DEC 31
Children 'Beheaded and Mutilated' in Central African Republic, says UNICEF
Unemployed Man Thrown Out of Supermarket for Wearing SS Uniform Dresses His Dog in Swastika-Covered Jacket 
Chinese President Orders PLA to Prepare for War
Forecast 2014: Northeast Asia
DEC 27
Bolton: Putin Plot to 'Reconstitute Old Soviet Union' – 'It's Hard to Imagine a Worse Outcome for U.S. Than Where We Are Now'
Entire Australian Island Evacuated After Generator Fire Cuts Power
The Burglar Who Returned 2 Nights Later to Rape His Victim... and the Awesome Courage That Saved Her
Brett Lee Slams Piers Morgan in Australian Cricket Match After Monumental Mouth-off
DEC 24
US Marines en Route to South Sudan to Help Possible Evacuation - Reports
Dawn Suicide Attack Kills 14, Wounds 130 in Egypt
Week-long Aleppo Air Raids Kill More Than 300: Monitor

DEC 20
China Defense Ministry Confirms Naval Confrontation
Best Beer Prank – Kiwis Plumb Friend's Entire House with "Suds"

DEC 18
Giant Mushroom Cloud Covers Europe in Painting at China’s Lunar Rover Exhibit
Russia to Deploy Rail-Mounted Nuclear Missiles in Response to U.S. Missile Shield
U.S. Pessimism Sets in Over Iran Nuclear Talks
Canberra Risks More By Crossing China
Russia, Egypt Ink $2 Billion Weapons Deal: Arms Deal Comes After U.S. Cuts Cairo’s Aid
‘Slaughtered Like Sheep’: Eyewitnesses Recount Massacre in Adra, Syria
Russia Accuses US of Ignoring Syrian Chemical Proof
The 10 Most Corrupt Mexicans of 2013
DEC 13
'It's Freezing Now. I Seek Refuge in God': Plight of Syrian Refugees Dying of Cold in Lebanon After Authorities Refuse to Grant Their Camps Official Recognition
UN Confirms That Chemical Arms Were Repeatedly Used in Syria
Greens Call for End of Australia's Ranger Uranium Mine Operations After Slurry Spill
North Korea Executes Kim Jong Un's 'Traitor' Uncle
All Migrants Must Pass English Tests Before They Can Claim Benefits: Duncan Smith to Tighten Rules on Grasp of Language – HOLLY NOTE: America should take a page from England's playbook.
DEC 12
Russia Warns America ‘We Will Respond with Nukes’
Sources: White House Has Killed Iran Sanctions
Poll: Voters Overwhelmingly Support Upping Sanctions on Iran
Australia Reverses Short-Lived Gay-Marriage Law
Case of Incest and Depravity Which Came to Rest in the Hills of a Quiet Country Town
DEC 11
Demonstrations in Ukraine Grow as Police Leave Protest Camp
Putin vs. Pro-West Ukrainians
The Mandela Cover-up Unravels
McDonald’s Customer Smashes Up Drive-Through Counter with Axe Because His Chips Were Not Warm Enough
DEC 10
Iceland Government Wants to Cut Foreign Aid, Increase Health Care Spending – HOLLY NOTE: Many people have sent in an article saying that Icelanders have overthrown their govt. and that it's been covered up. We can find no verification of this and suggest it is yet another Internet rumor. Judging from this image, it appears their government is alive, well and functioning.
Syria: Islamists Find a New Way to Behead
Write Wrongs! Over 500 World-Famous Authors Sign Anti-Surveillance Petition
Man Jumps to Death in Mall After Girlfriend Insists on More Shopping
China Holds War Games Near Korean Border
Canada to Include the North Pole in Its Claim for Arctic Territory, Resources
Huge Crowds Rally for EU Deal, Build Barricades in Ukrainian Capital
6 Hospitalized, Detained in Mexico Nuke Exposure
The Real Mandela in His Own Words
Dancing in PJs, Dressing Gowns, South Africans' Extraordinary Celebration of the Man Who Won Their Freedom
'Real Leaders Must Be Ready to Sacrifice All for the Freedom of Their People' – HOLLY NOTE: So shockingly opposite of Obama's 'leadership'
“Saint” Mandela? Not So Fast!
Nelson Mandela: Media Fawns Though He was a Marxist Terrorist
Nelson “Kill the Whites” Mandela, Friend of HAMAS/PLO, Anti-Israel Racist, Dead; VIDEO: “Kill the Whites”
Child Taken from Womb By Social Services
BLAMING BUSH? Iran Enrichment Soared By 400% Under Obama – HOLLY NOTE: When will Obama grow up, put on his big boy pants and start accepting responsibility for the scandals and fiasco his presidency has become? 5 years into his turn at the helm, he still blames everyone but himself. This behavior does not command respect.
6 Reasons to Worry About the Iranian Nuclear Deal
Surprise! Guess Who Loves the Iran Deal?
World Record For Christmas Lights Set By Australians
Which Countries Are The Most and lEast Corrupt?
2,000 Mice Dropped on Guam By Parachute to Kill Snakes
'He's Alive! He's Alive!': Astonishing Moment Fisherman Who Survived for 60 Hours in an Air Pocket Was Found By Rescuers After His Boat Capsized
Commander: Iran Resolved to Deploy in Atlantic Ocean
Venezuela: Socialists Can’t Keep the Lights On
New Russian Submarines Are So Silent That the U.S. Navy Calls Them “Black Holes”
UN: Syria Crimes Evidence 'Indicates' Assad Role
90 Killed in Australia in Single-Punch Assaults Since 2000
China Launches First Moon Mission
Young Man Stages Horrifying Online Suicide Attempt as 200 Viewers Watched Live and ENCOURAGED Him
NOV 30
WaPost: White House Omitting Facts About Iran Nuclear Deal
Gen. Keane: Iran Deal 'Clearly Protects Their Nuclear Weapon Program'

Netanyahu Vows to Banish ‘Darkness’ of Iran Nuke Program
‘Secret Talks With Iran Led Obama to Shelve Strike on Syria’
Israeli Officials Denounce Obama for Giving Iran Right to Enrich, Destroying Sanctions
Europe Announces Disaster Communication Plans for Nuke Emergency
China Sends Fighters to Investigate US, Japanese Flights Over East China Sea
‘US Freed Top Iranian Scientist As part of Secret Talks Ahead of Geneva Deal’
NOV 25
Iranians Hail 'Smiling' FM as Hero of Nuclear Deal
Amb. Bolton: Iranian Nuke Deal the Opening Gun of a NUCLEAR ARMS RACE in the Middle East
Obama Hails Iran Nuke Deal as Netanyahu Slams 'Historic Mistake'
Officials: Israelis in Secret Trip to Inspect Saudi Bases: Could Be Used as Staging Ground for Strikes Against Iran
Weekend Declaration By China Ratchets Up Chances of Conflict with Japan and the U.S.
U.S. Warns China Over East China Sea Maritime Grab
Wrecking Ball: Pamela Geller warns, 'Iran's Promises Are a Device to Stall for Time'
'Hunger Games Catching Fire': 4th-Biggest Open
Stuntman Sets Human Torch Record After His Wife Sets Him on Fire for Almost 6 Minutes
NOV 21
Iran Launches ‘Massive’ War Drills
40,000 NATO Troops to Stage Massive European War Games
England Advises New Migrants: Don't Spit, Have Sex in the Street or Use It as a Toilet
NOV 20
Baghdad Bombing Wave Kills at Least 24, Wounds 87
Widow 'Sleeps with Husband's Corpse for a Year'
NOV 19
Beirut Bombing: Twin Attacks Target Iranian Embassy, 23 Killed, 146 Injured
They Live! Interdimensional Creatures on the Mountains of Madness Pt 2
Mother Fined for Not Including Ritz Crackers in Children’s Lunch
NOV 14
Russia Building New Long-Range Missile-Firing Drone By 2016
China Tests High-Speed Precision-Guided Torpedo – HOLLY NOTE: This is concerning especially in light of this story Russia and China Prepare for Day When They Will Nuke the United States from 2 weeks ago
India's Top Cop: Women Should 'Enjoy' Rape
Toronto Crack Mayor Warns More Scandal May Come – HOLLY NOTE: Nobody rejoices in someone's leaders making disgraces of themselves, but it a relief that for once, it's not an American.
China, Cuba, Russia, Saudi Arabia Elected to U.N. Human Rights Council
Investigators: British Spy Found Dead in Bag Likely Accident

NOV 13
Khamenei Controls Massive Financial Empire Built on Property Seizures Estimated at $95 Billion
North Korea Publicly Executes 80, Some for Videos or Bibles, Report Says
Baby Presumed Dead After Girl Obsessed With Crime Shows Snatched Him and Threw Him Into a Sewer to See If Police Could Catch Her
NOV 12
Interdimensional Creatures on The Mountains of Madness
Union Vows to Continue Using Controversial Intimidation Tactics to Teach 'Bad Bosses They Have Nowhere to Hide'
NOV 11
Britain Stands Still to Honor Fallen
Syria’s Redlines, Headlines, and Bottom Lines
Saudi Arabia Said to Have Bought Nukes from Pakistan
Chinese Labor Camp Inmate Tells of True Horror of Halloween 'SOS'
Man Who Got Breast Implants on $100,000 Bet Worries About 'Sagging'
40 Maps That Will Help You Make Sense of the World
U.S., SKorea Far from Agreeing to Relaunch Nuclear Talks with NKorea
Mexican Lawyer Undergoes Extreme Body Modification to Become Vampire Lady
Room With a View: Amazing Bubble Hotel in France
Boy, Girl, Other: New Law in Germany Allows Parents to Leave Their Child's Gender Blank on Birth Certificates
Woman at UK Airport Takes Guard's Request to Remove Her Clothing Literally
Now Europe Wants to Make It Harder to Clean Your Carpets with New Rules Banning Powerful Vacuum Cleaners
iPads Banned from Britain's Cabinet Over Chinese Spying Fears
Thousands of People Evacuated From Their Homes in Germany After Discovery of 4,000-Pound WWII Bomb
China Prepares for War

Chinese, Russian Troops Join 2005 War Games

Enemies: How America's Foes Steal Our Vital Secrets -- And How We Let It Happen, Part 1 – HOLLY NOTE: Did they use America's stolen sub tech?

China Submarines to Soon Carry Nukes, Draft U.S. Report Says
Mystery Missile Launch Seen off Calif. Coast
CT 31
Israel Issues Warning on Report on Iran Bomb
Nuclear Power Dirty Bomb
So Far 2,056 Nuclear Bombs Detonated All Over the World
Europe's Simmering Immigration Crisis
Former Brazilian Footballer's Head Left on His Doorstep
OCT 29
Iran 2 Weeks Away from Weapons-Grade Uranium
Syria Had 1,230 Missiles Ready to Be Loaded With Chemical Weapons
China Unveils Secretive Nuclear Submarine Fleet for the First Time in 4 Decades
Ignored Reality Is Going to Wipe Out the Human Race
'Hitler Wasn't All Bad, He Killed the Jews, the Gays and the Disabled'; Teacher Fired for Inappropriate Comments
Human Zoos and Disappearing Languages: The Plight of China's Minorities
Girl Kills Self When Parents Ban Her from Facebook
OCT 28
'Grand Day of Death to America' Rally Planned in Iran
Iran May Need Only a Month to Produce Enough Weapons-Grade Uranium for Nuclear Bomb
Netanyahu Tells Kerry Lifting Iran Sanctions 'Tragic Mistake'
UK Soldiers Under Investigation After They Were Photographed Performing Nazi Salute in Helmand
OCT 23
Amnesty Says US Officials Should Face War Crimes Charges Over Drone Strikes
Kerry Holds Urgent Talks as US-Saudi Rift Deepens Over Middle East Policy
OCT 22
Turkey's First Online Islamic Sex Shop Opens – HOLLY NOTE: You want relations with these 'black ghosts?" There is something just really wrong here. We hope you're watching Homeland to see just how twisted people get when they are beaten and tortured into believing Islamic propaganda. Think Stockholm syndrome. This is such an on-target unvarnished series much like "The Bridge" addressing our southern border issues. Both are gritty and tough to watch at times, but present the facts.
Experts Stunned at Cost for Website Development – HOLLY NOTE: At a cost of nearly $400 million, assuming these web workers were paid $200/hr, the money spent on this debacle would have paid 962 people a hefty salary of ~$192,308 for a year for a 40/hr week. And they still have a giant foul-up on their hands. That's our tax dollars (not) at work!
Rubio Pushing Bill to Delay ObamaCare Mandate Over Website Meltdown
PRUDEN: Can Geeks Fix Obama’s Flawed Cure-All?
Oprah Winfrey Gave ‘Unequivocal No’ to Selling Obamacare: Report
John McAfee Predicts Hackers Will Empty Obamacare Enrollees' Bank Accounts
OCT 21
Former Shin Bet head warns of ‘Palestinian Spring’
China’s Nuke Sales a Go
Chinese Couple Sells Baby for iPhone
India Digs for Treasure on Tip from Hindu Holy Man Who Says Late King Appeared in Dreams
OCT 17
15,000 Civil Marriages Every Years Are Bogus: 1 in 5 Weddings Held Is Faked to Get Around Migration Laws
China Buyout: Beijing Firms Snap Up European Industries

30 Million People Are Slaves, Half in India: Survey
Antiquated Power Grid Could Plunge Britain into the Dark Ages This Winter Warns Experts
60% of Teens Face Sexting Pressure – a Practice Now Seen as 'Pretty Normal' By Kids
OCT 15
Germany Outlines New Strategy for a European Army
With Iran, US Hovers Between Guarded Optimism and Tough Talk
In Gaza, Hamas Feels the Squeeze
Aussie Company Zookal To Launch Drone Delivery Service
OCT 14
115 Killed, 100 Injured in Temple Stampede in MP
Syria: Army of Islam Continues to Expand
Russian Warheads Fuel Half of US Nuclear Power – Official
The Rape Victims Canada Won’t Help
Brits Lose Control of Nuke Reactors: “Unbelievable… Seriousness of a Major Radioactive Release”
6 Men Held In Connection with Hacking to Death Soldier Lee Rigby Will Not Face Prosecution – HOLLY NOTE: This is one difference between British and U.S. justice. People here involved in a conspiracy to commit whatever also get some type of sentence. Is this PC run amok across the pond or merely pandering to admitted Muslim extremists? Remember the bloody cleaver?
Taliban Vows to Kill Girl They Shot in the Head
UN Chief Suggests Joint Syria Chem Mission With Cyprus Support Base
Russia, US Agree on How Syria Should Destroy Chemical Arsenal, Putin
Four Arrested in Plot to Sabotage Iranian Nuclear Facility
NKorea Warns of 'Horrible Disaster' after U.S., SKorea Engage in Naval Exercises
US Moves Marines to Italy as Situation In Libya Becomes Tense
NKorea Threatens Pre-Emptive Strikes Against SKorea and US
Report: Syria Transferred Chemical Weapons to Hezbollah
U.S., Japan to Upgrade Defense Ties: Closer Relations Come Amid Growing Tensions in Asia Over China’s Behavior
Lampedusa Sinking: Italy Mourns 300+ Dead, Search Resumes for Missing Migrants
Leader of Largest Syrian Rebel Group “Army of Islam” Calls For Return of The Caliphate…
At Least 94 Dead, Hundreds Missing After Shipwreck Off Italian Coast
China Testing New Space Weapons
Jellyfish Shut Down Nuclear Reactor in Sweden
Latin America's Anti-Americanism Is All Talk
'Yankees Go Home!': Venezuela Kicks Out 3 US Diplomats, Alleges Plot to Sabotage Economy
'I'll Breastfeed My Daughter Until She's 10 If That What She Wants': Mother, 51, Defends Right to Nurse Her 5-Year-Old in Public
Swiss War Drill Simulates Invasion by Bankrupt French
Train Runs Over Couple Having Sex on Tracks
Syria 'Chemical Weapons' Crisis: Live Updates
Greek Govt Cracks Down on Neo-Nazi Golden Dawn Party, Arrests Leader
Spots, Skulls and a Giant Buddha Head: Bizarre World of Body Art at London Tattoo Convention
Iran's Message Hasn't Changed
Israel TV: Iran Will Have Enough Uranium for a Bomb in 2 Months
Hundreds of U.S. Guns Now in the Hands of Muslim Brotherhood Militias
Obama Launches Diplomacy With Tehran After Quietly Accepting Iran’s Current Nuclear Capabilities
Office with a View: The Chairlift Operator's Rickety Hut That Juts Out 7,000Ft Over Swiss Mountain
Back to the Bad Old Days: Fixing Energy Prices, Grabbing Land From Property Firms, Boosting the Minimum Wage... British Labour Candidate Revives 70s Socialism
Iran Army to Stage Week-Long Massive Drill in November
Washington and Europe Rush Headlong Towards Accepting a Nuclear Iran
Neighbor from Hell Put Cement Down Drain, Spread Nails and Glass on Driveway, and Threw Buckets of Human Excrement at his Neighbors in 10-Year Campaign of Abuse
China Buyer to Pay $4.7 Billion for USA's Smithfield Foods
China Buys 7.4 Million Acres of Ukraine – Will Farm an Area Roughly the Size of Massachusetts
Illuminati and the NWO: Star Trek, America, Syria, Russia and the Race to Armageddon, Pt 2
Russia Adds 3 Ships to Naval Fleet Near Syria, More Than Doubling U.S. Presence
Illuminati and the NWO: Star Trek, America, Syria, Russia and the Race to Armageddon, Pt 1
Man Who Said He Wanted to Rape, Eat Children Gets 27 Years
Breathtaking Canada

Russian Shot in Quarrel Over Kant's Philosophy
US and Russia Reach Deal on Syria Chemical Weapons
Beheaded in Front of Children, Assad's Thugs Are Dragged to Their Doom and Butchered Like Animals
The Next Event: Destruction on a Massive Scale
5 Generals Threaten Obama: “Attack Syria, Provide ‘Aid And Comfort’ to al-Qaeda, and You’ll Swing”?
Bride, 8, Dies of Internal Bleeding on Wedding Night
4 to be Executed in Infamous India Gang-rape
U.N. Report Will Point To Assad Regime in Attack
Syria: Weapons Plan Faces 'Immense' Challenges
Mother Agnes Mariam: ‘Footage of Syria Chemical Attack is a Fraud’
Vladimir Putin's Letter to America
Russia Went on War Alert Over Missile Test
Report: Russia to Offer Iran S-300 Missiles, New Nuclear Reactor
Dempsey Confident Strikes on Syria Will Be Militarily Effective
Pictured: Torture Dungeon Where British Man Planned to Rape, Murder and Eat Children Beneath His Massachusetts House
Damascus Agrees to Cede Chemical Weapons to Intl Control – Syria FM
Rebels Give US List of Targets That Would Weaken Assad
Intl Experts Have Strong Proof Images of Chemical Victims Fabricated – Moscow
US Senate Delays Syria Strike Vote Over Russian 'Chemical Handover' Proposal
'Let's Start a War' - An Alternative View
America, Syria, Russia, Analysis and Prophecy
Zamboanga City, Philippines ‘Shut Down’ After Muslim Rebels Attack; 220 Hostages, 6 Dead
US Warns China About North Korea Chemical Weapons
Gang Rape Conviction – 4 Guilty in Fatal India Case That Sparked Global Outrage
Entire Swedish Town Prepares to Get Up and Move
Assad: Not "a Single Shred of Evidence" of Chemical Attack
Are Obama’s Sarin Videos Released to CNN Propaganda?
Some See Biblical Visions of Doom in Syria Trouble
Outrage as World Trade Center Girders Given to the UK to Remember the 67 Britons Who Died on 9/11 Are Discovered Rusting away in a Farmyard
Nukes, Illuminati, & WW3

Congressmen Admit to Sherrie Wilcox That Rebels Did the Chemical Weapons Attacks
High-Level U.S. Intelligence Officers: Syrian Government Didn’t Launch Chemical Weapons
Australia Election: Victory for Tony Abbott as Kevin Rudd Concedes Defeat
Russia Gave UN 100-page Report in July Blaming Syrian Rebels for Aleppo Sarin Attack
Russia: Strike on Syria Could Mean Nuke Disaster
US Expands List Of Potential Targets in Syria
Stripped, Bound, Shot in the Head and Dumped in a Well: Horrifying Fate of Assad's Soldiers Executed on Camera By Syrian Rebels
1 Million Syrian Refugee Children Gripped by Bloodshed, Upheaval
Children Urinating on Furniture. Parents Abandoning Their Offspring. People Sleeping Wherever They Want – Everyday Goings on at IKEA Stores
End of the World Job Interview Prank

Egyptian Media Portray Obama as Satan
9 Real Reasons to Go to War in Syria
Indian Rape Victim, 6, Is Forced to MARRY 8-year-old Son of the 'Man Who Attacked Her'
Number of Refugees Fleeing Syria Tops 2 Million
Damning Report Finds New Warships Could Enter Service Without Systems That Will Warn of Enemy Planes and Missiles
Power Blackout Hits 70 % of Venezuela
Assad: 'Obama Is Weak'
Bombshell: Syria's 'Chemical Weapons' Are Sodium Fluoride Used in the U.S. Water Supply

Israel Conducts Successful Joint Missile Interception Test with US in Mediterranean
Biblical Doom of Damascus 'Before Our Eyes'
Kerry: Evidence That Sarin Gas Used in Syria
Government Let British Company Export Nerve Gas Chemicals to Syria
Rebels Admit Responsibility for Chemical Weapons Attack
Obama’s Climb-Down on Syria Attack Spells “Military Nightmare” for Allies Israel, Turkey, Jordan
USS Nimitz Carrier Group Rerouted for Possible Help with Syria
Pressure on Cameron for New Vote on Syria Strikes
As Syria Implodes, Mrs. Assad Goes on Bizarre Shopping Extravaganza for $500,000 Chandeliers and Imported Western Food
Suez Canal Authority Says Attack Attempted on Container Ship
Pat Buchanan: Chemical Attacks in Syria "Reeks of a False Flag Operation"

America, Syria, and Russia: Opening the Gates of Hell
Anderson Cooper and CNN Caught Staging Fake News About Syria to Justify Military Intervention
The Picture That John Kerry Really Doesn’t Want You to See
Wife Boils Husband In Pressure Cooker in Lu'an City, China
AUG 30
Stunning Defeat: UK Votes Against Syria Strike, Obama in a Bind
US Intel Proves Kerry a LIAR! - Exclusive Footage of Rebel Gas Attack in Syria
Is Assad Now Using Napalm on His Own People? Pictures Reveal Horrific Injuries of Syrian Civilians Also Feared to Have Been Targeted With Phosphorous Bombs
French President Endorses Syria Action Despite UK Vote
Attack on Syria Is About Saving Face, Not U.S.
Parliament Voted Cameron Down... Nearly 80% of Americans Want Obama to Get Congress OK on Syria
Here Are the top 10 American Corporations Profiting from Egypt's Military
This Is the Most Dangerous Time in Modern History-Intelligence Insider Update
The Chessboard of World War III
Wake Up and Smell the Coffins -- 1 Out of 4 Will Die
TransCanada Says Gulf Coast Pipeline over 90% Complete
AUG 28
Syrian Officials’ ‘Panicked Calls’ Prove Culpability, US Says
U.S.: Al Qaeda-linked Group Behind Benghazi Attack Trains Jihadists for Syrian Rebel Groups
Syria’s al Qaeda Rebels Vow Revenge Terror Attacks – Terror Group Plan ‘Volcano of Revenge’ for Chemical Weapons Attack
Does Obama Know He’s Fighting on al-Qa’ida’s Side?
Iran, N. Korea Run Operations Room in Syria
22 Reasons Why Starting World War 3 in the Middle East Is a Really Bad Idea
Parents' Horror as Chinese Boy, 6, Has His Eyes Gouged Out After Being 'Kidnapped By Organ Trafficker Who Stole Both His Corneas'
AUG 27
American Missile Strikes Against Syria Could Come 'as Early as Thursday,' US Officials Say
Defense Sec. Hagel: U.S. Military Prepared to Strike Syria If President Obama Orders
British Warplanes in Cyprus Preparing for Syria Strike
Kerry: Use of Chemical Weapons in Syria "a Moral Obscenity"
Syria Says Will Defend Itself Using 'All Available Means' in Case of US Strike
Syrian Official: Israel 'Will Come Under Fire' If Syria Attacked
Intelligence Insider: Syria, World War III & the Hidden Objective
Don’t Believe Their Lies
Dr. Jerome Corsi: Evidence: Syria Gas Attack Work of U.S. Allies
Hacked E-Mails Reveal 'Washington Approved' Plan to Stage Syria Chemical Attack
AUG 26
Navy Ready to Launch First Strike on Syria
Syria Crisis: UN Chemical Weapons Inspectors Shot at By Snipers
Defense Sec'y Hague: Choice Between Military Strikes on Syria or Allowing Tyrants to Use Chemical Weapons
Australian PM Rudd Condemns Chemical Attack on Syria
Turkey Says It Would Join Coalition Against Assad
Russia Warns U.S. Not to Repeat in Syria Past Mistakes in Region
Syria’s Reichstag Moment
Has the CIA's Phoenix Program Been Resurrected in Syria?
US Helped Saddam Gas Iran
Chinese Human Rights Organization Has Funds Frozen
AUG 24
Syrian Rebels Use Toxic Chemicals Against Govt Troops Near Damascus - State Media
3,600 Patients with Neurotoxic Symptoms in Damascus Hospitals on Wednesday, 355 Died – Doctors Without Borders
Destruction of Damascus Draws Nigh: U.S. War Ships En-Route for Possible Cruise Missile Attack on Syria Following False Flag Event and What It Means
Sarin Shells Fired on Damascus By Syrian 4th Division’s 155th Brigade Followed By Rockets on Israel and Car Bombings in Lebanon
Amid Sectarian Tensions: Twin Blasts Rock Lebanon's Sunni Capital; at Least 42 Dead, 358 Wounded
AUG 23
Syria's Darkest Hour: Hundreds of Children's Bodies Piled High After Terrifying Nerve Gas Attack Near Damascus Leaves Up to 1,300 Dead
Hundreds of Dead Cats and Dogs Are Removed From Streets of Damascus Suburb Hit By Nerve Gas
US Refines "Military Options" Ahead of Syrian Strikes
Russia’s Gays Seeking Asylum In US
AUG 21
Syria Live: Death Toll Rises to at Least 1,300 in Damascus Gas Attack
The Secret Document That Proves China Considers the US to be a Mortal Enemy
Turkey Blames Israel For Muslim Brotherhood Overthrow In Egyptian Military Coup
AUG 19
25 Egyptian Police Executed in Sinai
Former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak to be Released From Jail This Week
WMD Used in Syria? Experts Say Yes, Others Not So Sure
Delays Mount As Syria Burns
Iran Has 18,000 Uranium Centrifuges
Israeli Officials: Iran Talks Do Only One Thing – Give Tehran More Time
Former Israeli Govt Minister: Egyptian Army Rigged 2012 Election, Fearing Riots If Morsi Lost
Dozens Die in Egyptian Bloodbath on Islamists’ ‘Day of Rage’
Switzerland Opens Drive-In ‘Sex Boxes’ to Make Prostitution Safer
AUG 17
Gunfire Exchanged Inside Cairo Mosque After Security Forces Storm Barricade
'This Is Not Our Country Any More': Gun Battles Rage in Egypt as Death Toll Continues to Rise
Egypt Braces for More Violence as Muslim Brotherhood Calls for 'March of Anger'
Met investigating Rupert Murdoch firm News International as 'Corporate Suspect' Over Hacking and Bribing Offences
AUG 16
Egypt Protest March on 'Friday of Anger': Live
“Day of Rage” in Wake of Military Crackdown That Killed More Than 600 People
At Least 17 Slaughtered Today
'Incoherent' Obama Policy on Egypt Under Fire as Violence Spreads
Saudi King Abdullah Backs Egypt’s Military Ruler, Warns Against Outside Interference
AUG 15
Egypt Death Toll Rises to Stunning 525 in Clashes Between Police and Morsi Supporters
Horrifying Moment Egyptian Protestors Pushed an Armored Police Van 50Ft Off a Bridge Before Officers Were Stoned By Mob
Expert: Israel Attack On Iran Imminent
Bungling Fraudsters Caught When Ice Cubes They Tried to Pass Off as iPads in £2,000 Royal Mail Con Melted
AUG 14
Burned Corpses on the Streets and ‘Up to 100 Dead’ as Egypt Descends Into Bloody Violence
State of Emergency Declared...
China Conducts Another Mobile ICBM Test
Germany—Preparing for Worldwide War
AUG 13
Muhammad Becomes London's Favorite Boy's Name
Steinitz: Iran's Nuclear Program Can Be Destroyed with a Few Hours of Airstrikes
Vietnamese Father, Son Found Living in a Treehouse for 40 Years
Toyota Commercial – HOLLY NOTE: This commercial first played in Australia in 1999 originating from NZ. Then it was my screen saver and I laughed with every viewing of the pooch laid flat-out in the mud. Later commercials opted out of the cow segment though it's shown in this one. People that read our site regularly know that we love animals and you don't see anything gross. It's just an implied screw-up. Also, 'bugger' Downunder doesn't mean the same thing it does here, in case your ears are catching fire. To say it right, the 'er' is pronounced as 'ah' – Buggah! There, it's just an all-purpose expletive to imply dissatisfaction. So take it in stride and enjoy the fun.

Flames Swell into Inferno That Roars Through East Africa's Largest Airport, Flights Canceled
Venezuela: Thieves Stealing Women's Hair At Gunpoint
Toyota Commercial – HOLLY NOTE: This commercial first played in Australia in 1999 originating from NZ. Then 'Bugger the dog' was my screen saver and I laughed with every viewing of the pooch laid flat-out in the mud. The original ad was a bit smoother and longer than this version, but it's still hilarious. When the cow got pulled apart, later commercials opted out of this segment though it's shown in this one. People that read our site regularly know that we love animals and you don't see anything gross. It's just an implied screw-up, but once again the PC Police cracked down. Also, 'bugger' Downunder doesn't mean the same thing it does here, in case your ears are catching fire. To say it right, the 'er' is pronounced as 'ah' – Buggah! There, it's just an all-purpose expletive to imply dissatisfaction. So take it in stride and enjoy the fun.

Robert Young Pelton – HOLLY NOTE: There are few like Pelton with such first-hand insightful world perspectives sharing how these events affect Americans. This is must hear listening. (starts 9:06 min. in)
Indian Girl Dies After Being Set On Fire During Attempted Rape 
TransCanada in Pipeline Plan From West To East Canada
Muslims Prepare To Mark Quds Day in 80 Countries
Egypt Issues Last-Minute Warning to pro-Morsi Protesters
'More Israeli Strikes Likely' – Syria Moved Missiles Before Alleged Israeli Strike, Report Says
Iran May Hit Nuclear Breakout Point By Mid-2014
U.S. House Votes for Toughest Sanctions Yet Against Iran
UN: Chemical Weapons Inspectors to Visit 3 Syrian Sites – HOLLY NOTE: Be sure to announce intentions far enough in advance so all evidence can be eradicated.
Apocalyptic Images Reveal The Shocking Scale Of Devastation In Syria
Taliban Militants Free More Than 250 Inmates In Pakistan Prison Break
Experts Say Muslim Brotherhood Will Strengthen in Egypt Despite Military Control
Australia' Rudd Flies in Team Obama – DEYO NOTE: Guess we're not content to just screw up our own country
More Than 100 People Killed, 1,000 Injured in Clashes in Egypt; Morsi Formally Accused Of Murder And Conspiracy with Hamas
Turkey Clears Bird of Spying for Israel
Police Could Be Forced To Axe Big Brother Road Cameras: Town Wins Landmark Victory Over Blanket Use Of Number Plate 'Spies'
UK Police to be Granted Sweeping New Powers
80 Dead After Train Derails, Splits Apart in Spain
US Plans to Bring Iran Oil Exports Down to Zero
Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Leader Calls for Attack on US Embassy
Deal Done for U.S. to Ship Arms to Syria Rebels
Gen. Martin Dempsey Warns U.S. Intervention in Syria Will Trigger Wider War
It's a Boy!
France: Rioting, Car Burnings Continue As Muslims Ignore Veil Law
Australia Puts $200,000 Bounty on People Smugglers – HOLLY NOTE: America should take a lesson.
What the Media Isn't Telling You About War in Syria

US Marine Harrier Jets Forced To Drop Unarmed Bombs On Heritage-listed Great Barrier Reef
Map Shows World's 'Most Racist' Countries – The Answers May Surprise You
Ranting Man in Wheelchair 'Blows Himself Up' in Arrivals Hall at Beijing Airport
Australia to Deport Asylum Seekers to PNG
22 Die After Cook Is Paid $500 to Poison Meal
Same-sex Marriage Legalized in England, Wales
Syria Death Toll Hits 5,000 a Month
UN: Syrians Fleeing At Rate Not Seen Since Rwandan Genocide
Moscow Stages Biggest War Games in Decades
Australia Makes Massive $20+ Trillion Oil Discovery in South – HOLLY NOTE: Good on them! They can tell OPED to shove it. Australia is out there all by itself surrounded by Muslims with only Americans coming to their aid – should we find it personally advantageous. If we don't protect our friends and allies, chickens will come home to roost – and we deserve it.
Iran "Closer and Closer to the Bomb," Netanyahu Says
John Bolton: Israel Should Have Attacked Iran 'Yesterday'
Assad Army Discovers Syrian Rebels' Chemical Weapons Cache
WW3 Brews As Nation Distracted By Trayvon Martin Case
Brazilian Man Crushed By Cow Falling Through Roof
Pentagon: Growing Threat as China Expands Missile Arsenal Development
New Front Opens in Syria as Rebels Say Al-Qaeda Attack Means War
Syria and Iran Think They Have Strong Human Rights Records
Saudi Arabia Has Missiles Trained on Iran, Israel
'My Daddy, My Hero': Two-Year-Old Son of Beheaded Soldier Lee Rigby Arrives At Funeral Service Wearing T-Shirt Tribute To His Father
Death Toll Rises to 50 in Quebec Train Crash
Chernobyl at Sea? Russia Building Floating Nuclear Power Plan
US and China Battle it Out for Latin America
Al Jazeera Staffers Resign to Protest Pro-Muslim Brotherhood Bias
Day the Streets Ran Red With Blood: Egypt Edges Towards Civil War After Army Opens Fire on Crowd of Demonstrators Killing 51, Injuring 322 (graphic images warning)
In Egypt, Islamists Call For Uprising After Military Opens Fire
Obama Break Up with Karzai? US Considers Total Afghanistan Pullout
South American Drug Dogs 'Killed To Retrieve Cocaine' in Italy
Tampering Alleged in Quebec Train Wreck
Massacre In Egypt: Dozens Of Morsi Supporters Killed, Hundreds More Injured In Shooting At Army Barracks — Muslim Brotherhood Calls For 'Uprising'
Egyptian Gang Throws Rivals To Their Deaths From Top Of Building
Egypt Coup Is Just One Of Many To Come
5 Dead, 40 missing After Oil Train Derailment – Victims May Have Been Vaporized
Quebec Evacuated After Explosion

Hope Fading...
Soccer Referee Decapitated, Stoned to Death After Fatally Stabbing Player in Brazil
At Least 80 Injured As Passenger Train Derails In Southern Russia
India Hotel Collapse Leaves 12 Dead

Civil War Fear Grips Cairo
Muslim Brotherhood Claims Interim Egyptian President Is Jewish
Coptic Christian Priest Shot Dead in Egypt's Sinai
'They Burned the Children Alive': Islamic Militants Massacre 29 Students and 1 Teacher at Nigeria Boarding School
EU Threatens To Suspend Data-Sharing with U.S. Over Spy Reports
After Sinai Attack, Egypt Declares State Of Emergency, Shuts Gaza Crossing
Egypt Prepares For Backlash As Morsi Allies Reject New Regime
Israel Nervously Watching Egyptian Turmoil
France Accused Of Spying On Its Own People In Paris Version of Prism

Egypt Swears In Interim President

True Toll of Mass Migration on UK Life: Half of Britons Suffer Under Strain Placed on Schools, Police, NHS and Housing
'Lucky to Be Alive': British Teenager Stabbed 19 Times for 'Kissing a Turkish Girl' Back On Feet And Pictured Leaving Hospital
Shocking Images Emerge Of Egyptian Protesters Trying To Bring Down Army Helicopter As Morsi Expected To Step Down Or Be Sacked By Military Today
Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood Leaders Arrested, Army Moves In
15 Photos From the Tahrir Square Protests You’ll Never See In Legacy Media
Egypt's Army Vows to Fight to Death
Will Egypt Save Itself From Total Collapse by Going to War With Israel?
Bloodbath Looms: Egypt's Morsi Pledges Life to Remain in Power, Military Will Sacrifice Their Lives For the People, Biblical Elements
Nukes Are Useless Because Nobody Dare Use Them – Ahmadinejad to Russian News Agency
Human Sacrifice, Public Executions, And Mob Rule In The Middle East
Russian Defense Radar, Missiles Worry U.S. Officials
33 Million Egyptians Rising: Largest Protest In History Of World?
Volcano on the Nile
Egyptian Military Threatens to Oust President Morsi, U.S. President Obama Scrambles to Support Comrade
Muslim Brotherhood Calls Supporters To Streets After Military Sets 48-Hour Deadline
Australians' Private Phone And Email Records Spied On By Councils, Government Departments and Other Organizations
$19 Million Worth Of Cocaine Seized Off Costa Rica
China/Russia Hold Largest Ever Military Drill
Russian Rocket Carrying Satellites Worth $200M in Spectacular Crash
Canadian Mounted Police Confiscate Guns From Flooded Homes Without Search Warrants
Egypt Protests: Demonstrators Storm Muslim Brotherhood HQ

Chile Red-hot as Student Protest Turns Violent
Collapsing Bridge in Calgary Derails Train
Inside the Ring: China Breaks Sanctions
First Pictures: Peru’s Rare, Unlooted Royal Tomb

Landlord Discovers 40 Years Of Hoarded Rubbish Inside $700,000 House He Bought Without Even Viewing
French Mayor Facing 5 Years In Prison For Saying He Would Rather 'Go To The Gallows' Than Marry Two Gay Men
Russian Legislators Seek Three Marriages Limit
Russian Kids Accused Of Beheading Homeless Man
I'm Back! Kevin Rudd Sworn in as New Australian PM
Iran Rejects Saudi Arabia's Claims About Iran's Interference in Syria
Scrapping the War in Afghanistan

Labor Leadership Lives: Kevin Rudd (Australian PM) Returns, Julia Gillard Loses Party Support
Syrian Death Toll Tops 100,000
2 Women in Topless Brawl Outside School – 'It Was Surreal, Unbelievable. They Just Went At Each Other'
Beck Warns About Arming Syrian Rebels

Australians Forced to Answer Questions About Sex Life
Jordanian Troops Prepare For Chemical Attack; Some 900 US Troops Stay in Jordan
Netanyahu: Iran Seeks Nuclear Arsenal Of 200 Bombs
Russia Offers Iran New Replacement for S-300
The Coming China-U.S. Conflict, in One Paragraph
Snowden Asks Ecuador for Asylum – Foreign Minister
Below the Belt? Rugby Betting Ad 'Totally Inappropriate'
Former S. African President Nelson Mandela Now Critical In South Africa Hospital
2 Women in Topless Brawl Outside School – 'It Was Surreal, Unbelievable. They Just Went At Each Other'
World War By Proxy: Russia's Lavrov Says, 'Will Honor Its S-300 Missile Contract with Damascus'
One Million March Across Brazil In Biggest Protests Yet
Violence Against Women Worldwide Is 'Epidemic'
Chauffeurs, Florists, Photographers and Cake Makers Will Be Sacked If They Object To Same-Sex Marriage
Taliban Offer To Free U.S. Soldier – For 5 Top Gitmo Detainees
US-Taliban Meeting In Qatar Cancelled
Running Out of Time On Iran, and All Out of Options
Australia Post 60¢ Stamp Accused Of Being a 'Disgraceful' Attack on Palestinian People
30 Dead After Bus Plunges Into River in Peru
Obama to Push for Nuke Reductions 
N. Korea Rebuilding Damaged Syrian Missiles – While U.S. Supplying MANPADS to Jihadist-Led Rebels
US War Games In Jordan Send Warning Message to Assad
Syrian Civil War 'Dress Rehearsal' For World War?
Europe Will Pay Price For Arming Rebels: Assad
Is This Britain's Stupdiest Crook? Robber Who Held Up Petrol Station Wearing a SEE-THROUGH Plastic Bag Over His Head Is Jailed After Policewoman Recognizes Him Two Days Later
Partygoer, 21, in Coma And Eight Others Hospitalized After Swimming Pool Was Filled with Liquid Nitrogen at Jagermeister Event in Mexico
'Day of Honor': Afghans Take Over Security
Chinese Freight Workers Throwing Packages At Plane
100,000 Line Streets Of Brazil To Protest Corruption
The Chinese Version of Agenda 21 and Why the US Should Care
Syrian Forces Training to Storm Israel's Border
Lawmakers Call for Syria No-Fly Zone
China’s Great Uprooting: 250 Million Move Into Cities
Iran's Meaningless Elections
Assad Plans to Open ‘Resistance’ Front In Golan, Says Report
Report: US to Supply Syrian Rebels With Guns, Ammo, Anti-Tank Weapons
WH: Chemical Weapons Have Killed 100 - 150 People in Syria
Syria Death Toll: 93,000, with 5,000 People Dying Every Month, Says the UN
As Assad Gains Momentum, U.S. Weighs Options
Millions of Children in Slave-like Conditions as Domestic Laborers
Istanbul Square in Chaos as Riots Blow Up
Japanese Troops to Train with U.S. Marines and Sailors on California Beach 
Belgium Posed to Approve Child Euthanasia Law
U.S. Considers Taking In Syrian Refugees
Iran Eyes 30 Nuclear Bombs a Year: Israel Minister – HOLLY NOTE: This statement underscores 2 points: Muslims live up to their Qu'ran thinking it OK to lie to infidels and how WILLINGLY Stupid/Blind/Gullible was the rest of the world believing nukes weren't Iran's goal, not electricity.
Canada Spies Too...
Sources: Obama Close to Approving Arms for Syrian Rebels
PRISM Scandal: Agency to Reveal US Links 'Shortly' After Claims That Thousands of Britons May Have Been Spied on by GCHQ
DHS Source Warns: “World War About to Break Out… Will Kill Millions of People”
Surge By Iran-Hizbullah-Syria Axis Stuns Israeli Intelligence Community
Bolivian Villagers Bury Suspected Killer Alive With Victim
Assange Not Our Concern - Australia
North Korean Nuclear Missile Game-Changer
Town of Qusayr Was a Debacle for West and Israel: Aftershocks in Lebanon, Golan and Gaza Strip
Cracks in Erdogan’s Rule Shake Washington. Will Turkish Ferment Spread to Iran?
Pentagon Blackout: “Large American Military Force” Deployed to Syrian Border
American Allegedly Gang-Raped in India
U.N. Sees More Brutality, Probable Chemical Weapons Use in Syria
The Terrible Future of the Syrian War
Turkey Unrest Enters Day 6
There Are Many Reasons to Expect a (Middle East) War this Summer
Battle for Damascus Is Over. Is Israel Intelligence Slow on Syrian War?
Saudis, Gulf States ‘Unnerved by US Pivot Away from Middle East’
We Are 1 Year Away From Global Riots, Complex Systems Theorists Say
Toxic Chemicals Have Been Used As Weapons In 4 Attacks in Syria, U.N Report Says
Mumbai to Ban Lingerie Mannequins in Bid to Stop Rape Epidemic
Police State Europe
Over 60 Countries Sign Arms Trade Treaty
Turkey's Violent Protests in Context
Thousands Take to Streets On Third Day of Turkey Protests
China is Reaping Biggest Benefits of Iraq Oil Boom
Russian Nuclear Submarines To Resume Patrols In Southern Seas
At Least 112 Dead In China Slaughterhouse Blaze
Syria – Gone By Morning

Lawlessness, Blackouts Roil Egypt As U.S. Warns Against Pyramids Tourism
MAY 31
Assad: I'm Pressured to Open 'Golan Front'
Israeli Officials: ‘Assad Is Lying About Possessing S-300 Missiles’
Israel Says Will Act to Prevent S-300 Missile Systems From Becoming Operational
Russian Manufacturer to Sell 10 MiGs to Syria
Syria Promises 'Immediate Retaliation' If Israel Strikes Again
Who's Next? Putin Critics Worry As Russia Clampdown Spreads
‘The US or Israel — Who Should Strike Iran?’
Bill Banning Gay Marriage Passed in Nigeria
Ancient Egyptian Jewelry Came From Space, Tests Show
MAY 29
Iran Nuclear, Syria Chemical, Hezbollah Rockets: Axis Has Crossed All Red Lines
Open Season on Syria’s Civil War
Has World War 3 Already Begun?

Hamas to Abbas: ‘Abducting Soldiers Is At The Heart Of Our Culture’
Kenya Hit By National Blackout After Power Grid Failure
15 Countries With Highest Quality Of Life
MAY 28
Russia to Deliver Anti-Aircraft Missiles to Syria
Cold War? Russia Seeks to Replace U.S.
Public Rapes Outrage Brazil, City Stunned – HOLLY NOTE: This really belongs in a category of 'disgust knows no bounds'. Friends, we are truly in End Times. It is scriptural, this complete lack of regard for human beings and law. Matthew 24:5-12 lists many signs of Christ's imminent return. That someone could watch a woman being raped, let alone many, and do nothing, well, there - are - no - words.
British Police Arrest Citizens for Criticizing Islam on Social Media 
Australia Tops 'Better Life' List
MAY 24
Iran Has Hacked US Energy Companies
17 MILLION Britons Risk Starting House Fire By Cooking While Drunk
MAY 23
Iran Is Seen Advancing Nuclear Bid
Riots Rock Sweden's Immigrant Suburbs for 4th Night
Massive Submerged Structure Stumps Israeli Archaeologists
MAY 22
IDF Chief Issues Stern Warning to Assad Over Rapidly Heating Border
US Senate Committee Votes to Arm Syrian Rebels
Second Day of Riots Shake Sweden
Xi-Obama Meeting to Chart Future Course of China-US Ties
MAY 21
Threat from Within: U.S. Military Braced For Surge in Taliban ‘Insider’ Attacks After Recent Statement
Israel Leading Urgent Talks to Block Sale of Anti-Aircraft System
Too Late to Stop Iran's Nuke Program? American Weapons Expert Calls 'Quds' Facility 'Very Scary'
Study: $6 Trillion for Wars: Iraq, Afghanistan Financed 'Entirely Through Borrowing'
Man Pays Fortune Teller $212,000 for Fake Love Spell
Discovery Could Rewrite Australian History: Ancient Copper Coins Suggest Country Was Found 6 Centuries Before Captain Cook Arrived
MAY 20
Intertwined Fates: The Lebanon-Syria-Iran Axis
Iran Hangs 2 Men Convicted of Spying for Israel and US
Tom Shadyac on What’s Wrong With Our World, and What Can We Do About It? (starts 39:49 min.) 
4 LAUNCHES IN 2 DAYS: N. Korea Fires Short-Range Missiles Off Coast
No More Father's or Mother's Day in Canada – It Might Hurt the Feelings of Kids in Gay Families
MAY 17
Netanyahu to Putin: ‘Your Missile Sales to Assad Could Trigger War’
Israel Threatens More Strikes In Syria Over Arms to Hezbollah
Assad Said Hezbollah May Fight Israel from Golan
On Stopping Iran's Nukes, the World’s Efforts Sadly ‘Have Not Been Successful’
Council Vetoes Flag of St George After Concerns Raised About Links to Crusades
DAYS OF LOT: 40-year-old Mother 6 Mos. Pregnant By Son Plans to Marry Him
MAY 16
Russia Building Up Missile Defenses While Seeking to Limit U.S. Defenses
Russian Pacific Fleet Warships Enter Mediterranean for First Time In Decades, to Park In Cyprus
Israel Hints at New Strikes, Warning Syria Not to Hit Back
Why a Ryrian Rebel Eats Another Man's Heart
Sacré caca! Venezuela Runs Out of Toilet Paper, Forced to Import 50 Million Rolls
Firefighters Take SEVEN HOURS to Rescue Hoarder from Apt. So Stuffed With Junk It Spilled Out onto the Pavement
Byzantine Mosaic Unearthed in Southern Israel
MAY 15
'Idiotic' Pair Pick Up Unexploded 2Ft Bombs That Washed Ashore - to Sell for Scrap Metal
Growing Anger Over American Drones in Yemen
Google-Berg: Global Elite Transforms Itself for Technocratic Revolution
Putin Again Warns Netanyahu Hands Off Syria
Syrian Civil War: Not Just About Syria
Have Scientists Found the Lost 'White City of Gold'?
2,300-year-old Maya Pyramid Bulldozed for Belize Road Project
MAY 13
More Than 80,000 Said Dead in Syrian Civil War, Over 10,000 Have 'Disappeared'
Syrian Troops Take Full Control of 3 Towns
After Bombings,Turkey Says World Must Act Against Syria
No Olive Branches in Korea: North Fires Hawkish General, US Sends Warships
David Cameron Would Like to Forget Gay Marriage, But It Will Haunt Him
MAY 10
Hezbollah Head Says Syria Will Supply ‘Game-Changing’ Arms
Assad: Syria Will 'Give Hizbullah Everything'
Erdogan: Turkey Would Support U.S.-led No-Fly Zone in Syria
5 Reasons Syria's War Suddenly Looks More Dangerous
Syria Buying Advanced Russian Missile System, Israel Says
US Mulls Giving Russia Missile Defense Data
Israeli- and Hizballah-controlled Enclaves Take Shape Inside Syria
Traffic from Syria Disappears from Internet
Checkmate: From Global Makeover to Takeover
Kahlili: Iran Teetering on the Brink
Red China Power: China Expanding Submarine, Missile Forces With Advanced Systems, Pentagon Says
Pentagon: Espionage Fuels China’s Fast-Paced Military Buildup
China Rejects Pentagon Charges
China Unveils Peace Plan Based on 1967 Lines
Sydney Most Gullible City in Australia
Damascus Airstrike Killed Dozens of Elite Troops
IDF on War Alert. Iran-Syrian-Hizballah War of Attrition Threatened. US Set to Act on Syria
Israel’s Perilous Calculus in Syria
Huge Explosions Rock Damascus

Syria: Israeli Strike 'Declaration of War'
Syrian Rebels Used Nerve Gas, UN Investigator Says
US Brokering Deal Between Israel, Saudis, Jordan, Turkey to Contain Iran
Israeli Warplanes 'Launch Air Strike in Syria'
Israel Jets Fly Over E. Lebanon, Head North Over Beirut, After Striking Targets in Syria
Air Strike on Syrian Air Defenses, Missile Capabilites

North Korea's Nuke Threats Go Silent

Arming Syria’s Rebels Now an ‘Option,’ Says Pentagon Chief
Wealthy Shipping Boss, 78, Shoots Wife, 77, and Their Pet Dachshund Before Taking His Own Life
UK Independence Party leader, Nigel Farage, Sends 'Shockwave' to Political Establishment
Free Speech Under Fire in Canada
School Closed After Boy Bashes Teacher with Baseball Bat
The Stirrings of a New World Order
One in 4 Brits Claim They Are Sexual Exhibitionists
Lucifer, Anal and Mafia No Fear: Astonishing Names Parents Wanted to Give to Their Newborns
The Syrian Chemical Weapons Conundrum
Grim Report Warns Canada Vulberable to Aboriginal Insurrection
Illegal Immigrants Britain Can't Kick Out: Chinese Gangster Stays Because Leaving Christian Retreat Would 'Devastate' Him and Somalian Sex Attacker Who Won't Go Because of Civil War
Countries Where 40% Support Suicide Bombing
The Dawn of the 'M-word'
Europe Has Become a Totalitarian State
Lost Underwater City Uncovered
At Least 13 Killed, More Than 70 Injured as Massive Car Blast Rocks Central Damascus
Bomb Plotter John Amundsen Blows Teaching Career as Queensland Court Rules Out Teaching Forever
Mailmen and Mail Women Attacked, Australia Post Threatens to End Deliveries
APR 29
New Laws in UK Forbid Homeowners the Right to Fight Back Against Burglars
Assad Used Chemical Weapons on Rebels, Confirms Senior Israeli Official
Syrian PM Survives Assassination Attempt in Capital
APR 27
4 Arrested as Death Toll Climbs to 341 in Bangladesh Factory Collapse
Man Walks Away from Massive Explosion at Construction Site
APR 26
‘Iran, Not Israel, Faces an Existential Threat’
Syria Denies Claims of Chemical Weapons Use
No Good Options for US in Syria
APR 25
Does This Video Prove Assad Used Chemical Weapons in Syria? Aleppo Victims 'Treated for Breathing Difficulties and Foaming at the Mouth' – graphic content warning
Teachers Run Riot: Scenes of Chaos as Thousands of Striking Mexican Educators Smash Windows and Burn Political Offices
Pakistanis Cut Off Burglar's Arms: Police
APR 24
‘Iran Already Past Nuclear Red Line,’ Expert Says
Israel's Claim About Syria Chemical Weapons Highlights 'Red Line'
New North Korea Nuclear Test Possible: China
China to Help Russia Create Fleet of Floating Nuclear Power Stations
APR 23
1/3 of Pupils 'Can Hardly Communicate' When They Start School
Leave Justice to Us, Police Warn Vigilante Pedophile Hunters on Facebook to Lure Suspects Before Confronting Them
Gas Attack Fears as 74 Afghan School Girls Examined for Poisoning
Japan PM Abe Warns China of Force Over Islands Landing
2 Armed Hizballah Brigades Fighting for Assad Near Homs
Bone Appetit: Muslims in Wild 'Demonic' Ritual
NKorea Demands Recognition as Nuclear Arms State
Companies Introduce Fingerprint Test to See If You Are Drunk Before Starting a Day's Work
APR 22
Boston Terror Focuses Hagel ME Trip on Syria & al Qaeda - Instead of Iran
Thousands Take to Streets of Paris to Protest Against Legalization of Gay Marriage Set to Pass This Week
Rome Celebrates 2,766th Birthday
APR 19
Robert Kaplan, Stratfor: The World Is Marching Toward Anarchy
U.S. Receives Reports of Chem Weapons Use in Syria Every Day, DNI Says
Obama Sends More Troops to Jordan, Preparing for "Stability Operations" in Syria
In China, You Can Be Paid to Surf the Web for Porn
Saudi Arabia Expelling Handsome Men – HOLLY NOTE: If this is the typical selection... Hmmmm
APR 18
Iran Triples Installations of Centrifuges at Natanz
Iran Will Nip Any Threat in Bud: Cmdr.
US Plans Syria Invasion with 20K Troops
North Korea Demands End of Sanctions If U.S. Wants Dialogue
APR 17
North Korea Vows 'Sledge-Hammer Blows' of Retaliation Over Protests in South
A Well-Oiled Smuggling Machine
Syria: When is Enough, Enough? When the Oil becomes “Islamized!”
Arab Countries Openly Discuss Peak Oil for the First Time
New Zealand Legalizes Gay Marriage
'World's Oldest Port' Found in Egypt - Complete with Scrolls Revealing Everyday Life for Ancient Egyptians
The Post-American World War
APR 15
Don't Look Now: World War III Warning Issued
The Ultimate North Korean Missile Threat to America: A Nuke Power Grid Attack
North Korea’s Leader Missing for Last 2 Weeks: Report
Despite Its Own Safety Warnings, North Korea Stays Open to Tourists, Trots Out Athletes
Rumors of Failed Pyongyang Coup Attempt Involving North's No. 2
Alleged Coup Attempt Against North Korean Leader in Pyongyang
A Plan to Hasten North Korean Regime Collapse
Kim Jong Obama

APR 13
Lion Air Plane Crashes into Sea in Bali; 22 Hurt
Kerry Presses China on North Korea Amid Missile Test Threats
In Focus: North Korea's Nuclear Threats
APR 12
North Korea States 'Nuclear War Is Unavoidable' As It Declares First Target Will Be Japan
Anne Frank Must Be Weeping This Holocaust Remembrance Week
APR 11
Korean Tension at Flashpoint: Missile Spotted in 'Launch Position', US, S. Korean Armed Forces at WATCHCON 2
China Warns Pyongyang Against 'Miscalculation'
Asians Get Entire Suburb in Australia
Teenagers Accused of Strangling Italian Pensioner 'Said Killing Made Them Feel Like Heroes from Grand Theft Auto'
Anonymous Threaten to Unmask Boys Who 'Drove 17-Year-Old Girl to Hang Herself After They Gang Raped Her and Put Photo on Web'
APR 10
North Korea Warns Nuclear War with South Korea Imminent
US, S. Korea on High Alert in Anticipation of Pyongyang’s Missile Launch
S Koreans Burn Poster of Kim Jong-un

Bill Whittle's Virtual Press Conference on North Korea
Japan Deploys Patriot Missiles to Defend Tokyo from North Korean Threats
G8 Foreign Ministers to Meet to Address Syria
'I Was Ordered to Murder 115 People on Orders of North Korea': Rogue State’s Top Female Spy Behind Horrific Plane Crash Reveals Truth Behind 'Juvenile' Madman Dictator Threatening to Nuke the West
North Korea to Foreigners: Leave South Korea
Pyongyang Warns Foreigners to Evacuate S. Korea, Threatens ‘Thermonuclear’ War
PAC3 Missile Interceptors Deployed in Tokyo
Japan Fears Tokyo Within North Korea’s Nuclear Reach
Will the DPRK Strike?
Iran Warns It May Scrap Nuclear Treaty
'Gone Nuclear': Iran Ramps Up Uranium Production
Iran's Nuclear Negotiator: "Enrichment Is Part of the Rights of the Iranian People"
Dancing on Maggie's Grave: How the Left 'celebrated' Baroness Thatcher's Death with Smashed Shops, Anarchy in the Streets
Topless Protester Gives Putin Eyefull
Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher Has Died – HOLLY NOTE: 'The Iron Lady' single-handedly pulled England out of the economic doldrums and its dark days when government had its hand in everything. She steered England back to personal responsibility, private enterprise and returned power to the people. Her best known quote: “The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people's money."
North Korea Readies Missile Launch as Fears of a Covert Cyberwar Grow
Guam Islanders to Lil' Kim: 'You Try It Little Man and We Will Annihilate YOU'
North Korea Suspends Last Project with South, Putin Cites Chernobyl
Most U.S. Troops 'Would Die' in N. Korean Onslaught
Japan Orders Shooting Down of North Korea Missile
Luciferian North Korea’s EMP
Australian State Handing in 500 Guns a Week
Chevron Lands Million-Ton LNG Futures Buy in Australia
Images of War: Child Wanders Amid the Rubble and Dust of Town He Called Home That Now Looks Like the Film Set of an Apocalyptic Future
Amid Pyongyang Bluster, Missile Launch Feared
Embassies Told to Evacuate Staff from Pyongyang BY WEDNESDAY
Ex-CIA Analyst Expects North Korea to Attack South Korea Before Tensions End
Consequences of Nuclear War - WWIII

US Deploys Chemical Battalion in South Korea to Deal with NBC Attack
Hamas Reportedly Training Rebels, Fighting to Oust Assad
Iran Says It Won’t Curb Nuke Work Before Sanctions Eased
Egyptian Forces Capture Arms Ship Off Sinai
Russian Bomber Roulette: Russian Strategic Bomber Conducts Practice Strikes on U.S. Missile Defenses in Asia
NKorea Clears Its Military to Attack US with Nukes
N. Korea Said to Move Missile to Its Coast
Pentagon Moves Anti-Missile Shield to Pacific and U.S. Troops Are 'Poised to Respond'
Pentagon Activates Missile Defenses for Expected N. Korean Missile Test
Confirmed: 2 N. Korean Subs Missing
How Korean War Might Play Out

Will Globalists Use North Korea to Trigger Catastrophe?
Mystery Blogger Reveals Why She Risks Assassination to Expose Mexico's Drug Cartels
U.S. General Says North Korea Situation Is 'Volatile' and 'Dangerous'
N. Korea Suspends Access to Crucial Jointly-Run Industrial Zone with South
North Korea’s Nuclear Reactor: Everything You Need to Know
UN Watchdog Concerned Iran Secretly Developing Nuclear Weapons Despite IAEA Talks
Little Chance of Deal in Nuclear Talks with Tehran
Nuclear Weapons: Who Has What?
Muslim Brotherhood Holds Sway Over Syrian Opposition
Archaeologists Have Uncovered 'Pluto's Gate', an Ancient Gateway to Hell, in Turkey
UN Goes for Guns
N. Korea Vows to Restart Mothballed Nuke Reactor Amid Tensions
US Deploys Destroyer Off Tense Korean Peninsula
China Mobilizing Troops, Jets Near N. Korean Border, US Officials Say
Map Purports to Show Kim Jong-un’s Wish List of Missile Targets in the U.S.
RCMP Armored Trucks- Preparing for Economic Collapse? Martial Law?

Militants Destroy Pakistan Power Grid, Kill 7
Syrian Militants Have Access to Chlorine Gas: Plant Owner
WikiLeaks Announces Mysterious ‘Project K’
North Korea: Nuclear Weapons Are "the Nation's Life"
North Korean Secrecy on Bomb Test Fuels Speculation on Nuclear Advances
Syria Accuses Rebels of Setting Fire to Oil Wells Amid Internal Disputes
Iran: 2013 Will Be 'Fall of American Empire'
MAR 29
MAD MEN: N. Korea's Kim Aims Rockets at DC, LA, Hawaii and Austin
Concern That N. Korea Boss Will Attack to Save Face
How Far Can NKorean Missiles Go

Iran Said Advancing ‘at Murderous Pace,’ Could Have Bomb By July
Putin Orders Large-Scale Military Exercises in Black Sea
Top Down, Bottom Up–War

Worst Plague of Locusts in Over 60 Years Infests Impoverished Madagascar
MAR 28
Nuclear-capable Stealth Bombers Practice Attack on Korean Peninsula
MAR 27
North Korea Orders Artillery to be Combat Ready, Targeting U.S. Bases
Dangerous Crossroads: Threat of a Pre-emptive Nuclear War Directed Against Iran
Sexual Violence in Conflict Index 2013 Shows Countries with an 'Extreme Risk' of Sexual Attack During War
MAR 26
North Korea: Combat Posture Targets U.S. Mainland
Protest in Paris: Anti-Gay Marriage Activists Clash with Police
Assad Confirmed Dead, Iran Attempts to Control Syria Army
MAR 25
Assassination Fears Over Death of Russian Oligarch Boris Berezovsky
Unconfirmed: Assad Shot By Bodyguard – Hospitalized in Damascus
Hard Times for Syria's Rebels: Top Commander Injured, PM Rejected
Sweden Under Siege from Islamists – Muslims Launch Offensive Against Native Swedish Population
MAR 22
WHO DID IT? Reports of Chemical Attack In Syria Leave Crucial Question Unanswered
General Sounds Alarm on Nation Gassing Rebels, Civilians
Nuclear Weapons Hide in Pandora’s Box as Scots Seek to Quit U.K.
Boomtown: New $49 Million Prison for Gitmo?
MAR 21
North Korea Threatens to Launch 'Precision Attack' Missiles at U.S. Navy Bases
Babies Were Snatched Away Before Their Single Mothers Had Even Held Them: Australian PM Finally Apologizes for Adoption
U.N. to Investigate Alleged Chemical Weapon Use in Syria
Gruesome Video Shows Syrian Rebel Beheading Civilian
Dazzling Beauty: Stunning Landscapes of Italy and France
MAR 20
Analyst: Russia Prepping Military to Fight U.S.
Chemical Attack in North Syria: 'People Fell Dead to the Floor'
Child Rape in Indonesia a 'National Emergency'
N. Korea Issues Video with White House in Crosshairs
Evaluating N. Korea Threat

Schools Ban Children from Making Best Friends
Iran Crisis: Would Israel Launch an Attack?
MAR 19
Damascus, Syrian Rebels Trade Charges on chemical attack Killing 15 to 26 People
PA Arabs Spray Paint ‘Obama’ Banner with Swastikas
Bus Falls Off Bridge In India, Killing 37, Injuring 15
Practice Run: Strategic U.S. Bombers Fly Practice Nuclear Strikes in Korea
FBI Arrests Chinese National Taking Sensitive Documents Back to China
MAR 18
Countdown to Catastrophe: Experts Say Armageddon, Triggered By a Korean Conflict Sucking China and America into War, Could Be Only 4 Days Away
532 Million Abortions in China in Past 30 Years
Iran Authorizes Immediate Counterattack If Invaded
Tehran: Our Commanders Now Authorized to Open Fire. Go Home, Obama!
NZ Survivor of Hostage Crisis Breaks Silence Over Kiwi Heroism in Tehran
MAR 15
War Drums: US to Deploy More Ground-Based Missile Interceptors as North Korea Steps Up Threats
Obama Says Iran 'One Year' Away from Nuke
French Nuclear Disaster Scenario Was So Bad the Government Kept It Secret
US Drone Escapes Attack Over Hormuz. Syria Threatens to Bomb Lebanon. Russian Marines Dock in Beirut
China's Drone Swarms Rise to Challenge US Power
Iran, Hezbollah 'Have Built 50,000-Strong Force to Help Syrian Regime'
3rd Carnival Ship Experiences Trouble at Sea
Carnival Dream (Turned Nightmare) Passengers to Arrive at OIA as 3rd Ship Reports Problems
MAR 14
‘Nuclear Iran Would Permanently Change Region’
North Korea Close to Deploying New Road-Mobile Intercontinental Missile That Can Threaten the US
North Korea Army Pledges ‘Merciless’ Attack on US and South Korea
Al Qaeda’s Nusra Fights to Seize Syrian Golan in Time for Obama Visit
MAR 13
Queen Signs Charter to Advance Gay Rights
MAR 12
Will China Finally 'Bite' North Korea?
MAR 11
Austria's Jews Wary of Quiet Rise in anti-Semitism
US, S. Korea Start Drills Amid Threats
How Potent Are North Korea's Threats?
3rd Wave of Locusts from Egypt Takes Israel by Swarm
North Korea Ends Peace Pacts with South
China Pushes for Arctic Foothold, from a Thousand Miles Away
Flooding Complicates Clean-up at Japanese Nuclear Plant

'SEA OF FIRE': North Korea Vows Nuclear First-Strike Against US
North Korea Warns It Will Order Nuclear Strikes on U.S. 'at Any Time' in Revenge for Sanctions
UN Approves Fourth Round of Even Tougher Sanctions Against North Korea
Outrage Over Flags at Half Staff in Texas, Louisiana for Chavez Who Hated America
Left Races to Lionize Hugo Chavez

5,200 Aussies Have Gone AWOL Since Iraq War
Russia Launched Massive Nuclear Drill, Pentagon Alarmed
N. Korea Vows to Scrap Ceasefire if South, US Continue Military Drill
Caracas Accuses Washington of Destabilization Plot and Its 'Historic Enemies' of Inducing Chavez's Cancer
Washington: Hizballah Has Got Hold of Chemical Weapons
UN Says Number of Syria Refugees Tops 1 Million
Reshaping the Syrian Battlefield
Shell Consider Closing Nigerian Oil Pipeline as Thefts Reach Unprecedented Level
China Overtakes the US to become the World’s Largest Oil Importer – HOLLY NOTE: Unless Obama gets off the stick we are going to lose the Keystone oil that's right in our backyard in Canada to China.He's invested hundreds of millions of our tax dollars in failed solar companies so what's the immediate alternative? Continue being held hostage to OPEC? At the rate the Middle East is falling apart, do you want to bet your gas on them? Or Chavez's successor?
Hugo Chavez, Fiery Venezuelan Leader, Dead at 58
Nazi Brownshirts Are Back in Europe's Universities
Iran Building 3,000 Advanced Nuclear Centrifuges, Say Local Reports
Iran Uses Nuclear Talks to ‘Buy Time’ for Bomb – Israeli PM
Bomb Squad Called in After Explosive Device Found Near Nuclear Reactor
Rebels 'Seize Most of Syria Police Academy'
Japan's Nuclear Plants Unlikely to Restart in 2013
Ex-Russian General: America Must Be Kept at Gunpoint
How to Achieve a Tipping Point to Defeat the NWO
FEB 28
Beijing War Prep: China Moves Mobile Missiles Near Coast Amid Tensions with Japan Over Islands
Why Russia Needs Alaska
Putin Seeks to Upgrade Russian Army to Counter US, NATO
Chavez Dying?
Europe Riots Against … What?
Britain Will Leave EU
US Joins Russia in Drawing Ceasefire Lines for Ending Syrian War
US Training Syrian Rebels in Bid to Oust Assad
The 10 Region World Order Is Now Rising!
FEB 27
Character Traits of Truly Evil People: Don't Doubt What You Know
FEB 26
Russia Threatens USA with Nuclear Attack

Understanding North Korea and Iran
Radiation Leaking from Iran's Nuke Plant
FEB 25
A Sino-Russian Invasion of America? It Can’t Happen Here
Connecting the Dots: N. Korea’s Nuke Was Bought and Paid for By Key End-User – Iran
Pro-Obama Think Tank Downplays Regional Threat of a Nuclear Iran
Iran’s Nuke-Plant Explosion Cover-Up
FEB 22
Israel: Iran Closer Than Ever to Nuclear Bomb
Car Bomb Kills 53 People, Injures 200 in Damascus
In Syria, Shortage of Food, Medicine, Water Put Heavy Strain on Civilians
Prominent American Scientists Call for Eco-Dictatorship Under UN Rule
North Korea: Preparing for War
Muslims Threaten Free Speech from Paris to Perth
Will Americans Soon Not Be Able to Buy, Sell or Get a Job Without a Global ID Card?
Using Judo Against the Globalists
FEB 20
New Bizarre North Korea Propaganda Video Shows President Obama in Flames
N. Korea Threatens 'Destruction' of S. Korea at UN
99% of Americans Consider Iranian Nukes a Threat
FEB 19
Russia Steps Up Syria Evacuation Efforts
Assad: I'm Not a Wild Animal
Syrian Rocket Attack on Aleppo Kills 20: Activists
Typhoid Breaks Out in Rebel-Held Eastern Syria - WHO
FEB 18
Iranian Nuke Chief Was in N. Korea for Atomic Test
Russia Admits Supplying Syria, Mali with Arms
North Korean Red Dawn EMP Closer Than Ever
Rich Men and Their 'Green Revolution'
African Cardinal, Pope Candidate Talks of ‘Alternative Lifestyles’
Australian Politician, The Honorable Ann Bressington, Exposes Agenda 21 and New World Order

From Russia with Love: Meteors and the Coming Nuclear Attack on America
FEB 13
North Korea Threatens More Tests, as Nervous Neighbors Test Air for Radiation
North Korea and Iran – Partners in Nuclear and Missile Programs
Roof Collapses at Chernobyl Nuclear Plant – 6,500 Square Feet
FEB 12
World Shaken as North Korea 'Conducts Underground Nuclear Test' in Defiance of Its One Friend, China, and Multiple Foes – Registers 4.9 on Richter Scale
North Korea’s Latest Stunt Signals Country Closer to Nuclear-loaded Missile Capability - Experts
UN Security Council Holding Urgent Meeting on N.Korea
Canada Kills Controversial Internet Surveillance Bill
New Iran Centrifuges Could Shorten Path to Atomic Bomb: Netanyahu
Is Canada Preparing For Keystone XL No Vote?
FEB 11
Israeli Strike in Syria Might Be First in Series
Stranded at Sea: Carnival Cruise Ship Adrift in Gulf of Mexico After Fire
'Battle of Armageddon' Seeps into Damascus
Hundreds Of Protesters March In Spain Against New Wave Of Cuts
Iran Wants To Woo Egypt And Sudan Away From Us Orbit
New World Order Map: Proposal to Re-arrange the Planet After WWII Allied Victory – HOLLY NOTE: Stan covers this extensively in his international bestseller The Cosmic Conspiracy – This is a repost as the article link 2 days ago went walkabout.
Man Trampled as Hundreds of Desperate Greeks Scuffle for Food
Iran's Supreme Leader Rejects Direct Talks with US
Sen. Rand Paul Argues in Favor of Prepping to Contain Iran
EU Court Rules Against Iran Bank Sanctions
Bombed Syrian Site Seen in Satellite Images
Nearly 800,000 Refugees Flee Syria, US Officials Say
Pyongyang Provocation: North Korea Set for Test Launch of New Mobile ICBM with Upcoming Nuclear Test
Cash-strapped US Military to cut Persian Gulf Fleet
35 Ancient Pyramids Unearthed in Sudan
Iran's New $40 Million Natural Gas Platform Sinks
Ahmadinejad: We’re a Nuclear State, But We Won’t Strike Israel
6 Spanish Tourists Raped By Masked Gunmen in Mexico
Megatrends: The 6 'Gamechangers' That Will Impact the Planet for Decades
UK Planning Broad Online Domestic Spying Regime
Russia to Develop Arms Markets in Peru, Uganda
Russia Mulls Restricting Rights of Its Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgenders
36 Maps That Explain the Entire World

North Korea Threatens 'Stronger Measure' Than Third Nuclear Test
North Korea Posts Shocking YouTube Video of New York in Flames After 'Nuclear Attack' on America
5 Things to Know About North Korea's Planned Nuclear Test
Israel Brings US into Syria Fray
Iran’s Nuclear Standoff Reaching Tipping Point
Russia Starts Kuril Islands Exercises
Japan Says China Aimed Military Radar at Ship
Casey Research: “There’s a Nationalization of Global Resources Occurring Now”
Iran Could Build Nuclear Bomb in 4-6 Months, Expert Says
Israeli Strike into Syria Said to Damage Research Site
U.S. Violating Its Own Sanctions on Iran
North Koreans Among 40 Dead at Iran Nuke Plant
'Panicked' Iran Makes Power Move After Nuke-Site Loss
Mexico City Explosion at Oil Company Offices Kills at Least 25
Israel May Feel Need to Strike Syria Again
'Catch Me If You Can' Teen Who Posed as Doctor at 2 Australian Hospitals Is Finally Arrested After 'Treating' 12-year-old Girl
JAN 31
Iran Threatens ‘Grave Consequences’ for Israel After Syria Strike
Iran Plans to Upgrade Uranium Enrichment at Natanz
South Korea to North Korea: Don’t Do Another Nuke Test
Egypt Army Chief Warns State Could Collapse
Australian Defence Force to Sell Off Thousands of Vehicles and Other War Equipment
Hackers in China attacked New York Times for Last 4 Months
JAN 30
Syria Breaking Up Before Everyone's Eyes: Brahimi
Western Sources: Israeli Aircraft Target Hizballah Missiles in Zabadani. S. Syria
JAN 29
Dared… and Failed!
Kissinger: US, Israel on Brink of Nuclear Crisis with Iran
Tehran Suspects Mossad in Fordo Blast, Says Iranian Expat
Defected Translator Sheds New Light on Iran’s Global Reach
Syrian Refugees Top 700,000, U.N. Struggling to Cope

Scores of Bodies Found in Syria, Activists Say
Living on the Streets No Longer Exceptional in Spain
Chinese Missile Technicians Spotted in Egypt Working with North Koreans to Upgrade Scuds
JAN 28
Syria: Hezbollah Sets Up Camps Near WMD Facilities
Israel Warns of Possible Pre-Emptive Chemical Weapons Strike in Syria
Attack on Syria 'Is Attack on Iran'
Brazil Nightclub Fire Claims at 232 Lives
North Korea Defiant Over Planned Nuclear Test
NKorean Parents 'Eat Their Children' After Being Driven Mad By Hunger in Famine-Hit Pariah State – HOLLY NOTE: Yet Kim Jong Il had plenty of $$ for military endeavors, rocket launches, porn library and expensive liquors.
NKorth Leader Vows to Safeguard National Dignity
Egypt's President Declares State of Emergency in Face of Rising Riot Death Toll
12,000 Peaceful People Arrested in Italy for Not Paying Taxes and Police Discover Thriving Black Market
JAN 25
Peres, Barak: Keep Iran Attack Option on the Table
Iran Warns of Strait of Hormuz Closure If US Chooses 'War'
Google Earth Exposes NKorea's Secret Prison Camps
Trillions of Dollars Worth of Oil Found in Australian Outback
Iran: Embracing the Bear at Last
Terrorists Say They Destroyed Syrian Base Near Golan
Syria Calls on its Refugees to Come Back, Pledges Aid
We’ll Come Out Against Morsi as We Did Mubarak
JAN 24
North Korea Threatens Third Nuclear Test and More Rocket Launches 'Targeted' at Hitting U.S.
Antarctic Search for Missing Plane Carrying Canadians
Mexico Arrests in Drug Gang Dismembering Case
Meet the Real Flintstones: Mexican Family Raise Seven Children in a Home Carved from a 131ft Rock in the Desert
JAN 23
Russia Will Retaliate for US Measures - Foreign Minister
Russia Helping Iran Accelerate Nuke Program: Scientists Establish 2 Laser Sites for Enrichment Work
Lavrov Warns Against Strikes on Iran’s Nuclear Sites
Security Concerns Grow Over Sale of US Battery Maker to Chinese Company
JAN 22
Vigilante Groups Spring Up in Mexico in Fight Against Cartels – No wonder! This is what drug cartels do – if you're not up to seeing the real deal, don't look, you've been warned. It's time Americans take off the Candyland colored glasses and acknowledge what goes on in the real world right beneath our feet while we live cushy lives and pretend life is all happy. Not pretty? Yes. But if people didn't do drugs in this Country, drug cartels would disappear. We are their main buyers. Doing dope is not a victimless crime. Clean up. Suck up and buck up. Own it! This is on us, and silence condemns us like our multi-million abortions.
Let Elderly People 'Hurry Up and Die', Says Japanese Minister
Pro Footballers 'Took Pictures of Each Other Sexually Assaulting Drunk Teenage Girl So They Could Have Permanent Record of Their Conquests'
Flag Our Greatest Australian Divide
JAN 21
Australia's Top Secret Sites Uncovered by Google Earth
Death Toll in Algeria Hostage Crisis Rises to Over 80
Cleric Downunder Calls for Jihad and Sharia in Australia
Failed Assassination Attempt on Bulgarian Opposition Leader

Over 212,000 Syrian Refugees in Lebanon: UN
JAN 17
Mexico Eyes U.S. Gun Policies, Hopes for Shift – HOLLY NOTE: Be sure to read this article carefully. It shouldn't be too hard to spot some of the ridiculous content. Hard to say if it's coming from the reporter or from Mexico. Example: "Mexico blames brutal drug violence on guns trafficked from the United States." Statement overlooks the never-ending desire for drugs in this country prompting said trafficking and more importantly, drug cartels are not nice people. They are viciously violent and brutal in their 'business' dealings, underscored by countless beheadings, which incidentally, aren't accomplished with firearms. Second Example: "70% of the 99,000 weapons seized in Mexico from 2007 to 2011 came from the United States" says the BATF. Some of these weapons were directly due to Fast and Furious. For a refresher see, Fast and Furious Scandal: New Details Emerge on How the U.S. Government Armed Mexican Drug Cartels
White House: Sanctions Having Profound Impact on Iran
IAEA, Iran Fail to bridge differences in Nuclear Talks
Iran Beefed Up Cyber Capabilities After Stuxnet
Don’t Be Fooled: Iran Wants The Bomb
Hamas, Fatah Agree to Implement Unity Agreements
30 Hostages Killed as Algeria Operation Ends
Al-Qaida: Anything But 'on the Run'
Dark Uncertainty Over More Than 50 Algerian Gas Field Hostages
U.N. Says 400,000 Refugees May Flee Mali in Coming Months
At Least 100 Killed in New Syria Massacre
Movement of Missiles by North Korea Worries U.S.
JAN 17
Algeria: 20 Hostages Escape, Including Americans, Some Hostages Forced to Wear Explosives
Dozens of Hostages 'Killed' in Algeria
France Increases Troop Deployment to Mali
Quebec Euthanasia Bill May Bypass Canadian Law
Boeing Crisis Deepens as Dreamliners Grounded Worldwide
JAN 16
$190 Million Drone Coming to Australia
France in Mali Fights the Unfinished Libyan War
Iran, IAEA Gear Up for Next Round of Talks
A New Middle East Crisis in the Making
Doomsday Clock at 5 Minutes to Midnight
Gun Control in Australia - Watch and Weep
– must see
JAN 15
'We Escaped Death': Syrian Refugees Struggle with Cold, Hunger and Uncertainty
Syria Using Rockets to Spread Cluster Bombs
Syria: Worst Is Yet to Come
Assad Has Left Syria for a Warship in Mediterranean
XX-treme Societies Offer Little Hope: Asia's War on Women Shows No Sign of Abatement
Obama Prepares Public to Accept First Iranian Nuclear Test
Maids on Saudi Arabia's Death Row: Scores of Foreign Women Facing Execution for Child Abuse, Witchcraft... and Killing Would-Be Rapists
Exclusive: Brazil Wants Venezuela Election If Chavez Dies - Sources
Cairo Train Derailment Leaves 19 Dead
JAN 14
Australia Reloads as Gun Buyback Fails to Cut Arms – HOLLY NOTE: This article was sent in by an 'awake' Australian woman.
China Hardens Subways in Preps for Nuclear, Gas Attacks
Geopolitics & War Trends 
Hamas Tests Improved Long-Range Missiles
Syrians Face 'Staggering' Crisis
JAN 11
Top U.S. General Says Stopping a Syrian Chemical Attack Is 'Almost Unachievable'
Post-Assad Plans: US Focuses on Syrian Chemical Arms
Russian Navy Holds Syria Exercises
Russians Learned "Gun Control" Lesson
JAN 10
Iran's Real Threat to the West
Mexico's Most Feared Drug Cartel has Entered the Coal Mining Business
Los Zetas: Mexico’s Biggest Cartel
1934 – History Doesn't Repeat Itself -- But It Rhymes

Amid Federal Land Grab in Brazil, Whole Towns Evicted at Gunpoint
Concern Over Possible Uranium Stockpile in Syria
Syria Deal: 2,100 Captives for 48 Iranians
Obama Listened to Israel, Avoided Chemical War in Syria: Report
Israel: State of Syrian Chemical Weapons Could Change in a Moment
Egypt's Morsi: Israelis Are "Descendants of Apes and Pigs"
By the Numbers: 20 Facts About the Collapse of Europe That Everyone Should Know
Surprising Map of Best and Worst Countries to be Born into Today
'Deep Divisions, Deep Hatred': Flag Fury Ignites Riots in Northern Ireland
No Food Aid for Million Syrians
Doctors Ask Judge for Permission to Abort Mentally Disabled Woman’S Baby Without Her Consent
Iran's Nuclear Bomb Program Complete
Europe—Key Issues of 2013
America’s New Best Friend – the EU?
U.S. Drone Strike Kills Senior Taliban Commander in Pakistan
Saudi Jets Bolster US Drone Attacks on Yemen: Report
Egypt Stops US-made Missiles Destined for Gaza
Iran: Nuclear Negotiations to be Held This Month
U.S. Troops Arrive in Turkey; Rebels Battle for Airport in Syria
Russian Navy to Get Over 50 New Warships by 2016
Iran Has 30,000 Spies Including in U.S. 'Backyard'
Iran to Citizens: Flee Isfahan Due to Possible Radiation Leaks
The Next Chernobyl?
Online Surveillance Network Hits Australia
61 Killed in New Year's Stampede in Ivory Coast8 Deadly Agents 'to Bring U.S. to Its Knees'
At Least 60000 People Killed in Syrian Civil War
Cleric Issues Fatwa Allowing Gang Rape of Syrian Women
IDF and Syrian Rebel Officers Meet Clandestinely in Jordan
Beattie Calls Australian for States to be 'Abolished'