Message From Stan

June 19, 2013
Stan Deyo

If you had read Holly's Fire Report from Deyos on June 14, you would seen this explanation toward the bottom about the lack of EQ Warnings: Stan wanted me to share that the site from where he gets his earthquake map data has been off for about a week, so his maps have either been sketchy at best or unavailable.

Since then I contacted the people who produce the maps from which I extract quake warnings, and whatever their glitch is, should be fixed in the next several days. Hopefully then, my maps will be back online and appropriately on-target. Nothing nefarious going on here, nothing withheld as some have feared.

Regardless, please this disturbing information: Biggest Quake Swarm in at Last 30 Years Hits Long Valley Caldera, Calif. – 2,800 Temblors in 1 WEEK – HOLLY NOTE: There are split references in this news item, hence some words are linked, some not. Hit both so you may personally verify the following data.
Salient points: