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Real UFO With Aliens Caught on Camera

Eerie 'Very Chilling' Noise Coming from One World Trade Center Baffles New Yorkers
NOV 15
Man Dies After Opening 'Pandora's Box'
OCT 29
UFO Falls on a Hill Inside Chile's Elqui Valley
Why Are Aliens Abducting Us?
OCT 21
Jim Sparks on Alien Abduction

OCT 18
Strange Smoke Ring Spotted in Fla. County
Two UFOs in NASA Photos Which Is Has the Word "Unidentified" in Its URL Name, UFO Sighting News
Dark Journalist: Richard Dolan: UFOs & The Breakaway Civilization

The Devil's Promenade: Inside Rural Missouri Town Haunted By Mysterious Light That Even Army Engineers Are At a Loss to Explain
NSA, Solar Patterns, UFO Radar, & Animal Mutilations (starts 39 min. in)

Rael: If We Build it They Will Come!
Remember All the Whoop about That 090913 Website? Today it's a 'Dead' Site. In case you missed it, here is a YouTube refresher. More spew or preview?...
Is It The Hum? Strange Groaning from the Sky Spooks Canada Town and Similar Reports Have Emerged Worldwide
Ghana: Huge, Mysterious Mammal Appears on Asanta Beach in Jomoro District
Sun's Reflection Melts Car
Strange Trumpet Sounds Over Canada 8-31-13

AUG 30
India: Footprints in Rock Evidence of Ancient People from Sky?
AUG 26
Doctors Confounded With India Baby’s Burst into Flames – 3 Times
Could This Finally Be Proof That Nessie Exists?
AUG 19
Scientology's 'Alien Space Cathedral and Spaceship Landing Pad' Revealed
AUG 15
Man Tattoos His Entire Body with 1,000 Spots That He Claims Give Him Powers to 'See in the Dark and Run Really Fast'
AUG 12
UFO Alien or Ghostly Apparition Naples Florida

Mystery Lights: 'There's More! They Keep Coming!'
Rihanna Takes It a Step Too Far as She Shows Off Her New Grills... in the Shape of a GUN
Secret Space War VII: Joint USG/Alien Hybrid Program
Mystery Lights in Sky Spotted Across America: 'I Never Really Believed In This Sort of Thing Until Tonight'
Bedeviling Phenomenon: What Do You Make of the 1,200-Foot Wide Pentagram on Google Maps?
NASA’s (un)Scientific Approach to UFO Study
Art Bell Returning to Radio with Sirius
Satanists Perform 'Gay Ritual' at Meridian, Miss Gravesite
Woman Wears Mermaid Tail, Banned From Community Pool
Alien Hybrid Humanoids Are Living On Earth

UFO Over Australia

UFOs Seen Dropping Pods All Over The World

Horticultural Hate: The Mystery of the Forest Swastikas
Puerto Rico Town Mystified by Missing Remains
Nick Pope Who Formerly Ran the British Govt's UFO Project at the Ministry of Defense Reports on Alien Phenomena, Abductions and Crop Circles
(starts 39:10
Egyptian Statue Spins All By Itself at Manchester Museum

UFO Fast Seen Through The Window In London, June 13
Bleeding Trees: An Apocalyptic Sign? The Apocalypse of Ezra Predicted It

MAY 20
Manure Menace: Mysterious Poop Foam Causes Explosions on Hog Farms
MAY 17
UFOs: Motives, Money and Mysteries
MAY 13
Strange Sky Phenomena Escalating Worldwide

64 Reasons Why the Government Might Have Chosen Not to Disclose the ET Reality
2 Living ETs Working with US Government

Airliner 'Almost Hit UFO' over Scotland
APR 26
Baby Burned Alive: Chile Arrests 4 Accused of Killing Child for Being 'Antichrist' in Ritual Sacrifice
APR 24
Is This 6-Inch 'Space Alien' Really Human? DNA Tests on Tiny Creature Found in Say Yes
California Witness Reports Waking to '15 Entities' in Bedroom
APR 23
The Serpo Exchange and Terrorism Update (starts 8:30 min in)

APR 15
Creepy Black-eyed Children (starts 8

Fastwalkers - UFO Documentary

Larry Taylor Blog ~ April 14
Whitley Strieber: How ETs Connect with Crop Circles, Cattle Mutilations, UFO Sightings, Alien Abductions, Near-Death Experiences (starts 40:55 min. in)
Super Models Stay 'Paris Thin' By Eating Kleenex
Surprising Number of Americans Believe In Conspiracy Theories – And Many of Them Are Actually True
Scientists Find Mysterious Giant Pockmarks on Chatham Rise
Turkey UFO Sightings in Turkey (starts 1 hr., 19 min. in)
Turkey UFO Footage

Larry Taylor Blog
MAR 29
Boy Who Lived in Amityville Horror Breaks 40-Year Silence to Reveal What REALLY Happened - Blames Stepfather's Obsession with Occult for Terrifying Ordeal
MAR 26
Aliens or Elephants? What's Causing Perfect Ice Circles in a New York Pond?
MAR 25
New Zealand Mother Leaves Baby in Parking Lot with Note to 'Call Mum If I Need Anything'
MAR 22
Loud Booms in Louisville and Fort Knox, KY; Southern Illinois; Kamiah, Idaho; and Rhode Island
Photographer Takes Photo from Top of World's Tallest Skyscraper, Standing on Rail
Snake on Fire Burns Down House
MAR 19
Highwire Stuntman Plans to Cross Grand Canyon Without Tether
Planet X (starts 37:30 min. in)
MAR 15
Lawsuit Says 2-Year-Old Boy Ate Used Condom at Chicago McDonald's
Confusing Question of the Day - Obama Pardons The Sequester

MAR 13
Hilarious 'North Korean Propaganda' Video Depicts 'Modern America': U.S. Citizens Drink Snow, Live in Tents Supplied By Pyongyang... and Eat 'Yummy' Birds on a Tuesday
Venezuela Opening Investigation into Whether Chavez Given Cancer by US

MAR 11
Mark Burnett on Miraculous 'The Bible': 'Weird Things Happened During Filming'
Unexplained Structures

Murderers, Rapists Allowed to Collect Pictures of Their Victims and Use Them to Boast to Other Inmates
Fireballs with Sonic Booms Increase Over 500% from 2005 to 2012
Nevada Politician Uncovers FEMA Plans for “Zombie UFO Crash” Disaster Drill on April 27
'My 5-year-old Daughter Is Scared of Me': Heavily Tattooed Star of Freakshow Reveals the Price of His Obsession
Loud Rumbling, Strange Booms Heard in Springfield, Mo. and Throughout So. Carolina
Strange Sky Phenomena Escalating Worldwide

Police Officer Who Smashed into Pensioner's Car in Line for 'Six Figure Sum' After Suing Force
Man Calls 911 Repeatedly for Cheeseburger
Mysterious Light Blamed for Circle of Fire
Demons, Souls, The Matrix, and the Pentagon
Man Pushes Girlfriend Off Cliff

FEB 28
Smoke a Joint, Get an ObamaPass: Sell a Gun to Someone Who Smokes a Joint, Get 20 Years in Jail
"Boom" Remains a Mystery Across Southern Arizona
Myserious Booms Investigated in New York

FEB 27
'Disabled Children Cost Too Much and Should Be Put Down': Calls for Councillor to Stand Down After Outrageous Rant
FEB 26
Pastor Plans Toy Gun Buyback Program
FEB 25
Man Arrested for Releasing Valentine's Day Balloons for... Endangering the Environment
Friendly Aliens Seek Earth Allies, Will Protect Small Countries That Join Them, Capital of World Will Be in China Says Professor
Snow Plough Driver Fired After He Taped Video of Himself Laughing Maniacally as He Buried Cars in Boston
Construction Resumes on Nation's Largest Home – 90,000 sq. ft. Dubbed "Versailles"
FEB 22
Woman Shot By Oven While Trying to Cook Waffles
FEB 21
Want to Keep Tweeting After You’Re Dead? There’s an App for That
Florida Woman Addicted to Growing Her Hair Has Mane 21 FEET Long
FEB 20
Popocatepetl Volcano in Mexico Sparks Fresh UFO Alert
11-Year-Old Cancer Survivor Catches Fire in Hospital
Texas Woman Calls 911: 'I Need Some Cigarettes'
FEB 18
Mother Launches Crusade to Save Horses By Letting Pony Destined for the Slaughter House Move into Her Front Room
NWO Elite and Aliens – America's Hidden History (starts 38:27 min. in)
FEB 14
Here's Another One Just Since Yesterday: 'Don't End Up with a Behind Like Mine': Dancer Who Spent $15,000 on Butt Injections Tries to Cure Woman Addicted to Them
Thousands of Facebook Fans Worship Cop-Killer Dorner and His 'Crusade Against Government Forces'
Dogs and Owners Lock Lips at Annual Kissing Contest
FEB 13
'I Freaked Out': Victim of Botched Butt Surgery Speaks for First Time about Moment Her Implants 'Flipped Inside Out' – HOLLY NOTE: We all have things we'd like to change about our appearance, but those 'flaws' are what make us unique. Weekly articles are written about people losing their eyesight because they choose surgery to change their iris color from say, brown to blue; or people who 'botox' their genitalia for more pleasure. It's not just women. Men are having chest, calf and penile implants. Have we not lost all perspective here? This is but (no pun intended) another example of people losing sight of what's important. If God didn't give you a plump booty, so what? Do you want to look like you swallowed 2 flower pots?
FEB 12
'Dead Bodies Are Rising from Their Graves': Hackers Break into TV's Emergency Alert System to Warn of Zombie Apocalypse in Montana
FEB 11
Sri Lanka Prisoner Caught By His Ring Tone
Man’s Prosthetic Eye Falls Out During Trial, Judge Declares Mistrial
Accused Witch Burned Alive In Papua New Guinea
Tens of Thousands of Hong Kong's Poorest Are Forced to Live In 6Ft By 2Ft Metal Cages
Dog with 'Human' Face, Available for Adoption
More UFO Sightings in South Texas
Rare Bird Phenomenon Swirls in Israel's Sky

Russian Scientists Claim to Have Found Remains of Siberian Loch Ness Monster
Missouri Cty. Law Enforcement, Residents Search for Source of Loud "Boom"
Hero Hitchhiker Uses Hatchet to Save Woman from Deranged Driver Claiming He Was 'Jesus'

Mysterious Booms and Light Flashes Across U. S.
Father Destroys His £300,000 ($475K) Family Home with Sledgehammer After 7-year Row Over Inheritance with His Brother
JAN 31
Dog Sentenced to Death in Tennessee Because He Is 'Gay' – HOLLY NOTE: Any person who has owned two dogs at once, whether it's two of the same gender or one of each, knows this is a common practice in a show for dominance. What an unfortunate display of ignorance this is. UPDATE: GREAT NEWS! Saved in the nick of time! Woman with heart saves this dog after hundreds of people called looking to adopt him. Details here.
It Is Now a Crime to Unlock Your Smartphone
Captain Claims Hooked Marlin Sunk His Fishing Boat
JAN 30
Woman Can't Stop Eating Cat Hair, Says It's Like 'Cotton Candy'

Couple Face Jail After Nursing a Coyote-Bitten Fawn Back to Health - Because They Didn't Let It DIE
Alien Photographed in Texas, Circles Astound Australians, Green UFOs on ISS Live Cam, Huge UFO Punching Through Earth’s Clouds and Atmosphere Seen from ISS
JAN 29
Surfer Garrett McNamara Rides World Record 100Ft Wave in Portugal
Surfer Rides World Record 100Ft Wave'

JAN 28
Death Knell for Cemetery Coffin Toilet
JAN 23
Court Drops Case Against Hungry Goat
Teachers Urged to Grad Papers in Blue Ink as Red Might Make Students 'Anxious'
JAN 22
New Zealand Environmental Advocate Launches Campaign to Ban Cats As Pets
SW Indiana's Mysterious Booms Subside with No Answers
JAN 21
Pennsylvania Girl, 5, Suspended for Threatening to Shoot Girl with Pink Toy Gun That Blows Soap Bubbles
Woman Bringing Horror of 'Human Branding' to Britain in Protest Against Animal Cruelty
JAN 17
Notre Dame, Heisman Finalist Claim Girlfriend and Her Death a Hoax
Girlfriend Hoax: Heisman Finalist Claims He Was Fooled by 'Sick Joke'
Ex-China Foreign Ministry Official Says Extraterrestrials Live Among Us
Mystery Light Flashes Through Winnipeg Sky

JAN 16
Kids in England Threatened with Arrest If They Throw Snowballs
Louisiana Burglar Caught After Trying to Rob with Bucket on His Head
Rescue Underway for Woman Stuck Between 2 Buildings
JAN 15
Deaf Twins Who Discovered They Were Going Blind and Would Never See Each Other Again Are Euthanized in Belgian Hospital
UFOs 'Spotted Over Texas': Oil Workers Claim to Have Seen Flying Saucers
JAN 14
No 'Death Star' for US, White House Say
JAN 11
Snake Clings to Plane Wing During 2 Hour Australian Flight
Ex-wife Hog-ties Florida Man, Drags Him Behind Truck
Tequila-swilling Tree Trimmer Gets Stuck 40 Feet Off Ground
Extraterrestrials Confirmed By Peruvian Air Force Researcher, Videos
Cat Caught Smuggling Items into Brazilian Prison
Gross! Photo Shows Hair Growing on Eyeball
Latest Brazilian Woman to Auction Virginity Online
76-year-old Man Trapped When Hunting for Lottery Ticket
Cloud Atlas - Hollywood's Depraved Occult Fantasy