Australian Fires, Situation Expected to Worsen – First Hand Account

January 18, 2013

Hi Holly,

I tried to call you but I’m not having much luck with phones or Internet these days and possibly it could be the heat.

Just got up and the news is not good. Looks like today might be the worst with fires. out of control in Victoria and where I come from in NSW (New South Wales) we are starting to get news of people we know (who are) affected. So far about 115,000 acres gone and last night they said some 51 houses, but one person said this is conservative. It has jumped the containment lines in the Warrumbungles and is only about 8 km from Coonabarabran. So far none of my relatives are affected but one lot of cousins had to evacuate to another town.

This could go on for days or weeks and we expect today will be horrendous.

Yesterday western Sydney reached nearly 47 C (116.6ºF). People I’ve spoken to say they have never know it like this. Touch wood, we are OK here. There is a bit of monsoonal activity up in the Gulf but nothing here so far. It is going to be very hot but strangely even though we are on the Tropic of Capricorn our temperatures have been relatively low in comparison with the rest of the country. It will be hot and humid today – still only around 7 am here. It is getting seriously scary as we are seeing people not only lose their livelihoods but also their heritage with so many precious things gone.

Hope all is well with you two.