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Today's Ugly Weather Forecast
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DEC 31
Shallow 3.7 Quake Strikes Louth of Los Angeles
Calif. Quake Danger: Lawmaker Calls on State to Boost Funding for Fault Maps
Booms & Shaking Reported By News in 5 States & Across 200 Miles in Canada Just in Past Day!

Fatal Lightning Strike on Australia's Sunshine Coast - Witnesses Tell of Calm Conditions Before Tragedy
Mt. Etna Volcano Erupts Again – Spectacularly

If the Volcano Under Yellowstone Ever Erupts Again, We’re Seriously Screwed
5.4 Earthquake Hits Eastern Japan
2 Earthquakes, One Large Enough to Be Felt, Rattle Parts of State
DEC 30
Brrrr! Mercury Plummets 32 Degrees in Just Hours
In Hawaii, Hints of a Giant Alaska Tsunami
Mexico Highway Collapses After Rain, Small Quakes
State Geologists Mapping Florida Sinkholes 
Levee Around Assumption Parish Sinkhole Cracking Again
When Sinkhole Swallows Fla. Woman's World, Community Responds
Volcano in El Salvador Erupts for First Time in 37 Years
Rescue of Icebound Antarctic Ship Faces Setback
Antarctic Ship Passengers to Be Evacuated By Chinese Helicopter
West Australian Residents Brace as Destructive Cyclone Christine Arrives
Lightning Kills Eight Worshippers in Malawi Church
7,000 Stranded By Rare Floods in Malaysia
DEC 28
New Eruption May Be Brewing at El Hierro Volcano
5.4 Quake Hits Canary Islands
Biggest Volcano on Earth – the Size of New Mexico – Discovered
NZ Volcano Legacy Washies Up on Australian Coast
Mired in Ice: Winter Weather Keeping Power Out for Many
Below-Zero Temperatures to Sweep Across Northern US to End 2013
Power Outages Leading to Health Threats

Fresh Flood Alerts Issued as New Storms Strike UK
8 US Islands That Are Warm Now
DEC 27
Power May Not Come Back for Days in Parts of US, Canada After Deadly Ice Storm
Midwest, Northeast to Endure Frigid End to 2013
Crashes Close Pa. Turnpike, I-78
Brazil Flood Death Toll Rises to 32; More Than 50,000 Forced to Flee
Britain Hit by Floods, Power Cuts at Christmas
Christmas Tears as UK Floods Leave Surrey Swamped
8 Die in Heavy Rains on Island of St. Vincent
California to End Year as Driest on Record
DEC 26
'Mother Nature Has Not Been Kind': Power Misery to Continue for Tens of Thousands
Harsh Cold to End 2013 From Midwest to Northeast
New Cracks Fracture Louisiana Sinkhole South Berm

Potentially Toxic Algae Bloom Reported in British Columbia Park
Antarctic Ice Traps Russian Cruise Ship
DEC 24
Thousands Face Christmas Without Power as Temperatures Plummet
Nightmare Before Christmas – Evacuation: 5 People Killed, 25 Rescued from Cars in Rising Water, Thousands Without Power
Indonesian Cave Reveals History of Tsunamis
Seismic Unrest Seen at El Hierro Island (Canary Islands)

DEC 23
35-State Storm System Wreaks Havoc for Millions
2 Killed in Miss., Tornadoes Smack Ark.
'Crazy Storm': 72ºF in N.J., 41 ºF in Boston – Insane Storms of Contrast Rip South, Northeast
California Drought Builds; No Winter Relief in Sight
Extreme Warmth Shatters Records in the East
Under Seattle, a Big Object Blocks Massive Tunnel Bore. What Is It?
Quakes Pose Real Risks to US Nuclear Plants
DEC 20
From Snow to Tornadoes: Christmas Travel in Jeopardy for Millions
Three Bus Crashes in Southern California May Be Blamed on Rain
Record-Breaking Warm Temps on Tap for East, New York City, D.C., and Atlanta
Much of the Nation of Be Warmer and Drier for the Next 15 Months
Surprise: Louisiana Sinkhole Slid Sideways Before Collapsing
December US Snow Pack Largest in a Decade
Rebound Storm Wallops Parts of Newfoundland
More Gales and Rain Set for Weekend, as Severe Weather Batters Devon and Cornwall
Records Melt in Australia's Hottest Year
DEC 19
Cold Blast, Snow to Replace Warmth in the West, Plains
Rain, Record Warmth Bring Flood Risk to Snowy States in East
Dane Wigington on the 6th Great Extinction

Researcher Says Seattle Earthquake After Rain Would be Devastating
Fla. Residents Seek Answers on Sinkholes
Geologists Discover Evidence Of Super-Volcanoes In Utah
Mountains Crumbled When Earth Cooled
DEC 18
Black Ice, Yet More Snow to Hit Commuters in Northeast
2013 Breaks Record for Volcanic Eruptions
3.8 Earthquake Rattles Kansas
FEMA Estimates New Madrid Quake Would Displace Over 7 Million People
3 Injured, Houses Flattened By China Quake
Scientist: Earthquake Could Trigger 30,000 Landslides in Wash.
In Oregon, Earth May Not Only Quake, But Slide
Mt. Etna's Puts on Spectacular Eruption
Eruption Shuts Local Airport
3 Multi-Vehicle Accidents in Louisiana Fog, at Least 1 Dead
800 Firefighters Battle Late Fall Fire in Big Sur
Rising Sea Levels Torment Coastal U.S.
Ariz. and Nev. May Have Water Supplies Cut from the Colorado River
Extreme Heat Alert for South Australia and Southern NSW
Argentine Capital Suffers Blackouts in Heat Wave
DEC 17
Fog, Rain, Ice and Snow to Hinder Early Christmas Travel
Snowstorm Targets New York City to Boston
Big Sur Wildfire Destroys 15 Homes, Displaces Dozens
Coast to Coast Extreme Weather

16 Signs That “Global Warming” Was a Lie And That We Have Now Entered a Period of Global Cooling
The Scam That Will Not Die
EPA Climate-Change Guru Charged With Lying, Fraud – Bilked Govt of Our $1 Million in 'Crime of Massive Proportions'
Great Lakes Water to Be Sold to China as Half the U.S. Faces Extreme Water Crisis

Yellowstone Magma Bigger than Scientists Thought
Snow Cyclone Cuts Sakhalin Island From Mainland Russia
DEC 16
Weekend Storm Unleashes More Than a Foot of Snow in New England
More Snow Coming for Weather-Beaten Midwest, Northeast
Global Warming' Iced By 'Coldest Days Ever': Scientists Claim 'Climate Change' Is Really Giant Wealth Redistribution
Deepwater Horizon's Devastation from Above: Mesmerizing Photos Show Gulf's 210 MILLION Gallon Oil Slick
DEC 13
Biggest Winter storm of Season Takes Aim at Northeast, Threatening Foot of Snow
More Than 110 Million Brace for Snowstorm
NOAA: Arctic Sea-Ice Melt Linked to Extreme Summer Weather
2 Dead After Boulders Crush Utah Home
‘Worst Storm in Decades’ Batters Jerusalem
Snow Covers Cairo, First in 112 Years
Is the West’s Dry Spell Really a Megadrought?
Newly Discovered Greenhouse Gas '7,000 Times More Powerful Than CO2'
DEC 12
Snowstorm to Impact More Than 1,000 Miles in US
Incredible Footage Captures Huge Ice Flow Crashing Down a Colorado River

Federal Aid Denied for Devastating Indiana Tornado Outbreak Victims
Yellowstone: The Super-Volcano that Could Blow up America
Yellowstone Eruption 'Would Affect the World'
In Australia, Volcano’s Past Sounds Alarm About Next Eruption
DEC 11
Three Feet of Snow Set to Bury Parts of Upstate NY
Arctic Blast to Follow Northeast Snow, Trigger Heavy Lake-Effect
First East Coast Snowstorm 'Could Have Been a Lot Worse'
New Jersey Shore Likely Faces Unprecedented Flooding by Mid-Century
Who Has the Best Chance for a White Christmas?
Scientists Calculate Friction of Japan's 9.0 Earthquake in 2011
Could Los Angeles Withstand a 'Megaquake'?
Giant Blob of Hot Rock Hidden Beneath Antarctica's Ice
Israel Gears Up For 5-Day Winter Storm
DEC 10
Chaotic Commute: 'An Inch an Hour' of Snow to Make Travel Difficult for Millions
48 Million Americans Under Storm Warning for 2nd Round

Icy Roads, Canceled Flights: Storm-Slammed East Coast Won't See Relief Yet
'It Was Like a Big Crash at Nascar': Amazing Video Shows Huge Pile-Up on Snow-Covered Wisconsin Highway Involving 40 Cars
Check Flight Aware's Misery Map
Coldest Temp Ever Recorded -135.8°F
Chicago: Earliest Subzero Temps Since ’95; More Bitter Cold and Snow Coming
Cold Rewrites Oregon History Books
Rare November Storms, Tornadoes Costs Top $1 Billion
2012 Massive Ice Tsunami Destroys 12 Two-Story Homes in Minnesota – HOLLY NOTE: With these sharply colder temperatures when it's not even winter yet, you have to wonder if there will be a repeat of ice tsunamis.

Climate Change Warning: Killer Winter Storms for Next 30 Years
Magma Ocean Could Have Given Early Earth Magnetic Field
BYU Geologists Discover ‘Supervolcano’ in Utah: Past Eruption Superseded Yellowstone
5MIN News December 10, 2013: Gravity, Radiation, Spaceweather

Winter Woes for Commuters, Travelers As Relentless Storm Cancels 1,000 Flights
Big Freeze Leaves 11 Dead and Thousands of Flights Cancelled in South and Midwest
'Take Extra Precautions, Don’t Risk Traveling': Massive Wintry Storm System Hits Country Hard as It Plows Eastward
Warning: Killer Winter Storms for Next 30 Years
Snow Falling in Australia – in Summer.
At Least 19 Earthquakes Shook Texas in November and the Trend Continues
3.7 Quake Rattles Northern Texas
Dozens of Earthquakes Hitting Oklahoma – and Continues to This Day

4 More Weekend Quakes Rattle Oklahoma
Large Wellington Quake Still 3 Times More Likely
Sinkhole Swallows Car in Bakersfield, Calif.
Kamachatka Volcano Blows Enormous Ash Cloud 4 Miles High
Mount Marapi Blows Ash Cloud 1,200 Feet High
New Island Created By Volcanic Eruption in Japan Grows 3.7 Times
Frozen Nation: Cold, Ice Grip US
'Feels Like' Temperature Today
One of the Worst Ice Storms in Years Continues From Texas to Kentucky
Texas Braces for 'Ice Friday' as Snow Sweeps Across U.S. - Canceling Hundreds of Flights and Leaving 200,000 Without Power
State of Emergency, Thousands Without Power in Ice Storm
Global-warming Proof Is Evaporating
Beach-side Houses Destroyed Along Coast By Huge Storm Surge Leave Families Homeless
Huge Clean-Up Operation Launched Underway after Massive Storm Hammers UK
Mysterious Booms Heard Across 11 States

Prepare for an Arctic Invasion: Winter Storm Cleon Thrashes the Country with Heavy Snow as Millions Battle Icy Conditions Due to temperatures of MINUS 50 
Ice Storm to Threaten Widespread Power Outages Centered on Arkansas
Britain Battered By 140Mph Arctic Storms: One Dead, 100,000 Homes Left Without Power, Pedestrians Blown to the Ground, Worst Coastal Surges for 60 Years
Five Biggest Weather Changes Since Thanksgiving
Volcanic Ash Reveals Abrupt Ice Age Climate Change
'Polar Express' Blast Hits Half the US – Millions Warned to Prepare for Worst Storm in a Decade, Temps Drop to MINUS 40
Wind Chill Map
Belgium: 130 Cars Crash in Fog; at Least 1 Dead, Dozens Injured
More Droughts, Heavier Rains in Warmer Europe, Study
What Drives Aftershocks?
Brrrrrr! Life-Threatening Cold Will Settle into Rockies, Plains
Heavy Wind Driven Snow to Bury Rockies, Plains
Mount Mordor of Russia Looks Like Mythical Evil Land in The Lord of the Rings
Pompeii Threatened with Collapse Again... This Time By Weather
Category 5 Ice Storm? A New Index Rates Ice Impacts
Dangerous Arctic Cold to Plunge Into Plains, Northwest Intermountain West
Nearly 1000 Record Low Temperatures Set Plunging U.S. into Deep Freeze
Icy Roads Cause 65-Vehicle Crash in Massachusetts
Fall Blizzard Still Hurting Ranchers in Nebraska, South Dakota
South Dakota Farmers Describe 'Worst Storm in 150 Years'
45 Sinkholes Open Up in Nepal - Displacing 50 Families
Torrential Rain Triggers Landslide in Indonesia, Killing 9
NOV 30
Pacific Northwest Flooding, Snow Precedes Arctic Outbreak
Moderate Earthquake Near Iran Nuclear Plant Kills 8, Injures 190
Earthquake Is 17th This Month in Area Hits North Texas
6.3 Quake Strikes Off Indonesia
Quake Swarm Rattles So. Calif.
People Worry About One of the Most Dangerous Earthquake Zones in the World: The New Madrid
The Troubles of Building Where Faults Collide
Catania Airport Reopens After Another Eruption from Mount Etna
December Temperature Flip: Cold Eases in East, Blasts Into West
2013 Atlantic Hurricane Season Closes Quietly
NOV 25
Winter Storms Already Claims 13 Lives, Cancels Hundreds of Flights
Thanksgiving Travel Under Threat in Northeast as Deadly Storm Closes in on Millions
Sicily Is Showered with Stones as Mount Etna Spews Volcanic Ash for 20 Miles
Scientists Baffled By Etna's Frequent Eruptions
More Gases Erupt From Rumbling Indonesian Volcano
7.0 Earthquake Strikes South Atlantic
Calm Solar Cycle Prompts Questions About Impact on Earth
NOV 22
7 Volcanoes in 6 Different Countries All Start Erupting Within Hours of Each Other
7 Volcanoes Article: Questions Answered
Shaken Awake: Chile’s Chaitén Engulfed By Swarm of 80+ Quakes
Cold to Trigger Heavy Lake-Effect Snow This Weekend – Expect Flight Delays, Slippery Roads, Travel Disruptions
Frigid Air to Threaten Tornado-Ravaged Midwest
Cars Submerged, Motorists Stranded in Flood Water
Philippine Typhoon Update: Death Toll Rises Above 5,000
NOAA's Winter Forecast: Drought and Warmth in the South
NOV 21
Japan Volcano Raises New Island
Watch Dramatic Volcano Birth of an Entire New Island

India Says Cyclone Helen Will Make Landfall Friday
3 Days of Torrential Rain and Flooding Shuts Iraqi Govt.
Homes of Fukushima Quake Survivors Crumble in Japan
2 Soldiers Swept Away By Raging River While Trying to Rescue SUV
NOV 20
Arctic Blasts of Cold Air Begin to Invade US
Montana Sees 40-Degree Temperature Drop in 2 Hours
How Far Will Sea Levels Rise? In Miami, They Drew Lines on the Pavement to Find Out
Mexico’s Colima Volcano Now Erupting 30-35 Times a Day
Double Eruptions in Indonesia
Hundreds of Villagers Flee Mount Merapi Eruptions
Glowing Lake in Puerto Rico Mysteriously Goes Dark, Scientists Stymied
California's Record Driest Year?
Indonesia Hit by 6.3 Magnitude Earthquake
NOV 19
'It's All Gone': Midwest Communities Weigh Costs of Deadly Tornadoes
Midwest Storm Chaser: Severe Weather Delivered 'Most Intense 15 Minutes of my Life'
Heartwarming Reunion: Illinois Tornado Survivor Finds His Missing Dog Buried Alive Under Rubble
"Washington" a Prevalent Name in Sunday's Tornadoes
How Rare was Sunday's Tornado Outbreak?
Cyclone Cleopatra Ravages Italy
14 Dead and Hundreds Evacuated After Storm Tears Through Italian Island Sweeping Cars and Bridges Away
'Unlikely We'll Ever Know': Philippines Death Toll May Remain a Mystery
Exodus from Hell: Filipinos Flee Area Ravaged By Typhoon
Louisiana 25-acre Sinkhole Brings Mini-Earthquakes, Explosion Fears
Tumbleweed Troubles – HOLLY NOTE: While this video shows the tumbleweed problem in Colorado Springs - about 45 minutes north of us, ALL in southern Colorado are being plagued by this Russian import. Some of these nasty stickery bushes have piled themselves 2 stories high and completely made roads impassable!

Earthquake Wave Rocks Balkans
Vietnam Flooding: 41 Dead
NOV 18
Tornado Devastation in the Midwest – At Least 6 Dead, Illinois Town Destroyed
EF4 Tornado Horror: Entire City Blocks Leveled, Death Toll Rises to 8
More Than 60 Tornado Reports Sunday
Illinois Tornado Survivor: 'I Found Pieces of My House 100 Yards Northeast of Me'
Staggering Bird’s-eye View of Tornado-Ravaged Midwest

Tornado Victim: ‘I Don’t Know What We’Re Going to Do’

Strong Winds Continue for Northeast Following Midwest Tornado Outbreak
Born into Disaster: 12,000 Babies Due in Philippines
Late-Season Development Possible in Atlantic
5.4 Quake Jolts Japan, Including Tokyo
On Heels of a 5.0 Quake, a 7.8 Temblor Shakes Up Scotia Tectonic Plates
India: Earthquakes Pose Biggest Threat in Terms of Natural Disasters
Oklahoma Earthquakes Becoming More Prevalent
Active Volcano Discovered Under Antarctic Ice Sheet
May Erupt, Accelerate Melting
More Than a Year Later, Aftershocks Continue in Costa Rica
Experts Fear Drought Is Hurting Monarch Butterfly Migration
Etna Volcano Blasts Magnificent New Eruption

Scientists Confirm Existence of Largest Single Volcano on Earth
Deadly Flooding Envelops Vietnam
NOV 15
Are Philippines Officials Targeting Areas That Voted for Them as They Distribute Aid to Typhoon Survivors? Shocking Claim That Millions Are Being Left to Fend for Themselves
Northwest, Rockies Snowstorm to Usher in Next US Cold Wave
Rain, Storms and Damaging Winds to Threaten Detroit to Memphis
Magnitude 2.4 Earthquake Shakes Parts of Ill.
Oklahomans Live With Shaking as Researchers Study Earthquake Swarm
Australia Suffers Most Extreme Warming
More Than 3,500 Aftershocks Hit Philippines After Last Month's 7.2 Quake
Eruption at Sinabung Intensifies
C(Lie)mate #3 - What Doesn't Make the News

Aussies Buck Environmentalists, Fight to Repeal Global Warming Taxes
NOV 14
Typhoon Haiyan: Aid Convoys Come Under Fire as relief operation becomes 'Logistical Nightmare'
'We Have Let People Down': UN Aid Chief Admits Response to Philippines Typhoon Has Been Too Slow
Florida Sinkhole Swallows Portions of 2 Homes
Northwest, Rockies Snowstorm to Usher in Next US Cold Wave
Beautiful, Rare Roll Cloud Sweeps Over Texas

Prairies Vanish in Push for 'Green Energy'
NOV 13
Gunfire, Looting, Deadly Crush: Desperation Triggers Anarchy in Typhoon-Hit Areas
Heartbreaking Before and After Photos Show How Typhoon Haiyan Flattened Entire City of Tacloban
8 Killed Storming Rice Warehouse in Typhoon-Ravaged Region of Philippines
More Than 5,000 Flee Erupting Indonesian Volcano
Volcano Evacuees Suffer Respiratory Illness
Mount Marapi in West Sumatra Erupts Again
Volcano Detectives Uncover Monster Ancient Eruption
Massive Chicago Sinkhole Threatens Homes
7 Earthquakes in a Week Shake Texas
6.6 Quake Strikes Russia's Far East
4 Earthquakes Shake Delhi Within 3 Hours
Freak Wave Kills 8 in Taiwan
Big Storm's Getting More Erratic, Extreme as Sea Levels Consistently Rising
NOV 12
'We Are Not Looters': Desperate Typhoon Survivors Hunt for Food Amid Devastation
News: Video Shows Looting in Tacloban Store Amid Philippines Chaos

Bodies Piled in the Streets as Makeshift Mortuaries Are Overrun – Death Toll Will 'Rise Sharply' from the 10,000 Already Confirmed – HOLLY NOTE: Astute readers will see the huge discrepancy in numbers of reported dead. Their government only acknowledges the dead who have been identified. Rescue groups KNOW there are many times this number. Bodies are everywhere. Even with the estimated 10,000 killed, officials expect that number to rise considerably.
Typhoon Haiyan Pushed the Limit, But Bigger Storms Are Coming
As Though the Typhoon Weren't Bad Enough, Philippines Is Hit with 4.8 Earthquake
Tropical Depression Zoraida
Sudden Flooding and Severe Ice Jams Damage Homes, Utilities in Alaska
Study: El Nino Caused Half the Global Warming Since 1970s
Alaskan Village Faces Extinction from Coastal Erosion
NOV 11
Starvation and Fear in Land Laid Waste By 200Mph Typhoon That Killed at Least 10,000: Dazed Survivors Scour Streets for Food and Mobs Attack Aid Trucks in Philippines
US, World Race to Get Aid to Victims
Two Thirds of Dead Are Children
Survivor Gives Birth After Swimming for Her Life
'Help Us, Help Us': Health Crisis Breaks Out in City Flattened By Typhoon
Oklahoma Quakes Rattle Nerves; 19 Have Hit OKC Area Since Nov. 2
All Shook Up: Another Quake Rumbles Near Edmond, Okla.
Earthquake Have Dropped New Zealand, Flood Risk Rises
Disappearing Lake Waiau Is Mystery to Scientists
Rate of CO2 Increase Goes Down Slightly in 2012, New Report
Biggest Storm in History: 6.5 Million in Vietnam Brace Themselves for 235MPH Typhoon Haiyan as 170,000 Soldiers Are Drafted in to Reinforce Homes
Typhoon Haiyan Death Toll Rises to 1200 in the Philippines, Vietnam Braces Itself for Second Landfall
Mass Casualties…
Body Bags Rushed…
Cold Blast for Midwest, South, East Ahead; A Little Snow for Some
Arctic Blast Takes Aim at Central, Eastern US Next Week
Super Typhoon Haiyan: Philippines Islands Heavily Damaged, 4 Deaths Confirmed
Snowstorm May Join Arctic Cold in the East Next Week
Weird Loud Noise Heard in Oklahoma

Numerous Quakes Strike Around Oklahoma's Lake Arcadia
4th Quake in 3 Days Rattles Region West of Dallas
'Ghostly Fog' Caught on Camera the Moment It Rips Car Mirror Off Police Vehicle Leaves Officers Scared; Meteorologists Scramble for Answer
Nicaragua’s Momotombo Volcano Shaken By 300 Quakes in 1 Day – Last Eruption 108 Ago
Stunning Satellite Images of Earth Reveal the Challenges Our Planet Faces
Most Powerful Storm of '13 Aims at Philippines; 'Significant Loss of Life' Predicted
Thousands Flee Super Typhoon
Cold, Wind to Sweep Through DC to NYC, Boston
What Earth Would Look Like If All the Ice Melted
Winter Storm Dumps Over a Half Foot of Snow in South Dakota, Minnesota, Nebraska
11 Earthquakes Hit Oklahoma City Area on Monday
Another Earthquake Jolts Oklahomans Tuesday Morning
Oklahoma Scientist to Test if Fracking Causes Earthquakes
Hanford Nuclear Plant's Earthquake Risk Underestimated, Group Says
Carbon Capture and Storage Can Cause Earthquakes
Mount Sinabung Erupts Violently
Indonesia: Lake Toba’s Volcanic Underbelly ‘Could Erupt at Any Time’
Insurer Claims Texas Brine Ignored Warnings on Massive La. Sinkhole
Obama's Climate Task Force Is a Treaty Trap

Typhoon Haiyan a Serious Threat to the Philippines
Did the River Colorado Once Flow East to Canada?
Large Magnitude Quake Activity Rises in 2013
Captured: Moment Huge Fireball Travels Down Power Lines Near Quebec

Severe Storms Wreak Havoc Across Multiple States, 1 Dead
Wash. Windstorm Rocks Floating Bridge, Hurts 2, Knocks Out Power to 135,000
Scary: People Flee Their Cars as Washington Bridge Sways 5 Ft. Either Way

S.D. Ranchers Carry on After Thousands of Cattle Die
Young Man Left Fighting for Life After Gale-Force Winds Blow Him Under Wheels of Taxi and Woman Climber Drowns in Sea Cave as Storms Batter Britain Again
Landslides Scar Colorado After Major Flood
100+ Sinkholes Swallowing Up Parts of the Philippines!
3 Tornadoes Strike Netherlands
Maine's Supervolcanoes (Yes, Maine) Among World's Biggest
Earthquake Hits Close to Fukushima, Tremors Felt as Far as Tokyo
Tropical Storm Sonia Heads Toward Mexico's Coast
Major Storm Moves to Northeast; Power Cuts Likely – HOLLY NOTE: It was our hope after people saw American Blackout they would be encouraged to invest in a generator. This is after you've done the water and food thing. Generators are not the best long-term solution for alt power, but they'ave saved our bacon more times than can be counted over the last 20 years. Not that I neeed or wanted to see it in this movie, but in American Blackout where people had no idea if power would ever come back on, it glossed over some of the uglier, problematic scenarios folks would definitely face. As a woman, I don't have to see depicted it to know what a massive grid failure would bring out in people. Some things are just too depressing to view, but we encourage every single family to consider back-up power for Christmas / Hanukkah presents to the family. We have no skin in this game, don't sell them, but know this is something you definitely should consider without delay. We've had this base covered for 2 decades so when Stan asked what I wanted for Christmas, I replied "chicken coop"! Yes, I'm still a girly-girl, but you can only wear so many clothes and jewelry and then you start thinking about things that will save yours and your fam's bacon. So I'm thinking chickens!
New Storm Brewing for Weekend into Next Week
Obama Uses Executive Order in Sweeping Takeover of Nation's Climate Change Policies
Read Obama's Latest E.O. - “Preparing the United States for the Impacts of Climate Change”
Strong 6.6 Earthquake Shakes Chile's Capital – Stan forecast this and the 5.1 event on Oct 23rd, 25th, 26th, 28th, 29th, 30th and 31st
Severe Storm System Looms Over Swath of US
Austin, Texas Flooding Kills 2, Prompts Dozens of Rescues
Dust Storm Triggers Deadly 19-Vehicle Pileup; 3 Killed, 12 Hurt
ALERT: Dangerous Wind, Rain This Morning
Gusty Winds Rip Through Buffalo, NYC, Philly and Boston
October's Extreme Weather: U.S. Recap
8 Futuristic Homes Built Tough to Withstand Devastating Weather
OCT 31
Severe Storm System Looms Over Wide Swath of US as Rain, Floods Lash Texas
…Residents Evacuated, Possible School Delays
Thousands Without Power in the Houston Area
Sandy Survivors Mark Year After Deadly Superstorm
Unprecedented October Weather in Alaska
High Winds to Blast Midwest, Northeast; Damage Possible
6.6 Earthquake Strikes Taiwan – Stan forecast this Oct 28th and 29th
Mass Methane Release Accelerating
Italian Mafia Boss Says Pollution Turned Him Into Police Informant
OCT 30
6.2 Earthquake Strikes Offshore Maule, Chile – Stan forecast this Oct 28 and 29
Rise in Oklahoma's Seismic Activity Is Here to Stay – Residents Urged to Get Additional Insurance
Oklahoma Earthquake Surge Reveals Previously Unknown Fault Line, State Agency Trying to Connect Dots
The 6.4 Gulf of California Quake Oct. 19 Sent Massive Waves Across the US – HOLLY NOTE: Be sure to hit the 'play' button to see how seismic waves rolled from California's SW, north up through Washington and then through the New Madrid and clear across Maine.
A Really Big Earthquake Would Hit Ottawa Hard
B.C., Quebec Earthquakes Could Cost Billions: Report
Study Cautions That Canada Not Prepared for Major Earthquake, Cost Would Be Massive
Download Either the Canadian Full Report or the Summary
Quake Death Toll from 7.2 Philippine Shaker Rises to 218
Experts: 1,500 Israeli Schools at High Risk in Earthquake
UK Could Be Hit Yearly By Extreme Weather Events, Experts Warn
UK Storm Causes 2 Dungeness Nuclear Reactors to Close
Yellowstone Super Volcano Threatens Two Thirds of U.S.
Mt. Etna's Eruption Briefly Closes Airport
Zhupanovsky Volcano Erupts In Russia
Professor Warns Mini-Ice Age Upon Us
OCT 29
'A Year of Nothing': Thousands of Sandy Survivors Still See No Path Home
'Where Is All the Money?': Pace of Aid Effort Frustrates Sandy Survivors – HOLLY NOTE: The Obama's $100 million vacation to Africa could have gone a long way to help these people.
Communities in New Jersey and New York Hold Candlelight Vigils to Mark One-Year Anniversary
'I Cried So Many Nights': Sandy-Ravaged Small Businesses Struggle to Survive
Nor'easters Could Spell Disaster for Sandy-Ravaged NJ
15 Dead as Hurricane-Force Gusts Pound UK, Europe
Snow, Powerful Wind Storm Rattles California, Utah, Nevada
Yellowstone's Killer Hazard: Earthquakes, Not Eruptions
Surfer Takes on 'Biggest Wave Ever Ridden' after Storm
OCT 28
St. Jude's Storm Shutdown Chaos: Girl, 17, Killed By Falling Tree as She Slept, Man Killed after Tree Falls on Car, and Millions Hit By Transport Chaos, 270,000 Left Without Power
90MPH Winds and Heavy Rain Wreak Havoc Across Britain
Late-October Blizzard Unfolds in Northern Rockies
S. Dakota Ranchers Vow to Survive Cattle Disaster
Severe Weather Returns to US This Halloween Week
Superstorm Sandy, One Year Later: 5 Things the Storm Took From Us That We Won't Get Back
The Next Superstorm Sandy: 5 Areas Most at Risk
Mt. Etna Erupts in Spectacular Show

Weather Pattern Could Provide Early Warning for Catastrophic U.S. Heat Waves
OCT 25
7.3 Quake Strikes Off Japan; No Tsunami Threat
Arctic Temperatures At 44,000-Year High – HOLLY NOTE: Keep in mind that while some areas show heating, others places on Earth exhibit just the opposite – rapid cooling. Heating is NOT due to greenhouse gases, just natural cycles. While man produces a minute portion of the heating, humans certainly aren't responsible for heating on other planets. It is the result of natural Sun-driven cycles. Since Al Gore made such a jerk of himself on this issue, notice that 'global warming' has been rebranded as 'climate change'. It's bogus information as yet another means to impose enormous restrictions and massive fines on businesses in an effort to redistribute wealth.
Astounding Fall Photos That Will Make You Say 'Wow!'
Great Lakes Waterspouts: Dozens Spotted from New York, Michigan and Southern Canada
Superstorm Sandy Victims: Insurance, Red Tape…
OCT 24
Meteorologist: Gulf Stream Weakens to Lowest Level in 5 Years…May Bode Ill for Europe’s Winter!
Australian Wildfire Update: Pilot Dies While Fighting Blazes
One Year Since Sandy: 'I Don't Have Anything'
Ski Resorts Already Open in Colorado
Indonesian Volcano Spits Powerful Burst of Ash
Kilauea Lava Flows Still Active, Burning Forests North of Puu Oo
'Earthquake Island' in Balochistan Is Sinking
More Than 200 Earthquakes Have Shaken Oklahoma Since 2009
Erdan: Earthquake in Israel Could Kill 7,000
Philippine Earthquake Creates 'Sepctacular' Miles-Long Rocky Wall
OCT 23
Bushfires Rage in New South Wales Amid Rising Temperatures and Strong Winds

Aussies Told to Flee Fires…
Australian Defence Dept. Admits Starting State Mine Fire Around Lithgow and Blue Mountains
5.1 Earthquake Strikes Indonesia, Killing 1 and Injuring 2
Typhoon Could Lead to Chilly Halloween Night in US
$1 Billion a Day Spent to Fight 'Global Warming'
Do Animals, Insects Possess Winter Prognosticating Prowess?
OCT 22
Blazing Australia: 'This Will Be as Bad as It Gets': Blue Mountains Fire Crews Prepare for the Worst
High Winds and Dangerously Hot Weather, Australian Authorities Fear More Houses and Lives Will Be Lost
Banksia Cones the Latest Weapon in the Battle to Defend Homes
NSW Pollution Levels Soar 50-Fold
Hurricane Raymond Looms on Storm-Hit Mexico Coast
Inferno Expected to Generate Abnormal, High-Altitude Cloud
‘Sea Serpents’ or Harbingers? Oarfish Washed Up Year Before Japan Quake
5th Temblor in 5 Days Hits Israel. Bible Warns of Catastrophic Earthquakes in Israel in the “Last Days.”
Cities That Climate Change Will Hit First
MAJOR Catastrophic Event That Will Change The World Is Imminent – 9 Months Alert
OCT 21
'Mega-fire' Fears Grip Australia As Blazes Spread – HOLLY NOTE: A personal girlfriend from Downunder writes: "This is the scariest time I can ever remember. The Blue Mountains, the Hunter and Hawkesbury and other areas on fire. Almost as if the entire state of New South Wales is on fire. I was worried about some of my friends, but as far as I can tell they are OK so far. As you know, we lived in the Blue Mountains for nearly 9 years and we never saw anything like this. Still have friends there and 210 homes have been lost, they have 2,000 firefighters with many more and the military on stand-by. Friends in Katoomba may be evacuated along with people in Leura and Blackheath. I'd like to know how they are going to get thousands of people out of there in a hurry. I'm almost too scared to look at the news again. We are preparing here in case one lot of friends have to come and stay with us for a bit because they have no one else. "But, what is even creepier is that people just don't know what to do. They think they will be taken care of, and they will be, up to a point. But this morning I had to tell someone to go fill up their empty water tank because if they lose power they will lose water. I mean.... I can barely handle this, Holly. I have to go now. The coverage on the TV this morning was pathetic. The emergency people handled themselves very well though and they seem genuinely caring. At least I can say any of them who try and beef up with all the drama stuff will be put in their places and that is a good thing. I feel very sad because it has brought home to me that we are very much mountain people and here we are stuck in this cess-pit…"
Australia Is Burning – HOLLY NOTE: For those who have not been to Australia, let us share that it is about the size of CONUS. Its population is roughly 23M – just 7% of America's, and those folks are mostly squeezed onto the country's perimeter as only 6% of the land is arable. The interior is desert. So what this means is that where the people are, so are the fires. It is truly a desperate situation. Please pray for our Aussie friends.

Terrifying Dashcam Vid Shows Australia Blaze

New South Wales Braces for Unparalleled Bushfire Emergency
NSW's Red October - Authorities Shocked That Some Blazes Have Been Started By Children – Some as Young as 11
Australia Defence Involved in Bushfire Crisis

Hurricane Raymond Intensifies Rapidly South of Mexico
3.0 Quake Strikes East of Oakland, Calif.
4th Quake in as Many Days Hits Northern Israel
China Smog Emergency Shuts City of 11 Million People
OCT 19
6.5 Quake Hits the Gulf Of California
Emergency Warning for Blue Mountains Residents as NSW Bushfires Intensify
Midwest Will Feel 20 - 30 Degrees Colder Than Last Weekend
Large, Rare Tornado Strikes Greek Island
Bohol Quake Is Warning of Things to Come, Experts Warn
The Ocean Is Broken – HOLLY NOTE: Keep in mind that the seas provide a huge percentage of our food. It goes, we're in trouble.
OCT 18
Ghost Towns: Colorado Struggles to Save Villages in Wake of Epic Floods – HOLLY NOTE: As some of you know, I lived in Loveland from 1983 - 1996. We have many friends who still live in no. Colorado and they're going through horrific challenges. Back then, a girlfriend and I used to drive through Glen Haven, right past this little General Store, at least monthly on the way to Estes Park for a girl's get-away day. (Estes is a tourist town, not a park as the name implies.) Charming mini-towns like Glen Haven, Drake, etc. are in ruins. Winter is closing in and while construction throughout Colorado usually continues year-round, many of these hamlets are cut off. While valiant efforts are being made to rebuild infrastructure quickly, most of it has been obliterated, along with homes and businesses – their entire lives. It's difficult, if not impossible, to see how these icons of Americana and our pioneering can-do, self-sufficient spirit will survive winter. I'm sure those in the East that think we still live in log cabins and kick ca-ca off our boots aren't worth their time, but we ARE what built America. You live because we survived. Most people in times of distress 'man up' without prompting and do the right thing. It's an 'American' thing, heck, it's a human thing. Then there are always a callus, soulless few. Shame on this woman for doing the wrong thing. You have to wonder how she could ever again look these people in the face.
Pacific Ocean Temperature Influences Tornado Activity in US
Antarctic Seamounts Present Many Riddles to Volcanologists
Dramatic Cliff Collapse Caught on Camera in Washington

Typhoon Francisco Following Wipha's Deadly Path
OCT 17
Worst Fire Emergency in a Decade, 100 Blazes Burn, Hundreds of Homes Feared Destroyed In New South Wales
NSW Fire Commissioner: "This Is as Bad as It Gets."

The Great ShakeOut: Millions Expected to Participate
Typhoon Wipha Update: Evacuation Could Have Saved Lives in Japan
Magalang Village Hit By Violent Runoff
Stormy Weather at Time of Fatal Laos Plane Crash
OCT 16
'Once in a Decade' Typhoon Closes in on Japan Leaving at Least 18 Dead
4 Die in Mount Everest Avalanche
Papua New Guinea Hit By Strong 7.1 Earthquake
Death Toll From Philippine Earthquake Tops 100
New Study of a 9.0 Earthquake and Tsunami in the Pac NW Released
Download This Study
In an Earthquake, Dams Are the Wild Card
Russian Volcano Erupts, Creating a Deadly Acid
Long Invisible, Research Shows Volcanic CO2 Levels Are Staggering
Multiple Sinkholes Force Penn. Residents from Their Homes
Sinkhole in Maryland Swallows HALF of Man's Backyard
OCT 15
At Least 93 Dead, Churches Destroyed after 7.2 Earthquake Hits Philippines
Typhoon Nari Kills 5, Causes Major Damage in Vietnam
Yellowstone Super Volcano Exploding
Moisture From Octave Spreading to U.S.
Disaster-Weary Mexico Issues Warning Ahead of Tropical Storm Octave
Tropical Storm Priscilla Forms
Typhoon Wipha Aims to Batter Tokyo, Japan
OCT 14
'Catastrophic' Storm – SD Ranchers Reel After Snow Leaves 100,000 Cattle Dead
Cyclone Phailin Hits 90 Lakh People; at Least 23 Dead, Thousands of Homes Destroyed After Strongest Cyclone in a 14 Years Pounds India
Hurricane Season Update: Least Active in 30 Years
Landspout Tornado Touches Down in Texas
Quake Swarm Rocks California's Salton Sea
Many L.A. Buildings Could Topple in Quake
Offshore 5.0 Quake Gives N. Calif. a Jolt
Quake Swarm Jolts Philippines
6.4 Earthquake Damages Greek Island of Crete
80 Earthquakes Shake Iceland Last Night
Quake Swarm Hits Heart of Western Australia's Wheatbelt
OCT 11
The Science of California’s Seismic Pests, or Earthquake “Swarms”
3.3 Quake Strikes Near Mammoth Lakes
SD Storm Decimates Cattle Herds

Monster Cyclone Threatens Millions
'Monsoon' Drenched Sidney, Neb., Twisting Power Poles, Trees and Knocking Out Power
In Phoenix, Dust Storm 'Like Driving In Fog'

Damages from Louisiana Sinkhole Near $10M
OCT 10
Villagers Evacuated, East Coast on Flood Alert as Huge Waves and 60mph Winds Batter Britain
South Dakota Ranchers Seek Help for Cattle Lost to Winter Storm
Nearly 1M Could Die from Magnitude 8 Quake in Himalayas
Apocalypse Now: Scientists Claim 'Unstoppable' Climate Change Could Make New York, London, Paris Uninhabitable within 45 Years
Eurasia’s Highest Volcano Klyuchevskoi Spews Ash 3.7 Miles High
Rain, Snow Sweeps From California to Rockies
Shutdown Worsens Historic Blizzard That Killed 75K Cattle in S.D.
US Winter Forecast: Snow to Bury Rockies; Slow Onset in East
Blizzard, Tornadoes, Warmth: More Wild Weather on Way
Rain, Snow Sweeps From California to Rockies
Storms Knock Out Power in Northeast
Winter Storm Atlas Kills Thousands of Cattle in South Dakota
Typhoon Fitow Slams Into China, Kills 5
Two Earthquakes Rattle Oklahoma
Quake Swarm Strikes Storm-Stricken Mexico
Strongest Quake in More Than a Decade Hits New South Wales, AU
Japan: 1,360 Fire Stations At Risk Of Collapse During Major Earthquake
Recurring Volcanic Activity Causes Concern in Romania
Pakistan Quake Impacted Nearly 500,000 Families
South Dakotans Dig Out After Record-Breaking Storm Buries Area
Flooding Forces Evacuations in Louisville
Flash Flooding Cripples Parts of Louisville, Ky.

Two Southern California Wildfires Force Evacuations
Typhoon Fitow Hits Asia with Strong Winds, Rain
Lightning Strikes Killed 32 People, Including 9 Children, During Weekend Storms in India
Big Waves Hit Indonesia City; Residents Urged to Evacuate
Series of Quakes Hit Southern Mexico
Mysterious Earthquake Swarm Damages Many Villages in Galati, Romania
Large Tsunami Close to New Zealand Would Hit Before Sirens Could Be Activated, Report
New Research: Though the New Madrid Hasn't Produced a Major Quake in 200+ Years, the Risk Remains
Gas Storage Sets Spain Up for a 'Significant' Earthquake
3.1 Quake Strikes Near Berkeley
Huge Ice Channels Discovered Under Antarctic Ice Shelf
Massive Tornadoes Invade Western Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota; Multiple Injuries
17 Twisters…
Storm Brings Snow, Possible Tornadoes to Plains
T.S. Karen Weakens But Could Bring Heavy Rain, Surge to Gulf Coast
California Wildfire Threat 'Critical' – Worst in 5 Years
U.S. Seismologist Calls for National Warning System for Earthquakes
Tropical Storm Karen to Strike Upper Gulf Coast
3 Weeks After Colorado Floods, Tiny Glen Haven Waits for Help
Scientists to Explore Caribbean Faults, Volcanoes
Rare October Tornado Hits Nebraska, Downed Power Line Closes Highway 2
Destroys Home, Buildings…
Tornado Damage Near Lincoln, Neb.: More Severe Expected Friday
Fla. Rain Totals Match Those Set in the 1800s, Making for Both Good News and Bad
ALERT: Winter Storm Atlas' Wrath Ahead: Snow to Impact Montana, Idaho, Colorado, Wyoming, South Dakota, Western Nebraska
An article making the rounds, Yellowstone Supervolcano Alert: The Most Dangerous Volcano In America Is Roaring to Life, sounds a 'little more' than it really is. This USGS monitor shows current seismic activity – what there is of it – at micro-quake status level. There were only 5 of these Sept 30, 1 on Oct 1, 0 on Oct 2 and 0 today so far. Swarms occur at Yellowstone fairly often. Not even counting 3 swarms that occurred last month, "Yellowstone has experienced 80 earthquake swarms in the last 15 years." So they are common.
Colorado Flooding Update: 15 Oil Spills Uncovered, Blamed on Flood Disaster
Tropical Storm Karen Named, Gulf Threatened
Texas Brine Official Says Giant Louisiana Sinkhole Could Double in Size
Mexico Storm Deaths Continue to Rise After Tropical Systems and Mudslides
Flooding Risk As Heavy Rain Sweeps Across West of Scotland
Cave So Huge It Has Its Own Weather System
Hurricane Force Winds Leave Trail of Destruction Across Victoria, AU
Scientists Pinpoint Volcanic Explosion 8x Bigger Than Krakatoa – Explosion Would Have Devastated the Globe and Researchers Believe It May Have Created a Far Eastern Pompeii Waiting to be Discovered
Violent Storms, Tornadoes Possible Wisconsin to Oklahoma
Drought Puts High Plains Aquifer in Danger
First Snowstorm of Season Brewing: South Dakota to Minnesota
Pakistan’s Death Toll from Twin Quakes Jumps to 825
Wildlife Face 'Armageddon' as Forests Shrink
IPCC Backpedals on Extreme Weather Claims
Deadly Rock Slide Kills 5 Colorado Hikers – 13-year-old Girl Pulled Alive from Rubble
'More Devastating Than Katrina' – Skyrocketing Flood Insurance Rates Bring Financial Chaos, Heartache to Coastal Homeowners Across U.S.
Rare Tornado for Northwest
Midwest to See Huge Temperature Drops, Thunderstorms and Possible Snow
Tropical Storm Jerry in the Central Atlantic
Climate Scientist: 73 UN Climate Models Wrong, No Global Warming in 17 Years
MIT Scientist: Report Is "Hilarious"
Wind and Rain Storm Slams Washington, Oregon
Storms Slam Pacific Northwest with Record Rrainfall

Typhoon Wutip: 75 Missing Off Coast of China; Vietnam Preps for Storm
Tropical Depression Eleven in the Central
6.7 Quake Strikes Remote Kermadec Islands
Critics Dispute Global Warming Assertions Made by IPCC
Stunning Maps Show What North America Looked Like 550 Million Years Ago
Aucklanders Warned About Risk Of Volcanic Eruptions
Another 6.8 Quake Jolts Shattered Balochistan District, Killing at Least 15 More
Pakistan Earthquake Toll Passes 500
2 More Islands Emerge…
Landmark 2013 IPCC Report: 95% Chance Most of Global Warming is Human-Caused – HOLLY NOTE: Another article in the never-ending battle over the cause of planet heating IF it even is. This piece omits that Earth has cooled slightly in the last 15 years.
Northwest Winterlike Storm Threatens Major Flooding
Pakistan's New Quake Island Emits Methane Gas
Rebels Threaten Aid Efforts As Pakistan Quake Death Toll Reaches 357
Peru Rescues Man Trapped in Mine After 7.0 Quake, 3 Dead, 7 Injured
6.1 Quake Hits 101Km WSW of Puerto Madero, Mexico
Spider Webs Cover North Texas Overnight
Atlantic Storm to Bypass Eastern US, Aim at Canada
Monsoon Floods Kill 13 in India
Are You Prepared For An Extremely Bitterly Cold Winter? Solar Activity Is At 100 Year Low
Pakistan Earthquake Kills at Least 210, As Tremor Creates a New Island in the Sea
Massive Quake Caused the Seabed to Rise...
Triple Swarm of Earthquakes Shakes Yellowstone
No Earthquake Reported, So What Was That Rumbling?
East Coast Hybrid Storm Potential This Weekend
Late Fall, Early Winter Temperature Forecasts
Colorado Floods: Final Name Crossed Off List of 1,200 Missing, 10 Dead
At Least 45 Killed in Massive Pakistan Earthquake Tremors Felt in Delhi, North India
'Devastation Is Unbelievable': Colorado Flood Victims Return Home

Colorado Flood Towns May Come Back Less Diverse
World's Most Poisonous Place - Berkeley Pit: Montana's Toxic Tourist Trap
SoCal Madre Fire Near Azusa Chars 200 Acres
Feds Developing 'Richter' Scale for Wildfires
Early Sign? First Significant Snow for Rockies, Northwest
Due Any Day, Oregonians Warned to Prep for ‘Big One’ – Roads Cut Off – 5 Years, No Power – 3 Months, No Gas – 6 Months
Cascadia Earthquake Mega-Threat – The 650 Mile Long Fault Zone Is Erupting in Real Time

Earthquake Swarm Rocks Yellowstone
4.9 Earthquake Jolts W. Wyoming
Earthquakes Shake Anza Area of Calif.
10-Mile Fault Line Splits Hollywood
Earth's Biggest-Ever Deep Earthquake in Russia Puzzles Scientists
Lyons, Colorado Residents Told Town Unlivable for 6 Months
Searchers in Colorado Cross Hundreds Off Missing Lists, Search Intensifies For Those Left
Colorado Launching Massive Emergency Dam Inspection Program
Typhoon Usagi Hits Southern China, Killing at Least 33, Snarling Travel
Death Toll from Mexican Hurricanes Hits 101
Argentina's Freaky Ghost Town
10th Death Reported, Property Losses Soar As Colorado Assesses Flood Damage
Colorado Now Tracking 10 Oil and Gas Spills in Flood Zones
Flood Changes Colo. Town Forever

Commuters Forced to Take Longer Routes
Colorado at Mercy of Congress on Flood Relief Funds
Colorado Floodwaters Move Downstream Into Nebraska
Manuel: 97 Dead in Mexico as Victims Recount Horror
68 Believed Buried in Mexico Mudslide
Grid Down Acapulco: “There’s Nothing to Eat”
Acapulco Nightmare: Crocs Roam the Streets After Floods

Heavy Rain Sinks Graves in Texas Cemetery

17 Dead, 5 Missing During Ganesh Idol Immersions
World's Top Climate Scientists Told 'Cover Up' the Fact that the Earth's Temperature Hasn't Risen for the Last 15 Years
Airlines Told to Avoid Flights Near Erupting Indonesian Volcano
Colorado Flood: New Numbers Released for Unaccounted-for People
Colorado Oil-Field Flood Tally: 1,900 Wells Shut as Crews Check Damage
Colorado Floods Triggered By Convergence of Geography and Climate, Experts Say
Giant Underground Blob of Magma Puzzles Scientists
Colorado Floods Impact Energy Anadarko, Noble, Others
Recovery Will Take Time
The Dead Sea Is Dying
Missouri Hunter Dies After Falling into 70-Foot Sinkhole
Louis. Community Briefing Planned for Those Affected By Giant Sinkhole
35-Feet Deep Sinkhole Opens in Front of Colorado Springs Home – HOLLY NOTE: For size comparison check the two people at the top-middle of this image. It's a miracle the green gas pipe didn't break.
'Possible" Sinkhole Evacuates Apartments
Sinkhole Forces Closure of Riverside Drive in Studio City
Makeshift Bridges, Crazy Detours: Colo. Workers Get Creative After Floods
Astonishing Aerial Tour of Colorado Flooding

More Than 500 Rescued or Found Safe in Wake of Deadly Colorado Floods
Colorado Flood Evacuees Return to Find More Heartbreak
250 People Plucked From Stranded Larimer County Communities
End in Sight to Historic Colorado Flooding
FEMA Threatens to Arrest Volunteer Drone Operators During Colo. Flood Relief
Earthquake Swarm Rattling Yellowstone Close to Old Faithful
Colorado and Industry Working to Assess Damage In Flooded Oil Fields
Rare Twin Storms Batter Mexico, Leave 34 Dead
800 Feet Tall Deep Sea Waves Discovered in Pacific Ocean
Colorado Flood Emergency:
7 Dead; 1,200+ Missing; 1,000+ Trapped; 17,500 Homes Destroyed
Biggest Aerial Response Since Katrina: Helicopters to Search for 1,200 Missing in Colo.
Rain Hampers Rescue Effort
Colorado Floods: Stories Of Grief, Generosity And Gratitude
Colorado Towns Warned: Leave Now or Be Prepared for Weeks Without Electricity, Running Water and Basic Supplies
Hundreds Still Unaccounted For...
More Than 50 Bridges Destroyed
Hikers Survive Ice Storm on Colorado Peak
New Mexico Flooding Update: More Rain on the Way, Cleanup Begins
Storms Kill At Least 21 in Mexico
Seismic Data Reveal 'Hotspot' Passed Under United States
Related: Quake-Causing Hotspot Hides Under Eastern U.S.
When Quakes Swarm: Are Quakes Contagious?
'Global Warming Is Just Half What We Said': World's Top Climate Scientists Admit Computers Got The Effects of Greenhouse Gases Wrong
Colorado Flood Emergency: 4 Dead, 174 Missing, 100s Rescued, 1000s Homeless
Residents East of Greeley Stranded By Floodwaters; Farmers Evacuate
Colorado Flooding So Bad, Authorities Worry About 'What We Don't Know'
Roads in Estes Park Begin Crumbling, Forcing Evacuations
Stunning Video of Floodwaters Breaching Dams, Thousands Evacuate

Huge Swaths of Larimer County Mountain Roads Destroyed
Reservoirs Not Enough to Contain Fierce Flooding
Town Becomes Island
Flooding Submerges Colorado Farms

More Rain Coming
Staggering: By-the-Numbers Look at All That Water
Boulder Flooding Brings Out the Best in People
Denver Police Officer Gives Guide Dog All the Credit For Saving Man
Colorado Floods: How to Help
Southern New Mexico Flood Leaves Town Without Gas or Water
Tropical Storm Ingrid Threatens to Bring Major Flooding to Mexico
...Could Become a Hurricane Before Landfall
2013 Atlantic Hurricane Season Not Over Yet
Twin Water Spouts Spin on Lake Michigan Near Kenosha, Wis
"Biblical" Rains Trigger Flooding That Kills 3 in Colo. – HOLLY NOTE: When I lived in Loveland, CO, a girlfriend and neighbor shared her story of living through the horrific Big Thompson Flood of 1976. Torrents of rain poured down and when the land could absorb no more, a wall of water tore through the canyon below tourist town Estes Park. Power was out so police frantically banged on doors telling everyone to evacuate immediately. In subsequent days, horror stories emerged about the 143 lives taken. Body parts were found torn off victims and flung into tree branches. Ironically, a delicate Indian necklace from flooded jewelry stores in Estes might be hanging right next to a severed arm - totally intact. Those are details you don't read in the news. It was 2 months before residents could go back to what remained of their homes. Imagine a 20ft. high wall of water completely filling it with no escape for anything in its path. It's hard to tell from this image, but the canyon walls are nearly vertical. Every month this girlfriend and I drove to Estes Park just 30 minutes from our homes through the Big Thompson and on occasion, I imagined what mighty forces it took to fill this canyon.
Thousands Urged to Evacuate as Heavy Rain Continues
Colorado Flood: "Wall of Water" Flattens Out in Boulder
Deadly Flooding Strikes Up, Down Front Range – HOLLY NOTE: One of the nastier, lesser discussed problems from flooding in Colorado Springs and Fountain, CO is inadequate storm drainage systems. When excess rainwater, like what Colorado is now experiencing, backs into their sewer systems, s*&t literally flows downhill, or rather – downstream – and it's the responsibility of Colorado Springs Utilities to fix. This is an ongoing problem and something they would rather debate than cure. After this monumental rainfall, we expect contamination of Fountain Creek to be higher than normal – and 'normal' isn't acceptable. Colorado Springs has grown faster than what this city planned for adequate water supplies. They are happy to buy Pueblo county's drinking water, but reluctant to clean up their mess that contaminates our other water resources.
Dramatic Moment Hero Saves Mom and Daughter Left Balancing on Roof of Their Car in Rising Colorado Floods
Drenching Rains Flood Parts of New Mexico
National Guard Evacuating Colo. Town
Rain Overwhelms El Paso, TX
Firefighters Make Stand Against NJ Boardwalk Blaze
'Perfect Fire' Engulfs the Boardwalk

Officials Probe Cause of Jersey Shore Blaze
Gabrielle to Drench Atlantic Canada Friday
Britain to Be Battered By 70Mph Winds and Torrential Downpours Over the Weekend
Rare 'Fool's Gold' Autumn: British Trees to Drop Their Leaves TWICE After Hottest Summer In 7 Years
Australian Extremes: Spring Snow Falls in Tasmania as Queensland Faces Unseasonal Record Heatwave
Killer Robots and Crippling Cyber Attacks: How the World Is Going to End - According to Super Brains Such as Stephen Hawking
If the End of the World Were Nigh, You’d Want the World’s Biggest Brains Trying to Stop It. And That’s Exactly What's Happening
Flood Emergency in Colorado: 3 Dead, Hundreds Evacuated, Drivers Stranded
Exhausted Man Rescued from Flooded Car

Massive Flooding Swamps Boulder, CO

Closes University...
Live Updates: Horrific Flash Flooding
Calif. Wildfire Claims 1 Life as Crews Bring Containment to 50%
Gabrielle Regains Strength, Takes Aim at Canada
Will Tropical Storm Ingrid Brew in the Gulf of Mexico?
Clover Fire in Northern California Destroys 30 Homes
Wildfires Expected to Double By 2050 as West Warms Up
Humberto Strengthens into a Category 1 Hurricane
Tropical Storm Gabrielle Buffeting Bermuda With Showers, Seas and Wind
Almanac Predicts Bitter Cold Winter
Scientists Study Australian Earthquake Hotspot – Till 2009 Only 50 Earthquakes, Since Then – 700
Severe Weather Poses Threat to Archaic US Power Grid
Hail, Rain, Wind Causes Flooding, Blocks Streets and Knocks Out Power in Metro Denver
Humberto Poised to Become Season's First Atlantic Hurricane
Mt. Lokon Spews Volcanic Material Nearly a Mile High
This Supervolcano Under Pacific Is the Size of British Isles and Largest on Earth. Make Way for Tamu Massif
Mystery from Above in Brooklyn as Chunks of Ice Fall from the Sky
Swarming Crickets Invade Parts of Oklahoma

More Record Heat for Chicago, Midwest This Week
Wildfire Threatens San Fran Area: Dozens of Homes Evacuated
Tropical Storm Humberto Forms in the Eastern Atlantic
Now It's Global Cooling! Record Return of Arctic Ice Cap As It Grows By 60% in a Year
6.5 Earthquake Strikes Mexico-Guatemala Border
Scientists: NZ's West Coast Quake Potential Up to 7.8
Hurricane Season a Dud Despite Dire Forecasts
Firefighters Gain Ground on Rim Fire as Cause is Discovered
Ocean Volcano May Be Largest on Earth, Biggest in Solar System
Did a Meteor Give the World its Last 'Mini-Ice Age'?
Fog Causes Massive 100-Plus Car Pileup in England
6.0 earthquake Strikes Off Coast of Costa Rica
More Fracking Headaches as Earthquake Evidence Grows
Fracking Caused Ohio Quakes, Research Confirms
Peru: Ubinas Volcano Erupts for 5th Time in 2 Days
First Frost or Freeze Possible in Parts of Northeast Friday Morning
6.9 Earthquake Strikes Tokyo; No Irregularities Reported at Fukushima
Twister Tears Though Tokyo Suburbs

Are Sinkholes Occurring More Often Than They Once Were?
3 Earthquakes Strike off B.C.'s Coast, No Damage or Tsunamis – Stan picked them
Hundreds of California Cattle Feared Hurt, Dead as Massive Rim Fire Scorches Region
Two Earthquakes Shake East Texas Monday
Sinkhole Fears Spur La. 70 Realignment Plans
Atlantic Hurricane Season Half Over – No Hurricane
One Killed, Two Injured in Lightning Strike in Miami-Dade
Flash Flooding Inundates RI Apartment Complex
Pests Shift Poleward as Planet Warms
Deep Cold in Interior and Northern Alaska
Did a Volcanic Eruption Induce the Midwest 'Julytober'?
Agenda 21: They Want to Blame You - Global Warming and Co2 versus Climate Change – NEW

Haboob: 'It Can Be Deadly'

Tornadoes Tear Across Northern Japan; Dozens Injured
Rim Fire at 225,000 Acres as Calif. Officials Search for Cause of Massive Blaze
North America Ablaze
Louisiana Sinkhole Goes Wild During Alaska Quake
Severe Snowstorms Kill at Least 6 People, 30,000 Animals in Peru and Bolivia
Clouds Could Be Zapped By Laser to Stop Rain
How Octopi Survive in Extreme Conditions Like Volcanoes!

6.6 Quake Strikes Off Eastern Indonesia; No Tsunami Warning
Dozens of Aftershocks Expected After 7.0 Quake Hits Alaska
Scientists Warn of Huge Iran Earthquake
Lucky to Be Alive! Boulder Narrowly Misses Car in Landslide

AUG 31
Rim Fire Endangers Experimental Forest
Yosemite Wildfire: Progress Made, 35% Containment
Two Critically Injured as Powerful Storm Rakes Chicago Area
5.8 Earthquake Near China’s Shangri-La Kills at Least 4
3.0 Quake Strikes Near Palo Cedro, Calif.
One of Alaska's Largest Volcanoes Spews Lava, Ash
Drought-Stricken Southwest Tears Up Lawns to Save Water

Floods Cause Sink Hole, Worries Mich. Town's Home Owners
Sinkhole Scare Closes Florida School
Storm Chaser Captures Waterspout

AUG 30
7.0 Quake Strikes Alaska’s Aleutian Islands, No Tsunami
Let It Burn? Yosemite Park Officials Won't Say That, But It's Policy
Military Drone Drafted to Fight Yosemite Wildfire – HOLLY NOTE: Is this supposed to make these things palatable? 
Midwest Hot, Dry Spell Brings Back Drought Worries
Peru Heavy Snowfall: Tens of Thousands Stranded, Livestock Killed
Snow Blanketing South America Kills 250,000 Alpacas, at Least 5 People Dead
Lava Eruption Could Be Imminent
'Mega-canyon' Discovered Under Ice in Greenland
AUG 28
Massive Yosemite Wildfire Destroys 111 Buildings, Threatens Thousands
California's Biggest Wildfire Seen from Space
Dramatic New NASA Photographs Reveal Yosemite Fire as Seen at Night From Space as Firefighters Continue to Battle Raging Inferno
Yosemite Wildfire Update: Smoke Prompts Bad Air Warnings in Nev.
Flood and Haboob Threat Returns to the Southwest
Land Warning in Taiwan Issued for Tropical Storm Kong-Rey
After 16 Days 4 Towns in the Philippine Hit By 'Labuyo' Still in the Dark
Millions Impacted by Intense Heat in Plains
20 Cities with the Most to Lose From Rising Seas
AUG 27
'Unpredictable' Yosemite Wildfire 20% Contained But Continues to Grow
Haboob Swallows Phoenix Again
Millions Impacted by Intense Heat in Plains, Midwest
Rare Snow Falls in Chile's Atacama Desert, One of World's Driest Places
AUG 26
Giant Wildfire Chars 15,000 Acres Within Yosemite National Park, May Grow in 'Extreme' Way
...Threatens San Francisco Water, Power Supplies
California's 2,000-year-old Sequoias in Danger
Massive Calif. Wildfire Creates Own Weather Patterns
Major Eruption at Santa Maria Volcano in Guatemala
Mini-earthquake Swarm Continues Near Mount St. Helens
Volcanic 'Geyser' Erupts Close to Rome Airport
Ivo's Moisture Soaks Southwest
Las Vegas Flooding: Crews Carry Out 18 Water Rescues
Fernand Makes Landfall
Slowest Start to a Hurricane Season on Record
4.2 Earthquake Stikes 20km S of Weldon, California
Irish Sea Quake Aftershocks Warning
Farmers' Almanac Predicts Colder-Than-Normal Winter for Most of US
AUG 24
State of Emergency for San Francisco as Wildfire Threatens City's Power Grid, 5% Containment
Yosemite Fire Impacts 2 States
Flash Flood Threat in the Southwest; Phoenix, Las Vegas at Risk
Record-Breaking Midwest Heat to Build
AUG 23
State of Emergency Declared as Yosemite-area Wildfire Triples In Size
Campgrounds Evacuated in Run Up to Labor Day Weekend
"The Beast" Killing Tourism, Cancelling Concerts
4,400 Lightning Strikes Cause Concern for Western Fires

Colorado Hail Storm Turns Summer Into Winter
Tropical Atlantic: Multiple September Hurricanes Possible
Powerful Tidal Wave Sweeps Hundreds of Chinese Spectators Away
AUG 22
22-Acre Sinkhole Evacuates Entire Community

La. Sinkhole Swallows Dozens of Trees in Seconds

Sinkhole Empties Small Lake in Ocala, Florida
'Dangerous as Hell': On the Job With Idaho's Hotshot Firefighters
55 Fires Have Western States, Alaska Ablaze
After Land Shift Salt Mine Under Lake Erie Shut Down as Precaution
Floridians in Denial About Hurricane Threat
Lightning Strikes Kill 2 in Kentucky
Indonesia Warns of Rising Volcanic Activity
Underwater Volcano Briefly Erupts in Indonesia
Tokyo Turns to Rainmaking Technology to Ease Drought

Australia Sucks Up Ocean's Waters, Sea Levels Study Shows
Pink Snow in Summer Surprises Residents In Karaghanda Kazakhstan

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AUG 21
Rim Fire Near Yosemite Out of Control, Threatens 2,500 Structures
...Shuts Down Highway Into Park
Spending to Fight Raging Wildfires Tops $1 Billion
Wild and Dangerous Weather -- 29,000 Lightning Strikes in Two Days
6.2 Earthquake Shakes Mexico City; Minor Damage Reported
Slow Earthquakes May Foretell Larger Events
Strange Happenings During the New Madrid Earthquakes of 1811-12
A Scientist Explains the Mystery of Recent Sea-Level Drop
Typhoon Trami Slams Taiwan
AUG 20
Residents Flee as Fires Rage Across Western States
Idaho Wildfires Close in on Ski Resort Town of the Rich and Famous
Large Wildfires Burning Now
Huge Lightning Strike Leaves 120,000 Homes Without Power in Southern Calif. as Forecasters Warn of More Storms
Flood Warning Adds to Woes in Wildfire-hit Idaho
Japan's Sakurajima Volcano Turns City Grey after 500th Eruption This Year
Low Number of Tornadoes in 2013 Linked to Absence of Strong Storm Systems
Philippines Flooding Update: More Than Half of Manila Underwater
New Zealand Volcano Lets Off Steam
Webcam Captures White Island Eruption

China Flood Update: More Than 200 Dead or Missing
'Worst 14-Year Drought in 100 Years' – Dwindling Colorado River Forces First-Ever Cuts in Lake Powell Water Releases
Brief, Strong Storm Cuts Power, Floods Streets in NM During Rush Hour
AUG 19
Idaho Blaze: 'Firefighters Have Been Getting Their Butts Kicked'
'Angry' Idaho Fire Spreads to 126,000 Acres, Threatens Luxury Resort Homes
Western Wildfires Are Weeks From Being Fully Contained
Southeast Flood Threat Continues This Week
Sakurajima Volcano Erupts in Japan: Largest Eruption in Decades Sends Ash Plume Thousands of Feet High
Massive Sakurajima Volcano Eruption Caught on Video

Quakes Continue to Shake NZ
Russia’s Far East Hit By Worst Floods in 120 Years
Greenland Ice Sheet Is Melting But Much of the Heating Is Coming from Inside the Earth Not Global Warming
Girl, 9, Dies in Freak Accident After Wind Gust Blows Her Trampoline 150ft Away
China Floods: Death Toll Rises to 43
Shark Tale: 12-Foot Arctic Predator Caught in Warm Gulf of Mexico
AUG 17
Idaho Wildfire Forces Evacuation of 1,600 Homes
Aftershocks Continue to Rattle Central New Zealand
Deadly Flooding Sweeps China
AUG 16
Big Quakes Hit Wellington, Central NZ – Stan forecast these quakes on Aug. 5, 11, 12, & 13
Apocalypse Britain: Terrifying Images Show Parliament Wrecked By Flooding and Edinburgh Castle Hit By Swarm of Tornadoes
Erin Stays a Tropical Storm; Next May Brew in Gulf
Western Wildfires Out of Control

Idaho Faces Risk of 'Explosive Fire Growth' as 34 Wildfires Rage Nationwide
Some Evacuated Residents Allowed to Return Home as Crews Contain 50% of Utah Wildfire
AUG 15
Tropical Storm Erin Forms in Atlantic, Forecast to Strengthen
Severe Heat Waves to Quadruple By 2040, Study Says
Is Summer Over? Cool Weather Has Arrived – HOLLY NOTE: While mowing the lawn Monday I paused under one of two Honeylocust trees thinking it was pretty amazing they'd grown so large in the semi-desert. Every year they are the last to leaf out in spring and first to lose them in fall. It was a shock to see that some of the inner leaves had already gone yellow. This is at least 1 month early.
Climate Change 'Destroyed Civilizations'
AUG 14
Utah Fire Destroys at Least 12 Homes, Threatens 250
Fast-moving Fire Endangers 300 Homes in Utah
Firenado Spins Up Near Homes
Colorado Springs Girl Dies After Being Caught in Storm
Slow Transition to Winter in Northeast; Quick in Midwest
Typhoon Utor Lashes Hong Kong
Scientists Gain New Insight Into Climate Change ... And What to Do About It
Feds Close 600 Weather Stations Amid Criticism They're Situated to Report Warming
Zero People Show Up for Climate-Change Rally
AUG 13
Stan's Quake Hits:
6.7 Quake Strikes Panama – forecast Aug. 5
5.7 38km N of Wangda, China – forecast Aug. 4
Rare 5.7 South Pacific Quake – forecast Aug. 2, 6
6.1 - 90km WSW of Paita, Peru – forecast Aug. 9
6.0 in NZ – forecast Aug. 2, 11, 12
5.0 145km (90mi) S of Amatignak Island, Alaska – forecast Aug. 2, 11, 12
4.7 Temblor Hits 139km SW of Sechura, Peru – forecast Aug. 11
Colo. Woman Survives Flood With Help from a Tree Branch
Colorado Town Works to Restore Normalcy Amid Ongoing Storm Threats
Lightning-Sparked Idaho Fire Burns More Than 90,000 Acres
Collapsing Earth: Why Are Giant Sinkholes Swallowing Cars, Homes and People All Around the World?
Western Fires: Hundreds Evacuated in Idaho
Rain, Speed Cause 41-Vehicle Pileup
Florida Resort Collapses into Sinkhole

4.8 Quake Strikes Beneath Kilauea Volcano; Aftershocks Follow
AUG 12
1 Dead, 1 Still Missing in Colo. Flash Flood and Mudslide
Flash Floods Tear Through Colorado Town

Motorist Had Only Seconds to React As Flood Swept Over Highway
Worst Disaster in Decades...
Personal Stories of Survivql: No Outrunning the Torrent
California Silver Fire Expected to Be Fully Contained By Monday
More Flooding Downpours for Kansas, Missouri
Most Powerful Typhoon of 2013 Hits The Philippines, Leaves At Least 9 Missing
Dangerous Typhoon Utor Now Targets China
40-foot Sinkhole Causes Fla. Building Collapse
Giant Sinkhole Swallows Vacation Villa

6.0 Earthquake Hits Off New Zealand Coast
2 Earthquakes Rock Parts of Tibet, No Casualty Reported
Study: Less Climate Change Globally Than Many Believe
Horrific Storms Kill Dozens in Afghanistan
AUG 10
Thousands Flee as 18,000-acre California Wildfire Spreads
Deadly Floods Strike Central U.S.
Mudslide, Flash Flooding Leaves Cars Stranded in Colorado
6 People Swept Away By Gushing Hot Lava in Indonesia
Rare Sprite Lightning Caught on Camera in Colorado
Fast-surging Southern California Wildfire Destroys 26 Homes
Heavy Rains Unleash Deadly Midwest Flooding
Flash Flooding Risk from Nashville to DC, NYC, Boston
Wisconsin Storms Leave Church Crumbled, One Dead
Heat Wave Kills Salmon, Trout in Alaska
NOAA: Heading for 'Above-Normal' Hurricane Season
Massive Kansas Sinkhole Becomes Tourist Attraction
'Head to Toe' Burn Victim Among Three Hurt as California Wildfire Spreads
Major Flooding Engulfs North Georgia
Wildfire Forces Evacuations in California

State of Emergency in Missouri Flooding – 9" of Rain Fall in a Matter of Hours

Victim of Climate Change? Polar Bear Starved to Death
Tornado in Ohio Blows Off Roof on Home, Destroys Crops
Meet the Town That's Being Swallowed by a Sinkhole
Landslides Sweep Away Houses, People Evacuated in India's Kangra District
Killer Bee Invasion in US Linked to Warmer Temperatures
NOAA: Sea Levels Hit New Highs
Uncommon Shelf Cloud Video in Belgium Goes Viral

5.1 Magnitude Earthquake Hits Mexico
Henriette Strengthens to Year's Strongest Hurricane
9 Cities Running Out of Water – HOLLY NOTE: The closest city to us, Pueblo, is on this list. However, this article stretches facts a bit as we aren't even on water restrictions. Yes, it's very dry, but we've gotten an inch of rain in the last 4 days and another 3⁄4" is expected through tomorrow thanks to the August monsoons.
New Mexico Is the Driest of the Dry
World Continues to Broil, 2012 Report Finds
Henriette Strengthens into Hurricane in the Pacific
Atlantic Expected to See Sudden Uptick in Storms
NYC, Miami Expand Hurricane Evacuation Zones for 2013 Season
The Day Floods Washed Beaches Out to Sea: West Country and Tyneside Resorts Left Under Water After Torrential Rain Batters Britain
Kansans Baffled by Giant Sinkhole

More Than 150 Dead in Flash Floods in Pakistan and Afghanistan
'Gustnado' Hits Florida’s Cocoa Beach

Max Bliss Contacted by Chemtrail Whistle Blower – The Beginning of the End
Elevated Seismicity Continues at Mt. Rainier and Near Mt. Saint Helens Volcanoes in Washington Cascades
Flooding in Parts of the Midwest
Drought Relief: Too Much of a Good Thing?
Hot and Bothered: Climate Change Could Amplify Violence
Another Sizzling Week for Central, Eastern Europe
Floods Kill More Than 100 in Pakistan and Afghanistan
Henriette May Strengthen Into a Hurricane in the Pacific
Geoengineering Is Destroying the Ozone Layer
Weather Extremes of July 2013
5.5 Earthquake Rattles Canada's Vancouver Island
Fukushima Earthquake Registers 6.0
GMO, Climate Cascade, CME to Impact Earth

The Next Ice Age - An Introduction to a Possible Shift Soon

Massive Sinkhole, Getting Bigger, Swallows Pasture in Kansas
Yellowstone's Steamboat Geyser Erupts First Time in More Than 8 Years
What Will Really Happen When The Yellowstone Supervolcano Erupts?
Firefighter Killed By Tree in Ore. Is 28th to Die
Seattle Closes Out July as Driest Since 1960
Hurricane Gil Follows Flossie
Dozens Killed in Heat Wave
HUD Awards $900K Grant To Alaska Village Devastated By Flooding
NOAA's Weather Supercomputers Get Massive Upgrade
New Fires Flare in Oregon, Other Wildfires Spread With Lightning In Forecast
Residents Flee...
State of Emergency Declared...
Alaska Heat Wave: Anchorage Sets Record For Most Consecutive 70-Degree Days
12 Soldiers Hurt in Colorado Lightning Strike, 1 Critical
Spain Hit By Killer Heatwave: Tourists Warned to Expect Dangerously High Temperatures Over 109ºF as Scorching Winds Sweep in from Africa
China Shatters Records in Historic Heat Wave
Another Soaking Headed for Rain-Weary Northeast
Anchorage Breaks Heat Record, in Unusually Warm
U.S. Cities Sinking Under Climate Change, Study Suggests
Schizo Weather: 1,122 Record U.S. Cold Temps in One Week
Minnesota Wetland Losses 5 Times The Size of Minneapolis
Rainstorms Affect 2.8 Million in E China
China Heat Wave on Track to Shatter More Records
Larry Taylor Blog ~ July 31
Flossie Drenching Hawaii
6,000+ Hawaiians Lose Power
Heavy Rain Heads to Missouri After Flooding Turnpike in Kansas
Flooding in North Carolina Kills 2
Flood Waters from Vegas to Philly; Hawaii Next
America's First Climate Change Refugees: Hundreds Forced to Flee Alaskan Village Before It Disappears Underwater
Flash Floods Strike Yorkshire Village Where Man is Swept Down Road By Torrent of Water, Heatwave Is Set to Return
Has Summer Heat Come to an End?
Deadly Storms to Rage Across Much of US
Tropical Storm Flossie on Track to Hit Hawaii
Earthquakes Burp Up Methane Bubbles, Study Shows
7 People Drown in Seas Off France's Mediterranean Coast After 80mph Winds, Unpredictable Currents Cause Treacherous Conditions
Quakes May Add To Global Warming: Study
Record Rainfall for Philadelphia, Most in 140 Years, Floods Entire Region
Arizona Tour Bus Swept Off Road By Flash Flood
Striking Images of Lightning Storms Raining Down on Earth from 400 Miles Above
Siberian City Which Sees Snow And Ice For Most of the Year Hits Record-Breaking Highs as Mercury Rises to 90ºF
Tropical Storm Flossie Sets Sights on Hawaii
White Island Activity Not Related To Quakes
Brrrr! Cold Front Has Millions Missing Heat Wave
Weird Weather: The New 'Dry Season'
Trying To Make Sense Of Our Weird Weather
North Pole Now a Lake
Global Price Tag for Arctic Thawing: $60 Trillion
Calif's Mountain Fire Caused by Failed Electrical Equipment
Seals Stranded on US Coast Because Of Ice Decline
Violent Okla. System was a Derecho, Meteorologists Say
Kiwis Told to Prepare Alpine Fault – 'Considerably Longer Than Initially Thought' 
2 Killed When Lightning Hits Arizona Scenic Overlook
Drought One of NZ's Most Extreme

Snow in 87 Brazilian Cities Close Roads, Schools
Baseball-sized Hail Hammers Kansas
7 Air Force Academy Cadets Suffer Heat Exhaustion
Scary Flash Flood and Debris Stampede Through Southern Utah

Flooding Downpours Continue in the Four Corners
Tropical Depression 4 Forms in the Atlantic
Nighttime Heat Waves Increasing in Pacific Northwest
CIA Wants to Control The Weather, Climate Change
Out-of-control Gas Well in Gulf Continues to Burn
After Blaze, Mudslide Threat for 20 Calif. Homes
Falling Temps Bring Relief — and Storms
Earthquake Sends Kiwis Screaming From Wellington Buildings
China Quake Kills 94, Injures Thousands
New Oregon Wildfire; 120 Homes Evacuated
DC, Philadelphia Set 'Amazing' Heat Records
Flood Debris Clogs Harvesters And Mills
6.6 Quake in China Kills at Least 75, Injures Nearly 600; 14 Missing; Over 1,200 Homes Collapsed; 21,000 Severely Damaged
Downpours, Aftershocks Challenge Quake Relief
Swarm of Earthquakes Rattle Central NZ's North Island
Big Quake Shakes Central New Zealand – Sinkholes Have Opened
Quake's Released Energy Equal to 100 Nuclear Bombs the Size That Devastated Hiroshima
South Island Still Being Reshaped
NZ Fault Crosses Major Urban Areas

Aftershocks Continue

Villagers Flee as Indonesia Volcano Spews Ash
Tornado Hits Ohio's Ursuline College; No One Hurt
Dangerous Heat Continues in Britain
Dozens of NJ Firefighters Overcome, Deaths Mount In Heat Wave
Seismic Activity Reported in Assumption Parish Sinkhole
More Evacuate, Weird Weather Fears at California Fire
Storm Rips Through Las Vegas, Causing Floods, Power Outages
Tornado Comes Ashore, Injures 3
Strong Earthquakes Rock Central NZ – "It Was Like Being on a Bloody Rollercoaster"
'Dangerous' Heat to Smother Northeast on Friday
NYC and DC Face Power Outages, Water Restrictions in Soaring Heat
Punishing Forecast: 90ºF or Above in 47 States

Wildfire Burns Near Palm Springs; Thousands Evacuated
Unmanned Sub To Explore Fault Beneath Lake Tahoe
Calif. Mountain Wildfire Burns Through Nearly 25,000 Acres, Just 15% Contained
Heat Adds to Wildfire’s Fuel

Wildfire Investigators: 2013 a Deadly Season
Lightning Strikes Injure at Least 15 in 3 States
The Data vs The Story, IRIS Update, Filament Eruption

Weather Wars - Anthrax In Tajikistan - US Syrian War

Boston to Chicago: 130 Million Feel Stifling Heat
Blame Canada: Cooler Winds From North To End Heat Wave, Trigger 'Severe' Storms
Southern California Wildfire Forces Evacuation Of Mountain Resort
New Map Shows Where Nature Protects U.S. Coast
Heatwave Death Toll Rises: Postman Collapses And Dies On Round And Sunbather Plunges To His Death From Roof
Heatwave 'Level 3' Warning Expanded To More Of Britain As Temperatures Set To Hit 30C for 6th Day in a Row
Can a Sharknado Hit Los Angeles?
How 'Brown Oceans' Fuel Hurricanes
2nd Ecuador Volcano Steps Up Eruption
Japan's Sakurajima Volcano Records Exceptionally Strong And Frequent Explosions
CIA Investing in Research Aimed At Modifying The Earth’s Climate For Unknown Reasons
Tens of Millions See Stifling Heat from Boston to Nashville
Summer's Worst Week of Heat for New York City, Washington, Philadelphia, Boston
'Every Day Gets A Little Worse': Hot Turns To Hellish
Wildfire Evacuates Socal Camp For Kids With Cancer, Destroys at Least 6 Homes
Northeast Heat Wave Could End With Severe Weather
June One of Wettest on Record For Some
Sandy Scars Run Deep in NJ
Massive Portugal Earthquake Today, Would Devastate Much of Britain
Mt. Fuji May Erupt Violently If Earthquake Causes Cracks Inside
Disastrous Flooding Potential for New Mexico, Colorado
'Major' Sinkhole Opens on South Carolina Road
Heat Records 'May Be Broken' as Northeast Sizzles
Where Did This Weather Come From?
Jet Stream Over US So Weak Weather Systems are Moving Backwards
Almost 6,000 People Missing In India Floods Presumed Dead
Nearly 300 Dead Or Missing In China Rain, Typhoon
More Than 300 Firefighters Battle CA Wildfire
Significant Quake Swarm Recorded at Costa Rica’s Turrialba Volcano
Oppressive Hot Spell for Philly, NYC, DC, Boston
Massive 7.2 Earthquake Rocks British-Owned, Uninhabited, South Sandwich Islands
Ecuador's Tungurahua Volcano Erupts Violently, At Least 200 People Forced From Their Homes
Volcano's Screams May Explain Eruption's Awesome Power
Powerful Typhoon Forces Hundreds of Thousands of Evacuations in China
Severe Floods Hit Parts of US, China

Funnel Cloud, Heavy Rain in Colorado Springs
High Levels of Toxic Algae Found in Kansas Lakes
4MIN News July 14, 2013: NASA Data - Ice Age Discourse

What the West Coast Could Look Like if Climate Change Continues
Drought to Flood: Southeast Rain Shift Swamps Lakes – Latest example of Extreme Weather Change
UK Heatwave Claims Its 4th Victim
Japan Heatwave Kills 12
India Hit By Worst Flooding in 50 Years; 100 Villages Engulfed
'Rainbow Cloud' Appears in Sky Over Oregon Town
The Reason For All The Extreme Weather? It May Be 'Just Because'

Increased CO2 Making Trees Use Water More Efficiently
22-Acre Sinkhole Evacuates Entire Community
Colorado Mudslide Traps Cars on U.S. 24 West of Manitou Springs
2nd Time in 2 Weeks Colorado Motorists Caught in Flash Flood and Mudslides

Derecho Leaves Trail of Damage in Ohio Valley
Calgary Flood 2013: Geoengineered Disaster

High Intensity Quake Could Reduce Shimla to Rubble: National Disaster Management Authority Report
Taiwan Evacuates 2,000 Tourists As Super-Typhoon Looms
Haboob Swallows AZ Town
American West Becoming Increasingly Dusty
Climate Change Will Cause More Energy Breakdowns, U.S. Warns
At Least 31 People Dead, Hundreds Missing in Western China Flooding
...Worst in 50 Years Triggers Landslide, Bridge Collapse
Southwest US Monsoon Unfolding: Flooding, Wildfire Risk
Chicago-Sized Iceberg Breaks Off Antarctic Glacier
Smoke from Massive Wildfire Billows Over Las Vegas 
Bahamas, Florida Waters in Path of Chantal
Storm Erick Leaves 2 Dead, 2 Missing in Mexico
4MIN News July 10, 2013: Coastal Threats, CME Impact, CME Eruption

Wildfires May Contribute More To Global Warming Than Previously Predicted
Severe Storms to Impact Millions Today
A Month's Worth of Rain in Under 4 Hours Triggers Flash Flooding, Chaos in Toronto
...Cars Abandoned, Commuter Train Stranded
Chantal Brings Risk of Flooding Downpours to Caribbean
More Meaner, Major Hurricanes on Tap, Study
Waterspout Comes Ashore in Florida
Obama Again Plans To Cut Wildfire Prevention Funds
Europe Floods 2013's Costliest Natural Disaster
Papua New Guinea Rocked By 6.8 Earthquake Just Hours After 7.2
5.9 Quake Strikes El Salvador, No Damage Reported
NASA Discovers Carbon Dioxide Is a 'Coolant' – Destroys Globalists Warming Myth

Photo of Fallen Firefighters Stirs Controversy
Flash Flood Threat from Gulf Coast to Ohio Valley
6.0 Quake Strikes Off Sumatra, Indonesia
Nepal Floods, Landslides Kill 50, Displace 12000 People
Conn. Man Makes Art From Superstorm Sandy Debris
Airlines Delay Flights To Mexico City As Volcano Spews Ash
Colorado's Black Forest Fire Damaged Wells
Firefighters Use Diverse Tactics To Match Arizona's Shifting Challenges
Burns, Breathing Issues Killed 19 Firefighters
Jihadist Group: We Started Arizona Wildfires
Quebec Forest Fire Causes Widespread Blackouts For 2nd Day
Over a Foot of Hail Swamps New Mexico Town
Rescuers Find More Bodies in Indonesia Quake
3MIN News July 5, 2013: Earth-SATs, Giant Waves, Spaceweather

Huge Waves Batter Chile Coast

Climate Change Could Be Leading To More El Ninos
Largest-Ever Algal Bloom Invades Chinese Coast – Peoople Swim in Green Slime
Wild Weather Forecast to Dampen Some Fourth of July Celebrations But Fireworks, Parties Kick Off Around the Country
Sinkhole Swallows Car and Driver in Toledo
Ohio Sinkhole Swallows Woman's Car

Jet Steam Is Exhibiting Bizarre Behavior Over the U.S.
Homeowners Sue Power Companies For Fires During Sandy
Global Deluge Unprecedented World Events 2013

Firefighters tigHten Grip Over Deadly Arizona Blaze
Water Levels in Great Lakes Hit All-Time Lows
Double-Digit Rainfall Totals to Mount in East – Flooding Concerns Mount From Maine to Florida
Historic Heat to Ease Temporarily in West
State of Emergency in New York After Floods
Serious Flash Flood Threat for Fourth of July
22 Indonesians Killed, Over 200 Injured In Aceh Quake
Candlelight Vigil Honors Fallen Arizona Firefighters
Investigators Look at What Went Wrong in Ariz
Western Governors Float Idea Of Shared Firefighting Fleet
Six Billion Tonnes Of Water Vanishes From Underground Antarctic Lake – Leaves Behind City-Sized Ice Crater
News In Two Minutes - Egypt Coup - US Bird Flu - Drone Strike - Flooding

Breakthrough in El Nino Forecasting
Record-toppling Heat Heads North, And It's 'Just Going To Get Hotter'
Death Valley Broils On After Breaking June Temperature Record
Southwest Heat Wave: Why It's So Scary
Elevated Wildfire Risk Continues in West
Why So Many Wildfires? Half The Country Is Turning Into An Intensely Hot, Bone Dry Burn Zone
Mourning Firefighters Face Tough Battle In Arizona Blaze
Arizona 'Hotshots' Lived the Meaning of the Word
Relentless Downpours for East in July
Weather Service Confirms Tornado Touchdown in NJ After Storms Snap Trees, Down Wires
Strong Earthquake Strikes Indonesia's Aceh Province, Kills At Least One
19 Firefighters Die in Arizona – 'I Just Knew We Had To Get Out Of There'
Half of Town's Homes Destroyed...

Colorado Wildfire Scorches 97,000 Acres, Only 4% Contained
27 Lare Wildfires Threaten the West and Alaska
Economic Warfare Super Panel - William Scott

At Least 1 Dead As Southwest Heat Wave Intensifies
Death Valley Record High June Temp 129.9ºF Sunday and Monday Could Be Even Hotter
Are Simultaneous Floods, Drought an Omen in the Pacific?
3 Children Hurt In Lightning Strike At Ind. Summer Camp
On the Edge of Armageddon: Staggering Pictures Show Firefighters' Battle To Contain Cataclysmic Blaze in West Midlands, UK
Forecasters Predict Red-Hot July Across Britain As Summer Sets In After Hottest Day Of The Year
Tungurahua's Increasing Earthquakes May Herald New Eruptions
Megaquakes Caused Volcanoes To Sink
Over 10,000 Feared Dead In India Floods

Major Heat Wave Expanding Across the West
Could Go on for Days...
Drought Cancels July Fourth Fireworks West, Rain Threatens East – HOLLY NOTE: This article is a little behind in its statistics as the Black Forest fire ended up killing 2 people, burned 511 homes and charred over 16,000 acres.
Early Indications Suggest Colorado's Most Destructive Wildfire Wasn't Intentionally Set
Wet Weekend for the East Coast
Dangerous Heat Wave Imminent
Brutal Heat Wave To Bake Western US This Weekend
Impacts of Severe Space Weather on the Electric Grid
Popocatépetl Seismic Activity Increasing
Alaska Volcano Eruptions Get Worse: 'We Can’t Explain (It)’ Says Geologist
Russia’s Kamchatka Volcano Spews Ash Up to 4.3 Miles High
Major West US Heat Wave in the Making
'Dangerous' Record-Breaking Heat Forecast for Arizona, Nevada, California
Torrential Rains Prompt Flood Warnings in Midwest – HOLLY NOTE: This, and the news item above really illustrate the scope of weather extremes – something Stan warned in 1997 we would see. Extremes are the new norms.
East US Poised for Flooding Into July
Colorado's West Fork Complex Fire At 81,331 Acres, Zero Percent Contained
New Mexico Wildfires Continue to Grow
Sea Level Along Maryland's Shorelines Could Rise 2 Feet by 2050
Body of Sandy Victim Lay Undetected for Months
Alaska Volcanoes, Pavlof And Veniaminof, Continue To Erupt
Breathtaking Video Shows Mexico’s Popocatepetl Volcano Fuming
Severe Storms Threaten 100 Million From Chicago to New York
Floodwaters Force Hundreds To Evacuate Iowa Town
Alaska Volcano Spews 5-Mile-High Plume Of Cinders
Waldo CanyoN Fire: A Year Later, Life Returning To Normal
Eyewitnesses, Colorado Fires Being Set!
NOAA: Rare Tsunami Hit East Coast Earlier This Month – HOLLY NOTE: Beyond the many Earth changes events, this should tell you things are totally upside down.
Derecho May Have Caused NJ Tsunami
Lightning Strikes Scout Camp; Dozens Injured
In Wake Of Alberta's Natural Disaster, Shockwaves On Canadian Economy
Extreme Weather Tied To Unusual Jet Stream
Tourists Stranded on Arctic Ice Floe
Severe Storms Threaten 42 Million in the Midwest
Derecho Hits Midwest with Strong Winds, Tornado Reports
West Fork Complex at 76,000 Acres; Zero Containment
Wildfire Doubles In Size
Wildfire Roundup: West Fork Fire Likely Will Burn For Months, Official Says
5.2 Earthquake Causes Some Damage in Italy
6.4 Mid-Atlantic Ridge Earthquake, No Tsunami Threat To Hawaii
Giant Louisiana Sinkhole Burps, Seismic Activity Reported
44 of 92 Buyout Offers Accepted By Residents Near Sinkhole
Toronto Extreme Heat Alert Issued As City Swelters
Scientists Studying Undersea Volcano Near India's Nuclear Plant
West Fork Fire Grows To 70,000 Acres, Cabins Now Threatened
Colo. Fires Drive Hundreds From Homes
Colorado Wildfires Threaten Hollywood Backdrop

Hot, Windy Weather Drives Colo. Wildfires
Crews Work to save Colo. Town As Wildfire Grows
Seismologists Monitor Carson City Quake Swarm
At Least 1,000 Dead in India Monsoon Flooding, Thousands Stranded
Our Earth and Sun are Rapidly Changing – The Evidence and Repercussion
10 Dumbest Things Ever Said About Global Warming

Wind Shift Offers Hope To Save South Fork From Fire
1 Killed, 1 Hit By Lightning As Storms Sweep Through Plains, Upper Midwest
Colorado Wildfires Burning At Multiple Sites
Air Quality: Fires, Heat, Add To Concerns
Damaging Thunderstorms Along 'Ring of Fire'
What Is Causing an Increase in High-Rated Tornadoes?
Flooding May Force 100,000 From West Canada Homes
Calgary Mayor To Flood Evacuees: 'Gather Your Valuables And Go'
Flooded House Crashes into Bridge

Fighting For Water in New Mexico – One Town Runs Dry

Barry Weakens, But Forces Evacuations of Four Towns
Moderate But Dangerous Earthquake in Northern Italy
"Himalayan Tsunami" Leaves 65,000 People to be Rescued & Hundreds Feared Dead

Winter Storm Disrupts Air Traffic In New Zealand, Cuts Power To Homes And Closes Schools
Heavy Snow, Wild Winds Pounds NZ

New Colorado Threat: Fast-moving, Unpredictable Wildfire Forced More Than 100 People To Evacuate – HOLLY NOTE: With all the smoke hanging around, it turned the moon blood red last night. It was quite an eerie sight.
Western Wildfires Rage, Hundreds Evacuated

26 Large Wildfires Scorching the West
Surprising Trove of Methane Gas Seeps Found Off Coast of the Carolinas
US East Coast Faces Variety of Tsunami Threats
Tropical Storm Heads For Mexican Oil Installations
Why Is Africa Ripping Apart? Seismic Scan May Tell
Alaska Temps Hit 96 Degrees

Severe Weather Takes Aim at Minneapolis, Fargo
5.7 Quake Shakes Santiago, Chile Area
Belief in Global Warming Dips After Cold Winter
Will Climate Change Destroy New York City?
Why the Bering Strait Is Under Siege
Eerie Silence on 'Extremely Dangerous' Seismic Zone
Natural Disaster Mitigation: A Look At Our Infrastructure
Kansas Caverns Could Preserve Human Race, Developer Says
Biggest Quake Swarm in at Least 30 Years Hits Long Valley Caldera, Calif. – 2,800 Temblors in 1 WEEK – HOLLY NOTE: There are split references in this news item, hence some words are linked, some not. Hit both so you may personally verify this data.
As Crews Get a Colorado Wildfire Primarily Under Control, Fires Start In Other Western States 
Arizona Wildfire: Doce Fire Burning Near Prescott
'Extreme' Wildfire Burns 5,000 Acres In Just 7 Hours
'Dead Zones' Predicted for Gulf, Chesapeake Bay
Tropical Depression Brings Flood Risk to Mexico
London Weather Has Been Far From Normal Lately and Meteorologists Meet To Find Out Why
Baked Alaska: Crazy Weather Swings From Ice To Fire
Alaskan Temperatures Soar to the 90s, Challenge Records
Monsoon Rains Cause Deadly Flooding in India

Flash Flood Threat From Philly to Atlanta
Aerial Photos Show Incredible Destruction In Colorado
Scientists Say Eruptions Of Two Volcanoes On Alaska Peninsula Unrelated
Massive Explosion from Mexico's Popocatepetl Hurls Burning Ash Into The Sky
New Fracture Zone Found Off Portugal
Tropical Depression Floods Belize, Mexico
Fire Weather Building in Southwest Tuesday, Wednesday
India: At Least 23 Dead, 50 Missing as Homes Cave into River Below
Black Forest Fire Homicide Investigation Slows Letting People Go Home
Massive 15,000-acre Colorado Wildfire Mostly Contained as Number of Homes Destroyed Rises to Nearly 500
Colorado Wildfire Evacuees See Destruction Firsthand
California Suffering Brutal Start To Wildfire Season
Warmest Weather of the Year Arrives in Alaska
More Storms, Flooding from Nebraska to Oklahoma
Larry Taylor Blog ~ June 16, 2013
Multiple Earthquakes Shake Up Central Oklahoma
5.8 Earthquake Strikes Mexico, Cuts Power
U.S. Being Scorched
Firefighters Make Progress Against Colo.'s Worst Blaze; Black Forest Fire Destroys 479 Homes
Colo. Springs Fire Dept.: ‘How to Save a House’ – HOLLY NOTE: This video is something every person should watch whether living in a fire-prone area or not. It is just 5 minutes and may save a lot of heartache, not to mention your home an possessions.
Severe Storms from Denver to Chicago
Storms State-by-State: Four Dead, Widespread Damage
Rare Oregon Tornado Damages Buildings
6.5 Quake Shakes Coast of Nicaragua
6.2 Earthquake Strikes South of Crete, Greece
No Tsunami Warning from 6.7 Quake as Jakarta Buildings Sway
New Maps Show Less High Ground In Event of Oregon Tsunami
HAARP Status Map – HOLLY NOTE: For those who are HAARP followers and regularly attribute all natural disaster storms, 'canes, quakes to this array, please consider we had these events prior to HAARP technology. Some disasters just ARE natural phenoms or God's doing. They aren't and can't be all attributable to HAARP. HAARP status maps are pictorials equivalent to 'the chicken or the egg', which came first, the event or the map? Keep an open, clear mind and don't be taken in. Just keepin' it real.
Spring Was the Coldest Since 1996
Eleven Billion-Dollar Weather Disasters in 2012: NOAA
Life on the Next Atlantis: Doomed Pacific Island Which Will Be Swallowed By the Sea Within 60 Years
New Study Proposes Solution to Long-Running Debate As to How Stable the Earth System Is
Potentially 'Catastrophic' Changes Underway in Canada's Northern Mackenzie River Basin
Japan's Sakurajima Volcano Awakes With a Series Of Powerful Explosions
Fire Report from Deyos
Massive 12-Hour Jump in Black Forest Fire: From 92 to at Least 360 Homes Destroyed – Most Ever in Colorado Wildfire; Evacuation Area Widens
15,000 Acres charred
94,000 Acres under mandatory evac
13,000 Homes, 38,000 people evacuated
Expected wind gusts: 35 mph
Single digit humidity
Fire Danger Map
Colorado Fire 'Zero Percent Contained'

Baby Deer Rescued By Colorado Firefighter from Black Forest Fire

Storm System Spawns Tornado, Threatens Millions from Chicago to Boston, Could Bring Feared Derecho
Tornado, Flood Alerts as Derecho-Threat Storm System Pushes East
Severe Storm, Tornado Risk Thursday Philly to DC, Norfolk
Heavy Rain, Hail, High Winds Hit Chicago Region
Storms State-by-State: Midwest Pounded; How Are You Impacted?
Scrap Metal, TVs, Sofas: Looters Hit Tornado Victims
6 Die in India as Mercury Soars to Highest in 33 Years
NJ Mayor Apologizes for Calling Sandy Victims "Annoying"
Multiple Fires Force Evacuation of Thousands in Colorado
Up to 60 Homes Burned, Some Over $1M
4 Massive Wildfires Threaten Coloradans

900 Prisoners Evacuated
Map: Where the Fires Are, Where You Can Shelter Large Animals and Find Evacuation Centers
How to Give Help, Get Help During Fires
'PRETTY HIGH THREAT': Unusually Massive Line of Storms May Affect 1 in 5 Americans
Derecho Risk From Chicago to Columbus
Derecho Threat for Millions?

One Dead, Dozens Injured in Massive Pileup During 'Apocalyptic' Sandstorm 
Record-Challenging Heat From El Paso to Kansas City
German Floods Could Cost Insurers $4 Billion
Africa's Worst Drought Tied to West's Pollution

Germany Evacuates 31,000 After Dam on River Elbe Breaks
Nearly Two Dozen Dead in European Floods
Midweek Severe Storm Risk Includes Possible Derecho
Missouri Sinkhole Area Called 'Very Dangerous' to Public
Another Day of Record-Challenging Heat in Plains – HOLLY NOTE: While we're not out on the Plains, we broke records in Colorado. Officially temps hit 103º in Pueblo. In Pueblo West, in the shade, it was 105º. Today is supposed to be hotter – and windy. This is ugly when it's still spring.
Huge Waterspout Rips Through South of France, Freaks Residents
Massive Dust Storms Hit Southeast Colorado, Evoking "Dirty Thirties"
Flooding Downpours Return Monday: DC to NYC
Record-Challenging Heat Shifts to Plains
Severe Threat Shifts East
Andrea Shatters Records: Raleigh to NYC to Boston
Weekend's Record-Breaking Heat Claims 2 in Southwest
Large New Mexico Wildfire Continues to Grow
Russian Volcano Spews Ash 5 ½ Miles High
Extreme Jet Stream Pattern Triggers Historic European Floods
German Dam Breaks Near Magdeburg – Thousands Flee Flood-Hit Parts of Germany and Hungary
Likely Sinkhole Closes Fla. Restaurant
Family Leaves Florida Home When Sinkhole Forms Outside
Shallow 5.7 Earthquake Rattles Remote Australia
Severe Storm Threat Returns for Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska
Hundreds Stranded from Floods

East Coast Braces for Flash Floods, Twisters
Andrea to Soak DC, Philadelphia, NYC and Boston
Hawaii's Gentle Breezes Disappearing, But Scientists Don't Know Why
Space Weather on Par With Tornado Threat, NASA Chief Says
First 120-Degree Day of 2013
Tropical Storm Andrea Kicks Off Hurricane Season – Bears Down on Fla. Coast
Andrea Intensifies to 60 mph Tropical Storm, Spawns 5 Tornadoes in Florida
Massive Flooding in Europe: At Least 10 Dead As Cities Are Submerged In Water
Hotter Planet Creating 'Extraordinary' Wild Fires Says Head of US Forest Service
Prepare to Be Very, Very Cold
Strong Storms Wednesday Little Rock to Oklahoma City
Another Day on Plains: Storms, Floods, Twister Risk
Flooding Causes Second Levee Breach
'Drought Refugees' to Become Reality in USA as Western Half of Nation Dries Up
Fires, Floods, Storms: Mother Nature Sends Extremes Across U.S.
Earth In Decline Extreme Weather Events May 2013 Pt 1, Pt 2

Tropical System Will Drench East Coast
5.3 Earthquake Shakes Maui, No Tsunami – READER NOTE: This is the location of Hawaii's newest underwater island – Loihi

EF5 Tornado That Hit Reno / Union City, OK Confirmed as Widest-Ever at 2.6 Miles
Oklahoma Faces New Twister Risk As Storms Head Across Plains
Surviving the Moore, Oklahoma Tornado
As Severe Storm System Finally Passes East Coast, 21 Dead Left In Wake
Small Towns Prepare As Flood Moves South
Tropical System May Impact East Coast
Crews Gain Upper Hand On California's Wildfire
Powerhouse Fire a ‘Wall of Flames,’ Homeowner Says

Lost in Migration: Earth's Magnetic Field Overdue a Flip
Passau, Germany Sees Worst Flooding In 500 Years
Winter Park Sinkhole Forces Home Evacuation
Historic Drought': Wildfires Threaten 1,000 Homes in Calif.
...Triples in Size
Oklahoma Tornado Deaths Include 3 Veteran Storm Chasers
At Least 16 Dead After Storms Lash mid-US
As Twisters Rage On, Hurricane Season Dawns
Central Europe Hit by Floods After Days of Rain
Prague Evacuated, State Of Emergency As Floods Grip Czech Republic
6.2 Earthquake in Taiwan Leaves 4 Dead
At Least 12 Dead, Dozens Injured; Storm-battered Oklahoma a 'War Zone' after Deadly Twisters Strike
National Weather Service: 'Life-threatening' Floods Occurring in Parts of Central Oklahoma
Storm Chaser: 'We're Being Chased by It!'

Missouri Governor Declares State of Emergency After Storms Slam St. Louis Area
Arkansas Flash Flooding Kills Sheriff
Largest North American Landslide Ever Dropped 165 MILLION Tons More Than Half a Mile Down Utah Copper Mine
MAY 31
Injuries as Tornado Outbreak Pummels Plains Again
Crazy Waterspout Crosses Lake

Both Coasts Blazing: Heat, Fire Danger to Build Across the Interior Southwest
Eastern Heat, Humidity to Last into Weekend
4.4 Quake Strikes Fort St. John-Dawson Creek, Canada
3.1 Quake Strikes Near Greenville, Calif.
Pacaya Volcano Erupts in Guatemala
Atlantic Basin Heats Up for Start of Hurricane Season
Hurricanes CAN Jump From One Ocean to Another
Fire Calmer After Threatening Homes North of LA
MAY 30
Rain, Floods, More Tornadoes Set for Storm-Battered Central US
Severe Weather Threat Thursday in Kansas City, St. Louis
Heat Wave on the Way for Midwest, East
Erratic US 'Weather Whiplash' Accounts for Billions of Dollars in Global Losses
Copahue Volcano Eruption Imminent
Hurricane Barbara Hits Mexico's Pacific Coast, Kills 2
80 Foot Sinkhole Causes Headaches in Alabama Town
MAY 29
More Severe Weather to Hit Many Parts of US After Tornadoes, Thunderstorms
At Least 4 Tornadoes Strike Northeast Kansas
"We Had No Warning"
ENORMOUS Tornado Spotted

Rare Tornado Comes to Erie, Pennsylvania Area
Severe Storms from New York City to Boston
High Winds Level Homes After Reported Tornado Sightings in Michigan
4.6 Earthquake Hits Off Santa Barbara Coast – Another Stan forecast hit May 27 and 28!
3.8 Quake Hits North Wales and Caused 'Intense Shaking'
Russian Earthquake Could Be Deepest Ever
Washington Mega-Quake Presents the Unthinkable
Hurricane Warning for Mexican Coast
Calif. Wildfire Prompts Evacuation of 4,000 People
Volcano Ready to BLOW
MAY 28
Thousand Campers Flee Calif. Wildfire
More Storms, Floods to Hit Central US
Where's Spring? Upstate New York Gets 3 Feet of Snow on Memorial Day Weekend
Record-Challenging Heat on the Way for Midwest, East
Be Prepared for Weather Extremes
Plains Severe Storms, Perhaps Tornadoes Wednesday
Another Major Earthquake on New Madrid Inevitable, Geologists Say It’s Only a Matter of Time
5.6 Quake Strikes Guabito, Panama
Mt. Etna Eruptions Becoming More Violent, Scientists Baffled
Chile Volcano: Red Alert, Evacuation Order for Copahue Area
10 U.S. States With the Most Natural Disasters
MAY 24
At Least 44 Aftershocks Shake Northern California After 5.7 Earthquake
Multiple Earthquakes Recorded in Arkansas
8.3 Quake Strikes in Sea of Okhotsk
Central Plains to Texas: Severe Weather to Dampen Memorial Day
US Told to Brace for 6 Potentially Deadly Storms This Hurricane Season - Forecast to be 'Above Normal,' 'Possibly Extremely Active'
Florida Sinkhole Claims Two More Homes

'Winter' - Maybe Even Snow - to Return For Memorial Day Weekend
MAY 23
7.4 Earthquake Strikes South of Fiji – No Tsunami Threat
Okla. Tornado Risk As Storms Still Rage Across US
Oklahoma Tornado's $2 Billion Damage Means Hard Recovery in Store
MISSING: Hundreds of Pets
Post-tornado Peril: Victims Could Face Deadly Fungal Infections
Freak Storm Dumps Foot of Snow on Washington State; Town Cancels School
1 Child Dead, 1 Missing After Landslide Hits Field Trip
This Year California Has Seen 1,569 Wildfires, 85% More Than in an Average Year
Massive Sinkhole Kills 5 in South China Town of Shenzhen
MAY 22
Chaos and Courage as Tornado Wrecks Elementary Schools
EF5: Tornado Dwarfed Hiroshima Bomb
'Ii Love You So Much': Tear-Jerking Moment Mother Is Reunited With Her Lost Son After Oklahoma Tornado
Army Vet Inspires Devastated Neighborhood By Hanging Stars and Stripes from Debris of His Own Home
Oklahoma Destruction Hard to Fathom Even for Tornado Alley
Silver Lining: Family Digs Dogs Out of Rubble
Services Helping Residents Seeking Lost Pets After Tornado
Look for or Report Lost Pet Here
'Tornado Clearly Targets Conservatives': Daily Show Creator Faces Backlash Over Insensitive Tweet 
Weather Conditions Were Ideal for Tornado That Slammed Oklahoma
Severe Weather Moves into Detroit, Cincinnati
Natural Disasters Displaced 32.4 Million People in 2012, IDMC Study Shows
Are We Entering the Worst Period for Natural Disasters in U.S. History?
Global Warming Debunked: NASA Report Verifies Carbon Dioxide Actually Cools Atmosphere
Seismic Fault's Temperature Implies Deadly Earthquake Involved Low Friction
MAY 21
45 Minutes of Twister Terror That Left Mant Dead: 7 Children Found Drowned in School and Officials Fear 24 More Have Perished After Giant Two-Mile Wide Tornado Pulverises Oklahoma
FRANTIC SEARCH FOR SURVIVORS: Death Toll Revised Down to at Least 24 as Officials Caution Number May Climb
"Our Hearts Are Broken for the Parents"
NOAA: 'Worst Fears Being Realized'' – There Were Horses and Stuff Flying Around Everywhere'
Deadly Echoes of Destruction: Oklahoma Twister Is Worst in Recent Memory Including One That Hit Same Town in 1999
Shocking Eyewitness Video: Tornado Touches Down

Moment 'Biggest Tornado in History' Obliterated 30 Square Miles in Minutes

Amazing Story of Survival – Okla. Tornado Survivor Finds her Dog Buried Alive Under Rubble

Oklahoma Tornado: How to Help
Eruption Continues at Pavlof, Less Ash in Plume
Severe Storms Today from Texas to New York
6.8 Earthquake Hits Off Coast of Chile
Sinkhole Swallows Man on Forklift In New Jersey Warehouse
Body of Drowned Man Recovered from Florida Sinkhole
Sinkholes Strand Neighbors in Flowery Branch
7 Signs We Are Heading for a Mass Extinction
MAY 20
At Least 2 Dead, More Than 20 Hurt as Tornadoes Slam Kansas, Oklahoma and Iowa
...50 Tornadoes Ravage Plains States
NWS Warned: 'You Could Be Killed If Not Underground or in a Tornado Shelter.'
Storm Chasers Get Close to Okla. Tornadoes

Oklahoma to Minnesota: Severe Storm Outbreak Continues Today
Serious Flood Threat Renewed River for Northern Plains
Lava Pours into Ocean from Hawaiian Volcano

Mt. Etna Lights Up the Night Sky During Eruption

Alaska Volcano, Pavlof, Shoots Lava up Hundreds of Feet
Anchorage Sets Record for Longest Snow Season
MAY 17
4.4 Earthquake in Ontario Felt in Detroit, Other U.S. Locations
Search for Texas Tornado Survivors: Some Victims 'Not Even Near Their Homes'
More Severe Weather Outbreak Possible This Weekend
Two Alaska Volcanoes at Risk for Exploding: Lava Flows Cause Concern
Sinkhole Shuts Down Scenic Georgia Highway Lanes
Monster Sinkhole Swallows Car in China
Warmer Springs Causing Loss of Snow Cover Throughout Rocky Mountains
Anchorage: Rare May Snow Could Rank in Top 5
World's Melting Glaciers Making Large Contribution to Sea Rise
Earth's Mantle Affects Sea Level Rise Estimates
MAY 16
'Like Hell': Texas Tornadoes Kill at Least 6, 14 Missing
'Homes Have Been Flattened with People Trapped Inside': 10 Tornadoes - Including One a MILE Wide - Wreak Havoc Across Fort Worth Injuring More Than 100
Alaska Volcano Spews Ash 20,000 Feet
Mexico Volcano Spews Ash on Towns, Mass Evac Preps Underway
One Million Flee as Cyclone Batters Bangladesh Coast
Drivers Stunned with Wildfires

MAY 15
Atlantic Hurricane Season: Three US Landfalls Predicted
Britain Hit By Snow as 65mph Winds Sweep Country and Month's Worth of Rain Falls in Just 24 Hours
Experts Warn Risk to London from Rising Sea Levels 'Worse Than Feared'
MAY 14
Mexican Volcano Looks Ready to Blow: Officials Poised to Evacuate Thousands as Rumbling Popo Spews Ash and Lava
Low Tornado Trend May End with Threat Returning This Weekend
Record Cold in the Midwest, Northeast
Scientists Issue Dire Warning About Global Warming
Stats: Rare, Dramatic Temperature Swings in Midwest
Feds: 500 Fewer Firefighters to Face West's Heightened Risk This Summer
UK Residents Baffled By Sudden Appearance of ‘Bubble Storm Cloud Formation’ – HOLLY NOTE: Mammatus clouds must be a new thing in England.
Weird, Smelly Foam Oozes Through Cracks in China Streets
MAY 13
7.0 Quake Hits Pagan Region of the Mariana Islands
Homes in an ENTIRE California Subdivision Sinking
Plunging Lows Threaten Freeze for Washington D.C., Charlotte
Tsunami of Ice Plows into Dozens of Canadian Homes; No One Injured in Freak Disaster
Giant Sheets of Ice Creep onto Minnesota Shore, Surge Toward Houses

6.5 Earthquake Strikes Off Tonga
Tropical Cyclone Targets India, Bangladesh, Myanmar
Mexican Towns on Alert as Volcano Shakes, Spews Ash
Dramatic Decline Warning for Plants and Animals
MAY 11
Water Pouring into Giant Louisiana Sinkhole After 4 Breeches in Containment Berm
Sinkhole Damage Biggest Threat Property Values Down a Staggering 30%
Drought Worsens in New Mexico – No Relief in Sight
6.2, 6.3 Earthquakes Shake Iran, Tremors Felt in the UAE
Teacher in China Feels Earthquakes Before They Happen
In Early May, Unrest at Multiple Volcanoes
Photographer Gets So Close to Lava That His Shoes and Tripod Melt
MAY 10
Twisted Sisters: Twin Tornadoes Near Hays, Kansas
Drought's Toll on Groundwater Is Steepest on Record
Sinkhole Swallows Two Dogs in Columbia, Illinois
5 Bodies Recovered From Philippine Volcano
Volcano Dust Grounds Jets
Giant Sinkhole Swallows 3 Buildings in Central Russia – HOLLY NOTE: This happened a month ago, but just now got word of it.
The World's Top 5 Most Worrisome Dormant Natural Disasters
Extreme Storms Might Be New Normal for U.S. Northeast
Hot Springs Residents React to Earthquakes
Quake Activity Picking Up in Arkansas County
China Using Dogs to Predict Earthquakes
Quake Prediction: Women in Skimpy Dresses Trigger Quakes
April Catastrophes Included Hail, Floods in US; Earthquakes in China, Iran
Hawaii at Growing Risk of Hurricanes, Study
Vancouver in for More Hot, Record-Breaking Weather
Records Fall as Australia's Year of Extreme Weather Continues
Is Roy Spencer the World's Most Important Scientist?
Mid-May Cold Wave Could Bring Frost
NYC Adds Hundreds of Thousands to Evacuation Zones
Popocatépetl Volcano Blows Top

Volcanoes That Erupted in April 2013
5 Climbers Killed After Volcano Spews Ash and Rocks 'Big as a Living Room'
Scientists Concerned Over Future of Yellowstone
Yellowstone's Volcano Bigger Than Thought
Another Earthquake Hits Near Iran's Nuclear Reactor in Bushehr
Cluster of Quakes Rattle Silicon Valley
3.5 Quake Strikes Near Ventura
4.2 Earthquake Jolts SE Idaho
3 Quakes, 13 Aftershocks in 6 Days
5.8 Earthquake Violently Shakes Fiji Islands Region
Dhaka Will Be Reduced to Rubble in Major Quake, Experts Say
Greenhouse Gas to Reach 3-Million-Year High
Air Travel Could Be Disrupted by Alaska Volcano
Extreme Drought-to-Flood in Georgia: Weather Whiplash Strikes Again
Record-Challenging Warmth Across the Northwest
'Incendiary Summer': Early Wildfires Bode Ill for California
Continued Concerns for Flooding in the South
Low-level Eruption at Alaska’s Cleveland Volcano
STUNNING Tornado Hits Italy

Calif. Wildfire Triples in Size, Improving Weather for Firefighting
Blaze Approaches Malibu

By the Numbers:
4,000 homes threatened
43+ sq. miles; 10,000 acres burned
954 firefighters on scene
15 homes damaged
20% containment
45 mph winds
Flood Warnings Issued from Illinois to Florida
Thousands Flee California Wildfires
California Spring Fire: Unusually Strong Santa Anas, Dryness
USA Headed for Coldest Spring on Record
Atlantic Coastal Waters Are Hottest Since Measurements Began
Can Earthquakes be Predicted? Forecasts Based on Atmospheric Ions (Electrical) Prove Correct – HOLLY NOTE: This is the method on which Stan bases his forecasts.
Drought in West; Stormy in Midwest, South and East
Cause of Killer 'Sting Jets' in Storms Revealed
Scientists Uncover Relationship Between Lavas Erupting on Sea Floor and Deep-Carbon Cycle
UN Warns of 'Worrisome' and 'Disturbing' Signs of Climate Change
14 Inches of Snow! May Storm Heads East
Storm Delivers Historic Snowfall Texas to Michigan
Famine to Feast - Drought to Floods and How Cold Spring Weather Is Affecting Markets
Cold Spring Impacts Warm Weather Businesses
California Firefighters Battle 3,000-Acre Wildfire, 'Big Wind Day'
Dangerous Wildfire Threatens Homes in Calif.

3.9 Earthquake Strikes Near Eureka, Calif.
The California-Made Earthquake Alarm That Works But California Won't Build
2 Killed, 69 Injured in Northern India Earthquake
4 Quakes in Two Weeks. Are We Headed for Disaster?
'Great Earthquake' Likely to Rock India, Warns Expert
America Sinking? Sinkhole Events Around the Country Skyrocket:
Houston Highway Sinkhole Growing; Now 30 Feet Wide and 15 Feet Deep
Tennessee Sinkholes Create Never Ending Battle
Ohio Garden Shop Back After Sinkhole Ate the Business
What's Behind Sinkholes in Western New York?
4 Vehicles Damaged from Indianapolis Sinkhole
Louisiana: Bill Curbing Salt Dome Storage Caverns Near Manmade Disasters Clears Senate
Sinkhole Opens Up on Busy Waco Road
Heavy Rain Leaves Sinkhole, Power Outages in North Carolina Town
Sinkhole Impacts Water Supply for Detroit Neighborhood
Colorado: Street Re-Opens in Boulder After Weekend Repairs
Illinois: Sinkhole Opens Under Truck
Florida Sinkholes: Where Is the Greatest Risk?
California: Sinkhole Shuts Water to More Than 100 Customers
Alabama Sinkhole Shock
Virginia: Third Sinkhole in Rockbridge County in Less Than 3 Years
Major Snowstorm Potential for Omaha to Minneapolis
Late Powerful Snowstorm Wails on Colorado

Why Has There Been So Much Snow This Spring?
Climate Change: When Rain, Rain Won't Go Away
There She Blows: Mount Etna Erupts for 13th Time This Year
Mt. Etna in Music

Ready to Erupt? Lava Is Spilling from Australia's Only Active Volcano
Hurricane Sandy Dumped 11 Billion Gallons of Sewage into Waterways from DC to NYC
6.0 Earthquake Strikes Off Portugal's Azores Archipelago
11 Small Quakes the Silicon Valley This Week
China Can't Catch a Break, Heavy Rainfall Expected for Earthquake Zone
Troal Cyclone Zane Upgraded to Cat 2
Here Comes the Boom
Spain's Spring Snow: Unseasonal Weather Blocks Roads

APR 29
Fargo Makes Final Push for Flood Prep
Another Spring Snowstorm for Denver May Be on the Way
Up to 7 Inches of Rain as Storms Hit Texas, South
...Threat to Expand East
The Snows of Rainier
Louisiana Sinkhole’s Containment Wall Extended Because a 200-foot Stretch of the Berm Is Now Sinking
Abnormal Start to Tornado Season
Second Coldest Start to Spring in US History
NOAA: Atlantic Ocean Off Northeast U.S. Warmest in 150 Years – HOLLY NOTE – Are you seeing the bizarre dichotomy here?
Quakes in Chile Have Permanently Deformed Earth
The Worst Part About BP’s Oil-Spill Cover-Up: It Worked
6 Months After Sandy, Many Still Adrift
UK Photographer Captures Magical Aurora and Volcano in Same Shot
Whirlpool Vortex in Latvian River Devours All That Enters

Sinkhole Closes Roads, May Disrupt Water Service in Utah Town
APR 27
Flooding Rain in the South Over the Weekend
APR 26
Severe Storm Potential Friday for Texas, Arkansas
Major Flooding Potential on the Red River Next Week
Giant Pandas Traumatized By Giant Chinese Earthquake
Sinkhole Collapses Road Outside Folsom Field on University of Colorado Boulder Campus
Quakes Rattle New Zealand in Quick Succession
6.2 Quake Shakes Kermadecs
APR 25
Twister Leaves Two-Mile Path of Damage
Strong Storms Head to Texarkana, Little Rock
Flood Victims Pray for Dry Rivers
Earthquake Shakes Buildings in Delhi, J&K
Afghan Quake, Floods Kills at Least 33
Devastating Earthquakes Lead to Push for Earlier Warnings
March 2013 the Globe's 10th Warmest March; a Billion-Dollar U.S. Weather Disaster
Home Teeters on the Brink

Volcano in Kamchatka Spews Ash to 7 Km Height
Ocean Volcanoes Spew Out Material from Eons Ago, Study Says
APR 24
Flood-hit Midwest Braces for More Rain, Snow
Midwest Battles Dangerous Record Flooding

6.4 Earthquake Shakes Papua New Guinea; No Damage or Injuries Reported
Where The Next Big Earthquakes Will Occur -- Look Out Japan
Did an Earthquake Destroy Ancient Greece?
Rockslide of at Least 9 Boulders, 10 Feet Long and 10 Feet High Block Colorado Highway
APR 23
Central US Hit By Snow, Floods Set to Stick Around
More Rain Coming to Flooded Illinois, Nearby States
Sections of Mississippi, Illinois Rivers Closed to Barge Traffic
Biting Chill Surges Deep Into the Plains, Midwest
China’s 6.6 Quake: Death Toll Rises to 193, 1.4 Million Houses Damaged, Over 12,000 Injured; 3,000 Aftershocks
Large Landslide Happened 100km from Mt. Fuji, 80M High, 70M Wide; Sign of Mt. Fuji Activity?
Florida Becomes 4th State to Sue BP and Its Contractors
APR 22
Rivers Near Crest, But Many Midwest Towns Already Inundated
12 Feet and Rising: Record Flooding Threatens Midwest
The Flood Situation Will Get WORSE
More Snow Coming: Minneapolis, Denver
Damaging Winds and Hail for Wichita, Oklahoma City Monday
ID'ed: Victims of Colorado's Deadliest Avalanche in 50 Years
Earthquake Swarm Keeps Central Okla. All Shook Up
5.9 Earthquake Causes Buildings to Sway in Mexico City
M6.7 Rocks Japan Island — Followed by Intensity 4 Quake in Fukushima
China Earthquake: Death Toll Passes 200 with 11,500 Injured in Sichuan
...Experience Could Not Save Those Too Slow or Too Small, 100,000 Homeless
China Earthquake 5th-Largest to Shake Sichuan in Past 90 Years
1300 Aftershocks Leave China Rattled
China Temblor: 'People Are So Scared of the Aftershocks'
62 Giant Pandas Survive...

What Caused the Deadly China Earthquake?
Illinois County Sinkholes: Should Residents Be Afraid?
Seismic Activity Halts Work at Missive Louis. Sinkhole
Sinkholes Are an Ever-Growing Pain for Florida Homeowners
Volcanic Earthquakes Shower Ash Over Colombia Town
APR 20
6.6 Earthquake Claims at Least 157 Lives in China, More Than 5,700 Injured
Downpour Slams Indiana as Storms Head for East
APR 19
Today's MASSIVE Flood Threat
State of Emergency in Chicago: Massive Rains Create Widespread Flooding in Midwest
Waco, Texas: Windblown Smoke from Factory Explosion a Concern
7.2 Powerful Earthquake Hits Off Japan
Powerful Earthquake Could Hit Iran in Next 48 Hours
Mashkel, Pakistan Almost Entirely Wiped Out by Iran Earthquake
Massive Hot Water Geyser Erupts in Russian Parking Lot
Storm Kills 8 in Bengal, Destroys Crops
APR 18
Wild Spring Weather Snarls Parts of Country
Oklahoma Earthquake Surge Reveals Previously Unknown Fault Line
Yellowstone's Magma Chamber 50% Bigger Than Thought
Double Faults Raise Risk of Big Salt Lake City Earthquake
Dozens of Earthquakes Strike Japanese Islands
Sinkholes Swallows 3 Cars in Chicago
Sheep Death Toll Reaches 20,000 in Northern Ireland
5.2 Quake Hits NW Iran
45 Pakistan Districts at High Risk of Being Hit By Natural Disasters
End of World Comedies Go for Last Laughs
APR 17
Winter Storm Yogi Bringing 60+ MPH Winds, Blinding Snow
Heavy Snow Closes Interstates in Wyoming
'Totally Destroyed': Quake Ravages Pakistan Town
6.8 Earthquake Strikes Near Papua New Guinea
Oklahoma Quake Swarm Swells to at Least 9
Japanese Island Hit By Series of Quakes
Risk of Flooding from Missouri to Michigan
Fargo Filling Sandbags in Advance of Floods
HAARP Status Map
Rough Wildfire Season Ahead for West with Building Drought
Winds Whip Up Sandstorms and Disrupt Flights
APR 16
At Least 40 Dead in 7.8 Iran Earthquake, Also Felt in New Delhi, Gulf States
GCC Urges Iran to Ensure Safety of Its Nuclear Plants After Earthquake – HOLLY NOTE: This article came out before today's 7.8 quake. Maybe Iran will get the message to secure the Bushehr plant and NOT build the proposed 5 new ones in this highly quake-prone area.
Series of Quakes Shakes Oklahoma, Nerves Tuesday Morning
3.1 Earthquake Rattles Quebec-Ontario Border
2 Earthquakes Shake Colombia
Major Snowstorm Part 2 for Denver, Plains
Severe Storms to Threaten Oklahoma, Surrounding States
NOAA Employees May Be Furloughed 4 Days During 2013 Hurricane Season
Drought Blamed for Low Number of Monarchs
Avalanche Kills 3 in Kashmir
'Man-made Global Warming Hypothesis' Is Dead in the Water - Godfrey Bloom MEP

APR 15
'Unusual' Earthquake Swarm Shaking Oregon's Newberry Volcano
Shallow 3.4 Quake Strikes Near Bishop, CA
4.5 Off British Columbia One of ‘Thousands’: Seismologist
6.6 Quake Strikes Papua New Guinea
Third Quake Measuring 4.2 Jolts Iran's Bushehr Province
Iran’s Earthquakes and Nuclear Power: Too Close for Comfort
Mexican Earthquake Awakes Volcano

Mexico's Popocatépetl Volcano Spews Ash and Gas, Region on Alert
Probing Secrets of Earth's Plates
Woman Dug from Avalanche Dies
Antarctic Ice Melting 10 Times Faster Than 600 Years Ago
“Urinating in Dams” to Solve India’s Worst Drought in Over 40 Years? Minister Faces Backlash
Extreme Weather Battering Insurance Firms’ Bottom Line
APR 12
Strong Storms March Toward East Coast After Killing 3 and Tearing Apart Homes
Thousands Without Power After Monster Tornado Slams South

4 Things You Need to Know About Tornado Season
More Snow Denver to Minneapolis Next Week
6.3 Magnitude Quake Rocks Western Japan, 24 Injured
Ants Lead the Way on Earthquake Prediction
1000-Ft. Sinkhole Splits Ground in Portugal
Drought Blamed for Demise of Mayans
What Caused 2012's 'Flash' Drought?
Say Goodbye to Arctic Summer Ice
APR 11
Homes Leveled as Storms Rip Through Missouri, Arkansas
State of Emergency Declared in Missouri
Severe Weather Risk Thursday Pittsburgh to Mobile, Augusta
Report: Extreme Weather Events More Likely, More Often
Extreme Weather Disasters Impact 80% of Americans
Unusual April Storm in Plains Yields Shocking Stats
4 Rescued After Rogue Wave Capsizes Boat
Extreme Algae Blooms: The New Normal?
Overdue Insurance Reports, Displacement; Frustration Mounts for Sandy Victims
What America Will Look Like Under 25 Feet of Seawater
Texas Rep. Cites Biblical Flood as Example of Climate Change
Rangitoto 'Could Blow Again'
El Hierro Volcano Takes a Rest
APR 10
Massive Storm System Sparks Widespread Chaos
Russian City Being 'Eaten Alive': Cars, Buses and Trucks Disappear as They Are Swallowed By Giant Sinkholes
Dozens of Aftershocks Follow Iran's Deadly Quake
What Caused Iran's Deadly Earthquake?
California's Early Warning Earthquake Bill Clears First Hurdle
Dangerous Storm Risk Wednesday Indianapolis to Houston
Climate Change Skeptics Seize on Reports Showing Temperatures Leveling
Explosive Mt. Etna Is Full of Surprises This Year
Seismic Sensors Detect Tiny Rhythmic Wave Action on Yellowstone Lake
Severe Weather Alert
Temperature Suddenly Plunges 55 Degrees in Colorado: 'It's Just Brutal'
465 Flights Cancelled at Denver International Airport as City Gets Slammed with Spring Storm
Wind Blows Front Off Pueblo, Colo. Harley Davidson Store
Huge Storm System Heads East
Blaze Forces Evacuations Throughout California Cities
Tornado Risk Dallas to Kansas City Tuesday
6.3 Quake Strikes Near Iran's Bushehr Nuke Facility, at Least 37 Dead, 850 Injured
Shallow 3.1 Quake Jolts Yellowstone
Emergency Responders Train for Massive Earthquake in Operation Tremor
Russian Military Warns of Potential Catastrophic Earthquake to Hit off Our West Coast
Earthquake Commission Gags Pair on Leaked New Zealand Quake Data
Europe Expected to See Large Increase in Hurricane Sandy-like Hybrid
Warming Planet May Mean Bumpier Flights
Huge Iceberg's Remains Adrift 13 Years Later
Paradigm Shift - E.L.E. ?? We Are IN an Extinction Level Event?
Denver, Rapid City: Blizzard Follows Weekend Warmth
Another Summer of Drought Looms for Texas and West
Getting Serious About a Texas-Size Drought
Stubborn Drought Tests Cattle Ranchers
Marriage of Frogs Arranged in Hope of Rain in Drought-Hit Indian Town
3.4 Quake Strikes Southwest of Los Angeles
6.4 Earthquake Shakes Pakistan
Why the Weather Is So Screwed Up in April 2013

Why Our Turbulent Weather Is Getting Even Harder to Predict
Scientist Says Volcanic Eruption Behind 'perfect Storm' That Kicked Off Dark Ages
Vanuatu Volcano Upgraded to Alert Level 2
APR 5-6
7.1 Earthquake Hits Off Indonesia
Constant Seismic Activity in North Iceland
After Flooding Kills at Least 46 People in Argentina, Anger at Politicians Flares
6.2 Earthquake Shakes Russia's Far East, Close to China and North Korea
Plains Storm to Bring Big Rain, Snow and Severe Weather
5.4 Earthquake Shakes Buildings in Acapulco, Mexico City
For 2nd Time in a Week, Earthquake Rattles People in Southeast, Missouri
Icelandic Volcanoes Found to Be More Dangerous Than Previously Believed
Birth Pangs Accelerating - Strange Events from Around the World

Acrid Smells Across New Orleans, La. - Possible Hydrogen Sulfide Gas

Outrage in England at New Drought Alert: Water Firms Are Forcing Cut Back Despite Wettest Year
Hundreds of Homes Destroyed By Hailstorm in Gwanda
Severe Weather Risk for Tallahassee, Orlando, Miami
5.3 Quake Shakes Buildings in Manila
Large Earthquake Swarm off Grímsey Island
Seismic Expert Urges Jamaica to Prepare for Major Earthquake
Massive Seafloor Craters Found in Waters Off New Zealand
Iceland Volcanoes Said Growing Threat
Kamchatka Volcano Eruption Intensifies
Colorado Water Users Prepare for More Drought
Drought Is Drying Up All Our Ethanol
A Million Sandbags: N. Dakota Prepares for Flooding
World Update, April 2, 2013

Where Are All the Tornadoes?
NASA Studies South America’s Volcanoes, Glaciers and Deserts with Microwave Energy
Climate Change Prompts GM Debate
U.S. Dominated Global Disaster Losses in 2012: Swiss Re
Earthquake Shakes Up Parts of New Madrid and Pemiscot Counties
Corps Assesses Danger to Dams from Big Quakes: "Cascadia Subduction Zone ... Could Go Again at Any Time"
North Iceland Quakes Move Closer to Land
The 2nd Annual Great Utah Shakeout
Softball-size Hail Pummels Houston Area
Major Storm Potential Next Week for Plains, West
Assumption Parish Sinkhole Raises Concerns
Tremors at Bayou Corne 13-acre Sinkhole Salt Dome Halt Work Again
Sierra Snow HALF Normal After Dry Early 2013
3 Years Later, Oil Leak Effects Still Unfolding
First Look Inside Sinkhole That Killed Florida Man
Town Buried in Ash After Mt. Etna Eruption
162 Year Snooze Over: Alert Level Raised at Mt. Guntur, Residents Urged to Stay Calm
Mount Lokon Blows Its Top in Indonesia
Climate Change Fueling Extreme Australian Weather, Group Says
Quakes Push Canary Islands Up 11 Centimeters
New Lava Analysis Suggests Etna Volcano Is Changing Behavior
Wildfire Rekindles in Florida's Fort Pierce, Threatens Mobile Homes
Ever-Bigger Algae Blooms on Lake Erie
Storm Devastates Village in Northeastern Serbia
Scientists Solve Mystery of Why Global Warming and Melting Has Increased Ice Around Antarctica
Scientists Say Data Is Clear That Sea Levels Have Risen Significantly
Russian Scientist Warns Earth Is Heading for Another Little Ice Age
Wildfire: Crews Tackle 'Volcano' Blazes as Evacuation Fears Mount
Massive Storm Spans the Entire Atlantic Ocean, Meteorologist: "I'm Not Sure I've Ever Seen a Storm This Big Before"
String of Earthquakes Strikes California Desert Area
Radar Watches Hawaii Volcano 'Breathing'
Dust from Chinese Storm Reaches Central California
Warming Paradox: Antarctic Sees More Sea Ice
Fog Leaves 3 Dead in 95-car Pileup in Virginia
Deadly Fog Causes Horrific Pileup in Virginia

Massive Sea Ice Fractures

11 Killed in Flash Floods in Mauritius Capital
CO2 Myth Busted: Why We Need More Carbon Dioxide to Grow Food and Forests
Farmers Still Working in UK's Extreme Weather
MAR 29
Earth Moved in Whidbey Island Landslide Could Fill 40,000 Dump Truck Loads, Officials Say
...Landslide May Have Started Moving in 2002
More Than 30 Massive Earthquake Safety Bolts on San Francisco’s Newly Redesigned Bay Bridge Fail
5.8 Virginia Quake Caused $3 Million in Damage to Nation's 1st Cathedral
Jamaica Told: Prepare for Big Quake
Post-earthquake Fukushima Area Remains a Ghost Town
Drought Worsens in Central Texas, Threatening Water Supplies
Drought Eases in Southeast But Worsens in the West
2013 Drought May Be Worse Than 2012, Says NOAA
Brutal Drought Lingers in Brazil
Insurers 2012 Disaster Bill Was $77 Billion
Poll: Americans Want U.S. to Prepare for Climate Change
Americans Believe in Climate Change Risks But Won't Pay to Fix Them – Survey
Underwater Volcano Mapped the Size of San Diego County
Popocatepetl Volcano Sends Up Near Continuous Explosions
MAR 28
'I Looked Out My Window and I Didn't Have Any Trees Anymore': Residents Tell of Terrifying Moment 500-Yard Landslide Hit Their Homes
Landslide Forces Evacuation of 300 in Malaysia
Experts Warn: Severe Storm Season Will Be Active
Black Ice Causes 100 Vehicles Deadly Pileup in Austria
How Climate Change Threatens the Seas
Arctic Change Reverberates Around Globe
Earthquake Prediction System Pt 1

MAR 27
Homes Evacuated After Massive Landslide on Whidbey Island, Wash.
Powerful 6.0 Earthquake Shakes Buildings, Kills 1, Injures at Least 19 in Taipei
Large 5.6-mag. 2011 Okla. Earthquake Was Likely Man-Made, Scientists Say
More Seismic Unrest in Canary Islands
Alert Status of Active Iceland Volcano, Hekla, Raised after Earthquakes
Peruvian Scientists Warn of Impending Eruption at Sabancaya Volcano
Another Possible Sinkhole in Fla. Has 2 Families Evacuated
Scientists Warn of Ice Age ... Sometime
Denver Drought Forces Mandatory Watering Restrictions Beginning April 1
Scientists Say Colorado in Worst Drought Since 1950s
Alarms Raised for Midwest, New England Spring Floods
Landslide in Malaysia Forces 300 to Evacuate
Late-Season Cold Could Damage Fruit in South
MAR 26
Midwest, Northeast to Endure More Cold Well into April
Thousands Flee into Streets After 5.5 Magnitude Earthquake Hits Mexico
Guatemala City Rocked By 6.2 Quake
300+ Tremors Recorded in Earthquake Swarm
Canary Island Hit By 4.1 Quake
Earthquake Early Warning Predicts Shaking in CA Quake
Arequipa Volcano in Pre-Eruption, Peruvian Scientists Warn
World Faces Decades of Climate Chaos, Outgoing Chief Scientific Adviser Warns
Melting Sea Ice Blamed for Extreme Weather in Northern Hemisphere
Coastal Areas Boom, Despite Storm Threat
MAR 25
Seismic Unrest at El Hierro Island in the Canary Islands
Scientists Believe El Hierro Volcano Has More Magma Than Teneguía
4.3 Earthquake Hits Northern California Coast
Foreshocks Announce Future Earthquakes on Some Faults
Oregon Stockpilers Ready for Overdue Earthquake
Violent, Damaging Storms Rip Across Florida County
In Midwest, Spring Transforms into Winter
More Snow Coming with Much of US to Shiver Through March
Family Stranded in 10ft Snow Drift Burns Furniture to Stay Warm as Thousands Remain Without Power
30,000 Could Die from Extreme Cold
Deep Drifts, High Winds and Now Deadly Ice: Britain Faces Perfect Winter Storm as Forecasters Warn of Perilous Conditions Until 'White Easter'
UK's Coldest Spring in 50 Years Claims 5,000 Lives – Experts Say Final Toll Could Be 'Horrendous'
UN Chief Warns of Growing Water Scarcity
Fargo Gets Huge Flood Warning

The Most Important To for Everyone in 2013

Giant Earth Fissure 7Km Long Opens in Brazil
Nicaragua's Telica Volcano Hit By Quake Swarm
Mt. Lokon Blows Lava Over a Mile Skyward
Costa Rica Volcano Producing Acid Rain, Destroying Crops
MAR 23
Statewide Mega-Quake on the San Andreas Now Thought Possible
Los Angeles 'Big One' Could Come Sooner Than Expected: Study
Progress Stalls in California on Earthquake Warnings
Colorado Storm: Heavy, Steady Snowfall Causing Driving Trouble, Cancels Flights
12 Million in Path of Severe Storms in South
Clean Up After 'Devastating' Tornado Hits Australia, Injuring at Least 25
Tornadoes Tear Through Trailers in Australia – HOLLY NOTE: Wind speed fell between and EF2 and EF3

Blizzards, 60mph Gales and Panic Buying: 36 Hours of Snow Chaos on the Way
MAR 22
Major Storm Potential Palm Sunday Weekend
Drought Likely to Continue in Areas That Need Rain Most
Little Relief for Drought-Stricken Areas, While Others Will Flood

Vicious Tornadoes Tear Through Victorian Towns, 20 People Injured – HOLLY NOTE: Twisters of this strength are virtually unknown in Australia. In fact, when a tornado swept through the land Downunder, they are usually noted as 'mini tornadoes'.
Britain Braced for Weekend of Severe Disruption as Flooding, Heavy Snowfall and Blizzards Wreak Havoc
British Gas Reserves Could Run Dry in 36 HOURS After Freezing Householders Turn the Heating Up
Violent Snowstorm Causes 100-Car Pileup in Alberta
Spring? Wash. Hit By Snow Storm, Tornado
Warming Has Doubled Risk of Katrina-like Storm Surges
Greenland's Isolated Glaciers Melting Quickly
Huge Volcano Eruptions May Have Caused the Die-Off That Paved Way for Dino Domination
Energy from Space

MAR 21
Thousands of Dead Prawns on Coast of Chile
From Heat Wave to Snowstorms, March Goes to Extremes
Louisiana Sinkhole Is Like Underground Mt Everest! Now at Maximum Level 3 Alert
Geologist: Giant Louisiana Sinkhole Is Now 13 Acres

If You Thought 2012 Was Hot, Just Wait a Few Years
Roman Ruins Yield Clues About Earthquake Risk in Ancient Times, Today
Unexplained Boom in Southern Illinois Baffles Experts, Residents
Incredible Pictures of Lightning and Lava from Japanese Volcanoes
MAR 20
19 Miners Saved After Earthquake Traps Them Deep Underground
Northeast Walloped By Up to 16 Inches of Snow
Sinkhole Swallows Pond
Tremors and Booms a Mystery in South Jersey
Drought Ravaged Lake Michigan at Lowest Level Ever Recorded
Mount Lokon Spews 2,000-Meter-High Ash Clouds
MAR 19
Blinding Snow, Wind Pound Boston, Portland
Flooding in Drought-Stricken Midwest
Heavy Rains, Landslides Leave at Least 16 Dead in Brazil
Quebec Snowstorm Forces Mass School Closures
Severe Storms, Large Hail Cause Extensive Damage in South
MAR 18
Earthquake Swarm Shakes California, Nevada Near Bordertown
Early Season Wildfires Signal "Bad Omen" for Drought-Stricken Colorado
Mount Etna Erupts Again, the Volcano Sending Lava Shooting into the Sky

Tungurahua Spews Ash onto 3 Towns, Lava Fountains Nearly 1,000 Feet in the Sky
Explosive Eruption Caught at Sakurajima Volcano

Aucklanders Shaken, Not Stirred, as Quakes Hit Under Volcano
3 Dead in Papua as Rains Trigger Jayapura Landslide
Officials Report ‘Burp’ at Giant Louisiana Sinkhole – Oil on surface – “Large Gas Outburst”
Wind-driven Fire Destroys More Than 100 Condos in Carolina Town, Pets Lost in the Blaze
British Columbia Drivers Warned to Use Extreme Caution Amid Heavy Snowfall
The Dangerous Myth That Climate Change Is Reversible
HAARP Around the World: Mind & Weather Control Secrets

MAR 16
Chilling New Report Predicts Massive Earthquake and Tsunami for Pacific Northwest
7.8 Earthquake ‘Exercise’ to Hit Los Angeles County Next Thursday
Earthquakes Are Not Enough Warning for Some Volcanic Eruptions
Alaska's Ever-Sizzling Cleveland Volcano Releases Ash Plume
Mexico's Colima Volcano Increasing Activity Means More Risk of Pyroclastic Flows
Storm Strands Thousands Overnight in Europe
Who Had Foreknowledge of the Gulf Oil Spill? (Pt. 6)
MAR 15
New Zealand Suffering Biggest Drought in 30 Years, Hurting Farmers, Economy
Snowstorm to Disrupt Travel from Northwest to Northeast
Huge Solar Eruption as Another One Strikes Earth

Snow and Rain Help Inch US Crop Belt Out of Drought
Montserrat Volcano Is Threat to Island's Inhabitants
4 Earthquakes Hit Off British Columbia Coast
Yesterday's New York Earthquake May Have Caused Mysterious Boom
Earthquake Early-Warning System's Future in Doubt
MAR 14
4.6 Quake Shakes Northern Calif., Followed By Numerous Aftershocks
Winter Heat Wave Breaks Records in Southern Calif.
Follow the Money: Transocean and the Gulf Oil Spill
Over 100 Vehicles Involved in Pileup in Germany

Geoengineering Threats (begins 39:40 min in) – must hear NEW

Chemtrail Forecast
MAR 13
Illinois Sinkhole Swallows Golfer, Who Describes 'Freefalling' into 'Darkness'
'Get Me Out'! Golfer Plunges into Illinois Sinkhole
Horrendous Weather Causes 100-car Pileup on Autobahn, Runways Closed, Trains Blocked, Roads Jammed By Weird Late Storm
Extinction Level Methane Releases Caused by Geoengineering Chemtrails
Snowball Earth: Lessons for Climate Change
Temperature Change Makes Arctic Seasons
Tigris and Euphrates Rivers Losing Water Reserves at Rapid Pace
MAR 12
Southern California Earthquake: More Than 100 Aftershocks
Residents Urged to Prep for ‘Two Weeks on Your Own’
Stranded for 12 HOURS: Hundreds of Motorists Get Stuck, Eurostar Cancels ALL Services After Snow Storm Wreaks Havoc
La. ‘Sinkhole’ Warnings, Contingency Plan Enacted: Deadly Hydrogen Sulfide, 2nd Sinkhole, Increased Instability
Are Atmospheric Flow Patterns Favorable for Summer Extreme Weather Increasing?
Deepwater Horizon -- Another Holder Coverup?
MAR 11
5.1 Shakes Wide Area of Southern California – Stan forecast this on March 7
Los Angeles Area Jolted By Earthquake
6.7 Quake Strikes Off Papua New Guinea
U.S. Geological Survey Study Eyes Growing Earthquake Toll
Seismic Swarms and Ground Deformation Trigger Yellow Alert at Chile Volcano
Heavy Snow Blankets Colorado, Prompts Flight Cancellations
Big Storm Dumps Snow on Colorado, Hail on Texas
The Ongoing Great Gulf Coast Holocaust
Massive Dust Storm Engulfs Tokyo
Call This Spring? Snow Carpets Britain as Temperatures Plunge to -7C and BLIZZARDS Cause Chaos in Last Icy Blast of Winter
Urgent Sinkhole Update: Get Out Now! Erin Brockovich Warns Bayou Corne Residents
Buried Volcano in Southeast Louisiana – A Paper Written in 1976
Anniversary of Devastating Japanese Earthquake
Tsunami Damage in Japan, Then and Now
2 Years After Devastating Earthquake in Japan, Displaced Animals Still Need Help, Homes
Ecuador's Tungurahua Volcano Erupts
Officials Raise Red Flag for Soufriere Hills Volcano
Red Tide Algae Bloom Causing Record Manatee Deaths
Larry Taylor Blog
Big Storm Heads East from Rockies Bringing Snow, Heavy Rain
Wild Weather Brings Dust Storm and Hail to Phoenix
'Wave After Wave of Snow' to Pummel New England
Huge Waves Sweep New England Coastline as Late Winter Storm Batters the East Coast
Winter Storm Dumps Over 20 Inches of Snow on Virginia
Banquet Hall Roof Collapses Under Weight of Snow
Sea Floor Earthquake Zones Can Act Like a 'Magnifying Lens' Strengthening Tsunamis Beyond What Was Thought Possible
Australia Links 'Angry Summer' to Climate Change
Italian Scientists Appeal Earthquake Manslaughter Verdict
Major Snow Disappoints with Minor Moisture
Concerns Mount for California Water Shortage
Doubts Hang Over Drought Relief
Global Temperature Rise Is Fastest in at Least 11,000 Years, Study Says
More Than 250,000 Households Lose Power as Late Winter Storm Dumps TWO FEET of Snow on East Coast
Storm Heads to New England After No-Show Snow Shuts D.C. Down
Tornado Hits Glascock, Georgia
5.6 Earthquake Sways Buildings in Taiwan
'Sinkhole Season' Has Only Just Begun in Florida
Inside a Sinkhole: More Than What Appears at the Surface

Drought Gives Firefighters No Choice But to Prepare for Worst
'New' Earthquake Fault Discovered In Manila?
New Zealand Declares Drought in Key Farming Regions
Mount Etna Lights Up the Night Sky

Indonesian Volcano Erupts, Thousands Evacuated
India Suffers Through Worst Drought in Nearly 50 Years: Warns of Famine If Rains Fail
Washington, D.C. Faces Its Heaviest Snowfall in 2 Years
More Than 1,000 Flights Canceled
Threatens Power Outages DC to Philadelphia
D.C. Shuts Offices as Snow Nears
Chicago Sets Snowfall Record as Mid-Atlantic Braces
Ark. to Monitor Quake Swarm Near Greers Ferry
3.5 Earthquake Strikes South Oklahoma
Why Sinkholes Are Eating Florida
Spectacular Eruptions and Lava Flows at Russian Volcano

Powerful Winds Ground at Least Six Ships Near Panama Canal
Winter's 'Biggest Widespread' Storm Looms in Midwest
Mid-Atlantic: Heavy, Wet Snow May Cause Power Outages for Millions
Snow Reaches Chicago; More Than 750 Flights Canceled
Multiple Pileups Close I-70 for Hours
Close Look at Sinkhole That Swallowed Florida Man

2nd Sinkhole Appears Near One That Swallowed Part of House
Homes Evacuated Third Sinkhole Forms in Florida
Tectonic Plates Moving Again: Will South America Split Away from Central America?
Expert: BP Drilled in 'Fragile' Area Hit By 2006 Earthquake
Japan's Record Snowfall Still Not the Deepest Ever
5.5 Quake in China Flattens 1,400 Homes, Injures More Than 30
Lava Flows Increase Dramatically from Fuego Volcano in Guatemala
Seismicity Increases Dramatically at Ecuador's Tungurahua Volcano
6 Teens Trapped in Avalanche in Siberia
U.S. Braces for Another Winter Storm

Minneapolis, Chicago: Snow May Rival Biggest Amounts of the Season
Colorado Avalanche Kills Man, Injures Another; March Snowslide Death Toll Hits 4
New Clues in Fla. Sinkhole Tragedy
'We Can Only Sit and Wait': Rescuers Forced to Halt Recovery Body of Man Swallowed By 100Ft Sinkhole as Chasm Grows Bigger
Sinkholes That Have Swallowed Homes, Cars and Businesses Across America
'I Could Hear Him Screaming': Brother of Man Killed After He Was Swallowed Up By 100ft SINKHOLE That Opened Up Under His Bedroom
Winter to Continue: March to Yield Snowstorms
4.0 Magnitude Earthquake Hits Nevada
Wind-Driven Fires Creep Close to So. Cal. Homes
Hot Lava Spews Out of Europe's Tallest Volcano

Hakone Volcano in Japan Sees Increased Seismicity, Deformation Worries Scientists About New Eruptions
No Tsunami Threat to Hawaii After Second Strong Kuril Islands Quake
3 Minutes News: Quakes, Spaceweather, and Australia Heat Record

Late February Storms Put Only a Slight Dent in U.S. Drought
'I Can't Open My Eyes or Mouth': Residents of Beijing Urged to Stay Indoors After Sandstorm Causes Air Quality to Reach Dangerous Levels
Winter Storms Bury Oregon Coast Homes in Sand
Underwater Eruption Shows How Volcanic Islands Grow
Parícutin Volcano: Here Is Something New and Strange Pt 1, Pt 2
Salinity Levels in Atlantic Ocean Are Off the Chart, According to NASA Instrument
FEB 28
Giant Sinkhole Swallows 2 Cars
4.0 Quake Rocks Central Oklahoma, Causes Some Damage
6.9 Earthquake Hits Kurile Islands, Eastern Russia
6.1 Quake Sways Buildings in South Pacific Nation of Vanuatu; No Major Damage Seen
Work at Louisiana Sinkhole Suspended After Increase in Seismic Activity
Russian Meteor Blast Resonated Around Earth
Earthquakes and Fumaroles as Unrest Hits Peru’s Sabancaya
FEB 27
5.1 Quake Hits Off Oregon Coast – Every day for the last 6 days, Stan forecast this.
Huge Winter Storm Aims for Midwest, Northeast; Forecasters Warned of Ice, Snow, Difficult Travel
Plains Blizzard Shatters Records, Shuts Down Panhandle Travel
Not Even Hawaii Spared Winter's Wrath
Tornado Hits Downtown Tampa; Causes Damage
Australia Hit By Troal Cat 3 Cyclone Rusty
Elderly Evacuate Nursing Home as Severe Floods Hit Victoria
3.6 Quake His Los Angeles Area
Hundreds of Quakes Shake Villages Around Smoking Peruvian Volcano, Residents Warned to Evacuate
Inspection Reveals Rincón de la Vieja Volcano Still Active
One Rescued After Rogue Wave Attack
FEB 26
Deadly Hurricane-Force Storm Dumps Snow Across North, Rages Across the Midwest and Leaves Thousands Without Power in Texas and Oklahoma
Hawaii Island Summits Hit By Blast of Wintery Weather
Germany Weathers Darkest Winter in 43 Years
Scientists Link Extreme Weather to Giant Atmospheric Waves
Is Western Canada Prepared for Another Big Earthquake?
Curious Mind: Was It an Earthquake, Thunder or a Sonic Boom?
3 Min. Earth Changes News

Sinkhole, Urgent Need for National Exposure

FEB 25
No Tsunami Warning After 6.2 Earthquake Rattles Tokyo
3 Small Earthquakes Shake North-central Arkansas
Recent Earthquake Reminder That New Madrid Fault Still Active
Earthquake Hits Off Eastern Indonesia, Causing Panic in Neighboring East Timor
Major Earthquake Watch Off and Running: The Bouy Is Back

Historic Blizzard Strikes Amarillo, Wichita, Kansas City – Travel-Stopping Repeat Today
Blizzard Shuts Down Nearly 400 Miles of I-40
Colorado Gets Slammed By Winter Storm
HAARPstatus Map Has Bullseye on US Heartland and Clobbering Australia
New Zealand’s White Island Volcano Stirs, Sends Out Ash Clouds
Strengthening Earthquake Laws May "Kill" Small Town New Zealand
Siberia Permafrost Thaw Warning
Methane Release 'Looks Stronger'
Freak Storms Damage Hundreds of Homes
Scientists Find Remnants of ‘Lost Continent’ Off the Coast of Africa
FEB 23
4.3 Earthquake Jolts Parts of San Diego
South Australia Island Hit with Biggest Earthquake in 50 Years
Argentina Struck By Powerful 5.9 Earthquake
Earthquake Deaths to Reach 3.5 Million in 21st Century
Storms to Dump Snow on New England, Heavy Rain on Southeast, Forecasters Warn
FEB 22
From Minnesota to North Carolina and New England, States Brace for Winter Storm
Midwest Under a Blanket of Snow, Affecting 30 Million People in 20 States

Severe Threat in the Deep South
Athens Under Water After Several Hours of Rainfall
FEB 21
Powerful Winter Storm Barrels across Midwest, Officials Fear It Will Be Worst Storm in Central U.S. in More Than 2 Years
Kansas Could Get 2 Feet of Snow
Another Weekend Snowstorm for New England
Rare Blizzard Warning Issued for Parts of Southern Arizona
Substantially Over 50,000,000 cu.ft. of Gas Below Surface Near Giant Sinkhole? Covers Over 2 Square Miles, Over 400 Ft. Deep – Enough to Do ‘Very Serious Damage’

Arizona Roadway Buckles, Collapses Due to 'Geologic Event'
Exceptional Time-lapse Summary of Kilauea's Growing Lava Lake

FEB 20
Blizzard Brewing from Goodland to Grand Island
Severe Storm Outbreak: Dallas to Hattiesburg
Coast to Coast Weather Dramas
The MEGA New Madrid Earthquake Coming Soon?

SW China Earthquake Injures 8
Gravity Makes Volcanoes Sag, Influencing Eruptions
Mount Etna's Dramatic New Eruption

FEB 19
3 Killed, Plows Withdrawn as Blizzard Grips Western Minnesota
Winter Storm to Hit US from Calif. to Midwest
Climate Contradiction: Less Snow, More Blizzards
Texas to Mississippi Severe Storm Outbreak Threat
Scientists: U.S. Has to Get Used to Extreme Weather
Cold, Storminess Aim for Much of Europe
NBC Admits: Gulf Sea Floor ‘Fault’ Possible, ‘Potential for an Indefinite Release of Oil’
Official: Louisiana Sinkhole Going to be in Record Books as Unprecedented – Scientists Baffled
Arctic Sea Ice Volume Now 1/5th Its 1979 Level
New Strombolian Activity at Etna Volcano
4 Injured in SW China Earthquake
FEB 18
Quake Cluster Hits Pacific Ring of Fire
High Winds, Snow Hit New England
Strong 6.3 Earthquake Rocks Eastern New Zealand's North Island
3.4 San Diego County Quake Victim: "We Feel Them Out Here All the Time, But Not Like This One. It Was Pretty Big."
4.8 Earthquake Shakes Central Italy
Mudflows from Indonesian Volcano Pose Threats
Kamchatka Volcano Lava Stops Near Research Site
Bushfire Threatening Victorian Town
Drought Stalls 20 Ethanol Plants in 5 States
FEB 15
Tens of Millions in Tornado Damage to Univ. of Southern Mississippi
Hurricane Sandy Upgraded to a Cat 3 in Reanalysis, Affirms Changes Needed for Warnings
Bitter Cold Nights Follow Russian Meteorite Crash
1st Time Ever: Weather and Climate Change on Federal Risk List
January 2013 Warmer and Wetter than Average – Except Where Crops Are Grown
January More Records, Extremes, Milestones
Scientists Describe Severe and Costly Future Impacts of Climate Change
Further Eruptions at Tongariro May Occur with "Little or No Warning"
Officials Deny Lava Threatens Volcano Scientists
FEB 14
For Blizzard-Weary Northeast, More Snow – HOLLY NOTE: What us drought-weary states wouldn't give for some of this white stuff! <sigh>
The State of the Louisiana Sinkhole

Drought Causing Houses to Sink in Minnesota
Security Risks of Extreme Weather and Climate Change
Sharp Decline in Arctic Sea Ice, Satellite Data Show
Obama Cites Storms, Drought – a "Gathering Crisis" – to Build Case for Climate Action
Top Climate NASA Scientist Arrested (Again) in White House Protest
Major, Shallow Earthquake Rattles Siberia with Strong Shaking
FEB 13
Northeast Could Be in for More Snow
China's Smog Becoming an International Issue
Do Key Volcanoes Control Earth's Climate Cycles?
Britain Faces a 12-hour Blast of Freezing Weather, Some Areas to Get a 6in Snow
5.2 Earthquake Hits Near Mina, Nevada
Dozens of Aftershocks...
Earthquake Swarm at Machin in Colombia
Giant Louisiana Sinkhole Massively Expands – Swallows Up Another 5,000 Square Feet
Expert: We’re Seeing Fracturing Around Sinkhole

FEB 12
Long Islanders Beg for Snow Plows Days After Storm
Record Snowfall Suspends Travel in Upper Midwest States
Major Eastern Snowstorm Potential This Weekend
Final Survey: Hattiesburg Tornado Rated a Massive EF-4 – Nearly Unprecedented for This Time of Year
Calm Before Storm: Forecasters Warn of Heavy Band of snow to Coat Britain
The Supervolcano Forming Under the Pacific That Could Wipe Out Life, But Don't Panic
4.9 Earthquake Rattles Trinidad, Grenada and Jamaica
Drought Blamed for Colo. Tree Die-Off
City Hikes Taxes on Sandy-hit Houses
New FEMA Flood Maps Could Be as Devastating as Superstorm Sandy
FEB 11
Devastating Tornado Tears Through Southern Mississippi Razing Homes to the Ground, Injuring 10 People as 7 More Twisters Are Spotted in Alabama
Rare (for this time of year), Massive Tornado Hits Hattiesburg, MS

Rain Brings Danger of Roof Failures in New England
Hundreds Remain Without Power as New England Braces for Commute After Blizzard
7 Salt Domes at Risk at Louisiana Sinkhole

Seismic Unrest at Climbs at El Hierro Island in the Canaries
El Hierro Volcano in Canary Islands Has Possible Second Submarine Eruption
Is Earth Cooking Up Another Super Volcano?
You Won’t Believe What These People Saw at Their Front Doors After Snowstorm Nemo
Oregonians Take Seriously the Possibility of a 9.0 Quake – This Is Their Recovery Plan, It May Help You
Colombian Earthquake Injured 15, Damaged 1900 Homes
Organization Hopes to Relocate Over 140,000 Earthquake Victims This Year
Peru, Chile and Bolivia Hit By Floods After Heavy Rain
Japan Earthquake Unleashed Surprising Torrent of Energy
FEB 10
Danger Not Over as Northeast Digs Out from Record-Setting Blizzard
Sunday: At Least 9 Dead, 345,000 Homes, Businesses Without Power Lasting to Tues.
40 Inches of Snow in Hamden, CT
Icy Ordeal: Drivers Trapped for Hours
New Winter Storm Slams Plains

7.0 Earthquake in Colombia Felt as Far Away as Quito, Ecuador – Stan forecast this on Feb 8, Feb 7, Feb 6, Feb 5, Feb 4, and Feb 3rd – strong signal!
Winds Gust to Hurricane Strength; At Least 4 People Die amid Numerous Car Accidents; Dozens of Cars Stranded; At Least 650,000 Customers Without Power
Latest on Nemo: State by State
Snowy 19-Car Pileup Due to Nemo

Think Nemo's Bad? In Brazil It's Raining Spiders
Sandy Survivors: Storm Like a Repeat 'Nightmare'
'Dangerous' Storm Closes in on Northeast – 50M In Its Path
'Stay Off The Roads': Residents Warned To Stay Home As Blizzard Approaches
Shades Of Sandy: Long Lines At Gas Stations
Some Conn. Stations Already Out Of Gas
Storm Panic Hits: BofA Warns 'Get Cash,' FEMA Sees Blackouts
Blizzard To Shutdown Travel; Heavy Snow In New York
Airline Cancellations Soar Past 3,000, More Likely
3 FEET of Snow, 'Rentless Winds' Expected

State Of Disaster Declared After Earthquakes On Santa Cruz Islands
7.1 Earthquake Hits Solomon Islands, After Series Of Tremors Over 2 Days
Solomon Islands Aftershocks Hamper Relief Efforts, 9 Confirmed Dead
Shanghai Authorities Dismiss Earthquake Speculation
More Than 2,600 Evacuated Over Jakarta's Rokatenda Volcano Awakening
Alaskan Volcano Swells, Threatens To Spew Ash Cloud
Kilauea Volcano Activity
The Jumping Jack Flash Hypothesis: It's A Gas Gas Gas!
Boston Bullseye for Two FEET of Snow: Blizzard to Bury New England at Week's End
NYC on Edge of Major Snowstorm on Edge of It
Important Blizzard Safety Tips
Hundreds of Homes Damaged or Destroyed in 8.0 Solomon Earthquake
...9 Bodies Recovered, More Expected, at Least 5 Villages Destroyed
What Caused the Solomon Islands Earthquake & Tsunami?
Cascadia Earthquake, Tsunami Could Cost Oregon Economy $32 Billion
Eerie Rock Towers Act as Earthquake Sensors
More Than 2.7 Million People to Participate Today in the Mew Madrid ShakeOut Drill
High Wind Blows 48 Fully Loaded Rail Cars Off Their Track
Dome Grows at Alaska's Cleveland Volcano
Photographers Capture 4 Volcanoes Erupting at Same Time

Glass Lava Flow Still Oozes a Year Later
Red Tide That Kills Fish and Causes Respiratory Problems Sweeps Across Florida Coast
As Drought Intensifies, States Dig in Over Water Wars
Rogue Waves Make for Dangerous Bay Area Winter
Fire Torment Continues in Tasmania
At Least 5 Dead on Solomon Islands as 8.0 Magnitude Quake Strikes South Pacific and Triggers Tsunami
Northeast Braces for Possible Winter 'Blockbuster'
2 Great Lakes Hit Record Low Water Level
Fears About Worsening Colo. Drought Grow as Dry Winter Continues
Scientist Reports Above-Normal Seismic Activity at La. Sinkhole
Huge Underwater Wave Spanning Hundreds of Miles Observed from the International Space Station
Georgia Town Estimates Tornado Damaged 500 Homes
Tornado Victims Stuck in Uninhabitable Homes
Magnitude 8 Quake Strikes off Santa Cruz Islands, ––– Expanded Regional Tsunami Warning in Effect – Stan warned about these quakes as early as Jan 28 and again on Feb 1.
Recent Quake Activity Not Unusual, USGS Says – HOLLY NOTE: Regardless of what USGS responds, there is enough unusual activity to raise eyebrows of quake watchers and others alike. Coincidentally, their new quake catalog is not functioning and the old one is being phased out, which has not been updated since the close of 2012.
Extreme Winds, Snow Lash UK
Rare Thundersnow Wakes Shivering Britons from Their Slumber as Country Is Braced for Return of MORE SNOW and Gales
Snowiest Winter in 100 Years Paralyzes Moscow Traffic for 3,500 Km
The Day the Earth Shook: Dramatic New Amateur Footage Reveals Panic as Japan's Biggest-Ever Earthquake Struck
Fire, Drought Make Hay Hot for Farmers, Thieves
Japan Hit By Suffocating Smog from China
Italian Supervolcano Raising Anxiety Among Residents
Fire Warnings as Heatwave Hits Victoria
Australian Politics Cools Off on Climate Change – Even as Temperature Rises
Arctic Methane Rising

Booms Cover Up! New Madrid WAKING UP!

Incredible Gigantic Waterspout Swirls Over Mediterranean as Tiny Yacht Bobs on Waves
Seismologists Visit Southeast Alaska in Wake of Large Earthquakes
Aftershocks May Portend Major Philippine Earthquake
Megathrust Earthquake May Hit New Zealand, Says Expert
So Close You Can Almost Feel the Heat: Spectacular 360-Degree Interactive Images Give Bird's Eye View of Erupting Russian Volcano
Avalanche Kills Man, Injures Others While Skiing in Colorado
Incredible Panorama of Plosky Tolbachik Volcano Erupting in Kamchatka

Phil Says Early Spring, AccuWeather Says 6 More Weeks of Winter
US Carbon Emissions Fall to Lowest Levels Since 1994
The World's Most Endangered Beaches
6.9 Earthquake Strikes Japan's Hokkaido Island – Stan forecast this on both the 25th and the 26th
5.1 Temblor Shakes Taiwan – Stan forecast this on the 25th and the 30th
4.5 Quake Rattles Austria – Stan forecast this on the 25th
4.8 Shaker Thumps Greece – Stan forecast this on the 25th
Overnight Earthquake Wakes People in North Georgia
Central Californians Feel Earthquake – Stan forecast this on the 25th, 27th, 28th and 31st
Third Earthquake in 1 Week Rattles East Texas
Largest Earthquake in 126 Years Hits Scottish Highlands
6 Aftershocks Recorded off Solomons Following 6.7 Quake
Earth Reeling from 8 Major Earthquakes in 5 Days
Wild Weather Turns Destructive

Leaked UN Report Supports NASA/Alternative Climate Ideas

6.7 Earthquake Hits Solomons – Stan forecast this on the 26th, 28th and Feb. 1.
5 Strong Earthquakes Signal Angry ‘Ring of Fire’
4 at Once: Volcano Quartet Erupts on Kamchatka
At Least 10 Injured in 30-plus Car Pileup on Indiana interstate
3 Die Massive Pile Up Caused By Snow Squall
Extreme Cold: Roads Improve, Frigid Air Envelops Iowa
Extreme Cold Shuts Down Minnesota Schools
Catastrophic Drought in the Central US Cost Nation at Least $35 Billion to Persist
More Extreme Weather Predicted in National Climate Report
9 People Killed as Freak Hailstorm Rains Massive Boulders Down on Indian Villages
Cam Caught: Rogue Wave Sweeps Motorcyclist and Car into the Sea

JAN 31
2 Dead After Terrifying Cluster of 20 Tornadoes Destroys Hundreds of Homes as Giant 1,000-Mile Storm Hits Southeast
Destructive Storms Reach East Coast as Dangerous Chills Hit Northern Plains
Rare Violent Winter Weather Kills at Least 2

6.0 Earthquake Rattles Southern Alaska – HOLLY NOTE: Stan's earthquake forecasting has absolutely spot on king these quakes as well as many others. Each week you can see hit "hits" list for the preceding week and each day's forecast is archived to verify his accuracy.
3.7 Quake Reported Near Vancouver
6.8 Earthquake Shakes Northern Chile
6.2 Quake Hits Santa Cruz Islands
Ok, What’s Up? Four 6+ Earthquakes at Once?
Brutal Cold Makes Comeback
January 31, 2013: Planets Affect the Sun

Super Volcano Awakening in Italy?
Indonesia’s Mt. Lokon Erupts Twice Today
Corpus Christi Reaches 90 Degrees in Jan. for 4th Time
Flood Panicked Shoppers in Queensland Leave Supermarket Shelves Bare – HOLLY NOTE: When Stan and I prepped while living in Australia, people thought we were crazy except for a handful. Now that weather extremes have ramped up, they are seeing what we knew was coming.
Queensland's Wild Weather Deals Devastating Hand to Farmers
Wind Turbine That Couldn't Cope with Gale: $400,000 Tower Crashes to the Ground After Its Blades Spin Out of Control
Tiny Organisms Turn Great Salt Lake Pink
JAN 30
Tornadoes Reported as Storms Wreak Havoc in South, Midwest
Damaging Storms Turn Deadly, Roar East
Extreme Temperature Swings Across US

Whatever Phil Says: 6 More Weeks of Winter for Northeast
5.3 Earthquake Strikes Off Oregon Coast, No Tsunami
Another Earthquake Strikes Timpson, Texas
New Zealand Earthquake Recovery Home Repairs Top $1 Billion
Missouri River Water Wars Continue as Drought Persists
Sandy's Staggering Tallies: 3 Months Later
Caught on Cam: Sinkhole Swallows Buildings

Report Underscores Vulnerabilities of U.S. Coastlines
Sky-High Bacteria Could Affect Climate, Scientists
JAN 29
Ice Storm from Iowa to Maine
Tornadoes Feared as Severe Storm Tears Through Plains, Heads for South
Floods, Fires Continue to Batter Australia's East Coast
250,000 Face Night Without Water Access
Floods Devastate Queensland

Storm Whips up Foam on the Gold Coast

Looting Begins Before Waters Subside
Floods Cause Air Travel Chaos
Cyclone Likely to be Repeated as Part of Monsoon Cycle
Earthquake Chatter Rumbles Along North Shore
Earthquake Alert System May Be Coming
$50.5 Billion Aid Bill for Sandy Victims Heads to Obama
Erupting Russian Volcano Forms Lake of Burning Lava
Rocks and Mud Thrown from White Island Crater as Quakes Continue
World-Wide Volcanic Activity: Colima, Popocatépetl, White Island, Mammoth Mountain, Karkar
4.1 Quake in Texas Did Cause Minor Damage
Massive Boulder Crashes onto I-70 in Colorado, Closes Westbound Traffic
Woman Swept Away By 'Sneaker' Wave on Beach Walk
Draft UN Climate Report Shows 20 Years of Overestimated Global Warming, Skeptics Warn
Massive Sinkhole Swallows Entire 3-Story Building

JAN 28
Ice Storm Descends on Midwest Before Heading East
Phoenix-area Rainfall Busts Records, May Persist
Heavy Rain Strands 40-50 Hikers in Bear Canyon
Cold Blast Sends Travelers to the ER

Freezing Rain Warnings Issued as Big Chill Bites
Increased Activity at Volcanoes in Ecuador
Landslides Leave 16 Dead, 9 Missing in Indonesia
Drivers Stranded on Busy M6 Motorway after Blizzard
Downpours and Melting Snow Brings Floods across Britain Issues 380 Alerts
Dry Conditions Raise Summer Drought and Wildfire Concerns – HOLLY NOTE: These are the times Stan warned about as early as 1997. Wider, wilder swings in weather. Places have either too much water or are bone dry, bitter cold weather or blistering heat lash the land, and storms are becoming more vicious all around. These are very loud warning signs.
Drought Is Killing Trees Across the Midwest
6th Tornado Hits Southeast Queensland
Devastating Floods Strike Queensland, Disaster Declared
Storm Stretches Rescuers in Queensland
...Worst Still to Come
Sydney Braces for Wild Weather as Cyclone System Moves South
More Than 2 Million to Take Part in New Madrid Quake Drill
Mozambique Flood Toll Rises to 40, More Than 100,000 Forced to Flee
Increased Earthquakes Could Announce New Tunguarahua Eruption
Weatherman Scott Stevens on Chemtrails and the Current Storms – HOLLY NOTE: It really doesn't matter if weather is being manipulated or if "they" are doing it or if this wacky weather is due to natural cyclical events.. What is important is that we are ready, we are prepared to deal with the consequences.

JAN 25
Freezing: Family Suffers in Sandy-damaged Home
Sandy Victims Left Out in the Cold During Arctic Blast
Superstorm Sandy Recovery Continues: Victims Huddle in Tents as Cold Snap Hit

Shallow 4.1 Quake Rattles East Texas
Earthquake Swarm Reported Near Nevada’s Topaz Lake
Oregonians Feel Small Quake Swarm Near Waldport
What Just Happened At the La. Sinkhole? Helicorders Off the Charts
Teen's Dramatic Rescue from Floodwater Torrent in Australia

Australian Govt Plans Dam Releases Amid Queensland Floods
Winter's Big Chill Means Fewer Summer Bugs
What Punched a Hole in these Clouds?
JAN 24
New Hamp. Ski Resort Closes Due to Extreme Cold, -48ºF Wind Chill
Aviation Warning Upgraded for New Zealand Volcano
Ecuador's Reventador Volcano Enters New Eruption with Lava Flows and Explosions
Seismic Swarm at Chile’s Copahue Volcano Increases Likelihood of New Eruptions
Dead Sea Rises for 1st Time in 10 Years
Pre-dawn Fire Threat for Eastern Victoria
Toxic Fog Hits Utah: Pregnant Women and Children Urged to Stay Indoors as Pollution Goes 'Off the Charts' in Freezing Weather
Extreme Weather Events and Earth Changes Dec 2012 - Jan 2013
JAN 23
Forecasters: Brutal, Dangerous Cold Grips Northeast
Australia Storm Halts Half of World's Iron Ore Trade
Extreme Heat Has Firefighters on Red Alert
Coldest Air of the Season
Massive Melting of Andes Glaciers
La. Sinkhole Quakes, Cracks, Collapse Prompt Removing Workers
10 Volcanic Quakes in 24 Hours Rattle Philippines’s Taal Volcano
Scientist: East Coast Cities are ‘Sitting Ducks’ for Storms
Rogue Geoengineering Could ‘Hijack’ World’s Climate
NOAA Grants Arizona, New Mexico $3.5 M to Prepare for Climate Change
JAN 22
1 Killed, 138 Cars Involved in 2 Massive Pileups in Sudden 'White Out'
Bitter Cold, High Winds and Snow to Hit Northeast As Midwest Shivers
New Zealand's White Island Activity Could Lead to Large Eruption
Tourists Warned About Rise in Activity at New Zealand Volcano
White Island Volcano May Erupt with Little or No Warning

Chile's Puyehue Cordon-Caulle Volcano in New Eruption
Underwater Volcanoes Spew Lava Lamp-Like Blobs
Erupting Tavurvur Volcano Suspends Flights at Papua New Guinea Airport
Strong Quake Kills 1 in Indonesia
Gov. Jindal Ignores La. Sinkhole Disaster; Activists & Scientists Demand Assistance for Traumatized Residents
Extreme Wind Chill Bites into Manitoba
Big Freeze in Britain to Last Until Friday When the Big Thaw Brings Floods, Then Heavy Rainfall to Follow
Flooded Queensland Town Now Hit with Drought
Catastrophic Fire Warning in Western Australia
China's Unprecedented Air Pollution Disaster Is Coming to America
Woman Injured After Boulder Crashes Through Home
UN Chief Puts 'Fast Happening' Climate Change, Syria Top of To-do List for 2013
JAN 21
Northern US: Cold Waves, Canadian Storms
Midwest Wind Chill Nears 50 Below
Lake-Effect Machine: Feet of Snow This Week
'Incredible:' Another Snowless Record on Tap for Chicago
Black Ice Alert: Britain to Stay White for TWO WEEKS as Country Faces Once-in-a-Decade Big Freeze
Deaths, Torn-Off Roofs, Uprooted Trees as Blizzards, Rainstorms Sweep Europe
Avalanche Kills 4, Seriously Injures a 5th After Climbers Defy Weather Warnings to Scale Peak in Scottish Highlands
Rain Reveals Gas Bubbles at Louisiana Giant Sinkhole
Wall of Snow Slams Firefighter Attempting Rescue

3.6 Quake Strikes Near Tonopah Junction, Nev.
Snowpocalypse Russia: 'Snow Tsunami' Swallows Streets, Cars, Buildings
Hundreds Flee as Rain-Induced Flooding Submerges Villages in Manila
Lava Continues to Overflow at Kilauea
Deadliest Volcano Eruptions Listed in New Online Database
Arkansas Gets Radioactive Sleet and Snow

Storm Knocks Out Power to 40,000 in Michigan
Extreme Weather Map Shows 3,527 Monthly Weather Records Shattered in 2012

Extreme Weather Map 2012
JAN 18
Storm Could Dump 6 Inches of Snow on NC, Va.
Town Dries Up, States Scramble to Save Every Drop of Water
Sydney Bakes in Hottest Day on Record – 115ºF (46ºC)
Australian Fires, Situation Expected to Worsen: First Hand Account – HOLLY NOTE: This is from a personal friend living in Queensland.
Cold, Snow for the UK
It’s Spreading… Freezing Germans Join Greeks – Steal Wood to Keep Homes Heated This Winter
British Columbia Hot Springs Warming Up Again After Earthquake Damage
Dock in Washington Is from Japan Tsunami
JAN 17
Storm Likely to Dump Snow from Deep South to DC
Heavy Rains, Flash Floods Hit Parts of Missouri
Small Town in Victoria on Edge as Fire Rages
Australia Set to Swelter Again
Floods Paralyze Indonesian Capital; at Least 4 Die, 20,000 Displaced
'Don't Even try to Travel Tomorrow': Motorists Warned To Stay Off Roads as Britain Is Set for Snow and Bitter Cold
Luxury Cruise Ship Damaged By Giant Wave
Guyana Villages Swamped after Freak High Tides
Volcanic Activity king Up Worldwide
11,000th Aftershock Rattles New Zealand Following 2010 Quake
Hawaiian Lava Lake Hits New Record High
HAARP Map on Fire
JAN 16
Freezing Rain and Snow Spreads to Northeast as South Shivers
Surprise Winter Storm Creates Travel Woes Across N. Texas
Tennessee Declares Emergency Over Ice Storm
Low Visibility at Time of London Helicopter Crash
Weather Channel: Are You Ready to Freeze Your ____ Off?
Family Freezes to Death
Antarctica Glacier's Retreat 'Unprecedented'
JAN 15
San Francisco Earthquake Safety Questioned as Report Lists Nearly 3,000 Potentially Dangerous Buildings
How the 7.5 Alaska Quake Affected Yellowstone the LA Sinkhole

How Earthquakes Bash Through 'Creeping' Faults
400000 Still Homeless 3 Years After Haitian Earthquake
1 dead, 900 Hurt in Heavy Japan Snowfall
60-mile Front Wildfire Blazes Across Australia as Heatwave Continues
CME Hits Earth on Thursday, Earthquake Watch Opens Tuesday
Russian Volcano Erupts for First Time in 40 Years – Creates Unprecedented Lake of Lava
Volcano Damages Undersea Cable
Documentary: Yellowstone Eruption Would Kill 200 Million People and Affect the Rest of the World
Volcano Lava Flows Worry Italian Island
Chinese Village Suffers Over 20 Sinkholes in 5 Months
JAN 14
East, Midwest: Multiple Arctic Outbreaks Next Few Weeks
Records Highs/Lows Smashed from Coast to Coast
Ice Storm Aims for Louisiana, Mississippi
Extreme Heat, Cold, Snow Plaguing the Globe
5.5 (upgraded to 5.6 by USGS) Quakes Strikes Gulf of Mexico
New Research Shows California Statewide Earthquake Possible
Earthquake Follows Tasmania Bushfires
Australia Fires Near Observatory, Uncover Drug Lab
'Worst Smog Ever' Hits Beijing
Britain's All-White! Band of Snow Drives Across the Country and There's More Icy Weather to Come This Afternoon; Forecasters Predict Big Freeze Will Last a Week
Report: Climate Change Already Affecting U.S. Economy, People
New UN Climate Report Will Be Released This Year. Be Prepared to Refute It.
New Island Forms Off Germany

Kilauea's Lava Breaches Crater
After 10 Years of Drought, Incredible Pictures of Snow-Covered Jerusalem
Top 10 Global Weather Events of 2012
JAN 11
Utah, Montana Snowstorm; Dakotas, Minnesota Blizzard
Near Hurricane Force Wind Gusts for New Mexico, Texas
Sharp Cold Wave Heading for Part of the US
Louisiana Declares State of Emergency Over Flooding
A Record 199 Days Without a Tornado Death; 1st Tornado of 2013 Hits Louisiana
Storm Delivers Onslow a Red-dust Sunset
Extreme Weather Brings Snow to Beirut, Record Heat to Australia
Heat, Flood or Icy Cold, Extreme Weather Rages Worldwide
Israel Crippled By Snowfall, Flooding for 6th Day
Mt. Fuji May Erupt By 2015, Says Ryukyu University Professor
11 Dead as Middle East Battered By Hail, Snow, and Rain
HAARP Status
Earthquake: 3.0 Quake Strikes Near Eureka, CA
Earthquake: Big One Involving Los Angeles And San Francisco Possible, Says Caltech
JAN 10
Australian Firefighters in Desperate Battle to Stop Bush Blazes Reaching Military Range of Unexploded Bombs
A Warning: Climate Could Be 'Hijacked'
How Earthquakes Bash Through 'Creeping' Faults
Nasty Cold Wave Heading for Part of the U.S.
Local Mayor Says Killer Whales Trapped in Canadian Ice Have Freed Themselves
Terrified Family Were Forced to Take Refuge in the Water as Australian Wildfire Tore Through Their Town
Heartbroken Couple Vow to Rebuild
Amid the Ruin in Carngham, the Spark of Life Burns
Irate Residents Say Bushfire Alerts Came Late
Australia Is So Hot They Had to Add New Colors to the Weather Map
Crews Battle Over 100 Bushfires in Australia

Snow in the Desert: Deadly Winter Storm Hits Mideast
Winter Storm Wreaks Havoc in British Columbia
Israel Hit by Worst, Week-Long Deluge in Two Decades Causes Major Disruptions
Snow Covers Jerusalem as Storm Rages On
'Wake-up Call': Chicago Set to Break Snowless Record
6.2 Earthquake Shakes Areas of Turkey and Greece
Planetary Disasters Will Strike Again, Maybe Tonight...
Sea Level Rises Will Be Much Worse Than We Feared, Say Leading Scientists, with Tens of Millions Likely to be Driven From Their Homes
The Sun-Earth Relationship
NASA Says Sun Drives Climate

NOAA: 2012 Was Warmest Year Ever for US, Second Most 'Extreme' – HOLLY NOTE: If this isn't 'prophecy in real time', I don't know what is. Prepare for what's coming, as this is just the beginning. Worse is coming. It is Biblical. Those who are awake, know there is no one, not government, certainly not FEMA, coming to our rescue. It depends on us, the individual to protect our families. Nothing Stan or I could say, should give you bigger insight than a headline from deadhead mainstream news. Please read and prepare yourselves with our FREE preparedness info. It is never too late to start until we are all 'toes up'.
Texas Severe Storms: Threat of Flooding, Tornadoes
Israel Braced for Storm with 100 Km/H Winds
Experts Say Louis. Sinkhole Gas Burning Off Slowly
Historic Heat Wave Brings Australia Its Hottest Average Temperature on Record
Wind and Searing Temperatures Fan Australia Wildfires
The 10 Most Frightening Environmental Risks
Earth's Forecast Looks Warm and Full of Volcano Eruptions
Eruption Update for Colima, Copahue, Stromboli, White Island and Turkey
Campi Flegrei Caldera in Italy Shows Signs of Magma Rising
Hundreds of Thousands Remain Homeless in Haiti 3 Years After Earthquake
Scientists Seek Foolproof Signal to Predict Earthquakes – HOLLY NOTE: This is the technique on what Stan's bases his predictive earthquake analyses. As you well know, it takes mainstream half of forever to climb on board to provable science especially when they have "late to the table" egg on their faces. Stan first broke this technology on Coast To Coast AM in 1996, America's biggest nighttime talk radio program now airing on over 560 U.S. stations and around the world via Internet.
Could Static Electricity Hold The Key to Predicting Earthquakes? Scientists Say They Are Close to Breakthrough – Multimillion Dollar Trial to Commence Along Major Fault Lines
Night of Alaska Earthquake Sounds
Brutal Cold Waves Could be Heading for the US
Australia Faces 'Catastrophic' Days as Wildfires Rage in 5 of Country's 6 States – HOLLY NOTE: Australia has 7 states, not 6 and as seen in the map below, fires are raging in every one of them. Since Australia is roughly the same size as CONUS, these fires encompass a lot of real estate.
Map of Fires Across Australia – map
Wildfires Rage Across Tasmania

Australia in Worst Heatwave in a Decade...
China's Coldest Winter in Decades Hits New Lows
Fear of 'Catastrophic' Sea-Level Rise as Ice Sheets Melt Faster Than Predicted
Rare Hawaiian Dust Devil Caught on Cam

7.5 (originally listed at 7.7) Quake Strikes Off Alaska – Stan forecast the 7.5 Alaskan shaker in yesterday's quake map posted at 10:30 a.m. The quake hit at midnight local time last night. Normally he has a larger window than 12 hours especially for that large an event. He had been picking up signals in and around the area for several days, and accurately pegged it yesterday morning. The note posted on our annual quake stats page is already proving true that due to the overall drop or 'average' activity for 2012, pressures may be building for significant earthquakes in 2013. Looks like we're starting off 2013 with a bang.

You have GOT to see this animation of the reverberations throughout America.

Scroll go to the second animation and you'll see this quake went schizo in all directions. It is most bizarre!

What's important about this is that the USGS only showed the "tail" feeling it. That's nonsense for a temblor event of this magnitude. One StanDeyo/Millennium-ark site reader from Oklahoma reported that he felt it there. It lasted 1:30 minutes.

Earthquakes 2012 Were Pretty Average – May Signify Pressure Is Building for 2013
Japan Hit With 12 Earthquakes in New Year Compared to 5 to Start 2012
3.6 Earthquake Strikes King City Area of Calif.
Buenos Aires Swelters Amid Heat Wave, Power Outages
January 1 Snow Coverage Sets New Record for US
Texas Drought Fears Intensify
Blizzard Shuts Parts of I-10 in Texas
Year in Review: Sandy, Isaac Wreak Havoc in US
1,000 Ships Stuck in East China Sea Ice
Teens Trapped on Frozen Lake Cling to Tree
Louisiana Cemeteries Washing Away
30-year Kilauea Eruption Bursts with Discoveries
New Submarine Volcanic Eruption Off Turkey's Coast Suspected
Transocean to Pay $1.4 Billion for Gulf Oil Spill
Extreme Weather Puts Bali’s Disaster Team on High Alert
New Seismic Swarm at El Hierro Island (Canary Islands)
Will a Megathrust Earthquake Strike the NW in 2013? Clues Are Emerging
Activity at Italy's Stromboli Volcano at 'Exceptionally High Levels'
Crews Attempt to Board Stranded Drilling Rig
Mississippi River Drying Up

1 Dead After Rogue Wave Washes Couple Out to Sea
SoCal Drivers Warned of Strong Winds, Flying Debris
Extreme Fire Danger Warned in Australia
Britain Washout 2012 Was Second Wettest Year on Record… and Forecasters Warn Extreme Rainfall Is Going to Get WORSE
Rescuers Evacuate 1200 Trapped Skiers in Spain
Year in Review: "Derecho" Slams 700 Miles of the US
Could Earth Get This Hot?
New England: Cold Could Rival All of Last Year
Storm-tossed Shell Drilling Ship Runs Aground off Alaska
Volcano Activity of December 31, 2012
Crews Battle Harsh Weather Trying to Tow Drilling Unit to Alaska Harbor
2012 Will Go Down in U.S. as Warmest Year on Record
U.S. Wildfire Season of 2012 Was 3rd Worst in History
Earthquakes, The Fuse That Ignites Volcanoes, Have Increased Worldwide
Earthquakes Rock Taranaki, New Zealand
'Nova' Recalls Icelandic Volcano And Its Nastier Cousins
2013 Smart Guide: Arctic Melt Will Spark Weird Weather
North India Shivers In Extreme Cold
Victoria, AU Expecting Extreme Fire Danger on Friday