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If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went.
—Will Rogers, 1897-1935

Don't let needless tragedy strike your pet. Read and sign: Prevent Pet Suffocation.

DEC 27
70 People Injured After Terrifying Piranha Attack in Argentina
DEC 24
Man Found 2 Bear Cubs Beside Their Dead Mother. Words Can’t Describe What Followed.
Herd of Wild Deer Comes When Man Whistles

Blind Dog, Loyal Brother Get Adopted
DEC 23
Ultimate Funny Dogs Smiling Compilation 2013

DEC 20
Small Paws Rescue
Study: Dogs Recognize Pictures of Their Owners
DEC 18
Outrage as South Carolina Man Lowers Dog Off Balcony 'as It Was Raining Too Hard to Take It Outside for a Toilet Break' 
Dobby the Dog Tripping on Cane Toads

DEC 17
Clever Crow Toboggans Down Rooftop on a Jar Lid

DEC 16
Thinking of Buying an Angora Sweater for Christmas? Chilling Investigation Reveals Agony of Rabbits Plucked Alive
The 35 Naughtiest Dogs on the Planet – You'll Laugh So Hard When You See What They Did!

DEC 13
Woman Survives Three Nights In Alaska Cold Thanks to Her Pet Dog Staying Huddled Next to Her Keeping Her Warm
Eagle Shoots Selfies After Stealing Camera

DEC 11
From Avenging Their Dead to Mimicking Human Speech: 5 Unbelievable Habits of Elephants
Birds That Were Once a Common Sight in Britain Take Flight, Never to Return
22 Whales Die in Fla. Keys
Worlds Cutest Frog

10 Pilot Whales Die and Dozens More Beached in Florida, Survival 'Expectation Low'
Adorable, Unlikely Friendship Between a Fox and a Dog That's Being Turned into a Children's Book
Tiny Male Westie Mates with Female Rottweiler Twice His Size to Create New Breed
Cats Who Love Vacuum Cleaners

'Legal Personhood' Sought for Chimps
NOV 30
5 MILLION Seabirds Dead in Australia, NZ Beaches

Shocking Report Reveals That 21,286 Animal Species Are Under Threat of Extinction
Dog Pulled from Tornado Rubble 9 Days Later
Shark Attacks, Kills Australian Teen
NOV 25
Animals Were Harmed in Hollywood
Jermaine Acts as a Guide Dog for His Blind Brother Jeffrey 
Underwater Footage Reveals ‘Melting’ Sea Star Epidemic
Dog Rescued from World's Largest Man-Made Hole after 8 Days
NOV 22
History Flight's Cadaver Dog Search on USMC Cemetery 27 Tarawa – HOLLY NOTE: Ask any canine owner – or rather the people owned by canines – whether dogs rule. They have no agenda and only want to help. This is yet another brilliant example. Buster is the only dog to ever search a Pacific WW2 battlefield. Buster and Paul have also worked in France, Belgium, Germany and Holland. They have recovered 7 Americans from Belgium last year. Kudos to Buster and his dad, Paul. This top image is Paul saying "Buster, do you want to work?" The bottom is Buster taking off like a shot to help. 4-leggeds truly are man's best friend. The following video is Buster working a trench burial of US Marines on Tarawa. This is the back story. Be blessed.
Dutch Shepherd Dog Sparks Bizarre Friendship with Koi... and Loves to Give Them a Lick
Poisonous Snake Refuses to Budge From Car Windshield

NOV 21
Dog's Incredible Survival After Being Mown Down By Car and Carried on Terrifying 55-MILE Ride While Wedged in Its Grille
NOV 20
If You’re Only Going to Read One Thing Today, Read This – HOLLY NOTE: This piece made the rounds a few years ago, but if you missed it then, here's your smile for today.
NOV 15
Scientists Confirm World's Oldest Creature...But Kill it Determining Its Age
NOV 14
Meet the First Dog to Climb Mt. Everest
Kissed By His Owner Goodbye: Surrendered with Only the Memory of Her Lipstick
Terrorists Slaughter African Elephants, Use Ivory to Finance Operations
Very Clear Signal' to Poachers: US to Crush Six Tons of Illegal Ivory
Deer Crashes Through Indiana Elementary School Window
NOV 12
Anthrax Found in Texas Cow
NOV 11
Where Do Dogs Come From? First Pups Were Mutant Wolves - Expert
NJ Biologists Remove Arrow From Deer's Head
Poaching, Lack of Conservation Kills Off Last African Western Black Rhino
Adorable Pictures of Tiger Cubs Being Given Swimming Lessons at National Zoo
Almost 1,000 Dolphins Gather in a 'Super Pod' Off Coast of Vancouver
Mystery Illness Kills 'Half' of Radipole Lake Swans
Court Blocks Plans to Slaughter Horses for Food
Pet Owners Demand to Know: Why Can't the FDA Solve the Jerky Treat Death Mystery?
Hero Dog Saves Newborn Abandoned in Park
Why Are Cats Mysteriously Dying?
Woman Hiker Carries, Saves Wounded Pit Bull Down Ariz. Mountain
OCT 30
Rare 16 Ft. Giant Oarfish Hooked on Taiwanese Coast
Coyotes Attack Colorado Man Walking to Work 
Sneaky Sea Lion Steals Fish Out of Fisherman's Hands

OCT 28
50 Ducks Waddle in NY CVS Store
Coconut Oil in Your Pet's Diet  – HOLLY NOTE: This is the miracle ingredient for dog's (and people's) health. Our last two suffered from dry skin and constant scratching even though they were getting high quality food and plenty of water. Last year we began giving Bella and Jayzbo each 1T of coconut oil with their food. The original dosage we heard was 1 tsp/10 pounds of body weight, but working up to that amount gradually. Even gradually introduced, 5 tsp gave then diarrhea. Their coats are unbelievably shiny and soft, no scratching and no flaking or dry skin anywhere. For 2-legged and 4-leggeds in the high desert, that's saying quite a lot.

111 Rabbits Rescued from Home in Flood-Ravaged Lyons, Colo. Now Up for Adoption
Getting Your Cat to Eat Healthier Food Part Pt 1, Pt 2

OCT 25
Not Just for Humans: FDA Set to Launch Strict Safety Rules for Animal Food
Homemade Dog Treats – HOLLY NOTE: After reading about the poisonous China dog jerky that has killed hundreds of pets and made sick thousands more, a Millennium-Ark site reader sent in some recipes. H/T Kristi Honas!
Veterinarians Told Not to Make Visits Outside the Office
Disease That Killed 1 Million Piglets in China Spreads to the US – No One Knows Why
California 'Sea Serpent' Was Egg-Carrying Female
Mysterious Hum From Mating Fish Keep Residents Awake at Night
Every Dog Needs a Place to Call Home – Follow the Journey of 2 Dogs, 700 Miles to Their Forever Homes

OCT 23
Jerky Treat Scare: Nearly 600 Pets Dead in Mystery Outbreak, FDA Says – HOLLY NOTE: The following article is something, unfortunately, I am compelled to post yearly for more than a decade now. It's a story of how we nearly lost our 2 beloved dogs, Seismo and Taco, to China-made rawhide treats. Every year, people write in with similar tales or messages of "thanks for the info, I never knew…" ALL dog and cat treats – jerky and rawhide from China – should be banned for the death traps they are. Here is Taco's story – in her own words.
OCT 21
Second Sea Serpent Washes up in California
Dancing Merengue Dog

OCT 19
Moose Die-Off Alarms Scientists
OCT 14
'Mind-boggling': 20,000 Bees Swarm Fla. Home
Pit Bull Saves Cat From Coyote Attack 
7 Best Dog on Treadmill Videos of All Time!

Hornetgeddon! Authorities Swat Deadly Swarm of Giant Bugs
MRI Scans Show That Dogs Have Emotions Similar to Humans – HOLLY NOTE: It may not be scientific, but any person who's had a 4-legged family member, could have told them this.
Dog Jacks Kids Sled

Inches from Death, Seal Escapes Great White Shark After Balancing on the Beast's NOSE
Super Bowl's Baby Clydesdales: A Budweiser Story – HOLLY NOTE: "Brotherhood" – the special bond between a Clydesdale and his trainer. Lile elephants, they never forget 'family'. The other all-time never to forget Clydesdale ad is "Respect", which aired only once – Super Bowl after 911.

Caterpillar That Bears an Incredible Resemblance to Albert Einstein
Cheeky Chappy – World’s Most Photogenic Turtle Can't Suppress a Smile as He Greets the Camera
60 New Creatures Discovered in Suriname Forest
'The More You Run, the More They Chase You': Swarms of Deadly Hornets Kill More Than 40 and Injure 1,600 in China
Deadly Asian Giant Hornet Spotted in Illinois Last Year
Chinese Farmers Capture 3 Foot-Long, 11 Pound Rat That Had Been Terrorizing Villagers and Break 2 Knives Trying to Cut It Up to Eat
10,000 Walrus Come Ashore in Northwest Alaska
Husky Goes Crazy In Pile of Autumn Leaves

Goodbye My Friend: Photo Captures Rare, Heart-Wrenching Moment an Elephant Says Farewell to Her Fallen Companion
Shirley and Jenny: Two Elephants Reunited After More Than 20 Years
– HOLLY NOTE: Some animals are nearly as 'human' as we people. Between this video and the one posted a couple weeks ago where a baby elephant cried for 5 hours after his mother tried to stomp him to death, and the elephant 'farewell' today, it certainly underscores their deep feelings.
Simple Pleasures Are Best - Baby Moose In Sprinkler

Superpests’ Swarming Across America
Syrup Spill Possibly Responsible of Spoon River Fish Kill
Wild Hogs Roam Streets, Scare People Near Atlanta
This Siberian Husky is Having Too Much Fun!

Bizarre Sighting: Cane Toad Eating a Bat?
And God Made a Dog...

850 Snakes Found at Man's N.Y. Home
Missoula Valley Deer Death Toll at Least 150, Investigation Continues
Kisses with Wolves: Incredible Moment Photographer Is Jumped By a Pack of Gigantic Grays Who Then Nuzzle Him
10 Dead Whales Discovered on Russia’s Northeast Coast
Another Deer Die Off Occurring in South Dakota – HOLLY NOTE: These deer were killed by the same disease that hit a herd of cattle in New Mexico 2 weeks ago.
Family Says Dog Tipped Them to Abusive Babysitter
Baby Elephant 'Cries' for 5 Hours After Mother Tried to Stamp Him to Death Shortly After Birth
British Columbia's Massive Starfish Die-Off Baffles Scientists
Salamander Die-Off Caused By Skin-Eating Fungus
3,000 Saiga Antelopes Die in Akmola and Karaganda Regions
Huge Hawaii Molasses Spill Kills Thousands of Fish
Dog Tangles With Black Bear to Protect Injured Owner Behold I Come
Herd of Elk Found Dead in Northern New Mexico of Apparent Hemorrhagic Fever
National Guard Soldiers Reunited with Dog They Rescued from Afghanistan - and Her 7 New Puppies
220,000 Pounds of Poisoned Dead Fish Scooped up in China
Hilarious Japanese Dinosaur Prank

Woman Who Formed Inseparable Bond with a Kangaroo Moves into a Zoo
AUG 28
Prevent Pet Suffocation
Major Find in Dolphin Die-Off Is Measles-Like 'Outbreak'
A Blind Puppy Sees for the First Time

The Best Survival Dog
Australian Kelpie – HOLLY DEYO: This perfectly describes our 4-leggeds

AUG 27
1st-Ever Wolf Attack in US on a Human – Between this and the 'unprecedented' number of bear attacks last week and increasing shark attacks, it makes one wonder if we're gearing up for Revelation 6:8.
Dog Fighting Ring Busted, Hundreds of Pit Bulls Freed
Orangutan and Dog Best Friends
AUG 22
Purple Martin Festival to Proceed — Without the Birds
AUG 22
Fish Bleeding from Eyeballs, Faces, Fins & Tails In Pacific Ocean & Canada
11 Animals That Mate for Life
Flocks of Birds Found Dead in Africa's Public Water Reservoirs
AUG 21
Pedigree Dog Food May Be Endangering Your Pet, Yet No Recall Despite Over 300 Complaints From Customers
Dog Rescued After Owner Posts Craigslist Ad Threatening to Shoot It By End of Day – HOLLY NOTE: People like this... Somebody ought to take this person and... You wish they would... That's just... Why does... OK, no words.
Unprecedented Spike in Shark Attacks
EPA Announces New Bee Warning Labels for Neonicotinoid Containing Pesticides
Somebody's Killing These Beautiful Sea Turtles

Dog Plays Catch with Himself

AUG 20
Soldier Welcomed Home by Massive Dog

When Bears Attack: 7 Mauled in Week
Bubonic Plague is Popping Up in Wild Animals and Pets in western U.S.
Staff Sgt Alf: First Dog in Colorado Buried with Full Military Honors
As Dolphin Deaths Rise, U.S. Declares 'Unusual Mortality Event'
Dead Birds Fall 'Like Raindrops' in Winnipeg's North End
Yawns Can Spread from Human to Dogs Too: Scientists Discover More Evidence That Canines Really Are Man's Best Friend
Rad Rodents Cop Air
Tribute to Ringo – HOLLY NOTE: An Aussie girlfriend made this lovely album for her friend Rod. For anyone who's loved an animal, you'll appreciate the beautiful photography.
Python Escapes, Kills Two Young Boys in Canada
Be More Dog

Paralyzed Man Wakes Up To Find Stray Dog He Adopted Eating Him
Cat Travels Nearly 7,000 Miles to US from Philippines
Horror as Texas Couple Is Attacked By Swarm of 30,000 Bees That Kills Their Two Horses
Dog Sees Dad After Being Gone Over 6 Months

Thousands of Dead Eels Wash Ashore in China
Funeral for an Officers Best Friend: Decorated K-9 Laid To Rest With Full Ceremonial Honors As His Emotional Handler Proudly Looks On
Scientists Discover What’s Killing The Bees And It’s Worse Than You Thought
Government Declares Mass Dolphin Die-Off an Unusual Mortality Event
Black Bear Walks Into Bar in Colorado Town
Massachusetts Couple May Face Fine for Helping Injured Baby Seal
Galah Plague Blamed For Causing Blackouts and Stripping Trees in Queensland Town
Dogs CAN See in Color: Scientists Dispel the Myth That Canines Can Only See In Black And White
Federal Wildlife Officials Plan to Send Hunters to Kill Barred Owls in Northwest
Reemergence of the Bumblebee Delights and Perplexes Scientists
Sniffing for Bombs: Meet America's Most Elite Dogs

Hang Gliding Service Dog Sticks By Owner’s Side

Touching Moment Orangutan Cradles Her Newborn Infant After Camera Crew Capture Birth For First Time
Sleepy Animals

Just Brilliant Dog Performance

Cane Toads Make a Meal Of Killing Dwarf Crocs
Woman Sells her Clothes on eBay To Save Her Dog - After Pet Insurers Refused To Pay Up
Bees Dying By The Millions
Insecticide Causes Changes In Honeybee Genes
Klamath Basin Water Shutoff – Leaving Livestock to Die, Basin to Burn
Disabled Duck With New Foot Starts His Victory Laps
Ducks See Water For The First Time

Labrador Cools Off In Tiny Bucket

Ariz. Squirrel Gives Snake a Beating in Backyard Brawl
Wasp Nest Is Larger Than Man

Natural Flea & Tick Remedy For Pets Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth
Dogs, Like Kids, Need Owner/Parent for Security

Bubonic Plague Hits New Mexico Dogs – HOLLY NOTE: This is entirely too close to Colorado. We put flea collars on Jayzbo and Bella today as the liquid stuff – Advantix and Frontline that actually goes into their bodies – is what gave Taco cancer 3 years ago. Please see page 3 of this .pdf Are “Spot-On” Flea Killers Safe? as it names ingredients in these products as carcinogens. It took Taco losing her life to find out we were giving she and her brother deadly poison. UPDATE: One day later, flea collars are off. Hartz contains Methoprene that can cause liver damage. Food grade Diatomacious Earth (H/T Sherry C.) is alternative, but fleas would be on your pet 3 days during which time they could infect your 4-leggeds as DE takes that long to kill pests. Also, see this Essential Oils blend. (H/T Alec C.)
More Than 50,000 Bees Killed in Oregon, Insecticide Blamed in Largest Bee Die-off in Recorded History
Flying Squirrel Glides at Night

At Least 25,000 Dead Bumblebees Found in Oregon

Cat Nurses Week-Old Abandoned Puppy
What It's Really Been Like Helping Pets Displaced by the Oklahoma Tornadoes

Natura Again Recalls Innova, EVO, California Natural and Others
Boxer Dog's Crazy First Reaction to Eating a Lime

Decoding the Secrets of Dolphins’ Language

Cute as a Button: Baby Loris So Tiny He Weighs as Much as 2 Tablespoons of Sugar
Amazing Bear – Dog – Man

Guide Dog in Training Saves Two Lives

Cute as a Button: Baby Loris So Tiny He Weighs as Much as 2 Tablespoons of Sugar
Baby Elephant Outing

'Crazy Ants' That Feast on Electronics Invading US – Can't be Killed by Insecticide
Bearjacked! Animal Caught on Video Opening Truck Door

Quick-Thinking Obstetrician Delivers a Drowning Baby Moose to Safety

The Deer Whisperer

Freak Plague of Bugs Cause Havoc in Suburbia Covering Pavements, Walls and Cars
40,000 Africanized Bees Attack, Kill Man in Texas
MAY 30
Fisherman Dies as Increasingly Aggressive Beavers Attack People in Belarus
MAY 29
Cops Called After Man Brings Pony in Liquor Store
MAY 28
Lion and Dachshund – Best Friends

MAY 23
Dead Peru Sea Lions Believed Poisoned
MAY 21
Man Kills Biggest Burmese Python Ever in Florida
MAY 20
Coyote Attacks Two Small Children at Colorado Springs Park
Chilean Navy Discovers More Than 600 Dead Animals in Punta de Choros
MAY 17
Adorable Coyote Pup Takes on a Cactus... and Loses – HOLLY NOTE: We have a number of 'walking stick' cacti around our property. Even getting stuck by a single needle – lightly enough to not even enough draw blood brings a burning stinging pain for about 36 hours. This coyote is literally skewered from his tail to his nose. This poor little guy must be a bag of misery.
MAY 16
Two Bald Eagles in Air Battle Crash-land at Airport
MAY 14
Wild, But Not Free: Massive Horse Roundup Spurs Western Showdown
MAY 13
Adorable Panda Cub Doesn't Want to Go Outside

Where You Live Impacts Your Pet's Longevity
Lifespan of Pets (Darker Is Longest)
Mother Duck and 14 Babies Hold Up Traffic in Town Center
They're Coming! East About to Be Overrun by Billions of Cicadas
Reverse Roadkill: Vultures Eat French Tourist Killed in Fatal Pyrenees Cliff Plunge
Dog Food Reviews by Brand
Amadeus, the Pool Playing Chihuahua

Study Connects High Fructose Corn Syrup to Bee Colony Collapse Disorder
Donald Trump’s Hair Discovered Crawling in Amazon
Baby Elephant Plays with Parents

US: FDA Sued Over Arsenic in Animal Feed
The Orangutan and the Hound Dog

Surfing Killer Whales

APR 29
'Unusual Event': Search for Answers as Sick Sea Lions Flood Shores
APR 25
100 Dolphins Wash Up on Italian Coast After Being Hit By Killer Strain of Human Measles
Dog Cries at Grave of Owner

APR 22
Feds Halt Business to Clear Path for Rodents
APR 18
Sea Lion Strandings Climb, Scientists Still Stumped
APR 16
Rat-Sized Snails Invade Florida
Two-Headed Pig Born in China
Food Trucks Go to the Dogs!
APR 12
Another Beautiful Love Story About a Man and His Faithful Dog
Meerkat Abandoned at Birth Finds A New Mother... a Chihuahua Called Kimi

APR 11
Bee Deaths Stir Up Renewed Buzz
140 Dead Turkey Vultures Fall from Sky
Alarm Over Vanishing Frogs in the Caribbean
APR 10
Poodles Transformed into Zebras and Flowers as US Dog Clipping Craze Takes Hold in Britain
Baby Giraffe First Time Standing

East Coast Braces for 17-Year Cicada Invasion
Radiation from Japan's Nuclear Disaster Could Be to Blame for a Thousand Malnourished Seals Washing Up in California
MAR 29
Frog with Bones That Burst Through Its Skin as Claws, Just Like X-Men’s Wolverine
Mountain Lions Surround Man's Colorado Home

MAR 27
Wild Horses Running Out of Room in American West

MAR 26
Riddle of 1,000 Dead Ducks Found Dumped in Chinese River – 1 week After 16,000 Dead Pigs Were Found
MAR 25
Cat Opens Door for Dogs

Why Is Your Dog Laughing?
MAR 22
Number of Dead Pigs Mysteriously Found in Shanghai Rivers Rises to Over 16,000
Dog Dies in 'Ritualistic Execution,' Nearly 40 Others Mysteriously Vanish
Honduras Sheep Attacks Spark More Chupacabra Fears
MAR 20
Mountain Lion Snatches, Eats Man’s Dachshund in Colorado Springs
MAR 19
Sleeping Dogs

Anthrax Kills 37 Cows in New South Wales
MAR 18
Dogs Really Do Have Facial Expressions Which Their Owners Can Understand, Study Finds – HOLLY NOTE: This is one of those jaw-dropping-silly studies. Anyone who's every had a dog that's a big part of the family can tell what he or she is thinking just by looking at their face. The only difference from people is that their features always tell the truth.
Dead Pigs Pulled from Rivers In and Near Shanghai Top 13,000
MAR 15
Heavy Rains Lead to Big Dead Fish Die-off in Rio
Shanghai Dead Pigs Total Rises to 8,354
MAR 14
Monarch Butterflies Drop Ominously in Mexico
Dog Survives After Eating 111 Pennies
I'm a Survivor: How Rosie the Chihuahua Overcame the Horrors of Backyard Breeding
China Pulls Nearly 6,000 Dead Pigs from Shanghai River
Gov't Killing Hundreds of Pets, Endangered Species
MAR 13
'Obamacare' Price Shock for Pets
Dog Saves Woman from Committing Suicide
MAR 11
Blind Dog and His Seeing-Eye Companion Are Inseparable, Need a Loving Home

Surfing Pig Takes to the Waves in New Zealand

Mystery Surrounds Discovery of Nearly 3,000 Dead Pigs Found Floating in Chinese River
100,000 Killer Bees Attack Florida Park Workers Who Disturbed Hive
More Than 100 Vultures Invade Upscale Jersey Suburb
Super-size This: Huge, Aggressive Mosquito May Be Abundant in Florida This Summer, UF Professor Warns
Loyal Dog Prevents Suicide: 5 Cases of Dogs Saving People
Beachgoers Told to Stay Out of the Water as Tens of Thousands of Sharks Gather Off Florida
Climate Change: Lizards Facing Mass Extinction
Iran Reportedly Battles Mutant Rodents with Snipers
The Amazing Skidboot

More on Skidboot

Cutest Gecko Ever Drinks Water from Its Own Eyes to Survive in Baking Namibian Desert
Thousands of Fish in Pennsylvania Die-off
FEB 28
Best Dog Trick Ever, He Uses the Toilet

FEB 27
Dog Accidentally Shoots Man; Pooch Avoids Arrest
New Jersey Sea Monster?

Shark Kills Man in New Zealand
FEB 25
Wildlife Officials Warn Hunters of Deadly Rabbit Fever
Dolphin Whistles Reveal Individual Names
Weather Radar Catches Massive Bug Swarm Over New Zealand
FEB 22
Nationwide Dog Treat Recall Due to Possible Salmonella Contamination
Bear of a Winter: These Cubs Cannot Sleep

Adorable Moment a Baby Sloth Gives His Handler a Tiny Pink Flower
FEB 20
What's Causing Big Pods of Dolphins, Porpoises, Whales in Coastal Waters?
Mountain Lion Safety
FEB 18
7-mile 'Super Mega-pod' of Dolphins Spotted Off San Diego Coast
Hundreds of Vultures Swarm North Carolina Neighborhood
FEB 15
Kangaroos Invade Australian Golf Course
FEB 13
10 Guiltiest Dogs
Record Numbers of Sickened Sea Lion Pups in So. California – “Something Has Changed”
FEB 12
Mutant Toads Invade Australian Cities
Your Dog Really Does Understand You
Mother Dog, Who Had Recently Given Birth, Adopts Chimp and Raise It with Her Pups

Move Over, Lassie: Dog Goes for Help to Save Man
Dog Chews from China? Contaminated Again! – related: Dangers of Rawhide Chews – A Word from Seismo and Taco – HOLLY NOTE: These darling dogs have passed; Seismo July 2012 and his sister June 2011. We now have their successors, Jayzbo and Bella, NOT their replacements, for each dog is his/her own person. To this day and beyond, Seismo's and Taco's message lives on. China still produces poisonous products that kills animals and people alike – sometimes slowly, sometimes quickly. Be safe, be smart. Shun ALL things from China. Support American businesses (see these USA buying lists) and leave China-Mart (Wal-Mart) in the dirt.
Driver Stuck in Midair After Car Rams California Clinic
Girl in Mexico Gets Pregnant - at Age 8
Teenage Girls Obsessed with Celebrity 'Thigh Gaps' Are Starving Themselves to Achieve Super-Skinny Look
Heartwarming Video Shows Kind Dolphins Rescuing a Stranded Seal Pup as It Struggles to Stay Afloat
Ice Penguins Mysteriously Appear in Moscow

Ind. Governor Could Issue Pardon in Deer Case – Related: Couple Face Jail After Nursing a Coyote-Bitten Fawn Back to Health - Because They Didn't Let It DIE
Internet Outrage Grows Over Indiana Deer 'Crime'
Thirsty Koala Follows Walker, Drinks 3 Bottles of Water
Thousands of Dead Fish an 'Unbelievable' Mystery
Australia's Tasmanian Tiger Wiped Out By Man: Study
JAN 31
Elephants Really Do Grieve Like Us: They Shed Tears and Even Try to 'Bury' Their Dead - a Leading Wildlife Film-Maker Reveals How the Animals Are Like Us
Love at First Bite: Chipmunk Shows His Affection for Teddy Bear Friend with a Kiss and a Cuddle
Labs the Most Popular Dog for 22nd Year in a Row
Mass Die-Off Bees / California
US Military Set to Scan Puppy Brains to Find Most Suitable 'War Dogs'
JAN 28
Rabbits Wreaking Havoc on Cars at DIA
JAN 25
Blind Sled Dog Wows Tourists in New Hampshire Town
JAN 24
Probe Launched into Mysterious Death of 280 Sea Turtles
Sperm Whales Adopt Deformed Dolphin
15,000 Crocodiles on the Loose in Limpopo, South Africa Following Floods
Dog Evolved 'on the Waste Dump'
Coconut Oil For Dogs: Miracle in a Jar
JAN 23
Stricken Dolphin 'Asks' Scuba Diver for Help
JAN 22
Adorable Video Captures Excitement of Cat As It Sees Snow for Very First Time

Puppies Take a Flight Toward a New Life
Piloting Puppies for Veterans

Crocodile Dundee-in-Training: 3-year-old Australian Boy Wrestles Gators, Makes Wildlife Park His Playground – HOLLY NOTE: This little boy's grandfather, also named Charlie but went by Chaz, took Stan under his wing the first day he landed in Australia in 1971. There was nothing Chaz wouldn't do for someone as Charlie had the biggest heart ever. It was actually he and his wife, Val, who started Ballarat Wildlife Park though credit is often given to their son, Greg. That would have been Chaz' doing as he always wanted others to shine. On Friday nights, Stan and I used to play cards with them and talk about 'life, death and the universe'. Stan and Charlie remained lifelong friends until his passing a few years ago and one of our last evenings spent in Australia, was with Chaz and Val.
JAN 17
Loyal Dog Attends Mass Every Day at Church Where Owner's Funeral Was Held
JAN 16
Cheeky Frog Hops onto Shell of a Snail and Hitches Ride
Man Falls Through Lake Ice, Dog Won't Leave Victim's Side

Kangaroo Runs Amok in Melbourne Airport
Giraffes Fight for Territory in Epic Battle Captured on Camera

Frantic Fight to Save Frogs from Fungus
Stunning Snake Shows Up for Picnic in Florida
Up to 300 Starlings Fall from Sky in Seymour, Tenn.