ‘Very Fearful for Next 12 Weeks,’ Israeli Threats ‘Credible, Serious’
Ahmadinejad: World Forces Must Annihilate Israel
Iran Prepares for 60% Uranium Enrichment
Was India's Worst Black Out in Human History Triggered by a Solar Flare?
Russia Moves Nuclear Missiles to Cuba, Vietnam and the Seychelles
Kofi Annan Resigns
6 of World's Largest Oil Fields Still Waiting to be Developed
Chinese Teen Kills 9 in Knife Attack – HOLLY COMMENT: Yes, gun control really helps
Aug 1
Khamenei Warns Iran’s Top Leaders: War in Weeks
Syria's Assad: Fate of Nation at Stake
Islamists Stone Mali Lovers to Death
After World's Biggest-Ever Grid Failure, Power Is Restored to 700M People
Outage Puts India's Superpower Dreams in New Light
Pakistan Blackout Protests Turn Violent
Massive Olympic Scandal Is Brewing in Badminton — and It Involves the Chinese
July 30
Syria Conflict: UN Says 200,000 Have Fled Aleppo Battle
Druze Suspected of Spying for Syria
Turkish Military Convoy Heads for Syrian Border
Davutoglu: Turkey Will Not Let Syria Become Another Lebanon
The Bid for Syria’s First Safe Haven in Aleppo Region Is Thwarted
How the Uprising in Syria Could Affect the Global Oil Market
China Zeros in on Canadian Oil, but It's Not About Sovereignty
Watch for More People to Flee Their Homes Across the World
NZ PM to Vote for Gay Marriage
Confusion Central
July 27
Russia Begins Increased Submarine Patrols Off the Coasts of U.S.
Russia Wants Naval Bases Abroad: Report
'Muslim Brothers Plotting Overthrow of Gulf States'
The Short War
China-Canada Oil Deal Raises Political Hackles in Washington – HOLLY COMMNET: America had its chance and Canada gave the U.S. first option and Obama shut it down.
London Offers Olympics Unlike Any Other
Munich Olympics Massacre Officials Ignored Warnings of Terrorist Attack
July 26
Iran Pledges to Deploy Warships in the Atlantic
Iran Says It's Ready to Give 'Experience and Capabilities' to Syria
Report: 105 Families Flee Syria, Enter Gaza
July 25
Unholy Trinity: Monsanto, Big Pharmacy, New World Order
Big Russian Fleet Nears Syria. Iran to Fight Regime Change as Foreign Forces Pile Up
Russia Accuses US of Justifying Terrorism in Syria
Assad Has Been Moving Chemical Weapons to ‘Airports’ on Borders, Rebels Claim
America and Its Allies Must Prepare to Secure Syria's Weapons of Mass Destruction
Holy War in Syria and the Course of History
Iranian Nuclear Plants Reportedly ‘Thunderstruck’ by AC/DC Computer Virus
July 24
Syria Confirms Chemical Weapons
...Chemicals Target Israel – Obama Warns Assad Against “Tragic Mistake”
July 23
2 Hours for Syrian Chemical Weapons to Reach Lebanon; 4 Armies Prepared'
Syrian Rebels Say Fight for Largest City Has Begun
Turkey Sends Military Reinforcements to Syrian Border
Assad Rebuilds Fighting Command, Retaliates Against Turkey
Palestinian Islamic Jihad Leadership Leaves Syria Moves to Iran
Barak: Israel May Seize Advanced Weapons in Syria 
July 19
Iran Aims for Weapons-Grade Uranium
Hezbollah Is Blamed in Attack on Israeli Tourists in Bulgaria
Bombing Suspect in Attack That Killed 7 on Bus of Israeli Tourists Was Carrying Fake Michigan Driver's License
Putin Woos Israel Amid East Med Gas Clash
17 Men Arrested in Attack, Rapes at Church Camp Outside Mexico City
UN Spins in Circles While Syria Spins Out of Control
Cave: Amazing Underground Rock Formations That Look Like an Alien World Seen for First Time
July 18
Syria's Top Security Ministers Slain in Damascus Bombing
Calls for Assad to Quit 'Rooted in Hopelessness' – Lavrov
X Marks the Spot: Spy Ring and Warships Encircle Iran
Code Red: Defense Cuts Threaten UK Nuclear Subs
RIMPAC: 22 Nations, 40+ Ships and Subs, 200+ Aircraft, 25,000 Personnel Participate in Largest Maritime Exercise
July 17
Syria: Assad Regime 'Ready to Use Chemical Weapons'
South Damascus Embattled. Syrian High Command Moves to Fortified Site
If Damascus Falls, Israel and Its Gas Fields Feared Threatened
War on All Fronts
TSA Security Agents to be Used in UK Airports for Olympics
War in August? US Sends Fourth Aircraft Carrier and Dozens of Underwater Drones Towards Iran
Iran Vows to Back Any Nation That Fights America, Israel
Europe 2012 – The Revival of the Nazi Vision
Court Order Prevents BBC from Broadcasting Film about Riots
Senate Accuses HSBC of Allowing Billions in Mexican Drug Cartel Cash to be Laundered
Latest Conspiracy Theory from Iran: The West Is Causing Drought
US Navy Ship Opens Fire in Gulf Killing 1, Wounding 3 Others
July 16
Iran Prepares to Shut Down Strait of Hormuz
Assad Receives Last Warning to Stop Moving His WMD: Top Generals Defect
Activists Report Clashes in Syrian Capital of Damascus
There Will Be Hell to Pay for NATO's Holy War
Defector: Al-Assad Declared 'War' on Syrians, Calls for Foreign Military Intervention
UN Probes Mass Killings in Syrian Village
July 13
Over 200 Dead in Syria Massacre
Syria Takes WMD Out of Storage – US: Situation "Incredibly Dangerous"
British Spy Chief: Iran Will Have Nukes in 2 Years – MI6 Can't Stop Them Any Longer
Iran Is Expanding Missile Capabilities, Pentagon Report Says
Iran Should Be Stopped by Joint Regional Effort
July 12
Two More US Carriers, Dozens of Mini-Subs Rushed to Hormuz
Fury Grows at Islamabad's NATO U-Turn
US, China Square Off Over South China Sea
Floating Base Gives U.S. New Footing in the Persian Gulf
Aussie Govt Defends Need to Snoop on Online and Phone Records
Australian Authorities Remove Obese Kids from Parents
July 11
Army of Iran Sadists Poised for U.S. Invasion
NATO, Russian Naval-Air Buildup in E. Mediterranean, French Units to Gulf
Russia Sending Warships to Syria
Clinton: Massive Aid from Iran, China, Russia Keeping Syria ‘Afloat’
Mother Accused in UK 'Honor Murder' of Teen Implicates Husband
Putin Denounces West for Adopting ‘Missile-Bomb Democracy’
Canadian Officials Fear More Blackouts After Power Outage Hits Stampede Skyride, Consumers
Mexico Gunfight Leaves 11 Dead in Sinaloa State
July 9
Iran Leader: We Must Prep for 'End of Times' 
Tens of Thousands Protest in Mexico, Alleging Vote Fraud
Apocalyptic Dam: Freaky Sight as China Releases Floodgates  
July 6
Eurozone Exit: $390,000 Prize for Winning Escape Plan
Sanction This! Iran Sues Russia Over UN Embargo
China Starts Stockpiling Rare Earths: Report
More Eerie 'Ghost Cities' Popping Up in China
God and Queen Are No Longer a Guide for Girls
Teotihuacán – City of God or Gods? Section IV, Part 12
July 5
Iran Says It Can Destroy US Bases Within Minutes
Iran, Hezbollah 'to Defend Syria from Attack'
UN Tech Boost to North Korea, Iran Sparks State Dept. Investigation
Amb. John Bolton Says Iranian Missile Tested Today Can Reach Israel and Can Pack a Nuke
Russia May Sell S-300s to Iran If Syrian Government Falls
British Police Get Battlefield Weapons
'Biggest Operation of Vote-buying' in Mexico's History? President-Elect Shrugs It Off
54.5% of Votes to be Recounted
July 4
Sweden on Alert After Explosives Found Near Nuke Plant
Russian Warships Arrive at U.S. Pearl Harbor for Joint Drills
Assad to Kremlin: I Can Finish the Revolt in 2 Months, Replaces Army Chiefs
Syria's Assad 'Regrets' Turkish Jet Downing
Roger Hayes Arrested, Tried in Secret Court, Imprisoned in UK
July 2
1,000+ Ballistic Missiles Capable of Reaching U.S. Bases
Mexico's 70-Year Ruling Party Back in Power After Election Victory
190 Killed in 24 Hours in Syria
Venezuela Sign Deal to Explore for Oil off the Coast of Cuba
Schools in UK Could Be Made to Teach Pupils About Gay Marriage
June 28
3 in 4 Pakistanis Now Consider US an Enemy as Resentment Grows
IDF Bolstering Defenses Along Syrian Border
Turkey Strengthens Air Defence at Syrian Border - State TV
'Terrorist' Blasts Rock Central Damascus Close to Palace of Justice
Assange Ordered to UK Police Station: First Step in Extradition Process
June 27
Assad: Syria in a 'Real State of War
Obama Rebuffs Erdogan’s Appeal to Lead Turkey in Syria Attack
June 26
British Forces in Syria, Assad Presidential Compound Said Under Attack
German FM Wolfgang Schäuble: 'We Certainly Don't Want to Divide Europe'
Armageddon a Space War Coming to You Soon, Part 3
June 25
Supreme Court Makes German Parliament the Most Powerful in Europe
Toting Toy Guns, NKorean Children Learn Early to Hate the ‘American Bastards’
Turkey Threatens Action After Syria Downs Jet
Sudan Edges Towards Arab Spring
June 22
Iran Could Have Enough Material for Bomb Within 4 Month
...Enriching Uranium at Fast Pace Despite Stuxnet: Expert
Russia Confirms Syria-Bound Ship Carried Helicopters
Syria Air Defenses Down Turkish Military Plane Over Latakia
Drone Strikes Threaten 50 Years of International Law, Says UN Rapporteur
Putin Wants to Show He Is Key Player in Region
Deadly Standoff Ends at Afghan hotel; Hostages Freed After Several Hours
U.N. Plans to Take Control of the Oceans?

June 20
Iran, Russia, China, Syria Plan Middle East's Largest Ever War Game
Big Powers Move in on Syria: WW3 Set to Blow?
Will Russian, Chinese Military Forces on Syrian Soil Prevent Obama from Bombing Syria?
Syria Live Blog
UN Says Refugees Fleeing Countries at 11-year High
June 19
US & Russia Deploy in Syria – Double Prey for Al-Qaeda
Syria, Iran, Russia and China Plan Joint War Games, Iranian News Agency Says
June 18
Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood Declares Presidential Victory
Morsi Will Use Street Power for Egyptian Presidency; US Backs Brotherhood
The Syrian Volcano
Syria Crisis: Homs Faces Renewed Shelling
Obama Speeds Up Limited Air Strike, No-Fly Zones Preparations for Syria
Russia Flies Anti-Air, Anti-Ship Missiles to Assad aS Its Fleet Heads to Tartus
US Military Intervention in Syria – “Not If But When”
Big Powers, Iran Hold Nuclear Talks as Time Runs Out
Indian Police: Man Chops Off Daughter's Head
June 15
Syrian Forces Rape Children, Adults, Pulls Out Their Fingernails
U.S., Russia Discuss Post-Assad Transition in Syria
Russia's Nuclear Industry is a Disaster Waiting to Happen
Pakistan Boasted of Nuclear Strike on India Within 8 Seconds
More Than 2,500 Homes Torched, 30,00 People Displaced in Myanmar Sectarian Clashes
June 14
Cries of 'Coup' as Egypt's Highest Court Annuls Parliament, Military Extends Power
Syria Now in State of Civil War – UN
'Russia Does Not Sell Combat Helicopters to Syria' - Lavrov
No-fly Zone on the Horizon in Syria?
NATO Special Operations: The Beginning of a Global Army?
June 13
Big 'NO' and Warning to Russia: Stop Arming Syria
Hezbollah May Move Syrian Arms to Lebanon
Turkey to Purchase Long-Range Air Defense System
Secret US Poll Projects 70% Lead for Egypt's Muslim Presidential Candidate Morsi
June 12
IMF Chief Christine Lagarde Warns World Risks Triple Crisis
Syrian Army Uses Children as 'Human Shields'
US Boosts Jordan’s Nuclear Security
Is China Building Up Its Military?
Coroner Rules Dingo Really Did Take Australian Baby in 1980 – HOLLY NOTE: One Aussie girlfriend's statement this morning said it all: "Don't believe it."
Iran to Build Nuclear Sub
Tens of Thousands of Putin Opponents March in Moscow
US, EU Fake Iran’s Consent to Discussing Enrichment to Fend Off Israeli Action
Towards a New Arab Cultural Revolution
How Much Impact Did the North Sea Gas Leak Have on the Environment?
Total Confirms End to North Sea Gas Leak
June 11
Chemical Warfare Feared Raising Its Head in Syrian Civil War
At least 1.5 Million Need Aid in Syria
Russia and Iran Back Away from Syrian Conflict, Dump It in America’s Lap
New Immigration Clampdown Demands £20,000 Salary for Brits to Marry a Foreigner
3-year-olds to be Screened for Signs of Mental Illness in Australia
Japan Looks Set to Power Up Nuclear Reactors Despite Protest
Pakistani Female Doctor Arrested for Poisoning School Girls
June 8
Last Warning? Panetta Threatens Pakistan
The View from Europe
June 6
Are Guillotines Next? 11 Examples That Show That Beheading Is on the Rise Globally
Assad Orders Formation of New Government
Russia Wants Iran, Turkey in Syria Meeting
Israel Accuses Iran of Nuclear Deception
Russia Warns Israel Against Attack on Iran
Smugglers' Paradise - Australia
Probe into 'Refugee' People Smugglers
UN Treaty Convention to Regulate Conventional Weapons Trade Scheduled for July 2-27
2,000-year-old Treasure Includes Gold Earrings, Precious Stones
June 5
Syria Expels U.S., European Diplomats
China, Russia United Against Syria Intervention
Iran: Our Nukes Proof of Islamic Power
Iran Urges Powers Accept Nuclear Rights in Talks
Kiwis and Aussies Mull Becoming 1 Country
What Happened to "No Nukes" Japan?
Nobody Does Pomp and Ceremony the Like Brits – Tens of Thousands Show for Britain's Diamond Jubilee
June 4
Panetta: Majority of US Warships Moving to Asia-Pacific
Iran Threatens to Target U.S. Bases If Attacked
Rebels Set Syrian Fighter Jets and Helicopters Ablaze Opposite Golan
EU, Russia to Tackle Syrian Crisis
China's Top Paper Warns Against Armed Intervention in Syria
Turkey Ditches Syrian Rebels. Will Israel Attack Hizballah's Scuds?
Death Toll Likely to Rise in Lagos Plane Crash
Carving Up Iraq, Barrel by Barrel
June 1
Images Show Alleged 'Sanitization' at Iran Nuclear Site
Redefining War, Espionage, Cyberattack on Iran Stuns Experts
Syria Risks All-Out Civil War, UN
Syria Activists Warn of 'Volcano of Rage' as Rebel Deadline Passes
Syria Killings May Be 'Crime Against Humanity'
Syrian Rebels Abduct 5 Top Hizballah Officers, Including Nasrallah’s Nephew
Obama Weighs Action to Prevent Al Qaeda Grabbing Syrian WMD
Venezuela Bans Private Gun and Ammo Ownership
May 31
How Can Obama’s Middle East Policy Possibly Get Worse? Answer: Look at Syria
Syrians Tell Activists of Massacre Horrors
Why Syrian Regime Is Killing Babies
Tens of Thousands Flee 'Extreme Violence' in Congo
NKorea Proclaims Itself Nuclear State In New Constitution
'Very Clear' Signs of Iran Sanitizing Military Site, Western Diplomat Says
US Sees Window for Iran Nuclear Talks Closing
Dagan: Strike on Iran Could Hasten Bomb
Japan Attack, German Terror-Intel Group Complicit
Will Crisis-Hit Ireland Rebel Against EU?
Why the Chinese Are Flocking to U.S. Colleges
Over 70 Mummies of Children Discovered inside 1000 Year Old Tomb
Ottawa Body Parts ‘Came from Montreal Torso Found in Suitcase,’ Tests Show
May 30
Eastern Europe Rising Up Against Politicians on the Take
Russia Isolating Itself Over Support for Assad
May 29
Children Killed in Syria Attack Were Executed – Syrian Diplomats Expelled Around the World
UN in Syria: Most of the 108 Victims in Houla Attack Were 'Summarily Executed'
'Atrocities' Could Trigger Military Intervention in Syria, Joint Chiefs Chairman Warns
Soaring Toll of Elderly Starving in Their Homes as Councils Cut Back Care
Iran Leaders Hint at Missile Attacks Against US Bases, Call for End to Nuclear Negotiations
Brother Says Pakistani Doc Tortured, Appeals to US for Legal Help
Anarchist Group Vows to Wage 'Low Level Warfare' on Olympics – background: Anarchist Federation (Britain and Ireland)
May 25
Prepare for Nuclear Iran
Iran Rejects West’s Proposal to Curb Nuclear Program
Prepare for Nuclear Iran
Australia's Strategy
May 24
Police Kettle Montreal Student Protesters, Arresting 518
Is 2013 the Real 2012?
May 23
NKorea Says It Will 'Expand' Nuclear Program in Face of US 'Hostility'

May 22
Ahmadinejad, Farrakhan & The Black Panthers: Shocking New Details on Their Meeting & the ‘Beast’ Axis That Was Forged
New Black Panther Field Marshal: Whites ‘Should be Thankful We’re Not Hanging Crackers By Nooses... Yet, Yet, Yet’
No One Can Afford Another Round of Iran Sanctions
Preparations for Protecting Syrian Chemical Arsenal Pick up Pace
An Open Letter on Gov'ts Destruction of Canada's Environment
The Unraveling in Europe

May 21
‘Bleeding Across the Border’: Syria Crisis Reportedly Spilling Over Into Lebanon
Violent Clashes "Erupt in Damascus"
Montreal Protests: Anti-Protest Bill 78 Passes 'Worst Law' Since War Measures Act
Top US Official Warns N Korea Against Further Nuclear Tests
Egypt's Brotherhood Goes All Out for Presidency
Karzai Thanks U.S. for 'Your Taxpayers' Money'
World's Largest Pool Cost $1B, Holds 66M Gallons – So Big You Can Even Sail Boats on It
May 18
Netanyahu: Iran Stalling for Time on Nukes
Iran Leader Has Long Planned War with Israel and U.S., Former Spanish PM
Russian PM Dmitry Medvedev Says Action on Syria, Iran May Go Nuclear
Iran’s Grand Strategy

European Leaders Add to RiIran’s Grand Strategy
May 17
Iran to Expand 20% Uranium Enrichment at Fordo with New Centrifuges
Iran Supplying Syria with Arms Despite Sanctions, UN
Greece on Brink of Collapse
Chinese anger at US base in Australia
Police Break Up anti-Putin Sit In
NKorea Upgrades Missile Site
Iran Drills First Large-Scale Paratroop Drops for Offensive Action
The US Military Option for Iran Is 'Ready,' American Ambassador to Israel Says
May 15
World Braces for Euro Split
Why a Greek Exit from the Euro Would Mean the End of the Eurozone
U.S., China Compete for Canadian Energy Assets
Libya: A Real World Syriana

Syrian Rebels Terrorizing Assad Troops With Nightly Attacks
New US Battle Strategy Against Iran in US Movements and Israeli Drill
May 14
60+ Nuke Experts Building Iranian Nuclear Bomb
Malek Ashtar University: Nuclear Bomb Project HQ
Greece Headed into 'Out of Control Bankruptcy' - Govt. Salaries and Pensions Soon to Go Unpaid
Viewpoints: What If Greece Exits Euro?
France: Plan Succeeded: Muslim Immigrants Put Socialist in Power
Tripoli Clashes After Direct Orders from Assad to Lebanese Army

May 12
China, Japan, S. Korea Warn N. Korea Over Nuclear Test
Iranian Opposition: Tehran Accelerating Its Nuclear Program
Putin and Washington: Is Conflict Inevitable?

Russia to Test New Naval Air Defense System by Year End
Hizballah Rushes Arms to Syria, Iran Sets Up Security Cameras in Damascus
May 11
China Bangs the War Drum Over South China Sea
Thai Army Secretly Plans for the Worst
Relations Remain Icy Between Pakistan and the US

Hamas Says It Will Not Go to War for Iran
Colombia Passes First Bill to Legalize Drugs Including Cocaine, Opium
May 10
At Least 55 Killed, Nearly 200 Wounded in Damascus Blasts
The Rise of Europe’s Political Radicals
Beware: Germany Is Growing Resentful and Angry
Libyan Missiles on the Loose
May 9
U.S. Braces for New NKorea Provocation
EU Tells Defiant Iran It "Must" Suspend Uranium Enrichment
Arab Nations Hire 10 PR Agencies in a Year to Assist in Selling Brutality
Canadian Officials Considering Genderless Passports
8 Signs the Illuminati Orchestrated WW2

Moscow's Tiananmen Square moment: Image of Little Boy on Bicycle Becomes Instant Iconic Photo
May 8
Is This the End of '1 Europe'?
Drone Deals Go International ... With No Disclosure

May 7
Putin Returns to Power Amid Protests
...Proposes Medvedev as PM
Putin Decoded: World View of a Russian Feeling Dissed
Socialist Hollande Promises 'a New Start' for Europe
Change of French Presidents Weakens Western Front Against Nuclear Iran
The Big Picture: Our Curiously Failing Civilization
The European Uprisings of 1848 Reverberate in Today's Arab Spring
Iran Readies Secret Salt Desert Bunkers for Clandestine Nuclear Facilities
Not So ‘Golden Dawn’ for Greek Parliament

May 4
Russia Vows to Avenge U.S. Visa Bans for Russian Officials
Greenpeace 'Bombs' French Nuclear Reactor - Could It Happen in US?
The Story of Blind Chinese Dissident Chen Guangcheng Explained in 2 Minutes
Britain Will Run from Brussels If Van Rompuy Is Replaced by a Super EU President
Barak: Olmert and Former Mossad, Shin Bet Chiefs Serving Iran
TransCanada Resubmits Keystone Application, Says No Oil Flow Until 2014 (lets him off the hook with the greenies)
May 3
Russia 'Retains Right' to Pre-Emptive Strike on Missile Shield
Russia Warns 'Point of No Return' Imminent in US Missile Defense Talks
Canada OKs Ontario's Darlington Nuclear Expansion
Iran Makes Territorial Stand
German Sub Disappears with Nukes Onboard
Spanish ‘Second Conquest’ Backfiring in Latin America?

May 2
Iranian Admiral: 'We Can Move a Vessel Within 3 Miles of NYC'
Iranian Naval Exercise Follows on Israel’s Northern Border Drill
Attack on Iran's Oil Industry Ups Cyber Warfare Stakes
US Deploys F-22 Fighter Jets to UAE: Officials

May 1
NKorea Nuclear Test Seen 'Imminent'
Occupy Wall Street Plans Global Protests in Resurgence

April 30
Sams to Protect Olympics as Part of Huge Security Operation
Greece Opens Detention Camp for Immigrants as Election Looms

U.S. and South Korea Assault an Idyllic Island
April 27
U.S.-Japan Deal Withdraws 9,000 Marines from Okinawa
Explosions Hit Syrian Capital, at Least 10 Dead

April 26
Violent Student Protest Sees 85 Arrests in Quebec
Iran Preparing for 'the Last 6 Months' – Source Says Leaders Expect Attack That Will Usher in 'Messiah'
Israel's Top General Says Iran Unlikely to Make Bomb
Analysts Say NKorea's New Missiles Displayed at Parade Are Fakes

April 25
North Korea Boasts of Ability to Destroy US Military in 'Single Blow'
Bombs on Sudanese Border Stoke War Talk
Philippines, U.S. Stage War Games in Face of China Warning

Netanyahu Says Iran Sanctions 'Better Work Soon'
Iran Hopes New Talks Will Mark 'End of Nuclear Issue'
April 24
NKorea 'Ready for Third Nuclear Test'
Look Out! U.N. Now Invading Your Home

April 23
China Steps Back from Supporting Assad, Parts Ways with Russia
Gas and Peace: Egypt Cuts Off Gas Supply to Israel
Hungry Syrian Soldiers Desert Golan Defenses, Prowl for Food
Phuket Governor Takes Action Against Rumormongers

Weather-driven Demand Boosts UK Gas Prices
April 20
Iran vs. Israel - Back to the Future Pt 1, Pt 2
Gun Violence Plagues Sydney's Streets – HOLLY NOTE: This is what happens when you take guns away from civilians leaving only the crims with legal access. Gun confiscation Downunder took place while we still lived there on Sept. 30, 1997. See Britain, Australia Top U.S. in Violent Crime. It was only after some nut job in Tasmania went on a terrible killing spree that the AU gov't. saw this as a ripe opportunity to call in all weapons. The recall – a mere 9 months later – took place while Australia was still in shock.Their subsequent rising current crime spree is the legacy of a country disarmed. If this can happen to another "can-do" independent country, America is not far behind.
Analysts: NKorea Situation Seen Spiraling Toward Nuclear Test
Signs of an Asian Arms Buildup in India Missile Test

April 19
Iran Army Ready for Action on Disputed Gulf Island
Inside China: China, Russia to Hold Drill Near Korea
Honduras Farm Workers Stage Mass Land Occupations
India Test-Fires 5,000 Km Agni-V Missile, China Cautious

April 18
Israel: Reported US-Iranian Nuke Deal - Wishful Thinking

India to Test Nuclear Missile That Can Hit Beijing
April 17
'Let Cuba In!' Sixth Summit of Americas Sends Ultimatum to US
Nasrallah to Assange: Hezbollah Talked to Syria Opposition; We Want Dialogue, US & Israel Want Civil War
April 16
Unholy Aliiance: Iranian Nuclear Scientists Were Present at Failed NKorean Missile Launch, Source
US and Philippines Begin South China Sea Drills
Some 40 Russian Bombers Exercise Near Japan Frontier
Iran Snubs US Delegate in Cat-and-Mouse Game in Istanbul
World's Armies Circle as Arctic Warms to Reveal Untapped Supplies of Oil and Gas
April 13
This Just In: NKorea Still Sucks at Launching Rockets
How Will NKorea Deal with Failure?
...Could Lead to Fresh Nuclear Test
War in the Middle East May Be Inevitable
Russian Warships to Patrol Syrian Coast
First New Concentration Camps in Europe Set to Sprout on Greek Soil
Incredible Return to Ground Zero of the Chernobyl Disaster
Sea dispute Escalates as China, Philippines Deploy More Warships
High Stakes for Iran Nuclear Talks
April 11
Defiant NKorea Begins Injecting Fuel into Rocket
US fIghters Scrambled as 'Credible Bomb Threat' Diverts Korean Air Jet to Canadian Base
US Weighs Military Action in Syria
If It Can Happen Down Under
Social Critic Pokes Holes in Legal Matrix
US Loses Battle to Release Internal UN Documents on Fraud, Waste and Abuse
Philippine Warship in Standoff with China Vessels
Chinese Troops Reportedly Amassing Near US-Mexico Border
Lawmakers Walk Out on Putin
Miss Universe Pageant Allowing Transgender Women

April 10
Russia Massing Troops on Iran's Northern Border, Waiting for Western Attack
NKorea Says Ready to Launch Rocket, Prompts Warnings
Obama to China: Stop NKorea Nuclear Test
Ahmadinejad Says Iran Can Do Without Oil Sales
Big US-Arab Gulf Air Force Exercise Draws Iranian Warning to Stop at Once
China Watches US Military Buildup in Australia
April 9
NKorea Prepares for Underground Nuclear Test
Secret Us-Israeli Accord to Iran Keeping Low 3.5 Enriched Uranium Plus 1,000 Centrifuges
US Deploys 2nd Carrier to Gulf Amid Nuke Tensions
Syria Peace Plan in Jeopardy as Govt. Raises New Demands
Syrian Forces Fire at Refugees in Turkey; Deaths Reported
Russia, China Increase Push to End Syria Violence
Russian Warship Patrols Syrian Waters
Russia to Deploy S-400 Air Defense Systems Near Borders
U.S. Intel Gains in Iran Seen as Boost to Confidence
The Hunger Games Review - a Glimpse of Our Future If Cancerous Gov't. Growth Is Not Checked

April 6
U.S. Missile Defense in Gulf Signals Strike on Iran – Russian Lawmaker
What Happens If Iran Doesn't Back Down?
Russian Military Has an Action Plan Involving Georgia If Iran Is Attacked
Defiant Syria Is Upgrading Its Military Capabilities
Suleiman Gives Up Presidential Bid Over Islamist Foothold in Young Army Elite
Pentagon Urges NKorea to Give Up Missile Launch Plans
NKorea Threatens to ‘Bury Enemies at Sea’
Hugo Chavez weeps and Calls on God to Spare His Life
Ontario Schools Begin Masonic Child Sex Abuse

April 5
Russia Sends Guided Missile Destroyer on 'Purely Technical' Port Call to Syria
World Impotent as North Korea Shoots
See You in Nuclear Tehran

April 4
Israeli Senior Defense Officials: 'Confrontation with Iran May Be Delayed to 2013'
Anca-Maria Cernea Interview – What It Means to Live Under Communism, Pt 2

April 3
Russian Warships Launch Drill from Tartus vs US-Israeli-Greek Naval Exercise
Tensions Mount on Syria-Lebanon Border
Suspicion in Iran Grows Over Turkey's Regional Role
Iran Vows to Stick to Nuclear 'Path'
Alarming Signs in the United Arab Emirates
April 2
Muslim Brotherhood Aims for Egyptian Presidency
In Major Reversal, Muslim Brotherhood Could End Up Controlling All 3 Branches of Egypt's New Gov't.
Nations Pledge Millions for Syrian Opposition
Syria Dismisses Notions of Foreign Intervention
Clinton Spurns Despairing Syrian Opp Appeal for a Token US-protected Village
Clinton: Assad Ignoring Peace Plan
US Coast Guard Rescues Britons Injured on Yacht
China Clamps Down on Social Media Sites Following Internet Reports on Coup
Why the Coup Rumors in China Aren’t Going Away
Officials: 3 Killed as Human Sacrifices in Mexico

Thailand: 14 Dead, 340 Injured in Multiple Jihad Bomb Attacks
March 30
Palestinians Riot at Qalandiya Checkpoint
Iran Helps Syria Ship Oil to China
Bolton Accuses Obama Admin. of Leaking Story on Israeli Planning Along Iran Border
Total Chaos In the UK as Gas Stations Run Dry; Efforts to Stop Panic Buying Have Led to More Panic Buying
Bin Laden in Pakistan 9 Years and Fathered 4 Kids, Wife Says
North Korea Test Fires Short-Range Missiles: Reports
Japan Says It Will Shoot Down N. Korea Rocket Over Territory
Attacking Iran: Did US Just Torpedo Israeli Deal for Base in Azerbaijan?
"The Hunger Games" Sugarcoats Tyranny for Kids
March 29
N. Korea Fuelling Rocket Ahead of Banned Launch
Israel's Plan to Attack Iran Put on Hold Until Next Year at the Earliest
Iran's Centrifuge 'Workshops' Complicate Israel Raid Planning
USS Enterprise Prepares to Cross Suez Canal, Days Away from Anchor in Arabian Sea
Kuala Lumpur Seizes Suitcases of Counterfeit US Dollars Traced to Iran
March 28
Amnesty: Large Number of Secret Executions in Iran
Japan Goes Off Script at Nuclear Summit to Slam North Korea
UN Human Rights Chief: Syria Is Torturing Children
Gas Still Leaking from North Sea Rig after 3 Days
Leaking Gas Could Explode – May Take 6 Months to Drill Relief Well
Enemies in the East: An Interview with Anca-Maria Cernea
Iran Flies Thousands of Pro-Palestinian Activists to Syria. IDF Fortifies Borders
March 27
Syria Accepts Kofi Annan's Plan to End Violence
The Global Armageddon Scenario
Japan's Final Nuclear Reactor to Close in May
Oil Discovered in Kenya for First Time
Storm Clouds of Nuclear War Gathering on Horizon: Iran Threatens ‘Total Annihilation’ of Israel If It Attacks
March 25
Obama: Still Time for Diplomacy With Iran But Window Closing
Report: Israeli Soldiers Scour Iran for Nukes
Hamas, Hezbollah Helping Iran in Yemen'
Islamic Guide to a Happy Marriage Advises Husbands to Treat Their Wives
March 23
NKorea Directs Missiles Towards Australia
Why North Korea's Rocket Test Matters: Critics Fear It's Cover for Honing Nuclear Missiles
Germany Unprepared for Major Nuclear Disaster
China National Nuclear in Talks with Areva on Uranium Stakes
UN Policy Paper Outlines 7 Building Blocks for 'Heavy-Handed' World Government
Japanese Ghost Ship Lost in Tsunami Found Off B.C. Coast
March 22
US Reveals Iran Petro Penalty Hit List After Exempting Allies
Sarkoz: French Who Visit Internet Sites Supporting Terrorism Will Be Punished
When Ahmadinejad Wants a Nuclear Bomb, He Will Build One
March 21
Putin to Meet Obama at G8
Gorbachev Plans to Revive Social-Democratic Party
Russia to Develop New Arms Program to 2025
Gulf of Guinea Piracy Increases Amid Unrest and Rising Oil Prices
Satellites Identify Thousands of Small Hills as Ancient Human Settlements
U.S. Senses Threat from Iran in North Yemen, a New Hot Spot
The Day Europe Died
March 20
Wave of Bombs Kills Dozens in 12 Cities Across Iraq
Iran’s Nuclear Attack Plan
Number of Syrian Refugees Exceeds 16,000 in Turkey
Assad to Anan: Syrian Missiles Will Pre-Empt Any Military Intervention
Japan Ready to Shoot Down NKorean Rocket, If Necessary
Medvedev Vows to Counter European Missile Shield
Time to Get Out of Afghanistan
Russia Against U.S. Drawdown
March 19
Iran Threatens Hormuz and World Oil Supply After Trade Links Cutoff
Containing Iran Will Cost Untold Blood, Treasure
Syria Training Hezbollah to Use Anti-Aircraft Guns
Army Braces for Mass Arab Marches on Israel’s Borders
Egypt is a Volcano, The West Snoozes, But Israel Won’t Play the Role of Pompeii
March 16
UN Says Over 8,000 Dead in Syria Uprising
Syria: Bodies of 23 'Extreme Torture' Victims Found
Egyptian MP Proposes Crucifixions as Punishment for Crimes
Chomsky: Are We About to Get Embroiled in a Nightmare War with Iran?
Putin’s Empire
Australia's $200 Billion Push to Become World's Biggest Gas Power
A Guide to Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland
March 15
Opposition Leader Calls For May 5 ‘March of Millions’
Taliban Call Off Talks as Karzai Urges Faster U.S. Transition
Afghan Protesters Demand U.S. Soldier Be Tried in Afghanistan
Green Wall of Islam -- Sharia Is Coming
What's at Stake with Iranian Sanctions?
March 14
US Warns Iran: Accede or be Attacked
Americans Will Back U.S. Military Action If Iran Seeks Nuclear Arms, Poll Shows
Government Issues Travel Advisory to Turkey; Iran Seeking Out Israelis
This Aussie Has Spent More Than $350,000 Preparing for the Apocalypse
March 13
Israeli Official: Satellite Images Back Our Claims Iran Is Developing Nuclear Weapon
Could a Missile Strike on Iran Cause an Accidental Nuclear Detonation?
Assad's Forces Executed 44 Men Near a Mosque: 230,000 People Have Fled Syrian Violence
March 12
Taliban Vows Revenge for Killings
Gaza Truce Delayed. Egypt Wants Sinai Included. Tehran Fuels Violence.
Israel: Jihad Islami Will Pay Dear If Fajr Missiles Fired. US, Egypt Seek Ceasefire
Dozens of Iraqi Teenagers Stoned to Death for ‘Emo’ Haircuts: Activists
High Oil Prices Cushion Iran from Sanctions
Sinister NWO – VOW 1
March 9
Panetta: US Attack on Iran Would Be More Effective
Obama’s Projects an Israel Visit in July: Before or After an Attack on Iran?
Pentagon 'Superbomb' Iran Strike Would Outdo Israel
Iran's Nuclear Program: the Riddle, the Enigma and the Mystery
2 Syrian Generals, 1 Colonel Defect to Turkey
US, Jordan Mulling Ways to Secure Syrian Bio-Weapons
How a 30-minute Documentary Protesting an African Warlord Went Viral
March 8
General Boykin to Beck: ‘I Believe Iran Has a Nuclear Warhead Now’
Israel Asks U.S. for Arms That Could Aid Iran Strike
Iran May Be Cleaning Up Nuke Work
After Years, Uncertainty Still Colors Talk of Iran's Nuclear Capability
Think-tank: Israeli Strike Unlikely in 2012'
Top US Danger Rating for Syrian Chemical-Biological Missiles - Ahead Even of Iran
Crackdown Continues in Syria
Southern Exposure: Iran, Terror Groups Setting Up Shop in South America
UK Pants Label Causes Uproar: 'Give It to Your Woman, It's Her Job'
March 7
Panetta: US Will Use Force Against Iran If All Else Fails
French Foreign Minister: "We Must Bring to Israel's Attention Danger of Iran Strike
UN Rights Office Documents Torture in Syria
March 6
Israel Warns Time Short to Stop Iranian Nuclear Plans
Moscow Wants Missile Defense Talks at NATO Summit
March 5
North Korea Tested Iranian Warhead or “Dirty Bomb” in 2010 for $55M
IAEA Has "Serious Concerns" as Iran Triples Higher-Grade Enriched Uranium Production
Thousands Protest Putin's Victory at Moscow Rally
March 2
US Pours Cold Water on Israel’s Call for Military Action Against Iran
Israel Told U.S. Iran Must Halt Enrichment Ahead of Nuke Talks
"If Israel Abandons Assad, He’s finished"
Turkey Prez Gül: Russia, Iran Have No Choice But to Join Efforts to Remove Assad
France Closes Embassy in Syria
March 1
US Air Force Prepared If Diplomacy with Iran Fails: General
Stratfor Emails: Israel Has Destroyed Iran’s Nuclear Program
Syria Threatens to Crush Rebels in Homs
UK Closes Embassy in Syria
Russia, China, Cuba Vote Against UN Human Rights Council Resolution on Syria
February 29
Defense Minister Warns About Iran's 'Secret Weapons'

February 28
Gov't "Collapsed" During Japan Nuke Crisis
Nuclear Crisis Set Off Fears Over Tokyo, Report
Syrian Shelling Decimates Homs
In Once-Quiet Jordan, Air of Unrest Looms
UK Cities Becoming 'No-Go Areas' Because of Drugs Gangs... Just Like Mexico and Brazil
Another Costa Cruise Ship Stranded
Argentina Turns Away UK Cruise Ships as Tensions Build
February 27
Iran Prepares for Kamikaze Attacks
U.S. Bolsters Defenses in Persian Gulf Amid Iran Tensions
To Draw Iran into Nuclear Talks, Obama Avoids Ousting Assad
Time-Lapse Map of Every Nuclear Explosion Since 1945
A Chinese Vision Begins to Emerge
Russia Upgrades Syria-Based Electronic Station to Warn Iran of US/Israeli Attack
Saudi Cleric: Murdering Assad More Important Than Killing an Israeli
Failure of Red Cross-Damascus Talks Brings Foreign Intervention Closer
Thousands of Russians Protest Against Putin
Plot to Kill Russian PM Putin Foiled
Taliban Claims Responsibility for Bomb Attack, Poisoning Food in Afghanistan
Canadian Train Derailment, Kills 3, Began with 'a Little Bump'
Australian PM, Julia Gillard Decisively Wins Pivotal Ruling Party Vote

New Mediterranean Oil and Gas Bonanza
The Darker Reality of India’s Nuclear Power Goals
February 24
'Friends of Syria' Set to Deliver Ultimatum to Assad
Turkey Plans to Buy 100 US F-35 Fighters: Report
Iran Threatens to Attack Israel with Missiles and the U.S. with Suicide Bombers, But WH Pressuring Israel to Do Nothing
Formerly Secret Telexes Offer Window into Iran’s Nuclear Deceit
China Preparing for Space Warfare Warns U.S. Army General

February 23
Iran Set to Expand Nuclear Activity in Underground Facility
US, France, UK, Turkey, Italy Prepare for Military Intervention in Syria
Germany's Merkel Asks for Forgiveness for Neo-Nazi Killings
Putin Praises Cold War Moles for Stealing U.S. Nuke Secrets
Coming to America: Chinese Parents Sending Their Children to Christian High Schools in America

February 22
Iran Cuts Down to 6 Weeks Timeline for Weapons-Grade Uranium

Egyptian Official: War with Israel, US in 3 Months
Iran Holds Air Defense Drills as IAEA Says Iran Blocks Access to Key Nuke Site
Russia Boosts Arms Sales to Syria Despite World Pressure
Syria Escalates Shelling of Homs, as American, French Journalists Killed in Attacks
Following Keystone Rejection Canada's Oil Sands Headed to China
Canada Threatens EU with Trade War over Oil Sands Ban
4 More Bodies Found in Wrecked Italian Cruise Ship
February 21
Iran: U.N. Nuke Inspectors Will NOT Visit Sites
Are We in the Midst of World War III? Beck Thinks So After His Eye-Opening Trip to Rome, Athens
Iranian Warships Dock in Syria
Iran to Take Pre-Emptive Action If Endangered, Warns Top General
Consequences to Expect If U.S. Invades Iran
Fearing West, Putin Pledges Biggest Military Buildup Since Cold War

February 20
Iran Poised for Big Nuke Jump
Israeli Strike Against Iran’s Nuke Facilities Is "Imminent"
Iran Strike Talk 'Premature,' Top U.S. General Says
US Officials: Israeli Attack on Iran Requires 100 Planes
Turkey and China 'Helping Iran Evade UN Sanctions'
China Rebukes Iran for Stopping Oil to Britain and France
Iran Names Istanbul for Nuclear Talks, Buttresses Assad with Russia
Homs a Bleeding Wound as Medical Aid Dire
The Time of Big Government is Coming to an End
The Evil Assad Regime Must Be Brought Down and Brought to Justice, or Face Judgment: Time Is Running Out According to Bible Prophecy

SKorea Begins Military Drills Despite Threat from NKorea
Dozens Killed in Mexican Prison Riot
February 17
Intel Official: Iranian Missiles Could Hit Nearby U.S. Targets, Europe
Why Do Westerners Kiss Syrian Dictator Assad's Ass?
Venezuela Ships Fuel to War-Torn Syria

February 16
U.S. Signals Concern Iran, Russia Arming Syria
Dr. Strangelove, The Illuminati & Nuclear Chaos
U.S. Carrier Crosses Hormuz Amid Rising Gulf Tensions
US Gets Barak to Backtrack and Deny Iran Has Reached Nuclear Point of No-Return
China’s Military Spending Set to Exceed the Rest of Asia Combined
February 15
Iran Loads Own Nuclear Fuel Rods into Research Reactor
...Activates 3,000 New Centrifuges
Iran to Produce New Yellow Cake New Year
Cutting Oil to 6 European Countries
PM Netanyahu: World Must Set Red Lines on Iranian Nuclear Program
Experts Say Iran Has 'Neutralized' Stuxnet Virus
Armageddon 2012
West May Strike Iran by Summer: Russian Military Chief
The Iranian Threat to New York City
Cyprus FM: Turkey Threatening Both Israel, Cyprus
What Does the Ayatollah Want?
Syria Resumes Shelling, Rejecting U.N. Rebuke
Syrian Regime Using Nerve Gas Against Protestors Under Russian and Iranian Supervision
Syrian War Planes Blow Up Oil Pipeline in Homs
Prison Fire in Honduras Leaves at Least 300 Dead
Russia, Vietnam to Jointly Manufacture Anti-Ship Missiles
NZ Cities Among World's Most Costly

February 14
Syrian Defector: Assad Using Chemical Weapons
Russian Army Chief: Iran Crisis to Enter New Phase
US Admiral Says Forces Prepared to Confront Iran
French Nuclear Anxieties Soar After Fukushima

Muslim Brotherhood Warns U.S. Aid Cut May Affect Egypt’s Peace Treaty with Israel
Russia Faced Major Nuclear Disaster in 2011
February 13
Riots Spread Across Athens, Buildings in Flames
Iran: Expect Major Nuke Announcement
Commander Warns Against Iran's 'Suicide Ships'
As US and Israel Dicker Over Iran Strike, American Airlifts Strength to the Gulf

Saudi Arabia Threatens to 'Go Nuclear' If Iran Gets the Bomb
Al-Qaida Calls on Muslim World to Support Assad Opposition Forces
Assad Wins Out Against Opposition as Russia and Iran Strengthen Ties
Twitter Rumor Claims Death of Korean Leader Kim Jong-Un
Successful US-Israel Radar Test Launches US Missile Shield's Operational Phase
February 10
Assad Forces Mull Use of Chemical Weapons in Homs; 130 People Killed on Thursday
West Offers Words, Only, as Syria Killing Rages
Russia is Squaring Up for Fight With America Over Syria
International 'Militarization' in Syria Growing Closer
Iran's Arsenal of Sunburn Missiles Is More Than Enough to Close the Strait

February 9
U.S. and Israel Split on Speed of Iran Threat
Israel Teams With Terror Group to Kill Iran's Nuclear Scientists, U.S. Officials
Iran Says Can Hit U.S. Interests Worldwide If Attacked
Russia Maps Rebel Forces for Assad
Hacked E-Mails Reveal Syrian Spin Used to Defend Crackdown
Canada, North American Energy Powerhouse, Now Faces Fracking Protests
How Fracking, Drilling and Earthquakes Are Linked
Canada Moves Closer to Supplying China with Oil Following New Agreement
Mexico Road Project Sets Up Fight Over Ruins
Bad Timing for Scottish Independence
February 8
Israel: We Will Prevent Syria's Chemical Weapons from Reaching Hezbollah

February 7
Iran Crisis Heats Up
Obama Uses Executive Order to Impose New Sanctions on Iran
Sudan's President Omer al Bashir’s New Best Friend - Russia?
‘We the People’ Loses Appeal Around the World
Under Siege: Spain Being Conquered by Islamic Invasion
Illuminati Behind Global Government
THE Book That FIRST Revealed Their Diabolical Plot Thru Today
Russia and the United States: Pushing Tensions to the Limit?

February 6
US Embassy in Syria Closed, Diplomats Evacuated
Assad Sends Hit Squads After Top Lebanese Officials
Vetoes Leave Syria Headed for Bloody Stalemate
China Says It Was Forced to Veto UN Measure on Syria
Politics Drives U.S. Exit from Afghanistan
Russia-China to Jointly Build Mi-2A Helicopters
Australia Becomes First to Ban Travelers Who Refuse Naked Body Scanners
February 3
Israel Months from Striking Iran?
Shin Bet Chief: Iran Trying to Hit Israeli Targets in Response to Attacks on Nuke Scientists
Iran Supreme Leader: U.S., Israel Will Suffer for Threats on Nuke Program
'Certain Countries' Could Take Iran Nuclear Matter into Their Own Hands, U.K. Official
Ahmadinejad Calls for New World Order

February 2
Israel: Iran's Nuclear Arms Program Is Complete, Its Missiles Can Reach US
MI Chief: Iran Can Produce 4 Bombs
Israel Vice PM: Military Strike Can Hit All of Iran's Nuke Facilities
Ahmadinejad Wants to Double Iran's Defense Budget
Fukushima - What Really Happened
Major New Leak at Japan's Nuclear Plant - Kyodo

World in Shock at Egyptian Soccer Riot Kills More Than 70
Russia, NATO May Hold Missile Defense Drills in March
Read Between the Lines: Hollywood Mogul Buys 2,600 Acres of Farmland; Moving to New Zealand
February 1
Brotherhood Would Cancel Camp David Agreement, Hezbollah Official
No Exit in Persian Gulf
WWIII Update – The Battle Lines are Drawn?
Report: Classified US Document Says Taliban Ready to Take Power in Afghanistan, Backed by Pakistan
Syrian Rebels Claim Control Over 50% of Country
Graphic Images Flood Out of Syria with at Least 6,000 Dead. Why No World Uproar?
Assad May Start Regional War If UN Tells Him to Step Down – Gulf Sources
January 31
Iran Claims It Has Produced Laser-Guided Shells
Ya'alon: Iran Asked IAEA If It Could Enrich Uranium to 90%
Massive US Military Buildup on Two Strategic Islands: Socotra
Iran Threatens Action Against U.S.
U.S. Plans 2 Floating Bases for Rapid Response Gulf Ops
Iranian Aircraft Carriers in the Gulf of Mexico
Ehud Barak: It May Be Too Late to Attack Iran After Summer
Assad Masses Loyal Troops in Damascus After He Was Warned of Military Coup
Escalating Violence in Syria Could Spill Over in the Region, Clinton Warns
Syria: Day of Mourning, Anger, Called After 100 Killed
Americans Take Shelter in US Embassy in Cairo as Tensions Escalate
Congress Warns Egypt Its Annual Military Aid of $1.3 Billion Is at Risk
Afghan Man Strangles Wife for Having Baby Girl

January 30
US Anticipates May as Tentative Date for Clash with Iran
US Bunker-Buster Incapable of Destroying Iran Nuke Plants
Iran Issues Warning as UN Nuclear Team Arrives
Iran Warns Oil Prices May Jump to $150 after EU Sanctions
Imagination Can be a Dangerous Thing: Why Iran Must be Denied Nuclear Weapons
Iran: Ahmadinejad Moving to Fulfill Hitler’s Dream of an Attack on New York
'Urban War': Syrian Troops Reportedly Seize Damascus Suburbs from Rebels
Syria Says 'Terrorists' Blow Up Gas Pipeline
Pope Calls for Peace in Holy Land
Russia to Start Construction of 2 New Warships
Family Found Guilty in Honor Killings

January 27
China's 65,000-Ton Secret
Year of The Water Dragon: 12 Chinese Maritime Developments to Look for in 2012
Activists Report 'Terrifying Massacre' in Syria
Syrian Revolt Creeps Closer to Damascus
War of Attrition Brewing With Iran Over Gulf Oil Routes
ACTA: The Corporate Usurpation of the Internet
Major Scandal – 35 Lbs Cocaine Seized at UN Headquarters
Poland Gives Green Light to Massive Fracking Efforts
What Americans Can Learn from Aussies on Australia Day

January 26
Preconditions in Place for Israeli Iran Strike
Ahmadinejad Says Iran Ready to Start Nuclear Talks
At Least 21 People Believed Missing after 3 High-Rise Buildings Collapse in Rio
Honor Killings Shock Canada
Azerbaijan Police Foil Iran Plot to Assassinate Israel Ambassador
Italy on Verge of Full Revolt
1 in 5 Young Germans Unaware of Auschwitz
24 Dead in Syria Violence

Chaos as Australian PM Julia Gillard Is Attacked by Angry Mob
January 25
Iran Preparing Now for Armageddon
Obama: U.S. Determined to Prevent Iran from Getting Nukes
Ahmadinejad Tries to Stem Money Crisis After Sanctions
CFR Madmen Itching for Nuclear Armageddon
‘Captain Coward’: Behold Our Brave New Sexually Emancipated World

January 24
What Will Happen With Iran?
Britain, US, France Send Warships Through Strait of Hormuz
Age of Anarchy: From Syria to Mexico, Nations Facing Growing Violence and Tensions That Could Tear Them Apart
Costa Cruise Hit Rocks in 2005 – and Firm Tried to Cover It Up
Jakarta Women Told to Carry Pepper Spray, Tasers to Avoid Rape
WikiLeaks' Julian Assange to Host Own TV Show

January 23
Iran 'Definitely' Closing Strait of Hormuz Over EU Oil Embargo
...Could Lead to Soaring Fuel Prices
Panetta: USS Enterprise Carrier Group to Transit Hormuz in March
US Carrier Enters Gulf After Iran Tones Down Threats
Ahmadinejad: We'll Confront Anyone Who Threatens Us
Nuclear Iran Past Point of No Return
Report: Turkey Intercepts Material for Missiles, Chemical Weapons on Iranian Trucks
Divers Continue Cruise Ship Rescue, Death Toll Rises to 15
Final Results: Muslim Brotherhood Wins Sweeping Victory in Egyptian
Libyan Protesters Call for Sharia Laws
First Phase: US Deploys 12,000 Troops in Libya
Report: Russia to Deliver Combat Jets to Syria
215 Dead in Nigeria, Still Counting...

January 20
China Gets Jump on U.S. for Brazil’s Oil
Canada Pledges to Sell Oil to Asia After Obama Rejects Keystone Pipeline
China in Canada, Part 3: We Need a Plan
'Hatred Is Growing': Afghan Soldiers Killing More of Their American Allies
Iran Ups Ante With Warning to Region Against Siding with US
Netanyahu: Iran Has Decided to Become a Nuclear State. Action Needed Before It Is Too Late.
Jordan's King and the Muslim Brotherhood: An Unholy Marriage

January 19
IDF Says Hezbollah Now Has Long-Range Surface-to-Air Missiles

Iran Warns Region Against 'Dangerous' Stance on Hormuz
Europeans Fear Iran Oil Embargo Will Wreck Economy
UN Watchdog Urges Full Iran Cooperation in Nuke Probe
Western Intervention in Arab Spring Could End in 'Very Big War,' Russia Warns
Russia Urges Quick Missile Defense Deal with US
January 18
Iran Intervenes in Syria: Hizbullah Launches First Combat Rocket
Russia Faces Violent Revolution If It Doesn’t Embrace Democracy
Syria's Chemical, Biological Weapons Concern Israel

January 17
Turkey Says Russian Ship Delivered 60 Tons of ‘Dangerous Cargo' to Syria
Iran Boosts Security for All in Nuclear Field
Russian Scientists Mock U.S. Radar Theory on Mars Probe
Black Box Recording: Captain Refuses to Reboard Ship
Divers Recover 5 More Bodies Bringing Total to 11
Divers Blast Holes in Ship to Search for 29 Missing, Tragedy May Turn into Environmental Crisis
How Stable Are Cruise Ships Like the Costa Concordia?

Canada's PM to Legally Recognize of Foreign Gay Marriages, Even If Their Home Country Doesn't
Proposed Indian Nuclear Power Plant in Zone Subject to Earthquakes
January 16
Russia: Attack on Tehran is Attack on Moscow
Could Iran Close the Strait?
Saudis Have Enough Oil to Make Up for Iran
'Consequences': Iran Warns Gulf Countries Not to Replace Its Oil

Iran Closer to Bomb Than World Realizes?
Netanyahu: Current Iran sanctions Won't Curb Its Nuclear Program
Rescue Halted as Crippled Cruise Ship Slips
Cruise Ship Survivor: 'Everybody Started to Panic'

January 14
Luxury Cruise Ship Aground Off Italy; 8 Dead
The Navy Is Depending on Dolphins to Keep the Strait of Hormuz Open
Ahmadinejad: Everyone Knows Iran Isn't Developing Bomb
Larijani: Assassinations Won't Stop Iran Nuclear Work
Iran to Host UN Nuclear Inspectors Amid Tensions Over Strait of Hormuz Threat
Adversaries of Iran Said to Be Stepping Up Covert Actions
Obama Secretly Warns Iran Against Closing Strait of Hormuz, Report Says

January 12
Turkey Halts Iranian Arms Corridor to Syria, Balks at Nuclear Iran
The Battle for Russia
Putin Wants Judges for Government, Less Repressive Society
Former Inspector: Iran 'One Year from' Bomb Material

January 11
Magnetic Bomb Kills Another Nuclear Scientist in Iran
Attack on Iran 'Would be a Disaster'
Ahmedinejad Visits Latin America, Washington Implores and Seethes
Doomsday Clock Ticks 1 Minute Closer to Armageddon
Disunited Kingdom: Scotland to Leave UK?

January 10
Ex-adviser: Obama Ready to Strike to Stop Iran
Ahmadinejad, Chavez Mock US, Joke About Bomb
US Builds Hospitals in Georgia, Readies for War with Iran
Civil War Coming: 'Syrian People in for Very Rough Time'
Assad to Nation: ‘Victory Is Near’
Russian Warships Pay Visit, Show Support to Syria
Egypt to End Israel Treaty? Trump Thinks Bachmann Disloyal
Uncertain World: The Arab Spring in Global Context
Why North Koreans Cried
Burning Roadblocks at 2nd Day of Nigeria Strike

January 9
Report: Iran Begins Uranium Enrichment At Underground Site
Iran Trumpets Nuclear Ability at Second Location
Iran Offers to Share Nuke Technology With Africa
Guarding Nukes: How Moscow and Washington Avoided the Threat of Nuclear Doomsday after Soviet Breakup
Venezuela's Chavez Welcomes Ally Ahmadinejad
U.S. Expels Top Venezuela Diplomat
Grounded, Broken Cargo Ship Breaks Up Sparking Fears of New Oil Spill

January 6
Saudis, Gulf States on War Alert for Early US-Iran Clash

Revolutionary Guards Announce Second Drill in Strait of Hormuz; Maneuvers Part of 'Great Prophet' Exercises
January 5
Iran Plans More Military Drills in Gulf Amid Tensions with U.S.
US, EU Wage Economic War on Iran; Greece Lifts Objection to Oil Embargo; Warmongers United
Muslim Brotherhood in Lead as Egyptians Vote in Final Round of Election
Totalitarian State Mind Control Wars

January 3
Latin Oil Supplies for U.S. Start to Dry Up
Iran Threatens US Navy as Sanctions Hit Economy
Pakistan Says Reviewing Ties with US
Russians Expect Protests, Political Upheavals But No Coup in 2012
7 Geopolitical Predictions for 2012
West Scrambling to Divide China: Hu
India, Pakistan Exchange Nuclear Lists
2012 – Watch the Two by Two

January 2
Iran Claims First Nuclear Fuel Rod
Iran Navy Tests surface-to-Air Missile in Drill
Phares: Obama Administration Failing to Contain Iran
Iran’s Saber Rattling Could Affect Oil Prices and Environment
Nigerian Cities in Lockdown After Emergency Decree
Human Shields Will Protect Kim Jong-Un
New Year Firecrackers Injure Nearly 500 Filipinos