Very Cool Animation of Our Solar System
Asteroid Impact Calculator

DEC 30
Sun Has 'Flipped Upside Down' - NASA
State Trooper Catches Astonishing Footage of Moment a Meteor Falls From the Heavens
5 Asteroids That Nearly Hit Earth
The Asteroid That Could Be First We Keep for a Pet
What Happens to ISON's Remains?
Midwest 'Fireball' a Mystery to Astronomers and Meterologists
DEC 16
Remnants of Big Bang May Hold Clues to Universe’s Formation
Stargazing: Comet Lovejoy Brightens and Venus Sinks
DEC 12
Earth Needs Better Preparation For Massive Solar Storm, Scientist Says
Meteor Explodes Over Arizona; Big Meteor Shower Begins
DEC 11
Young Boy’s Discovery Confirmed as a Peculiar Supernova Explosion
Martian Freshwater Lake May Have Supported Life - NASA
Top-Secret US Spy Satellite Launches into Orbit
An Outburst of Andromedid Meteors
Is Dark Matter Made of Tiny Black Holes?
Enormous Alien Planet Found: Discovery Baffles
For 2nd Time in 3 weeks, Oregon Residents Witness Fireballs Raining Down

NASA's Cassini Spacecraft Obtains Best Views of Saturn Hexagon
Comet ISON, R.I.P.

Comet ISON Gets Roasted But Sun, But Did It Survive?
NOV 25
Calm Solar Cycle Prompts Questions About Impact on Earth
NOV 22
'Monster' Cosmic Blast Zips by Earth
Great Site for ISON Info
Comet Ison Simulation End Game or …

NASA Instrument Determines Hazards of Deep-Space Radiation
NOV 20
Sun Fires Off Powerful Solar Flare, Triggering Radio Blackout
NOV 18
Intergalactic Storms on the Way as Sun Flips
NOV 15
Meteorite Fall Creates Panic in Bangladesh District
Viewing Conditions for Leonid Shower Peaking Nov. 16-18
Comet ISON Headed for Close Sun Encounter on Thanksgiving
NOV 13
A New Threat from Space
NOV 12
Strange Doings on the Sun – Scientists Mystified By Lack of Sunspots – HOLLY NOTE: If you look at the image below, the Sun has a bunch of spots.
German Scientists: Solar Cycle 24 Points to Dalton or Maunder-Like Minimum, Boding Ill for Climate Cooling
Sun About to Flip Poles, Stanford Scientist Explains

PowerfulX-Flare Erupts from Active Spot

Maui Is a Stargazer's Paradise
NASA's Hubble Sees Asteroid Spouting 6 Comet-Like Tails
Massive Fireball Hurtles Across California Sky
Russian Fireball Shows Meteor Risk May Be Bigger
MUCH Greater Asteroid Threat

X3 Solar Flare Causes Rare 'Magnetic Crochet'
28 Solar Flares Erupted from Sun in a Week, More on the Way
28 Solar Flares in the Last 7 Days – More May Be Coming
Asteroid Passed Between Earth and Moon
Watch Sunday's Strange Solar Eclipse on East Coast — and Online
OCT 29
Active Sun Fires Off 3rd Massive Solar Flare in 3 Days
Solar Maximum May Be Upon Us

OCT 25
Two Solar Flares Friday Continue Week of Intense Solar Activity

6 M- and 11 C-Flares on the Sun During Past 24 Hours
Powerful Flare Causes Radio Blackout
Astronomers Discover Most Distant Known Galaxy
OCT 24
6 M- and 11 C-Flares on the Sun During Past 24 Hours
Powerful Flare Causes Radio Blackout
Astronomers Discover Most Distant Known Galaxy
Christianity, UFOs, Islam and America's Future
OCT 23
Sun Gets Bad Case of 'Solar Acne' – 30% Chance of M-class and 5% Chance of X-Flares Today
Comet C/2012 X1 Explodes
Dwarf Planet Ceres May Harbor Life; NASA Spacecraft En Route
OCT 18
Potentially Dazzling Comet ISON Still Intact, Hubble Photo Suggests
Will the World End in 2032? Astronomers Discover Massive Asteroid That Could Earth with Power of 2,500 Nuclear Bombs
As Largest Star In Milky Way Dies, Fascinated Scientists Look On
Huge Meteorite Pulled from Russian Lake

Huge Half-Ton Chunk of Russian Meteorite Lifted From Lakebed
OCT 15
Astronauts See Strange Cloud in Space from Missile Launch
Thunderbolts of the Gods

OCT 14
Dangerous Game of "Cosmic Roulette"
OCT 11
Water Discovered In Shredded Planetary Debris
'Non-Furloughed' NASA Spacecrafts See Sun Hurl Giant Prominence

Sun Unleashes Strongest Solar Flare In Months
Dangerous Game of "Cosmic Roulette"
Milky Way Compass
Is Comet Ison Poised to Disintegrate?
Would Pose No Threat to Earth…
Potentially Dazzling Comet ISON Spotted from Mars by Spacecraft
ISON Could Still Become 'Comet of the Century' -- or Not...
Did Supervolcanoes on Mars Dramatically Change Its Climate? Craters Reveal How Massive Eruptions 3 Billion Years Ago Scarred Red Planet's Surface
Meteor Sparks Incredible Fireball Over 14 States
Search for Dangerous Asteroids Continues Despite Shutdown
Number of Confirmed Alien Planets Nears 1,000
Astronomers Confirm That an Asteroid Nearly Collided With Earth This Week
Meteor Sightings in the 1000's Across the U.S.
Fireball That Fell from the Yucatan Skies Frightened Mayans
Magnificent Eruption on the Sun

Meteor Explodes Over Ohio
30 States Report Between 200 and 300 Fireballs Yet No One Has Seen Them Land

Sun Mysteriously Goes All Quiet Just When Its Activity Should Be Highest
Extreme Space Weather to Blame for Satellite Malfunctions, Say Researchers
Meteor Seen Across Southern California
Meteor Strikes Tatouine, Tunisia Home of Star Wars
Tiny Asteroid Discovered Just Last Week to Zip By Earth on Wednesday
Winds Buffeting Our Solar System Have Shifted
Massive 'Comet of the Century' Could Light Skies Up for Weeks In December, January
Meteor, Sonic Boom Rock the Southeast U.S.
Why An Asteroid Is Crumbling Into Meteor Dust
Full Moon Silhouettes

Full Moon Silhouettes

AUG 26
Sun May Still Have Low-Mass Solar Companion
Sun-Grazing Comets as Triggers for Electromagnetic Armageddon
AUG 24
UA Astronomers Take Sharpest Photos Ever of the Night Sky
AUG 23
Here We Go Again! Second Sundiving Comet This Week

Sun Blasts 1.3-Million Mph Solar Storm at Earth
Meteor's Global Impact

AUG 21
Sun Fires Solar Storm Directly Toward Earth – At 2 Million Mph
The Sun's Magnetic Field Is about to Flip
Lava-covered Planet Kepler 78B Discovered With 8.5 Hour Orbit
AUG 20
Full-Halo CME Jettisons off the Sun

Another Comet Commits 'Sunicide"

A Rare Blue Moon Tonight
AUG 19
Breathtaking Timelapse of Perseids

What You Aren't Being Told About Astronomy – Our Created Solar System

AUG 16
Mainstream News Articles Show Planet X Discovered in 1983

AUG 12
'Fireballs' to Shred Through Earth's Atmosphere
Where to See the Perseids: Annual Shower Peaks Monday – HOLLY NOTE: We've had reports that some site readers are enjoying spectacular Perseid shows. It's completely cloudy here as we're getting much-needed monsoons. Not too much like Manitou Springs, but 'just right' good soaking rains – about 2½ inches in the last week.
Sun's Magnetic Field Flip Raises EMP Threat 
...Won’t Doom Earth, Scientists Say
Pink Alien Planet Is Smallest Seen with Sun-Like Star
ScienceCasts: The Sun's Magnetic Field is About to Flip

"Dead" Comets Closer to Earth Than Thought Coming Back to Life
Big Meteor Shower on the Way

Massive Solar Flare Narrowly Misses Earth, EMP Disaster Barely Avoided
Warning: Gigantic Chunk Of Sun Headed Toward Earth
Is Our Sun in the Very Early Stages of Shutting Down?
Mysterious NASA Video of Saturn Reveals Impossible Hexagon-Shaped Cloud Pattern Larger Than Planet Earth
Discoveries from Planck May Mean Rethinking How The Universe Began
NASA Telescope Spots CO2 Fizzing Away from a 'Soda-Pop Comet'
Asteroid 2013 NE19 Will Zip Past Earth Tuesday at 18 Miles Per Second
Could This Comet Destroy Earth?

Otherworldly Photos Capture Mysterious Phenomena in Upper Atmosphere
Mars' Atmosphere Destroyed by 'Catastrophic' Event Four Billion Years Ago – HOLLY NOTE: This is something Stan detailed in The Cosmic Conspiracy – long before scientists recognized this event
Massive Fireball With Long Tail Blazes Over New Zealand
More Proof That Ancient Mars River May Have Flowed Into Huge Ocean
Space Cloud Ripped Apart by Milky Way's Giant Black Hole
Comet ISON in Space
Earth's Gold May Come From Collisions of Dead Stars
Sun's 2013 Solar Activity Peak Is Weakest in 100 Years
Tiny New Moon Found Orbiting Neptune
Stutters in Earth's Spin Change Day Length

Sunspot AR1785 ‘Grows’ 25,000 Miles In Size Over 24-Hour Period
Now Pointing Directly at Earth, Sunspot Has Potential for X-class Flares
Where Are They From? Mystery Intergalactic Radio Bursts Detected
Big Sunspot Turns Toward Earth
Spectacularly Clear Images of Galaxies Millions Of Light Years From Earth Captured

Russia's Feb. Meteorite Strike Had the Strength of 30 Atomic Bombs

Strong Geomagnetic Storm In Progress
Earth-Directed CME
9 Out of 10 Potentially Threatening Comets and Asteroids Still Not Located – HOLLY NOTE: Despite scientists' assurances to the contrary, this number hasn't improved since I wrote about it in the first edition of Dare To Prepare in 1998.
Huge Chunk of Meteorite Located in Urals Lake

Three Planets in Habitable Zone of Nearby Star -- Gliese 667c

Flare Star Gets 15 Times Brighter in Minutes

Sun Erupts a Solstice Tongue of Fire

Solar Activity = Earthquakes and Tsunamis

Solar Activity Cycle Peaks In 2013: More Solar Flares Expected Later This Year
Solar Tornadoes: NASA Solar Dynamic Observatory Captures Footage of Tornadoes on the Sun

5 Things To Know About Comet ISON
Asteroid the Size of a Small Truck Buzzes Earth: NASA
ScienceCasts: An Early Start for Noctilucent Clouds

There's a Hole in the Sun, NASA Says

Nuking Dangerous Asteroids Might Be the Best Protection, Expert Says – HOLLY NOTE: On the other side of the discussion, depending on the asteroid's size, if the nuke is placed incorrectly, it could shatter instead of deflect and send large pieces hurtling toward our planet. Relative to size, it could leave Earth, what's left, having a very bad day. How exactly to deal with an asteroid threat is still very much in debate mode. Seemingly easy answers aren't always the best especially those that are untested as is this. By no means, is this a resolved issue. Scientists claiming this is the answer is yet another 'no worries' statement. While a major asteroid impact is beyond our control so there is no point in worrying, this article is a fake feel-good only.
MAY 31
1998 QE2 Asteroid Expected to Pass By Earth on Friday
MAY 30
Fireballs Seen Over Canada, Arkansas, Eastern Seaboard; Comet Fragments Wows Stargazers
MAY 28
Experts Warn of Massive Solar Storm in 2013

MAY 24
Complex Magnetic Field Dynamics of Sun Uncovered
MAY 22
Asteroid 9 Times Size of Ocean Liner Approaches Earth
MAY 20
4 Fireballs Seen in U.S Skies in Last 24 Hours & Another Coming. Experts Say Good Idea to “Stock Up”, Just in Case
NASA Announces Brightest Lunar Explosion Ever Recorded
MAY 17
Sunspot Blasting Out Major Solar Flares Will Face Earth Soon
MAY 16
How to Watch the Sun

X-Flare Threat Continues – Possible CME Impact Tomorrow
MAY 15
Sun Fires Off 4th Major Solar Flare of the Week--More Expected
MAY 14
Hyperactive Sun Fires Off 3 Major Solar Flares in 1 Day
MAY 13
3’s a Charm! A Third X-Flare Today and They Keep Getting Bigger! – HOLLY NOTE: This signals a significant increase in solar activity. NOAA forecasters estimate a 40% chance of more X-flares in the next 24 hours.
A Second BIGGER X-class Flare Burns Off the Sun Today – An X2.8 – HOLLY NOTE: A friend who lives in Calif. is on top of these events as they totally gum up ham radio communications. As George pointed out, thankfully these flares are pointing away from earth, but they are from the Sun's eastern limb, which is rotating in Earth's direction. Check this video. It is mighty! After the initial blast off the eastern (left) limb, look at the ricochet on the right side! This is one big bad boy!
Sun Belches Massive X1.7-class Eruption in Strongest Flare of the Year
MAY 10
'Ring of Fire' Solar Eclipse Wows Australians
Thousands Flock to See Meteorite Landed in Namibia
Mysterious Hydrogen Clouds Detected in Space, Puzzling Scientists
Scientists Record Brightest Explosion Ever Seen
Solar Eclipse Set to Turn Sun into 'Ring of Fire' Thursday
Watch Live
How to Watch the Sun [Official Trailer]

Spaceweather Impacts Earth

Sun Belches Strong M5.7 Solar Flare Again – HOLLY NOTE: Since this thing looks wicked-ugly, be glad it's not coming our direction – today. Video looks like a slinky snake tongue darting out.

Massive Solar Eruption Not Earth-Directed

APR 25
'Fireball Season' Peaks This Week
APR 24
Comet ISON Set to Light Up the Sky: Hubble Gets First Glimpse as It Moves Closer to Earth
APR 23
Incredible Meteor Lights Up Sky Over Argentina 2013

Comet ISON Meteor Shower – Next January Earth Will Pass Through Its Tail
NASA Image Reveals Magnetic 'Bubble' Protecting the Earth from Solar Particles As It Speeds Through Space
'Pink' Full Moon to Bring Lunar Eclipse Thursday
APR 19
This Weekend’s Lyrid Meteor Shower: How to See It
Welcome to Earth 2... and 3: Astronomers Hail 'Most Similar' Planets to Ours Ever Found
APR 12
What Is This on SOHO Peeking Out from Behind the Sun?
Sun Slings Largest Solar Flare Yet: Coronal Mass Ejection Hurtles to Earth
Full-Halo CME Headed to Earth

Geomagnetic Storm Could Hit Earth This Weekend
APR 10
Sun's Magnetic 'Heartbeat' Revealed
Astronomers Catch Rare Event: Black Hole Bites Chunk from Big Planet
100 Billion Earth-Like Planets in Milky Way Say Astronomers
Comet ISON is Now Approaching the Inner Solar System
MAR 28
Huge Ionospheric Anomaly – SunsFlare News

MAR 27
Solar Flares 2013: Solar Storms, Eruptions and CMEs, Outlook for the Year Ahead
MAR 26
Solar System’s Most Spectacular Polar Superstorms
Meteor Storm Shaped Early Solar System
Aurora Borealis

MAR 25
Strange Sky Phenomena Escalating Worldwide

MAR 23
Dramatic Meteor Streaks Across Eastern Sky
Dinosaur-killing Space Rock 'Was a Comet'
MAR 22
Millions Would Die If Tungunska Sized Asteroid Exploded Over NYC
MAR 21
Astronomers Gearing Up for Possible 'Comet of the Century'
Meteorites Revealing Secrets of Russian Fireball
MAR 20
NASA's Answer to Large Asteroid Heading to Earth: Pray
MAR 18
Sun Eruption Supercharges Northern Lights Displays
MAR 14
Sun Spits Out 2 CMEs
3MIN News March 14, 2013: CMEs to Strike Earth

Meteorite Explodes Over Cape Town
MAR 13
NASA Rover Finds Conditions Once Suited for Ancient Life on Mars
The £1Billion 'Time Machine' Which Could Finally Reveal Mysteries of the Universe
Comet PANSTARRS Stars in a New Timelapse Movie

MAR 12
4 Asteroids Buzz Earth in Single Week
NASA Spacecraft Watches 2 Breathtaking Eclipses of the Sun by the Earth and the Moon in Less Than 7 Hours
Stargazers Forecast for Comet Pan-STARRS
Photoshopped NASA Photos Give New Life to Outer-Space Imagery
MAR 11
Source of Solar Wind Energy Discovered
NASA Warning on Sun: 'Something Unexpected Is Happening There'
'Marsageddon' Adds to Concerns About Comets
Rare 'Zodiacal Light' Will Be Visible in Night Sky Soon
Another Asteroid to Do Earth Flyby This Weekend
Massive Solar Storms May Peak This Year -- Again
Naked-Eye Comet Pan-STARRS at Its Brightest This Weekend
Curiosity Rover Shut Down on Mars After Solar Flare, What It Means for NASA
Massive Flood Scarred Surface of Mars Less Than 500 Million Years Ago
Get Ready for Comet Pan-STARRS to Briefly Grace Our Sky
Latest NASA Solar Cycle 24 Forecast
Breaking: Perfect Full Halo CME of Immense Proportions Blasts Off Sun – HOLLY NOTE: frame stop this vid at 7:06 to compare the two images. Be very glad, this CME wasn't earth-directed and shot off into space.
Outlook Brightens for Comet PanSTARRS
2013 – a Spectacular Year for Signs in the Cosmos
Newly Discovered Asteroid 2013EC Will Buzz the Earth on Monday
NASA's Van Allen Probes Reveal a New Radiation Belt Around Earth
Birth of a Giant Planet? Candidate Protoplanet Spotted Inside Its Stellar Womb
FEB 28
Supermassive Black Hole Spins Super Fast
Comet C/2013 Siding Spring Might Hit Mars in 2014
FEB 27
Where Exactly Did the Russian Meteor Come From?
Divers Find Russian Meteorite Craters in Chebarkul Lake
FEB 26
Are We in a "Meteor Swarm?"
Comets Lemmon and PanSTARRS Sweeping Through Southern Skies

FEB 25
Photo Surfaces Capturing SoCal's "Green Fireball"
Did a Russian Nuclear Anti-Ballistic Missile Split the Chelyabinsk Meteor?
Efforts to Protect Earth from Asteroids Are Under Way. But Will It Be Enough?
FEB 22
45% Chance of M-flares and15% Chance of X-flares During the Next 24 Hours
The Destroyer Approaches Fireballs in Your Sky, Comets

Meteor Lights Up the Sky Over Los Angeles
Comet of the Century

FEB 21
Massive Sunspot Forming Fast
The Destroyer Approaches Fireballs in Your Sky, Comets

FEB 20
Impressive Look at Russia's Burning Meteorite Crater

FEB 19
Russian Meteorite Was Largest in More Than a Century
Australian Observatory Names Earth-Threatening Tracking Program "Project Wormwood"
FEB 18
Another Meteor? 'Fireballs' Light Up Florida Sky
New Fireball Sightings in Saudi Arabia and Florida
All Russian Radar Failed to Trace Meteor
Michio Kaku: Russia Meteorite Potentially Linked to Asteroid 2012DA14

Cuba, Too, Reports Powerful Meteorite Explosion
FEB 15-16
Meteor Reported in Skies Over San Francisco Bay Area
Over 1,200 Injured by Russian Meteorite
Russian Meteor a Wake-Up Call: Warning System Ready by 2015
More Than 24,000 Mobilize for Meteorite Cleanup
Terror from Above: 1,000 Hurt as Meteorite Hits Russian City at 33,000mph
Meteorite Size Debate: 10 - 100 Ton Smackdown
Meteorite's Spectacular Fall Captured

Dramatic Video Shows Meteorite Blast Wave Blows Out Doors, Windows in Russia

Where Asteroid's Close Shave Ranks Among Earth's Biggest Hits (and Misses)
Friday Flyby May Trigger 'Asteroid-Quake' on Space Rock
Asteroid Gives Earth Record-Setting Close Shave Today: Watch Online
Think Friday's Close Asteroid Flyby Is Sobering? Look at This
New Computer Simulations Reveal Possible Violent History of Giant Asteroid Vesta
FEB 12
Sun Eruptions Putting Earth in Bull's-eye
Astronomers to Study Asteroid during Close Shave
CNN Anchor Questions Whether Global Warming to Blame for Asteroid
FEB 11
Sun Unleashes Solar Eruption at Earth During Long Flare
Whitley Streiber on Solar Flare Dangers & UFOs
Huge Asteroid Will Miss Us “By About 15 Minutes” Next Week

Comet Ison Sprouts a Tail
NASA Video Shows Just How Close Asteroid Will Come To Hitting Earth (And If You're In Australia You'll Even Be Able To See It)
NASA: Asteroid Fly-By Means Bye-Bye For Space Rock
ET Has More Than 4 Billion Potential Homes in Earth's 'Back Yard'
A Solar 'Superstorm' Is Coming and We'll Only Get 30-Minute Warning
Possible Naked-eye Comet in March
ScienceCasts: A Naked-Eye Comet in March 2013

Mystery of Giant Energy 'Ribbon' at the Edge of Our Solar System Unravelled
Was Water on Mars 10 Million Years Ago Enough to Support Life? New Evidence from Nakhla Meteorite
Massive Stellar Winds Are Made of Tiny Breezes
Scientists Yearn to Catch a Moon
Asteroid Is Set to Whizz By Earth INSIDE Orbit of Communication Satellites
'Vast' Coronal Hole Opens in Sun's Northern Hemisphere
Sun Grows Super-Hot 'Dragon Tail'

ScienceCast: Record-Setting Asteroid Flyby
JAN 30
Record Setting Asteroid Flyby
JAN 25
Incoming Comet
JAN 24
Magnetic 'Braids' May Cook the Sun's Corona
JAN 22
Gamma-ray Burst Hit Earth in 8th Century
JAN 21
Spectacular Heavenly Show Expected This Year
Rivers on the Red Planet: Astonishing New Pictures Reveal a 4-Mile Wide, 900-Mile Long River That Once Ran Across Mars
JAN 15
The Perfect Solar Storm? Sun Eruptions to Peak in 2013
... Experts Warn The Threat Is Real
JAN 14
Big Sunspot AR1654 Is Crackling with C- and M-class Solar Flares, and Poses a Threat for Even Stronger Eruptions and Is Pointing Straight at Earth
JAN 11
Astronomers Find the Largest Known Spiral Galaxy - and It's About to Give Birth
Galactic Pile-Up May Point to Mysterious New Dark Force in the Universe
JAN 10
Scientists warn of 'Tiny But Real' Chance Apophis Could Hit Earth When It Returns in 2036
Asteroid Named after Egyptian Demon Set to Pass By Earth Today
Potentially Dangerous Apophis Bigger Than Thought: See It Online Tonight
Asteroids, Comets to Blaze Earth's Skies
Black Hole's Burp Surprises Scientists
Kepler Telescope: Earth-Sized Planets in Our Galaxy: 17 Billion
Moon May Outshine Meteor Shower Tonight
Solar Eruption on New Year's Eve Seen By Sun-Gazing NASA Satellite