Internet Traffic Report
World Internet Stats
Radiation Database User Guide - Worldwide HAARP, VLF, Radar, & Nuclear DB
– one of the coolest, most useful additions ever to Google Earth

DEC 30
Death Laser Ray Spider-Bot Bring Us One Step Closer to the Apocalypse
Technology Fuels New Police Cruiser
The Coolest Science of 2013, in Pictures
Brainlike Computers, Learning From Experience
Her – The Movie That Legitimizes Dating a Computer
300 Ft Wall in Bolivia Has Over 5000 Dinosaur Footprints
This Is How the Sky Would Look Seconds Before Nuclear Holocaust
Keystone XL: Uncertainty Continues for 2014
DEC 27
Test Pilot Lives to Tell About a Mach 3.18 In-Flight Breakup of an SR-71 Blackbird
DEC 23
Yes, This Is Dog: 'Woof' Aims to Translate Canine Thoughts into Human Speech
The Electronic Tattoo: A New Form of Medicine
DEC 20
Data Brokers Selling Lists of Rape Victims, AIDS Patients
DEC 19
What Your Wireless Carrier Knows About You
Google’s Location History Browser Is a Minute-By-Minute Map of Your Life
Amazon Can Take Away Digital Books, Movies
Pre-Columbus American Artifacts

DEC 16
Soviet Union Spent $1B on ‘Psychotronic’ Arms Race with US
Noah's Ark Is (still) In Turkey
DEC 12
NSA Uses Google Cookies to Pinpoint Targets for Hacking
Think Your Home Is Safe From Hackers?
Top Secret Drone Under Development, Being Tested At Area 51
Cashless Society: A Huge Threat to Our Freedom
Cash Will Be Obsolete in 3 Years Claims Paypal (... But Then It Has Just Launched a New Payment App)
DEC 11
Could "Enhanced GPS" Sensors Forecast the Next Fukushima?
Apple Patents Screen Technology for Curved Touch Displays
Google Turns Everyone into a 'Street Spy'
World's Largest 'Ship' Bigger Than Empire State Building Launches
Peer-Reviewed Paper Details the Soon Coming REAL Mark of the Beast
US Tests Classified Spy Drone with ‘Superior Stealth, Efficiency Capabilities’
Massive Underwater Lab Will Allow for Long-Term, Continuous Study of Ocean
BP Pushes Technical Limits to Tap Extreme Fields
2 Million Facebook, Gmail and Twitter Passwords Stolen in Massive Hack – HOLLY NOTE: Not to sound mean, but these people were asking for it using simple passwords like '1234', '12345' and 'qwerty'. Make passwords with numbers, symbols and letters and mix letters up to be case-sensitive.
Equally Dumb: The Launch Code for U.S. Nukes Was 00000000 for 20 Years
Oldest Human DNA Discovered
Odon Childbirth Device: Car Mechanic Uncorks a Revolution
New Generator Converts Heat and Solar Power Into Electricity
Earth at Night

The Babylonian Stargate in the New Atlantis: America
NOV 30
'Humans Evolved After a Female Chimpanzee Mated with a Pig': Extraordinary Claim Made By American Geneticist
Naked Transhumanism – Part One
'Spy Camera' That Takes 3D Photos in Almost COMPLETE Darkness By Measuring Photon Particles in the Air
Archaeologists Unearth Medieval Mass Grave and Baffled By 'Unusual' Arrangement of Bodies
Facebook Reveals If You're a Psychopath
Giant Prehistoric Toilet Unearthed
NOV 22
Dinosaur That Terrorized T-Rex Found
NOV 21
DARPA's Mark of The Beast Tatto? – NOTE: Audience applauds as Regina E. Dugan, former Director of DARPA and current executive at Google, describes with excitement the coming smart tattoos and ingestible biochips that are already FDA approved and that people will want to receive (and then be required to receive) by 2017. She glows about the "super powers" the MARK will give her and says today's generation wants them. MUST HEAR

NOV 18
5 Essential Online Security Tips for Your Family  – HOLLY NOTE: Most of this material is common sense, but a reminder never hurts. Be especially vigilant to run daily system back-ups. They run in the background, constantly working, while you use your computer. For our Macs, we use Time Machine, which automatically backs up to an external drive – no Cloud that hangs out there in cyberspace waiting to be hacked leaving your personal info exposed. There are comparable programs for PCs. The other super important thing is to install software updates as soon as you're notified. Be sure to set your system Preferences to check for updates daily. Often these are security patches in addition to giving you the latest bells and whistles.
RFID and Other Reports
NOV 15
Israeli Scientists Turn Water into Oil
Even More Ethanol in Gasoline?
NOV 14
Scientists May Have Found Earliest Sign of Life on Earth
Playing Rock Music to Solar Cells Boosts Output 40%
The Great Race for Battery Technology
FlameStower Charges Mobile Phones Off the Grid
New 'Icefrog" Cyber-Espionage Threat Uncovered
Unprecedented Skull Discovery Raises Serious Questions Over Evolutionary Premises
OCT 31
A Chip in the Head: Brain Implants Will Be Connecting People to the Internet By Year 2020
Next Time Someone Tells You "Someday We Will All Be Paperless", Remember This

OCT 29
Cryptolocker Virus Holds Your Files for Ransom
100 Years Later, Ice Age Fossils Still Found in LA Tar Pits
OCT 25
Mozilla's Lightbeam Tool Will Expose Who Is Looking Over Your Shoulder on the Web
Really Excellent Images of Chemtrails: A Planetary Catastrophe Created by Geo-engineering
OCT 24
DARPA Will Give You $2 Million to Build Hacker-Proof Defense Software
The Army’s Failed, Embarrassing Plan to Teach Soldiers About Cybersecurity
Older Siblings' Cells Can Be Passed from Female Dogs to Their Puppies in the Womb
Flexrotor UAV Autonomously Launches and Lands Aboard Unmanned Skiff ... Twice
Japanese Scientists Successfully Test Asteroid-Blasting Space Cannon
OCT 19
DNA Links Mysterious Yeti to Ancient Polar Bear
OCT 16
Shoppers Getting Ripped Off By Tiny, High-Tech Cash Register Skimmers
OCT 14
Advisory for Peoplenomics Subscribers, Interested Readers
Parrot Who Learned to Say 'I Love You' and Mean It: Woman Scientist Says She's Proved Animals Can Talk
Cult of the Future: Time Traveling Through a Virtual American Nightmare
How Often Do You Check Your Cell? The Average Person Does It 110 Times a DAY (and Every 6 Seconds in the Evening)
Massive New Attack Drone Under Development in Russia
Drones to Make 'Kill' Decisions on Their Own
Discoverers of "God Particle" Awarded Nobel Prize
Nuclear Fusion Has Broken Even For the First Time Ever
Portable All Terrain Bike ... Ingenious!

Dark Web Rising: McAfee Founder to Launch New “NSA Killer” Privacy Device
Undetectable Hardware Trojans Could Compromise Cryptography
Meet NASA's Futuristic Drone Research Lab
Have Scientists Accidentally Created a Light Saber? New Form of Matter Discovered That Has Only Ever Been Seen in Science Fiction
How a Crypto ‘Backdoor’ Pitted the Tech World Against the NSA
German Hackers Say They've Already Cracked iPhone’s New Fingerprint Scanner
New Method of Creating Twisted Light May Allow Fibers to Carry More Information
Scientists Find 'Black Holes' at Sea: The Ocean Whirlpools From Which Nothing Can Ever Escape - Not Even Water
Apple iPhone 5S Fingerprint Scanner Violates Your 5th Amendment Rights
Injection Could Reverse the Effects of Dwarfism In Just 3 Years
Dawn of the Singularity: Superheroes of Science to Rescue Humanity From Itself?
An Amazing Mechanical Gadget/Robot, 240 Years Old

Chinese Military Capable of Jamming U.S. Communications System
300-Year-Old Riddle Solved: Earth's Core Spins in an Eastward Direction Faster Than the Planet's Surface That Spins Westward
Scientists Now Closer to Creating Self-Healing Terminator
Future War: Arms Industry Shows Off Next-Gen Drones in London
DARPA’s Plan to Flood the Sea With Drones, Carrying More Drones
Rookie Rodents: Dutch Police Train Rats to Sniff Out Crime
Physicist: Time Travel Possible But Only to Future – HOLLY NOTE: Just finding this out? Really? Stan has lectured on this subject for 3 decades. Some scientists are slow learners.
Disaster of Chemtrails Geoengineering Worse Than Carbon Dioxide

Wind Farms Killed 67 Eagles In 5 Years, Study Shows
Extreme Life Forms Found in Sediments of Antarctic Subglacial Lake for First Time
New Defensive Weapon Smartphone Cases Feature Stun Guns, Pepper Spray and Concealed Knives
Tom Horn: The Illuminati 'Spoken' Openly on US Currency + Human Animal Hybrids – HOLLY NOTE: Stan first wrote about the Illuminati on our money in 1978 in The Cosmic Conspiracy 2010 Final Ed.
Computer Program Uses Twitter to 'Map Mood of Nation'
Teenager Claims His Invention Could Clean Up the Oceans in Just 5 Years
Reports: NSA Can Defeat Most Internet Encryption
Congresswoman: “100% Chance of a Severe Geo-Magnetic Event Capable of Crippling Our Electric Grid”
Mataerial Is an Anti-Gravity 3D Printer
Frankenflies to Battle Pests: Scientists Plan to Launch Thousands of GM Insects into Fields As Alternative to Using Chemicals
‘Healthier, Cleaner, Quieter, Cheaper, Safer’ Living — 26 Feet Underground
Fracking Firms Could Drill Under Homes Without Telling Owners: Green Groups' Fury Over Horizontal Drilling Plans
Australia NSW to Become Natgas Boom Region?
The Grid: Oklahoma's Power Grid Faces 'Incredible' Challenges
NASA Scales Up 3D-printed Rocket Component Testing
Amazing Resonance Experiment

Faint Alien Laser Pulses Sought in Hunt for Extraterrestrial Intelligence
Mind-blowing Colors Found in Nature – Slideshow Here
Playing God With the Planet - The Ethics & Politics of Geoengineering

AUG 28
Mind Meld? Scientist Uses His Brain to Control Another Guy's Finger
Hacked Feature Phone Can Block Other People’s Calls
NY Times Suffers Second Outage This Month, Hackers Likely Responsible
AUG 22
Army Demonstrates a Weapon That Shoots Laser-Guided Lightning Bolts – HOLLY NOTE: This is something Stan has lectured on for years. This was tested off-shore Australia ~1977, which knocked down a Jindivik (Aboriginal for 'the hunted one') target drone.
Smart Glass Controls Both Lighting and Heat Levels
AUG 21
Facebook CEO Announces Internet Access Project
AUG 20
States Ignore Feds, Ramp Up EMP Fight
AUG 19
WikiLeaks Posts 400 GB of Encrypted ‘Insurance’ Data Online
Pilots Learn About Geoengineering & Chemtrails

HAARP-Chemtrails- How They are Change You

AUG 16
Mystery Over Ancient Carvings Found on 10,000-Year-Old Nevada Boulders That Could Be the Oldest in America
Brazilian Mechanic Uses Plastic Water Bottles and Bleach to Illuminate 1 Million Homes
Airline Passengers Told to Lower Shades During Chemtrail Spraying

NASA Admits Chemtrails July 10, 2013

AUG 14
Cyber Attacks: Coming Soon to a City Near You
Terrifying Voice on the Other End of Hacked Baby Monitor: ‘Wake Up Allyson, You Little S**t
AUG 13
NASA Creates Map of Potential Killer Asteroids
800Mph 'Hyperloop' to 'Shoot' Passengers from LA to San Francisco in 30 Minutes
Why It Won't Work
AUG 12
Forget REAL ID -- The Global Smart-ID Is Coming!
In the Blink of a Cyborg's Eye I See Elysium
New Search Engine Protects You from NSA
'Extraordinary' Mayan Frieze Found, Guatemalan Government Claims
Is Cold Fusion Entering the Final Stages?
Invasive Species Spreading Across America

Encrypted Email Service Linked to Snowden Shuts Down
After Lavabit, Silent Circle Also Shuts Down
False Sense Of Security: Your TV, Car, Neighborhood May Be Hackable
Was This Computer Nerd Killed After Discovering How To Murder Anyone with a Pacemaker?
Significant Security Holes Discovered in More Than a Dozen Home Wi-Fi Routers
Canadian Shows Off World's First 3D-printed .22 Rifle
Colorado Power Plant Claims to Produce Hydrogen By Splitting Water With Sunlight
How You're Tracked Digitally All Day (and What You Can Do About It)
5 Tech Trends That Should Alarm You Part 1
“Smart” Houses Added to List of Hacker Threats
Scientists Grow Human Tooth Using Stem Cells Taken From Urine
Woolly Mammoth To Be Resurrected by DNA?
Canada Threatens U.S. with Oil Trains if Keystone XL Not Built
Keystone XL's Goose is Cooked
$1 Billion of Natural Gas Wasted in North Dakota through Flaring in 2012
China’s Military Is Preparing for War In Cyberspace

Geoengineering is Destroying the Ozone Layer
Lloyd's of London Warns of 2-Year Power Outage from EMP
HAARP Ionospheric Research Program Set to Continue
World's Oldest Calendar Uncovered in a Scottish Field
Biosensor Tattoo Tells Athletes When They're About to Hit the Wall
Best Evidence of the Nephilim Giants

Secret DARPA Mind Control Project Revealed: Leaked Document
Nukes, Kids and the Cold War: In Conversation With Creator of Nukemap3D
Prototype Drone Aircraft Crawls On Land Using Only Its Wings
MIT Scientists Successfully Implant False Memories In Mice
Human Sleep Patterns Linked to Full Moon
Human Hybrids: A Closer Look At The Theory And Evidence
Expert: Cuba Could Hit U.S. with EMP Death Blow
You Can’t Blame HAARP Anymore for Crazy Weather 
Ready for Warp Speed? NASA Scientists Begin Experiments That Could Change Star Trek's Science Fiction Into Fact
Who Owns 'Black Box' Data On Your Driving?

Hacking for China
Desktop-printing Electronic Circuits, Other Nanofabricated Devices
Piggybacking on the Hunt For Massive Oil Discoveries: Interview with AOS
13+ Amazing Uses for WD-40
Ham Radio Provides Reliable Link for Solo-Circumnavigating Grandmother
Google Want to Implant a Chip in Your Brain
KiP 3: Recognizing CME Hits and EMP Attacks
Long-Lost Pyramids Found?
Improvised Electromagnetic Pulse Devices: Possibilities and Realities – HOLLY NOTE: Chapter 49 of Dare To Prepare covers this scenario and how to prepare for it. Currently America's power grid depends on more than 2,100 high-voltage transformers that route electricity to your home. A large EMP from a nuclear strike or an Earth-directed solar event could knock out 300 of these – enough to disable the entire U.S. power grid. Never mind the estimated cost of repairs of $2 TRILLION, the real issue is how long it will take for recovery. China is the main builder of our transformers. The estimated time for manufacturing, and installing replacements is several years,, not 12 months. Without power, transportation, food availability and every other necessity that electricity supplies, means life quickly disintegrates into chaos. Congress is well aware of this catastrophic problem as Newt Gingrich and others have testified this is a thermonuclear bomb waiting to detonate. So many things we don't think about depend on computers, which depend on electricity. They run nearly every aspect of life. Back-up generators will only supply power for a month or two – as long as fuel-on-site lasts. Example, without computers no disinfection of water is public water is possible. Do you have a Berkey water filter and extra filters? No gasoline will be transported to filling stations, and yes, most of our vehicles won't even run as they are computer chip dependant. That's just a small example of how life as we know it will disappear. Know how to prepare your family for this eventuality.
Newt Gingrich Warns EMP Attack Could End It All
EMP Threat: Be Prepared
EMP Attack: Overlooked Catastrophe
EMP Segment from "33 Minutes"

Internet Control Is Here – Prepare Accordingly
Parts of Ancient Sphinx Found in Israel
15 Sites To Find Free Fonts
Solar Powered Plane Begins Last Leg of Historic Flight for NY
Scientists Create Tiny Human Livers
900 Million Droid Devices At Risk From Bug That Allows Hackers to Hijack Phones, Steal Data
Volcanic Rock May Be Used As Giant Wind-Energy Battery

Could an Italian Scientist Pave the Way for Human Head Transplants?

Fox News Reports On Chemtrails

New Bioweapon?
Feds to Retire Most Chimp Research
Blackout Alert! Britain Could Be Left in the Dark By 2015 Because Government Is 'Too Slow To Replace Old Coal Power Stations'

The U.S.' Insane Attempt to Build a Harbor with a Two Megaton Nuclear Bomb
Facebook Leaves Phone Numbers Visible To All, But Boots User Who Scraped Them

Antikythera Mechanism: World's First Computer?
Newt Gingrich Warns EMP Attack Could End It All
Australian Team Maps Moon's Hidden Craters
Explorer Team Sets New Record After Going Almost a MILE Underground In Mexican Cave
Secrets of Ancient Roman Concrete Revealed

Congress Wakes Up To Cataclysmic Threat
wAtomic Clocks to Become Even More Accurate

The Ambitious Plan to Build Star Trek's USS Enterprise
Whoa, Immortality by 2035? Mind-Blowing Investing
Is This the New Bermuda Triangle?

The Purpose of Geoengineering and Chemtrails is Death 
New Tasks Become as Simple as Waving a Hand With Brain-Computer Interfaces

Spy Drone Can See What You're Wearing from 17,500 Feet

A Patent on Your DNA? What the Supremes' Ruling Means for You
A U.S.-China War over Solar Power
China in Wide Push to Gain Technology Through Industrial Espionage
Summit to Avoid 'Inevitable' US-China Tensions
International Team Strengthens Big Bang Theory
The Wi-Fi in Your Home Can Track Your Moves Like Xbox Kinect

New Machine Can Print PV Solar Cells at a Rate of 10 Metres a Minute

Will Electronic Tattoos Replace Internet Passwords And All Other Forms Of Identification?
NSA Launches Program to Help Staff Massive Spy Center
MAY 28
Mind-reading Art: The Paralysed Former Teacher Who Uses Technology That Converts Brainwaves into Paintings
MAY 24
Student Science Experiment Finds Plants Won't Grow Near Wi-Fi Router – HOLLY DEYO: So what does it do to our bodies?
MAY 23
New Method For Producing Clean Hydrogen
Doctors Save Baby's Life, Use 3-D Printer to "Print" Him a New Airway
MAY 22
11 Governments Are Meeting in Peru to Figure Out How They Can Control the Internet
With New Mini-Satellites, Special Ops Takes Its Manhunts into Space
MAY 21
'We're 1 Act Away From Social Cataclysm' – Grave Threat Could Affect Lives of 160 Million People
Robots to Help Improve Accuracy of Smartphone Technology and GPS Data
MAY 20
A Face in the Crowd: Say Goodbye to Anonymity

Teenager Invents Revolutionary Device Which Has Potential to Charge a Cell Phone in Just 20 Seconds
MAY 16
Scientists Report First Success in Cloning Human Stem Cells
MAY 15
New U.S. Stealth Drones Launched From Aircraft Carrier By Remote Control
FBI Ransom Virus - MoneyPak - Spreading Rapidly
Wind Farms Get Pass on Eagle Deaths
MAY 13
World's 'Most Beautiful' Eternal Flame Reveals Potential New Gas Source
How Mail On Sunday 'Printed' First Plastic Gun in UK Using 3D Printer and Then Took It on Board Eurostar without Being Stopped in Security Scandal
MAY 10
Water on Moon, Earth Come from Same Source
7 Cyber Hackers 'Caught Stealing $45M in Just Ten Hours in Second Biggest Bank Robbery in NYC History
Use These Secret NSA Google Search Tips to Become Your Own Spy Agency
Is the Flying Car Finally Here?
Scientists Supposedly Record 'Scream' Trees Make When They Are Thirsty
Before Babel? Ancient Mother Tongue Reconstructed
Hanging Gardens of Babylon 'Were Actually 300 Miles Away in Nineveh'
Early Humans Loved to Eat Brains: Study
Pentagon Warns North Korea Could Become a Hacker Haven
How Eye-Tracking Tech Will Change Our Lives
Scale of the Universe – Once it loads, move the tool bar at the bottom right and left. Click on anything to read about it. There's a lot to explore.
New Computer Game Can 'Make Your Brain 3 Years Younger' in 10 Hours
Google Glass Allows User to Snap Photo with Wink
New Plasma Device Considered the ‘Holy Grail’ of Energy Generation and Storage
Mystery of the Mexican 'Goldenballs' Cave Baffle Scientists
When Solar Panels Don't Work
The Pitch Drop Experiment
APR 29
Big Brother to Switch Off Your Fridge: Power Giants to Make Millions
Military Grooming New Officers for War in Cyberspace
APR 27
LivingSociaL Hack Attack Affects 50 Million Customers
APR 25
Keystone XL Bill Clears House Committee
US State Dept's Review of Keystone XL Pipeline Rebuked by EPA
Canada's Rising Oil Production at Risk If No New Pipeline
APR 24
Robot Discovers Three Unexplored Passages in 2,000-Year-Old Tunnel Near Mexico's Pyramid of the Sun
Online Quiz Reveals How Old You REALLY Are... Based on Reaction Time
APR 22
Cybercrime Experts Attack Government's 'Dangerous' Plan to Snoop on Web Users
Anonymous Calls for Internet Blackout to Protest CISPA
APR 18
Stephen Hawking: Big Bang Didn't Need God
APR 15
Australia to Test World's First Unmanned Supersonic Stealth Combat Aircraft
How Will 'Big Data' Impact Your Privacy?

APR 12
Maya Long Count Calendar Linked to European One: Doomsday Count Gets a Makeover
APR 11
Iranian Scientist Claims to Have Invented Time Machine
APR 10
Hitting Back at Hackers: Why "Strikeback" Is Doomed to Fail
Science Fiction Becomes Reality as U.S Navy Showcases Laser Weapons Capable of Destroying Drones Within Seconds
UN Latest Project: 2045 – A New Era for Humanity – Transhumanism, Real Avatars Coming

Have Canadian Researchers Cracked How to Store Renewable Energy?
Scientists Close to Building Nuclear Fusion Powered Rocket
Scientists Decode Dreams With Brain Scans
Earth-Cooling Schemes Need Global Sign-Off, Researchers Say
All Those Fracking Jobs Come with an Increased Risk of Lung Cance
Rubio Tells Feds to Keep Mitts Off Internet
Men's Sex Chromosome Is Doomed: Scientist
US Energy Boom Could Shake Global Order
MAR 29
Massive Cyberattack Hits Internet Users
NSA on Cyberwar
MAR 28
REVEALED: The NATO Bunker Deep in Netherlands Forest Where Hackers 'Almost Brought Down World's Internet in Biggest-Ever Cyber Attack'
US Hits China Over Hacking Charges
Beautiful Miracle of Life in Action

MAR 27
China’s New Stealth Fighter’s Missile Launch Rails Prove Beijing Can Improve U.S. Technology
DARPA’s Next Drone Could Be a Datalink Between Planes and Ships
Surreal Ancient Technology in Cuzco Peru
MAR 26
Apple Can Now Track You Indoors
Ecologist Blows Up Methane Bubble 'Grenades' Trapped in Frozen Lakes Says, 'Usually, I Catch on Fire'
Invisibility Cloaks Almost a Reality
MAR 25
North Korea Training Teams of 'Cyber Warriors
NATO Rules for Cyber Warfare Names Civilian Hacktivists “Legitimate Targets”
MAR 21
Cyber Attack on South Korea Said to Come from Chinese Address But...
MAR 20
Hack Attack: Major Computer Crash Hits South Korea Amid Tension
MAR 19
Rules of Cyberwar Set Out for First Time By NATO – HOLLY NOTE: This should give everyone a warm fuzzy knowing that China, Iran and the rest of this ilk will certainly abide by the new edict. Has anyone heard that NATO is "smokin' dope"?
Internet Sites Targeted by MPs for First Time ‘in Chilling Threat to Free Speech’... Could Bloggers Also Face Huge Damages
Red-light Camera Firms Get Heat Over Tickets
Planet X (starts 39 in. in)
MAR 18
Earthquakes Turn Water into Gold
Sinister Glasses That Will Turn the Whole World into Google's Spies
Internet's Spammy, Scammy 'Bad Neighborhoods' Mapped
Power Shift: Energy Boom Dawning in America
U.S. Game Changing Renewable - Geothermal Power
MAR 14
CERN Says Particle Is No ‘Super-Higgs’
MAR 13
Official Worried About Cyber Attacks on US Nuclear Command and Control
Drones to Be Deployed as Nuclear Fallout Detectors
Obama Lets China Steal Top Secret NASA Technology
Pentagon Creating Teams to Launch Cyberattacks as Threat Grows
MAR 12
US Urges China to Halt Hacking Spree
Hackers Release Financial Records of First Lady, VP, Atty General, Celebs
MAR 11
5 Most Dangerous Places to Be When an EMP Strikes
Smarter Than the Average Rodent: Scientists Transplant Human Cells into Rat Brains and Find It Makes Them More Intelligent
iPhone Facing Biggest Threat Yet with the Launch of New Samsung Galaxy Which Could Be Controlled By the Eyes
Censored: Dane Wigington Geoengineering Interview Pulled from YouTube

'God Particle': Confirmation Is 'Achingly Close'
Unknown Class of Bacteria Found in Antarctic Lake Vostok
Dr. Nick Begich Discusses HAARP, Its Possible Role in Weather Control, and Privacy (starts 12:45 min. in)
US Gas Pipelines at Risk after Chinese Military Cyber Attack
How Urgent Is Cyber Security Issue in US?

We're Getting Closer Than Ever to Paying With Our Fingerprints
Watch This Guy Fire 600 Rounds with a Partially 3-D Printed Gun
Researchers Graft Working Eyes onto TAILS of Tadpoles in 'Stunning' Breakthrough That Could Lead to New Treatments for Blindness
Everything You Need to Know About the Piracy-Battling Copyright Alert System
Ulterior Motives Behind the Copyright Alert System
FEB 28
The Next Cyber War Is Already in Progress
Tech Guru Warns of Internet “Disaster”
Explosive Report: 98% of newborn Babies Are Genetically Screened
The Mafia is Moving into Renewable Energy
FEB 27
See Glowing Artificial HAARP Clouds Revealed in New Navy Photos
Infrared Digital Holography Allows Firefighters to See Through Flames
FEB 26
Scientists Create 'Sixth Sense' Brain Implant to Detect Infrared Light
Big Neuroscience: Billions and Billions (Maybe) to Unravel Mysteries of the Brain
FEB 25
Is the New Madrid Mega Quake Being Engineered?
Resonance - Beings of Frequency

Ray Kurzweil Discusses Merging Man and Machine

FEB 22
US Sees Russian Cyberthreat as China Grabs Headlines
Like a Swarm of Lethal Bugs: The Most Terrifying Drone Video Yet
FAA Estimates to have 10,000 Drones Aloft within 7 Years
Remote Viewers Predicting Catastrophic Events 2013 and the Near Term Future
FEB 21
Record-breaking 320 Gigapixel Interactive Picture of London Lets You See for 20 MILES... or Zoom In to See People Walking Around the Streets
SkyCop: The Creepy Technology That Could Place Your City Under Pervasive Surveillance
U.S. Ups Ante on Corporate Cyberspying
Asset Freezes Among Steps Obama Urged to Take on Cyber Thieves
China May Have Intended to Get Caught in NYT Hacking Scandal
FEB 20
Expert: US in Cyberwar Arms Race with China, Russia – HOLLY NOTE: One issue not addressed is the area of major transformers. China is the main manufacturer of these huge transmission devices for America. EACH transformer takes many months to build and costs into astronomical figures. Our grid uses roughly 500. (See image below) Suppose China, who is the known suspect hacking areas that keep our power grid functioning, does the nasty and lets loose a destructive EMP on America. Do you think they will scurry quick-fast and build us new transformers? Even if they did get busy, it would be years before the transformers could be built, shipped, replaced and reintegrated into our grid. Something to think about... Think about alternate forms of power for you and your family. The EMP issue is addressed in Dare To Prepare.
US Mulls Cybercrime Trade Penalties
Stylish Two Drawer Faraday Cage
FEB 19
The Better to See You Wtih... 1.8 Gigapixel ARGUS-IS: World's Highest Resolution Video Surveillance Platform by DARPA
Half-Naked Ivy League Prof Opens Quantum Physics Course with 9/11 Footage, Hitler
FEB 15
Deborah Tavares on Dangers of Smart Meters Pt 1, Pt 2

Evade Government Surveillance and Stay Anonymous Online
Hacked Phones Could Be Listening to Everything You Say
SNOPA Bill Reintroduced to Protect Your Privacy Online
How Cyber Criminals Are Exploiting Our Swipe-n-Go Society
Google 'Flaw' Puts Users' Details on Display
How You Can Social Network Without “Total Information Awareness” Info Weapons
Perth Wave Energy Project
FEB 12
Another Drought in 2013 Could Devastate US Ethanol Industry
6 Military Grade Solutions for Keeping Your Data Safe
Obama Order Expected to Target Cyber Attacks
Two-decade Gap: UK Lacks Experts to Fight Off Cyber Attacks
FEB 11
HAARP Rings and Scalar Squares – Frequency Weather Mod Exposed on TV

The End of the Free Internet as We Know It?
The Ultimate Goal Is Mind Control
Incredible Life-like 3D Portraits Created Using DNA from Discarded Gum and Cigarette Butts
Nowhere to Hide: New Facebook App to Track Offline Users – Report
Wireless Carriers Leave Millions of Android Phones Vulnerable to Hackers
3D Printing Breakthrough with Human Embryonic Stem Cells
Largest Prime Number Discovered
Super Bowl Blackouts Show Need for a Smarter Grid, Experts Say – HOLLY NOTE: Here we go again. Just like Sandy Hook, events used to implement more government control.
US Pre-Emptive Cyber Strikes Will Be Launched Under Secret Rules
Preemptive Cyber Strikes Doctrine: Expect More Stuxnets
10 Reasons Iran's New Jet Will Never Leave the Ground
Energy Department Networks Hit By Sophisticated Cyber Attack
Riders of the American Future: Zero Point Energy Waves and Psychotronic Scalar Weapons
Area 51 Batplane Caught on Video
Mass UFO Sightings Over LA! The Man Who Summons UFOs 2013 Live

US Fighter Jets to Get Fricken Lasers
Signs of lIfe Discovered in Lake Buried HALF A MILE Beneath West Antarctic Ice Sheet
JAN 28
Dubai to Build Giant Underwater Hotel
JAN 25
Low Energy Light Bulbs Not So "Green" After All?
JAN 24
Man Grows New Nose in His Arm
Nature Has a Formula That Tells Us When It's Time to Die
JAN 23
Coming Soon, Car That Runs on Air
Making Teleportation 'Fuel-Efficient'
JAN 21
Rock Solid Proof of Alien Life? Scientists Claim Fossilized Algae Inside Meteorite
Stealth Hoodie Deflects Thermal Radiation to Hide You from Government Drones
JAN 18
3D Printed Firearms Render Gun Control Moot
JAN 17
Tiny Pill Joins the Battle of the Bushfires
Google Denies Street View Car Ran Over Donkey, Adds to Intrigue
Flashlight Modification Increases Run Time 3.6X
JAN 16
New Peel-and-Stick, Thin-Film Solar Cell can Provide Power on Any Surface
MIT Develop New Material which can Generate Energy from Water Vapor
JAN 15
‘Red October’: Global Cyber-spy Network Uncovered By Russian Experts
Cyber Security Awakening in 2013: How Vulnerable to Attack Is US Now?
Colorado Enacts Tough New Fracking Measures
JAN 10
Scientists Reverse Engineer Firefly to Improve LED Efficiency
Here Comes Roboplow!

Judge Finally Rules on 'Mark of the Beast'
Scientists Create Robot that Vomit in Projectile Motion
Solar Storm Aftermath? $2 Trillion in Fixes – Scientists Expect Massive Event to Hit By Next Year
EMP Threat 
Stun Guns 20 Times More Powerful Than Tasers Being Bought By British Criminals Via Mail Order
NKorea EMP 'Red Dawn' Scenario – Exclusive: Joseph Farah Warns of Something Far More Calamitous Than an Economic Crash
'HAARP' Massive TTA's Discovered on Secret Island and Sea Floor

An Invitation for Stalkers? New Web App Uses Google Street View to Show Exactly Where Instagram Pictures Were Taken
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