DEC 26
Hundreds of Rescued Dogs Given Second Chance in Biggest-Ever Airlift

Paying It Forward, One Drive-Through at a Time

DEC 23
Postal Worker Catches Twin Baby Boys Tossed from Burning Third-Floor Apartment in Bronx
Injured Dog Rescued After Found Sleeping in Nativity Scene
DEC 20
Lost Diamond Ring in Christmas Tree Lot Returned to Grateful Owner
Her Service Dog Will Follow Her Anywhere…Even Into Surgery
Rescued Paralyzed Dog Helps Autistic Kids
DEC 19
Blind Man and Loyal Dog Can Stay Together – Thanks to New Yorkers' Donations
Daniel, the Shelter Dog, Who Refused to Die Warms Nation’s Heart By Emerging from Pound’s Gas Chamber Wagging His Tail
DEC 18
Rescued from a Pile of Trash, This Abandoned Dog Does What No One Thought She Was Capable Of
DEC 17
Canadian Man Wins $40M Lottery... and Then Gives It All Away to Charity in Memory of His Wife He Lost to Cancer
'Tips for Jesus' Continues; Waiters Get up to $10,000
DEC 16
Colorado Veteran Wayne Hayden Living His Remaining Days Helping America’s Forgotten Veterans
DEC 13
My Christmas Eve By Bob Welsh

DEC 12
Texas Pastor Receives Praise for Helping Over 200 Stranded Motorists During Ice Storm
Dog Helps Save Owner Who Was Hit By Car In Dorchester
DEC 11
Herd of 9 Caught on Camera as Avalanche Approaches... But How Many Will Survive?
90-Year-Old Finally Graduates - After Finishing Her Degree in 1943
DEC 10
Found Safe! Nevada Family, Children Who Disappeared in Mountains
German Shepherd Rings Bells for Salvation Army
NOV 30
I'm a Boxer Puppy with 2 Legs (and Don't Know I'm Handicapped)

What One Hero Police Officer Does to Save a Man's Life is Jaw-Dropping

NOV 22
America's 'Longest Married Couple' Celebrates 81 Years of Marriage
Boy Who Inspired 20-Fold Rise in Donors Finds a Match
NOV 21
Adorable Moment Newborn Twins Cling to Each Other for Their First Bath
NOV 18
City Comes Together to Cheer Bat Kid Whose Wish Came True
NOV 15
The Secret SAS Hero: How Son Discovered His Greengrocer Father's Extraordinary Past...
Moment of Sheer Bliss on Sailor's Face Who Returns Home to See Baby Daughter for First Time
NOV 13
Mo. Man Wrongly Jailed for Nearly 10 Years Released
NOV 12
Man Finds $98K in Desk and Returns It
NOV 11
High School Friends of Iraq Vet Who Lost His Arm and Paralyzed from the Waist Down to Build Him New Home After Raising $260K
Pranksters Give Grateful Homeless Man New Set of Pearly Whites
OCT 29
Former Atheist Says She Woke Up in Heaven and Talked to God During the 9 Minutes She Was Clinically Dead – HOLLY NOTE: It's sad many mainstream news sources feel compelled to run a tired 'explanation' deriding these people's experiences. They attribute their amazing journies to a biological answer – that it's due to side effects of medicinal or recreational drugs. If that were so, why do the majority see Christ, experience God? Why don't they go fishing or visit Saturn or simply sit on a stump in a forest, something not related to faith and salvation? Even non-Christians, like Hindus and Muslims, have received this precious gift of seeing Jesus.
Dog Shot and Abandoned on Mountain Is Adopted By Mother Who Found Him and Carried Him to Safety
Amazing Criss Angel Illusion!

Emotional Baby

The Power of Words

Go with Richie Parker for an Inspirational Drive

Best Gift Ever? Man Celebrating His Wedding Anniversary Reunited With Beloved Dog Who Vanished Three Months Ago
Dog Too Terrified to Lift His Head After Years of Abuse Gets His Confidence Back Through Love of New Owners
Phenomenal Forte on America's Got Talent

A Generation Removed
Angels, Healings, Miracles – Are They Real?
Battered and Bruised Armed Thugs Taught a Lesson By Their Intended Victims Who Fought Back
Diana Nyad in Homestretch on Way from Cuba to Fla.
Man Who Returned Ring No Longer Homeless: 'I Feel Human Now'
AUG 30
'America's Got Talent': Forte's Operatic Take on 'Unchained Melody' Wins The Night – HOLLY NOTE: Even if you don't love opera, this will blow your socks off!

AUG 20
Clinically Dead Woman Revived After 42 Minutes
AUG 15
Cop Carries Exhausted Dog to Safety After Her Paws Melted on Hot Tarmac after She Fled Car Crash
AUG 12
Riders Who Stumbled Across California Kidnap Victim, 16, in Idaho Wilderness Said Captor 'Had His Arm Around Girl and He Kept Her in a Small Tent'
'One Chance in a Trillion' Hannah Was Found
Jack and Chico – A Story of Hope, Rescue and Love
Boy Lost in Australian Bush Saved By Kangaroo

Did an Angel Save This Car-Crash Victim?
Daisy - The Little Pup Who Believed
– HOLLY NOTE: We double dog dare you to watch this and come away without needing Kleenex. Daisy should have been named the Little Engine That Could.
Disabled Kitten and Puppy Learn to Walk

Hero: NFL Rookie, Johnathan Willard, Pulls Family, Dog from Fiery Car Crash

Man Swims 5 Hours in a Sea of Jellyfish to Save Family After Capsize
2 Florida Horses Left To Die Survive Months Eating Wood, Manure
'I Am Strong Enough To Walk Through Hell With a Smile': Ohio Kidnap Victims Say Thanks

Move Over, Sully: Helicopter Pilot Makes Amazing Emergency Landing In Hudson River, Saving All 4 Passengers - 'They Didn’t Even Get Wet'
Annie's Song

Newborn Baby Boy Is Rescued Alive From Drain Under Courtyard After 40 Hours: Mother 'Who Could Not Afford Abortion' Is Arrested By Spanish Police

Tiny Chihuahua Puppies Survive Oklahoma Tornado Aftermath

Dog Pushes Owner in Wheelchair Through Flooded Street

Dog Saves Abandoned Newborn, Brings Infant Home
MAY 24
Meet the Family Who Sent 6 Kids to College By Age 12 – HOLLY NOTE: Like the twin co-valedictorians we reported last week, these kids were homeschooled. Makes public school look even worse than thought.
MAY 23
80-year-old Becomes Oldest Man to Climb Mount Everest
MAY 17
Two Sisters, Separated as Infants, Reunite 17 Years Later at Track Meet

MAY 13
Blind Dog Living in a Trash Pile Gets the Most Beautiful Rescue – HOLLY NOTE: This will make you smile
'Autistic' Boy Genius Has IQ Higher Than Einstein
MAY 10
Survivor Found in Bangladesh Factory 17 Days After Collapse That Killed Over 1,000
Cat Makes 8-Mile Trek Home After Being Lost By Family Displaced in Hurricane Sandy
Heartwarming Moment a Disabled Dog Greets Her Air Force Owner Returning from Afghanistan
APR 29
Frostbitten Dog Who Lost Paws Can Walk Again with 4 Prosthetic Limbs
Pet Doberman, Lily, Plays With 1-Year-Old Baby

APR 22
Heroic Doctor Who Had Just Finished Boston Marathon SPRINTED to Help Victims
APR 19
Boston, West, Texas, America, Don't Give Up Hope
Seeing Me – A Message of Heartache and Hope
APR 10
Beloved Dog Missing for 8 Months Is Reunited with Family After 900-Mile Journey from Illinois to Virginia
Two Oregon Girls Lift 3,000-Lb. Tractor Off of Dad
Drowning Victim’s Visit to Heaven

MAR 26
Dog Leads Hiker to Man Trapped for Days in Hole
MAR 25
Soldier’s Cat Makes Perilous Journey from Afghanistan to Oregon
MAR 19
College Student Brings Judges and Family to Tears With Powerful Audition

MAR 13
His Days Are Numbered
Dog Saves Missing Girl, Keeps Her Warm in Freezing Cold
FEB 26
The Boy Who's Saving the Lions
FEB 25
The Gratitude Campaign – It Means More Than You Think

The Website
FEB 20
Heartbreaking Photo of a Man Holding His Dog's Paw Through a Pound Cage Prompts Well-Wishers to Donate the $400 to Free Him
Letter from the Post Office
FEB 15
Pig Born with Small Back Legs That Didn't Work – His Uplifting Story

FEB 13
Her Valentine’s Day Gift to Husband: Her Kidney
Trapped Dog Rescued from Frozen Pond

Puppy 'Lucky to be Alive' after Left Inside Laptop Case
Family Discover Missing Pet Tortoise in Locked Store Room 30 YEARS after She Vanished... and She's Still Alive
JAN 30
Irish American Heroes Pull Couple from Freezing Waters of the Hudson After Plane Crash
JAN 28
When God Ran

JAN 21
Holly the Cat's Incredible Journey
JAN 16
Volunteers Save 1,000 Cats from Dining Table After Discovering Them in Cramped Cages Following Crash
JAN 14
Indiana Boy Found 19 Years After He Went Missing; Birth Mother Lived in a Car When Grandparents Abducted Him
Cat Walks 190 Miles to Get Back Home