We must guard against the overreaching hand of big government
trying to take away our freedom
—Steve Forbes

DEC 31
Top 10 Major Media Cover-ups of 2013
The Manchurian Candidate Wishes You a Happy New Year
Obama’s Taxation Without Representation Brings Revolution
FBI Investigates 80 Page Letter Sent to U.S. Governors

Bill Whittle's Afterburner: America Infiltrated

It’s Not Just Your Phone Calls – It’s You They Are Listening To
NSA's Secret Toolbox: Unit Offers Spy Gadgets for Every Need
How the NSA Hacks Your iPhone (Presenting Dropout Jeep)
NSA Can Hack WiFi Devices 8 Miles Away
Dem: I Can't Afford Hookers If They Unionize
DEC 30
National ID Headed for Your Wallet, Purse 
The Third Wave of US Martial Law Mass Detentions
Obama’s EO 13603 Reintroduces Slavery to America
Thousands of Martial Law Signs Spotted By Truck Load in Illinois

DHS Insider: “Preparations Have Been Finalized to Respond to a Crisis of Unprecedented Magnitude Within the United States”
'Military-Style' Raid on California Power Station Spooks U.S.
‘Getting the Ungettable’: Leaks Reveal NSA’s Top Hacking Unit
Snowden's Next Leak: NSA, GCHQ Dying to Snoop on Your Gadgets Mid-flight
Report: NSA Intercepts Computer Deliveries
The End of America 2014-2016: "It's Worse Than You Know

Team Obama Has Brought Americans to an All-Time Low
Judge Jeanine: Are You Proud of Yourself, Mr. President?

Conn. Gun Owners Rush to Register Weapons, Ammo
One Blonde Too Many for Michelle?
House Republicans Slam 'Misleading' NYT Report on Benghazi Attack
N.Y. Times Serves Up B.S. on Benghazi
Growing Outrage Over NY Times Benghazi Report

Issa: Despite NYT, al-Qaida Involved in Benghazi
Super-scandal: Where's Accountability for EPA?
Reported Sexual Assaults in US Military Jumped by 50% in 2013
What America Will Look Like In 2050? Part 16
Cop Gets Unbelievably Lenient Sentence for Illegally Fingering Suspects’ Anuses
Strategist Kilcullen: Warfare Is Changing in 3 Ways
DEC 28
A&E Relents, Welcomes Phil Robertson Back to 'Duck Dynasty'
Obama's Watchdog: 'Reasonable' to Track Cars
Homeowners Battle Minn. Crackdown on Rental Property
Rose Parade to Feature 'Gay' Wedding on Float
DEC 27
NY Federal Judge Rules NSA Data Collection Is Legal
Radio Station Experiences Major Software Meltdown During anti-NSA Broadcast
NSA Can Easily Find Individuals Hidden in Metadata - Study
Obama Signs Defense Authorization Act
Expert to Congress: Obama’s Illegal Behavior Could Spark Armed Revolt
General Calls for Massive March on Washington – "Hope Is Not a Strategy"

EPA Pushes Gun Control Through Green Ammo Mandate
Be Prepared: Wall Street Advisor Recommends Guns, Ammo for Protection in Collapse
Chamber of Commerce to Spend $50 Million to Crush Tea Party
Citizens Take Law into Own Hands After Cash-Strapped Ore. County Guts Sheriff's Office
Chicago Considering Bike Tax
Racial Tensions Rising: White Mom Punched By Black Assailant in NYC
Texas Thug, 27, Charged With Hate Crime for Beating Up Elderly Black Man in 'Knockout Game' Attack
Hundreds of Black 'Young Folks' Battle Cops – Mob Runs Wild for 90 Minutes in Mall Parking Lot
Map: Areas of Probable Power System Collapse: “130 Million Lacking Power for Several Years”
The Coming Chinese Invasion of America
2013 Man of the Year: Gary Sinise
Woman Stabs Sister in Fight Over Apple Fritters
Breach: Man Defeats $300 Million Airport Perimeter Fence: “Substandard Security System”
25 Wacky Joe Biden Moments from 2013
Man Films Himself Hiding Camera in Texas Toilet: Police
DEC 26
Mass Roundups: “Men, Women and Children Will Be Taken from Their Homes”
Save Yourself While You Still Can
National ID Law Takes Effect in 2014
More on Real ID in Your State
New Bomber Can Nuke US Military Bases, Brags Chinese State Media
Stock Up: Final Phase-Out of Traditional Light Bulbs Begins in January – HOLLY NOTE: I wrote about this in 2010 urging people to stock up on these bulbs back then. 'Greenies' tout that the new CFLs cost more, but last longer. Baloney! Stan and I have tested the curly bulbs for 4 years now. Promoters got part of it right. They certainly cost more, but last no longer. A one or two bulb test might have been attributed to an anomalous early blow-out. We've tested dozens. We stocked up on plenty incandescent 100W, 75W and 60W bulbs. Last I checked plenty were still in stock at our local Wal-Mart – not as much at hardware stores like Home Depot and Lowe's. They jumped the shark last year. To say that the ban goes into effect 2014 is a bit misleading unless you're only interested in 60W and 40W bulbs. Bans on 100W bulbs went into effect Jan. 1, 2012 and for 75W bulbs the ban hit Jan. 1, 2013. That said, we do like and use the new LED bulbs. Just a word to the wise…
NM Clerk Resigns After State Legalizes Gay Marriage; Would Rather Quit Than 'Be Associated With That'
Mom Beaten Up Over the Way She Parked Her Car
DEC 24
NSA Review Group Member Wants to Expand Data Collection Program
Locations and Nature of the Upcoming False Flag Attacks
Snowden, After Months of NSA Revelations, Says His Mission’s Accomplished
Judge Rules Obama Social Security Card Fraud May Finally Get Answers
1% Pay Raise Latest Pinch for Troops, Veterans Struggling to Pay Bills
Ryan Doubles Down on Pension Cuts for Vets
15 Quotes About the Duck Dynasty Controversy That Every American Should See
Judge Blocks Utah's Request to Halt Gay Marriages After Ban Overturned
Ohio Gay Marriage Ban Rejected in Narrow Ruling
Mall Shooting Proves New Jersey’s Anti-Carry Laws Make State Less Safe, Says Fiamingo
Dem Sen: Uphill Battle for Gun Control in 2014
Big Brother Tells Kids: TSA ‘Isn’t Scary’
NSA Slayer Calls For Firings at CNN PIC Klayman
US Schools Attempted to Ban 49 Books in 2013

DEC 23
At Least 35 House Members Set to Sue Obama
A Devastating False Flag Attack Event Is Coming Our Way
White House Tries to Prevent Judge From Ruling on Surveillance Efforts
House and Senate Quietly Passes Bigger & Badder 2014 NDAA
Al Sharpton's Chicago Town Hall Erupts into Anti-Machine Revolt

Break Up California into 6 States?

Charlie Daniels to Piers Morgan: 'You Wouldn't Last Five Minutes' in Swamps – HOLLY NOTE: We agree… why doesn't this English piece of toilet paper go back home?
New Armored Tank for Town Police Sparks Fear, War of Words
A New World Order
Why We Fight the New World Order
We've Chosen the Wrong King – Patrice Lewis Points Out Peril of Looking to Government Instead of God
Earthquack! Top 'Duck' Returns to Air – Suspended Star Phil Robertson to Appear in Brand-New Episodes
Phil Robertson Refuses to Back Down From Anti-Gay Comments
Other Networks Vying to Air 'Duck Dynasty'
Sheriff Takes a Stand; Announces Department Will No Longer Assist A&E During Filming
Duck Dynasty Family: A&E Set Up Interview Scandal Themselves to Force Tone Down of Religion
Cracker Barrel Puts Duck Dynasty Back in Stores: ‘We Made a Mistake… We Apologize’
Uncovered: Gov’t Work Order to Build FEMA Camps in Puerto Rico
Susan Rice on Benghazi: “I Don’t Have Time to Think About a False Controversy”
Five Big Gun Control Moments of 2013
When Government Takes Your Guns, People Die

Parents to Sue Over Child Left Unconscious After Dental Procedure
Girl Kicked Out of High School for 'Public Lewdness' – After Reporting Rape
Dad Throws Son from 52-Story High-Rise, Jumps to Death
How Y’all, Youse and You Guys Talk
DEC 20
First, You’ve Got to Get Mad!
All 3 Branches of Government Say Mass Spying on Americans Is Unnecessary
The End of the Beginning

Barbara Walters to Piers Morgan: ‘We Thought That [Obama] Was Going to Be…the Next Messiah’

Washington Has Discredited America
Barack Obama Discovers a Leak Under His Sink, So He Calls Joe the Plumber to Come and Fix It
The 'Duck' Stops Here – Family Says Show's Future in Doubt After Suspension
Duck Dynasty Smashes Cable Ratings Records – Enjoyed 11.8 Million Viewers
Petition to A&E Demanding Reinstatement of Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson
Rush: 'Mock Outrage' Behind 'Duck Dynasty' firing – 'Majority Will Soon Get Fed Up With Being Controlled By Minority'
The Gaying of America: The 2014 Push-Back Plan Against LGBT Agenda
Boston PD Putting AR-15s in Patrol Cars
Why Neo-Isolationism Is Soaring
Breaking the Silence on Male Rape in Military
9/11 Victims’ Case Against Saudi Arabia Restored
'American Girl' Dolls, Girl Scout Badges Now Common Core-Aligned
Paul Ryan Mum on Proposal to Fund Veterans' Pensions by Cutting Illegal Alien Tax Benefits
DEC 19
Napolitano: NSA Spies Pick Up Interference from the Constitution – Fourth Amendment Says Obama Is Not at Liberty to Collect Metadata
Gallup: Record 72% Say Big Government Is Greatest Threat
Fox News Polls: Obama Ends Year With Majority Disapproving of Job Performance
Growing Number of Lawmakers Want Right to Sue the President

Watcha Gonna Do When They Come for You?
Militarization of Police More Widespread Than Previously Thought, Especially in Small Towns
Colorado Town Gets Approval to Vote on Drone Hunting
Google Seeks Internet Surveillance of the Smart Grid
Lesbian Boss ‘Fired Me for Being Straight'
Holy Quack! 'Duck Dynasty' Star Booted Over 'Gay' Flap
Louis. Gov. on Duck Dynasty Dust-Up
WRIGHT: Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson Celebrates Women and Christ
Worst-Ever Homeschool Law Proposed in Ohio
DEC 18
NSA Slayer Goes on Obama Impeachment Hunt
‘Muslim in Chief’
Former Top NSA Official: “We Are Now in a Police State”
Judge Blasts Obama Governance by 'Secret Law'
The Invasion Will Come from Within
Quinnipiac Poll: Iowans Rate Obama's Job Approval at MINUS 59
Outrageous! Wastebook 2013 Shows Government Pork – HOLLY NOTE: And government wonders why Americans are rebelling against paying more taxes!

Download the Wastebook IF You Think You Can Stomach It
Sunny Christmas: First Family and Dog Bo to Leave Cold DC for
$4 Million Hawaiian Vacation

Obama Admin. Violates Another Court Order and More Veterans will Die
Vets Take the Hits on Pension Cuts
Guns Booming as Christmas Gifts
"White Girl Bleed a Lot" – Colin Flaherty's Book Documents the Knockout Game Crisis 

Facebook Tracks All Written Messages, Posted or Not – Study
DEC 17
Nukes on the Loose
Gun Control: 'What If We Say No?' – HOLLY NOTE: This is no other option. Anything else leads to further enslavement. When one Amendment is taken away, others will soon follow.
Is President Obama 'Too Big to Jail?'
10 ‘Biggest Pinocchios’ of the Year…Guess How Many Belong to Obama
ABC Poll: Obama Popularity Plummets to Lowest Level
Is Barack Obama Hitlers "Son"? Powerful Video Will Blow You Away! – NEW must watch

Lost in Translation: Once-Supportive Hispanics Turning Backs on Obama, ACA
Obama's Fall from Grace
Judge: NSA Phone Surveillance Program Likely Unconstitutional
Women’s Rights Lobbyist ‘Pays Nanny $3 a Hour’
Black Mob Violence Now Blamed On ...
Couple Spend MONTH in Jail After Cops Refused to Believe the White 'Bricks' in Their Car Were Homemade Soap, Not Cocaine
Walmart Worker Opens Fire After Losing Employee of the Month

Texas Lays Claim to the World's Largest Gingerbread House
DEC 16
Document Reveals State’s Move to Vastly Expand Continuity of Government Powers
NSA Speaks Out on Snowden, Spying
Listening Devices in NJ Police Headquarters Secretly Recorded Officers, Attorneys, Civilians
Colorado Sheriffs Refuse to Enforce State's New Strict Gun Law Branding It 'Unconstitutional'
Mark Dice Exposes Celebrities Involved with the illuminati – HOLLY NOTE: There's a whole list of short vids here.
Illuminati Invade the Rap Music Biz
Inside the Saudi 9/11 Coverup
Obama Commemorative 'Scandal' Plates

The Most Corrupt County in America
How the West Was Lost By the Selfie President
What Will It Take? Americans Still Seem Willing to Give a Pass to the Disaster in the White House.
SNL Tackles Obama's Selfie, Mandela Interpreter and 'White' Santa Claus

Deadly Truth Behind 'Knockout Game'
China Moon Mission: Replacing the American Dream With the China Dream?
Mega Millions Could Break $656M Record Jackpot After No Winners in Friday Drawing
DEC 13
Shooting at Colorado High School, 1 Girl in Critical Condition, Gunman Dead
Teen Gunman Targeted Debate Coach Who Dropped Him from the Team
Obama's 'Like It, Keep It' Healthcare Promise Voted Lie of Year – HOLLY NOTE: Any decent human being would be mortified to be caught lying, but the President, The President of the United States cited as liar of the year, that's in a whole new realm. If he had any sense of shame, he might be embarrassed. He must have breezed over the 9th Commandment..
Conspiracy So Vast — it's Not Just the NSA, Now the FBI, Your Local Police Are Also Spying on US Citizens
Obama Panel Said to Urge NSA Reform
The NSA’s “Lone Wolf” Justification for Mass Spying Is B.S.
The 93 Skeletons in Obama’s Closet
Foundation for "Con-Con" Established: New U.S. Constitution?

Judge Orders Removal of Veterans' Cemetery Cross
Missing Hunter Survives 7 DAYS of Alaskan Storms By Lashing Himself to a Tree and Rationing His 4 Granola Bars
Trump: 'Shocked' Sebelius Isn't Fired, Country Is 'Going to Hell'

Multiple Stabbings, Fights After Broncos Game at Mile High in Denver
"Affluenza" Doesn't Justify Teen's Behavior in Fatal Crash, Psychologists Say
DEC 12
Obama's New Wealth Redistribution Czar Wants to Cede U.S. Oceans to U.N. – HOLLY NOTE: If you didn't (or did) get to hear Iah Wishart on Coast To Coast AM last night, his book Totalitaria: What If The Enemy Is The State? should be required reading for sheeple and people alike. It is the most cogent and disturbing state of the New World Order since Stan's iconic bestseller The Cosmic Conspiracy.
USTR: TPP Must Be Kept Secret, Because the Public Is Too Stupid to Understand It
DHS Finally Fires Black Supremacist Who Called for Mass Murder of Whites
EPA Was Warned of Fraudster’s Illegal Bonuses
Sign Language Interpreter Who Stood Next to Obama at Mandela Memorial Called a 'Fake'
Fake Sign Language Interpreter Crashes Mandela Memorial?

Who Owns the Children?
Andrew Napolitano: 'The Assaults on Personal Freedom Never Seem to End'
McDonald’s Mayhem: Couple Calls 911 After They Don’t Get Hash Browns
DEC 11
Now Obama Gets 'Executive Power' Czar – HOLLY NOTE: Just when you think Obama couldn't do anything more outrageous, he manages to top himself – daily. This czar's sole purpose is to help Obama expedite and facilitate wealth redistribution.
'It Is Nauseating': Backlash from Congress After Obama Shakes Hands with Fidel Castro's 'Murderer' Brother at Nelson Mandela's Memorial Service
Obama’s Back Dated & Forged Selective Service Form Hits Washington Times in Full Page Ad
Stankin' and Tankin' – Obama Plummets to New Lows
FITTON: A Closer Look at the Benghazi Lie – New Photos Confirm the Attack’s Coordination and Its Cover-Up
Latter-Day Marxist
Dr. Jerome Corsi: False Flag Imminent to Prevent Obama Impeachment
Media Flayed for 'Kiss A$$' Obama Worship
23 Members of Congress Also Went to Mandela Memorial at Taxpayer Expense
The Most Dangerous Woman In America
Horrific Beating of Innocent Man Led to 18 Los Angeles Jail Officers Being Indicted
Gun Sales Are Up as Support Withers for Tougher Firearm Restrictions
Why Good People Should Be Armed

My Life as a Convicted Gun Offender Who Did Nothing Wrong
Celebrity Hypocrites
Ben Affleck: I Felt Gross Raising Money for Dems – 'I Became Disillusioned, Mostly With the Pernicious Effect'
Colo. School Officials Defend Decision to Suspend 6-Year-Old for Consensually Kissing Girl's Hand
Scientists Warn of Worst Case Scenario: “Solar Flares… Will Short Circuit Satellites, Power Grids, Ground Communication Equipment”
DEC 10
Obama Continues His Bowing and Scraping Thing at Mandela Service
Pulitzer Prize Winner: Obama Lied About Syria
Hersh on Obama's Lies About Syrian Chemical Weapons
The Latest Obama Lie Revealed

‘Inexperienced,’ ‘Powerless’ and ‘Timid’: This May Not Be What MSNBC Expected to Hear from a Focus Group Grading Obama
The Psychological Profile of President Obama
The Air Force Is Preparing to Steal the Land of Millions of Americans – HOLLY NOTE: Dave is essentially fighting this fight alone, but it IS possible to win, if one is steadfast. We've seen that with the 10-year fight where Colorado's southern Army site, Piñon Canyon, strove to expand their 235,896 acre base into nearly 1 million making it America's largest military base. They tried to implement eminent domain again, but met with enormous, loud and persistent resistance. Those of you who read this site for 6 or 7 years know we have always reported on the progression of this issue and now after a 10-year fight, it looks like this issue may finally be dead.
Udall, Army Announce Withdrawal of Piñon Canyon Expansion Waiver
Never Let the Dead of Sandy Hook Go to Waste, or Rest in Peace
Sen. Murphy Declares Political War on NRA, Pro-Gun Senators
House Passes Plastic Gun Ban; Senate Looks to Expand Scope
New American Asks Why Homeland Security is Nationalizing Local Police
Knockout Game Goes Terribly RIGHT as Woman Wails on Her Attacker
Islamist Influence Putting U.S. 'in Grave Peril' – Stunning Report Details What Obama Administration Is Allowing
Dasani – One of Over 22,000 Homeless Children in New York, the Highest Number Since the Great Depression
Report: NSA Spying on Virtual Worlds, Online Games
Twitter, Facebook and More Demand Sweeping Changes to US Surveillance
Tailgating BANNED at Next Year's Super Bowl
South Carolina Sheriff Defies Obama's Order to Lower Flags as Tribute to Nelson Mandela
6-Year-Old Suspended for Kissing a Girl, Now Has 'Sexual Harassment' on His School Record
The Coming Collapse of Obama’s America & The Judgment of God
Could Obama Change The Law to Give Himself a Third Term?
FEMA Camps Hiding in Plain Sight – The NFL’s Role in the Coming Martial Law
Army Officer Wants You Disarmed: “We Will Pry Your Gun from Your Cold, Dead Fingers”
Field of Democrats Vying for Evie Hudak's Seat Narrows to 2 – HOLLY NOTE: Recall Outrage! After we successfully recalled two senators in Colorado, John Morse and Angela Giron, due to their anti-gun stance, a 3rd senator, Evie Hudak, was targeted for her actions against the 2nd Amendment. This does not go down well with Coloradans even though we've been overtaken by liberals, starting 30 years ago. Many of them too, voted for recall. The necessary signatures were obtained to recall Hudak and like Obama with his end-around of Congress, this senator stepped down rather than face certain recall embarrassment. Colorado Springs talk show host, Jeff Crank on KVOR radio, reported Saturday he has it on good authority that Democrats will appoint Hudak to fill her own abdicated seat! Can this be legal? This is a disgusting first. It is much like rapists and murderers getting off sentences due to technicalities – slight of hand politics.
FBI Able to Secretly Turn on Laptop Cameras Without Triggering Indicator Light ‘for Several Years’
Not Just the NSA: Local Cops Tap Cellphone Data
Firing Lines with Douglas Dietrich
'American Warrior Blood Is Pooling in Oval Office' 
Twisted Newlyweds “Just Wanted to Murder Someone Together”
Surprise! Plenty of Obama Money for These People
Eye of Horus, The Golden Calf, and the Death of the Dollar
When Rough Men Approached a Little Girl, I Was Scared. Then I Realized What They Were Really Doing.
Unforgettable 911 Call of 5 Year Old Girl Named Savannah

IRS Floats Rule Changes to Tip 2014 Elections
Hardball?? How Chris Matthews Rolled Over for Barack Obama
Obama Tells Chris Matthews Joe Biden Will Go Down in History as One of the Best VP's Ever
'Going to Be One Hell of a Decade’ – Manning to Wikileaks (2010)
Gun Control Coming to the Senate Floor on Monday
Support for Stricter Gun Control Fades
Gun Control Advocates May Have to Settle for Small Gains
The New Front in the Gun Control War Is Your Local Shopping Mall
The Martial Law Noose Is Tightening Around Our Necks
Woman Catches Peeping Tom Filming Her at Kohl’s – Chased Him Through the Store Topless
Sharpton, Other Civil Rights Leaders Launch Fight Against ‘Knockout Game’
Guy Sells Engagement Ring Once Worn By 'Satan Herself'
Kim Kardashian Criticized for Donating Just 10% of 'Charity Auction' to Typhoon Victims – HOLLY NOTE: In God's eyes, donating must be similar as praying, do it quietly, without tooting your own horn or seeking the limelight. If you get praise in this life, you get none from the Lord as you've already received your reward. One example is Paul Walker. We didn't watch his Fast and Furious films, but the more we read about this man, the more you wish people followed his lead. Unbeknownst to the recipient, Walker paid for a Vet's $10,000 engagement ring that he couldn't afford. There must be many more selfless stories involving Paul Walker, but it's likely they remain unheralded as he would have wished. One would think with a combined net worth of $150M, KK and her fiance, Kayne West, could have done a bit better.
Obama Sparks Bipartisan Criticism with End-Runs Around Congress
Prof: Obama's 'Become the Very Danger the Constitution Was Designed to Avoid'
Obama Kept Family of Murdered U.S. Soldier in the Dark That His Islamic Murderers Were in the US and Were Given Citizenship
Are We Sick of Him Yet?
URGENT: Legislative Action! Very Very Dangerous Amendment attached to NDAA 2014 Bill
Some NSA Opponents Want to 'Nullify' Surveillance With State Law
Mysterious China-themed 'City' Proposed in New York’s Catskills
How to Defeat the Globalists
Expert Testifies to Congress that Obama’s ‘Ignoring Laws’ Could Lead to Overthrow of Government
Supreme Court to Admit Obama Broke Law?
WikiLeaks: Secret Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) at Cricial Stage
City Splitters: Whites Seek Secession – 'We Believe That We Can Set a Model for the U.S.'
Socialist Senator Preparing Run for President
House Votes to Extend Ban on Undetectable Firearms
Booze Cruise: State Dept. Bought $180,000 in Liquor Before Shutdown – HOLLY NOTE: No surprise govt. is broke the way they spend taxpayers money and then come back for more!
US State Dept. Spends $1 MILLION on a Single Granite Sculpture to Decorate New Embassy in London
Jurisdiction: The Way to Defend Rural America

Black Artist Drapes Naked White Models Around His Neck as 'Trophy Scarves'
Los Alamos Working to Create National Park
America Smells Turkey in White House
Piers Morgan: Obama 'a Perfect Physical Specimen'
Depopulation of the Masses Has Begun
Obama's Back-Door Plan to Make Bullets Vanish
Teachers Caught Accessing Porn in Class
Martin Bashir 'on Vacation' from MSNBC Show After Saying Sarah Palin Should Have Her Mouth Defecated in
Did You Think Americans Wouldn't Find This Out!
Why Are So Many Wealthy People Building Futuristic High Tech Security Bunkers?
Rumor Check: Did Obama Close a Lead Plant in Order to Enact ‘Backdoor’ Gun Control?
Ex-CIA Chief: Face It, We've Accepted Iranian Enrichment
What America Will Look Like in 2050? Part 11
Faced with Collapse of America's Health System, Schumer Pushes ... More Gun Control
Allen West: EPA Engaging in Backdoor Gun Control
Ammo Price Surge Expected as EPA Regs Close Lead Smelter
NFL Bans This Super Bowl Gun Commercial

NRA: Massachusetts ‘Abusing’ Citizens By Slow-Walking Gun License Approval
Reporter Tells MSNBC Obama Admin. ‘Most Hostile to the Media . . . in US History’
Pathetic: Plouffe Blames Obama’s Cratering Approval Numbers on Government Shutdown
Retailers Plead for Federal Help in War Against ‘Patent Trolls’
15 Year Old Girl Takes Knockout “Game” Attacks Right to the Homes of Elderly Victims
Black Racist "Knock-Out" Attacks Must End
White House Calls Netanyahu 'Desperate and Weak'
BOWMAN: Defending Religious Freedom from Obamacare
ABC Wonders if 'Polyamory' Trumps Traditional Marriage
‘Genderqueer’ Rising: Colleges Welcome Kids Who Identify as Neither Male Nor Female
Pizza Hut Reinstates Manager Fired After Refusing to Open Thanksgiving
NOV 30
Violence Breaks Out Over Black Friday
What Will the Coming Civil Unrest Look Like?
And So It Begins: New York Sending Out Gun Confiscation Notices
Judge: Sheriffs Can't Sue Over State Gun Laws
Cell Phone Stalkers

Bill Would Force TSA to Fork Over $$ Left at Airports
Obama: People Do Think I'm Trustworthy
PRUDEN: The Deadly Price of Presidential Weakness
Dems Distance Themselves from Obama Over Health Law Rollout
AP Poll: Americans Don't Trust Each Other
Americans Are Finally Learning About False Flag Terror
Google Files Patent for Robot That Writes Your Facebook Posts, Emails, Tweets - But Needs FULL Access to Scan Your Accounts
NOV 25
Sides Are Forming for the Coming Civil War
U.S. Generals Now Take Action to Watch Obama – Retired Army, Air Force Leaders Say 'Government Continues Down Path of Destroying America'
Obama's Disdain for the Constitution Means We Risk Losing Our Republic
Opening Statement from Judge Jeanine Pirro: Obama Is Now Transparent

Obama: I'm Not a Particularly Ideological Person
California City Bans Smoking at Home
NY Troopers in Big SUVs Peer in on Texting Drivers
Treasonous, Constitution Destroying U. S. Senators, Must Be Impeached NOW Before Obama is Crowned Emperor with Supreme Power and Dictatorship
Sixth Graders Polled on Gay Marriage, Abortion and Gun Control
Preparing America’s Children for Slavery
The invisible Island Where New York Buries Its Poor and Unidentified
The Odds Are Never In Our Favor
Even Preppers are Unprepared for the Real Hunger Games
NOV 22
Rand Paul Goes Nuclear on 'Big Bully' Reid
Heck, What's another Broken Promise? Senate Dems Vote for Power Grab
The Hammer of Reality

The End of Trust

Obama Approval Rating Sinks to New Low in CNN Poll
Obama and His Compassion Mirage
Obama Biography, Required Reading, Tells 4th-Graders That White Americans Are Racists
Outrageous!… Common Core Book Teaches Children White Voters Rejected Obama Because of Race
Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich is Racist, Says Portland School Official
David, Goliath and Colorado's Next Gun-Rights Recall
6 Lessons Obama Can Learn From the Playstation 4 Rollout – It helps to Have a Product People Want to Buy
Man Arrested for Fishing Will Not Be Subdued, Judge Finally Storms Out
Someone Stole 500 Thanksgiving Turkeys from a Homeless Shelter
If John Kennedy Had Lived
Knockout Backfires; Thug Shot After Hurting 7 Previous Victims
$4 Trillion Needed to Fix U.S. Roads By 2020
NOV 21
RAW POWER GRAB SHOCKER: Senate Passes 'Nuclear Option' Overturning 200+-year-old Law: Senate Dems Win Vote to Change Filibuster, Weakening Minority Party's Power to Block Nominees
Radio Host: ‘Barack Hussein Obama’ Wouldn’t Strip ‘Under Allah’ from Gettysburg Address
Pressure Grows for Benghazi Select Committee
Obama and the Limits of Schadenfreude
Take the Police Out of the Police State
Signed and Sealed: Illinois 16th State to Legalize Gay Marriage
Oliver Stone: JFK Conspiracy Deniers Are In Denial
Sowell: Media Creates Danger by Ignoring 'Knockout Game'
Unleashing America’s Energy & Economic Potential on Federal Lands
NOV 20
Obama Approval Rating Drops to ALL TIME LOW in New CBS News Poll
Youth Abandon Obama And Obamacare
‘Retract Peace Prize’: Russian NGOs Blast Obama Over ‘Killing People’ Confession
Afghans Say Deal Agreed with U.S. for Obama to Acknowledge War 'Mistakes'
I Told You So: Obama Really Stole the Election
U.S. General: Let’s Make Obama Resign
Crowd Declares '2nd Revolution' Outside White House
City Forces Couple to Rip Out 17-Year-Old Garden
House to Vote on Bill That Would Impose $5,000 Fee for Protesting Drilling Projects
North Texas Drivers Stopped at Roadblock Asked for Saliva, Blood
Alabama Police Set Up Road Blocks and Checkpoints to Take Blood and DNA Samples from Drivers

Secret U.S. Court Approved Wider NSA Spying Even After Finding Excesses
Traffic Safety Agency May Mandate That New Cars Broadcast Location, Direction and Speed
America Has Entered a New Level of Tyranny
Senator Warns Solar Firm Linked to Obama Donors Could Be 'Next Solyndra'
Obama Removes 'God' from Gettysburg Address – Only Speaker Among 61 to Omit for PBS Documentary

US Troops Could Stay in Afghanistan Until 2024 - Security Pact
Pilot Fined $3,000 for Landing on Pennsylvania Turnpike After Plane's Propeller Fell Off
Only the Self-Reliant Remain Free
NOV 19
Nearly Half of Government Employees Say Favoritism, Political Coercion Tolerated
New IRS Emails Reveal Cover-Up
Watch Nancy Pelosi (If You Can Stomach It): “When People See What’s in the Bill They Will Like It”
Agenda 21: Opening Its Arms and Welcoming the Climate Change Mob and the ‘Greenies’
Census ‘Faked’ 2012 Election Jobs Report
Obama Snubs 150th Anniversary of Gettysburg Address
Obama's Oratorical Gifts Make His Gettysburg Snub Baffling
Black-Clad Einsatzgruppen Confiscate Guns in California
The Chinese Military Will Be Knocking at Your Door
Homes Raided, Subpoenas Issued Targeting Conservative Groups, Allies of Scott Walker
Cop Attends Event to End Domestic Violence and Gets Arrested That Night – Guess Why?
What Has America Become?
George W. Bush Calls for Keystone XL Construction
Mark Levin Goes Off on ‘Hateful, Vile, Character Assassinating Outlet’ MSNBC Read more: Family Security Matters

Surviving the Apocalypse
NOV 18
A Russian GPS Using U.S. Soil Stirs Spy Fears
Two US District Courts to Take Up Challenges to NSA Surveillance
Retailers Tracking Shoppers Inside Stores
Food Stamp Opportunists Who Raided Walmart During EBT Glitch to Be Cut Off From Program
Behind the Pentagon’s Doctored Ledgers: Epic Waste
Two Miners Dead in Colorado, 20 Others Injured After Ouray Blast
'SNL': Obama Needs Some Serious Medication For His Second Term

Obama Still Not Telling the Truth
Black Mobs Plague Nightclubs Coast to Coast
Oprah: 'Older People ... in South' Must Die to End Racism
Potentially Fatal ‘Knockout’ Game Targeting White Strangers Spreading Across America
Roger Stone Lays Out the Case How Lyndon Johnson Manipulated Events in Dallas in 1963 to Have JFK Murdered (starts 39:09 min. in)

America's Cities on the Edge
Hanford Nuclear Site Mess Gets Worse
NM Police Fire on Minivan Filled With Kids, Their Mom: How It Happened

Cops Kill 8 Times More Americans Than Terrorists
Mich. Man Buys House Next to Ex-Wife, Erects Giant Middle Finger Statue
Boy, 11, Found Handcuffed to Porch with a Dead Chicken Around His Neck Was 'Kept Prisoner' By Foster Parents
WARNING: The Other Preppers: “We Are Your Worst Nightmare and We Are Coming…
Why Does Mainstream Media Like to Make Fun of Preppers So Much?
NOV 15
Obama: Lies and Consequences
Lies Transcend All Colors
RealClearPolitics: Obama Disapproval Now at Record Low 54.2%
Benghazi Survivors Given Force to Sign Sign Additional Nondisclosure Agreements
Rep. Nunes: 'There Are Definitely Discrepancies' on Benghazi

What Is the Real Agenda of the American Police State?
Travelers Rally Behind Blind Man, Dog Kicked Off Flight
Obamcare Disaster Exposes What Happens When Govt Too Big Not to Fail
Jeff Rense & Mia Pope - Shocking Obama Revelations Pt 1

Stratfor Hacker Jeremy Hammond Sentenced to 10 Years in Jail
Countries Warn Citizens to Avoid 16 U.S. Cities
The Latest Common Core Fight: Cursive (and Common Core Is Losing in Some States)
TN Student Speaks Out About Common Core, Teacher Evaluations, and Educational Data

South Carolina’s Oconee Unit 1 Shutdown Due to Radioactive Leak
Passenger Fell Out of Plane, into Ocean
NOV 14
Americans' Personal Data Shared with CIA, IRS
Obama Admin: Bringing Public Accountability to NSA Spying Would Harm Americans’ Privacy
The Government Plans to Track Us and Those We Are Related to Using Our DNA
Details Emerge About Americans Injured in Benghazi
FOX NEWS POLL: Two-thirds Want Congress to Keep Investigating Benghazi Attack
House Republicans to Try to Impeach Holder
Former Secret Service Agent: Obama Admin “Uses Government as Weapon to Intimidate Enemies”
Is It Wrong to Be ‘Anti-Government’?
Bad Kids of the Tea Party

Thanks a Lot, Mr. President: Single Mom’s Letter Goes Viral
Judge Jeanine: The Middle Class Gets Squeezed Again

NAPOLITANO: Why Our States Write Their Own Laws
Gun-permit Applications Soar in Newtown
Hawaii Becomes 14th State to Legalize Gay Marriage
US Pushing for More Power Over Patents and Copyright, WikiLeaks Reveals
NOV 13
U.S. Threatened with 'Heaviest Damage in History'
Congressman Franks on Grid EX II and the EMP Threat
Americans 34x More Interested in Buying Guns Than Obamacare
Poll: A Majority Now Distrust Obama
Obama Approval Stinks – Sinks to 39%
Congressional Approval Sinks to Record Low – Just 9%
NOV 12
Grid EX II and the Impact of an EMP Attack on America
Did You Catch the Ironic Part in Obama’s Veterans Day Speech?
Outside Group Ignores Colorado Guv's Plea to Butt Out of Recall Fight
More Americans 'Prepping' for Uncertain Future
Cavuto: Politicians Should Take a Cue from 'Real Heroes'
Husband Tasers His Wife After She Lost Monday Night Football Bet 
Texas Teen Girl Persuades Friends to Be Prostitutes
NOV 11
A White House in Crisis Mode, Obama Seething
Obama’s Portable Zone of Secrecy
Obama Blew the Entire Last Year
'Less Government, More Charity!': Veterans 'Can't Always Depend on Washington'
Veterans Day: 40% Of Vets Need Food Assistance
Vets Can Rake in Freebies All Day and All Night
Grid EX II and Martial Law Using Foreign Mercenaries
Real American Blackout: Will GridEx II Protect Against It or Ensure It Happens?

Cops: Black Mob Kidnaps, Rapes Teen Girls – Brutal Assaults Captured on Cell-Phone Videos Recorded By Suspects
Map Shows How US Was Divided Into Separate Cultures as Settlers Spread West
Islamic Court Pushed in this U.S. State
STOP THE MADNESS: Third Person Reports Being Anally Violated By Police
Homeless Man Who Found and Returned $850 Denied Services and Medicaid Because He Failed to Declare Income
The Humane Society of the United States and UN Agenda 21
What America Will Look Like in 2050? Pt 5
In Each of Us a Hero Lies
Obama Eyes Executive Orders on Climate Change as Second Term Crumbles
“It Is Not a Matter of If, but When the Lights Go Out”
Washington County Declares State of Emergency in Wake of Communications Failure
Pentagon Reports 46% Rise In Military Sexual Assaults
U.N. Branch Cuts U.S. Voting Rights
11 Bikers – Including Cop – Indicted in NYC Melee
Gene Simmons Cries as He Is Honored for His Work with Veterans
Starbucks Makes Huge Commitment to Vets
Russia and China Prepare for Day When They Will Nuke the United States
Snowden Convinced Fellow NSA Workers to Give Up Computer Passwords to Access Classified Material
The Most Effective Weapon of the Globalists
Father Emailed Neighbors About His Plans to Shoot 9-Year-Old Son and Himself But No One Intervened
America's Structurally Deficient Bridges
Childhood Friend & Classmate of Barack Obama Speaks Out!MUST HEAR

ObamaScare: A Lamentation for the Beloved Land
Krauthammer: How Obamacare Is a Tool to Destroy Wealth, Create Democratic Voters
The Problem with Pay-As-You-Go Social Programs: They're Ponzi Schemes
'We Have Established a Beachhead for Secession'
My Advice to Californians; Get Out Now
Google Barge Mystery Revealed: 'Tech Learning Centers'
Gaffer Biden Calls, Congratulates Wrong Man
To Pray or Not to Pray? Supreme Court Wrestles with Question
Family in Tears as 19-Year-Old Is Jailed for Up to 60 YEARS for Killing His Sister's 'Abusive' Boyfriend in Self Defense
A 19-Year-Old Black Woman Is Shot Dead After Knocking on a Door to Get Help Following Car Accident in White Neighborhood
United, Delta Announce Significant Changes to MileagePlus Program
Wisconsin Woman Missing Since 2004 Found Alive in Mexico
Obama Secret Service Agent: “It’s Worse Than People Know… and I’m Not Trying to Scare You Either”
RUSH: Obama's Base Applaud ObamaCare Lies, Will Never Abandon Him

The Coronation of Ineptitude: How to Do the Obama Two-Step
Gallup Daily: Obama's Approval Rating Plummets Into the 30s
51st State Inniative Wins in 5 of 11 Colorado Counties
Outrage! Routine Traffic Stop Results in Nightmare 14-Hour Anal Cavity Search for Male Driver Who 'Failed to Halt at Stop Sign'
My Country ‘Tis of Thee, Sweet Land of Misery
Trayvon-shooting Town Does 180 On Gun Ban
Paranormal Radio Host Art Bell Mysteriously Disappears From SiriusXM
Sleeping Man Wearing a 'Kilt' Is 'set on Fire' By 16 Year-old on a Los Angeles Bus
Pentagon, State Department Silent on Threatening Reports Outlining Chinese Plans for Nuclear Attacks on U.S. Cities
Obama Administration Silent on China Plans To Kill 12 Million Americans

Kibbe: Why are White House, Homeland Security, IRS, Others Scoping site FreedomWorks.org?
FEMA Activating RED & BLUE Lists Along With Fema Camps (2013)

FEMA Camps: City to Exile the Homeless; It’s not a Conspiracy Theory Anymore
TSA Megalomaniacs Are Here to Dominate, Intimidate & Control You
Colorado Voters to Decide on Pot Proposals, Fracking Restrictions
Colo. Counties Vote on Secession
Bev Harris on Black Box Voting (starts 8:10 min. in)
'Purge Surge': Obama Fires Another Commander
Hundreds Will Protest Islam Lovefest History Textbook Foisted on High School Students
Denver to Continue Tweaks to Public Pot Consumption Law
Is There Anything Left to Fight For?
Pueblo Depot Decades Behind Schedule Dismantling Chemical Weapons Stockpile
Stabbing Israel in the Back
Welcome to the United Police States of America, Where Police Shoot First & Ask Questions Later
Woman on Phone Drives Jeep into Herd of Cows: Cops
Shocker: Last Year Obama Reportedly Told His Aides That He's 'Really Good at Killing People'
Obama’s Tsunami of Lies
NY Times: Obama 'Misspoke' About Keeping Healthcare Plans
While Obamcare Stuns U.S., ‘Leading from Behind’ Unravels World Peace
Obama’s Blitzkrieg Attack Upon America
Snowden Releases 'Manifesto'
Interpol Chief: Citizens Need Guns
The Most Important Article You Will Read: What to Do After 1 Defensive Shooting
Massive Push for 'North Colorado' as 51st State
Gerald Celente on Multinationalism, Breaking the Chains and Individual Renaissance
West Point Hosts Its First-Ever Wedding Between 2 Men
Rotten Apples That Are Corrupting Society
Gunman Kills TSA Agent at LAX, Injures 2 Others
Security Adviser to Obama Says U.S. Is an ‘Islamic Country’
Inside China: Nuclear Submarines Capable of Widespread Attack on U.S. – HOLLY NOTE: Maybe we're crazy here, but isn't it just too coincidental that something as potentially catastrophic: NO – life-altering – as a strike on America by another world super power is relegated to 'back news' compared to a nut-job shooter in LAX? Yes, ONE person died, which is one too many, but, this strike scenario on America's West Coast and eastward was estimated BY CHINA to cause 12 MILLION deaths. What is this that China projects their kill expectations of American if they aren't planning this. This LAX shooting is merely a weak distraction, but that will grab anti-firearms activists by the short hair.
– HOLLY NOTE: Maybe we're crazy here, but isn't it just too coincidental that something as potentially catastrophic: NO – life-altering – as a strike on America by another world super power is relegated to 'back news' compared to a nut-job shooter in LAX? Yes, ONE person died, which is one too many, but, this strike scenario on America's West Coast and eastward was estimated BY CHINA to cause 12 MILLION deaths. What is this that China projects their kill expectations of American if they aren't planning this. This LAX shooting is merely a weak distraction, but one that will grab anti-firearms activists by the short hairs.
Ted Cruz Criticizes DOJ for Arguing International Treaty Can Trump the Constitution
Poll: Obama Approval at All-Time Low
Poll: Hillary Clinton Approval Sinks
Cruz's Father Calls for Obama to be 'Sent Back to Kenya'
Dems Threaten 'Nuclear Option' to Bypass GOP, Confirm Obama Nominees
UN to Destroy Property Rights of Thousands Around Alamo
Officials Bash Rumors That Alamo, Other Missions Will Be Run by UN
Homeland Security to Purchase 'Riot Expansion Kits'
What Are You Going to Do When a Massive EMP Blast Fries Electrical Grid?
Controversial Military Manual Warns of 'White Male Club' – Teaches That 'Healthy, White, Heterosexual, Christian' Men Hold an Unfair Advantage
What the Hell Is Wrong with These People?
End of an Era: Last U.s. Lead Smelter to Close in December
Man, 65, Dumped By His Lover Goes on Rampage in Nursing Home, Killing 2 of Her Girlfriends
OCT 31
Benghazi Silence: DOJ, State Dept. Block Access to Terror Attack Survivors
Intelligence Officials Confirm White House, State Department Approved Surveillance of Allied Leaders
Obama Aims 'Wrecking Operation' at Military
Obama Leadership Style Raises Question of 'Who Is in Control?'
The World's Most Powerful People 2013 PIC Obama Crying
Intelligence Officials Confirm White House, State Department Approved…
Oprah Slams Obama: “An Immediate, Flat-out, Unequivocal No”
GAO: Some Security Guards at Federal Facilities Not Trained for 'Shooter' Incidents
Fast-Tracking America’s Decline
NSA Accused of Listening in on Secretive Vatican in Run Up to Conclave
Head of Congressional Intelligence Committee: “You Can’t Have Your Privacy Violated If You Don’t Know Your Privacy Is Violated”
Man Sexually Assaulted During Home Invasion
How Will Your Teen Behave When the SHTF?
The Media’s Complicity In Crimes Against Humanity
OCT 30
President Lied, Media Credibility Died
White House Tries to Explain Obama's Claim That All Americans Can Keep Health Plans
Sen. Ted Cruz: Obama 'Absolutely Abusing His Power'
For Obama, Nothing Succeeds Like Failure
Obama’s Hunger Games Is a Prelude to Martial Law
Obamacare: If You Like Your President You Can Keep Him
Carr: We Already Met Our Knucklehead Quota
Cost of Refurbishing U.S. Nuclear Weapons Continues to Grow
Sexual Predator Honored With U.S. Postage Stamp (Raped underage boys)
OCT 29
'We're Really Screwed Now': NSA Insiders in Full Panic Mode After Sen. Feinstein for Full Investigation into Spying
BLS: Gov’t Workers 'Absent' 50% More Than Private-Sector Workers – HOLLY NOTE: Hmmm… could it be that government makes them sick too!? ;-)
Food Bank CEO Suggests Welfare Cuts May Spark Riots
Mainstream Reports: DHS Battens Down the Hatches: “This Could Be All Hell Breaks Loose Day”
The Bystander President
WWII Vet Murdered By Black Mob Laid to Rest with Full Navy Honors
What I Told the Voice of Russia Radio Network About Impending US Martial Law
Obama 'Gutting Military' By Purging Generals
Obama’s Soviet Style Purge of Military Brass Escalates Ahead of Looming Martial Law
You Say You Want a Revolution
FBI to Launch Investigation into Cops Who Shot 13-Year-Old Boy Carrying Toy Rifle 10 Seconds After First Spotting Him
Feds Stage Pre-Dawn Raid for Potato Gun
Gay Sex Offenders' Wiccan Wedding Will Be a First
Just Try Not to Get Chills During Navy Petty Officer’s World Series Rendition of ‘God Bless America’

The Benghazi Hoax Disgrace
Dr. Paul Craig Roberts on ObamaCare and the Economy

OCT 28
Spain Summons US Ambassador Over Claim NSA Tracked 60M Calls a Month
Anger at Obama Goes Beyond NSA, Europe
Two Republican Congressmen Defend U.S. Spying Abroad
Massive Barge on San Francisco Bay Likely Secret Google Facility
Beloved World War II Vet, 87, Known as Sunshine, Killed By 4 Teens During Violent Mugging
Allen West: America 'on Verge of Race War?'
The Revolt of the Lower Middle Class and the Stupidity of the Elites
Social Security Buying 174,000 Hollow-Point Rounds
Review: 'American Blackout' Will Scare You Silly, Then Make You Think
Expert: “What People Have Got to Know is That They’re on Their Own, Literally…”
America’s Report Card
The Real Reason U.S. Targets Whistleblowers
America's 'Tilt' Toward Iran Leaves Ally in Lurch – Decades-Long Relationship with Saudi Arabia in the Balance
The EPA Legally Controls All Water, Food Production and Private Property
Horror: 5 Dead Including an 18-Month-Old Baby - in Brooklyn Stabbing Spree – HOLLY NOTE: Notice the NGR - No Guns Required in this tragic event
NSA Website Goes Down; Spy Agency Blames 'Internal Error', Not Hackers, for Outage
The Plan Is Not Working
OCT 25
Obama Skips Town Amid Obamacare Disaster – HOLLY NOTE: Now there's a real leader for you. Patoui!  
Exclusive: Feds Confiscate Investigative Reporter’s Confidential Files During Raid
The Greatest, Most Relevant Speech Ever
OCT 24
GOP Rep.: Obamacare's Troubles a Sign of Things to Come
NSA Recorded 124 Billion Calls in Month – Top-secret Documents Prove Widespread Data Collection
Mystery Phone No. May Install NSA on Mobile Users

Liberal Leaning Oliver Stone, Hollywood: 'Stop Watching Us!'
NAPOLITANO: A Government of Secrecy and Fear
The Riots Will Soon Begin

Starnes: Air Force May Drop 'God' from Honor Oath
Thousands to Honor Rep. C.W. "Bill" Young at Florida Funeral Today
3 Colorado Lawyers Try to Block 51st State Movement
Facebook Post Asks for Friends’ Ballots If They Are Not Voting
Long Live the New Resistance
He’s No Truman: It Seems the Buck Doesn’t Stop at Obama’s Oval Office Desk
Ted Nugent – Our Addiction to Entitlement Crack
The Great Jack O'Lantern Blaze Attracts Thousands
OCT 23
Judicial Watch Announces List of Washington’s “10 Most Wanted Corrupt Politicians” – No Surprise: 8 Dems, 2 Republicans
Obama's Job Approval Drops Precipitously to the Largest Decline of His Presidency
Flustered Carney Bails from Briefing After Onslaught of ObamaCare Questions
Grayson Stands By KKK-tea Party Comparison: ‘Tea Party Is the Home of Bigotry and Discrimination in America Today’
States Where Gay Marriage Is legal – The Shocker? Iowa
Native American Gay Couple Wed in Oklahoma Under Tribal Law – Despite State Ban
Fresh Leak on US Spying: NSA Accessed Mexican President's Email
Pot Grower Exposed by Google Earth
Even Betty White Mocks Miley Cyrus
Tennessee Police Officer Fired After Using Gun and Pepper Spray Against Squirrel in Store
OCT 22
Obama's Fingerprints All Over IRS Tea Party Scandal
DC Football: The Toilet Bowl Now the Donkeys v. Elephants
Gun-control Super PAC: $1 Million In Va. Race
TSA Screening Digs Deep Into Passenger Data
Homeland Security Spends $80 Million on Armed Guards for “Civil Disturbances”
OCT 21
Heckuva Job, Obama: President Excuses Long List of Scandals and Blunders in His Administration
Families Suspect SEAL Team 6 Crash Was Inside Job on Worst Day in Afghanistan
No End in Sight to San Francisco Commuter Rail Strike
Your 72 Hour Red Flag before US Martial Law 
Is Secession's Time Coming Again?
Same-sex Weddings Begin in New Jersey
Washington's Open Secret: Profitable PACs

Chris Hedges: Military Police State Far Worse Under Obama Than Bush
Report: Massive Vulnerability Detected In National Power Grids: “There Is No Way to Stop This”
2 More Naval Officers Purged By Obama
Survey: Most Americans Think Fellow Citizens Are Getting Ruder – HOLLY NOTE: If you think not, then you should see our email buckets with people's drums to beat. If you aren't smacking it, they attack it. If you address it, they redress you. There is no winning, so get a tough skin or sink. Anonymity gives people licence for nastygrams. As stated in scripture, rudeness is a sign of End Times. The good thing is, Messiah comes soon! Maranatha!

Black Mob Pounces on Young White Couple
21 People Set Themselves on Fire for World Record
OCT 19
'Unprecedented': EPA Accused of Power Grab Over Proposed Water Rule – Would Give “Unprecedented Control Over Private Property Across the Nation.”
NatGeo’s ‘American Blackout’ Examines U.S. Without Power
U.S. Oil Supply Looks Vulnerable 40 Years After Embargo
Big Win for Big Oil on Ethanol Mandate?
Obama Opposes Supreme Court Review of NSA Surveillance
Ron Paul Confirms U.S. Empire Will Suddenly Collapse Like Soviet Union Did
Russian Professor Predicts End of U.S.
Indictment: 500,000 Americans' Bank Data Stolen, Sold on Internet
OCT 18
Lock and Load: Are You Prepared for Civil Unrest?
EBT America
Count Obama Whoppers in Debt-Deal Speech
The Lies of Obama
Bombshell: White House Planned Shutdown – 'Republicans Walked into a Trap Set Up By Valerie Jarrett, Obama'
Steyn: US Government Institutions 'Utterly Repulsive and Disgusting'
Proposed 51st State 'New Colorado' Movement Seeks Support in Colorado Springs
Winning Isn’t Everything: It’s the Only Thing, in Case You’ve Forgotten.
Top Officials Deny Viral Nuke Story
$236,000 Unpaid Toll Bill for One Texas Duo
Walmart Fires Employee for Helping Woman Being Assaulted By Her Boyfriend in the Parking Lot
Feral Cats to Be Given Property Rights in Los Angeles Preventing Residents From Removing Them
Rand Pauls Summer Vacation vs Barack Obama’s
Assault with a Deadly Parrot
OCT 17
We Have Lost Virtually ALL of Our Constitutional Rights
House Stenographer Speaks for God on Floor of Congress, Escorted Out – HOLLY NOTE: Regardless of her good message, this woman is misinformed on the Freemason issue. Between 9 and 13 of the Constitution's signers were masons. The rub comes in the hierarchy. Most low-level masons are decent God-fearing men known for charitable works and know nothing about what goes on in the uppermost ranks – those that go off into the weird, devil-worshipping end. Fingerprints of America's Masonic history are everywhere in D.C.'s architecture and layout. Stan was one of the very first people to expose this in The Cosmic Conspiracy.
How to Turn a Republic into a Serfdom
5-year Low: Just 13% Say U.S. Heading in Right Direction
78% Want to Throw Out Entire Congress and Start Over
74-year-old NY Central Park Rape Victim to Attacker: 'Rot in Hell'
Chicago Now More Violent Than During Capone Era
OCT 16
Obama Secretly Signing Away U.S. Sovereignty
The Big List of Obama Shutdown Outrages
News Anchor, Dylan Ratigan, Goes on EPIC Government Shutdown

Storming the Barricades in Washington – NOLLY NOTE: There is no direct link to this commentary but read the top one written by Anonymous under 15 Responses to Bill Whittle: Who Are the Real “Nonessential” Personnel?
Obama's Pre-existing Conditions Whopper
Another Call to Impeach Obama
Stand Up Americans
Media Blackout: Obama Has Ordered States to Stop Food Stamp Benefits Next Month
Food Stamp Program Shutdown Imminent?
The Importance of October 17
Greenwald on Snowden Leaks: The Worst Is Yet to Come
Alabama Lawmaker Re-Introduces Castration Bill For Sex Offenders
Billboard Appears in Small Town Showing Obama with a Hitler Mustache
Amanda Knox Says She Is Paying for Mistakes the Police Made and Who Are Too Proud to Admit They Were Wrong
Police Smell Meth, Raid Home, Kill 80-Year-Old Man, Find No Meth
'Deliver Us from the Hypocrisy': U.S. Senate Chaplain's Caustic Daily Attacks on Politicians During Shutdown Earns Huge Fan Base
OCT 15
Allen West “More Outrageous Treatment of Our Military – This Is Utter BS”
Colo. Governor Asks Gun-Control Groups to Stay Away From Latest Recall
NSA Collects Millions of E-Mail Address Books Globally 
Brazil Announces Government System to Block NSA Snooping
The Planned Destruction of America 
5.5 Million Vets Get Behind Newest Rally
EBT Crash: Obama Martial Law Dry Run or a ‘Glitch’?
The “Average” EBT User May Not Be Who You’d Expect
Watch: They Will Clear the Shelves within Hours: “Like a Tornado”
End of an Era at US Space Command
11 American Charity CEOs Earn More Than $1 Million a Year
Bill Maher: Fear of Assassination Drives Obama’s Policies
Personal Preparation for Grid Ex II
OCT 14
'Barrycades' Torn Down, Dumped at White House
Snit Fit Redux: Barrycades Ordered Back Up at WWII Memorial
War Is Raging in the Hearts of Men
Is Obama Creating a Martial-law-ready Military?
D.C Metro Police Confront Veterans

EBT Card Food Stamp Recipients Ransack Wal-Mart Stores
Walmart Shelves in Springhill, Mansfield, Cleared in EBT Glitch
Debt Default Could Spark Food Stamp Riots
Survivalist Business Booming
Dates That Destroyed America
Survey: Arabs and Jews in Israel Say Obama Looks Weak on Iran, Syria
OCT 11
Study: IRS Suppression of Tea Party Swung 2012 Election
IRS Emails Show Collusion with White House
'Thuggery' Sparks Talk of Impeachment
Hannity Brawls with (Little) Weiner in Legendary Throw Down

N. Dakota Voters Oust 5 County Commissioners; Recall Prompted By $3.5 Million Building Project
In U.S., Perceived Need for Third Party Reaches New High
NBC News/WSJ Poll: Fire Them! Fire Them ALL! 60% Say Every Member of Congress Should Be Canned
Americans' Satisfaction With U.S. Gov't Drops to Record Low
Ex-Treasury Official: Obama Could Use Debt Crisis to Seize Total Power
Revealed: How Pentagon FAKED Repatriation of Fallen Soldiers for Years
The 3 Stages of US Martial Law
‘You Should Have Expected U.S.’: Series of Attacks Hit Midwest Ahead of Massive Electric Grid Drill
Activists Shower U.S. Senate Building with 2000 $1 Bills to Monsanto Still Lobbying Congress Despite the Shutdown
Obama: It’s Time for Americans to Embrace My Dictatorship and Their Own Slavery…Or Else
America’s Night of the Long Knives May Hit the Tea Party/Patriot Movement Any Day Now!
47-Year-Old Woman Shoved So Hard Face-first into a Jail Cell By Cops, She Needed Reconstructive Surgery
Winter Is Coming: Wood Stove Problems – HOLLY NOTE: A lot of this is common sense whether considering a fireplace or a wood stove. We've had either for 30 years now and after that amount of time, you get to know their in's and out's. For instance, if you have any inside open fire, make sure to have 3-foot wide fireproof area around the perimeter. Our great room where the wood stove lives is carpeted, but there's an ample hearth all the way around. Second, in order not to have flue fires, burn 'clean' wood only, preferably hardwoods. Fruitwood smells so wonderful in addition to not leaving sap / firestarting residue behind like pines or spruces. AND it's long-burning. Think about it… Have you ever trimmed junipers and burned them when green? They need no incendiary like gas or lighter fluid. Simply put a lit match to the green branches and WHOOSH! it's ablaze. Third, stay away from hot fuels like cottonwood. They're 'all blow and no long go'. It other woods, they burn extremely hot and use the wood quickly. No bang for the buck. After the first year when we had used this stove nightly, we cleaned the piping that spring. There was only ¼ cup of residue in all 12 feet. That's because we burned only hardwood. There is a list of many different woods you can use in Dare To Prepare and the BTUs (heating factor) you can expect from each. All wood does not burn equally. What appears to be less expensive at first blush, may cost a lot more $$ in the long run.
OCT 10
'US Unchained Itself From Constitution': Whistleblowers on RT After Secret Snowden Meeting
EPA Regs Shutter New England’s Largest Coal Plant
Report: Feds Order National Guard to Close I-495 to Derail Trucker Protest
Before You Rejoice -- Don't Lose Sight of the Rule of Law and our Constitution
Taxpayer Travesty - Furloughed Govt. Workers May Get Paid Twice

Free Vibrators for Furloughed Government Employees
83% Say U.S. Heading in Wrong Direction – HOLLY NOTE: The others are smoking dope. (If you think this image bears a striking resemblance to Obama, there's good reason.)
Author of Patriot Act Wants to End NSA's Spying Once and For All
Obamus Caesar: “No Limits On the Power of the President if He Calls for a National Catastrophe”
McGrath: “Somebody In Government Is Afraid of What Is Coming”
The Downside of America’s New Spirit of Civil Disobedience
Arlington Graves Stripped of Personal Mementos in Controversial Clean-Up That Has Outraged Fallen Service Members' Grieving Families
Heels Dug In: Obama Says He Won't Blink This Time
Obama Might Have Opened Up the Path to the Ultimate 'Deal' on the Debt Ceiling And Shutdown
Foundation Offers to Cover Death Benefits As Congress Considers Fix
Grand Canyon Workers Stranded Without Food Amid Slimdown
AP Poll: Obama’s Approval Rating Plummeting to Only 37%
Colorado Town Vote on Drone Hunting Licences Rescheduled for Dec. 10
Here’s Your Chance to Help a Real Pro-gunner Win in a Purple State
Cavuto: Mr. President, We at Fox News Are Not the Problem

Move Over Jimmy Carter, Obama Has My Vote for Worst President - Ever
Community Organizer Runs Amok – Shutdown Reveals Our President at His Most Unbalanced
Arkansas Power Grid Sabotaged
NY Biker Attack – Undercover Cop Among 6 Arrested in SUV Assault
US Adults Are Dumber Than The Average Human
Colo. Gun-Rights Activists Plan 3rd Recall Effort – HOLLY NOTE: See folks, this is what we talked about. The success Coloradans achieved last month in removing Sen. Angela Giron and John Morse is spreading. We support this recall, too. We can get rid of politicians that go against the will of the people. Be encouraged! VOTE them gone!
Illinois Delayed in Accepting Concealed-Carry Permits
Frustrated Rural Colorado Counties Want to Secede
Status of Colorado Secession By County
Biker Cop Joined in SUV Beatdown, Hit Vehicle
Civil Disobedience and Civil Rights, DC Truckers Slowdown – The Obama Pretext for Martial Law?
'Truckers for the Constitution' Plan to Slow D.C. Beltway, Arrest Congressmen
Twitter Shuts Down ‘Truckers'
Rebels Defying Gov’t Shutdown Orders
Darrell Issa: IRS Officials Sent Private Data Over Personal Email Accounts
NSA’s Vast New Utah Data Hub Suffering From ‘Meltdowns’ – Report
The Case for Chicago Becoming the Next False Flag Event
Australian Govt Talked PRISM Before Snowden Revelations
Tenn. Initiates Y-12 'Orderly Shutdown' Monday
Newly-designed $100 Bill to Finally Reach the Public Tuesday
Boehner: Reid Wants 'Complete' GOP Surrender
ATF Blocking Book by 'Fast and Furious' Whistleblower
Obama Tries to 'Shut Down' the Ocean as Part of Temper Tantrum
National Park Rangers Ordered to Keep Visitors Out of Privately Run Businesses
Shutdown Drama: Goats Are Furloughed, the Ocean Is Closed, and Jackbooted Thugs Grimly Deter Tourists
Truckers Ride Oct 11, 12, 13: No Freight Hauling, 3-Day Traffic Jam, Flags Flying – How You Can Help Locally, Where to Meet-Up
Shutdown Highlights Basic Fact: Most of Government is ‘Non-Essential’
America Is Rapidly Approaching Its Date with Destiny
America’s Path to Revolution Is Rapidly Escalating
America, 1984, Brave New World & Scientific Slaves of the NWO
Rev. Billy Graham’s Dire Warning: America Is Drowning in ‘Sea of Immorality’
10 Prepping Mistakes That Could Get You Killed (and How to Avoid Them)
Washington Enters 5fth Day of Shutdown, No End in Sight
Obama Spent Day 3 of Shut Down Posing for Portrait
Obama Approval Plummets to 41%, Gallup
Paul: Obama’s Response to Shutdown Is Just ‘Shut Up’
What Are We Leaving Our Children?
City Orders Residents to Remove 'God Bless America' Signs
Priests Threatened With Arrest If They Minister to Military During Shutdown
Latest IRS Target? Surgeon: I Was Audited After Criticizing Obama 
Shutdown Brings Toilet Paper Crisis to Air Force Academy, Protesters to Fort Carson
The Sadistic Strategy of Obama and Reid – Pat Buchanan: 'Plan Is to Maximize the People's Pain, Political Damage to GOP
The Government Shutdown Is a Slap in the Face of the NWO
Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert: The Liberal Brain Trust That Is No Joke
Boehner Prepared to Cave-In to Obama
Here’s Your Target List of Wavering Republicans
The FBI Busted Silk Road, But Not the 'Dark Web' Behind It
Security Expert: “The Details Matter Less and Less. We Have to Assume That The NSA Has Everyone Who Uses Electronic Communications Under Constant Surveillance”
NSA Scandal Infographic
King Amendment to the Farm Bill Gives Feds Power Over State Regs
Shots Fired At Capitol, Building Under Lockdown
Suspect Female Dead
Stalemate Threatens Full DC Shutdown
Troops Forage for Food While Golfers Play on in Shutdown
Obama Deliberately Blocked Access to Veterans’ Memorials to Make Shutdown Appear Worse
Issa: WWII Memorial Shutdown Shows the 'Punitive Nature' of Obama

Mark Levin: You Lay One Damn Hand on a WWII vet, I’ll Bring Half a Million People to DC

7 Stupid Things the Gov’t Spent Money on During the Shutdown
Think This Budget Stalemate Is Bad? Wait Until Debt-Ceiling Fight
Government Shutdown? 36 Facts Which Prove That Almost Everything Is Still Running
5 Scenarios for Ending the Shutdown Impasse
Here's the Real Reason Obama Threatened Syria – Mideast Expert: President Bringing 'Charm Offensive' to Major Terror Sponsor
Egypt Can Prove Obama Is a Terrorist!

Drone Crashes onto NY Sidewalk Narrowly Missing Businessman
78-year-old Grandma Arrested for Cursing
Wingsuiter Jeb Corliss Flies Through 10Ft Crack in Mountain at 100mph in Daredevil 'Flying Dagger' Jump

It’s the President’s Fault
GOP Reps Call Out CNN Anchor in Battle over Shutdown: ‘Whose Bidding Are You Doing?’

Veterans 'Storm' Barricades Around Shuttered World War II Memorial in DC in Defiance of Govt Shutdown
WWII Veterans Plan to Storm Lincoln Memorial Today, Closed Due to Obama Admin Pettiness
Hero Father Saves His 2-Year-Old Son From Scissor Wielding Maniac Who Stabbed Them and 3 Others in Manhattan – HOLLY NOTE: And not a gun in sight!
Why Are They Trying So Hard to Demonize Gun Owners?
Oath Keepers Is Going “Operational” By Forming Special Civilization Preservation Teams
Virginia Quietly Starts Construction On Master Identity Database For State Residents
CPAC St. Louis - Louisiana State Sen. Elbert Guillory Puts It on the Line

Lack of Privacy Destroys the Economy
Judge: 'Fast and Furious' Lawsuit Can Proceed
EPA Imposes New ‘War on Coal’ Regs
Honored Cowboys Watched By Thousands as They Carry Out Annual Herding of Buffalo Across the Great Plains
OUT OF SERVICE: Federal Government Enters First Shutdown in 17 Years; Lawmakers Remain Divided Over Obamacare – HOLLY NOTE: While the NY Daily News slams the House, the Senate is just as deserving. Congress lives in Dysfunction Junction.
Senate Votes to Keep Massive Subsidy for Itself
As Government Shuts Down, Democrats Party It Up at Hillary's DC House
NC Rep Takes House Floor to Proclaim “We Did Not Elect a Dictator”
Gridlock May Force Congress To Take Down Its Own Website
These Are Not the Normal Activities of a Government Planning for Peace and Stability
America’s War to Retake Its Streets – HOLLY NOTE: Tanks in cities is surely overkill, no pun intended

U.S. Prepares for Martial Law With MRAP’s
We Are 90 Days Away from Total Loss of US Sovereignty
9 Maps That Show How Americans Commit Crime
Which States Have Drone Laws?
Are We Too Late to Stop U.N. Agenda 21?
Seeing Through a Glass Darkly
Bottom of the Barrel at the George Soros Institute for Internet Trolling
Reporters Greenwald and Schahill to Reveal US Assassination Program
Obama Calls for “New World Order” in Front of the UN – The U.S. to Go Biometric

Democrat Senator Tom Harkin: Literal Civil War Looms for America
Kerry Blasted for Signing UN Arms Trade Treaty That Critics Say Creates De Facto Gun Registry
Violating Your Own Rights: 10 Bits of Private Information You Give the NSA
Gang of Bikers Attack Driver in Front of Family After High-Speed Chase – Cops Bust Road Rage Bike Thug
Who'll Blink? Dems, GOP in Shutdown Stare Down
Truckers Roar to D.C. with Impeachment Movement
U.S. to Teach Mexicans to Game American System – Feds Plan to Spend $100,000 to Help Give Away More Money
U.S. Bracing For Gov't Shutdown No One Wants
Obama Admin. to Sue U.S. State On Voting Rules
Homeowners Unite Against FEMA
The Apocalypse Is Upon Us
A Very Angry America
Judge Jeanine: There Was a Time When Civility Reigned

New U.S. Mayor Sets Sights on 'Black Nation'
Jesse Ventura, Howard Stern Set For 2016 Presidential Run  – HOLLY NOTE: If you thought Ron Paul fought an uphill battle, these guys don't have have a snowball's chance…
Big Brother Report: NSA Uses Data to Map US Social Connections
Emily Miller: Obama 'the Most Rabidly Anti-Gun President In History'
Orwell's Pigs
Hundreds Gather to Fly Confederate Flag Above I-95 
Nearly 2 Mass Shootings Per Month Since 2009, Study Finds – HOLLY NOTE: 2 THINGS: 1) While this is a terrible happening for those of the immediate family and their friends, these numbers are a micro gnat's eyelash compared to all of America. For example, in total, say that 200 died in these crimes. That, divided by our population of 317M is .0000006 or .0000613%. FOR THAT, they want to take our our 2nd Amendment rights and self-protection. Not happening in this household. 2) Notice how these events ramped up immediately after Obama took office. No correlation? Doubtful. Either it's like Alexis said, that government bombarded his brain with ELFs and drove him to do terrible deeds. If this sounds bananas to you, read The ELF God. The tehcnology does exist.

OR...., Obama is driving us all crazy. A good case could be made for either and they aren't mutually exclusive. Tell me this guy with his bug eyes doesn't look all crazyville… and this 'terrorist' wrote in a suicide note that his actions were being controlled. Doesn't this sound like more laying the groundwork for taking away your weapons, your protection?
Dianne Feinstein Accidentally Confirms That NSA Tapped the Internet Backbone
Power Outage Wreaks Havoc in NYC: “There Appears to Have Been No Plan for This Type of Catastrophic Failure”
Visa Goes Anti-Gun: Restricts America’s Largest Gun Store From Processing Transactions
A Small President on the World Stage
Congress Moves To Outlaw the Alternative Media
Obama Has Dismantled America
Why the FISA Court Is Unconstitutional
Obama's Remarks Missing from Speech Podium (Please Lord, send my teleprompter or notes – don't leave me hangin')

Obama and Islam: A Poisonous Synergy
Major New Polls: Americans Are Sick of War
Just 33% Trust the President More Than Congress (Which Only Has an 11% Approval Rate), Supreme Court
'ELF Waves' Drove Him To Kill 
Common Core: The Battle for Our Children & Our Country
Continued Support for Keystone XL Pipeline
House GOP May Attach Obamacare Delay to Continuing Resolution
Obama's Foreign Naivete Now Making Way for Iran, and Rouhani's, Deceit
Cut Food Stamps? 'You're Going to Hell' – Rangel: GOP Will Be Judged By 'higher Authority' for Slashing Gov't Programs
Watch Deputy Face 3 Armed Citizens

Obama Stands Up Too Long at Speech, Stood Up By Iran at Lunch
Lotsa Drills Coming Up:
Port of Houston Running Simulation Drill for 'Dirty Bomb' Attack Sept. 25
Maine Hosting Secret Multi-Agency Disaster Drill Sept. 25
Great ShakeOut Earthquake Drill Set Oct. 17
Banks Plan National Cyber-Attack Drill Oct. 16 - 17, 2013 and Oct. 23 - 24
'Quantum Dawn' Is a Cyber-Attack Bank Drill – Banks Get an "F" in Security

GridEx2 Nov. 13-14
The EPA’s Worse-Than-Useless Coal Regulations
2nd California County Votes to Secede – State 'Is Essentially Ungovernable in Its Present Size'
Gosnell Claims 'Spiritually Innocent' of Murder
Parent Arrested for Objecting to Obama Common Core

Learn from History - Story of the Trojan Horse
FBI: Chicago Passes New York As Murder Capital of U.S.
What is the Most Screwed Up Thing About Your State? Check This Chart
Harry Blows His Stack – 'We're Not Going to Bow to Tea Party Anarchists'
World Citizen Asks United Nations to Disarm America: “The World Cannot Stand Idly By”
Gun Control: More Americans Die in Shootings Since Obama Took Office – HOLLY NOTE: And are lot are Obama's home town of Chicago. What does that say...
CIA, Mind Control & Mass Shootings - Is There a Correlation?
Tolerance Gone Too Far: Boy, 12, Suspended for Playing with Toy Gun at Home
You’ve Been Warned: Why You Need to Be Ready for Total Grid Failure
Treason or Stupidity?
Ohio Facial Recognition Database Can Be Accessed By 30,000 Police Officers, Others Without Any Oversight
4 Chemical Attacks U.S. Wants You to Forget

America's History of Chemical Weapons 'Experiments' Against Its Own People: The Manchester Mill Anthrax Case
Real Phone Call: “Why Can’t the Government Move Deer Crossings Away From High Traffic Areas?”
'Red Line' Just 1 of Roughly 500 Obama Promises That Have Come And Gone
America-hating Obama a Threat to World Freedom
Obama: Negotiating with Republicans Over Debt Ceiling 'Is Not Going To Happen'
Obama Calls for a 'Transformation' After Washington Navy Yard Massacre
Obama Urges New Gun-Law Push
NRA: Get 'Homicidal Maniacs' Off Street
The CIA Manchurian Candidate Groomed by Communists to Destroy America
Hillary to Huma: Dump the Weiner or You're Out – HOLLY NOTE: Stories of Hillary's lesbianism just don't go away. Where there's smoke there's fire.
Transgender Student In Calif. Named Homecoming Queen
The Magic of David Copperfield: Fires of Passion
– HOLLY NOTE: We've watched his performances for 3 decades and hope you've had the opportunity to enjoy them. They are, well, quite magical and something to off-set today's dreary news. It's a nice performance of magic mixed sensuality without going all Miley twerking. She could take a lesson of how to garner true stage ownership without selling herself.
Protesters Rally Against Neo-Nazi Plans to Turn North Dakota Town into a White Supremacist Community
Florida Meth Mom, 36, Decapitates Family's Pet Bunny in Front of Her Kids Out of 'Boredom'
Billionaire George Soros, 83, Marries 42-year-old Tamiko Bolton
Spitting on Their Graves: Democrats Leave Benghazi Hearing Before Testimony From Families of Victims

Benghazi Victim’s Mom: Obama, Hillary, and Biden ‘All Lied to Me’

San Antonio Mayor Recall Underway
Now Truckers Convoy to D.C. – After Bikers Invade Washington, Big Rigs Put Hammer Down In Protest
Prosecutor Wants Jail for Homeschooling Parents
FEMA's Simulated Blackout Drill

EPA Emission Caps to Hit Coal Plants Hard
Schoolgirl Banned From Classes Because Her Mother Dyed Her Hair Blond As Reward for Earning Straight A's
An American Citizen Who Knows His Rights!

Mayor Torpedoes Plans to Fly China's Flag
Shock Claim by Clinton Mistress on Hillary’s Sexuality
Creepy DIA Revisited
The World’s Most Evil Corporation Issues A Dire Warning
Colorado's Win for 'the Little Guy' Propels Effort to Repeal Gun Laws
Colorado Gun Lobby Sues Hickenlooper Over New Gun Laws
Another 250 Million Rounds of Ammunition for an Agency on a Bullet Diet
When Did John McC(Pet)ain Become a Traitor?
Air Force Report: Biggs Airfield Bunker Radiation 7 Times Acceptable Level
Convoy to D.C. – Truckers to Shut Down America in October
Facebook Users Are Committing 'Virtual Identity Suicide' and Quitting the Site in Droves Over Privacy and Addiction Fears
Sabotage: Special Forces to Target U.S. Economy, Infrastructure, Railways, Power Plants, Waterworks, and Refineries in the Event of Mid East Conflict
Recently Treated for Mental Illness... Heard Voices, Paranoid
Navy Yard Shooter Once Arrested In Seattle Shooting Incident
...'Obsessed With Violent Video Games'
Al-Qaida Leader Called for 'Lone Wolf' Attack – Threat Came 2 Days Before Shooting Killed 13 in Navy Yard Violence
DHS Downplays 'Terrorism' in Navy Shooting
Lesson of Navy Yard Shooting Echoes Lessons of Camp Liberty, Fort Hood
Carney: Obama Implementing Anti-Second Amendment Executive Orders Following Navy Yard Shooting
Gallup: ‘Trust and Confidence’ in Federal Gov’t Lower Than During Watergate
Emails: Raleigh Leaders Plotted to Criminalize Feeding Poor
How America Morphed into 'Bizarro World'
New York City to get ACORN Mayor?
Holder, IRS Officials Spoke at Political Training Session for Black Ministers That Detailed 'Right-Wing Conspiracy'
CIA Employee Who Refused to Sign Non-Disclosure on Benghazi Suspended
Supreme Court Weighs When Online Speech Becomes an Illegal Threat
No One Survives on Prepper Island
Navy Vet ID'd as Gunman
12 Dead, Others Wounded as Gunman Opens Fire at Navy Yard
Mass Shooting Follows Obama’s Latest Anti-Second Amendment Push – HOLLY NOTE: I hate to sound conspiratorial, but after Colorado resoundingly tossed out two anti-gun senators and Obama continues to lose ground on his anti-gun push, isn't this shooting just a little convenient? Maybe it's just coincidence... maybe not.
Obama's War on Everybody, Including You
Armed EPA Raid in Alaska Sheds Light on 70 Fed Agencies With Armed Divisions
Western Maryland Counties Join Movement to Secede from Democratic-run State
Older Texans Lead State In Gun Permit Applications
POLL: Americans' Trust in Government Falls to All-Time Low
Why Did the CIA Let a Crazed Al-Qaeda Mob Kill America's Ambassador?
Judge Jeanine: Mr. President, You've Been Played
Latest Outrages from the NSA and What Else It Might Have Up Its Massive Sleeve (starts 6:23 min. in)

No One Survives on Prepper Island
An Analysis of Freedom and Well-Being In America
EXCLUSIVE: Documents Prove Homeland Security Is Being Armed By US Military
Sept. 11, 2013: A Muslim Poem But No Pledge of Allegiance at Boston-area High School
'Very Dangerous': Lois Lerner Knew About Tea Party Targeting in 2011, Emails Reveal
Booted Angela Giron on 'Voter Suppression' – HOLLY NOTE: Oooh, sour grapes.... Voter suppression my backside. Giron alleges she lost because this was not a mail-in ballot election and that roughly 70% of Coloradans vote by mail. What she implies is that if you can't mail in, you can't vote. Not so. Stan and I have voted mail-in for several years. It's not that we can't get out to vote – and in this election, you could go to a number of polling areas, not just one – it's just easier and faster by mail. As with any important issue, we would always make time to vote. Also, Pueblo is not New York City, Dallas or Denver. It takes about 25 minutes from our unincorporated area to get to the outskirts of city limits. Third, since it's relatively small, we could have WALKED to the polls. Fourth, she didn't address the issue that her district, District 3, had grown so large – at least 7x the size (see image) of ousted John Morse's District 11, it had been redistricted since their election in 2011. Some Coloradans complained mightily who they had previously voted FOR Giron and after her backstabbing on gun laws wished to vote her out. However, they were now ineligible to cast their vote against her. From our point of view, Giron ought to be thankful that she was only booted by 12% and not the rest of her P.O.ed former constituents. Has she never heard of "shut up while you're behind and not dead last?" 
Colorado Recall Election Prompts Gun Debate
Political Sins, More Than Guns, Drove Colorado Recall
Let's Kick Bloomberg While He's Down: Jeff Knox Cheers Colorado Victory in Face of Billionaire's Anti-Firearms Money
John McCain Publicly Accused of Treason at Town Hall Meeting

Is This What Martial Law Will Look Like?
New Senate Bill Defines Journalist – Independent Media Excluded
Teen Convicted of Killing Toddler Gets Life in Prison – 'He Aimed That Gun Right Between That Baby's Eyes and Shot That Baby'
Black Websites Silent On Race-Based Violence
Bank Robber in an Obama Mask! What’s the Problem? – HOLLY NOTE: Talk about poetic justice!
After Colorado Recall, Emboldened GOP Sets Sights On Gov. John Hickenlooper
Colo. Recalls Show Risk of Supporting Gun Control
Colorado Dem Governor Goes All "Bloomberg" After Recall Rebuke
Mo. Bill Nullifying Federal Gun Laws Fails By One Vote
Springfield Armory Recalls Pistol
Lend Your Support to “The Americans for Whatever Barack Obama Wants to Do”
President Obama's Remedy for Embarrassment
Help Kickstart World War III!

'Manchurian President' Ushering in Islamic Caliphate? 'A Tidal Wave of Change Already Reaping Disastrous Results'
Are The Real Enemies in Syria or Washington?
Why Americans Are Submitting to the NWO
Muslim Rally Vastly Outnumbered By Bikers, Counterprotesters
'2 Million Bikers' Roar Over Muslims in D.C.
Boulder Colorado to Pass "Nature Rights Law" Giving Flowers a "Right to Life"
Gold Miners Near Chicken Cry Foul Over ‘Heavy-Handed’ EPA Raids
Schoolgirl Banned from Classroom Because Her Hair Is Too Short After Shaving It Off to Raise £1,000 for Charity
Colo. Lawmakers Recalled for Gun Control Support – Sen. President John Morse Ousted in Historic Vote – HOLLY NOTE: In Pueblo county where we live, Democrats comprise 47% of all voters and Republicans just 23%. Yet 20% of Democrats also voted to recall. This is a great day for Americans everywhere who are fed up with backstabbing politicians. As I penned earlier this month, Pigs from Hell Really Can Fry Like Bacon!
Colorado Sends Explosive Message on Gun Control
America Remembers the Nearly 3,000 Victims of 9/11
California Passes Semi-Automatic Weapons Ban
Shamed and Beaten Weiner Signs Off with Middle Finger to Voters: Wife Huma is Nowhere to Be Seen
'THEY LIE TO YOU': Families Have Few Answers 1 Year After Benghazi Attack
Rand Paul: What Obama Says Is 'Untrue' – 'The Constitution Gave the Power to Declare War to Congress'

Rudy Giuliani Remembers 9/11, Reacts to Obama's Syria Speech

Sen. Graham Warns of Charleston, SC Nuke Strike

US Marines on Alert, Ramp Up Presence Near Libya
His Plan Was Never Good: “Obama…Can’t Tell the Difference Between Showbiz and Strategy”
John Stossel: No More Policing the World – 'Unless We Are Attacked, We Shouldn't Go to War'
Can’t Buy Groceries? DHS Goes on Another Munitions Spree With Your Money
Cops Brutalize Family During Traffic Stop – Ribs Smashed, Even Dog Kicked in Pounding Caught on Camera
New York City Cop Killer Asks for Forgiveness as He Is Sentenced to Death By Lethal Injection
Chilling Video Shows Mother of Two Screaming in Horror as Police Officers 'Break Her Cheekbone During Violent DUI Arrest'
'The Endgame - FEMA/NWO

Bikers Arrive in DC! Traffic Cams Cover Thunder Live
White Cracker', Jeffrey Babbitt Attacked By Black Man on NYC Bus, Succumbs to Injuries
Friends Mourn: “He Was Just a Really, Really, Really Sweet Guy”
Poll: Nearly 60% of Americans Against Striking Syria
Colorado Recall a Referendum on Dems' Gun Control
Obama Masterminds 'Operation Shuck and Jive'
America: Not Shining But Burning
Obama 'Letting Muslim Brotherhood Run Anti-Terror Ops'
D.C. Throws Up Roadblock for Patriotic Bikers
American Muslim Political Action Committee
Stand Up to Million Muslim March in D.C.! – HOLLY NOTE: It looks like the Million Muslim March renamed to the more ear-pleasing, innocuous American Muslim Political Action Committee (AMPAC) is NOT very popular. On Facebook they've only snagged 147 likes.
Hillary, “Just Shut Up!”

Election-Year Shock: Obama Boasts of ‘Decimated’ Al Qaeda Undermined By Intel Briefings
Father Arrested for Beating Naked Prowler He Found Peering into His Daughter's Window – He Could Face a Longer Sentence Than the Peeping Tom
John Kerry Gives Syria Week to Hand Over Chemical Weapons or Face Attack
Why Are Obama and Kerry So Desperate to Start a New War?
Army Under Cyber Attack In Alaska? Military Sites Offline
Judge Jeanine Pirro Opening Statement EXPLODES on Obama over Syria

The Ultimate False Flag Event
Karl Rove and Juan Williams Really Get Into It Over Benghazi

SWAT Team Kills 107-Year-Old Arkansas Man in Shootout
9/11 Museum: Curating Memories of Terror and Tragedy

Defending the Constitution (starts 46 min. in)

Doomsday Bunkers on the Rise Here
Rookie Preppers: 8 Mistakes To Avoid
Colorado Challengers Oppose Arrogance as Much as They Oppose Gun Control
When the Lights Go Out on November 13, 2013
Are We Seriously Still Stumping to Bomb Assad Even with Apparent Evidentiary Contradiction?
Peace Prize President Begs America to Let Him Bomb Syria
Warbucks for Warmongers: Senators Who Voted for Syria Strike Got More Defense Contractor Dough
America Is in Danger of Going Rogue Under Obama
Unintended Consequences From Potential Syrian Attack Continue to Grow
US Diplomats Ordered To Leave Lebanon As Congress Debates Syria Strike, AP Reports
Syria Strike Plan Changed 50 Times
Obama Could Lose Big on Syria in House
The Obama/Quisling Design For Despotism
Mike Lee: Obama's Syria Case Has Huge Holes
Syrian Woman Drops Bombshell On McCain At Town Hall Meeting- Audience Applauds
Who Has Crossed the Red Line?
You've 90 Days to Deal with Assad, Obama Is Told: Senate Chiefs Back Action as President Says 'World Set Red Line, Not Me'
Opposition to Syria War Goes All the Way to the Pentagon
US Sure to ‘Suffer Loss’ If It Acts in Syria, Says Iran’s Khamenei
The Magical, Mysterious, Disappearing Obama Red Line
As Obama Dithers, Russia Laughs
Listen to 'Impeachable Offenses' Exclusive Reading
Colorado: Model for the Rest of the Nation?
NRA Joins ACLU Lawsuit Over Gun Registry Fears
John Kerry’s Bright Shining Lie
State Department Fires Back Over Putin Claims Kerry 'Lied' About Syria
The US Park Police Is the New UN Police Force
'Obama's Presidential Library' Is an Outhouse – 'I'm Not Even Certain He Even Deserves That Level of Respect'
What Do We Stand For?
Classroom Chaos? Critics Blast Common Core
HE CAN'T BE SYRIA-S! Obama on Syria: 'I Didn't Set a Red Line' ... 'My Credibility Is Not On the Line'
Obama on Chemical Weapons: ‘The Question Is: How Credible Is Congress?’
House Dem Jim Moran Scolds Fellow Dem Charlie Rangel for Opposing Dear Leader on Syria, “You’re Going to Cripple Our President”…
McCain Pulls Support for Syria Plan
Leading from Behind: Fmr. Spanish PM Says Obama Looks Weak for Decision to Consult Congress
Photo of Obama with His Foot on the Oval Office's Storied Desk Brings Online Outrage (Bush Did It Too!) – HOLLY NOTE: Maybe minor difference, but Obama has the dirty sole of the shoe (something that is anathema to Muslims) on the desk whereas Bush has the back of his heel on it without the sole touching it. This does reveal a difference in how the two were raised – one with respect and appreciation and one without. However, compared to Obama's other offences, it is nothing.
Kerry: “It’s Basically Incorrect” to Say Syrian Rebels Have Become More Jihadist In Nature, Has “Increasingly Become More” Moderate…
McCain: Shouting 'Allahu Akhbar!' Same as Christians Shouting 'Thank God!'
Related: Poll: Majority of Coloradans Oppose Gun Control Passed by Morse, Giron
Related: Gun-Grabbers Go Full Femme-a-Gogue in Colorado
Thief Learns the Hard Way Not to Pull a Gun on Store Keeper Who Is a 4-term Iraq War Vet and Former Prison Guard
Where Will FEMA Take Your Children?
Secret Service visits Obama critic Tom Francois
Gay Troops Prep for September Marriage Spree, Put Wedding Parties on Ice
Twitter and Privacy: 1-in-5 Tweets Divulge User Location
Gold Star Mom to Poker Player McCain: 'I'm Sorry the Lives of Our Brave Warriors Bore You'
Coward Ariel Castro Is Dead: Monster Cheats Justice By Hanging Himself in His Cell
$30,000 Coffin Comes With Music System
Pigs from Hell Still Fry Like Bacon
What If Congress Says NO! to Obama’s Face-Saving War?
Allen West to Congress: Don't Let Obama Make You the Scapegoat for Syria Strikes
Point-By-Point Rebuttal of U.S. Case for War in Syria
The US Military Fears War with Syria
Military Has Concerns About Syria Mission
#IDidntJoin: Stunning Photos of U.S. Service Members Publicly Saying No to War with Syria
Obama Finds Way Out of 'Red-Line' Ultimatum
The President is Crazy Like a Fox. . . With ADHD
Former Navy Seal’s story: Vietnam & the Coming War in Syria
Eisenhower Warns Us of the Military Industrial Complex

A Citizen's Take on Syria
6 Important Stories Silenced by Syria War Drums
Poll: 'Obama's Agenda Is Going Nowhere' – Even 28% of Democrats Give Him 'Negative Job Performances Marks'
Unlikely Figure Helps to Out Obama as Muslim Brotherhood
Obama Addresses American Muslim Brotherhood Convention

Black Mob Murders Man in Surprising Place
NC Law Prohibits Police From Destroying Firearms
The Hemisphere Project (f/k/a Hudson Hawk): The Latest Spy Scandal Involving 4 Billion Recorded Phone Calls Per Day
Personal Details in Smartphone Fitness Apps 'Sold to Other Firms': 20 Most Used Products Pass Information to Nearly 70 Companies
Map Shows Ethnic Heritage of Modern Americans
Obama: Kindergarten Sex Ed 'Right Thing to Do'
Colorado Spends $1.5M for Crummy New Clip-art Logo
Mr. Obama Goes to Congress
Syria Could Become a Rallying Point Against the Banksters
Obama Reveals His Dictatorship
Senator Obama Would Impeach President Obama
Obama's 11th-hour U-turn on Attacking Syria Risks Devastating His Credibility – HOLLY NOTE: He did this long ago with non-stop lying and scandals.
Obama Goes Golfing After Announcing National Emergency
Military Weighs In on Syria Intervention
The Real Reason for US Syria Attack
Agency Looks to Quell Indian Uprising By Purchasing Over $500,000 in New Military Grade Hardware
Obama Disarms Americans While Arming the World
Texas Official Preparing for Independence
Property Owners Livid After Feds Seize Private Property
Big Breakthrough on Black Mob Violence
Government Preparing For Power Grid Shutdown
When the Lights Go Out
AUG 31
More Obama False Flag Events on the Near Horizon
Power Grid Down Drill to Be Conducted By US Government
Pentagon Can’t Afford Syria Operation; Must Seek Additional Funds – HOLLY NOTE: We can't afford to be the world's policemen any more. It IS a thought that we could mind our own business and let other countries spend their money instead of ours that we don't have. Then we'd have the necessary funds when people in strife really need help.
John Kerry's 'Melodrama and Hypocricy' on Syria

AUG 30
The Young Turn on Obama Over Syria
Obama Takes More Executive Action Against Gun Owners, Target Military Surplus
New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, NRA Join the Colorado Recall Fray
Bloomberg Loses Stop and Frisk, and NRA Gets Blamed
Black Mob Pounces on Woman: 'Shut Up White [Bleep!]' 'Kick Her Head in the Concrete'
It Is Time for the American People to Man Up
The Matrix is Real: Pt 5
'Historic Step' – Justice Dept. Won't Fight States on Legal Pot Laws
Nevada's 'Experiment in the Desert' More Popular Than Ever: Nearly 70,000 Gather for Weekend of Debauchery at Burning Man Festival
AUG 28
Napolitano Warns: Coming ‘Cyber Event’ to Cripple America
Top 10 Reasons Why the U.S. Should Not Sign the U.N. Arms Trade Treaty
Murder Suspect Claims 88-Year-Old Victim Shorted Him in Drug Deal
About That Violent Gang, the 'Obama Boyz'
Intended Knockout Game Victim Shoots Back
Facebook: Gov'ts Sought Data on 38,000
Beware: Ex Military Soldier’s Survival Plan Is “to Hit Preppers”
Juan Williams: Songs of the Summer of 1963 . . . and 2013
AUG 27
'1st Draft of Articles of Impeachment' Arrives: Obamacare 'Illegally Bypasses Congress, Unauthorized IRS Power-Grab'
Russians Inspect Missile Defense Base in California
The Giant Stumbles
Mau Mau Uprising: Playbook for Obama?
2014: The Re-Founding of America Begins. We Must Elect an Impeachment Congress.
The Matrix is Real: Pt 4
Marine Vet Loses Fight to Fly American, Marine Corps Flags
Demetrius Glenn Hearing: Teen Charged in Beating Death of WWII Vet Heads to Court
Obama MIA on Black Teens Killing Veteran
Prosecution Expected to Rest in Trial of Man Accused of Fatally Shooting Baby in the Face
Black Mob-in-Training Bullies White Girl, 3
Girl, 10, Charged With Raping 4-Year-Old Boy
Conditioning Humanity for the Inevitable
An American Satyricon
NBC Chief Medical Editor Sounds Off on Collapse of American Culture: Miley Cyrus Makes Me Want to Vomit

AUG 26
NSA Spies on Their Lovers
Congress 'Doesn't Know Extent of NSA Surveillance'
Judge Jeanine: US Gov’t Full of Nothing But Hot Air?

Now Egypt Looks to 'Expose' Obama
Sarah Palin: "I Was Not Allowed" to Tell the Truth About Obama in 2008

Does the Federal Government Own Your Property?
'Western Maryland' Considers Secession
Adrenaline in the Heart: Deafening Roar of Tectonic Plates
Dem Reps Sponsor Bill for 20% Tax on Handguns
Has Washington, D.C., Become a Criminal Entity?
Does Obama Hate Christianity or Christians?
Poll: Hillary Beats Christie By 9 Points in Ohio
Black Mob on Rampage Fractures Cop's Skull – Public 'Has No Idea' of Racial Hatred Directed Toward White Officers
Al Sharpton Says ‘Nothing to Protest’ About White Man’s Murder By Black Teen
Coulter Slams Media for Hyping Rare White-on-Black Crime While Ignoring Black-on-White Crime
More Signs of Martial Law Prep in America: Warning! Civil Unrest in America 2013 – 2014

The Matrix is Real: Pt 3
GaGa v. Miley: Who's the Next Queen of Obscene?
Will Smith Family Can't Hide Their Horror as Miley Cyrus Strips to a Bikini and Gyrates
Gangster State US/UK
Feeding Homeless Apparently Illegal in Raleigh, NC
AUG 24
US Warships Head Toward Syria
Go Time: “Pentagon is Making the Initial Preparations for a Cruise Missile Attack”
IRS Is Targeting the American Legion with New Set of Guidelines
NSA Paid Tech Companies Like Facebook and Google Millions in Taxpayer Money to Cover Cost of Top-Secret Prism Surveillance Program
Jury in Fort Hood Shooting Trial Finds Maj. Nidal Hasan Guilty
Military Teaches Colonists Were 'Extremists'
Greg Gutfeld Slams Media: ‘A Dead Australian Is Just the Price You Pay to Be Politically Correct’
Benghazi Search Unit Pulled, Sources Say
Why and Who Really Killed Ambassador Stevens
CIA Is Closing Office That Declassifies Historical Documents
What Time Is the Invasion?
50 Years Later, Thousands Retrace March on Washington
AUG 23
Don’t Ignore Race in Christopher Lane’s Murder
Boy 'Arrested Over Australian Baseball's Murder' Is Linked to String of Armed Robberies With His Pregnant Girlfriend
Police Arrest One Suspect, Seek Another After World War II Veteran Dies Following Parking Lot Beating
Glenn Beck Maps Out How Scandals Reveal Obama's Goal of 'Fundamentally Transforming America

252 Documented Examples Of Obama's Lying, Lawbreaking, Corruption and Cronyism
Federal Judge Calls Obama Admin’s Employer Background Checks Racist “Laughable,” “Worthless”…
Did You Get the Memo? Be Afraid America!
Ark. Group Plans 'Open Carry' March to Highlight New Law
Could Colorado County Become Part of Wyoming?
Senate Recall Combatants Spar Over Campaign Ads
Police: 'Sovereign Citizens' Planned to Execute Las Vegas Cops
Al Jazeera Is Muslim Brotherhood Channel
Public Service Notice About Al Jazeera America, Terror Television
The Matrix is Real: Pt 2
Preparing for What is Coming
World-Famous Gulag Classic Prohibited By Guantanamo Authorities
Incredible Interactive Map Plots Racial Profile of Every Individual Living in America... and the Remarkable Divides It Reveals
W. Virginia Couple Arrested 'after Their Young Children Are Found in Deplorable Conditions Eating Human Excrement'
AUG 22
Hope and Change: Obama's Organizing for Action Drags Out Columbine For Gun Control
Movement to Impeach Obama Snowballing
Dan Rather: "This Is Demolishing The Trust In The Government!"

SWAT Team Performs Realistic Hijacking Drill on School Bus Filled With Children
Presidential Meeting Signals Catastrophic Event: “There Is a Crisis Unfolding Somewhere in the Background”
Homeland Security Employee Is Preparing for a Coming Race War
'#Hate Them': 'Thrill Kill' Suspect's Twitter Reportedly Full of Racism
Racist Tweet From Murder Suspect

'Black Mob Violence' – The Forbidden Words
Hate Groups By State
Georgia School Bookkeeper, Antoinette Tuff, Hailed as 'Real Hero' for Talking Gunman into Giving Up
Bradley Manning Wants to Live as a Woman, Be Called Chelsea
Game Over: America Has Accepted Her Enslavement
AUG 21
Why the Globalists Selected Obama to be President
NSA Can Track 3/4 of Web
Report: Maine Gov. Paul LePage Says 'Obama Hates White People'?
Obama’s Strange Love Affair with the Muslim Brotherhood – A Fatal Attraction Far Worse Than the Malignant Narcissism of Which He Is Often Accused
Colorado’s Gun-Control Recall: Second Amendment Restrictions Trigger Pushback in the Rockies
The U.N. Comes After America’s Guns: Barack Obama’s OK of a Gun-Control
Manning Sentenced to 35 Years, Demoted
Treaty Would Destroy the Second Amendment

When the Law Isn’t the Law

Ariz. Sheriff Arpaio: Armed Militias Beware Or Be Shot
You Can Call Me a Doomer, You Can Call Me Whatever You’d Like 
Heterosexual, Homosexual, Trans, and Now Intersexual
Sex, Smack and Sodomy
AUG 20
Obama Asks Supreme Court to Allow Warrantless Cell Phone Searches
NYPD Confiscates 254 Guns in Largest Illegal Weapons Bust in City History
TSA to Purchase 3.5 Million Rounds of Ammo
Urgent! Possible Emergency Alert for FEMA Region 3 – HOLLY NOTE: We waited to post this video until we could verify certain aspects
Just How Corrupt Is the Obama Administration?
Scalia: Court Shouldn't 'Invent New Minorities'
Rural Coloradans to Vote on Breaking Away as 51st State, Angered By Liberal Policies on Guns, Energy
'Bored' Teens Gunned Down College Ballplayer for Fun, Cops Say
Boy Told to 'Step Aside,' Let Others Win Reading Contest
The Matrix is Real: Pt 1
AUG 19
Communists in Congress? Just Count 'em
Chris Christie Signs 10 of 13 Proposed Gun Restrictions
Video: The New Common Core Obama Math Standard: “3 x 4 = 11?
The Tipping Point Against Tyranny
Texas Walmart Evacuated After Chemical Incident
Why Not Host Teen Sex Sleepovers?
U.S. Nuclear Power Plants Not Adequately Protected From Terrorist Threats, Report Says
AUG 16
Obama's Order of the Day – Ignore Congress: – HOLLY NOTE: We're under no illusion that both parties have huge problems in many arenas. However Liberal goals to promote Agenda 21, global warming with businesses small and large literally paying the price, integration with Mexico by ignoring borders and giving rights and entitlements to illegals as non-citizens, all the while taxing us into oblivion and jerking away our freedoms. This list is nearly endless. The mind reels as the heart sinks. Where do you think we are in the 8 Stages of Civilization?
Obama Unveils Climate Change Plan That Does an End Around Congress
'We Can Do This Without Congress': Obama Working to Unilaterally Impose Tax on Cell Phones
Problems with Authority: Lawless Regulators and Obama Earn a Judicial Rebuke
The $28.2 BILLION in Fees Already Paid to the Govt. By the Power Industry Is Gone – HOLLY NOTE: Be sure to read to the end if you want your blood pumping
Obama's Rogue EPA Makes an End-Around Congress
Watch: Marine Colonel Warns: “Homeland Security is Pre-Staging Gear and Equipment”
Judge: Foreigners Can Sue U.S. Pastor Over Sermons
Obama Golfs, Kerry Lectures, Egyptians Die in Droves
Disarm or Get Out
NSA Broke Privacy Rules Thousands of Times per Year: Report
Be Afraid – Column: The Democratic Plan to Take Back the House
The Bully in the U.S. Senate 
Media Desperate to Censor Horrific Hate Crime Torture Murder of 12 Year Old Texas Boy
Mona Nelson Arrested for Murder of 12-Year-Old Jonathan Foster
Jonathan Foster's Brutal Death: Houston Police Million Dollar Question - 'Why?'
AUG 15
Gruesome Story of a Murdered Tennessee Couple You May Have Never Heard – But That You Will Never Forget – HOLLY NOTE: When Stan and I first visited the Shungopavi tribe of the Hopi Nation in '96 we were told of an approaching civil war here... one that would weaken America so much that foreign invasions would follow. After 2001, we thought it would center around Muslim vs. Christian issues. It might still, but just as likely it could be race-centric as black on white violence is escalating – even before the Trayvon Martin issue. For crimes of this nature, ones without provocation or mercy, there are no words. Be prepared for what is coming.
Obamas Have 'Sweet Tooth for Luxury Travel'
Oliver Stone: ‘Obama Is a Snake and We Have to Turn on Him’
Obama Supporters Will Go Hysterical Over Well Sourced List of 252 Examples of His Lying, Lawbreaking
What Obama Wants for Your Children and Grandchildren (Past Time to Fight Back!)
Obama Bypasses Congress over Universal Preschool
GOP Lawmaker Invites Rodeo Clown Who Mocked Obama to Perform in Texas – HOLLY NOTE: If Obama is so thin-skinned, he shouldn't provide so much fodder. "Above all else, the devil can't stand to be mocked." —C.S. Lewis
Fun at the Missouri Rodeo
Allen West Calls for Select Committee to Investigate Benghazi
UN Office for Disarmament Affairs – Including Americans
IRS as Kingmaker: Tax Agency Well Suited for Use as Political Weapon
Gia Allemand Dead at 29: Former 'Bachelor' Contestant Dies in Suicide By Hanging
Elite Underground Tunnels & Cities Completely Stocked As of March 2013

James DiMaggio Brutally Tortured and Killed Hannah Anderson's Mother and Brother Before Killing Their Dog and Setting the House on Fire
Pentagon to Allow Same-Sex Spouses Military Benefits, Leave for Weddings
More Weapons from 'Fast and Furious' Operation Appear at Crime Scenes in Mexico
Thousands of Dollars in Guns, Ammo Stolen from Boy Scouts Storage Facility
NY Times: Clinton Foundation Rife with Cronyism
Most Americans Dissatisfied with America

The Day Before Tomorrow
Jesse Jackson Jr. Gets 30-Month Prison Term
Court Orders Work to Continue on Yucca Repository
WSJ: Yucca Mountain Decision Tames Obama's Lawlessness
AUG 14
Rand Paul Warns of Obama 'Fast Track' to Global Trade Zone
Is Government Just Spying Like a Giant Peeping Tom … Or Is It Actively Using That Information in Mischievous Ways?
Obama Formally Sets Up Surveillance Commission
Black Citizens Group Files ‘Articles of Impeachment’ Against Obama
The Mother of All Scandals
Muslim Brotherhood Claim: We’ve Got ‘Goods on Obama’
Obama's Dog Flies on Vaca in His Own Private Jet
Obama: Worst President in History of the USA?
New Busted

It’s Bull
Can Ted Cruz Run for President?
The Colorado Recall Is About Representing the Constituents
Growing Outrage Over Probation Sentence for 3 Black Teens Who Savagely Beat 13-year-old Boy
How Liberals Handle Black Teen Violence against Whites
Black Mobs Erupt in Ivy League Region
Child Sex Trafficking and the Oklahoma State Government
Hilarious Story from Private Investigator and Talk Show Host Doug Hagmann
Famous Actor Reveals Gives Incredibly Insightful Speech About ‘Hard Work’ and Generosity…at Teen Choice Awards
19 Shocking Examples of How Political Correctness Is Destroying America
The Home Invasion Dilemma - Discussion & Scenarios
What Will The End Be Like For Me If I Don’t Prepare?
When Survival Seems Impossible You Won’t Be Alone: “I’ve Actually Witnessed a Guardian Angel at Work”
AUG 13
NC Sued Soon After Voter ID Bill Signed into Law – HOLLY NOTE: What is so onerous here? Photo IDs can be easily obtained FREE at the DMV if a person doesn't have a driver's license. 34 other states already have some form of voter ID law. Back in the day in Missouri, Kansas and Colorado we ALL had to show proper ID in order to vote. No ID, no ballot. The ONLY reason Democrats want to void this NC law and block other states from doing the right thing is to garner votes from illegals, those who vote multiple times and the voting 'dead'. Political integrity has gone the way of the Edsel.
Obama Orders Intelligence Chief Accused of Lying to Congress to Lead NSA Review
Obama Appoints Fox to Investigate Spying in the Henhouse
Congressman: We Could Impeach Obama and Could Probably Get the House Votes
Mark Levin Discusses The Liberty Amendments
Video Stunner: Child Prays to Obama – HOLLY NOTE: 'Crazyville' doesn't begin to convey the magnitude of this affront to God. What in the world are the parents teaching this child?
Thousands Train for Major Disaster in Indiana Town
U.S. Army Conducts Military Occupation Drill in Small Town Wisconsin – HOLLY NOTE: Gee, with all these drills and training, do they think something's about to happen????
Underground Bunkers and Agenda 21
When Can the Military Support Civil Authorities?
Obama Awarding Armored Tanks In Preparation of Police State
Proposed New Federal Rule Could Put 'Big Brother' in Your Driver's Seat
We Are Legion: Anonymous’ Presence in the U.S. Military
Benghazi and the Banality of Evil
South Carolina County GOP Censures Senator Lindsey Graham
California's Transgender-Student Law: Kids Can Choose Bathrooms, Sports Teams
Ohio Couple's Divorce Battle in 17th Year
AUG 12
Calif. May Become Toughest on Guns
18 Little-Known Gun Facts That Prove That Guns Make Us Safer
Dems Use 'Trayvon Martin Killing' to Push Gun Control
Man in Coma After Black Mob of 50 Pummel Him
Another Black on White Beat Down: Why George Zimmerman Carried a Gun and Why You Should
Obama's Cream Puff Plan to Reform US Surveillance Program
Federal Judge Rules NYC’s “Stop and Frisk” Unconstitutional
With Illegitimate Power Comes Illegitimate Laws
Unreal: Obamas' Dog Arrives on Own Flight for Martha's Vineyard Vacation
41%: Obama's Approval Drops to Lowest Level in Gallup Poll Since 2011
Barack Obama ‘Gaffe Hall Of Fame’

Who Will Stop Rampant Police Brutality In America?
The American Right to Revolt Against Tyranny: Part B—Colonial Pulpits
Issa to State Dept: Who Changed The Benghazi Talking Points?
Family Abandons US, Gets Lost At Sea
West Virginia Town of Green Bank Has No Mobile Phones, TV or Wi-Fi
Superman Renounces His U.S. Citizenship
AUG 10
IRS Official Promoted After Scandal
Protests Greet 'Half-White Muslim' Obama
Feds Reject Arizona Request for Wildfire Relief
Number of Americans Renouncing Citizenship Surges
SWAT-Team Nation: The Militarization of the U.S. Police
IRS Agent Confirms Feds Still Target Tea Party
'Pathetic Hypocrisy': Jackson, Sharpton Silent on Fla. School Bus Beating
Gun Makers Moving Lock, Stock and Barrel
Arizona Jail Officer Shot Dead Outside His Home – Sheriff Joe Arpaio Issues AR-15s to Every Deputy in the County
Ethics Complaint Filed Against Colo. Sen. Giron – Recall Underway
Report: Apt. Complex that Banned Gun Owners Intimidates Tenants
Town Hall Rage: 'We're Dying Out Here Because You Guys Are Being Nice Guys!'
DHS’s Shooting-Spree Safety Video Featuring Scissors-as-Defense-Weapons Part of $6.7M Contract
A Military Coup Will Remove Obama
The Political Problem of Evil
Man Posts Grisly Picture of His Dead Wife on Facebook Saying: "Im Going to Prison or Death Sentence for Killing My Wife Love You Guys"
Obama Lied on Leno, Where’s the Outrage?
Just How Corrupt Is the Obama Administration?

IRS Manual Detailed DEA's Use of Hidden Intel Evidence on Citizens
Obama Administration Using Housing Department to Compel Diversity in Neighborhoods 
Poll: 74% Say Americans Too Dependent on Government
Poll: 82% Say Congress Doesn't Deserve Recess
Andrew Napolitano: America's Soviet-style Police State 
Deer Trail to Send Drone Hunting to Voters
Sum Ting Wong: Ex-pilot Behind Fake Names in TV Gaffe
Johnstown Officially Approves Massive USA Gun Institute
Bang! Editor Fired After Publishing Gun-Owner Map
'51st State' Vote Likely in Weld & Other Colorado Counties – HOLLY NOTE: If Colorado breaks off into two states then we'd be only 7 states short for the Nation according to Obama.
Black Mob Targets Off-Duty Police
The Frightening Reality About How Easily Hackers Could Shut Down the US
Obama’s Congress Opens with Muslim Imam’s Prayer to Allah
Why Won’t They Tell Us the Truth About NSA Spying?
Laugh Track Sorely Missed As Obama Does Leno
'Gays' to Sue Church of England to Wed In Church
Woman Rents Out Breasts to 'Gay' Couples
BP Attempts to Halt Gulf Payouts
FEMA Contacts Storable Food Co. for Emergency Delivery
Billy Graham: If Ever There Was a Time America Needed God's Intervention, It's Now
Killing Giggles – Consequences of the State 'Screwing Up'
The Cops Can Take Away Your Cash, Car, or House – Even If You're Never Convicted of a Crime
After Reading This, See How You Like Progressive's Cute and Clever Ads
Car Dealership in Vegas Has Been Transformed into a Military Base That Seems Fully Stocked With Combat Vehicles
Original Obamaphone Lady: Obama Voter Says Vote for Obama Because He Give a Free Phone

Right to Free Cell Phones?

Lawmakers Issued License Plates That Make Them 'Invisible' to Traffic Cams and Parking Tickets
Drone of the Dawn

Bill Kristol on Obama's al Qaeda Claims: Now We're on the Run
Jay Carney Can't Decide if Al Qaeda is Alive or Dead
TSA Expands Duties Beyond Airport Security
Emergency Declared with Hundreds Unable to Return Home After Louisiana Freight Train Derailment
Report: Disaster Looms: FEMA Scrambles to Stockpile Food Reserve – HOLLY DEYO: You should be too!
Bipartisan Cover-Up Is Unraveling
No Gun was Needed
Virginia: Gun Sales Up, Crime Down
Travelgate: Holder's Extravagant Flight Expenses Revealed; $100k to Martha's Vineyard
Obama Visited Amazon 6 Days Before Bezos Bought WaPo
Several Airlines See Delays From Computer Outage
My Big Brother is Bigger Than Your Big Brother
The Secret Behind Me and My 'Obamaphones'
HOLLY NOTE: We checked our cell phone bill and this fee is on the Verizon statement – charges for the Universal Service Fund. Something similar appears on our CenturyLink landline statement for both Federal and state funds that are 3x as much as for our cells, supposedly to help the elderly. This, however, is not egregious like handing out multiple cells phones to people that don't qualify.
Vicious: Blacks Pummel White Child on Bus: 'They're About to Beat This Boy to Death Over Here'
Look Who Funded and Developed Common Core
U.S. Directs Agents to Cover Up Program Used to Investigate Americans
Pat Caddell: John Boehner Aiding Obama Cover-Up of Benghazi
Mexico, Canada Declared Part of US Homeland By Senate Maps
New Legislation to Make Smart Meters Mandatory for Entire Nation
Insider Blows the Whistle on Military Takeover Plan
FBI to Internet Providers: Install surveillance – AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, Comcast, Sprint Decline Comment
Judge Jeanine: The US is 'Neither Respected Nor Feared'

Attention Al Sharpton: Black Dude in White Hoodie Viciously Stabs White Teenage Girl
Cripple Creek Gold Mine Now Expected to Operate at Least Until 2025
Train Derails in Louisiana; 100 Homes Evacuated
Recovering Lost Freedom
One Nation Under Fire
Where in the World Is Barack Obama? 
Barney Frank Comes Out as Gay ‘Pot-Smoking Atheist’
Cultural Decay Leads to Cultural Death
Texas Man Shoots Duo That Abducted Him, His Wife
How Your Child Is Being Dumbed Down
13 Wisconsin Officials Raid Animal Shelter to Kill Baby Deer Named Giggles
Rep Says Terror Threat 'Very Specific'
Never Again: Victim Shoots Back in 2nd Robbery in 3 Weeks
Poll: Most back Stand Your Ground
US Embassies To Shut Down Sunday Due To Terror Threat
CNN Reports on CIA’s ‘Unprecedented’ Benghazi Cover-up, Intimidation
American Family Raided After Searching Backpacks and Pressure Cookers on Google
In Newtown, Gun Permits Surge After Shooting
Battle For CoaL: Lawmakers Fight to Save Industry Amid EPA Regs
This Bridge Should Be Burned
Seattle Calls for Ban on 'Offensive' Words like Citizen, Others
XKeyscore: NSA Reportedly Tracks 'Nearly Everything a User Does on the Internet'
NSA Director Heckled At Hacker Conference
GOP Report: Holder Misled Congress
California Libs Can't Stomach Massive Surveillance
Herman Cain: Obama Playing 'Distraction Politics'

Hawaii Mulls One-Way Ticket Out for Homeless
Sleeping on the Job, Stealing Money From Luggage and Taking Bribes: TSA Misconduct Rises 26% over the 3 Three Years
Police in Concord, NH Apply for Armored Vehicle to Fight ‘Free Staters,’ Occupiers, Sovereign Citizens
Teachers to Carry Guns in Arkansas Schools from August
U.S. Military Awards Contracts to Al-Qaeda In Afghanistan
Witnesses Recall Women's Horror During Ariel Castro Sentencing
Snowden Leaves Moscow Airport, Gets Refugee Status in Russia
The Silliness State: Writer Tries To Work Out Why Florida Has More Bizarre News Than Any Other State
FBI Chief Faces Benghazi Pressure
IRS Stonewalling Targeting Probe?
Snowden's Dad Confronts Tyrannical Obama
You Can Lead a Sheep to Knowledge, but You Can’t Make Them Think
Newspaper Spanks Obama: 'Shove It, Mr. President'
The Same Sex Marriage of Convenience between David Cameron and Barack Obama
Hillary to Receive “Patriot” Award in Ronald Reagan Building for “Defending Our Nation”
Patriots and Self Reliance

Obama Frees Taliban from Gitmo, Neglects to Exchange Them for Captured US Soldier
Harriet’s Fictional America Post Agenda 21
Here Comes the White House’s Behavioral ‘Nudge Squad’
Revealed: How an Alcoholic Mother and Being Kicked Out of Home for Being Gay Turned a Geeky Midwestern Boy the Biggest Leaker in U.S. History
Abbott: Obama’s Scheme to Take Over Texas
The Purposed Racial Division in America
The Spirit That Drove Us to Civil War is Back: The Spirit of the Slave Power Since Slavery
Why Are Chinese Gobbling Up Real Estate And Businesses In Detroit?
Pelosi: Obama Most “Non-Partisan” President to Ever Serve in the White House
Christie, Paul, Libertarianism, and the NSA
Life in the Twilight: Wide-open, Upbeat America Is Turning into a Neurotic, Look-Over-Your-Shoulder Society
Budget Constraints Could Limit Efforts to Catch Illicit Nuclear Material
10 Signs That US Infrastructure Is a Disaster
8 Hurt as Explosions Rock Central Florida Gas Plant
Explosion Rocks Sleeping Florida Town

Live Updates: Explosions at Blue Rhino Plant in Tavares
Conservative Groups Already Tax-Exempt Were Also Targeted by IRS
Obama Removes Promise to Protect Whistleblowers From Old Campaign Website
The Invasion of Sharia Law
Empress Hillary, 2016
Hounds From Hell Nipping At Our Heels
Stand First in Liberty
Electile Dysfunction
Fox News’ Tamara Holder Says Weiner’s Perversion No Big Deal
Weiner Drops to 4th in NY Mayoral Race After Latest Sexting Scandal
Sex Scandals Draw Ire of Dem Elders
150 Arrests In Child Prostitution Sting
Murdered Border Patrol Agent’s Family: Nothing “Phony” About Deaths Tied to Fast & Furious
Obama Says Its Fake Scandals – America Says It’s a Failing Presidency
Judge Jeanine: Mr. President, With All Due Respect...

Funny and Fitting: Obama's Claimed Place of Birth Right Outside the Gates of Hell! – HOLLY NOTE: It seems one of the devil's spawn escaped early! H/T Marshall A.
Senate Bill 744, Death By a Thousand Cuts
NASA: The End of Mankind "Leaked Document" 2013

related: The Future Is Now: Future Strategic Issues/Future Warfare [Circa 2025], NASA Lead Scientist Dennis Bushnell – pdf
Debunked: NASA War Document Exposed (The Future is Now)
SWAT Teams' New Face of Police Agencies
More Media Deception: ABC Called Out By Slate.com For Editing Zimmerman Juror’s Interview
Chain Email Mistakenly Sends Around False Photo of Trayvon Martin
Overwhelmed: Leading Ammo Manufacturer Temporarily Suspends Production: “There Is No Conspiracy to Shut Us Down”
Ill. Sheriff's Team Working To Seize Guns From Thousands
Life As a Whistleblowers & the NSA Scandal (starts 41:28 min. in)

Russians Milk Snowden for 'All the Info They Can'
95-year-old Man Tasered to Death By Police
Disabled Man Sues Delta After He Was 'Forced to Crawl Off Flights' as Crew Members Stood and Watched
Ben Kinchlow: What Happened to America?
Survival Shovel: "Multi-tool on Steroids" Delivers a Dozen Functions
Obama Not Progressive Enough: David Brooks Applauds Obama Economic Plan, But Calls For New Public Focus on Americans' Personal Lives
DEA Raids Legal Medical Marijuana Dispensaries In Washington, 'Humiliating' Shop Owners
Bill Ayers, Reincarnated ACORN, Ask UN to Intervene in Chicago School Closings
North Colorado Residents Try To Will ’51st State’ Into Existence
FBI Letter to Rand Paul Reveals Drones Used 10 Times in US
Under New Proposed Internet Laws, We Will All Be Felons
Halliburton Admits Destroying Gulf Oil Spill Evidence
Feds Tell Web Firms To Turn Over User Account Passwords
Former SEC Atty: Govt. Claims It Will Protect Your Data But ‘It Cannot Honor That Promise’
FEMA Denies Aid To Religious Groups Hit By Sandy
FEMA Making Mass Deliveries, Russian Drivers Disappearing
Pay the TSA $85 for Quick, Fondle-Free Airport Screening
Weiner Says He Texted 10 Women; Stays in NYC Mayor Race
How The Establishment Will Attempt To Bring Down The Liberty Movement
9 Ways the Federal Government has Hijacked your Rights & Taken over the Country
Holder Targets Texas in New Voting-Rights Push
Mother of Slain Benghazi victim Sean Smith: ‘My Son Is Dead. How Could That Be Phony?'

To “Protect and Defend” Is Now a Treasonous Act
The Black George Zimmerman The Media Doesn’t Want You To Know About
Sex, Money And Lies: ‘Culture of Corruption’ Boomerangs on Democrats as Scandals Blossom Nationwide
House Republicans May Widen IRS Inquiry; Lawmakers To Focus On Audits Of Conservative Nonprofits
TheDirty.com Founder: Weiner Planned Secret Sex Bunker
Obama Repeats Carney’s ‘Phony Scandals’ Line in Economy Speech
Black Mob Leaves Waiter With Broken Jaw
American Views On Race Relations Have Plummeted Since Obama Took Office, Poll Shows
House Narrowly Rejects Bill Meant To End NSA Bulk Spying
See How Your Representative Voted
Then-Sen. Obama Co-Sponsored ‘Stand Your Ground’ Law in 2004 in Illinois
Summer Ammo Buys for Government Agencies May Cause Shortages
Putin Controls the Chessboard, Obama’s In Deep Trouble
Homeschoolers Plead For Help Fighting 'anti-Parent' Law
NSA Holds Emergency Hearing to Fight Off Anti-Surveillance Amendment in Congress
WSJ/NBC Poll: Obama Approval Nears Record Low; 83% Disapprove of Congress
Obama’s Mideast Policies Open Deep Rifts in Congress
President Obama and the Race Problem

Obama 'Pivots' for 19th Time
Coming Soon: America's Own Islamic 'No-Go' Zones
Snowden Granted Entry to Russia, Free to Leave Airport
Weiner Won't Pull Out After New Sex Scandal – This time he sent naked pics from the waist down months after resigning from Congress. Can't keep pants up or shirt on.
No More Mailman at the Door Under U.S. Postal Service Plan
The State of the Union
For Sale: Cold War Missile Silo Converted into Luxurious $3M Property
Afterburner with Bill Whittle: The Lynching

Michael Reagan: Obama Politicizing Trayvon's Death to Push Anti-Gun Agenda
Obama's Dangerous Racial Hang-ups
Bloomberg’s Anti-Gun Group Imploding as 50 Mayors Leave
George Zimmerman Pulls Fla. Family From Crashed SUV
Gays In, Bibles Out in the New American Military
Government Wants to Control Your Ceiling Fans
The New Brainwashing: Women Like Hookups
U.S. Marriage Rate Drops to New Low
Obama Stirs Trayvon Pot to Distract from IRS, NSA, DOJ and Benghazi Scandals
Robert Zimmerman Reacts to President's Remarks on Verdict

Dr. James David Manning Gives Amazing Perspective on African Slavery

State Dept. Agency Deemed 'Critical' to Information Security Is a Mess, Report Shows
U.S. Ends Ban on Government Propaganda Being Broadcast to Americans
Transcripts Show IBB Official, Others Not Concerned with Public Reaction to Smith-Mundt Propaganda Ban Repeal
Obama's $10M Gun Violence Report Backfires: Armed Victims Less Likely to be Harmed by Attackers
Ted Cruz: Obama Uses Trayvon to Attack Guns
Despite Outcry, Stand-Ground Law Repeals Unlikely
Should Colorado's Make My Day Law Be Expanded?
A Bombshell in the IRS Scandal
Games Without Frontiers – the American Battlefield
Rise of the Warrior Cop
12 Signs That The Decay of Society Is Accelerating
10 Signs Your Co-Worker Is a Spy
Ben Swann Discloses What MSM Isn't Telling U.S. Citizens About Current Events (starts 41:10 min. in)

Racism Theater: How the Media, Obama and Racism Industry Are Tearing America Apart
Kevin Jackson: Black People Lock Their Car Doors Too When They See a Horde of Black Teens Coming

Beyond a Reasonable Doubt, Hastings Was Murdered
The Apocalypse Begins Tomorrow at Sunrise
Rhetoric Heats Up Over 'Stand Your Ground' Laws
Secret Court OKs Continued US Phone Surveillance Program For Another 3 Months
DOJ Declines to Prosecute Officials Involved in Tax Record Scandal
'Barry Soetoro' Registered to Vote in D.C., Religion Listed – Muslim
Bloomberg Strikes Again: NYC Bans Food Donations to Homeless
New Law 'Allows Obama to Take Over All Media': 'Your Government Is Acting in Open, Undeclared, But Blatant Treason' 
Another Rock Hall of Famer 'Disgusted' with Rolling Stone
$149,074 USDA Grant Awarded To Track Shopping Patterns So Government Can Force Healthy Eating
Military Spending Millions To Protect Gophers, While Workers Go On Furlough
Zimmerman Won’t Get Gun Back for Awhile
Jesse Jackson Provides One More Reason to Get Us out of the UN
NDAA Indefinite Detention Without Trial Approved by Appeals Court
Freedom Index: A Congressional Scorecard Based on the U.S. Constitution (higher number better)
Transatlantic Danger: U.S.-EU Merger Talks Underway in D.C.
Erosion of Private Property Rights

IRS Lawyer Implicates Higher-Ups
IRS Employees Were Ordered to Send Tea Party Cases to IRS’s Only Obama Political Appointee
Government Collecting Millions Of Records On American Drivers, Study Says
TSA Searches Valet Parked Car – No Warrant
10 Ways That the Iron Grip of the Big Brother Prison Grid Is Tightening on All of Our Lives
A Stunning Percentage of Americans Believe the First Amendment Provides ‘Too Much Liberty’, Study Finds
Are Americans Living in a Police State?
Criminal Enterprise Operations of the Police
Coup d’etat
Pentagon Spends $81K on TVs for Gitmo While Civilian Workers Are Furloughed
Al Sharpton’s Much Younger Curvy Eye-Candy Girlfriend – and She Just Loves Him for What He's Got Goin' On', Uh-Huh, Uh-Huh!
Fraud Claim Against Holder Bolstered After Ruling
Stunning Rescue From Pouncing Black Mob: 'This Is for Trayvon' Victim: 'I Was Just Being Pummeled From Every Direction I Could Imagine'
Harvard Establishes Hip-Hop Fellowship in Name of 8th-Grade Dropout Rapper Muslim: PhD in Rachel Jeantelology?
Rachel Jeantel Makes Trayvon Martin Look Like A Racist Young Black

Gutfeld: Finally, a Celeb That Makes Sense About Zimmerman

Gutfeld: Why Liberals Ignore 'Black on Black' Violence

Colorado Town Considers Licensing Bounty Hunters To Shoot Down Drones
Louisiana Woman Survives Lightning Strike Inside Store
More Government Lies
3 out of 4 Americans Think Political Parties Are Corrupt
Is The Safety Of The State Really Worth More Than The Truth?
Is This Still America?
Did the Pentagon Murder Journalist Michael Hastings?
Investigation Into Michael Hastings Accident Continues
School Decides Future Of Radio-Chipping for Students: 1 Girl Already Expelled for Refusing Constant Radio Monitor
HAMAS, Hezbollah Groups Demand “Justice for Trayvon Martin,” Call For Fed Prosecution of Zimmerman
Dershowitz: DOJ Should Investigate 'Prosecutorial Tyrant' Who Violated Zimmerman's Rights
The George Zimmerman Trial: Life and Death in the American Psyop
Conservative Filmmaker Pummeled at Trayvon Rally – HOLLY NOTE: If anyone cares about Zimmerman's ethnicity, not only is he Hispanic, he is also black. So for those crying 'racist'... really?
100 Vigils Planned In Wake Of Zimmerman Verdict
Black Teens Murder White Baby for the Fun of It In Georgia

4 Blacks Torture, Kill White Couple
Gaffney: If The Senate Goes ‘Nuclear’
Your Perception Can Be The Death Of You
Thousands to Lose Water For Days In Southern Md. Amid Heat Wave – HOLLY NOTE: If they'd stored water – 1 gal. per person/per day, this wouldn't be a huge drama – just a slight inconvenience
4 Prepping Lessons Learned Following Near Disaster
America Gripped By Second Night of Fury Over Zimmerman Verdict
A Brief Response to the Zimmerman Not Guilty Verdict…
Four More Murdered in Chicago in 24 hours: No Threat of Riots
Are You Living in a 'Stand Your Ground' State? – HOLLY NOTE: While the Martin-Zimmerman trial concluded fairly but with no winner, consider the bigger picture. This court case will be used to further curtail individual rights of self-protection. States will be pressured to reconsider make my day and stand your ground laws. While tempers are high, watch the iron fist against the 2nd Amendment slam down quickly. Knee-jerk reactions are a poor means to implement law. It is Newtown, CT legislation from another strike zone.
Obama Exploits Zimmerman Verdict: 'Stem the Tide of Gun Violence'--For Trayvon
The Obama Doctrine of Control Through Dissension
Coloradans Faced With 'Thugs' Opposing Senate Recall Over 2nd Amendment
Right of Self Defense 1, Obama 0
Journalist: Snowden Files Could Be 'Nightmare' for US
NSA Leak Fallout: Live Updates
U.S. Repeals Propaganda Ban, Spreads Government-Made News To Americans
‘Betrayed’ Exposing the High Cost of the War on Terror: The Shocking Sacrifice of America’s Special Ops Forces
The Case for NYC Police Commissioner Ray Kelly as our New Homeland Security Director
Military Spending Millions to Protect Gophers, While Workers Go on Furlough
New Movement Ignites To Impeach Obama
The Mental Illness of Choice for CEO’s & Politicians
Now U.S. Copper Mines Under Attack
Alternative to Boy Scouts Launched
Not Guilty!
Obama Administration Considering Fed Prosecution if Zimmerman Acquitted – Double Jeopardy
Cops Shoot Innocent Washington Man in Bed, No Charges Filed
No Tears as Janet Napolitano Leaves DHS
From Bad to Worse? Rahm Emanuel May Head DHS
Rahm Trying to Circumvent New IL Concealed Carry Law with Bogus Gun Free Zones
Unprecedented: Judge Interrogates Zimmerman: “I Have Never Seen That In More Than 30 Years of Court Reporting”
Panthers: “This Time We’re Going Out To Whitey’s Suburbs and Burning Down HIS Community”
Obama’s Alinskyite Administration: Justice Department’s Involvement In The Zimmerman Case Is Highly Suspect
Pentagon Report Warns That China, N. Korea and Iran Will Soon Be Capable of Striking US With Nukes
WARNING: America's Next False Flag

Repackaged, But Not Redeemed
EPA Regulations Force Utility To Shutter Coal Plant Rather Than Revamp It
Ex-Sanford Police Chief Was Pressured To Arrest Zimmerman – Fired For Refusing To Arrest Without Probable Cause
Chief Bill Lee: ‘They Just Wanted an Arrest’
George Zimmerman Not Guilty Verdict? Florida Prepares For Trayvon Riots
Local Officials Using Stealth To Put Agenda 21 & ICLEI Into Every City, Town & County Of America
Gun Geo Marker App Tries to Locate Homes, Businesses of Gun Owners
Colorado Gun Laws: Two Compromises On Ammo Magazines Reached
Colorado Senators Recalls Upheld, Activists Brace for Elections
More CO Counties Join Effort To Secede From State, Form 'North Colorado'...
10 Colorado Counties Favor More Representation Instead Of Secession
City Shuts Off Water Homeowners Who Refused To Have Smart Meters Installed
President Obama vs. George Zimmerman: America Loses
America Is Now Under Martial Law
The Law Means Nothing to These People
Can This Man Save America: New Legislation Would Repeal Laws that Brought the Surveillance State
Millions in US Tax Dollars Go To Big Data For Wiretap Capabilities
What US Is Paying Industry to Snoop
Regulation Nation: California Looks to Curb Beach Bonfires, Citing Climate Change – HOLLY NOTE: And this might make up a micro-nano-speck of emissions?
Bugout Trailer

Race Through Hell: Death Valley Ultramarathon
WH to Name New Liaison – a LGBT Activist, Point Man – to Jewish Community

Restructure US Government to Make “Huge” Green Changes in America, Study Proposes – HOLLY NOTE: Friends, this is one the most alarming pieces of news in weeks. As someone pointed out yesterday, you can still stop Agenda 21 at the local level – for now – by voting out of office Congressmen/women or Senators, governors, etc who utters any of these phrases: sustainable development, smart growth, open space, cooperativeness, non-compete, comprehensive planning/re-zoning, non-elected boards, public-private, green code=house modified, regionalism, redevelopment commissions, sustainable agriculture, comprehensive land use plan, resilient cities, wildlands project, regional visioning projects, green/alternative projects. Conservation projects at the Federal level, we have no way to stop. This is different than private conservation groups; they are fine and valuable. This whole program began with George HW Bush's signing an action plan – along with 178 other world leaders in 1992's Earth Summit. It was furthered by Clinton signing EO 12852 and Obama signing EO 13575. At the local level, there is still a small barrier between them and the Fed. However, this article exposes the intention to erase this last piece of protection against herding Americans onto smaller and smaller pieces of land for better control. Be sure to download and read the accompanying documents.
Agenda 21, Property Issues and Food Imperialismmust hear (starts 5:50 min. in)

Tiny Houses That Look Like Garden Sheds Become Latest Property Craze in US & UK
Calif. Farmer Battles Feds Over Depression-Era Law Requiring Him to Turn Crop Over to Government
Denouncing NSA Surveillance Isn't Enough -- We Need the Power to Stop It
House GOP Aims to Slash IRS Budget by 24%, Cites Abuses, Sequestration – HOLLY NOTE: They'll have a tougher time learning to line dance, putting on waste conventions and making Star Trek, feel-good flicks.
House Democrats Propose National Park on the Moon
Illinois Senate Blocks Quinn's Veto, State Becomes Last to Pass Concealed Carry
Muslims Rip Obama's Ramadan Greeting
American Tourist Hacked To Death By Thai Taxi Driver Over $2 Fare
IRS Exposes Thousands of Social Security Numbers
0 For 3: How 3 Attempts By Democrats to Put Out the IRS Fire Have Only Fanned the Flames
IRS Scandal Will Prevent Obamacare Implementation From Being Fully Funded
Gun Seizures Trigger Fear Of Massive Police Power: Is Your Front Door No Longer Sacred?
Militarized Police Gone Wild Across America; Terrorizing Citizens, Shooting Pet Dogs, Behaving Like Occupying Military Force
SEAL Files On Bin Laden Raid Secretly Moved to CIA
DNI Clapper Won’t Resign Over Misleading Congress on NSA Surveillance
Obama's 'Google Government' Is Watching You: President Using Personal Data-Mining Perfected In Election Campaign
PRISM & ‘Purity’: NSA Follows Nazi Tradition
Thousands Rally For Life in Texas
California's Transgender Bill Heads to Gov's Desk Allowing Boys to Shower with Girls in Public Schools
Why Sex-Scarred Pols Keep Coming Back For More
Morning Bell: Obamacare’s Dirty Dozen Implementation Failures
Direct Link Between Agenda 21 And Local Planners
New Snowden Leak: Australia’s Place in US Spying Web
First Photographs From Inside Wrecked San Francisco Plane – Pilots Desperately Tried To Abort Landing Just 1.5 Seconds Before Impact
10 Killed In Alaska Plane Crash
Ill. Towns Rejecting Proposed Assault Weapons Bans
Americans' New Rally Call: End IRS
Performing Triage On America
Procession Brings Home 19 Fallen Ariz. Firefighters
Disinformation (starts 37 min. in)

Obama Admin Transparency: Secret Move Keeps Bin Laden Records in the Shadows
‘Machinery of Death’: Gas Chamber May Be Revived in Missouri
Surveillance Camera Captures Michigan House Explosion – Freaked Dog Races Down Sidewalk

North Carolina National Guard Rapid Reaction Force Civil Unrest Training Photos
The White Guy Riot

You Could Have Heard a Pin Drop...
America Is Officially An Occupied Nation
Ted Cruz’s Father Delivers Epic Speech Touting Patriotism and Lambasting Obama’s ‘Socialist’ Inclinations
Mo. Governor Vetoes Bill That Nullified Federal Gun Laws
Conn. Man Makes Art From Superstorm Sandy Debris
Obama's 2009 "Beast": Has Heavy Armor, Blood Bank, Night Vision – Needs Upgrade
U.S. Postal Service Logging All Snail Mail for Law Enforcement
Satanists Distance Themselves From Pro-Abortion “Hail Satan” Chants
Zimmerman's Stories: One And The Same?
The George Zimmerman,Travon Martin Connection to Jerusalem, Israel
Iceland Proposal Would Grant Snowden Citizenship
Group to Gather for 'Restore the Fourth' Rally to Protest Government Surveillance
28 Injured at California Fireworks When Platform Tips
Man with Guns, Explosive Devices Arrested in Seattle
White Girl Bleed a Lot: The Return Of Racial Violence And How The Media Ignores More Than 500 Examples of It
(some offensive language)
37 Awesome Survival/Prepping Hacks
This Independence Day, Remember The Price of Freedom
The Pursuit of Happiness in the 1940s: Rarely Seen Photos Capture the 4th of July Spirit of Americans Enjoying Their 'Unalienable Rights'
It Just Doesn’t Feel Like the 4th of July When…
Scorching Town in Arizona Desert Holds Annual July 4 Egg-Frying on the Sidewalk Contest
Suspicion of Manhunt Follows Snowden Case
Who Are the 201 IRS Union Bosses?

Intel Chief Clapper Apologizes for Lying in NSA Statement
Study Shows Veterans Must Navigate Hundreds Of Forms, More Than A Dozen Agencies For Services
Colorado Recall Efforts Get Ugly Ahead Of Key Ruling
Illinois Gov Triggers Backlash After Changing Gun Bill
Sequestration Endangers Missile Defense Program
If George Zimmerman Is Found Not Guilty, Can The American People Handle It?
Gay Weddings, Synthetic Babies, and the Brave New Court
America Is Exceptional at Spying
Russian Forces to Provide “Security” At US Events
Michael Savage on Russian Soldiers on U.S. Soil

Pentagon Wanted Searchable Database Of People's Lives As Far Back as 2003
Kaboom! Now Black Mobs Kill 4th of July – People 'Traveling From City To City Just Causing Problems'
'You're Going To Die Tonight Motherf***er': What George Zimmerman Told Police Trayvon Told Him As He Reached For His Gun
Trayvon Supporters Threaten Riots, Looting if Zimmerman Acquitted
Teen Curfew Considered After Massive Brawl In Downtown Greensboro
Black On White Violence Epidemic What CNN Won't Show You (language warning)

Obama Promises $7 Billion To Build African Power Grids While Military Bases Cancel 4th July Fireworks
Obama Has Crumbled As A Fantasy Hero
If a Petition Can Force Morsi From Office, Why Can’t the Same Remove Obama?
Women Urged To Stop Sex, Even With Husbands
Supreme Court Supremacists 
Whistleblower Debunks Claim That The NSA Is Keeping You Safe
They Will Seize Your Food and Resources: “Hoarding of Just About Anything Can Be Banned”
Stage One of the American Guerrilla War Is Here
‘Waist’ of Money At Guantanamo Bay As Detainees Get Prison’s ‘Infidel’ Gym Replaced 
After 150 Years, The Choices Made At Gettysburg Still Reverberate
Time is Running Out
Hare-Brained: USDA Reportedly Orders Children’s Magician to Produce ‘Disaster Plan’ for His…Rabbit
Texas Lawmakers Brace For Another Abortion Battle In Special Session
Obama To Africa: Be Wary Of Foreign Powers, Even United States
Curl: Obama Stands At His Own ‘Door Of No Return’
What Would Tyranny Look Like In America? Look Around

A Country Founded by Geniuses but Run by Idiots
My American Motto Holds True
Gov Bill Haslams Deliberate Attempt To Make Tennessee Sharia Compliant- The Timeline
Lady Gaga Changes National Anthem: 'Land of the Free, and the Home for the Gay'
New Warning: 'Totalitarianism' on Way – Obama 'heads Biggest Surveillance Network Ever'
Family Picnic Turns To Horror Thanks To Black Mob – Woman Pistol Whipped While Trying To Defend Son
Big Brother, The World Brain, And Psychohistory
Colorado Gun-Control Laws Go In Effect Monday; Critics Fume
Colorado Company To Give Away Ammunition Magazines Ahead of Ban
Why Does the Government Need Guillotines?
Christie: I Didn't Vote For Obama, He Doesn't Lead
Killed in Egypt, US Warns Against Travel There
Senate Fails on Student Loan Deal
Polygamists Hope Supremes' Rulings Will Pave Way To Decriminalization
The Gaying of America Court on DOMA: Borderline Insane
Bill Whittle as Virtual President Gives His Thoughts on SCOTUS Decision on Gay Marriage

Michael Eric Dyson Is A Piece Of Crap Who Deserves To Be Fired From MSNBC for His Attack on Clarence Thomas

WH Study Finds Guns Save Lives: “Consistently Lower Injury Rates Among Gun Using Crime Victims”
Miller: New Taxes Penalize Gun Owners, Threaten Second Amendment
Bulls Eye: Smith and Wesson Sales Sky Rocket: “We Are At Maximum Capacity”
Gun Control Advocate: Ban Anything With a Sharp Edge – HOLLY NOTE: On the face, this sounds ridiculous, but we saw it in Australia. Since we couldn't own firearms Downunder, Stan ordered a slingshot from the U.S. for shooting snakes, etc on our farmlet. Not only did they confiscate it at AU Customs, but two agents sneaked onto our property, came to the door, into our home to check what else we might be harboring. They eyed the "Lancelot" Excalibur sword, in our living room that was part of our wedding ceremony in the Chapel at Kryal Castle. The officers said if the sides had been sharpened, they'd be taking that too.
Blowing Smoke: Obama Climate Speech Riddled With Lies
How Your Local Officials Are Using Stealth to Implement Agenda 21 & ICLEI
License Plate Locations Tracked, Details Stored
What Do We Tell Our Children?
The Most Dangerous Man in America
Infamous Member Of New Black Panthers Arrested in New York
Funeral Home Offers Drive-Thru Viewing 
Hannity Shouting Match Over Voting Rights Act: 'The World's Changed!'

Another IRS Official Takes the Fifth
Pelosi on Someone Else's Opinion: Who Cares?
The Giant Has Awakened! Andrew Napolitano: American Public Is Pushing Back Against Its Abusive Government
Gov. Christie: I Would Veto Same-Sex Marriage Bill Again
ACLU Vows To Bring Marriage Battle To Every State
Rabbi: DOMA Defeat Evidence of 'Upside Down World'
Scalia Dissent: Gay Marriage Decision 'Jaw-Dropping'
Enemies of All Things Moral
Supreme Court Orders a Divorce: Law from Morality
Kennedy’s Former Clerk Calls Him ‘First Gay Justice’
Man Faces Prison For Scribbling Chalk Messages
Martin's Friend Testifies, Says Martin Called Zimmerman 'Creepy Ass Cracka'
Black Mob Strikes Ohio Mother – Wave of Racially Motivated Violence Continues Nationwide
Black Youths Rampage Through Florida Mall

Black Mob Violence and Media Silence

Limbaugh: 'Looks Like Doom, Unavoidable Doom'
6 Americans and 1 Brit Missing In Historic Yacht Sailing from New Zealand to Australia
America's Rejection of Almighty God and Our Founding Fathers
Unnamed Mideast Buyer Offers $2.1B for Empire State Building
Supremes Rule Key Provision of DOMA Is Unconstitutional
Exhibit A for a Major Shift: Justices’ Gay Clerks
Polygamy Advocate: Gay Marriage Blazing Trail for Us
Obama Orders New Rules On Coal-Fired Plants, Sets Condition For Keystone Pipeline
Barack Obama to Cut Emissions In Vow To Save Planet – and Kill America
New Carbon Regulations, at Greater Cost to America
ObamaCare Snooping To Put NSA to Shame?

Alex Jones on Snowden, Hastings and the Bilderbergs – (starts 9:20 min. in)
Kitties Open Their Eyes....what About Obama Supporters?
Ready for Hillary
Texas Abortion Bill Fails To Pass After Epic Filibuster
Billionaire Fugitive Financier Marc Rich Dies In Switzerland 12 Years After Controversial Pardon by Bill Clinton
Banned Cleric's Outspoken Deputy Visits White House
7th-grade Special Needs Boy 'Raped During Gym Class' at Barack Obama Prep
IRS Chief Admits Improper Screening Went on Until Last Month
Russia Rejects US Snowden Demands
U.S. Officials Don't Know How Much Secret Material Snowden Took
Snowden Admits Taking Booz Allen Job to Collect Data on NSA Surveillance
Angela Giron Congressional Recall Effort Moves Forward With Signatures Certified
DHS Criminalizes Legitimate Redress of Grievances
MLA Calling For Arrest of Obama Ahead of South African Trip
Zimmerman Prosecutors Go for the Big Lie
Supreme Court Does Not Have Authority to Redefine Marriage
Openly Gay John Berry to be Next US Ambassador to Australia
NSA Has Total Access Via Microsoft Windows
Handful of Congress Members Move to Rein In Surveillance State
NSA Surveillance May Be Legal – But It’S Unconstitutional
NSA Has Been Blackmailing Supreme Court Judges, Members Of Congress And More
Secret Recording: Obama Confirms Conspiracy to Oust Ron Paul from Primary in 2012
A Tale of Two Presidents: The One We Voted For – and Obama
Big Brother's Three Hundred Million Man Army
20 Reasons I Detest The Government
Now It's 5th Amendment Under Attack – Suspect's Silence Considered Evidence of Guilt
Clare Daly Ireland Pimped Out Like Prostitutes for Obama

Where Was the Tea Party?
USA – The Imploded Dream
Transgender 6-year-old Wins Girls' Bathroom Rights
The Popularity of "Mommy Porn"

Feds: Nuclear Waste May Be Leaking Into Soil From Hanford Site
Hanford N-waste Leak Is Detected – Leaking into Groundwater
DHS Insider Warns: "It's Already Begun. You're Seeing It Now."
False Flag Biological Attack Expected This Summer?
Obama Spending $100-Million for ‘Symbolism” on African Trip
Dem Congressman Tells Obama His Family’s $100 Million Trip To Africa Is Too Extravagant During Hard Times, Urges Him To Cancel It… He Won't
Depopulating An Entire Region of the Country
Secret NSA Powers Wider Than Thought
NSA Whistleblower: NSA Spying On – and Blackmailing – Top Government Officials and Military Officers
The White House Has No Credibility
WA: Homeowner Holds Burglar At Gunpoint For Deputies
Supreme Court's Authority Faces Stunning Challenge
More Evidence Of Slain U.S. Ambassador's Secret Activities – Information May Help Explain Deadly Benghazi Attack
Drug Users Stealing Tide Detergent, Trading It For Crack, Officials Say
New Colorado Gun Law Bans All-Online Firearm Training
Obama to Go Around Congress to Satisfy Global Warming Supporters
Lawmakers Slam Obama's Nuke Plan
Obama's Misguided Magical Thinking About Nuclear Weapons
Tea Party Fires Back, 'Audit the IRS'
Rage Against the IRS Machine

True Extent of Silicon Valley Cooperation With The NSA Goes Further Than You Know
Obama’s Plan to Depopulate the Suburbs
House Approves Drug Tests for SNAP (Food Stamps) Applicants
Russia Promises Legal Action Over NSA Surveillance Scandal
JP Morgan's Man in the White House: Barack Obama's Legacy Of Ashes
Shock Over James Gandofini's Sudden Death at 51
Stars Pay Tribute: "Kind", "Funny", "Humble", "Gifted", "No Airs", "Wonderful Guy"
FBI Admits: Domestic Use Of Drones
Sequester Jesters: IRS to pay $70 MILLION in Employee Bonuses
Whistleblower Says State Department Trying to Bully Her Into Silence
Cavuto: Words Matter...Backing Them Up Matters More

NSA Chief Defends Surveillance, Says Helped Prevent Terror Plots More Than 50 Times Since 9/11
Welcome to 'Glock Block': Vigilante Neighbors In Oregon Town Say They Are No Longer Calling The Police And Have Armed  PICThemselves Instead
Recall of Colorado Gun Controller Gets Enough Signatures
Gun Control Rally in CA Draws Just 3 Protesters
Gun Owners Foundation Taking on Zero Tolerance in Schools
4 U.S. Soldiers Killed in Rocket Attack on Afghan Airbase As Karzai Pulls Out Of Talks In Protest At Obama's Failure To Include Government In Peace Negotiations with Taliban
Costly Obama Family Trip To Africa Under Fire Amid Sequester Cuts
Black Democrat Switches to Republican
Neighbor Arrested On Suspicion Of Homicide For ‘Throwing Firebomb' At Toddler And Three Adults In Their California Home 
Passenger on Hong Kong Flight to the U.S. 'Who Screamed That He Had Secrets From the CIA and NSA leaker Edward Snowden' as Video Records His Terrifying Rants
Police: Teen Boy Used ‘WWE-Style Wrestling Moves’ To Kill 5-Year-Old Sister
Fix Roads And Bridges Or Expect The Worst, Senator Says
Supreme Court Rebukes Arizona Law Requiring Proof Of Citizenship For Voter Registration
Awkward! Obama and Putin Can't Hide Their Disdain For Each Other During Tense G8 Briefing 
Are Barack Obama and Vladamir Putin Holding High-Level Talks, Or Are They on an Awkward Date?
Obama on NSA Programs: Americans "Not Getting the Complete Story"
Florida Man Beaten, Robbed, Stripped Naked On First Date 
Gallup: Chris Christie Is Most-Favored Republican Recent Newsmaker--Among Democrats
Monitor Americans But Not Mosques? D.J. Dolce Lists Words To Say On Phone To Ward Off NSA Snoops

10,000 Apple Accounts Subject To Data Requests
When Americans Trusted Their Presidents 
The Obama Scandals
sort of
Gun Control: Why VP Biden Is Trying Again – HOLLY NOTE: It should not be about gun control, but gun safety. At age 5, Stan fired off his first 45-caliber automatic pistol under the caring supervision of his Texas sheriff grandpa. To date, you will not find a more conscientious firearms proponent who is all about gun safety and education than Stan. Familiarity breeds responsibility.
Finally! It's Here – American Made Stores – HOLLY NOTE: Check our USA ARKives, top of the page, for other made in America resources
Michelle O's $3,300-a-night Hotel Suite
14-Year-Old Boy Who Refused To Remove NRA Shirt In School Facing 1 Year In Jail
Guns, Kids and Tea Teams

Lil Wayne's American Flag Antics See Rapper Stomping On Stars & Stripes
Bizarre Moment White Supremacist Who Named His Son Adolf Hitler Proposes To Girlfriend In Full Nazi Regalia
NY Man Who Says 4 Kids Vandalized Home Is Charged
Tipster: Hoffa Hit With Shovel, Buried Alive
U.S. Education Slipping In World Rankings: Report – HOLLY NOTE: Please Stephanie Relfe's 55 Serious Reasons Why You Should Homeschool
Homeschooling Skyrockets in the U.S.
NSA Spying Flap Extends to Contents of US Phone Calls
NSA Can 'Listen to U.S. Phone Calls' Without a Warrant, According to Congressman
Watch the Good Guys and Leave the Terrorists Alone
IRS Supervisor in DC Claims She Scrutinized Tea Party Groups
Now Feds Want Your Mental Health Records
No Constitution, No Borders, No USA
Whistleblower Accuses Consul General of Trysts with Subordinates, Minors and Hookers
Hollywood Gun-Controllers Have Met Their Match
Judge Jeanine: The Government Can't Be Trusted

Multiplying Scandals To Hide the One Scandal That Could Sink Obama
Ralph Nader: 'Has There Been a Bigger Con Man in the White House Than Barack Obama?
The Administration: Scarier Than You Could Imagine
US House Passes Amendment to NDAA Regarding the National Defense of…Israel?
Obama is Abrading the Social Fabric
This is Not a Test – Take Cover Immediately: Now Is the Time for Mass Demonstrations in the Streets
Greg Kaufmann: Congress Turns Its Back on Rural America
Look At What the Schools Are Teaching the Kids
Warning: Glenn Becks Secret Revealed
– HOLLY NOTE: Was Beck's announcement just 'much-ado'?
Robert Young Pelton on NSA Surveillance (starts 5 min. in)

Daughters and Moms Now Consider Rape Before Applying To Military
Alaska Man, 63, Charged with DUI on Shopping Cart
White House Defends High Bills for Africa Trip
ACLJ Flooded with New IRS Discrimination Cases
Web Giants Disclose Data Requests
Democrat Raves About Obama's Epic Database – Maxine Waters: 'Information About Everything on Every Individual'
The Government Is Watching You
Top National Security Experts: Spying Program Doesn’t Make Us Safer, and Spying Leaks Don’t Harm America
Before Edward Snowden, There Was Joseph Nacchio
Stephen Colbert: Obama Is a Tyrannical Despot Who Ignores All the Rules

Black Pastor: Obama Has Ruined America

Leno Jokes About Obama’s Approval Rating

Veteran Designation Option to be Available on Wyoming Driver Licenses
White Majority in U.S. Gone by 2043
Am I a Traitor?
Assange to NSA whistleblower Snowden: ‘We Are Winning, But I Hope You Have a Plan’
California Votes to Allow Boys to Shower with Girls in Public Schools
“I Don’t Know What We’re Going to Wake Up to Tomorrow…”
Alaska Makes Obama An Offer He Should, But Won’t Take
Learn a Post-Collapse Trade Before It’s Too Late
NSA Slapped with $20 Billion Class-Action Suit
Chief Refuses to Answer If NSA Collects Google, Email Contacts of Americans

Rep. Amash (R-MI): Clapper 'Lied Under Oath'
IRS Seized 60 Million Medical Records
Don't Track Us
More Americans Think Snowden Is a Patriot Than a Traitor
Snowden and the U.S.A. Share the Same Shelf Life
Benghazi: No, We Will Not Let It Go
Within 24 Hours, Glenn Beck Will Break News That Will Take Down the Entire Power Structure

Obama’s Definition of “Smarter Enforcement”: None
Santorum: 'No Buck Ever Seems to Stop with Obama'

FEMA Denies Aid Request for West, Texas Explosion Disaster
How U.N. Treaty Threatens U.S. Gun Rights
This Is What Crisis Feels Like: A Personal Story: “It All Changed. Literally Within a Day…”
Can the Media Protect Hillary Clinton from Latest State Department Scandal?
Sesame Street’ to Teach Kids About When Mommy Goes to Prison
Why Men Do Evil (While Wearing a Badge) 
Girl 16, Dies While 'Car Surfing'
Naked Man's Subway Rampage: 'Hero' Speaks
DHS-Funded Exercise Portrays “Free America Citizens” as Terrorist Cell
9 Companies Tied to PRISM, Obama Will Smacked with Class-Action Lawsuit Today
Scandal Number 5: Insider-Trading Probe of Medicare Announcement Reveals Hundreds of HHS (Health and Human Services) Employees Had Secret Info
State Department Accused of Covering Up Sex and Prostitution Investigation
Gutfeld: IRS Scandal's Not Over Until America Says It's Over

Sen. Graham Says Phone Surveillance Program Goes Deeper Than Believed
Spying Update
FaceBook Changes "Privacy" Features Once More
ACLU Sues Obama Over Constitutionality of NSA Surveillance
Snooping Technology: Guardian Angel or Lucifer?
Update: Sales of '1984' Up Over 6,000% After NSA News
Bush More Popular Than Obama
Homeschooling Skyrockets in the U.S.
Will U.S. Even Survive Obama's Full Term? Media Giant: America Being 'Taken Over' By President's Policies 
Senate to Hold Closed Briefing on NSA Surveillance, Lawmakers Say They Weren’t Informed of Programs
Twice Government Used Its Anti-Terrorism Powers to Target Americans Not Engaged In Terrorism
US Spy Programs Raise Ire Both Home and Abroad
Mitt Romney on White House Scandalgate

Main Core: A List of Millions of Americans That Will Be Subject To Detention During Martial Law
In Sen. Angela Giron Recall, Organizers Submitted More Than 13,500 Signatures – HOLLY NOTE: Stan and I signed the petition to recall this senator and we're happy to report, yesterday, enough signatures were collected to begin recall. If a candidate runs on one platform of supporting gun freedoms and then does the opposite once in office, the poli must go. Constituents set an example for the rest of America's slick Willies – that we will NOT accept this. Politicians simply can't be permitted to lie their way into office. Remind you of anyone else you know?
Sales of George Orwell’s ’1984' up 69% on Amazon – HOLLY NOTE: In Sociology class back in the day, this was assigned reading. At the time we thought, No way! Now we're living it.
Why the Surveillance State Must Be Erased
Cyber War Details Revealed
Affirmative Action Support Hits Record Low – HOLLY NOTE: If a person can't make the grade on merit instead of on ethnicity or gender, they shouldn't get the job. End of story.
Without Words NEW
Tin Foil Hat Media, Big Brother, & the Myth of Conspiracy 'Theory'
Slave Labor and The Prison Industrial Complex
Congressional Worry: Are Our Verizon Blackberries Being Monitored?
NSA’s “Boundless Informant” Collects 3 Billion Intelligence Pieces from Networks in 1 Month
Edward Snowden: The Whistleblower Behind the NSA Surveillance Revelations
The Totalitarianism at the Heart of the Obama Scandals
Military Gets Orders on Obama-Scandal News
Average Americans Share Their Targeting Stories

Rand Paul to Sue the Government Over NSA Spying
Obama: If You Can't Trust Us, We're Going To Have Some Problems

Jay Leno Eviscerates 'Snoop Obama'

Cavuto Cuts Mic on 'Obnoxious' Obama-Scandal Defender
Wake Up! Photos Show JFK Airport Security Guards Dozing at Key Posts
America in the Midst of a Coup d'Etat
A Rogues’ Gallery of Social Security Fraudsters
California's San Onofre Nuclear Plant to Shut Down Permanently – Owner
When Prepping Just Isn’t Enough
DOJ & FBI Raid News Media Offices After Releasing an Alarming Story on Obama
Holder Invokes 'Military and State Secrets Privilege'
DHS Insider: It’S About to Get Very Ugly
Obama Orders US to Draw Up Overseas Target List for Cyberattacks
Northeast Colo. Wants to Be Separate State
20 Basic Truths You're Not Supposed to Talk About in America Anymore
NY Times Editorial: Administration Has 'Lost All Credibility' 
Quietly Changes Published Editorial To Make It Less Damning of Obama
Intelligence Officials Reportedly Mining Data from 9 US Internet Companies
Phone Sex, Banks & Google for Emails: The NSA Spying Is Bigger Than Verizon
Meet PRISM: 'They Quite Literally Can Watch Your Ideas Form As You Type'
$332 Million In Federal Worker Bonuses and Searchable Individual 2012 Payroll Records
Obama "Unfit", Biden "Embarrassing"; Congressman Describes Obama's Crimes & Scandals in 72 Seconds

Time to Dial Up Some Healthy Skepticism
House Votes to Limit Amount Of Ammo 'Homeland Security' Can Purchase
Holder Caving? Claims "Fatigue" Could Compel Me to Step Down
Poll: Majority Think Admin Hiding Something on Benghazi
We Live In Hen Houses
Widespread Rape By Staff Indicates 'Fundamental Failure' of Juvenile Detention
No Food, Just Water and Sunlight: Meet The 65-Year-Old Women Who Hasn't Eaten in 5 Weeks in Extreme Lifestyle Experiment
New York Bill Would Make It a Felony to Annoy a Police Officer
THEY'RE WATCHING: MILLIONS of Phone Records Collected Daily... ACLU: This Is 'Beyond Orwellian'
7 Things to Know About the Government’s Secret Database of Telephone Data
The Crucial Differences Between Bush and Obama’s NSA Phone Surveillance Programs
Florida Sheriff Arrested for defending Second Amendment
IRS Officials to Face Grilling Over $50 MILLION Spending Spree at Employee Conferences
They Had Honesty Training! $4 Million Conference Taught IRS Employees to be 'Honest,' 'Transparent' – HOLLY NOTE: Obviously that was wasted taxpayer money!
IRS Also Lied About Costs of Conferences, Coburn Letter Indicates
Check the Swag Bags Taxpayers Gave IRS Employees

Feds Spent $800,000 of Economic Stimulus on African Genital-Washing Program
Washington Booms -- Thanks to Other People's Money
On or Off the Record, Obama Administration is in Damage Control Mode
The Stinking Badges of Our Federales
Denial and the Obama Presidency
TSA Drops Plan to Allow Small Knives on Planes
Benghazi Victim's Mother Says Susan Rice Is a 'Proven Liar'
Another Benghazi in the Making?
Stewart Rips IRS For Recent Scandals
adult humor
WH Scrubbed Audio of 1st Lady's Close Encounter with Lesbian

Y'all, You All, or You Guys? Dialect Maps Showcase America's Many Linguistic Differences
20 Completely Ridiculous College Courses Being Offered at U.S. Universities
Donilon Out, Rice (of Benghazi Scandal Fame) In as Obama’s National Security Adviser
Michelle Obama Loses Her Cool: Threatens to Leave Fundraiser After Lesbian Protester Heckles Her – WH Deletes Exchange from Official Transcript
Al Qaeda Weapons Expert: U.S. Ambassador Stevens to Libya Killed By Lethal Injection
Hurt: EPA Sets Its Sights on Eradicating Human Race
Tea Party Leader Becky Gerritson Tells IRS, Congress, Government: ‘You’ve Forgotten Your Place’
Testimony of Becky Gerritson over IRS Scrutiny Before Congressional Committee

Illinois Passes Bill to Allow Concealed Firearms; Last U.S. State to Have Such a Ban
DHS Flags Tweets About 'Militia,' But Not 'Jihad'
TSA Stops Using 'Nude Scanners'
Cavuto: We Should All Say 'Enough'

'Cutest Couple' at NY High School Is 2 Boys
An Open Letter to the Reluctant Prepper
Nuke Missile Crews Cite Morale-Sapping Pressures
IRS Victims Testify As New Agency Scandal Emerges
IRS Also Targeted Religious, Pro-Life, Pro-Marriage Groups
Judge Jeanine: Time to indict Eric Holder

Not Only Do Dead People Vote But They Also Collect Welfare
Your DNA Belongs to the State: Supreme Court Shreds the Constitution
New World Order, Police State, Collapse Documentary: Descent into Tyranny

Wake Up Call 2013: Obama DHS Prepares for Civil War

Recall Push Over Gun Vote Advances – Turns in 16K Signatures
Imagine Will Travis and Davy Crockett Surrendering Their Guns? – Tribute to Defenders of the Alamo
Erich Pratt on Lou Dobbs Tonight to Discuss Obama Gun Control Plan Pt 1, Pt 2

GOA Still Fighting Toomey-Manchin Gun Registration
Yahoo to Users: Let Us Read Your Emails or -- Goodbye!
Emails of Top Obama Appointees Remain a Mystery
Ted Cruz: Obama Administration Reminds Me of Castro’s Cuba
Obama’s EEOC Sues Trucking Company After Muslim Who Refused to Transport Alcohol Fired; Not First Time
What Happened to SEAL Team Six? The Most Serious Scandal of All
1,021 Drivers Stopped at Burbank DUI Checkpoint; 0 Were Drunk
55 Serious Reasons Why You Should Homeschool
Violent Crime Rose Last Year in US, FBI Says — Here's Why You Shouldn't Panic
IRS Controversy Turns Personal, Nasty
Cincinnati IRS Employee: Washington Was ‘Basically Throwing Us Underneath the Bus’
IRS Woes Grow With Report Of Conference Spending
Issa Says Washington Directed IRS Targeting Out of Cincinnati
Former KMOV Anchor Larry Conners on Being Fired and Targeted By the IRS + Cases of Alien Abduction 

Report: IRS Spent $50 Million On Staff Conferences
Obama May Have Used IRS to Attack Romney On Taxes
President Obama Drowning In Corruption Scandals
Canadian Relief for Moore Tornado Victims Denied at Border
Play Him Off, Barry! Even West Wing Aides Want Holder To Resign
Remove Eric Holder from Office, Prosecute for 1st Amendment Violations
Conservative Manchurian Candidate Radio Talk Show Hosts
This Woman Hits the Nail on the Head on Oathbreakers

Lawmakers Urge Obama to Nix UN Arms Control Treaty
A Shocking Wake Up Call: This Is How Far The Police State Has Come
Meet the Professor Who Says NRA Members Are Treasonous, Should Be Executed
Bradley Manning Trial Begins 3 Years After Arrest
U.S. Fails to Join Allies in Signing UN Weapons Treaty
Storied Nuke Plant Becomes Environmental Wasteland
Zimmerman and the Wheels Of Justice
Ten Really Important Problems with the Toomey-Schumer-Manchin Sell-out
Plan to Shut Military Supermarkets Shows Difficulty Of Cutting Defense Spending
MAY 31
Former IRS Head Visited White House at Least 157 Times
Fox News, NY Times, AP Other Media Refuse Holder Meeting
Eric Holder Tells Press in Off-the-Record Meeting: We Won’t Spy on You Anymore
Meet the Islamists Who’ve Infiltrated the Media
Gun Homicide Rate Down 49% Since 1993 Peak; Public Unaware
Backfire: Maryland Boy Suspended for Gun-Shaped Pastry Is Now Lifetime NRA Member
25 Signs That Military Veterans Are Being Treated Like Absolute Trash Under the Obama Administration
Drawdown Diet: Marines Steamed By Loss of Hot Meals (and Fake Food) in Afghanistan
Ann Coulter: Administration Is 'Against the American People'

Proposed Bill in Wisconsin Would Allow Lawmakers to Peek Into Accounts of the Unemployed
With Gay Boy Scouts Welcome, Some Walk Out
14-Year-Old Holding a Puppy Slammed to the Ground and Put in Chokehold for Giving Police ‘Dehumanizing Stares’
10 Reasons Why So Many People Are Moving to Texas
California Senate Bill Passes Attacking Religious Liberties
Judge Orders Psychological Exam for Man Charged With Molesting Pet Peacock
MAY 30
New Law Allows U.S. Military to Quell ‘Civil Disturbances’ Without Presidential Authorization
Pentagon Proposal to Use of Military Reservists in Natural Disasters Angers States’ Governors
Govs to DoD: Thanks, But No Thanks
Use of Military in Quelling Domestic Unrest a Scary Sign

Thousands of Troops Are Deployed on U.S. Streets Ready to Carry Out "Crowd Control"

Bush Eyes Bigger Military Role in Disasters, Posse Comitatus

Bush Moves Toward Martial Law

How About That Pentagon Plan for Martial Law?

Limit Military Role in Disaster Efforts

A Shock to the Systemv
Posse Comitatus: Remembering Why – Analysis
Tea Party Groups Sue Over Targeting
Is a Revolution in the Offing?
Civil Disobedience Rising Across America as Citizens Fed up With Criminal Government
Ladies and Gentlemen, The President of the United States
Marine Corps Commandant Warns U.S. May Be Unable to Respond to Major Threats
Obama Offers Soft Response to Chinese Cyber Theft of Military Technology
The Obama Administration Scandals Are About to Explode
Leading from Nowhere: Experts Slam Obama Syria Policy
The Real Meaning of President Obama’s National Security Speeches
Report: Hollywood Mogul Jeffrey Katzenberg Gave $30 Million to Re-Elect Obama
Letters Containing Deadly Poison Ricin Sent to NY Mayor Michael Bloomberg
Parents Erupt Over School's Cross-Dressing Day
MAY 29
IRS Scandal: Abuse Committed By Higher-Ups Outside Ohio
Obama’s “Fast and Furious” Gun-running Scandal Grows
Attorney General Signed Off on Fox Phone Records Subpoena
Krauthammer on Holder: 'I'm Not Sure How He Escapes This'
Question Over Missing Time Deepens
Obama Calls Tornado Ravaged Okla. Town By Wrong Name

State Audit: 1,164 Dead People Received Welfare Benefits
Kindergartener Gets Detention, Forced to Apologize for Lego Gun the Size of a Quarter
You’re Out of Order!
Alaska Gun Store Sells Out 3 Weeks of Ammo in Days
Colorado Gun Law Opposition Draws Standing Room Only Crowd
Chinese Hackers Access U.S. Weapon Systems And Steal Blueprints to Australia’s New Spy HQ Months Before Opening
Sexting King Weiner Trolls for (Unpaid!) Interns in New Campaign Call
Cuomo Flogs Weiner: 'Shame on Us' If We Elect Him
Mass. Gives Millions to Dead Welfare Recipients
Why the Next War with China Could Go Very Badly for the US
Urban Camouflage: Dressing For Success – The Success of Going Unnoticed
Pedophile Who 'Killed Elderly Couple and Raped Two-Year-Old' Had Been Released from Prison for Almost Identical Attack Just HOURS Earlier – HOLLY NOTE: Forget who let the dog out, who let this creep out?
Police Shoot & Kill Grandfather While Responding To Burglary Call
MAY 28
Gun Control Backers Face Recall Bids – Recall Organizer Anthony Garcia: "Legislators Need to Know When Citizens Are Outraged That They Can't Ignore the People."
Charlie Daniels Unloads on Obama's 'Cowardice' 'You're Not Leading the Country, You're Misleading the Country'
More Benghazi Whistleblowers Ready to Step Forward
Obama Should End Up on Mount Rushmore Say a Third of George Washington Profs Surveyed
Author: Soviet Agents Subverted US in 1930s

Other Than Honorable: Army Strips Benefits of Wounded Veterans by Kicking Them Out for Misconduct
Police Shoot and Kill 75 Year old President of Connecticut Military Museum
Thousands of Bridges at Risk of Freak Collapse
Feds Open Special Inspection into NC Nuke Plant
American Matrix, Memorial Day and the Planet of the Apes
Authorities: 2 Dead, 5 Injured After Texas Gunman Seemed to Randomly Shoot at Vehicles
Boy Scouts' Woes Continue with Assault by Atheists
Why Disinformation Works. In America “Truth Has No Relevance. Only Agendas are Important”
How to Freak Out Anti-Gunners: Build Your Own Untraceable AK-47
MAY 24
IRS to America: Your Emails Are Ours
IRS Abuse Scandal: Evidence Suggests White House Knew Far Earlier Than It Admits
Holder OK'd Seizure of Fox Reporter Emails
Lerner’s Plea: They Hate the First and Second Amendments, But They’ll Take the Fifth
Lerner Placed on Paid Leave
The Obama Crony in Charge of your Medical Records
Obama's Bloody Recipe for More Benghazis
What Did the President Know and When Did He Know It?
Redacted Truth, Subjunctive Outrage
Obama’s Scandals Rival His Predecessors
The Inoperative Jay Carney
Pelosi Blames Bush for IRS Scandal

Big Government
New York Sheriffs Aim to Challenge New State Law
Shocker: Mistrial Declared – Jury Deadlocks in Penalty Phase of Jodi Arias Trial
Best Summation of Barack and Michelle Ever!
Boy Scouts Approve Plan to Accept Openly Gay Members
Tancredo Announces Governor's Bid – Wants to Save Colorado from 'Nightmare' of 1-Party Rule
1 Every 18 Hours: Military Suicide Rate Still High
TSA's Small-Knife Policy Sparks Bipartisan Outrage
NBC News: “Stock Up on Canned Goods”

'Like a Hollywood Movie': Driver Tells of Plunge as Bridge Collapses into Wash. River
MAY 23
IRS Official Who Refused to Testify May Be Called Back
The Truth Comes Out: Former IRS Director Admits Taxes Are Voluntary
The Arrogance of the IRS
'Beyond Chilling': DOJ Cites 'Espionage' Law In Reporter Record Grab
Why James Rosen Matters to All of Us

Polls: Obama Approval Slides Amidst Scandals
Jon Stewart Destroys Peggy Noonan for Comparing Obama's Scandals to Watergate

Maxine Waters Exposes Obama’s National Citizen Database in TV Interview

See What Was Really Transpiring Inside Doomed Benghazi Compound
Unraveling the Scandals – Fast
Woman Is Choked and Raped By Her Ex-Lover After 911 Dispatcher Tells Her There Are No Cops to Help - and Instead Says She Should ASK Attacker to Leave
Team Obama’s Endless Syria Bungling
Impeaching Holder Is a Good First Start
U.S. Drones Have Killed 4 Americans
Boy Scouts to Vote on Lifting Its Ban on Gay Youths
Immorality Is Trending
50 Things to Disappear During an Emergency
MAY 22
Top IRS Official Pleads the Fifth, But "I've Done Nothing Wrong"
U.S. Attorney Investigating Fox News Donated to Obama
Bret Baier: Justice Department Targeted James Rosen's Parents as Well
Pick the Target, Freeze It: IRS Stalls Tax-Exempt Status for Wyoming Conservative Think Tank
Tea Party Groups Take Anger to IRS Offices Across Nation
Armed DHS Guards Protect IRS from Tea Party Protesters
Former IRS Chief: "I Can't Say" What Led to IRS Targeting
Veteran Reporter: Nobody's Data Safe from Feds – 'Telecom Routinely Supply Hundreds of Thousands of Records Annually'
Senator Creates Site for Targeted Conservative Groups
Palin: Going Rogue in the Wrong Direction
10 Quick Steps to Destroy America
Communist Rules for Revolution 1919, 84 Years Later We're There – HOLLY NOTE: Anything look familiar here?
Why Don’t Americans Get Real News?

Military Suffers Wave of 'Gay' Sex Assaults – 'We've Got a Male-on-Male Problem Here'
Disgraced ex-Congressman Anthony Weiner Announces Bid for NYC Mayor
FCC Wants to Allow More Sex and Profanity During Kids’ Television Viewing Hours
Court Strikes Down Arizona 20-Week Abortion Ban
Homeschool Twins College Co-Valedictorians
MAY 21
Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee Urged Feds to Investigate Tea Party Org in 2010
IRS Scandal: Armed Police 'Escort' Reporters Through Cincinnati Office
5 Troubling Questions About the IRS Scandal
On IRS, Ezra Klein is Still an Idiot, and So Is the White House
My 2-Word Love Note to IRS
Justice Dept. Targeted TWO Fox News Channel Reporters and a Producer for Talking With Govt Sources
‘Co-Conspirator’: Fox News Reporter James Rosen’s Private Emails Given to Justice Dept. By Google
Ex-Diplomats Report New Benghazi Whistleblowers with Info Devastating to Clinton and Obama
AP: Sources Dry Up Over Government Threat
Rice's Benghazi Cover-Up Role Back In Spotlight
America’s Cry for Help Lost in the White Noise
Wrong Color in the Wrong Place
Chinese Hackers Gained Access to Database With Massive Files on U.S. Intel Targets
Nation’s Biggest Uranium Mine Planned in New Mexico
Vermont Signs Euthanasia Bill Into Law
MAY 20
Obama Adviser Offers Defiant Defense to Trio of Scandals – HOLLY NOTE: You can almost hear Obama break into song: How Do You Like Me Now
The Next Obama Scandal: EPA
What Did Obama Know About the IRS (and When)?
Judge Jeanine Pirro RIPS Obama Admin. in Another Fantastic Monologue

Hal Lindsey: Why Benghazi Matters

Obama Aide Makes Absurd Statements in Attempted Defense of IRS, Benghazi and AP Scandals
Sheriff Joe to Congress: Investigate Obama's Eligibility
Half of America Wants Obama Impeached
Obama’s Secret to Corruption: Never Appoint a Special Counsel
Obama’s Endgame
Gene Simmons Bitch Slaps Obama

Effective Immediately: All Semi-Automatic Pistols Sold In California to Require “Micro Stamp” Ballistic Identification
Gun-rights Speaker Forcibly Ejected From Public Hearing
Congress to Consider National Anti-Infanticide Bill
Do Americans Care?
MAY 17
IRS Official in During 'Tea Party' Targeting, Now Runs IRS Obamacare Office
Rubio Blames Obama's 'Culture of Intimidation' for IRS Scandal
Obama on IRS Scandal: 'I Certainly Did Not Know Anything'
GOP Files Bills Limiting IRS Oversight of ObamaCare
Smoking Gun, Obama Behind IRS War on His Enemies: Obama Campaign Co-chair Attacked Romney with Documents Illegally Given to Him By IRS
Time to Go Says O? Obama eyes Gov. Deval Patrick to replace Eric Holder at Justice
Home Invader Shot in Gunfire With Houston Resident
54 Colorado Sheriffs Suing Over Gun Control Measures
Police Chief Asks Citizens to Provide Ammo
Conn. Gov: If We Don’t Take Guns More People Will Commit Suicide – HOLLY NOTE: Recipient of this week's bonehead award
Some of the Sheep Are No Longer Asleep
Worst Case EMP Scenario? Half in U.S. Dead
Most Americans: I'm Immune from Disaster
James Dobson Confirms Slam Campaign Against His Group
'Audit This': NFL Player Posts Picture of Himself Peeing on IRS Building – HOLLY NOTE: Like we said, America's most hated agency
Sequester Hits 350 Workers at Pueblo Chemical Depot
MAY 16
In Wake of Scandal, Obama Fires IRS Boss — Who Was Already Resigning
Number of Targeted Groups Swells to 500
IRS Official Lerner Speedily Approved Exemption for Obama Brother's 'Charity'
IRS Asked for Facebook Posts, Reading Lists, Private Thoughts
Lawmakers Demand Jail for IRS Scandal
Bomb Plot Briefing May Undercut DOJ's Case for AP Records Seizure
Holder Justice Department Also Tapped House of Representatives Cloak Room – HOLLY NOTE: They'd better sweep the bathrooms next.
Left-Leaning Jon Stewart Piles on Scandal-Plagued Obama, Recaps “Sh*tstorm That Is Rocking the Obama Admin": He’s Either Nixon or Mr. Magoo
The Daily Show with Jon Stewart on Obamagate

Obama's 4th Scandal
AG Eric Holder Used Phrase “I Don’t Know” or Some Variation, At Least 57 Times During Hearing
Military ‘Power Grab’ Goes Into Effect: Pentagon Grants Itself Authority Over Civil Disturbances
Emails Show State Dept. Had Heavy Hand in Changing Benghazi Storyline
The Dark, Arcane Side of American Politics
Is There a Morale Crisis in the US Nuclear Force?
MAY 15
Holder on Hot Seat Again – Faces 'Pointed' Questions at AP Records Hearing
O’s Scandals Take Nation By Storm
U.S. Military Faces Historic Tipping Point on Rape Epidemic
Satan Is Setting Up Shop in the Halls of Congress
Florida Quietly Shortens Yellow Lights Resulting in More Red Light Camera Tickets
MAY 14
Next Obama Scandal: Phonegate – U.S. Secretly Seized Phone Records of A.P. Journalists
Rand Paul: AP Phone Spying Proves Obama is “Drunk on Power”
DRUDGE: Assume All Communications Being Monitored – STAN NOTE: This is something warned people about for nearly 2 decades. Since at least 1992, the NSA required all new modems for internet servers to have a parallel data port so that the NSA could monitor all traffic through servers. Mainstream again plays catch up.
Lies About Libya: Obama-Team Fibs: 'As with Potato Chips, It Is Hard to Stop with Just One'
Navy SEAL Extortion 17 EXPOSED - Obama Failures – NEW
The Case for Impeachment
Russia Expels U.S. Diplomat
IRS Tells Pro-Life Ministry to Promote Abortion
MAY 13
IRS Kept Shifting Targets in Tax-Exempt Groups Scrutiny: Report
IRS Knew Tea Party Targeted in 2011 – HOLLY NOTE: Senior IRS officials originally claimed they never knew, but no paper pushing peons in this most-hated agency would take it upon themselves to do these actions without direction from their superiors.
IRS Also Targeted Jewish Groups?
Ways and Means to IRS: ‘Provide All Communications Containing Words ‘Tea Party,’ ‘Patriot,’ or ‘Conservative’ – By Wednesday
Benghazi Email ‘Coverup’ Revealed: Plan to Stay Mum on Qaeda
Families Blame WH for 2011 SEAL Team 6 Tragedy
Pat Smith Has Mother's Day Message for Hillary Clinton
Rescuing Jessica Buchanan – HOLLY NOTE: These people, these SEALS who risked all to rescue Jessica are who Obama and Hillary so willingly sacrificed. It makes one proud to be American.
FEMA to Stage Massive Drill at Pennsylvania Amusement Park Today
DHS Exercise Portrayed Homeschoolers As Terrorists
Abandoned By Obama: Frustration Turned to Anger for Hurricane Sandy Victims After Living in Limbo More Than 6 Months
SNL Cast Risk Backlash for Making Fun of Horrific Ohio Kidnappings, Jodi Arias Murder Trial and Hearings on Deadly Benghazi Attack
America Is Already an Occupied Nation
Mamas, Don't Let Your Babies Serve This President
19 Wounded at Mother's Day Parade in New Orleans
Another False Flag Attack?
Montgomery County Asks Residents to Hand Over Their Guns
Free America & Free Your Mind - Never Surrender to Group Think
Explosives-sniffing Dog Bites Woman, Unprovoked, at Airport
Brother, 12, Arrested in Fatal Stabbing of 8-year-old California Girl
MAY 11
Texas Plant Explosion a Bombing?
Firestorm Over 'Political Intimidation' by IRS: Senator: Apology 'Not Enough' for Threatening Constitutional Freedoms
Civil Disobedience or Death by Design
Rand Paul on Benghazigate – Should Stop Clinton 'from Holding Higher Office'
MAY 10
ABC Releases Big Benghazi Report: Talking Points Changed 12 Times, ‘Dramatically Edited by Administration,’ and Scrubbed of Terror References
The Benghazi Scandal Grows
Liberal Media Spin Benghazi Scandal to Protect Team Obama
Blow-by-Blow: How Obama & Hillary Left Americans to Die
Highlights from House Hearing on Benghazi
Inaction and Deception
Obama Admin. Trying to Grab Guns Through Executive Order
3D Gun Banned: “The United States Government Claims Control of the Information”
Illinois Police Swamped By Record Number of Firearm Applications
Full Documentary About 3D Printed Weapons: Click. Print. Gun.
Scorecard: How Many Rights Have Americans REALLY Lost?
Did an Imam Really Use Arabic Prayer to Covertly Damn Fallen Seal Team 6 Members to Hell During Their Funeral?
OUTRAGE! Obama Admin. Allowed Radical Cleric to Curse US Navy SEAL Heroes at Funeral Services
Castro Could Face Murder Charges for 'Terminating Pregnancies'
FBI Is Winning the Fight to Invade Your Online Privacy
Judge Napolitano: Why We Should Mistrust the Government
Something Is Wrong... Do You Feel It?
Destroying Our Country, Our Military and Our Very Existence
100 Articles of Impeachment Against Obama
Hanford Nuclear Cleanup May Be Too Dangerous, Future of Storage Plant Uncertain
Fire Burning Next to Buried Nuclear Waste Near St. Louis
Forget Gold: Only Food, Tools and Resourcefulness Will Matter in a Mad Max Scenario
One Year in Hell
There Is a Conspiracy
Roger Stone: LBJ Had Kennedy Killed
Source: ONLY the President Could Have Made 'Stand Down' Call on Benghazi
Benghazi Whistleblower: 'We Were on Our Own'
Benghazi Drone Operator to Hannity: ‘We Were Not Allowed to Be Armed, That Night’
10 Facts About Benghazi Even the Whistleblowers Did Not Reveal
They Came, They Murdered, They Covered It Up
Navy SEAL Team 6 Families to Reveal Government’s Culpability in Death of Their Sons Thursday at Nat. Press Club
Issa on Benghazi Whistle-Blowers, Witch Hunts

Krauthammer: "Where Was the Commander in Chief in All of This?"
Benghazi Buzz: Obama Predicted to Leave Office – HOLLY NOTE: Be careful what you wish for. We might end up with gaff-a-mniute Biden, whose hoof-in-mouth propensity could land us in more wars.
Christian Pastor’s Home Raided: Guns Taken
Jodi Arias Faces the Death Penalty after Stabbing Boyfriend 27 times, Slicing His Throat and Shooting Him in the Head – HOLLY NOTE: Between this, Ariel Castro, school and movie massacres, Islamic bombings, Kermit Gosnell live birth on the table abortions, know that we are in End Times as prophesied in Matthew 24:12 where it says people won't give 2 rips about anyone or anything. This prophecy coming to fruition.
'Happy Abduction Day': Cleveland Victims Reveal How Ariel Castro 'Gave Them Cakes to Celebrate Anniversaries of Being Kidnapped'. Police Report Reveals Terrifying Ordeal of Girls in House of Horrors
Ariel Castro Arraigned on Several Charges; Judge Sets Bail at $2M for Each Case
Downfall Coming Through Coalition of Islamists and Marxists?
Exposed: Human Sex Trafficking in America
We Are Up Against Powerful, Powerful Evil
Prairie Dogs Destroying Town More Important Than Residents Says Government – See HOLLY NOTE below: Ran into this exact same thing in northern Colorado 28 years ago. All along Hwy 287 that goes from Texas into Wyoming, prairie dogs ruined people's properties, destroyed vegetation, messed with electrical lines and created leg-breaking hazards for horses. Their massive numbers were a menace. Everybody who had a business along the highway and suffered from their never-ending chewing agreed the rodents had to go. At the 11th hour, greenies staged a protest and we were stuck with these bubonic plague-carrying rodents. The judge rules that they had to be relocated! Instead of giving them a ticket to rodent heaven, it was decreed hundreds and hundreds of these pests had to be moved. No love lost here for prairie dogs as they are destructive and disease-ridden. They overrun undeveloped areas here in rural Pueblo West. On roads to where a girlfriend and I hike with our dogs several times a week, prairie dogs have taken over. To and from our destination, there's a new game in play called Dodge Rodent. Unfortunately there aren't enough coyotes and snakes around to take care of the problem as they breed prolifically. So in short, sympathy for prairie dogs is not getting much joy here.
A Pox on Politicians
Ariel Castro Charged with 4 Counts Kidnapping, 3 Counts Rape in Cleveland Case; Brothers Cleared – HOLLY NOTE: Do not despair on this seemingly light finding. If nothing else, prisoners have their own code of ethics and despise pedophiles above all else. This pig will get his just desserts.
Will Testimony Expose 'Cover-Up'?
Prepared Testimony of Greg Hicks on Benghazi Attack
Navy SEAL Team 6 Families to Reveal Government’s Culpability in Death of Their Sons
Dennis Miller: Journalist That Brings Down Obama Over Benghazi 'Will Be Out of the Game'
Gun Violence in US Has Fallen Dramatically Over Past 20 Years, Justice Dept. Report Finds (Gun Control Advocates Won't Like This)
Air Force Brochure on Sexual Assault Advises Victims to Submit Rather Than Resist Attackers
The 'Evil' Castro Brother: How Eldest 'Kidnap' Sibling Went from Straight-A Student to Drunk Who Still Lived with His Mama at 54
3 Naked Women on All Fours Were Spotted Being Led Around on Leashes TWO Years Ago - But Police Didn't Take the Neighbor Who Called It In Seriously
6-Year-Old Girl Born in Ohio 'Kidnap' House Is 'Happy and Healthy': 'Smuggled' Out to Be Secretly Home-Schooled By Her 'Grandma'
Celebrity Psychic Sylvia Browne Under Fire for Wrongly Telling Amanda Berry's Mother That Missing Daughter Was Dead
Air Force Strips an Unprecedented 17 Officers of Power to Launch ICBMs
'An Evil Chuckle': Survivor Recalls Deadly Shooting Spree at US Base in Iraq
Colorado Theater Shooter to Enter Insanity Plea
House of Horrors: 3 Women Missing for Decade Found in Cleveland Home
Hero: Charles Ramsey Freed Amanda Berry When He Heard Her Screams for Help
Inhofe: Obama Admin. Trying to 'Dry Up' Ammo Supply
US Ammo Shortage Brings Waiting Lists, Long Lines
NRA Draws Line In Sand Over New Gun Laws
GOP Senators Ready to Cave?
Denver Police: Gang-Related Violence Nearly Doubles
Colorado Muslim Society Says Tsarnaev Won't Be Buried in Its Cemetery
8 Unfolding Stages of the Great American Genocide Pt 5
ALL Phone Calls Recorded By U.S. Government?
New Push to Stop Feds From Reading Your Email
Benghazi Bombshell
Obama: The Fall
Air Force's Sex-Abuse Prevention Honcho Charged With Sexual Battery
Joseph Farah: What Country Am I Living in?
Clinton Allegedly Tried to Cut Anti-Terror Unit Out of Benghazi Loop
Whistleblower: Benghazi Review Let People Off Hook
Dem Rep: Benghazi Talking Points ‘Scrubbed...It Was False Information’
Benghazi Talking Points – And How They Were Changed to Obscure the Truth
Eric Holder Threatens Kansas Over Gun Control Nullification Bill
Gun Business Exodus Begins in Colorado
Mark Levin Sounds Off at NRA Convention: 'It's Not a Bill of Needs --- It's a Bill of Rights'
NRA's LaPierre: 'We Will Never Surrender Our Guns'
NRA President: Obama ‘Motivated By Revenge’
DHS Seeks Millions More Rounds of Ammunition
If You're Looking for Ammo...
Nuclear Incident Drills to Start Monday Across Montana
Disappearing Red Lines: Obama’s Mess of a Syria Policy
8 Unfolding Stages of the Great American Genocide Pt 3, Pt 4
Losing the Game
Referee Dies After He Was Brutally Attacked at Soccer Match By 17-Year-Old Boy Over Disputed Call Revenge’
Obama's 'Red Line' Blunder
Gerald Celente on the State of America (starts 8 min. in)
Secretive Spy Court Approved Nearly 2,000 Surveillance Requests in 2012
Is Citizenship Dying in the U.S. and Canada?
Biden Has New Gun Plans
NRA Convention: 'Stand and Fight'
NRA Official: 'Culture War' More Than Gun Rights
Names of Benghazi Whistleblowers Revealed
How Bad Was Benghazi Botch?
Obama Blames Mexican Violence on U.S. Guns – HOLLY NOTE: Spare us... We may have the firearms Mexicans procured, but they've got the people who use them. That's on Mexico, no matter how Obama wants to ice this cake. Typical of Obama, blame everyone else except for where the fault lies. This is a thinly veiled sound byte to advance his anti-gun agenda – since it's flopped miserably. Now reread yesterday's OPED – Whose Side Is Obama On? Obviously not ours. He is NOT the President of ALL Americans - just those that promote his socialist, anti-Christian agenda.
Pentagon: N. Korea Closer to Nuke That Can Hit US
Ticking Time Bomb: North Korea’s Plutonium Reactor Could Be Online Next Year
Report: Chinese Hackers Access Redstone Military Defense Secrets
559 Pounds of Explosives Stolen from Montana Forest Service Bunker
Poll: 29% of Americans Believe Armed Revolt May Be Necessary
The Brave One" (for Female Victims of Horrible Crimes - This Is Real Gun Control)
Shortages: Where Do We Go from Here?
46,455 Gun Purchases a Day Under Obama
Should Christians Give Up Their Guns?
Farage Warns: “It Will Be Wholesale, Violent Revolution”
What Barack Obama Has in Common with the Gambino Crime Family
Benghazi Investigations Included CIA Activities; Personnel Had Secret Base in Libyan City
Feds Accuse 6-YEAR-OLD of Plagiarism, Strip Her of 'Duck Stamp' Crown
What is the Pebble Mine?
The Mines That Fracking Built
8 Unfolding Stages of the Great American Genocide Pt 2
White House's Defense: 'Benghazi Happened a Long Time Ago'
GOP Senator Mark Kirk Says Booze and Parties on Dem-Owned Yacht Led to Bipartisan Gun Deal 
Navy Readies Its First Drone Squadron
Floridians Offered $1 Million to Snitch on Citizens Who 'Hate Government'
17 Arrested as Seattle May Day Rally Turns Violent
Seattle Police Use 'Blast Balls' to Disperse Crowd

Sturm, Ruger Firearms Backlog Hits Record 2 Million: Industry-wide We Can't Keep Up
Assault Weapons Ban Déjà Vu
Why We Need High Capacity Magazines

Russia Builds Up Nuclear Forces, US Down
Whose Side Is Obama On?
8 Unfolding Stages of the Great American Genocide
How N.Y. Times Buried Ayers–Obama Link
16-Year-Old Girl Arrested and Charged with a Felony for Science Project Mistake
10 Civilization-Shaping Trends for 2013 That Are Driving Us into Social and Spiritual Crisis
Wisconsin Family Discovers Fully-Stocked Cold War Fallout Shelter in Their Back Yard After 50 Years
Power of the People
Starving Jamestown Settlers Resorted to Cannibalism
Stan Found a Great Source for New NATO Jerry and Ammo Cans
Were Benghazi Survivors Silenced? Obama Vows Inquiry into Claims
Obama Denies in Rare Public Q-and-A...
Charles Krauthammer Sounds Off on Obama’s Press Conference on Benghazi Libya and Boston Terrorist Attacks

Gowdy: ‘Understatement’ to Say We Have No Confidence in ARB’s Benghazi Investigation
Did You Know Ariz. Gov. Jan Brewer Signed a Gun Law on Monday?
The Pro-Gun Billboard in Colo. That Has Some Residents Upset
Obama Blames Everybody: President Finds Fault in Senate, Budget Cuts, Dastardly Republicans
The Cyber-Dam Breaks: Sensitive Army Database of U.S. Dams Compromised; Officials Warn China Could Be Preparing a Cyber Attack Against the National Power Grid
U.S. Defenseless to 'Back Door' EMP Attack
America Stands Upon the Precipice of Brutal Martial Law
Has Our Nation Reached the Trigger Point?
Barack Hussein Obama Will Be the Last United States President
Elderly Man Sobs as Jury Hears How He Was Almost Carved in Half By a Man Wielding 2 Power Saws While Workers Stood and Watched
Building Your Bugout Bag: The Complete Infographic Checklist
Oddball Hoarder Stores 300 Gallons of His Own Urine at His Home
APR 29
In a First, Black Voter Turnout Rate Passes Whites; They Stayed at Home – HOLLY NOTE: So if you didn't vote for someone other than O, don't complain about the tough times the Obama hands out with relish. It is said that a country gets what it deserves.
Obama IS a False Flag Event
Obama Hates Internet News Media
'I'm Not the Young Muslim Socialist I Used to Be!' Obama Blasts His Critics
Biden: Gun Control 'Will Pass Before the Year is Out'
Marijuana Laws New Tool to Ban Gun Ownership
California Weighs Ban on Lead Bullets for Hunting
Americans Under Siege – Has Tomorrow Become Reality?
Am I Free to Go?
Not a Shock Poll: Americans Fear Government More Than Terror
Obama as Messiah—Anointing Oil Included!
500 Locks Malfunction at Montgomery County Jail – HOLLY NOTE: Not a happy preview. Just 25 miles west of us are 17 state and federal prisons, including Supermax, which houses panty bomber, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab; shoe bomber, Richard Reid, and John Walker Lindh American-turned-al-Qaeda; senior al-Qaeda member Zacarias Moussaoui, Al-Qaeda operatives: Ramzi Yousef, Mahmud Abouhalima, Mohammed Salameh, Eyad Ismoil – all conspirators in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing; Mohamed Al-Owhali, Wadih el-Hage, Khalfan Mohamed, Mohammed Odeh, Ahmed Ghailan – all conspirators in the 1998 US embassy bombings; Ahmed Ressam – Al-Qaeda operative arrested while transporting explosives into the U.S. from Canada; plus now-dead Timothy McVeigh and a remarkable number of drug cartel-Mafia and domestic terrorists. What a lovely bunch of people.

One area prison-employed bounty hunter told us it is well known among their ranks that should there be a prison escape, convicts will scamper eastward on Hwy 50, which bisects our rural area of Pueblo West. Due to the high level, dangerous prison types housed in Canyon City and Florence facilities, employees leave their cars unlocked with keys in the ignition in hopes that escapees will take the easy road elsewhere and leave them alone. As an aside, it always amazed Stan and me that such staggeringly beautiful country of rust red cliffs, plastered against cobalt blue skies and vivid green pines is wasted on prisons for soulless blood and bone.
Is It Possible to Predict the Next False Flag?
The Great Surveillance Boom
10 Signs That You Are One of the ‘Sheeple’
Drones Will One Day Come Back to Slap U.S.
Feds Charge Mississippi Man in Case of Ricin Letters
U.S. Troops Blocked from Baptist Website
America Has Devolved into a Nation of Welfare Zombies Living on Little More Than Brain Stem Function
APR 27
Urgent Updates on Rogue Nukes Threat USA
Perry Blasts California Newspaper for Cartoon Depicting Texas Plant Explosion
Obama to Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz: “God Bless You”
How Abortion Has Changed America
APR 26
GOP: Obama Officials Lied on Talking Points – WH statements Scrubbed Terrorism, al-Qaida from Benghazi Attack
Obama & Clinton’s Benghazi Lies Exposed
Reps Challenge DHS Ammo Buys, Say Agency Using 1,000 More Rounds Per Person Than Army
After the Obama Surge: A New Rush on Gun Stores
Navy SEAL Sniper Reveals NWO Nuke Plan for Martial Law
UNPRECEDENTED Shortages of Ammo, Physical Gold and Physical Silver
They Come for the Ammo: New Bill Would Require Background Checks for “Explosive Materials”
'Dead for Now:' CISPA Halted in Senate
Man Dies in Police Raid on Wrong House
The Good Guys Are Not Coming to Save Us
Colorado Marijuana-Legalization Backers Say Repeal Effort Is Afoot
APR 25
'Sky Just Lit Up': 3 Injured After Fuel Barges Explode, Catch Fire in Ala.
Massive Fireball Lights Up Sky Over Mobile, Alabama

Executive Action: Obama to Ban Importation of Ammo, Magazines and Gun Accessories Without Congressional Approval
Is THIS Missing Piece to Benghazi Puzzle?
Islamic Flag to Fly Over White House
The Biden Chronicles
Girls Forced to Lesbian Kiss in NY Middle School
1,000 Japanese Officers to Participate in "Island Recapture" Drill in California
'This Is My Jail': Gang Leader Impregnated 4 Prison Guards, Officials Say
‘Government Inherently Good,’ Says St. Reid
The Surveillance State Is Not Just a Violation; It Is Unsafe
When the Time Comes, You Will Have a Defining Moment
APR 24
‘Growing Hatred of US’: Yemeni Testifies to Senate on Drone Program Fallout
Colorado to Pay Piper After Dems' War on Guns – Industry Players Promise They Won't Be Returning to Hostile State
Boston: An Armed Terrorist in a Gun Free Neighborhood
What is CISPA, and Why Should You Care?
CISPA in Limbo
The Motive Behind the Boston False Flag Operation
The New 'Normal' in Police State America: SWAT Teams Order Innocent Americans Out of Their Homes at Gunpoint
Boat Owner Describes Moment He Discovered 'Bomber' and Insists He's an 'Incidental Hero' and Would Rather People Donate to Limbless Victims Than Buy Him a New Boat 
USA: The World's Best Friend
Rand Paul Faces Blowback After New Drone Comments
Report Blasts State Department for Benghazi Security

Blood on the White House

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Not Most Dangerous Criminal in US – Obama Is
APR 23
Rand Paul: Hillary's Benghazi Story Unraveling: 'Surprised' By Claim She Had No Knowledge of Arms Deals
Feds Sued for Snatching Veterans' Gun Rights
Cops, Gun Owners
Gun Laws Didn’t Stop the Tsarnaev Brothers
The Boston Bombings and the 2nd Amendment
When America Is Weak, Its Enemies Attack
Terror as Elementary School Is Evacuated After Pipe Bomb Is Found on Roof
TSA to Delay Lifting Ban on Small Knives
Saudi Connection to Boston Bombing?
Saudi Students in US Increased 500% Since September 11
Earth Day Co-Founder Killed, ‘Composted’ His Ex-girlfriend
Mourn for America: Whenever a Tragedy Happens They Take Even More Freedom from Us
At Every Turn, Things Were Spinning Out of Control
APR 22
Beck to Obama: Come Clean on Bombing, or Else: Threatens to 'Expose' Secret of Marathon Attack If Administration Doesn't Confess
The Coming Chaos from the Obama-Soertoro Playbook
Attack at U.S. Nuclear Plant? Multiple Shots Fired at Security Officer
Ghoulish Discovery: FEMA Prison Found?

Goldberg: Obama’s Most Fervent Follower Is Himself
W.Va. Student Arrested, Charged for Wearing NRA Shirt
3 Alabama Hospitals Evacuated, Searched After Bomb Threat
Cops Searching for 2 Suspects in Colorado Marijuana Celebration Shooting
Return of Nimrod, American Matrix and the Babylonian Stargate
Will Your Family Survive the Unfolding Tyranny?
Acceptance in Walla Walla
If You Don’t Stand for Something, You’ll Fall for Anything
9 Tips for Water Storage in Case of Disaster
APR 20
Got Him! Boston Bomber Suspect Captured Alive
In Denial: 'This Is Nonsense': Suspects' Parents Say Sons Were Framed
'Our Hearts Are Sickened By the Horror He Inflicted': Shocked Family of All-American Girl Who Converted to Islam to Marry 'Bomber' Say Tragedy Proves 'we Never Really Knew Him'
APR 19
Boston, Entire Neighborhoods on Lockdown as Authorities Hunt Remaining Bomber
Resident Urged to 'Shelter in Place'
Terrorists from Region Near Chechnya; Brothers Tamerlan Tsarnaev, 26, Dead; Dzhokhar A. Tsarnaev, 19, Sought
Remaining Terrorist Thought to Have Bomb Strapped to His Chest
Tamerlan Tsarnaev's YouTube Page Focused on Islam
Terrorist' from Overseas Came 'Here to Kill People', Given $2500 Scholarship
Victim Who Looked In The Bomber's Eyes Seconds Before He Lost His Legs in Blast
A Growing Sense That We're Not Getting the Truth about Boston Bombing
FBI, Police Squabble Over Information, Leaks in Bombing Probe
Calling a Spade a Spade in Boston
Obama Taking Executive Action on Guns After Vote
Death Toll Unclear: Crews Search for Victims in Texas Plant Explosion
Three Parallels: Allen West on the Boston Marathon Bombing: Next Generation

Smackdown on the Energy and Natural Resources Committee

Military Internment Camps in U.S For Political Dissidents FM 3-39.40 

End the Disgrace of Unprocessed Disability Claims of Veterans
John Kerry on Benghazi: "We Got a Lot More Important Things to Move on to" – HOLLY NOTE: Of course there is when the Obama Admin. doesn't the spotlight on them hanging out our diplomats and SEALs to die.
New Benghazi Whistleblowers Come Forward
The Goal Is to Destroy All Constitutional Culture
Sacrificing Freedoms

Real Life Perspective: How to Survive When Danger Is Right Outside of Your Front Door
How Bad Is Obama's Gun Control Debacle?
APR 18
Bombers Dressed Like Runners? Hunt for Men Seen Wearing Back-Packs Near the Marathon Finish Line
Authorities Circulate Photos of Two Men Spotted Carrying Bags Near Site of Bombings
Chaos Engulfs Boston as Mainstream Media Can't Get Its Cover Story Straight
Dr. Steve Pieczenik: Boston Bombing, Fog of War on Steroids

Bruins Fans Sing National Anthem at First Game After Marathon Bombings

Radical Egyptian Cleric: Boston Bombing Meant to Send a Message
Massive Blast Reduces Texas Town to 'War Zone': Up to 15 Dead and Hundreds More Injured as Explosion Rips Through Fertilizer Plant
...Registered as 2.1 Earthquake
Fertilizer Plant Explosion Felt, Heard 30 Miles Away

Shocking Footage: Cell Phone Captures Plant Explosion

Reid and Obama Issue New Threat
We Won a Stunning Victory Today!
Seattle Has Been Taken Over By the DHS
Jealous Woman Pulls a 'Lorena Bobbitt'
APR 17
Letter Sent to Obama, Tests Positive for Ricin, FBI Says
First Pictures of the Boston bomb: Chilling Images of Military-Style 'anti-Personnel' Device That Brought Carnage to the Marathon
Boston Bombing Attack Underscores Growing Threat of IEDs in America
Boston Marathon Bombing: Who Do They Plan to Blame?
Al Qaeda Investigated in Boston Blasts
Obama Administration SLASHED Budget for Domestic Bombing Prevention
House Minority Whip Blames Boston Marathon Bombings on Sequester – HOLLY NOTE: This would rate the rare rolling bear of laughter if it weren't so pathetic. Instead, let's go with the bonehead award.
How the World Saw the Boston Terror: Front Pages of Newspapers Across the Globe

The Epic Failure of the Intel Agencies on the Boston Bombing
YouTube Censors Family Guy Clip Which Predicted Boston Marathon Attack
Letter Sent to Sen. Roger Wicker Tests Positive for Ricin
Obama Advisers Say They Will Urge President to Veto CISPA
China to Take Over U.S. Infrastructure
APR 16
Boy, 8, Murdered Waiting for Father at Boston Finish Line, 1 of 3 Dead in Marathon blast; 144 176 Injured - Including 8 Children, 17 Fighting for Life
'These Runners Just Finished and They Don't Have Legs Now': Witnesses Recount War Zone at End of Boston Marathon as Bombs Left Race Course Littered with Limbs and 'Shoes with Flesh Still in Them' – WARNING: graphic images
Hero of the Boston Bombings: War Protester Who Lost His Soldier Son in Iraq Pictured Running to Save Lives as Blasts Rocked City
Boston Changed Forever: First-person Account of Bombing Mayhem
Major US Cities on High Alert in Wake of Bombings
Captures Explosions Near Boston Marathon Finish Line

Official Story Unraveling for Boston Marathon Bombing; Clear Evidence Points to Bomb Squad's Prior Knowledge
Family Guy Episode on Boston Bombing Aired March 17, 2013

Good Samaritans Take in Boston Marathoners: 'You're Not in It Alone'
The New World Order Formula for False Flag Attacks
Boston Bombing, False Flag or Terrorists?
Boston to Deploy Mass-Casualty Tablet Device During Marathon
What Obama's Learned About Talking About Terror
Boston Bombing Special (starts 9:25 min. in)

PJTV: Reflections of Disaster

United States of Consciousness, American Matrix, and the Scientific-Occult Dictatorship
US Military Helicopter Crashes Near North Korea's Border During Joint Exercise with South – 21 on Board
Obama Predicts Senate Will Pass Gun Measure
Gun Control Bill in Peril
Reid Short of Votes on Gun Control
Man DIES After Being Set on Fire Inside His SUV By Homeless Man Who Doused Him in Lighter Fluid After He Refused to Give Him Cash
Man Attacks Uniformed U.S. Army Captain at Wal-Mart Because of His Military Service
APR 15
3rd Bomb Blast in Boston After 2 Others Kill 2, Injure 23
DoD Issues Instructions on Military Support of Civilian Law Enforcement
Californians Sign Petition to Ban, Seize Guns
A Colorado Sheriff Responds to President Obama

Home Invasion Suspects Killed in Gunfight with NC Homeowner
Melissa Harris-Perry Doubles Down: 'We Need to Impinge on Individual Freedoms' for 'Common Good'
Senator Vows to Kill U.N. Arms Treaty
Gun-rights Leader: ‘We Snookered the Other Side’ on Toomey-Manchin
Manchin: Gun Control Bill Wouldn't Have Stopped Newtown
War Veteran Arrested for “Rudely Displaying” Rifle
Nevada Buses Hundreds of Mentally Ill Patients to Cities Around Country
Where They Were Sent
The Predictable Liberal Assault on Ben Carson
New York Town Removes Flag as 'Offensive' Tea Party Symbol
Air Force Begins Grounding Combat Aircraft
Mom Chucks Baby on Bus to Fight Woman for 'Disrespecting' Her Baby (language warning)

APR 12
Defying Congress, Obama Sends U.S. Taxes to Russian State Arms Firm
'Evangelicals Could Be Put on Watch List, Denied Guns'
White House Website Employs Gun Control Pop-Up Ad
CNN, MSNBC Hype False Al-Qaida Claims on 'Assault Rifles'
House to Vote on CISPA Next Week Despite Being Horribly Flawed After Secret Committee Markup
It’s Time to Push for Impeachment Proceedings Against Eric Holder
Montana's Final Vote to Pass Anti-NDAA Bill Might Override Governor Veto
Amish Prosecuted Because Scissors 'Crossed State Lines'
7 Very Real Reasons to Start Prepping
APR 11
Senate Set for Showdown on Guns
Highway Patrol Gave Feds 'Entire List of Missouri Concealed Weapon Permit Holders'
Senator Lee: Background Checks Could Allow Holder to Create Gun Registry
Sheriffs Suing Own State Over Guns
Gun Maker to Leave Conn. Over Gun Laws
Push to Crack Down on Guns Has Opposite Effect, Sales Skyrocket
Larry Pratt Wants Sen. Toomey Ousted for Gun Legislation

Black Conservative Leaders Discuss How the NRA Was Created to Protect Freed Slaves (short version) (long version)

Irving Bus Crash Leaves 2 Dead & Dozens Critical
IRS Claims They Can Read Your E-mail and Other Electronic Communications Without a Warrant
Maryland Governor Taxes Rain
APR 10
Selective Sequester: Obama Enjoys 'Soul Concert' at White House Amid Massive Budget Cuts and Govt. Worker Furloughs
Student Charged in Lone Star Campus Stabbings Revealed as Deaf Loner Who 'Planned to Kill His Victims But Was Thwarted Because His Knife Broke'
Heroic Students Took Him Down
Colorado Sheriffs Plan Lawsuit Challenging State Gun Control Laws
Survey: Majority of Law Officers Don't Agree With Obama's Gun Control Plan
New York Police Confiscating Firearms from People Taking Anti-anxiety Medication
Democrat Admits Obama Agenda Is Total Gun Ban

All US Nuclear Reactors Should Be Replaced, ‘Band-Aids’ Won’t Help
Nuclear Safety Concerns Due to ‘Irreparable’ Safety Issues

EPIC Files Lawsuit Against FBI to Obtain Documents About Massive Biometric Identification Database
Obama’s Soldiers for Secularism
EPA Acknowledges Releasing Personal Details on Farmers, Senator Slams Agency
Attorney General Sues Arlene's Flowers for Discrimination
US to Upgrade Nuke Arsenal While Cutting Nonproliferation Efforts – Report
Fisher: American Weakness and Korean Consequences
Report: “Intelligence Says There Will Be an Attack on American Soil”
The "It Can't Happen Here" Syndrome
Obama Fundraises and Schmoozes as North Korea Threatens Nuclear War
DHS vs. Christians
Navy SEAL: 'There's Guilt in This Administration'
Gun Control Is DOA in Congress
Communism Survivor Blasts Salem Gun Grabbers: "You Don't Know What Freedom Is!"

Black Mob Attack on Elderly White Halted
License Plate-Reading Devices Fuel Privacy Debate
IRS Collecting Tax Payer Information from Facebook and Twitter
People Petition to Confiscate Guns from Tea Party Supporters and Repeal the 2nd Amendment

President Obama Denounces Political Stunts During Political Stunt
Political Correctness Is Destroying Public Debate in America
Your Children Belong to Us
Police Find 'City' Where Homeless - Including Kids - Live in Labyrinth of Tunnels 25Ft Below Kansas City
Man Given Ticket for Looking at a MAP on His Phone While Driving
Why Does Obama Want to Deport This Family?
Colo. Undersheriff Warns: State Police, Homeland Security to Target Christians
Army Reserve Warns Evangelical Christians at Top of ‘Extremist’ List? 
Feds Identify 300,000 Americans as Terrorists
The Growing Militarization of U.S. Police
Biden Calls for 'New World Order'
President Obama Plays Golf for Second Weekend in a Row
Feel-Good Bills That Turn into Do-Nothing Laws
No King But Caesar: Is Christ King, or Is Caesar King? Christian, Make Up Your Mind
Evil Is Almost at Your Doorstep
America Has Become a Third World Nation
The Growing Campaign to Revoke Obama’s Peace Prize
Explosion Possible at the Most Contaminated Nuclear Site in the US
50 Ways to Starve the Beast
5-year-old Boy Banned from School for Mohawk Haircut Because It Was Too 'Distracting'
APR 5-6
Uh-oh! Is Gold, Silver Confiscation Next? New Bill Requires Registration of Precious Metals
Colorado Gov. to Give Secret Service Power to Arrest Pro-2nd Amendment Sheriffs
NSA to Close Yakima Training Center Facility
Inhofe: U.N. Gun-Grabbers Won't Win: Says Newly Adopted Arms Treaty Will NOT Be Ratified
The Genocidal Intentions Behind the UN Small Arms Treaty
Maryland Lawmakers Pass Gun Control Bill Among Toughest in US
Why Nearly All State Gun Control Laws Being Passed Today Will Soon Be Null and Void
Laws Send Ammo Flying Off Shelves
The Only Gun Infographic You’ll Ever Need
Protesters Greet President in San Francisco
Connecticut Gun Ban Signifies ‘New Phase in History’
Designer Purses for Concealed Guns

Mark Levin: I Have Never Seen Such an Irresponsible Man in the Oval Office. NEVER!

Miami to Nuns: Stop Feeding the Poor
New Mexico Man Officials Say Caught Digging for Buried Treasure Will Face Charges
Georgia Power Plant Explosion 'Sounded Like a Sonic Boom, Earthquake'
Homes Evacuated After Gas Explosion in Okla. County
U.S. General in Charge of Horn of Africa Fired
'Mass Casualties or Death': Bulletin Warned of Texas White Supremacist Gang Retaliation
FBI Documents Connect Aryan Brotherhood with Mexican Cartels
Colorado Sheriffs Push Back Against Calls for National Gun Restrictions
Colo. Police Refuse to be Obama's Political 'Sheep'

CT Gun Owners Swarm Stores to Stock Up in Advance of Tighter Gun Laws
“I Need a Gun to Protect Myself from the Govt” – Obama Mocks Gun Owner Concerns as ‘Ginned-Up Fears’
15-Year Old Girl Leaves Anti-Gun Politicians Speechless in Maryland

Leading Proponent of Magazine Ban Doesn't Understand What Magazines Are

Diana DeGette Draws Ire of Gun Advocates Who Call Gun Magazine Remarks 'Stupid'
Rep. DeGette’s Office ‘Corrects’ Gun Gaffe with … Another Gun Gaffe
Another Wake-Up Call from North Korea
FAA Puts No-Fly Zone Over Arkansas Oil Spill with Exxon Employee in Charge
Officials 'Can't Account for' $700 Million in Katrina Aid
Nearly 50 Million Americans in Poverty, Worst Since LBJ
Ban Would Prohibit Welfare Card Use at Strip Clubs, Casinos, Liquor, Tobacco Stores
Cost of Food Stamp Fraud More Than Doubled in Obama's First Term
Michelle Malkin Wonders When People Will Reach Their Upper Limit of Hypocrisy and Sanctimony from POTUS and FLOTUS

Road Signs: Caution, This Area Is Under Marshall Law
Police Militarization, Abuses of Power, and the Road to Impeachment
Cohabitation First Is New Norm for Unmarrieds with Kids
Carnival Triumph Secured After Breaking Loose from Dock; Man Reported Missing
Arizona "Pregnant Man" to Appeal Ruling Rejecting Divorce
Kerry Hails UN Arms Trade Deal, Which Senate May Not Ratify
Civil War in America Within 90 Days – Get Ready!
60 Inmates in Racially Charged Brawl at LA Jail
Big Sis: Ammo Bought in Bulk to 'Lower Costs': DHS Explains Plans to Purchase 1.6 Billion Rounds
Gun Control on Steroids! Insurance, Registry and Taxes: U.N. Arms Treaty Shunned as Violation of 2nd Amendment
Here's Some Good News for 2nd Amendment Fans
Gun Owners: Fighting with an Unloaded Gun
Ohio Man Who Raped 6-Month-Old Baby to Death Wants Mercy – HOLLY NOTE: Have you noticed the huge increase in rape worldwide? It is not about sex and desire. It is power and control. As life becomes more stressful and people see less hope and events are more out of their personal control, expect these crimes to rise dramatically.
Queens Man Charged with Attempted Rape in Park
Israel Won’t Sit Back As Palestinian Militants Attack from Gaza – Defense Minister
College Professor Gives Credence to Rapist Rationalizations – HOLLY NOTE This is garbage. There is no excuse for this crime against women.
Disabled Israeli Rape Victim Still Living in Resident Care With Alleged Attacker
Islamic Cleric Decrees It OK for Syrian Rebels to Rape Women
Priest's Rape Appeal Denied
Boy Arrested Over Rape of 13-year-old Girl
Transient Sought for Rape of 6-year-old Girl
Rape Is Rape
American Student Was Gang-Raped for 6 HOURS in Rio as Her Helpless Handcuffed Boyfriend Was Forced to Watch
American Student Gang-Raped for 6 HOURS in Rio – Helpless Handcuffed Boyfriend Forced to Watch
Ben Carson: White Liberals "Are the Most Racist People There Are"
'Mountain Man' Arrested After Years on the Run
Michelle Obama: President Obama Is a "Sex Symbol"
Thieves Take Record Amount of Copper in Utah Heist
U.S. on Alert for Nuclear Blast Overhead
Conn. Agrees on 'Strong' Gun Laws
CAIR - We Are Above the Law of the Land
Is DHS Setting Up Local Law Enforcement for Failure?
2 Fifth Graders, Age 10 and 11, 'Planned to RAPE Classmate Before Stabbing Her to Death'... and Laid Out Gruesome Plot in Detailed 7-Point List
Kansas Governor Signs Bill Eliminating Statute of Limitations on Rape Cases
Obama's Newest Partner in Crime

Sheriff Joe: Obama’s Documents Are Fraudulent
The Claim that Awarding Purple Hearts to Hasan’s Victims Would Prejudice His Murder Trial Is Ridiculous
Iran Gives Award to Michelle Obama
Rivers of Oil in Arkansas Town: Many 'Didn't Even Know' Exxon Pipeline Ran Under Their Homes
Media Label Black-Mob Violence 'Mischievous Teens'
Murder By Any Name
US Sends F-22 Jets to South Korea
Driver Crashes into Calif. Walmart Store, Assaults Shoppers
Lawmakers Clash Over Background Check System
Will You Turn Over Your Guns?
Bold Killing of Kaufman County DA, Wife Shock Texas
1 Killed, 3 Hurt Accident at Ark. Nuclear Plant
Ancient History and Modern Constitutional Powers of American Sheriffs (Part 2/2)
A Nation of Sheep Being Led to the Slaughter?
Why Obama Will Probably Kill the Keystone Pipeline
MAR 29
Robertson: Government Is Preparing for Battle 'Against Us'
Utah Sheriffs Association to Obama: From Our Cold Dead Hands
Gun Store Owners Say Ammo Shipments Are Not Even Making It to Shelves
Top Down, Bottom Up–Guns

Wrong Again (or Just Plain Lying): Obama Claims 40% f Gun Sales Done Without Background Check
Stewart Rips Obama for VA Backlog: ‘When Unobstructed from Doing What You Want, You Better F**king Bring It’

The Progressive End Game

Could You Pass a US Citizenship Test?
MAR 28
Civil War and the Litmus Test - "Will You Shoot Americans?"
Nations Optimistic About UN Global Arms Trade Treaty Deal
Hunters Threaten to Boycott Colorado After Passage of Recent Gun Laws
Biden Says Gun Control Votes 'Only the Beginning'
Gun Control Efforts Persist But Public Support Dims
AZ Program to Provide Residents with Free Shotguns to Defend Against Criminals
Justices Flirt With Throwing Out Prop 8 Gay Marriage Case
The State of Gay Marriage
If the Supreme Court Legalizes Same-Sex Marriage, What Next?
In Federal Gay-Marriage Case, More Than 1,100 Benefits at Stake
The Art of Obama's Propaganda
Americans Are Migrating to More Free Republican States
Military Meddling

Comcast Tells New Jersey Gun Shop Owner That His Ads Cannot Show Guns – or Even Archery Gear!
Stewart Rips Obama for VA Backlog: ‘When Unobstructed from Doing What You Want, You Better F**king Bring It’
Little-known Surveillance Tool Raises Concerns By Judges, Privacy Activists
Study: School Administrative Bloat Increased 700% Since 1950
Feds Fund $880,000 to Study Benefits of Snail Sex
Pipelines Can't Handle North American Oil Boom
US Training Rebels in Jordan: Get the Story Straight
The Reality of Combat: “Everything That You Have Prepared and Stored for SHTF Will Be Pushed to the Limit”
MAR 27
WH to Sheriffs: Follow Law in Enforcing Gun Control Measures
'Obey or No Pay': Colo. Sheriff Says Raises Held Up Over Gun Stance
Report: DHS Attempting to “Control How Much Ammo is Available on the Commercial Market”
Stubborn Facts: Gun Industry Employs Twice as Many Americans as GM (and That’s Just the Beginning)
Poll: 80% of Americans Unhappy with Washington
Supremes Limit Drug-Sniffing Dog Use
WH Defends Voter Registration Through ObamaCare
'Queen' Defends Gay Marriage from the Bible - While Wearing Devil Horns

Judge Napolitano: ‘Michael Bloomberg Is a Dictator Who Calls Himself the Mayor’
Obama’s Religious Freedom Appointee Involved in Muslim Event Calling for Limiting Freedom of Speech
Disability Insurance: America's $124 Billion Secret Welfare Program
Benghazi's Silenced Witnesses Hidden in Plain Sight?
Irish Town Passes Motion to Allow Drinking and Driving
Keys to Defeating the NWO
MAR 26
Special Forces Commander: 'Constabulary Force' Coming – Says Obamacare Leading U.S. Down Pathway to Socialism
Obama’s Insatiable Appetite for More Government
Your Tax Dollars at Work: More Than a Vacation a Month for Obamas in 2013
Army Captain Demands DHS Give Up Their Weapons of War
High Court Wades into Race Debate
The Red and the Black
CO Senator Wants Major Legislation at the Flip of a Coin

Civil War II: The Patriots vs. the Globalists
Massive Movement of Military Armored Vehicles on AZ Train

N.C. Police Lieutenant Warns of Martial Law He Sees Coming

Defense Industry Pushes for 'Drone Zone' over Southern California
Marriage and the Supreme Court: 5 Things to Watch
Obama to Bring Gun Confiscation Dictates to the Streets
UN Arms Gun (Grab, Ban, Confiscation, Control) Trade Treaty, Exploded
See If Yours Senators Voted to Yield Your Constitutional Rights to the UN
MAR 25
Retired Army Officer Warns: DHS Preparing for War Against American Citizens
Prerequisite Conditions Needed for Civil War II
Bloomberg, NRA Steel for Gun-Control Battle
NRA's LaPierre: Bloomberg 'Can't Buy America'
Grassroots Effort Begins to Initiate Recall Vote of Colorado (D) Gov. John Hickenlooper for Signing NY Style Gun Control Laws
The Drones Are Coming ... But Our Laws Aren't Ready
Senate Votes 53-46 to Stop US from Joining UN Arms Trade Treaty – HOLLY NOTE: This is not a done deal as this issue keeps resurfacing. Consider there were only 7 votes preventing us from coming under the control of the UN.
Murph: The Protector: Hollywood Gets One Right
DHS Denies Purchasing Massive Rounds of Ammunition
Blurred Image: How Even Free Speech's Defenders Must Defer to Islam
Time to Plan for the Worst Rather Than Hope for the Best
Ready for the Apocalypse! One American Family Shows What It Takes to Prepare for the End of Civilization as We Know It
Concrete Bomb Shelter Fixer-Upper Featuring Air-Intake Tunnels and Decontamination Showers Goes on Sale for $500K
MAR 23
Senate Approves First Budget in 4 Years, $1T Tax Hike in Marathon Vote
WHERE'S THE AMMO? Bullet Shortage Hits Local Law Enforcement Agencies as Gun Owners, DHS Stock Up
Farmer Under Attack for Signs on Semi Trailers Criticizing Obama
MAR 22
3 Marines Dead in Quantico Shooting
How Ripe Are the Seeds of Revolution?
Obama Admin Stonewalling on Big Ammo Buildup
Restoring Principles: How 9th Amendment Rights Are Key
White Supremacist Who 'Gunned Down Colorado Prison Chief on His Doorstep' Is Brain Dead After Being Shot By Police in 100mph Chase
Poll: Obama Approval Shows Post-Election Decline
Calls for Use of Drones for News-Gathering Gain Strength Despite Big Brother Concerns
Obama’s Nuclear Weapons Drawdown May Be Illegal
12,000 North Western Energy Customers Affected by Widespread Power Outage
Top 8 Excuses for Not Prepping
MAR 21
3 New Gun Bills on Colorado Books Despite Its Wild West Image
NY State Sets Up Gun Snitch Line With $500 Award
Big Sis Refuses to Answer Congress on Bullet Purchases
20-foot Orange Military Drone Found Floating in Florida Keys
No Charges in Case of New Jersey Boy Pictured with Gun
Obama: 'It's Good to Get Away from Congress'
Mark Levin TORCHES Harry Reid for Exploiting Marine Tragedy for Sequester Politics

Really Gonna Miss This Guy: 'Tonight Show' Host Calls NBC Execs 'Snakes' Prompting More Retirement Rumors

Could 'Olympus Has Fallen' Scenario Really Happen?

Billboard Turns Heads: Is It a ‘Wife’s Revenge’?
Top 10 Reasons Why Obama is Not Satan
MAR 20
Assault Weapons Ban Dropped from Senate Gun Control Bill in Set Back for Feinstein
Holy Cow: Not Even 40 Votes in the Senate for the Assault-Weapons Ban, Says Reid
Mark Levin Scorches Harry Reid: 'Vicious Stupid Man'
Sheriff Debunks AR-15 Fallacies in New ‘Weapons of War’ Video Fact-Check
Obama Turning to Executive Power to Get What He Wants
Connecticut to Hold Hearing on Bill Legalizing Assisted Suicide
Gay Rights Activist Buys House Across from Westboro Baptist Church, Paints It to Look Like a Giant Rainbow
Should You Fear the Police? Exclusive: David Kupelian on 'Fundamental Transformation' of U.S. Law Enforcement
The Real Reasons Why the Liberty Movement Is Preparing to Fight
Oklahoma House Passes Bill to Ban UN Agenda 21
MAR 19
6 Marines Killed, 8 Wounded During Live-Fire Exercise at Army Depot in Nevada
Why Does the Devil in 'The Bible' Look Exactly Like President Obama?
Now Obama Targets Your FedEx, UPS Packages
Congress Moves to Do What the President Won’t
Growing: 355 County Sheriffs Will Defend the Constitution
Colo's Loopy Hickenlooper Signs Gun Control Law
Thousands Line Up Outside Cal Expo Gun Show to Buy Ammo
What Would Happen If Government Demands Weapons?
Hacker Begins Distributing Confidential Memos Sent to Hillary Clinton on Libya, Benghazi Attack
Did Senator Drop Benghazi Bombshell? Could Explain Why Murdered Ambassador Was in Attacked Facility

This City Is the Canary in the Coal Mine for America’s Future
MAR 18
Standing His Ground: Colo. Sheriff Says New Gun Laws Won't Be Enforced
Growing Number of States Eye Bills to Defy Federal Gun Laws
Gun Rights Billboard in Dayton Raising Eyebrows
Gifford: Gun-Grabbers Blowing Smoke – It’s About Confiscation
Secretary of State Kerry Backs U.N. Gun Treaty
History of America’s Right of the People to Keep and Bear Arms
Even Left Finds DHS Ammo Buy 'Very Troubling'
Where's All the Ammo Gone?
Dirty Bomb Material in US
Univ. of Central Florida Evacuates Students After Explosives Found During Death Investigation
Fla. Election Cyberattack Is First Known Case, Experts Believe
The S.P.L.C. Is at It Again
Americans Get Serious about Impeachment
Dr. Ben Carson Hints at White House Run, Exciting Conservatives – HOLLY NOTE: If Obama could be swapped out for Dr. Carson, America could reclaim its founding values. So far, no one 'owns' him.
Dr. Ben Carson at CPAC: “Let’s say somebody were [in the White House] and they wanted to destroy this nation. I would create division among the people, encourage a culture of ridicule for basic morality and the principles that made and sustained the country, undermine the financial stability of the nation, and weaken and destroy the military. It appears, coincidentally, that those are the very things that are happening right now.”  – HOLLY NOTE: You gotta love this man for his political common sense and honesty! Obama should take a lesson ... or three.

Oregon Company to Sell Drone Defense Technology to Public
Drones, Guns & Rights (starts 39 min. in)
America - On the Brink of Civil War

Hungry Homeless Man Ticketed for Digging Through Trash
MAR 16
Cover-up and Scandal: Sen. Graham Claims Benghazi Survivors 'Told to Be Quiet' By Administration
Sen. Graham: Benghazi Survivors Are 'Afraid' to Share

Judge Strikes Down Surveillance Law
Senators Aim to Protect Vets' Gun Rights
NRA's LaPierre: 'Let Them Be Damned!'
LaPierre: I’m Not the Crazy One
Santorum: America Needs Leadership That Can Inspire
Obama Sets Timeline on Iran Nuclear Bomb
Obama Bombs in Comments About a Nuclear Iran
MAR 15
US to Beef Up Missile Defense After North Korean Threats, Sources Say
US Air Force Plans to Build Huge Network of Underground Tunnels
CIA Must Respond to Request About Secret Drone Program
Drone Strikes on American Citizens: Peter Schiff / Rand Paul

Why Does Obama Need 1.6 Billion Bullets?
Obama, Martin Luther King's Worst Nightmare

Allen West: Liberals Fear Conservative Blacks Like Me

It Could Never Happen Here: Exclusive: Joseph Farah Compares Gun-Grabbing to pre-WWII Germany
Obama vs. Navy SEALs

MAR 14
Senate Judiciary Committee Approves Assault Weapons Ban
Colorado Approves Sweeping Gun Control Measures as Obama's Push for Reform Gathers Pace
California Gun Confiscation Program to Be “National Model”
NJ Mother Pressured to Turn Over Her Guns, Charged With ‘Terroristic Threats’ After Reading the Constitution at Tax Dispute Assembly
Obama 'Declares War' on U.S. Military
Obama to Spy on Citizens' Bank Accounts
NYPD License Plate Readers Will Be Able to Track Every Car Entering Manhattan
President's Most Controversial Cabinet Pick Yet?

Gov’t Wants Volunteers to Wear ‘White Guilt’ Bracelets
Controlling People, Not Guns

Alerting the People

Woman Ticketed for Driving 2 Mph UNDER the Speed Limit
'Downward Spiral': US Census Shows Record 1 in 3 Counties Dying Off
MAR 13
Obama’s War on Women: All 18 Year Old Women Will Now Have to Register for the Draft
Govt Ammo Stockpiling Story Breaks Through Media Censorship, Goes Mainstream
Former Administration Insider Skewers Obama National Security Team
Obama's Popularity Sinking as Public Increasingly Doubts His Handling of Economy, Public Approval Rating Falls
Pew: For Every 10 Americans, Only 3 Trust the Government
Guns Fight Colorado

Colorado Ballot Proposal Aimed at Undoing Ammunition Magazine Limits
Gun Control: Colorado Democrats Are Ready to Spark a Revolution
Sources: NRA Signals Deal for Background Checks – If Democrats Cede Tough Records Fight
The Right: Marching to Oblivion
Colorado House Passes Civil Unions
More Airlines Contest TSA Plan to OK Knives on Planes, as Lawmaker Seeks Reversal
MAR 12
Feds Buying 100 Years Worth of Ammo: Government's Argument 'Could Only Fool a Career Civil Servant'
Desperate Times: Marines Told to 'Save Every Round'
Obama Will Push Targeted Military Cuts in Capitol Hill Visit
Krauthammer: The Problem Isn't Obama Golfing, 'The Problem Is He Is Not Interested In Cutting'
Rampant Injustice

It's 'Scuffle' with Dozens of People, Guns: Black Mob Violence Now Hitting Indianapolis Shopping Mall
Congressman: ‘We Are Going from Catastrophe to Catastrophe, and That’s Really How This President Operates’

Obama Slams New Media, Curries Favor With Skeptical Establishment News Outlets
Pretend-gun Fingers and Plop-Tarts
The Obama Credo
MAR 11
Obama Rejected Tough Options for Countering Chinese Cyber Attacks 2 Years Ago
Colorado Sheriff Says Dems Are Using Salary Threats to Pressure Sheriffs to Support Gun Control Bills
Veterans Forced to Prove They're Worthy of Gun Rights
'Firearms Equality Movement' Triples in 2 Weeks
The Biggest Threat to Your Gun Rights
New Federal Study Claims US Vulnerable to Missile Attacks
US, S. Korea Start Drills Amid Threats
Is Missouri Tracking Personal info Through Drivers Licenses, Gun Permits?
While Agents Measure Knives, What Are They Missing?
'Freedom' License Plate Banned in Washington DC
Assemblywoman Sponsor of Colorado Gun-Control Bills Has Criminal Record
Birth Tourists Flocking to US for Instant Citizenship
To All Americans
Air Force Erases Drone Strike Data
See Original Dec. 2012 and Jan. 2013 Drone Stats and Ones Apparently Loaded Online Feb. 22
Communities Mull Mandates for Guns
Colorado Democrats Advance Sweeping Gun Control Proposals
South Dakota School Districts Can Now Give Guns to Teachers
Despite Sequestration, DHS Still Spending Millions of Dollars on Weapon Parts
Cities Continue to Get ‘Tanks’ They Don’t Need in Nationwide Police Militarization Trend
New Gun-Buying Restrictions Pass Senate Panel, Tougher Work Lies Ahead
Live: Colorado Senate to Debating 6 Gun Bills – 1 Bill Already Dead
Colorado College Concealed-Carry Measure Dies Before Vote
Domestic Violence: Would Ban Gun Ownership for Convicts
Gun Manufacturers, Sellers of Semiautomatic Rifles Could Be Sued for Violent Acts Committed
Judge Andrew Napolitano: The Right to Self-Defense
U.S. Postpones Honoring Egyptian With Coveted ‘Women of Courage Award’ After She Allegedly Celebrated 9/11, Death of Jew
Mandatory Gun Ownership Ordinance Sought By City
Hidden Video: Cops Nationwide Say: “You’re On Your Own”
Roger Ailes: Obama Is ‘Lazy,’ Biden ‘Dumb As an Ashtray’
Better Off With Gaddafi Than Obama?
Christians, Please Wake Up
Should You Move to Another Country to Escape the Collapse of America? 10 Questions to Ask Yourself First
Hey That's Me! America's Dumbest Identity Thief Hands Waitress Her Own Stolen ID Card
Eric Holder Says Obama Could Use Drones to Kill American Citizens on US Soil
Holder: Drone Strikes May Be Necessary Under “Extraordinary Circumstances”
Drone Legislation: What’s Being Proposed in the States?
Drone Issue Heats Up on Capitol Hill

Rand's the Man: After Almost 13 Hours, Rand Paul Ends Brennan Filibuster
Obama for Sale! Going Rate: $500,000 – HOLLY NOTE: This hasn't gotten near enough attention. Whoever, in the history of the Presidency, has ever had the nerve to sell his access to donors. Ugh! This guy is beyond despicable.
Surveillance Nation: FBI 'Spying' on Google Users, Company Reveals
The Rise of America's Gestapo
Colorado Gun Bills NOT a Done Deal: Dems STILL Need 18 Votes or Measures Are Doomed
Proof Obama Is Lying About Guns
In Louisiana, a Conservative Backlash Against Gun Control
Democrat Bill Requires Anger Management Course for Ammo Purchases
Rape Survivor: 'I Was Legislated into Being a Victim'

What Big-Gov't Crowd Fears the Most
GOP Lawmakers Demand Access to Benghazi Survivors

Sequester-Eve DeaL: TSA Signs $50M Uniform Contract Amid Budget Cuts – HOLLY NOTE: Money for nice new uniforms, but not for checking people taking small knives on-board. This is nuts!
Fed Workers Told to Make Cuts as Painful as Promised

The President Who Cried Wolf – Herman Cain Speaks Out

Arkansas Passes Most Extreme Abortion Ban in the Nation
Among Most Polluted in US, NYC Area Awaits Cleanup
3 Things That Doomsday Preppers Should Ask Themselves
The Lies That Gun Grabbers Tell
Congress Goes Bipartisan - Against Civil Liberties
Breaking: Obama DHS Soups Up Drone Fleet to Include Domestic Surveillance Capabilities
Holder Does Not Rule Out Drone Strike Scenario in U.S.
Obama DHS Purchases 2,700 Light-Armored Tanks to Go with Their 1.6 Billion Bullet Stockpile
Milwaukee Police Purchase Massive Tank to Patrol Streets
UN: Colo., Wash. Legal Pot Violates Drug Treaties
The Matrix of the USA Is Driving Most Americans into Fantasy World
Lt. Gov Concerned About Hardware/Software Being Added to Motor Vehicle Licensing Office by DHS

Cooking with 3 Candle Flames
Tennessee State Militia/Guard Has Stopped DHS Armored Vehicles from Kentucky - Russians with DHS Eagle Uniforms
DHS Has Declared War on the USA
Christie Blasts Both GOP, Dems for Sequester Leadership Failure: ‘I Don't Have the First Damn Idea What They're Doing'

America's Willful Blindness -- Obama Is a Divider Not a Unifier
Bipartisan Group Reaches Deal on Gun Trafficking
Colorado Gun Bills: Lawmakers Spar for 7 Rounds of Bills
Colorado Lawmakers Advance Package of Gun Control Bills
MagPul Gun Magazine Manufacturing Leaving Colorado If Democrats Pass Ban
Deadly Liberals – Wild Bill for America

National Security Trumps Smokey the Bear
Hamas Steps Up Threats on Obama's Israel Trip
State Department Finds Keystone XL Pipeline Environmentally Safe
Fox News Poll: 70% Say Build the Keystone XL Pipeline
No More Keystone Excuses
"BP Stands for Bad People": Film Brings Heartbreaking Stories From Residents of the Louisiana Bayou
US Crude Production Exaggerated in Order to Keep Consumption High
Proven: TSA Hires Murderers, Rapists, Thieves
Homeowner Takes Biden's Shotgun Advice, Gets Arrested
Sotomayor, Kagan Browbeat Scalia over Voting Rights Act Argument
Obama's Transparency: Fade to Black
Why Is the Navy Building a Shiny Drone Base in Sunny Malibu?
How We Can Keep America Safe from Killers
Al-Qaeda Published Magazine Gives the American Tyrant More Reasons for Control
Romney: The Hardest Thing About Losing Is Watching This Critical Moment Slip Away with Politics

3 Last Minute Survival Scenarios
America's Happiest (and Most Miserable) States
Brad Barker looks at True Stories of Human Trafficking (starts 40 min. in)
U.S. Irresponsibility on Nuclear Waste
Gun Bill to Ban Shotguns
Obama: "I Am Not a Dictator; I'm the President"

Feds 'Stockpiling Bullets' in Case of Riots After Default
Woodward Right About Obama Moving Sequester Goal Posts
The Obama Administration and the Dirty Thirty
Malkin: Rotten to the Core, Part III: Lessons from Texas
Injunction May Be Issued on New York Gun Law, Thousands Rally in State’s Capital
Neighborhoods Tire of Police, Turn Vigilante
This Is How We Resist
The Tyranny of Convenience
FEB 28
White House Threatened Bob Woodward for Obama Expose
Bombshell Obama Vetting: 1979 Newspaper Article By Valerie Jarrett Father-In-Law Reveals Start of Muslim Purchase of U.S. Presidency
Obama's Army Seeks Revenge
New Yorkers: Sign This Petition to Introduce a Resolution Calling for the Repeal of the NY SAFE Act
Former Secret Service Agent Speaks Out Against Gun Control
Obama Using Computer-generated Twitterbots to Create Appearance of Social Media Support for Gun Control
Revolution Is What “They” Want! Communist Agenda: Problem, Reaction, Equals Solution!
FEB 27
America Bless God

City Wants Power to 'Disarm Individuals' During Crisis
Russia Is Preparing to Attack America
Big Brother? US Linked to New Wave of Censorship, Surveillance on Web
Second American Revolution on the Horizon?

See Police Confiscate Guns from Americans
U.S. Cities as Bad as Deadliest 3rd World Countries: Gun Murders Worst in Urban Areas with Toughest Gun Laws
In Gun Debate, It's Urban vs. Rural
Corporations Urge Supreme Court to Embrace Gay Marriage
Why Is This Month-Old Clip of an Ex-Secret Service Agent Suddenly Going Viral?

More Than You Ever Wanted to Know About Kerosene Lanterns
FEB 26
Obama to Tell Netanyahu US Gearing Up for Iran Strike
Former Obama Press Secretary Says He Was Told to Deny Existence of Deadly Drone Program
Obama Admin Won’t Say If They Claim Authority to Assassinate US Citizens on US Soil Without Charges
Feinstein on Gun Control: Americans Must Decide If “Personal Pleasure Is More Important Than General Welfare”
Texas: State Investigation Launched After Non-Muslim Public School Students Dress in Burqas
Shaky Ground
Senate Intelligence Committee Drops Bin Laden Film Probe
DHS Orders Shooting Targets Depicting Average Americans to Eliminate ‘Hesitation’ to Kill in Upcoming, Planned War on Anti-Obama Population
Vets Are the Last Line of Defense Against Tyranny
President Obama: “What I Want to Do Is Clear Out the Press so We Can Take Some Questions”

Obama Snubs Media Again: 'Clear Out the Press So We Can Take Some Questions'
Our Children Don’t Want to Live Under the New World Order
The Battlefield in the Fourth Dimension
How Many Buckets of Freedom Do You Have?
What We Must Do When Facing Martial Law
Raping Our Privacy? Our Bodies, Drones, Invasive Search and our Fourth Amendment Rights
FEB 25
DOJ Memo: Outlaw and Confiscate All Guns
Catastrophe When America's Twin Gave up Guns
Rapists for Gun Control

PAC Spending Intensifies Gun Debate
Firearms Companies Restricting Sales to Government Agencies in Areas That Restrict Gun Rights
Texas, Mississippi Seek to Lure Gun, Ammunition Makers
Gun Control Backtrack: As Salazar Fallout Mushrooms, Hickenlooper Expresses Doubt About High Capacity Magazine Ban
Preserve Gun Rights, Save Black Lives
Fire at Dallas Gun Range Near Love Field
Obama Paid $5 Million to Seal His Records
They Want to Tag Us Before They Bag Us
U.S. Wars Leave 225,000 Dead, Cost $4.4 Trillion: Study
NKorea Warns US Forces of 'Destruction' Ahead of War Drills
Anti-NDAA Legislation
(starts 8:45 min. in)
FBI Battling 'Rash of Sexting' Among Its Employees
State Dept. Joins Desperate Search for American Couple Vanished in Peru

Newtown Seeks to Deny Newspapers Access to Death Certificates
FEB 23
Leaking at Hanford Nuclear Site Worse Than Thought
FEB 22
Scorecard: How Many Rights Have Americans Really Lost?
The Pro Second Amendment Commercial Banned By Major Media Conglomerates
Disturbing Report: Veterans Are Receiving Letters from VA Prohibiting Ownership or Purchase of Firearms
Armed Crooks Met with AR-15 Surprise

Santa Fe Releases Names of People who Participated in ‘Anonymous’ Gun Buyback
DHS Preparing for Massive Civil Unrest

Days of Resistance – Hook Up with Other Like-Minded People
Mark Steyn: Obama Is Crushing the Media Just Like the Soviet Union Did
Colorado Legislators Look to Decriminalize Adultery
FEB 21
Texas Bill Would Block Police from Enforcing New Federal Gun Laws
Left Trying to Disarm Women?

Bill Whittle’s Virtual SOTU Address on Guns Control and the 2nd Amendment

Sheriff Warns of “Second American Revolution” If Gun Grabbers Get Their Way
S. 174: Ammunition Background Check Act of 2013
Texas Teacher Refuses to Grade Students' Reports Because They Wrote About Guns
Obama May Urge Court to Overturn Gay Marriage Ban
Does America Need a King?
Are Congressmen Worth $107,000 a Year in Retirement?
Witness the Decline
A Shot over the Russian Bow
Obama Doubles Down on Nuclear Disarmament
The Wonderful World of John Kerry
Ray’s Hell Burger Shutters Locations after Obama’s Kiss of Death
FEB 20
Total Destruction of the U.S.: An Interview with Larry Grathwohl
Boehner Fires Back at Obama on Sequester: You Created It, You Fix It
Systematic Population Reduction of the American People Has Begun
Dr. Ben Carson and the Responsible Self
HOLLY NOTE: Yesterday when reporting Rep. Salazar told women to go to a call box or get a whistle to prevent rape, we thought 'instructions' couldn't get any worse. We were wrong: Women Told to Urinate to Deter a Rapist
Action Alert: One Man Stands Between Liberty and Tyranny in Kansas
Biden Encourages Americans to Use Shotguns for Self-defense
Columbine Survivor Pens Bold Open Letter to Obama Rejecting Gun Control: ‘Whose Side Are You on?’
‘Like an Earthquake,’ Explosion Rocks the Kansas City's Plaza
Getting Gored: Michael Mann's Apocalyptic Prophecies and Al Jazeera's Green Jihad
USDA Whistleblower Speaks Out About Controversial ‘Cultural Sensitivity Training’ Seminar
TSA Reportedly Detains Wheelchair-Bound 3-Year-Old Girl, Orders Parents Not to Videotape Pat-Down
Cable Company Now Bans Gun Ads
Alan Keys on Obama's Award from Israel

Colorado Gone to Pot – Marijuana Regulators OK Pot Tourism
29 Reasons to Use Coffee Filters for Survival
FEB 19
Chinese Military Likely Behind Hack Attacks – HOLLY NOTE: This is an alarming article underscoring why your preps of alt. heating, extra water, food, meds, etc. should be in top shape, especially in light of the next article.
What's Obama Cutting? Funds for EMP Recovery
Colo. House Approves Gun Control Measures Despite Opposition, Goes to Senate
CO Democrat: Even If You Feel Like You Might Get Raped, You May Not, So No Guns for You, Go to a Call Box – HOLLY NOTE: Confirmation that some politicians are idiots. Salazar's answer to impending rape is for women to go to call boxes – assuming you can get to one before being violated or get a whistle. Where we live, I've never seen a call box and often, people elect to not get involved in someone else's dramas so whistles may not help. I'll keep my firearm.
Police State, USA: Cops Required to Inspect Gun Owners' Homes?
GOP, Dems Inch Toward Compromise on Magazine Limits
Feds Admit: Gun Laws Won't Slow Crime
Maryland County Bans Gun Shows
Feds Buy 2 Billion Rounds of Ammunition (mainstream finally catches up)
NRA: Obama Justice Dept. Memo Says Registration, Gun Confiscation Necessary
DOJ: Gun Control Won't Work Without 'Mandatory' Confiscation

Security Guard Fends Off Armed Hold-up Using an AR-15
Mychal Massie: We Need a Movement of NO to Reclaim Government from Barack Obama
Did Obama Supporter Vote 6 Times in 2012? Ohio Poll Worker Target of Investigation
GOP Stands Firm Against Obama on Averting Sequester
Stiglitz: US No Longer the ‘Land of Opportunity’
Israel to Award Obama Prestigious Medal During Visit
Rethinking Facebook – HOLLY NOTE: This Op-Ed articulates some of our concerns with social media including govt. data mining, profiling, invasion of privacy, employer snooping, leaked passwords and personal data, etc. It's while I still choose to stay off social media.
FEB 18
McCain: ‘We Have Had a Massive Cover-Up’ By Obama Administration
States Join Battle Over Drone Flights
Feds Buying Enough Bullets for '24-Year War'
Colorado Company Threatens to Leave State If Gun Bill Passes
Colorado House Gives Preliminary Approval to 4 Gun Control Bills
Gunmaker Ends New York Sales in Wake of New Law
Missouri Bill Would Force Some to Destroy, Surrender Guns
Gun Control for Dummies - It's Common Sense

Gun Companies Refuse Sales To State Governments with Strict Gun Laws
Chicago Police Superintendent: Gun Owners 'Corrupt'
Arizona Gun Shop Bans Anyone Who Voted to Re-elect President Obama
Myrtle Beach Robber Tells Woman "You're Dead", Runs Off After Victim Pulls Gun
Supreme Court Rules on Obama Forgery Case; Birthers Protest Decision
Texas Preps for Collapse of Federal Government
Saving America: Dr. Benjamin Carson's Fight for Real Change

Dr. Ben Carson on Presidential Run: 'I'll Leave That Up to God'

Hanford Nuclear Plant Is Leaking Up to 300 Gallons a Year of Radioactive Waste
DOE Submits Plan to Recycle Radioactive Waste into Consumer Goods
When the Power Goes Out: “It’s Like a Bunch of Savages”
The War Is Over ... And We Won
FEB 15-16
Russian Nuclear Bombers Encircle U.S. Territory of Guam
FAA Moves Closer to Widespread US Drone Flights with Plan for 6 Test Sites
Feds' Answer Why Homeland Security Is Buying So Many Bullets – HOLLY NOTE: Amazingly poor explanation. Doesn't even address why the FDA, the National Weather Service and USDA bought so many rounds. And why are hollow points needed for 'training'?
Department of Homeland Security Buying Up Enough Ammo to Wage 7-year War Against the American People
Guns and Ammo Production Maxed Out: “This Is a Society Preparing for War”
Sheriffs Prepare to Abandon Citizens to Federal Gun Grab
...Others Not: 340 County Sheriffs Will Defend the Constitution
Senate Gun Grab Bill Could Be More Disastrous Than Feinstein Bill
Maine Newspaper Sparks Outrage for Requesting Gun Permit Lists
Gun Rights: Are There Any Peaceful Solutions Left?
Paul: Who's Next on Obama's Drone Hit List?
Jubilant Passengers of Stricken Carnival Cruise Ship Finally Dock in Mobile
Benghazi Attack Was Retaliation for Brennan’s Secret Al-Qaeda War
Is It Time to Pack Your Bags America?
Should Christians Prepare for Hard Times?
FEB 14
Warning Received This Week from 2 Different Former Government Officials
Judge Napolitano on Presidential Executive Orders
Nugent: GOP 'Has Lost Their Scrotum,' Democrats 'Ruthless'
Students Told to Stop 'USA!' Chant, Take Off American Flag Bandanas
State of the Union Address: None Dare Call It Treason
Realistic Urban Training Is DHS and DOD "Conducting Desensitizing Exercises"
Home Protection: Security Basics
FEB 13
FACT CHECK: Obama's State of the Union Whoppers
Obama’s Most Audacious SOTU Lie
Marco Rubio’s SOTU Response
Rubio Got It Right in
Dr. Ben Carson Reviews Obama's State of the Union Address
Obama: 57 Vacation Days Since Vowing He 'Will Not Rest Until Anyone' Can Find a GOOD Job
Pentagon: Budget Cuts Are 'Particularly Tragic,' 'Collateral Damage'
Budget Cuts May Force Pentagon to Cut Armed Forces – US Top Military Chief
Fort Hood Hero Who Sat with Michelle O at Speech Says President 'Betrayed' Her
Dr. Carson's Straight-talk Speech Wins Rave Reviews

The Stoning of Dr. Ben Carson
You Don't Own That: Outrage Over State's Move to Copyright Student Work
65.4 Million Gun Purchases Since Obama Took Office, 91% More Than Bush's First-Term Total
Nightmare Cruise: Feces, Water Reported on Floor of Stranded Ship
Pregnant Texas Teen Sues Parents to Prevent Them from Forcing an Abortion
Home Schooling Works, Pass It On
FEB 12
Deputy, Whose Wife Had Recently Given Brith, Killed in Shootout with Fugitive Ex-LAPD Officer Dorner
Single Shot Heard – Dorner Likely Dead
Hide-out Cabin in Flames – Cops Ordered to Let It Burn
Is Christopher Dorner Another Psychiatric Killer?
Ex-LAPD Officer Accused of Killings Thought to Have Fled to Mexico
'Drones May Be Our Only Hope of Finding Him'
Hagel Caught Hiding 2 Arab Speeches
Clint Romesha on the Medal of Honor: "It's Not About Me...It Was Everybody That Day Up at COP Keating."
President Awards Medal of Honor to Hero of Afghan Battle
Report: SEAL Who Killed Bin Laden Jobless, Hurt
The Man Who Killed Osama bin Laden... Is Screwed – must read
'My Baby Deserves a Revolution': 2 Charged in 15-year-old Girl's Murder Who Performed at Obama’s 2nd Inauguration
Detroit Facing Surge of Black Violence
Flags Flown Upside Down in Florida Gun Control Protests
Forget Calling 911, Says Sheriff: Defend Yourself with a Gun Instead
Legislative Feeding Frenzy NJ Anti-Gun Bill Count Reaches 43
ANJRPC - NJ Stand and Fight!

Warning to American Gun Owners from Canadian News Anchor

As CISPA Debate Rages Again, Obama Already Using Its Powers
Gold Sellers in Houston Must Submit to Fingerprints and Mugshots
Map Shows Where 220mph Trains Would Go in the U.S.
It Is Decision Time
FEB 11
The Growing Case for Impeachment of Obama
Are ObamaLeaks an Impeachable Offense?
Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire: Barbara Simpson Raises Issue of Impeachment of President Obama
Dishonored and Disrespected: Obama Disarmed US Marines at Inaugural Parade
Do White House Leaks Rise to Level of Impeachable Offense?

Shock Claim: Obama Picks Muslim for CIA Chief
Do We Really Want to Live Without the Post Office?
US to Use Drones in Chris Dorner Manhunt
Another Theory About Obama's Domestic Army
Poll: Obama's Approval Rating Collapses; 46%
Dr. Benjamin Carson's Amazing Speech at the National Prayer Breakfast with Pres. Obama – HOLLY COMMENTARY: This pastor is so right and true, it's hard to believe Obama let him speak at the annual National Prayer breakfast. Dr. Carson must NOT have been properly vett
ed through Obama-speak or he'd never have let Carson out of the 'cage'. On June 19, 2008, Dr. Ben Carson received the nation's highest civilian award, the Presidential Medal of Freedom, in a White House ceremony.
Sources: Obama Administration Deliberating More Cuts In Nuclear Weapons
Sequestration Already Having a Major Impact
Panetta: U.S. Military Is Not Global 9-1-1 Service
Background Checks Can Easily Be Used Too Deny Honest Gun Owners
House Dems Unveil Gun Control Package; Mirrors Obama's
Colorado Democrats Want Gun Manufacturers Held Liable for Crimes Committed with Their Guns
Gun, Ammo Bills Pending in Calif. Legislature
The Great Gun Debate
Self Defense
Eastwood: If DC Doesn't 'Give a Damn,' How Can We?
Sandy Hook Tragedy Prompts Local Representative to Propose 10% Violent Video Game Tax

Read the Disturbing Manifesto Of At-Large Cop 'Killer' (reader discretion advised - adult language)
Amazing Conservative Speech Upstages Obama at Prayer Breakfast
The Wrong Man For Defense Secretary
California Gives Up On Math
Can Leak Detection End The Pipeline Impasse? Interview With Adrian Banica

Why U.S. Energy Independence Means Pump Pain
11 Questions That Will Help You Be a Better Prepper
Congress to Get Classified Drone Briefing
Drones Used Across America Employed By More Than 40 Public Agencies

Unprecedented Demand: Americans Purchase a Gun Every 1.5 Seconds
February 8: Peaceful Demonstration at Every State Capital for Our 2nd Amendment Rights
Infowars Magazine: Why the Tyrants Want Your Guns
Refreshing – Hollywood Mega-Star Says Hands Off the 2nd Amendment
Virginia Advances Bill Pushing for State to Establish Its Own Currency
Sandy Hook: Law Enforcement Officials Now Admit Possibility of Multiple Shooters
If You Are Going to Take a Stand, You Most Take It Now
Al Gore's Hypocrisy: The Climate Crusader Profits from Fossil Fuels
US Postal Service to End Saturday Mail Delivery Beginning in August
States Step Up Fight Against Drones
The Drone Ranger
Criminals and Terrorists Can Fly Drones Too
How the Post-Sandy Hook Gun Control Push Spectacularly Backfired in America
Own a Gun? Time to Buy Violence Liability Insurance, California Dems Sat
Texas Military Units Received Warning Before Navy SEAL Was Killed
FEMA Defends Handling of Sandy Flood Claims after NJ Governor Says Their Work Has 'Stunk'
Joyce Riley on Troop Suicides (starts 10:10 min. in)
2nd Grader Suspended for Trying to Save the World
Justice Dept. Memo Reveals Legal Case for Drone Strikes on Americans
Disgraced EPA Director Says She Regrets Not Communicating with Farmers… She Was Too Busy Spying on Them in Planes
President's Climate Cops Readying New Regulations?

Ted Nugent Goes Off on Piers Morgan During Fiery Gun Debate: ‘You’re So Full of Crap’
Ann Coulter Delivers Dire Gun Warning: Universal Background Checks Could Lead to ‘Universal Confiscation, Universal Extermination’ of Firearms
Arkansas House Passes Bill to Allow Guns in Churches
3 People Stabbed on Subway Platform in Jamaica, Queens – HOLLY NOTE: Maybe knives should be banned too?
Ammo Shortage: 2008 and Now
Outrage Over Plans to Make TV Movie About Sandy Hook School Massacre
When the Rule of Force Replaces the Rule of Law
Sheeple: Another Look at a Sad Breed
Obama Calls on Boy Scouts to Welcome Homosexuals
Gays in Scouts Called 'a Catastrophe'
Sadly, Scouting Seems Poised to Give Up the Fight
Letter to an Eagle Scout
Watching Porn Makes Straight Men More Receptive to the Idea of Same-Sex Marriage, New Study Claims
Boy Free in Alabama Hostage Standoff, Kidnapper Dead, Source Says
Obama to Campaign for Gun Laws
Why Is Government Stockpiling Guns, Ammo? Obama's Plan for 'Civilian National Security Force'
Texas Legislature: Bills Would Broaden Gun Rights of Residents
Barack Does Not Play Well with Others
Ex-Navy SEAL Helping Alleged Murderer Work Through PTSD
America’s Most Lethal Sniper, Chris Kyle

22 Veterans Commit Suicide Each Day: VA Report
Death By Doctor vs. Death By Firearms
Ravens Sew Up Super Bowl
Our Two Fav Super Bowl Ads:
BEST Super Bowl Ad - Paul Harvey "So God Made a Farmer"

2013 Budweiser Super Bowl Ad – The Clydesdales: "Brotherhood"

More Super Bowl Ads – Pics and Pans

Jennifer Hudson with Sandy Hook Choir Sing at Super Bowl 2013

New National Identification System Is Coming
All Data Stored on Cloud Computing Services Can Be Accessed by US Govt. Without Warrant
Missing NY Mother of 2 Found Dead Near Ancient Walls in Turkey Killed By 'Fatal Blow to the Head'
Obama Eliminates Breakfast for US Troops in Afghanistan, Stuffs Own Face
Rick Santorum: Stop the War on Scouts
Scout Leaders Vow to Quit If 'Gay' Policy Reversed
Panetta: U.S. Has to Maintain Open-Ended Drone War to Prevent a Terror Attack on America
Obama Gets His Gun! White House Releases Photo of Prez Skeet Shooting in Attempt to Silence Gun Lobby Critics
What Difference Does It Make? America Already Feeling Harmful Consequences of Obama's Reelection
No Confirmation, No Paycheck: Bill Would Eliminate Salaries of NLRB Members Until They Are ‘Legally Confirmed’
Federal Court Indicts Obama, Will Not See End of His Second Term? Pt 1, Pt 2

Firearms vs. Doctors and Drugs
Day 3: 'Please Release Ethan': Vigil for 5-year-old Autistic Boy Held Hostage in Underground Bunker
Colorado Springs Pot Delivery Stretches the Law
Larger-than-life Former NYC Mayor Ed Koch Dies at 88
Hispanics Set to Overtake Whites in CA
300 Million Americans Pulling in 300 Million Directions – HOLLY NOTE: It might be clever to put a temporary halt on immigration until unemployment is remedied since it just went back up today. Put Americans back to work first before bringing more people into our Nation who will also need jobs. Then when that's accomplished, welcome newcomers with open arms.
JAN 31
1,100 Green Berets Sign Letter Supporting 2nd Amendment
New England Fishermen Say New Regulations May Lead to Collapse of the Industry
Opinion: New Jersey Doesn’t Need Any More Gun Laws
Walmart Limits Ammunition Sales After Demand Surges
DHS Adds Another 200,000 Rounds to Its 2 Billion Round Stockpile

Trusting Your Own Government (or Not)
Obama Goes 'Skeet Shooting All the Time'? Hardly Ever, Sources Say
Empowerment: Women Speak Out Against Gun Control; ‘I Was Unarmed and Raped’
Shotgun Preteen Girl vs. Illegal Alien Home Invaders
Why Isn't Gun Control Working in Chicago?
Legal Immigrant’s Must-Watch Testimony Against Gun Control: ‘Few Saw the Third Reich Coming Until It Was Too Late’

Wyoming Firearms Protection Act Passes Out of Committee. HB104 Includes 5 Years Jail Time for Feds Violating 2nd Amendment
Shear Stupidity: Homeland Security Has Advice for Confronting Mass Murders: Scissors
MSNBC Finally Addresses Deceptively Edited Video of Sandy Hook Dad
As GDP Falls, President Obama Runs Out of Excuses
Chris Christie, Volcanic Politics and Election 2016
The Unfolding of the Green Police State
Article II Has Now Been Erased
Chuck Hagel, Anti-Semitism, and American Jewish Apathy
Rise of the Drones

Joyce Riley Interviews Mike Powers Sandy Hook Investigation

NFL Player: Gays Not Welcome in Locker Room
JAN 30
Sunstein: Obama Wants 'Second Bill of Rights'
‘It’s Dead, Dead, Dead’: Justice Scalia Blasts Schoolchildren Who Don’t Understand the Constitution
Obama’s Destruction of America on Fast-Track Second Term Start
Obama's Goal

Hands Off Our Guns
ALERT: Ammunition Out-of-Stock, No Backorders
‘Carrying a Gun Saved My Life’: Meet Ryan Moore
CNN Journalist Did a Segment Insinuating Obama’s Lying About His Shooting
The Obama Investigation – Part 1: Evidence of Fraud

U.S. Government Claims - Just Like the Nazis - That the Truth Is Too Dangerous…
Never Let a Dead Child Go to Waste
House, Holder May Near Deal on Fast and Furious Contempt
Two the Body, One to the Head: Navy SEAL Slams Obama, Clintons over Benghazi

22 Signs That Barack Obama Is Transforming America into a Larger Version of North Korea
Why Every U.S. City Is Like a Brazilian Nightclub Inferno with No Exits for the Masses
The Patriot’s Most Wanted: If There Was a List, These People Would Be at the Top
Judge OKs $4B BP Oil Spill Criminal Settlement
JAN 29
Army Drill Scares Residents on Houston's South Side
Gunships Over Miami: “Machine Gun Fire, Strafing Runs, Troops Rappelling From Choppers, and Road Blockades”
The Government Is Preparing for Martial Law
Why Are AR-15's 'Personal Defense' Weapons for the DHS but 'Assault Rifles' for Citizens?
Journalist Accosted by Security over Mayor Bloomberg Gun Control Question
BACKFIRE: Seattle Gun Buyback Turns into Gun Show
San Diego Police Chief: We Can Disarm Americans Within a Generation
Firearm Confiscation Katrina – Reminder

Pro-Obama Company Builds Wind Power Project in Same Area Where Coal Plant Closed
The Police State of America and Smart Meters
Bioterrorism Homemade in the USA
Unfit for Combat: Marines, Army Shrinking Force Size Under Budgetary Restraints
Denver International Airport Holds Some Deep Dark Secrets
Paper: Panel Voted in '99 to Indict Parents of JonBenet Ramsey, DA Didn't Sign On
Boy Scouts May Allow Homosexual Scout Masters
JAN 28
Ryan: Obama Achievements Far Less Than Advertised
POLL: Congress Less Popular Than Root Canals, Colonoscopies, Cockroaches and Lice
If ‘Assault Weapons’ Are Bad… Why Does DHS Want to Buy 7,000 of Them for ‘Personal Defense’?
Obama to Top Brass: "Will You Fire on American Citizens"?

Wisconsin Sheriff Urges Residents to Arm Themselves
Feinstein Gun Control Bill to Exempt Government Officials
Cabela's, Others Pull Out of Largest Outdoor Recreation Show in History
What Postponement of the U.S.'s Largest Gun Show Says About America
Miller: Feinstein's 157 Banned Guns – Printable List
ABC, CBS, NBC Admit No Assault Rifle Used at Sandy Hook
Why People Think Sandy Hook Is a Hoax

Gunny & Glock - Wrong Girl

Future of America: Cosmic Warfare, Parallel Universes, & Matrix
Smart Meter Opt-Out Letter
JAN 25
Poll: Obama's Last Year Ties with Bush for Most Polarizing Ever
Feinstein Calls for Banning More Than 150 Types of Firearms During Dramatic Press Conference
The List
Intuit Cancels Gun Dealer's Credit Card Processors
How Do You Know You're Shopping in Texas
– Ask Stan, he's a Dallas boy!
DHS Sources Say
Martial Law Is Coming Prepare !! Banned Episode with Jesse Ventura

Rand Paul to Hillary Clinton: If I Were President, 'I Would Have Relieved You of Your Post'
Biden a Bit Off Course Saying He Heard Nickel Mines Gunshots?
Emails Show FBI Investigating Sen. Bob Menendez for Sleeping with Underage Dominican Prostitutes
2 Smartmeter Opponents Arrested in Illinois Town
The "Majority Opinion" Is an Illusion
JAN 24
6 Key Takeaways from Hillary Clinton’s Benghazi Hearings
Hillary Clinton’s 5 Most Neocon Moments
Obama and the Chinese Infiltration
Caesar Obama's Priorities
Limbaugh: We're in Midst of Designed 'Race Wars'
'We Don't Shower for a Month... and We're Often Naked': Male Soldiers Warn Females of Harsh Conditions on Frontline as Panetta Lifts Battlefield Ban on Women
US Navy Ship Aground on Philippine Reef 'Taking in Water'
Behold a Pale Horse

JAN 23
'I Take Responsibility,' Clinton Tells Senate Panel of Benghazi Consulate Attack
Violent Video Games Eyed in New Mexico Killings
Where Do Criminals Get Their Guns? Answer Straight from the 'Horses' Mouths'

Lawlessness or Armed Citizens
If You Only Own 1 Gun, Own This 1: Creek Stewart Makes Case for flexible, Functional Firearm
Will America Revolt Over Gun Confiscation?
Is FEMA a Threat to the American Public?
Shock Claim: “The New Litmus Test of Leadership in the Military Is If They Will Fire on US Citizens or Not”
Georgia Sued for Banning Vanity License Plates with Word 'Gay'
Inauguration into What?
Gallup: American Optimism Hits Lowest Point Since Carter Admin.
Plane Barely Misses People on Runway

New Hollywood Low: Movie 43 – A Gross-Out Workout
Lies and the State
When the US Set the Military Against Veterans 80 Years Ago - and No One Noticed
JAN 22
Obama Pushes Liberal Agenda at Inauguration
The Most Dangerous Sentence in Obama’s Second Inaugural Address
Obama Wants It Both Ways on 'Hard Choices'
Obama's Impassioned Defense of Activist Government
Are You a Sovereign Citizen?
NBC/WSJ Poll: For First Time, Majority Want Abortion to Be Legal
40 Years After Roe v. Wade, More States Restricting Abortion
55,772,015 Abortions in America Since Roe v. Wade in 1973
The Right Choice - Inspirational

'Homeless in Seaside Park' Frustrated with Red Tape after Superstorm Sandy
Should Worst-Flooded Areas Be Left after Sandy?
Homeland Security Hoarding Ammo While Police Deprived
Harrowing Tale of Coloradan Hostage Survives Crisis in Algeria
American Judgment Day and the Final Battle for Planet Earth: The Luciferian Elite Believe That They Are Gods
First lady Michelle Obama Rolls Her Eyes at House Speaker John Boehner During Inaugural Luncheon, Sets Internet Aflame
JAN 21
Americans Rally Nationwide Against Stricter Gun Control Measures – Here Are the Pictures
Thousands Flock to Indianapolis Gun Show
5 People Hurt in Accidental Shootings at Gun Shows in Ohio, Indiana and North Carolina
Backfire: Obama Approval Plummets During Gun Push
Danny Glover's Revisionist History: 2nd Amendment Was for Protecting Slavery – HOLLY NOTE: We loved Glover with Mel Gibson in the Lethal Weapon action comedies, but obviously he should have spent more time in school paying attention to history.
Wyoming Consider Banning Firearms from City and County Buildings
Montanans Protective of Gun Rights, Closely Watch Federal Debate
Sheriffs Against Obamacide
Are Guns Really the Problem? Joseph Farah: Firearms 'Are the Great Lifesaving Equalizer of Our Time'
Poll: Absentee Parents, Hollywood to Blame for Gun Crime
CBS News' Political Director: Obama Must 'Destroy' Republican Party
Newsweek Now Says That Obama Is ‘The Second Coming’
Bill Maher: 'A Lot' of the Constitution 'Is Bullsh*t

Why Johnny Can’t Breed
Why Collectivism Is Doomed and the Next Great Crisis Will Massively Shift America Toward Conservatism
Bugging Out vs. Hunkering Down
Jesse Ventura: Sandy Hook Shooting NOT a False Flag – HOLLY NOTE: FINALLY some common sense! We've received emails, phone calls saying Sandy Hook was all staged complete with fake grieving parents, no bodies of dead children, perpetrated by the government, etc. Never have we heard such rubbish. It was enough to make one think they were smokin' the funny weed or voluntarily abandoning logic. There was no reasoning with these rabid viewpoints. Sometimes in videos Ventura goes off into the improbable, but he's hit the nail squarely. Thank goodness for an alt news source keeping it real.

US Draws Guidebook for Targeted Killings: Report
JAN 18
Obama Goes Nuts and Offers Anti-gunners Wish List
Red Alert: Nationwide Plan for Gun Confiscation Exposed
Gun Stores: Stocks Run Low as Sales Surge
House Bill Would Ban All Internet Ammunition Sales
NRA Email: Obama Wants Your Freedom Reduced to Ashes
Proposed Colo. Legislation Would Allow School Teachers, Business Owners with Concealed Carry Permits to Pack Heat
Colorado County Sheriff Says He Won't Enforce Gun Laws He Considers Unconstitutional
NRA President: Death Threats Against Org Reflect Obama's Tactics
How Obama's Gun 'Order' Will Backfire
Obama's Disgusting Use of Kids as Pawns: Diana West Hits BHO for Using Human Emotions 'to Drive His Own Power Grab'
65% See Gun Rights as Protection Against Tyranny
47 States Revolt Against Obama Gun Control
I’m Not King Obama? You Just Watch Me!
The Bible and Self-defense
The Bible and Self Defense – A Deeper Look
How Television Will Shape the New Gun-Culture in America
NBC Poll: Americans Swap 'Hope' for 'Cope'
Rotten to the Core
Holder Begs Court to Stop Document Release on Fast and Furious
Fast And Furious: Man Claims to Have Shot U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry
Lance Armstrong Outs Himself as Sociopathic Liar in Staged Oprah 'Confession'
NJ Town Proposes Flag Ban
JAN 17
Across the Country, Sheriffs, State Lawmakers Push Back on Gun Control
Huckabee: Obama Measures ‘Punish’ Legal Gun Owners
Obama Gun Plan to Cost $500 Million – HOLLY COMMENT: Apparently there is no end to Obama's spending money he doesn't have.
Rand Paul Vows to Torpedo Obama Executive Orders
Rand Paul: I'm Afraid President Obama Has a King Complex Developing

List of Obama's 23 Executive Actions
Beyond the Emotion, Here Are the Facts: As More Guns Are Sold, Violent Crime Goes Down
Armed and Serious
Outrageous! Obama: Doctors Should Ask About Guns in Homes
White House Rejects Texas Secession Petition
Obama Stands on Graves of Children of Sandy Hook to Push Gun Control
Gun Control: Obama Declares War on Bitter Clingers, Hollywood Gets a Pass
Obama Second Term Preview: We Are All Chicagoans Now
The Law of the Sword
ME TIME: Obama Names 8 Citizens to Highlight His Successes at Inauguration
George Zimmerman's Defense Team Claims 17-Year-Old Victim Trayvon Martin's School Records Will Help Their Case
50 Shocking Questions That You Should Ask Anyone That Is Not a Prepper Yet
JAN 16
Obama to Unveil Broad Gun Plans Today
Texas Threatens to Arrest Any Feds Who Try Enforcing New Gun Regs
Vegas: 60,000 Expected to Attend Gun Show
Brisk Gun Sales Leave Store Shelves Bare in Kentucky
Lines Stretched Hundreds of Yards for Gun Show in Virginia
Second Sheriff Refuses to Enforce Gun Confiscation
NRA Ad: President Is 'Elitist Hypocrite'
Citizens File Articles of Impeachment Against Obama
New Video Game Takes Head Shots at NRA’s LaPierre
What’s the Tipping Point?
Innocents Betrayed - Genocide By Gun Control - True History of Gun Confiscation

If We Can’t Defeat Stupidity, Then We Deserve Tyranny
San Francisco Lawmaker Wants to Rename City's Airport After Slain Gay Rights Leader
Is the U.S. Constitution a Christian Document?
JAN 15
NY Times: Obama Plans 19 Executive Orders on Gun Control
NY Set to Pass 'Toughest' Gun Bill
18 Facts That Prove Piers Morgan Is Flat Out Lying About Gun Control
Meese: Obama Risks Impeachment If He Uses Executive Order for Gun Control
Texas Congressman Vows to Impeach Obama If He Uses Executive Order on Gun Control
It's Politicians We Need to Control, Not Guns
Walmart Responds to 'Suspended Ammo' Story
Gunny & Glock: Wrong Diner

Obama Administration Hiding Info on Targeted Killings of Americans - Senator
Senator Asks CIA Nominee When Drones Can Kill Americans
O War! Thou Son of Hell - As America Stands on Verge of Domestic War, My Heart Sobs for History Harshly Learned
The Obama Identity Theft Scandal

Is Another Civil War on the Horizon?
Is Obama Shaping a New Majority?
Jon Hammar’s Journey to Freedom – Ex-Marine Talks About His Imprisonment in Mexico

JAN 14
Attendance Likely to Drop By a Million for Second Obama Inauguration
NRA Says Congress Will Not Pass Weapons Ban
House Identified on NY Paper’s ‘Gun Map’ Burglarized – And the Robbers Went Straight for the Guns
In Fiery Blast, Judge Jeanine Pirro Hits Back at The Journal News for Printing Names/Addresses of Gun Permit Owners

Armed Good Samaritans Rescue Man After Gunpoint Robbery: They ‘Protected Me When I Couldn’t Protect Myself’
Judge Napolitano: The Right to Shoot Tyrants, Not Deer
Gottlieb: Hooray for the Second Amendment
Thousands Endure Long Lines to Get into San Francisco Gun Show

Gun Show at SF Cow Palace Draws Thousands

Guns Already Allowed in Schools With Little Restriction in Many States
Poll Results: Blaze Readers on Guns and the Second Amendment
Patriotic Group to Build Armed 'Defensible' Neighborhood Fortress
72% of U.S. Casualities in Afghan War Under Obama's Watch
RFK Jr: JFK Probe 'Shoddy,' Doesn't Believe Lone Gunman Theory
EPA to Outlaw Many Wood Burning Stoves
Why You Should Add Disaster Preparedness to Your New Year's Resolutions
The Luciferian Elite and the Destruction of America
JAN 11
NRA Gears Up for Gun Control Fight with White House
See What Gun Laws Do in Chicago!
Our 2nd Amendment Right: The Militia Is the Key
More States Look for Ways to Control Gun Laws to Keep Uncle Sam's Hands Off Their Weapons
Biden Drafts Gun Agenda While Acknowledging Weak Links to Tragedies
Ted Nugent Unloads: Gun Owners the Next Rosa Parks – 'We Will Sit Down on the Front Seat of the Bus'
Real Gun Threat: Illegal-Alien Street Gangs
Guns and Freedom
NRA: 100,000 New Members in 18 Days – 'Our Goal Is 5 Million Before This Debate Is Over'
In Debate with Breitbart's Shapiro, CNN's Piers Morgan Calls the Constitution 'Your Little Book'
Where Does Hatred of Constitutionalism Come From?
The Death of Privacy: Mass Surveillance in the Technetronic Era
A Conspiracy So Immense
JAN 10
Huckabee: Obama Gun Grab Is Contempt for Constitution
Obama Could Use 'Executive Orders' to Force Through New Gun Control Measures, Warns Biden
Mom Who Shot Intruder Inspires Gun Control Foes
Idaho Dad’s Letter Says It All: ‘These Guns Protect My Children’ – HOLLY COMMENT: Notice the Nativity scene in the background. This puts an additional target on their heads.
Ben Swann REALITY CHECK for Piers Morgan Gun Stats

White House Considers Ramming Through Gun Control Via Executive Order

Shatner from 'Boston Legal' Looks at Gun Control – humorous view of gun ownership

Background Check for Ammo Purchases? It’s the Latest Gun-Control Proposal
Newspaper Reveals Location of Gun Owners in Texas
Eric Holder to Stay on as Attorney General
Islam ‘Helped to Shape’ CIA Nominee John Brennan’s World View
1 in 25 American Teens Attempts Suicide
They Are Getting Ready: “No Obvious Reason” for Why China Is Massively Boosting Stockpiles of Rice, Iron Ore, Precious Metals, Dry Milk
Iowa Lawmaker Calls for Retroactive Gun Ban, Confiscation of Semi-Automatic Weapons
The Big List of Who Hates Guns
Did CIA Pick Sanitize Obama's Passport Records?
America Is Being Systematically Transformed into a Totalitarian Society
The Entitlement Society
Krauthammer Warns ‘in a Second Term, Obama Is Going to Show Who He Really Is’

Emperor Obama's New Clothes Set New Cool Trend
Bad Things Happen When Agenda 21/ICLEI Advocates Come to Your Town
Top 10 Most Dangerous U.S. Government Agencies
Washington National Cathedral to Wed Same-Sex Couples
No More Paper Social Security Checks Come March
Little Canada Man Videotaped Sheriff's Deputies, and Got Charged for It
Border Gun Tracking Fought by Group Near Newtown School
Large Cities All Over America Are Degenerating into Gang-Infested War Zones
White House in Gun Control Ramps Up
Homeowner Fends Off 3 Men Thanks to His Handgun During Home Invasion
Well, Hide Your Guns!!!
FLASHBACK: Obama: I Will NOT Take Your Guns Away – HOLLY COMMENT: No liar like a seasoned liar – and this is just the short list.

Manager of FPS Russia Murdered: Pro-Gun Channel Was 3rd Most Popular YouTube Channel
Stunning Video: Government Statistics Prove Armed America Is Safer Than Disarmed Europe
U.S. Marine Who Stood Up to Feinstein Takes on “Gun-Free Zones”; Says They “Advertise the Hunting Grounds for Predators in Our Society”

Gun Control and the Paradox of Liberty
FEMA Offers Sandy Victim $1,200 for $40K in Damages to House
Latin America Beware – The Imperialists Are Coming for More
The War against U.N. Agenda 21 Just Got Hotter
Most Americans Will Submit to the New World Order
Former NYC Mayor Ed Koch on Obama’s Hagel Nomination: Obama Betrayed Israel “Earlier Than I Thought He Would”...
Federal Reserve, FBI Spied on Occupy Wall Street Movement, Documents Show
Library of Congress Digs into Full Archive of 170 Billion Tweets
Flashing Red Lies of Benghazi
The Fix is in Part V: Hillary’s Benghazi Cover-up 101 for Dummies
Finance and Decadence
The Revenge of Obama
The New American Golden Age, Economic Boom and Babylon
White House War Against Guns: Obama Prepares to Launch Clamp Down on Guns: President Aims for Sweeping Firearm Restrictions That Go Well Beyond Assault Weapons Ban
Buchanan Warns of 'Revolution' Over Guns
My Line in the Sand Is Drawn Here!
2012 U.S. Gun Sales Shatter Records
FBI: More People Killed with Hammers, Clubs Each Year than Rifles
Compare 10 Big “KILLERS” in the U.S. – The Chart Anti-Gunners Don’t Want You to See
North Carolina Police Lieutenant Warns of Plans for Martial Law in 2013
Obama President for Life? H.J. Res 15 Bill

Michael Savage: Time for a 'Nationalist' Party United Against Dems, GOP
Americans Are Targeted for Planned Obsolescence
Iran State TV Praises Obama’s ‘anti-Israel’ Hagel Selection
The First Muslim President
Egyptian Mag Affirms Brotherhood Infiltration of White House – 6 American Muslims Have Strong Influence on U.S. Policy
Interactive 'Gun Map' Prompts Anthrax Scare at NY Paper
Congress to Vote on Sandy Aid as FEMA Warns Funds Low
Recreational Marijuana Users Could Get Pot from Vending Machines
– HOLLY COMMENT: Gee is it really necessary to sink to the depths at a quicker pace?
Lawmakers Review Plan to Declare Voters 'Bigots'
Ex-FEMA Official to Plead Guilty to Steering Contracts to Gallup During Job Hunt
EPIC Obtains Documents on NSA Perfect Citizen Program Monitoring Private U.S. Computer Networks
How to Evade Government Surveillance and Stay Anonymous
Kucinich: 'Indefinite Detention Part of Push to Shred Constitution'

Obama and His Plans for Tyranny
Obama Would Call on Military to Disarm Americans During National Emergency
Obama Signs $633 Billion Defense Bill
Off-Duty Deputy Shoots Gunman at San Antonio Movie Theater before He can Shoot People in the Theater

Gun Control Fight: Illinois Dems Advance Gun Control Bills, Firearms Group Warns of 'No Exemptions'
Des Moines Register Publishes 'New Agenda' on Guns — Kill NRA Members
Gun Background Check Wait Times Continue to Grow in Colorado as Gun Sales Soar into New Year
Have You Seen the ‘Guns Are Welcome’ Sign That’s Burning up the Internet?
New High: 51% Think U.S. Needs Stricter Gun Control Laws
What You’ll See in the Rebellion
Fred Barnes: The President Who Wants It All
Bush Looking Better After 4 Years of Obama
Rescue of the United States of America
Did the DHS Just Award an Ammunition Contract to a Shell Corporation?
Gallup: Americans Unsure if Best Times for U.S. Are Past or to Come
Kentucky Woman Arrested After Trying to Buy ipads with Food Stamps
Obama's Inauguration – The Portals will Open!
Obama Administration: We Can and Will Force Christians to Act Against Their Faith
Feinstein and Fellow Gun-Grabbers Go for Broke
‘No Ma’am’: Letter from U.S. Marine to Dianne Feinstein Goes Viral
Strategy for Guns and Ammo in 2013
Hypocrisy of anti-gun Hollywood Stars: Hilarious Youtube Video Reveals Bloody Roles Filmed By Celebrities Now Calling for Gun Control
Gun Registration - The Nazi Paradigm. Gun Grabbers Gone Wild
Colombian Bulletproof Clothing Designer Launches New Children's Line of Vests and Backpacks in Wake of Sandy Hook Massacre – HOLLY NOTE: Really? Is this really necessary or just someone out to make a buck?
Who Subverted Tea-Party Movement?
'Lawfully Married': Maryland Ushers in 2013 with Its First Same-Sex Nuptials
On CNN: Kathy Griffin Kisses (Gay) Anderson Cooper's Crotch
You Know How This Ends Right? This Ends Through War.
'Unimaginable' Number of Veterans Homeless
100 Survival Items to Help Keep a Sense of Normality and Sanity After the Collapse
Let’s Give Up on the Constitution – HOLLY COMMENT: Clearly this person has lost his mind – and sense of what it means to be American.
Legal Marijuana Clubs Open in Colorado – DEYO COMMENT: Yes thank you, this is exactly what we want to be known for. Puff on.