The next time some Aztlan fanatic tells you the U.S. stole the
American Southwest, please direct them here:

Illegal Alien Population by State
Illegal Immigration Costs U.S. $113 Billion a Year, Study Finds
FBI Stats

DEC 24
Feds See Surge in Children Crossing US Border
ICE ‘Removed’ More Than 368,000 Individuals in FY2013, More Than 60% Were Criminals

DEC 20
Christie Planning Private Signing of Tuition Bill for Illegal Aliens
Judge: DHS Complicit in Human Trafficking That Helps Fund Drug Cartels
DEC 19
Pelosi: Being an Illegal Alien is Not a Reason to Deport Someone
Border Patrol Helps Smuggle Illegal Immigrant Children into the United States
DEC 16
Pelosi Calls for Obama to Halt Deportations
13 Year Veteran Cop Discovered to Be Illegal Alien
DEC 12
Obama Will Extend Amnesty for Young Illegals
Majority of Americans Believe Deportation Not Aggressive Enough
DEC 11
Steve King Likens Amnesty to Bank Robbery
Corpse of Tortured Mexican National Found in U.S. Near Border
Illegal Charged With Raping Deaf-Mute Woman
Texas Lt. Gov: We Shut Down Border Ourselves
Boehner Hires Immigration Adviser, Will Push Piecemeal Reform
NOV 25
Illegals March Across Classified Military Base – 'I Think the Average American Should Be Petrified'
Not So Fast! Amnesty Battles Far From Over
NOV 22
Illegal Alien Charged with Rape in Idaho
Illegal Alien MS-13 Member Gets Life in Prison for U.S. Murder Rampage
Immigration Reform May Happen—One Rule at a Time
CBP Agent Warns of Ongoing Threat of "Nearly Unguarded Northern Border"
NOV 20
Hundreds of Undocumented Immigrants Captured at Southern Arizona Military Post
American Borders Will Be Changing
NOV 19
Illegal Immigrants in DC Can Obtain Drivers Licenses
NOV 15
Illegal Immigrants Charged with Attacking U.S. Border Patrol Agent
NOV 14
Killing Amnesty 'Christmas Gift' to America
NOV 13
Immigration 'Reform' Dead in Congress?
The Coming Hispanic Civil Rights Movement
NOV 11
DMV Official Pleads Guilty to Giving Illegals Driver's Licenses
Lobbyists for Restaurant Chains Grease Wheels for Immigration Bill
Schlafly: Statue Is About Liberty, Not Amnesty
OCT 31
Report: U.S. Deported Lowest Number of Illegal Aliens Since 1973
New Drug Tunnel Links San Diego, Tijuana
OCT 29
Illegal Activists Becoming More Aggressive
OCT 28
Conflict Between Cartel and Self-Defence Groups Brings Chaos to Mexico
Immigrant Who Killed Mom, 4 Kids Envied Their Lifestyle
OCT 25
Business Leaders Meet With WH Officials On Immigration
OCT 23
US Government-Funded Study Involves Paying Mexican Prostitutes
OCT 22
IRS Pays Illegal Immigrants $4.2B, Stalls Tea Parties
OCT 21
Illegals Aren't "Going to Take It Anymore"? We Must Stop Amnesty Drive Now or Suffer Long Term Consequences Pt 1, Pt 2
OCT 19
The Big Shove Towards Amnesty
Business Groups to Fight Conservatives Over Immigration
Bill Would Triple Immigration to 33 Million
Escalation: Illegal Aliens Block Deportation Bus in San Francisco
ICE Officers: Violent (Illegal Alien) Criminals Are Released Every Day Back into Communities
OCT 17
4 'Illegal Migrants' Die As Boat Capsizes off Miami
OCT 16
Obama Vows Immigration Push 'Day After' Fiscal Crisis Ends
Report: Illegal Immigrant Hired as Obamacare ‘Navigator’
OCT 15
Illegals Collect Billions in Tax Credits
Illegals in Arizona Fight Deportations, Call on Obama to Halt Removals
OCT 11
Amnesty Adds 17 Million Voters to U.S. – Senate Bill OKs Sizable Expansion of New Green Cards – HOLLY NOTE: Obamination method: If you can't win honestly – cheat! You have to wonder what he sees in the mirror. What would his portrait of 'Dorien Gray' reveal … If you're not familiar with The Picture of Dorian Gray, this is an apt summary: "Written in his distinctively dazzling manner, Oscar Wilde’s story is of a fashionable young man who sells his soul for eternal youth and beauty. The tale of Dorian Gray’s moral disintegration caused a scandal when it first appeared in 1890".
Immigration Bill to Give Dems White House Grip
8 Democrats Arrested at Pro-Amnesty Rally on ‘Closed’ National Mall
'Making America More American' – Pelosi Exults Amid Cheers From Crowd of Illegals and Union Organizers
America's Number One Threat: Mexico
Arizona Wants Citizenship Proof to Vote in Statewide Races
Eating Nachos, Wearing Sombreros Is Basically a Hate Crime at Cornell
State of Emergency Inevitable

Amnesty S744 Bill: 2 Million Immigrants to Be Imported Annually
Illegal Immigrants Allowed to Practice Law in CA
Jerry Brown Signs Bill Making CA Sanctuary State for Most Illegals
Feds' 'Shackles' on Sheriff Joe Also In Immigration Bill – Legislation Imposes Heavy Restrictions on Stopping Illegals
Invasion USA: How Steve King Will Kill Amnesty Bill
32 DREAMers Detained By U.S. Authorities After Attempted Re-Entry Without Documentation
Border Battle: Ariz. County Forced to End Smuggling Prosecutions
Fears of Drug Turf War as 9 Slain in 3 Mexico Cities
As Government Shutdown Looms, Eric Cantor Holds Meeting on Amnesty
Decline of Illegal Immigrants Coming into America Has Reversed and on the Rise Again
Calif. Bill Would Halt Some Illegal Immigrant Deportations
State Set to Allow Illegals to Practice Law
Rising Immigrant Deaths Become Burden for Texan Border County
It's All-Out war in the Streets for Control – Drug Syndicate, Knights Templar, Beheads Its Enemies, Terrorizes an Entire State in Central Mexico
Illegal Aliens in L.A. on Pace to Receive $650M in Welfare Benefits
Mexican Govt Launches Hotline to Provide Information on US Immigration Debate
TSA Agent Arrested for Smuggling Illegal Aliens into US
ICE Released 2,837 Convicted Alien Sex Offenders Back into US to Comply With Supremes' Ruling
20 Million Illegals in US, Say Former Border Patrol Officers
Board of Trustees of New Mexico Town Directs Marshal Not to Enforce Immigration Laws
Iran Aggressively Recruiting ‘Invisible Army’ of Latin American Converts to Infiltrate U.S. Through ‘Soft Belly’ of the Southern Border
Border Patrol Agents: Don’t Pass Gang of 8 Immigration Bill
Immigration Advocates Predict Big City Rallies
UCLA Student Government Resolution Bans ‘Derogatory’ Term ‘Illegal Immigrant’
AUG 26
At Least 5 Dead, 16 Injured When Train Carrying 250 Would-be Illegal Aliens Derails in Mexico
New Obama Policy Warns Agents Not to Detain Illegal Immigrant Parents
AUG 23
Officials Find Mass Grave East of Mexico City
AUG 22
New Narrative: Amnesty Equals More Jobs for Everybody!
Obama Administration Considers Plan to Bolster Mexico’s Southern Border
AUG 21
Illegals Demand Free Liver Transplants
AUG 20
Obama Admin. Makes Secret Deal With Mexico to Help Illegal Immigrants in the Workplace
Bill Gives Illegals Student-Loan 'Equality'
GOP on Immigration: No "Special" Path to Citizenship
AUG 17
Scene from They Come to America II

Illegal Immigrant Students Demand Lower College Tuition
Norquist Suggests Immigration Bill Will Not Pass House This Year
DHS Draws Criticism Over $13M for Border Agents' Housing
US Border Security Data Not Reliable, Government Reports Show
AUG 14
Mexican Drug Cartels Continue to Invade America: “People Think, ‘The Border’s 1,700 Miles Away. This Isn’t Our Problem.’ Well, It Is."
Rubio Warns of Executive Order on Immigration If Congress Fails to Pass Reform
Steve King Hits Road for 'Stop Amnesty' Rallies
AUG 13
Agencies Buying Hotel Rooms for Surge of Mexican Illegal Immigrants, Others Released
Hotel Rooms for Hundreds of Illegals: Taxpayers Are Footing the Bill

Related: Loophole Allowing hundreds of Immigrants to Cross – Hundreds Using Same Key Worlds to Get Asylum in US

Sen. Harkin (D-IA): 'I Just Don't Classify Illegal Immigrants as Criminals' (Though They Are)
AUG 12
Sudden Flood of Asylum Requests at U.S./Mexico Border
Loophole: People Are Being Told to Use "Key Words" to Cross Border
Cal. in Severe Drought: Amnesty Would Admit 33 Million More – State Houses 38 Million People – Grows By 1,655 People Daily
Front Page Wash Post Story Hides Fact That Alleged Murderer Was Illegal Alien
Border Patrol Agents Blast Lawmakers for Helping Cartels
Amnesty Driven by Voodoo Economics
Immigration Reform 2013: Rep. Charlie Rangel Says Tea Party 'White Crackers', House Republicans Uncomfortable With People of Color
Tea Party Warns of ‘Bait and Switch’ on Immigration
Arrest Not a Concern When Illegal Immigrants Break U.S. Law
Immigration Union Warns GOP Against Legalizing DREAMers
Mexican Cartels Recruiting US Soldiers as Hit Men
How Russia Deals With Illegal Immigrants
Mass Immigration vs the Rights of American Workers
Top GOP Donors Tell Party To Legalize Illegal Immigrants
Ryan: House Will Vote to Legalize Illegal Immigrants
Horrible Crimes Committed By Illegal Immigrants

Breitbart's Brandon Darby Exposes Hole in Border Fence

Illegals Have Brand-New Excuse To Celebrate
Immigration Watchdog: 'New Nation' If Amnesty Bill Becomes Law
Immigration Bill Outlaws 'Discrimination' Against Illegals
Illegal Alien Brutally Rapes, Beats and Murders 93-Year Old Nebraska Woman
Muslim Immigration to U.S. is on the Rise
Illegal Alien Drug-Smuggler Suspect Deported 11 Prior Times
U.S. Border Patrol Deporting Illegal Alien with 37 Criminal Convictions in USA – HOLLY NOTE: Are we slow learners or what?
Immigration Reform: From House Republicans, Some Sympathy for DREAMers
McCain to Newsmax: Americans 'Overwhelmingly' Want Immigration Reform
La Raza Planning Push for Immigration Bill
La Raza Wins Big With Immigration Reform Bill
Amnesty Bill has $150 Million for La Raza, Other Amnesty Groups
22 Killed in Clashes Between Mexican Police, Armed Gangs
Immigration Bill Filled with Special-Interests, Slush Funds
'Fatal Flaw' In Immigration Bill
Moving to Mexico
Student Booted from U.S. College For Favoring English!
IRS Gave $14 Billion in Refundable Tax Credits to Illegals
Protesting Border 'Militarization': 250 in El Paso March Against Surge in Immigration Reform Bill
Citizens to Compete With Illegals For Financial Aid?
‘Blue Slip’ for Amnesty: Senate Tries to Enact a $459 Billion Tax Increase
Mexico Nabs Notorious Leader of Zetas Cartel
Mexican Smuggling Boats Race Up California Coast
House Republicans Press New Immigration Tactic: Obama Won't Enforce Border Security
Alinsky and Amnesty: Plan Is Designed To Fail
Who's Your New Neighbor?
Real Immigration Reform Starts in Mexico: Introducing the Zorro Brigades
GOP Reps: Senate Immigration Bill Unconstitutional
Eye-popping Billboard Zings Famous Republican – 'These People Must Have Been Off the Planet for the Last 5 Years'
RIP: Politico Concedes Immigration Reform Will Die in House
Left Releases House GOP Target List for Amnesty
GOP Immigration Plan Devised by Communist Party
Mexican Cartel Kidnapped Man in US, Smuggled Across Border, Feared Dead
Now Illegals Look To Cash in on 'Obama Money'
Congressman: Obama 'Jamming' Amnesty on House
Southern Border Fence? Works Great Here!
Conservatives Gear Up for Fight Over Immigration Bill
Scott Walker: I Support a Pathway to Citizenship
Fort Hancock, Texas: Where a Fence And Hope For Illegals Ends
Americans Should be Extradited and Tried for Operation Fast and Furious, Mexican Officials Say
Amnesty by any Other Name
Immigrants Account For All Job Gains Since 2000: Native-Born Workers’ Employment Has Fallen
Sen. Marco Rubio’s Political Future Is Tied To Success Of Immigration Bill
Immigration Bill Clears Senate, Faces Uncertain Future in House
Ted Cruz Exposes Amnesty Bill: $5000 Penalty For Hiring Citizens
The Victims of Immigration Reform – HOLLY NOTE: According to the Rasmussen poll, immigration rates dead last for peoples' concerns on a list of 10 possible topics. This is astonishing! It clearly speaks to Americans' ignorance and disengagement on the subject. Only zero understanding of the repercussions and implications to take on a minimum of 11 million – and some say as many as 40 million people – eligible for Obama entitlements that already account for 2/3 of our debt. Ask people who can't find a job how they like looming amnesty. Every President who grants amnesty says this will be a one-off thing. Since 1986, there have been SEVEN mass amnesties. Think again if you don't see that illegals get amnestia. Obama will push through #8 and then will have yet another flood of illegals through our sieve-like border waiting for #9. Once is never enough. Seven previous amnesties prove it.
Republican Party Won't Survive Amnesty Bill and Neither will America
New GOP Strategy: Give Democrats a Big Head Start!
Mexico Theme Park Attraction: Illegal Border Crossing
Sen. Murray: ‘I Do Not Know Exactly’ How Many DUIs an Illegal Can Get and Still be Legalized
Senate on Verge Of Historic Immigration Vote
Costly Earmarks In Immigration Reform Bill

Rand Paul Unloads on Immigration Bill
5 Senators Who Support Immigration Bill Don't Know Answer To Key Question About It
Passage of the Amnesty Bill Will Spell the End of Our Republic
Why Democrats will Never Secure the Border
Illegal Immigration: A Christian Perspective
Illegal Immigration = More Identity Theft, More Murder, More Rape And More Drug Dealing
Illegals Face Lesser Punishment Than U.S. Citizens For Crimes Committed
Border Security Promises Can Be Canceled
Immigration Bill Passes Key Hurdle in Senate
...Bill Incentivizes Employers to Fire Americans, Hire Amnestied Immigrants
Why The August Recess Should Scare Immigration Reform Backers
Republican Sounds Alarm On Bill 'No One Has Read' – HOLLY NOTE: Didn't Congress learn ANYTHING from horrendous Obamacare and Pelosi saying, we have to pass it so you can know what's in it. If we're this willingly blind, we deserve what's coming down the pike. There are so many scandals and government screws, it's hard to know which way to swivel your head next. Batter up!
Repackaged Amnesty Bill Allows Napolitano to Nix Border Fence
Loophole Creates Permanent Amnesty for Illegals
'Dead on Arrival': Sen. Paul Predicts Immigration Bill Doomed in House
Like It or Not, Immigration Treason – Barbara Simpson Warns, 'Patriotic Americans Don't Want to Reward Illegals'
Poll: USA Split Over Immigration
Border Agents to Be Sentenced for Smuggling Hundreds of Illegals into US
Immigration Conflagration
IRS Sent $46 Million in Tax Refunds to 23,994 Illegals Aliens – All at the Same Address
False Sense Of Border Security
Senate Kills Cornyn Amendment, New "Breakthrough" Touted by Schumer, Rubio
New Amnesty Bait
Republican Senators Battle GOP Colleagues Over Immigration Bill
Amendment Would Give Amnesty/Legal Status to Any Would-Be Immigrant Displaced by 'Climate Change'
Ted Cruz Launches National Petition Drive to Kill Immigration Bill
Bodies Found In Arizona Desert
Senate Agrees to Bolster Border Security
Pro-Amnesty Immigration Bill Will Cripple America
Deals for Industries, Illegal Immigrants Tucked In Amnesty Senate Bill
Mexican Meddlers Eager To Boost Obamnesty... With Birth Certificate Vending Machines at Mexican Consulates
Illegals Net Americans’ Jobs With Amnesty
House Panel Approves U.S. Rep. Trey Gowdy's SAFE Act Immigration Bill, Which Makes Staying In The Country Unlawfully A Federal Crime
SAFE Act, or H.R.2278
Thank Allah for 7-Eleven: 8 of 9 Defendants Muslim in Multi-State Illegal Alien, ID Fraud Ring @ Slurpee Store
Status Report on the Immigration Amnesty Bill
Obama Runs Immigration Bill From White House, According To New Report
Immigration Bill Creates Double Standards
Graham Predicts 'Breakthrough' Passage of Immigration Bill With Over '70 Votes'
Rubio Declines To Say Whether He Supports His Own Immigration Bill
‘A Trojan Horse’: GOP Reps. Break Down Immigration Bill Fight - Reform Bill Will Mean Amnesty

Solamente Inglés, Por Favor
Famous Republican Unloads on Marco Rubio – 'He's Given Up Any Right To Be Trusted By the American People'
Derek Hunter: Will Marco Rubio Be Hoisted on His Own Petard?
Rush: We’ve Been Played on Immigration

Why Amnesty Is Not Compassionate

Another Bush for Amnesty
RUBIO: 'I'm Done' If Immigration Bill Includes Gay Couple Amendment: HOLLY NOTE: Whoever thought bill 'add-ons' were ever clever. Think so? Then read what you're in for with Obama's I-don't-about-you sorry-Americans bill. We are ALL going to pay – literally – big time despite his promises, his lies.

'The Republic Is at Stake' – Bachmann Says Amnesty Would End America As We Know It
Senate Fight: Reid Blocks Border Fix 
Harry Reid: GOP Poisoning Immigration Reform with Border Security
Cornyn Releases Text of Border Security Amendment – No Green Cards or Citizenship Until Border Is Secure
Rubio Apologizes for Different Claims to Spanish, English Audiences on Immigration
McCain: 'No Border Is Ever Going to Be Sealed'
How to Secure the Border
Come to the USA

Immigration Bill Clears Hurdle But Faces Fight, Still Faces Tough Republican Opposition
'Illegal Immigration Will Be Thing of Past'
Grassley: Constituents Want Border Security First, Legalization After – HOLLY COMMENT: Rubio take note, you can be recalled too. See yesterday's story: Rubio Gets It Bass Awkwards: Legalization First, Then Border Security
Rubio Gets It Bass Awkwards: Legalization First, Then Border Security
Jobs Disaster Continues, But Congress Debates Increasing Immigration?

White House Warns Republicans on Border Security
Legal Immigrants: Back of the Line on Government Hotline  
House Vote Opens Immigration Divide
War on Hispanics, My Foot

Sen. Marco Rubio: Immigration Bill Does Not Have Votes to Pass

2 Years After Groundbreaking, US Spends $96 Million – Mexico $0 on Border Bridge

Collision of National, NYC Immigration Bills Could Add Hundreds of Thousands of Non-citizen Immigrants to Voter Rolls
MAY 31
Ariz. Mom Freed From Mexican Prison
MAY 30
Conservatives Debate Economic Impact of Immigration – HOLLY NOTE: Don't you love it when illegals break our laws and then demand rights? That takes real brass.
MAY 29
Western Cultural Suicide
MAY 28
Nightmare: U.S. Woman – Mother of 7 – in Mexican Jail on Drug Smuggling Charges; Family Claims Injustice and Fights for Release
The United States of El Norte
Real Immigration Reform Requires Free Markets
MAY 24
Obama Meets in Oval Office with Illegal Aliens
Boehner: Senate Immigration Bill Dead on Arrival
Will the West Wake Up?
Illegal Alien Previously Arrested and Deported Kills TX Deputy
MAY 23
When Did We Vote to Become Mexico?
MAY 22
Senate Panel OKs Immigration Bill – Far-reaching Legislation Creates Pathway to Citizenship for Illegals
MAY 21
More Than 60 Leaders Sign Letter Pushing Republicans in Senate to Kill Immigration Bill
Immigration-linguistic Equation to Amnesty Bill S744
Conservative Pundits Rally Against Immigration Reform
MAY 17
Gov. Perry: I Cannot Support Lackluster Immigration Bill
Understanding Pena Nieto's Approach to the Cartels
MAY 13
Sanctuary Cities, States to Bear Lion's Share of Amnesty Cost
Biometric Database of All Adults Hidden in Immigration Bill
MAY 11
Senate Amnesty: Non-Enforcement Is Chief Goal
MAY 10
Border Violence Spillover to the U.S. Needs to Be Acknowledged
ICE Union President Exposes Obama Admin. LIES on Immigration Enforcement
Sheriffs, Law Enforcement Groups Unite Against Senate Immigration Bill
Cruz Seeks to Permanently Block Illegals from All Welfare
Coast Guard Ordered to Stay in Port and Allow Infiltration
Two-thirds of Senators to Vote on U.S.-Mexico Border Without Having Seen It
Amnestied Illegals Will Get $9.4T in Benefits; Increase Debt $6.3T'
Colorado House Gives OK to Licenses for Illegals
Obama in Mexico: Immigration Reform Provides Citizenship for 11 Million 'In This Country Illegally'...
Texas Sees Massive Surge in Illegals Aliens and Drug Trafficking

Obama on Immigration Bill: ‘Nobody Got Everything They Wanted, Including Me’
Amnesty Bill Lets Napolitano Waive Just About Anything She Wants
With 1 Click, Key Part of Immigration Bill Becomes 10 Times More Costly
ICE Union Chief Chris Crane: Agency Pushed Pro-Amnesty Policies During 2012 Election
Despite MSM Saying Borders Are Safer, Borders See Illegal Immigrants Flow Through Rural Areas
US Border Cities Safer, But Not Rural Areas
– HOLLY NOTE: Why can't we see their faces? They aren't juveniles. This this video asserts that the number of illegal aliens coming through our borders are reduced. We still have over 11 MILLION taking US jobs, getting in-state tuition, receiving welfare and taking advantage of our school opportunities and healthcare – all of which American citizens pay for. The fence pictured here? 4 rows of barded wire? Most people could hop over it in a New York minute.
Sessions: 'Tide Is Beginning to Turn' Against Immigration Bill
23% of Americans Polled Say Boston Bombing Changed Their Views on Immigration Reform
Harry Reid Vows 'Vigorous' Push to Legalize Aliens
All Aboard the Amnesty Train!
Senators in Charge of Asylum: They’re Still Not Reading Their Own Immigration Bill
Illegal Alien Caught in Barbed Wire While Scaling the Border Fence

APR 29
Reform Tied to Immigrant Taxes
Immigration Must Benefit the Host Nation
Marco Rubio: Corrupted by Washington in Only Two Years
Boston Bombers: Collapse of Assimilation Theory
APR 26
Immigration to Begin Path Through Congress in May
Judge: Obama Can't Refuse to Arrest Illegals
USDA/Mexico Spanish-language Flyer: Get Kids on Food Stamps Without Revealing 'Your Immigration Status'
Black Unemployment to Rise Under Proposed Immigration Reform Bill
APR 25
Gutsy Federal Judge Whacks Obama – Threatens to Overturn 'Amnesty' Policy for Young Illegal Aliens
Leaders: At Least 70 Votes for Immigration Reform
American Families Cannot Afford the Cost of Amnesty
Coulter: Problem Is Legal Immigration
APR 24
Big Sis Pushes Citizenship for Illegals
99.5% of Illegals OK'd for legal Status
Immigration Bill Offers Dems 'Permanent Majority'
Gang of Eight Makes It Easier for Asylum Seekers, like Boston Marathon Suspects, to Come to U.S.
Immigration Bill Riddled With Loopholes?
Fox News Poll: Majority Says Legal Immigration Should Be Cut
APR 23
No Job? No Credit? No Problemo! Massive Immigration Overhaul Would Allow Undocumented to sKirt Existing Law, Get Public Assistance
APR 22
Gang of Eight’s Immigration Reform:Gang Members and Drunk Drivers Are Welcome If…
After Boston, Immigration Reformers Shift Tactics
Illegals to Pay Only $83 a Year to Stay in U.S.
Judicial Watch Cautions: Here Comes the 'Office of Citizenship and New Americans'
APR 19
Senator Warns Immigration Bill 'Will Put the Public Safety at Risk – Is Amnesty Before Enforcement''
ICE Union: Immigration Bill 'Does Nothing' to Resolve Enforcement Concerns
Gang of 8 Bill Opens Door to Bigger Amnesty
If Rubio’s Amnesty Is So Great, Why Is He Lying?
Obamacare Could Mean $3K Incentive to Hire Newly Legalized
U.S. Could Be World's Most Populous Country
APR 17
Immigration Preview: DHS to Dominate Border Security
7 Things You Need to Know About New Immigration Bill
The 100 Million Immigrant Amnesty Equation
Rubio Calls Illegal Aliens 'Undocumented'--Repeatedly
APR 16
Immigration Overhaul: Senate Bill Aims to Boost Security, Legalize Millions
Boston Tragedy Delays Immigration Bill
APR 15
Immigration Bill Would Boost Legal Arrivals, Depress Wages and Crowd Out Americans Looking for Work
Mass Amnesty’s Ultimate Results: Poverty Ensured for Low Income Americans
Rubio Insists Immigration Reform Is Not Amnesty
Paul: Immigration Reform Starts with a Secure Border
6 Strangled, 1 Decapitated in Mexican Resort of Cancun
APR 12
Speed Read: Massive Immigration Bill to Be Released 1 Day Before Committee Hearing
Bipartisan Immigration Bill Reportedly May Exclude Thousands from Citizenship
Marco Rubio Goes All-In on Amnesty Bill
Malkin: “Temporary” Amnesty Never Dies
Illegal: 'Obama's Gonna Let Me Go'
Bomb Sent to Sheriff Joe Could Have Killed Someone, Police Say
Illegal Alien Propaganda: A Critical Lesson in Terminology and Tactics
APR 11
Republicans Blast Single Hearing for Immigration Bill
Tens of Thousands at US Immigration Reform Rallies
Senators Debate Plans to Boost High-Tech Immigrant Visas in Bill
Gang of 8's GOP Ignores Conservatives' Request for Immigration Transparency
Report: 'Gang of Eight' to Oppose Amendments to Their Immigration Bill
Exposing Mass Amnesty’s Ultimate Results: 100 Million Immigrants
DHS Tells Border Patrol They Have Ammo Shortage
No Transparency? Secret Immigration Deal Concerns Republicans
APR 5-6
'Bam'nesty Given to 454000 Immigrants
Illegals Now Flooding U.S. Border – Lawmaker: Some Asking Authorities, 'Where Do We Go to Get Our Amnesty?'
Border Security Quandary Could Kill Immigration Bill
Sen. Leahy Says Senate Must Act 'Quickly' on Immigration – HOLLY NOTE: And why is this necessary when nothing has been done for 4 decades?
The Open-Borders Reporters Who Banned 'Illegal Immigrant'
Tonight Show, Host Jay Leno Said, “They Will Now Use the Phrase ‘Undocumented Democrat’”

Bill Whittle on Immigration (humorous take on a serious topic)

Border Patrol Agents Dodge Sequestration, Avoid Furloughs, Pay Cuts
Immigration Plan Heads to Bill Writing – and Devilish Details
Illegal Border Crossings Double – HOLLY NOTE: And Janet Napolitano states are borders are more secure than ever
Senate Group Resolves Key Issues on Immigration Reform: Lawmakers
Rubio Says Immigration Bill Still Has a Way to Go
Immigration Accelerating Unemployment Among Black Americans
Mexican Drug Cartels Reportedly Dispatching Agents Deep Inside US
MAR 28
ICE Union Complains It's 'Not Welcome' in Immigration Talks, Wants Bigger Role
McCain, Schumer Watch Illegal Alien Hop the Border Fence
Obama on Immigration Reform: We'll Get It Done By Summer
Visas Slow for Iraqis Who Helped US War Efforts
Thousands of Armed Vigilantes Takeover Mexican Town, Arrest Police and Shoot at Tourists After 'Commander' Is Killed
MAR 27
Illegal Immigrant Sentenced to 18 Months in Prison in 'Total Identity Theft'
New Questions Raised About of Criminals Released by ICE

Case, Ruins Life of Real Candida L. Gutierrez
SEIU Launches Ad Campaign Calling for ‘Pathway to Citizenship’ for Illegals
Confirmed: Majority of Illegal Immigrants Receive Government Welfare
MAR 26
Rand Paul Wants Illegals Turned into Taxpayers
Border Patrol Uniforms Made in Mexico
MAR 25
Obama Returns to Immigration Issue
Who Is Really Blocking Immigration Reform?
Mexico's Drug War: 7 Men Shot in Head Are Left in Plastic Chairs as 14 Killed Across 2 States
MAR 22
Comprehensive Immigration Reform, Disguised Amnesty
Map Shows Where Illegal Immigrants Live in America

MAR 21
Americans 'Will Rise Up' Against Amnesty
MAR 20
Sen. Rand Paul: Illegal Immigrants Should Be Allowed to Obtain Legal Status
MAR 19
Big Surge In Border-Crossing Deaths Reported – HOLLY NOTE: And Janet Napolitano states are borders are more secure than ever
Rand Paul: ‘We Aren’T Going to Deport’ Millions of Illegal Immigrants
It’s a Hot Potato in Washington, But Immigration Fervor Cools in the States
MAR 18
Can America Withstand Mass Immigration, Mass Illiteracy? Until 1965, America Enjoyed the Most Educated Citizenry in the World
Immigration Danger from Drug-Resistant TB
Culture War: When 'Assimilation' Became 'Integration'
MAR 15
ICE Chief Admits More Than 2,000 Criminal Illegal Immigrants Released Solely for 'Budgetary Reasons' – Another 3,000 to Be Released in the Next 2 Weeks
MAR 14
Obama's Nominee for Secretary of (Illegal Alien) Labor
MAR 13
90% of State's Dairy Workers Illegal
Lord Monckton: How to Stop Illegal Immigration and Save Billions
MAR 12
Obama to Nominate Sharia Supporter, Illegal Immigrant Advocate as Labor Secretary
Obama Furloughs 60,000 Border Agents – More 'Make It Hurt'
Senate Dems Eye Immigration Blitz After Recess
11 Things That the Obama Administration Is Doing to Promote More Illegal Immigration
MAR 11
'Gang of 8' Silent on Immigration
Judge Jeanine: The Obama Amnesty Program

60,000 Border Agents Face Furloughs – HOLLY NOTE: Keep in mind the WH's aim of sequestration is to ''make it hurt''. Documented goal. Whoever has seen a President this petty, this partisan? Sad, sad time for America. Regardless of race, religious or party affiliation, we need a president who advocates for ALL Americans. Obama-in-office has been a mighty head-jerk to the left, perhaps as some say, a result of 'white guilt'. This is nonsense. No thinking American buys this. No one. We are NOT responsible for what our ancestors thought was right, slavery, etc. We abhor this. You can NOT own people and it is not America today. What Obama opts to omit in his statements is that illegals don't stay in border states. They relocate clear up into Canada and throughout America – and yes, into Washington D.C. Obama isn't just hurting border states, he's hurting ALL of America and our friends in Canada. We need a President who represents all Americans, not one who is a truth-magician and great orator. STOP being taken in. That gets us, what, a few entertaining sound bytes? As pastor Chuck Baldwin pleas, Christians, wake up! on all fronts. We implore ALL Americans, WAKE UP! We are sinking on Agenda 21 – where Obama leads this leading Nation into perdition.
Colorado House Gives Initial Approval to In-State Tuition for Illegal Immigrants
Jeb Bush Reversal: No ‘Pathway’ to Citizenship for Illegals
Who Ordered Release of 2,000 Detainees?
Napolitano: 'Border Is Secure'
Merciless Killers Crossing Border from Mexico
5 Realities Facing Americans as to Continued Mass Immigration – HOLLY NOTE: It might be clever to put a temporary halt on immigration until unemployment is remedied since it just went back up today. Put Americans back to work first before bringing more people into our Nation who will also need jobs. Then when that's accomplished, welcome newcomers with open arms.
DHS Released Over 2,000 (Not the Reported 300) Illegal Immigrants, Will Release Another 3,000 This Month
US Border Towns Brace for Sequester's Budget Squeeze
GOP Criticizes Release of Immigrants Before Sequester
Blowback to Administrative Amnesty Intensifies Left, Right Blast Release of Illegal Immigrant Detainees
High Cost of Illegal Aliens Behind the Wheel
Lawsuit Filed in 2011 Ambush of US Customs Agents in Mexico
DHS States Electronic Devices Can Be Seized at or Somewhat Near Borders for Any Reason
FEB 27
Obama Springs Illegals from Detention Centers as Sequester Approaches – HOLLY NOTE: This photo says it like nothing else. Illegal immigrants are all about Obama as he is their advocate, NOT Americans. The fact that Obama would release illegals into our neighborhoods – people who are rapists and murders, as well as those convicted of other crimes is a testament to how far he is willing to go to bolster sequestration – a course of action that Obama authored and now denigrates. Simply unbelievable.
Janet, Fall on Your Sword: White House Blames Big Sis for Alien Release
Border Dangers Blasted by Congress
Mexico Reports More Than 26,000 Missing
FEB 26
Our Primary Border Security System Cannot Distinguish Between a Cow and a Terrorist
Obama's Immigrants: The Best, the Brightest and the Borders
FEB 25
'No Lawful Status': New NC Illegal Immigrant Licenses Spark Concerns
Gov. Brewer: Border not Secure, Drug Cartels 'Ready to Come Across'
National Sovereignty: Casualty in Amnesty Debate
FEB 22
Behind-the-scenes Deal Pushes Immigration Reform Closer to Reality
USDA/Mexican Consulates to Immigrants: Don’t Worry, Food Stamps Won’t Affect Citizenship Chances
FEB 21
Immigration Talks Explore IDs for All Workers
Majority of U.S. Citizens Say Illegal Immigrants should Be Deported
The 'Gang of Eight' and Immigration Reform: 'Bordering on a National Security Nightmare'
FEB 20
‘Where’s the Fence?’ McCain Stunned By Border Rage at Town Hall – HOLLY NOTE: This illustrates how out-of-touch Sen. McCain is with his own constituents. He doesn't comprehend the enormity of the problem when tens of thousand of illegals cross his own state's border. No wonder Arizonans are furious. He'd might as well join Obama on the golf course.
FEB 19
White House Walks Back Leaked Immigration Bill
Land of the Free? Senator Says Immigration Stats Show Welfare Rules Not Enforced
FEB 18
Obama’s “Friends and Family Plan” Will Crush This Country
Ranchers Document Shocking Lack of Border Security

White House Immigration Details Emerge
Republicans Rip Obama Immigration Plan; Rubio Calls It 'Dead on Arrival'
FEB 15
Taxpayers Spend Nearly $2 Billion a Year Delivering (Anchor) Babies for Illegals, Report
Confidential, Expensive Sensitivity Training: USDA Employees Forced to Repeat: 'The Pilgrims Were Illegal Aliens'
FEB 14
Hearings Set Stage for Border Battle
Napolitano: US Borders Have 'Never Been Stronger'
Napolitano: No Need to Bind Amnesty to Border Security
How Do We Know There Are 11 Million Illegal Immigrants?
How Can We Fix Our Broken Borders?

ICE Agent Rep: Feds Making Officers 'Enemy'
Jim Kouri: Obama State of the Union Features Illegal Alien Stage Props, Say Critics
Lawsuit Filed in 2011 Ambush of US Customs Agents in Mexico
Facebook Caught Censoring Protests Against Obama Events

Illegal Alien Tells Congress Not to Call Him 'Illegal' – When you come here legally, then you have right to voice your opinion and not before.
FEB 13
Obama’s SOTU Address: How to Make the Immigration Crisis Worse
FEB 12
Amnesty: Turning U.S. into California
The Story of Illegal Alien Activist Lucas Da Silva
Parties Wrestle for Control of Immigration Narrative Before Obama’s Address
Immigrants in America Are Sending $120 BILLION to Their Struggling Families Back Home
Immigration Reform Favors Illegal Aliens Ahead of Americans
GOP's Amnesty Caucus Raises the White Flag
A Dangerously Overlooked Aspect of Mass Amnesty: Mass Animal Extinction
JAN 31
Amnesty Gang Throws Law-Abiders Under the Bus
Black Caucus to Join Push for Amnesty, Immigration
JAN 30
Coming: Amnesty for 11 Million
Obama Photo-Op in Vegas for Immigration: $1.6 Million
Man Facing Deportation Escapes from ICE officers at Denver International Airport
ACLU on Immigration Reform: Reduce Border Security
JAN 29
Obama Launches Immigration Push
Obama Prepares Poison Pills on Immigration
No Deal - Obama: No Border Security Before Path to Citizenship
Rubio Blasts Obama for Resistance to Border Security Provision in Immigration Plan
Cost of Giving Immigrants Citizenship Could Outweigh Benefits
POLL: Majority Favor Path to Citizenship, with Conditions
JAN 28
Bipartisan Immigration Deal Reached
Immigration Reform Could Make Millions Suddenly Obamacare Eligible
JAN 25
The Chesterton Prophecies and America’s Fall from Within
Illegal Aliens Get Over $91 Million in Medicare Payments in Recent Years
JAN 21
Obama Closing Air Defense System on U.S./Mexico Border: Texas & America Vulnerable to Attack from Low Altitude Missiles and Aircraft
Debt, Guns, Immigration Top Obama's Agenda
Goodbye, Immigration – Hello, Global Citizenship
JAN 16
Obama Admin. Ordered Delay in Arrest of Illegal Immigrant Intern Before Electiion
Corruption on Rise Among Border Agents
Canada’s Guest Worker Program Could Become Model for U.S. Immigration Changes
Enough Illegal Migrants to Fill 3 Cities the Size of Newcastle: Home Office Reports That 863,000 Are Living in the UK
Up Next: Obama's Immigration Reform
New Rule Makes Residency Easier for Some Illegals – HOLLY COMMENT: This is nothing more than Obama 'slight of hand' amnesty