make sure you're feeding Your Pets Good Food

If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went.
—Will Rogers, 1897-1935

DEC 31
Eagle Cam Watch: First of 2 Eaglets Hatches in Florida – Watch Live

DEC 30
Fearless Dog Protects His Injured Girlfriend from an Oncoming Train
Millions of Crabs Migrating off Christmas Island – video
DEC 29
Dog in 'Food Coma' After Eating Her Family's ENTIRE Christmas Turkey
Cheetahs to be Re-Listed as “Endangered”
This Aggressive Cancer in Dogs Is Sneaky and Often Strikes Without Warning
DEC 28
200 Red-Winged Blackbirds Fall From The Sky And Die in New Jersey
DEC 26
Massive Seal Wanders Down Tasmanian Street, Squashes Car
Florida Woman Plans Merry Christmas After Winning Right to Keep Gator
DEC 20
Like with People, Anxiety May Give Dogs Gray Hair
Rare Ghost Shark Filmed for the First Time – video
DEC 16
"Christmas" Dog Spreads Cheer to Patients By Driving Around Hospital in Mini VW Bus
Canadians Warned About Car-Licking Moose 
DEC 15
Obama Signs Final Wind-Turbine Rule Permitting Thousands Of Eagle Deaths
Adorable Baby Dressed As Lion Comes Face To Face With Real One – video
DEC 12
Penguins Dressed as Santa Claus at Japanese Zoo – video
Trump Might Tap Goldendoodle as WH Pooch
Thousands of Snow Geese Killed In Montana After Landing In Toxic Water
Houdini the Dog Outsmarts Humans – video
Sinister Kangaroo Puts Dog in a Headlock Before the Pooch's Hero Owner Rescues by PUNCHING Him in the Face – HOLLY NOTE: This man was incredibly brave as a roo can rear back on its tail and rip a human from throat to crotch with its back feet in a single go. You can tell by the look on the kangaroo's face, he wasn't expecting what he got. – video
New Jersey Woman, 19, Is Charged With Animal Cruelty After Video Shows Her Throwing a Cat From a 3rd Floor Balcony
Dog Found Alive In Rubble Two Days After Collapse
Heartless Dog Owners Walk Right By Their Own Excited Dog At Shelter, Decide To Leave It To Bring Home New One
NOV 29
Dog Sneaks Up On Cats – Have You Ever Seen Cats "Fly"? – video
NOV 28
Japan's 'Space World' Apologizes For Freezing 5,000 Fish In Skating Rink
NOV 24
Cow Jumps Export Ship, Swims To Freedom In Wild Rescue – HOLLY NOTE: If Presidents pardon turkeys every Thanksgiving, surely this little lady deserves no less.
NOV 22
Awesome: Heroic Man Rescues Drowning Dog From Frozen Pond – video
NOV 21
Stolen Teacup Chihuahua Back in the Arms of World War II Vet, 93
Does Your Pet Show This Sign of Aging? Be Aware, It Could Mean Cancer
NOV 18
Then of Thousands of Fish Turned Up Dead in NY Canal – video
What’s Really in Dry Pet Food?
Polar Bear Stuns Onlookers By Petting Dog Instead Of Eating It
More Than Dozen Exotic Animals Living In Unacceptable Conditions At Nevada Home
NOV 16
Dogs Just Don't Want To Bathe – video
NOV 14
John Lewis Christmas Advert 2016 - #BusterTheBoxer – video
NOV 10
So Pets DO Look Like Their Owners!
Elephants Comfort Comrades During Rescue in China
Animals Show Their Silly Side in Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards
Another Bipedal Bear – Boo Boo in Maryland – Becomes Internet Sensation
OCT 28
Oklahoma Celebrity Owl Found Shot To Death, Game Wardens Investigating
OCT 27
Hooch, an Abused French Mastiff, Is Hero Dog of the Year
Meet the Heroes
Watch 2016 American Humane Hero Dog Awards on the Hallmark Channel Oct. 28, 7PM Central
Your Dog Probably Dreams About You: Sleeping Pooches Think Lovingly About Their Owners' Faces Or Smells
OCT 21
Pedals the Bear, Known For Walking On Hind Legs, Apparently Killed By Hunters
OCT 14
Monroe County (TN) Dog Shot; Paralyzed, Learning to Walk Again
Sheep Born With 6 Feet in China
Bees Placed On Endangered Species List - A First in the US
Cute Naked Lovebird Becomes Internet Sensation – video
Man Climbs Into Flooding Water Tank To Rescue Drowning Kittens During Storm – video
Something’s Rotten in the Pet Food Industry – HOLLY NOTE: Of vital interest to all pet owners
Bee-killing Asian Hornets Have Arrived In Britain
Hummingbirds in Louisiana – HOLLY NOTE: Whoever put out this feeder has the right idea using one with built-in perches. When hummers have to hover in the air while eating, they burn up as many calories as they are taking in. Perches allow them to rest and eat while conserving energy.
Give the Dog A Bone? Vets Warn Pet Owners Not To Do It
Amazing "Mosquito Tornado" at Sunset – video
A Comeback For Humpback Whales