Why the U.S. must back Israel: I will make you [Israel] into a great nation and I will bless you; I will make your name great, and you will be a blessing. I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse; and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you. —Genesis 12:2-3

God Bless Israel.
And I will bless them that bless you, and curse him that curses you: and in you shall all families of the earth be blessed. —Genesis 12:3

DEC 27
An Urgent Report from Israel
New Palestinian Terror Weapon: The Austrian Steyr .50 Assassin’s Rifle from Hizballah
Israel Blames Terror Surge on Palestinian Incitement
5 Iron Dome Batteries Now Deployed in Southern Israel
DEC 23
Abbas Blame Jews’ Prayers for Rain for Halting Peace Talks  – HOLLY NOTE: Underlining what we stated 2 weeks ago, there are too many candidate stories vying for 'too nutty for normal folks'. It's not just the sex stories, devil worshippers, deviants, criminal behavior and government gone wild, these crazy mainstream stories invade every facet of life. While we still believe in the innate goodness of people, nasty actions are becoming more prevalent and more shocking.
DEC 20
Israel Prepares for Short, Intense War to Deliver ‘Knock-Out Blow’ to Hizbullah
Is God Miraculously Protecting Israel?
DEC 11
House Passes Plastic Gun Ban; Senate Looks to Expand Scope
Tension at Temple Mount Escalating Weekly
Jews, Not Arabs, Indigenous People of Holy Land
Jewish Activists Press Ahead with Demands to Pray at Jerusalem Holy Site Prompting Potentially Explosive Clash with Muslims
Dreams of a Future as an Oil Producer
NOV 30
Ayatollah: 'Wipe Israel Off Face of Earth'
UN's Ban Ki-moon to Israel: Stop Building Settlements in West Bank, East Jerusalem
NOV 19
Minister Bennett: Now is Most Fateful Time for Israel Since Yom Kippur War
Since His Election in 2012, Obama Has Maintained a Level of Pressure on Israel Exceeding That of Any President
Ancient City Discovered Beneath Biblical-Era Ruins in Israel
NOV 14
The Coming Betrayal of Israel
Why All Christians Should Embrace Israel
Scholastic Apologizes for Omitting Israel from Map
NOV 13
Can Israel Survive Obama?
NOV 11
Netanyahu Asks U.S. Supporters to Oppose Iran Deal
Jews: Surge in anti-Semitism in Europe
Netanyahu: 'This Is a Bad Deal – a Very, Very Bad Deal'
Obama Plans to Force Israel to Accept Palestinian State With Jerusalem as the Capital
New Book Looks At Hitler’s Use Of Gun Control to Disarm Jews
Israel Accuses U.S. of Selling Their Secrets
OCT 21
Signs of Rift Between Israel and US Over Iran
IDF Officer: Latest Terror Attacks 'Very Alarming'
OCT 15
Israel Tests Long-Range Air Refueling in Exercise Tied to Iran Strike 
Tunnel Found From Gaza into Israel, Military Says
OCT 14
Iran Says Developed New Drone Capable of Reaching Israel
Israel Strikes More Oil in Area Discovered on Basis of Torah Verse
US Appeasement of Iran Drowns Israel’s Military Option Against Nuclear Iran or Chemical Syria
Assad: We Have Weapons That Could Blindside Israel
Why It Matters That Jews Are Standing on the Temple Mount
Four Ways the UN Has Screwed Over Israel
Why is the New York Times Always Wrong on Israel?
Syrian Rebels Plan Chem Attack on Israel from Assad-controlled Territories
Liberman Warns That Israel Will Topple Assad If He Attacks
A Forever Game-Changer: Is Israel About to Be Blessed With the Arab 'Oil Curse'?
New Israeli Oil Find near Gaza Could Drive Hamas, Abbas into War
Golden Treasure Found in Jerusalem
Israel: 'Next Time Obama Tells Us He Has Our Back, Can We Trust Him?'
Jerusalem's Mayor Says City Can't Be Split
Obama Unleashes Horror in Jerusalem
Jerusalem Home Harbors Temple Artifacts
AUG 30
Israel Sends Stern Warning to Assad Through Russian Intermediaries
Iran: 'Thousands of Missiles' to Rain on Israel
Threats Facing Israel
Israelis Prepare for Possible Attack

AUG 28
Iranian Official: Israel to Be ‘First Victim’ of U.S. Attack on Syria
As Strike on Syria Looms, Israelis Scramble For Gas Masks
AUG 26
US Action on Syria Could Put Israel in Firing Line
Israel's 'Finger on the Pulse' of Syria Developments, If Necessary Will Also Be 'on the Trigger'
Bashar al-Assad Warns America That Military Intervention in Syria Will End in 'Failure'
Don't Let the Jewish Archive Go Back to Iraq!
AUG 16
Shaked Lashes Out in Letter to Kerry Over Terrorist Release
AUG 13
Iron Dome Intercepts Eilat-Bound Rocket
AUG 12
Destruction of Israel Guaranteed, Ayatollah Says
'Their Burns Are Beyond Imagination': Father Reveals Horrific Acid Attack Injuries Suffered by British Girls Targeted By Muslims Because They're Jewish
US-sponsored Israel-Palestinian Interim Peace Talks Near Moment of Decision
Kerry Tells US Jewish Leaders He Fears for Israel’s Future If No Peace Deal
Jerusalem on the Table
Christian Artist Apologizes to Israel for President Obama
1,000 Jurists to EU: Settlements are Legal
Poll: Israelis Oppose Surrender of Land
Canada Activist Calls for Shooting Jerusalem Jews
George Soros-funded Foundations Contribute to Anti-Israel Groups
Netanyahu Will Have To Show His Cards – and a Map
Israel Angered by U.S. Leaks of Submarine Missile Attack on Syria
Palestinians: Israel Must Agree On Borders
Kerry Flies to West Bank to Pursue Peace Talks
Israel’s Deepest Well Targets 1.5 Billion Barrels of Oil
Take a Virtual Tour of the Temple Mount
Anti-Jewish Arab Mob Riots in Jerusalem
Inside Israel's Preparation for the Next Hizballah Conflict
European Union Issues Order to Redraw Israel to 1949 Borders

After Morsi: Opportunity, and Risk Of Flare-Up in Gaza
Chaos in Middle East Grows as the U.S. Focuses on Israel
Netanyahu: Without Security, Any Peace We Have Will Unravel
Archbishop of Canterbury: Israel the Center of the World

Candidly Speaking: Israel and America’s Global Retreat

Rebuilding Israel's Temple Mount

Kerry: Last Chance for Israel-PA Peace
US Spills Israeli Missile Defense Secrets
Iraq Warns Israel Against Overflight En Route to Strike Iran
MAY 24
Is Israel Legal By International Law?
MAY 23
Israeli Air Force Warns of Sudden War With Syria
Warns of 'Sudden' War Erupting on Multiple Fronts
Israel Tells Russia They Will Wipe Out Syria If Assad Attacks
Syrian Army Admits to Having Fired First Shots on Israel
MAY 21
Report: US Apologized to Israel for Leak
MAY 20
Report: Syria Aims Half-Ton Warhead Missiles at Tel Aviv

Report: Assad Preparing Missile Strike Against Tel Aviv in Case Attacked Again
MAY 10
Israeli Archaeologists Find Source of 'Second Temple' Era Stones
Israel's Triple Security Threat: Settlers, Gaza Rockets, and Syria Chemical Weapons
Israeli Reserves Called Up for Syrian, Lebanese Borders. Military Drill Starts Sunday
Large IDF Drill Caught Defense Minister By Surprise
Iranians Accuse Jews of Witchcraft
APR 29
Israeli 'Red Lines' Being Crossed in Syria and Iran
Israel Will Be ‘Wiped Out’ If It Attacks Hezbollah, Iran Says
Obama Does Not Have Israel's Back
APR 25
Hezbollah Drone Shot Down Over Israeli Skies
APR 17
Netanyahu: We Are Committed to 'Two-State Solution'
Eilat Airfield Briefly Closed as Rockets Hit Town from Sinai
US Senate: Will Back Israeli Attack on Iran
APR 16
Israel Celebrates 65th Anniversary
APR 12
Outrage Over Class Essay on Why Jews Were Evil
Anne Frank Must Be Weeping This Holocaust Remembrance Week
Anonymous Launches Massive Cyber Assault on Israel
Jewish Groups Prepare for Third Temple with Sample Sacrifice for Passover
South Israel on Alert for Multiple Al Qaeda Strike. Iron Dome Posted
Al Qaeda Closes in on 2 Syrian Chemical Depots
Israel Won’t Sit Back As Palestinian Militants Attack from Gaza – Defense Minister
Israel Strikes It Rich
Palestinians Kick Off Jerusalem Bid By Ceding Holy Sites Custodianship to Jordan’s King
More Jews Live in Israel Than U.S. for First Time
MAR 26
Al Qaeda Brigade Captures Syrian-Israeli-Jordanian Border Junction
MAR 25
Israel Fires into Syria After Golan Attack on Troops
MAR 22
Obama, Netanyahu Grant Iran Another 3 Months’ Grace
Palestinians Disappointed With Obama Visit
Palestinians Rage: Obama Isn't Welcome Here
MAR 21
Rockets Slam Israel as Obama Visits
Jerusalem Post Editor: 'We Can't Figure Out What He's Doing Here'
Does Obama Really Have Israel's Back?

Rocket Victim: We're 'Victims of Obama,' and Nobody Cares
Obama Says 'Israel Is Historic Homeland of the Jewish People'
Miss Israel Titi Aynaw – HOLLY NOTE: Just in time for Obama's visit
'Reset': How Netanyahu Stood up to Obama--and Won
Iran Will Destroy Israeli Cities If Attacked: Khamenei
MAR 20
White House Map of Israel Leaves Out Jerusalem, Golan Heights
MAR 18
Polls: Americans Support Israel, But Israelis Don't Trust Obama
Obama to Travel Jerusalem in Moving Fortress 'The Beast'
Report: Israel to Seek US Attack on Syria, or Freedom to Do So
MAR 15
Obama Tries New Tack with Israel, Appealing to Wary Public
Batten Down the Hatches!
MAR 13
'Killing Jews Is Worship' Ad on City Buses
Courting Controversy: Obama Meets with anti-Israel Arab Groups Ahead of Israel Trip
MAR 12
Boiling Point: Violence mounts in West Bank, Gaza in Lead Up to Obama Visit
Activist: Regain the Sovereignty of the Temple Mount
IDF: We're Ready for Possible Conflict with Hezbollah
US, Israel, Greece in Joint Naval Exercise
Obama to US Jews: Peace Vital But Prospects Bleak
Hagel Tells Barak US Will Keep Funding Israeli Missile Defense
Assad: We'll Retaliate Against Israeli Airstrike
Syrian No-Man’s Land Bordering Israel and Jordan Is Up for Grabs
Experts Reveal How Israel Fits into Today's News
FEB 26
Rocket Explodes in Israel, First Attack from Gaza Since November Truce
FEB 22
Israel Braces for Action Along Syrian Border
FEB 18
Nasrallah Threatens to 'Plunge Israel into Darkness'
US Plan for UN to Endorse Khamenei’s Fatwa? Shock in Jerusalem
FEB 13
Obama: We Will Stand Steadfast with Israel
FEB 12
Is it Time for the Israel to Stand Alone and No Longer Accept US Aid? - “Serve G-d and All Nations will Serve You.”
Lebanon, Hezbollah ‘Upping Preparedness For Attack’
No New Peace Proposals In Obama Visit To Israel – Only Iran, Syria
Obama ‘Wants to Host Netanyahu-Abbas Meeting During Visit’
Israel’s Army Chief Lands in US Amid Syria Crisis
The West’s Shameful Demonization of Israel
Israel Will Pay for Airstrike: Iran
UN Panel: Israeli Settlements Are Illegal
JAN 31
Number of Israelis Updating Gas Masks Nearly Triples
Israeli Airstrike Hits Syrian Convoy, US Confirms
JAN 30
Netanyahu Would Agree to Interim Palestinian State, Ex-Minister Claims
Obama Secretly Pledges to Divide Jerusalem
Hughes Drops Jews
JAN 25
Morsi: Jewish-controlled Media Distorted My ‘Apes and Pigs’ Remark
Terrorists’ New Tactic: Hit Israelis, Jews Overseas
Rand Paul: U.S. Should Make Clear to World ‘Any Attack on Israel Will Be Treated as Attack on the United States’
JAN 23
Netanyahu: Election Shows Country Still Wants Me at Helm
JAN 18
Hamas Tries to Limit Israeli Imports into Gaza
JAN 17
Obama-Netanyahu Row Strains Ties Ahead of Israeli Elections
Obama, Netanyahu Seem Headed for US-Israel Clash
‘Holding Further Peace Talks with Israel Is Insane’ – Former Palestinian Negotiator
JAN 15
Report: Obama Said 'Israel Doesn't Know What's Good for It'
JAN 14
Hagel's Wrong on Why U.S. Supports Israel
Netanyahu Says He Will ‘Never Divide Jerusalem’
Former NYC Mayor Ed Koch on Obama’s Hagel Nomination: Obama Betrayed Israel “Earlier Than I Thought He Would”...
Erasing Israel from the Map