Testimony of a Vampire Journey to Hell and Back

By Jason Pillow

As I sit here preparing to write my testimony, I find myself pondering on where to begin. What is the most important points, or is all of it important? My life has never been a bed of roses, infect it has been closer to a bed of thorns. No happy family with a white picket fence. No lovely fantasies or whispered lies of a wonderful life. My biological father had an addiction to cocaine and a habit of beating my mother and though my step father wouldn't dare hit her, he was very emotionally and mentally abusive. In 1997, at the age of 12, is where things truly began. This was the year that I started my journey into the occult. There had always been a spiritual darkness attached to my family, through our bloodline. From ancestral roots in the Native American shamans and medicine men, to necromancy, vampirism, and Satanism in the Celtic and European blood lines. The presence was always there. But when I was 12, two major events happened that set a chain of events into action that truly changed me for the worse.


I realize now that both events are connected by the same demon, but unfortunately for me, I had no knowledge of these things . The first event that happened, was one of the more significant events to happen to me and truly pushed me toward the dark arts. At this point in time, my mother had a home office and all of her equipment in the room next to mine. As I was sleeping one night, I woke up at 3 a.m. to my mother's calculator going off and printing a receipt. So I got up out of my bed and went into her office to see what was going on and found the calculator sitting there going crazy. My first thought was that it was just a short in the wire or something, so I simply unplugged it and went back to bed. And as I lay there trying to get back to sleep, I heard the calculator again doing the same thing. Hoping that my mother, or someone had plugged it back in, So I went into the office again to check it out and as I looked at it and realized that it was still unplugged and a cold chill ran up my spine. Officially freaked out at that point, I went back to my bedroom and tried to just ignore it and go back to sleep, and as I lay in my bed, I felt the room go ice cold and I could see my breath. As I started to look around, I began to feel an overwhelming sense of fear and terror and as I looked at my door I saw a massive black figure staring at me and almost as soon as I saw it, the demon went from my door way, to being on top of me, strangling me and right before I lost consciousness, it vanished. Over the next few weeks, I went to family and people that I thought that I could trust for advice and answers on how to get rid of this demon and protect myself, and even to people who claimed to be "Christians" and all that I got was denial and rejection. Half said that I had a nightmare and the others said that I just wanted attention. It's always amazes me how most "Christians" are so quick to claim that there saved and believe in the bible yet when they are confronted about demons and evil they want to deny that it exists (even though it's all through the scriptures) and choose to bury their head in the sand. But I will tell you now, “bad dreams don't leave bruising around your neck!” So due to the lack of support from "God's people," I started looking for answers in other places. And before I even had time to get a grip on what was happening to me, something came my way that changed me greatly.


I told you previously that there were two events that had the most influence on me. Well this is the second one. About two weeks or so, after the attack of the demon, I was sitting on our couch in the living room watching TV, when my step father, under demonic influence (will go into detail later) pulled a berretta 9mm and started ranting and talking to something that apparently only he could hear or see, looked at me and said "I've got something for you" and then pointed the gun at my cat and then at me and started pulling the trigger and then as if he did not realize there was no bullet in the chamber, put it to his head, grinned the most sinister, evil, grin, I had ever seen and pulled the trigger again. Thankfully, there were no round in the chamber. However, it still caused significant ,psychological damage and more than had the demon's desired effect on me.

Let me explain. You see, up until this second event, I was timid and suffered from depression and abandonment, issues and though I wasn't weak, I actively avoided confrontation, even at the risk of my own health. But as the first demonic attack pushed me toward the occult, this event made me not only fearless, but aggressive and with my new found courage and careless attitude combined with my growing interest in the occult, it was destined for my life to really fall into great evil.


Now that I am able to look back and see just how foolish I was; HOW GREATFUL AND THANKFUL I AM, JESUS GAVE ME A SECOND CHANCE, BECAUSE OF HIS GREAT LOVE FOR ME AND ALL WHO ARE LOST, AS WELL AS, THOSE WHO ARE ALREADY CALLED BY HIS NAME. And though many may not understand this, I am most thankful to the Lord for allowing me to go down this path. Because, if He hadn't, I never would have been able to have the first hand knowledge of the occult, and how and why, they do the things that they do now. Because of this, I will be able to help others He sends my way, to find their way into the Kingdom of God.

You see when I was first getting started, I had the naïve notion that I could face these spiritual beings on a physical basis, like I would any regular human being. But, as I soon came to realize, that idea was a big mistake. For the first couple of years, I was for the most part, left alone by the demons and had the foolish notion that they were afraid of me, because of the knowledge that I was gaining, not realizing that I was playing into their hands the entire time. During those first three and a half years of study, I wasn't fully converted to the occult. To term it correctly, I was a dabbler, or to use a term they use, I was a "characin" or a witch, that still held on to Christian dogma. My complete rejection of Christianity didn't happen till the year 2000 and the death of my friend's mother. My best friend at the time, Scott's mom, was diagnosed with cancer and died some months later. (I still remember the feeling in the room as her spirit left her body) But Jo Ann was a good Christian woman, which loved her son and even seemed to care a great deal for me. And after she passed away, her sister's immediately said that Scott and I had cursed her and caused her to die, even though, at this point, we weren't even practicing the craft. All we had done was read a book, or two up till then. And then on top of throwing false accusations and lies they still call themselves "Christians. “ That for me was the final straw. Immediately I renounced the church and dove into full practice of the occult. I know that most would assume that I went straight into the deepest darkest void of the occult that I could find, but that really wasn't the case. I actually started out in Wicca in 2000. I knew a fellow witch in the Jackson, Tenn. Area, named Sherry, who owned an occult shop called Charlottes Mystical Web and taught classes and gave certifications in "white magick" and druidism. Her classes were the place that I got my real start into spell working, ritual magick and summoning of demons. I stayed with her for the longest time, eating up the Luciferian lies of the need for all religions and governments to unite as one and that Jesus was not that powerful, through occultic practice, than the rest of humanity. They feel that the 30 years of Christ' life, that wasn't in the scriptures, was because he had traveled to Tibet, or somewhere else and trained with the occult masters. As I said, the lies that are used against God in the realm of the occult , are mind blowing if you don't know what to expect. But after I had finished my studies and obtained my priesthood from the white tower I started having problems with demons again. I was even revisited by a demon named Malach that I thought was gone.


Before I can continue with my story, I need to pause for a moment and update you on some history of how I was connected to this particular demon Malach. Sometime in the year 2001 I went with a friend of mine to investigate a haunted house that a mass murder had took place in. The house was located in the outskirts of my home town, deep in the country. Local legend had it that the people that lived in the house were very deep in the occult and even cannibalism and had killed several people and finally a local sheriff's deputy had enough when they killed a relative of his, ran into the house with a shot gun killed them all and then turned the gun on himself and pulled the trigger. So we went to this house hoping to investigate the property, but found that the door was locked and thanks to my pride and ignorance, I picked the lock and went in anyways. It was your typical Victorian style house with the original décor still preserved inside the peak of 1970's fashion, but as soon as we walked in, the presence of evil is unmistakable. As we investigated, we started to notice strange things happening, such as objects moving on their own, levitating,. Or being knocked off the shelf. But the real thing that shook us to the core was the demon revealing itself to us on the second floor and it was not happy about us being there. It scared us bad enough that we jumped off of the second floor balcony, got on the 4 wheeler and drove off. We heard the screams of a little girl, as we watched the house from across the field for hours. But this demon didn't stay at this house, it had actually followed me and tormented me for months, before leaving me alone and as I said in the last before, I thought it was gone for a long time, but it was almost as soon as I had finished obtaining my priesthood it came back. To be honest ,I believe that its entire purpose was to push me even deeper into the occult and into the dark rituals, or perhaps, simply to push me into being totally possessed. But , such is the nature of the satan' and his gang. During this time of battling with this particular demon for a period of months, I had reached my limits and had got so desperate, one night , that I performed a summoning demon's ritual and asked for the aid of the "spirits" (that I now know are demons themselves) and made a pact with one, that told me that it was the spirit of a dead vampire and that if I accepted it, it would give me the powers that it once had and I would be able to finally defeat the demon I was confronting. I did too and was finally able to force the demon to leave me alone, but at a cost greater than I could have ever imagined.


Once I had made the pact with the "spirit of vampirism" I was able to force the other demon to leave me alone and was beside myself with the pleasure of my new found powers. However, after a couple of weeks, I started to notice physical changes as well. I had become stronger and faster, but I also became very pale and sensitive to sunlight and had an appetite that I could not satisfy. I actually figured out how to at least pacify my new appetite, by accident one day, as I was investigating a graveyard one day with a friend of mine. We were walking through this cemetery and I felt a spirit pass right through me and somehow I fed off of it and my appetite went away. Later on, I figured out that this also worked on people too. During this brief period of time, I branched out and became very active in paranormal research, religious studies and demonology. At one point, me and a fellow practitioner I knew, tracked and studied the movements of demons and how they operated. Even their abilities and their ranks. Finally, after a couple of months the demon of vampirism took full hold of me and I was completely changed and I do mean completely! Traits, appearance, attitude, everything, even my k-9's grew to be razor sharp and blood became a requirement. Soul raving, no longer helped my hunger and my powers were becoming uncontrollable. There was one time at work, that I shadow walked from the back of the store all the way to the front of the store, without realizing it and freaked out a bunch of my co-workers. (Shadow walking is like teleporting, it's the ability to go from one place to another instantly.) And according to people that I know, at one point, I blacked out at a local concert venue and almost killed a man and still to this day I don't have any memory of doing it. I figure by now, some of you reading this, must be thinking "where I was getting the blood I needed to drink?” The answer to that question, I had a girlfriend at the time that was as deep as I was in the dark arts that I fed on. But as I was becoming more and more power hungry, it was becoming harder and harder for me to control it. Until something had to change. And believe me, change, it did!!!


After almost a decade spent in the occult , with half of it spent in the company of demons, the Lord had apparently decided that it was time for me to come to Him. In may 2005, after partying with a Satanist friend of mine, on a Friday night, we were in a car wreck. The car rolled 4 times and I was thrown 45 feet from it. My injuries were so bad, that I had to be air lifted to a major hospital that was 4 hours away. While I was in the helicopter, I died and as my spirit was leaving my body, the demon that had given me the powers that I had, grabbed me and drug me to Hell. As I came to my senses I was overwhelmed by a flood of realizations about my surroundings. The first thing that I noticed was the heat that I felt, it felt as though I should burst into flames at any second and that there was no way that I could be alive as hot as it was. Then as my senses began to register and my mind started to grasp things, I noticed that I couldn't see anything. But it wasn't because I was blind, but rather, where I was, was so dark, that you couldn't see your hand in front of your face. And there was something very different about this darkness, you could feel it like you could reach out and touch it. And then, all at once, somehow I knew that I was in hell and then the full reality hit me like ton of bricks. And immediately the rest of my senses came together and I was crippled with fear. Please understand that I will do my best to describe what I experienced . But believe me when I say, there is nothing that exists on earth, or words that I can use aptly to describe this horrible, terrifying experience. The fear was absolutely devastating? If you could pretend that you are in the middle of the ocean, floating bodily in the water, surrounded by a school of hungry, great white sharks. Now take that amount of fear and multiply it by a thousand times ten thousand and then add the truth, “THAT IT WAS FOR ALL ETERNITY!” And all that you heard were the screams of all the people in Hell, constantly, blood curtailing screams of pain, anguish and sorrow. If I could think of a way to describe it to you I would, but I don't even know where to begin with that. The pain from the heat alone, was constant and exceedingly painful, but somehow I knew that the people in the fire, where somewhere else in hell and that I was in some sort of cell, like a prison cell, almost, and there were millions of them and they were full of people like me, guilty of the same sins I was being tortured and tormented for. Such a wave of emotion came flooding into me and all I could think about was the times that I had rejected JESUS and how sorry I was that I didn't listen to those He sent to tell me about HIM. The sorrow I felt, was almost unbearable and OH how I wish I would have listened. Then all of a sudden, I felt something move in the cell with me and as I was focused on it I noticed two more and then I heard them talking and I didn't understand the language they were speaking , but I could feel their hatred for me and then the closest one to me, called me by my occult name and told me that I did well to challenge the Christians on earth and make them question their beliefs and that this was my reward. And as he said that he grabbed me by my head and threw me against the wall and as I hit, I felt every bone in my body break and as soon as I landed another demon grabbed me and threw me against the ceiling and ripped my back open and as it held me, the third demon grabbed my arms and ripped them off and as they continued they laughed and took great joy in my pain and after I had been in there for 5 unimaginable, painful, tormented, days, the Lord, (OH HALLELUJAH FOR HIS LOVE AND MERCY,)came and brought me out of Hell. He told me that He was not done with me and that I have a purpose in these final days. The Lord told me that soon I was going to be called to serve Him and that I would answer and He was going to remove what just happened to me in Hell from my mind, until after I have come to Him, so I would know that it was Him calling me. And then I woke up in the hospital.


After the wreck, I didn't remember anything (just as He told me I wouldn't), so for weeks, I was confused and didn't know which way was up and which was down. All that I really knew, was that, something was different. I knew that I had experienced something I couldn't remember and that I didn't feel the same about my beliefs as I once did. I didn't turn away from my beliefs, but I really began to question everything that I had learned. One night while I was visiting a friend of mine, I was having trouble and was very confused and angry, so I went by myself to the church up the road and went and sat in the grave yard, so I could be alone and think. And as I was sitting there, I saw what I now realize was an angel walking on the other side of the cemetery and it motioned for me to come over to it. So I did. When I got there, it told me to hold out my hands, so I did and as the angel took my hands, I was flooded with an overwhelming since of peace, like all of the world just passed away and there was nothing but peace and joy. Then I saw a vision of the woman that He revealed was meant for me. She had black hair and was beautiful. And as the vision ended, I fell to my knees and was crying, which was such a relief, seeing how I had grown so cold that I hadn't cried in years, and then the angel was gone. As I began to look for the woman that I had been shown, as His will would have it, she showed up at my doorstep one day with a friend of my sister, who had come to see how I was doing after the car wreck. And over the next couple of months, I really started getting to know her. Her name is Brittany and she is now my wife, but it wasn't so easy to get from where we were, to where we are now. When we first met she was saved and I was still a pagan and as you can imagine, that didn't set so well with her mother and people that were close to her, like brother Gary. But the Lord wouldn't let her, let me go and finally Thanks be to the Lord and the constant prayers of Brittany and my grandmother, I was confronted by her brother Gary, under direction of the Lord and was humbled and saved. The Lord said that He would call me and I would answer. And He never breaks His Word.
Let His Name be Praised above all other names forever!!!!


I am filled with joy, of how my life has turned out up to now. And, how the Lord has allowed me to be used in these final days that we live in. I hope that my testimony has helped to open the eyes of any who really need to read it. The power of the enemy is very real and I could type page after page, talking about the things that I have done during those years and even more pages on the knowledge that I have been given about the occult and what they desire to accomplish over the entire earth. About the true history, the secret societies, the Luciferian orders and much more on the knowledge that the Lord has given me. The Lord has never hid any of this from His people. But it is up to you to search it out. The Lord said that His people will parish for their lack of knowledge. So I ask you. How much do you know? Do you ever question what your preacher teaches and research it for yourself? Do you know anything about the enemy and how they work? Do you know how to engage a demon, or a witch in spiritual warfare? Or do you simply pretend that it doesn't exist and stick your head in the sand, hoping it will never come near you, or your loved ones? Do you realize the Word of God gives several examples of satanic rituals being used in the scriptures? I placed some below, for those who want to read and search them out. It also gives examples of satan's followers, infiltrating the church. My point is, simply, that God's people need to wake up! And quickly! Because we have a very short time to learn the power Jesus gave us over the enemy. What will the Lord say to you when you stand before Him? Will he say “Well done thy good and faithful servant. Or, will He say “Depart from me ye worker of iniquity, for I never knew you."

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