The Next Prophetic Event That Will Happen in the Middle East
What Are the End-Time Prophecies of Islam?

Setting the Record Straight on Rapture
Grant Jeffrey on The Rapture

Important Request from Stan

June 25
Urgent Prayer Request from Billy Graham's Daughter – HOLLY NOTE: A Net friend sent this alert and with her message came this short addition: On New Years day, about two years ago now, God gave me a dream that the Day of the Lord is approaching and confirmed it by directing me, when asked, to the book of Joel. God also confirmed it to Dr. Mike Evans, Jerusalem Prayer Team International, and at least two others. Now, God has shown the same thing to the daugher of Billy Graham who is responding by calling for 7 days of prayer and one day of fasting beginning July 1st this year. I would take this seriously – if you care for America. — "This is all about calling God's people together to pray, before it's too late, and judgment falls on our nation." —Anne Graham-Lotz

June 24
Last Nail in the Coffin

June 17
The Coming War of Gog Magog
MAY 10
Earthquakes, Pestilences, and the Fulfillment of Scriptures

The Tribulation Saints Who Missed the Pre-Tribulation Rapture
Rick Wiles TruNews: America Is Egypt, Great Famine Is Coming – starts 12 min. in)

Be As Daniels

Great Rewards

APR 16
Jesus is Coming Soon! – We Are Living on Borrowed Time

APR 15
NBC Goes 'Apocalyptic' Over Sign in Sky

APR 14
First of 4 'Blood-Red' Moons Will Occur on Tuesday
APR 10
Oscar Pistorius Murder Trial
Pursue Me
John Hagee: The Coming Four Blood Moons Pt 1, Pt 2, Pt 3 – HOLLY NOTE: Because this is so vital, we are posting another video on this topic. The first blood moon occurs Monday, April 15. These 4 moons will be seen sweeping parts of the globe. The first will be visible in North and South America and the Pacific. 3 a.m. on the East Coast and midnight on the West Coast. Each eclipse moves further west. The second will come on Oct. 8, 2014 and visible primarily by people in Asia, Australia and New Zealand. The 3rd occurs on April 4, 2015 seen by people in western Asia. The last blood moon – a SUPER blood moon, will transpire on Sept. 28, 2015 and be visible to everyone in the Middle East, Africa, and Israel. Everybody gets a warning. Warnings coming with eclipses coming on Jewish feast days. Pastor Mark Blitz, who first discovered the correlation between blood moons and Jewish feasts – a most significant piece of the puzzle – says he expects 2 things to occur between April 15, 2014 and Sept 28, 2015: a global economic meltdown and a world war starting in the Middle East. Life-changing events most likely will not occur on the exact dates of these 4 rare events, but will be bracketed by them as Biltz explains has been done for many millennia dating back many years before Christ. I wish you could hear his presentation, but Coast To Coast AM copyrights all interviews and so far, no one has posted last night's broadcast on YouTube. UPDATE: I wrote George Noory of Coast to Coast AM and his producer, Tom Danheiser, last night, April 8, requesting they make just this one program with Mark Biltz available for free. There was no response, which means "no". Mark Biltz was at the forefront of this discovery in 2008 though many are doing a tag-along. This is his presentation from May 2013. You can also hear Mark Biltz on Prophecy in the News.
Increasing Earthquakes and Mid-East Prophecy Update

I Shall Send You a Sign in the Moons

Jacob's Troubles Lion of Zion

Atlanta Will Burn: Part 1

MAR 31
What We Know: Prophecy Signs

MAR 27
Before All Hope Is Gone - Prophetic Word

MAR 26
No Time to Know Me

Is Psalm 83 Truly a Prophecy About an End Time War?

MAR 24
Prophecy Alert: River Zin Returning to the Desert in Israel After Years of Drought

Incredible Video Shows River Returning to the Desert in Israel After Years of Drought

A Vision: Moscow’s Plans Are on the Table

Gary Stearman Interviews Bill Koenig on Living with the Consequences of Dividing Israel

MAR 17
Reagan's Prophetic Manifesto Pt 1, Pt 2

MAR 14
Tribulation Dream: The Angel of the Lord Over the Statue of Liberty
Winds of Judgment 

Urgent Warning: Summary of Judgment Events Coming

Vision of Terrorist Attack in Seattle, Washington – with Explosion in Downtown Seattle

MAR 10
The Ominous History of the Time Period Around April 19-20

4 'Blood-Red' Total Lunar Eclipses Will Fall on Passover and Sukkot in 2014 and 2015, the Same Back-to-Back Occurrences at the Time of 1492, 1948 and 1967

Temple Mount Connected to Coming Blood Moon Tetrads

God Is Seeking a Holy Habitation

Was it a Dream or a Vision? You Be the Judge.
Enabling the Persecutors: Prophetic Implications – HOLLY NOTE: This is one of the most sobering videos ever produced. For Christians, the message underscores something we knew was coming for millennia, as prophesied throughout scripture. Now the final sign is in place – before End Time events begin in earnest. In retrospect, Katrina's and Sandy's will be viewed as a light spanking. Market crashes like 1929 will be comparatively happy times. As Believers, we know there are better times coming after breath-taking ugly events transpire – things people have ever encountered. From a human point of view, there will be a horrific interval to be feared and endured – for those that survive. It is one thing when a Country that is not Christian-based, turns its back on Jesus and God. It is an entirely different scenario when a Nation built on Christianity voluntarily throws out Christ in every arena and embraces false religions, abortion, homosexuality, mass murder, hedonism, lawlessness and greed beyond comprehension. This goes to the Biblical verses stating that people will be judged based on their knowledge of real God – not Mohammed, etc. Those who didn't know Christ will have a fair 'trial' as ignorance is a fair defense, but those who knew Jesus and rejected Him out of political correctness or whatever, will be judged harshly. When God fully removes His mighty protective hands, there will be no place to run or hide. Get ready. We are at the precipice. America is in the crosshairs. If you do nothing else at this singular moment, pray, ask forgiveness and guidance. Above all, have courage to stand up for Christ as there is evil in the wind.
JAN 30
Have the Jews Been Cast Aside, or Are They Destined for Glory?

From the Father’s Heart: Jerusalem, Jerusalem!
Real Omen? A 'Super Blood Moon Eclipse' – 4 Appearing Over 2 Years – Check the Dates
Obama: the Presidential Pied Piper of Death By Pot
A Call to Intercede: Intifada is on the Rise!
JAN 27
Revelation from God Given to Jonathan Cahn: Financial Collapse of the US By Sept. 13 2015

JAN 24
Why the Antichrist Must Come Soon

Then Will the Lord Come!

JAN 22
Interview: Pastor Robert Jeffress on Heaven and End Times Prophecy, Including Obama Paving Way for Antichrist?

When Lawlessness Abounds

JAN 21
Sid Roth Interviews David Jones About Visions of the End of the Earth – NEW

God’s Word for 2014
Mid-East Prophecy Update

Outpouring and Judgment Coming

JAN 17
Financial Signs That Signal End Times Weather, Prophecies Etc.

JAN 16
The Old Rabbi’s Vision

Kabbalist Urges Jews to Israel Ahead of Upcoming Disasters

Ariel Sharon – Hero or Traitor?

Secretary of State Kerry as "Obsessive" and "Messianic"

JAN 15
Prophetic Dream of Russian Attack on America

JAN 10
Barbarism on Scale Rarely Seen

Doctor Says Only a Miracle Can Halt Sharon's Decline – See Ariel Sharon Near Death as Rabbi Kaduri Prophecy Unfolds!

UFO Rapture Deception

Ariel Sharon Near Death as Rabbi Kaduri Prophecy Unfolds!

2014 Message

4-Hr. Long Vision of Catastrophe and Rapture

Predictions for 2014

Prophecy Alert: "The 9 Point Peace Plan" Israel Weeps...