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DEC 30
Flesh-eating Worms Reappear in Florida
The Science of Why New Year’s Resolutions Won’t Make You Happier
DEC 29
Some Americans taking 14 to 18 Different Medications in a Year's Time
England's Health Service to Axe Revolutionary Cancer Drug That Extends Life For Thousands Due to High Cost of $110K – HOLLY NOTE: Anyone who knows someone or has been through cancer treatment knows cancer costs usually far exceed this amount. And what price could one put on life? Thank goodness Trump is getting us out of the dangerous slide toward socialized medicine. ObamaCare has been a screaming failure from the get-go. The only place where we knew socialized medicine worked well was Australia as we experienced firsthand, but it has changed and not for the better. Still keeping in touch with friends Downunder. They share their good medical service has gone by the way of most healthcare – more expense, less care.
Mysterious Virus Could Cause Obesity
ObamaCare’s Lump of Coal for 2017
Hazardous 9/11 Dust Made Newborn Babies Smaller
Obama’s Legacy of Debt and Disease: National Debt Doubles in Just 8 Years While 10.7M More Americans on Food Stamps to Buy Cancer-Causing Junk Foods
Oklahoma Family Spans 6 Generations With Birth of Great-Great-Great-Granddaughter
DEC 23
Successful Ebola Vaccine Fast-Tracked
Why Do Heart-Related Deaths Spike Over The Holidays?
DEC 21
Watchdog: Fake Applications Slip Through ObamaCare Vetting
Obama Is Trying to Ruin Health Care Again: The 21st Century Cures Act Was Written Largely By Big Pharma
Star Parker: Trump's Overhaul Must Begin With Health Department
DEC 20
Children Suffer From Lead Poisoning in 3,000 U.S. Neighborhoods
D.A. Refusing to Prosecute Planned Parenthood Selling Baby Parts Was Defeated, Replacement Fires Her Staff
DEC 19
Medicaid Blew $26M on Health Coverage for Dead People
'Nightmare' Superbug May Have Spread Outside Hospitals
Senator Pushes For Recalls Of Exploding E-Cigarettes
15 Self Defense Tips for a Woman Alone
DEC 16
‘11th Hour Power Grab’: Obama Mandates State Funding for Planned Parenthood
Emergency Trainees Mistakenly Exposed To Deadly Ricin
ObamaCare Subsidies Set To Increase By $10 Billion As Costs Spiral Out of Control
House GOP: We’ll Replace ObamaCare, Despite Democrats’ ‘Scare Tactics’
Fearmongering Harry Reid Is Spewing Lies About Obamacare – Still
How the GOP Plans To Repeal ObamaCare
DEC 15
It’s Official: Marijuana Is Legal in Massachusetts
Women Risk Deafness by Taking 2 Paracetamol or Ibuprofen Pills a Week, Study
Fish Antibiotics Are Getting Banned...RIGHT?! – video
Obama Approves Rule Prohibiting States From Defunding Planned Parenthood
DEC 14
Drinking, Drug Use Largely Down Among US Teens in 2016
What's the Most Common Cause of Death In Your County
Veteran Who Received Life-Changing Double-Arm Transplant Shows Off Progress
DEC 13
Only 4 of 24 ObamaCare Exchanges Still Open – Losses Cost Taxpayers at Least $2.2 Billion
1 in 6 US Adults Reports Taking Psychiatric Drugs
Australia's Gold Coast Hospitals Become 'Hotbed' for Whooping Cough – 2/3 of Pregnant Women Putting Thousands At Risk
Grandmother, 75, Goes to Hospital With Broken Arm, Dies After Being Left on Ward for 3 Days – Doctors Didn't Know She Was There
DEC 12
Fukushima Radiation Hits U.S. West Coast: Should Americans Be Concerned? – HOLLY NOTE: To see if there is reason to worry about radiation in fish and seafood, it's important to understand what were the normal rad readings in the oceans and seas before the Fukushima disaster. Prophetic Perils has this map. To see whether you should be worried, look at that map and then subsequent water readings. Then you'll know if fish and seafood shipping from specific areas may have a problem.
One Insurer’s $591M ObamaCare Cost
Hidden Drugs in That Diet Pill
5 Babies Born in NYC with Zika-Related Birth Defect Since July
Fukushima Radiation Has Reached U.S. Shores
Over 50,000 Overdose Deaths: Grim Tally Soars to All-Time U.S. High
“Lining Up Like Sheep”: Obamacare, States Forcing Vaccines on ALL Healthcare Workers Statewide or They’re Fired
1,000 Russian Athletes Guilty of Doping
Internal Documents Detail Secret VA Quality Ratings – VA Hospitals in Dallas, El Paso, Nashville, Memphis and Murfreesboro All Received 1 Star Out of 5
Life Expectancy in the U.S. Declines For First Time In 20 Years
Texas Restaurant Blames ObamaCare For Closure – 'The Affordable Care Act - What An Oxymoron'
Activists Push To Ban ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’ Because It Promotes Date Rape
10 Reasons to Own A Himalayan Salt Block & How To Use It
Paul Ryan: ObamaCare Phaseout Will Leave 'No One Worse Off'
Eating Handful of Nuts a Day Can Keep the Doctor Away, Research Proves
Is the Flint Water Crisis Getting Worse?
Another Bizarre 'Thunderstorm Asthma' Kills 5 People in Kuwait
Record-High Health Care Spending Hits $3.2 Trillion in 2015 Due to ObamaCare, Medicaid, and Medicare
7 Ways Tom Price Could Quickly Change ObamaCare
'Last Tango in Paris' Rape Scene Was Not Consensual, Director Bernardo Bertolucci Admits
Diabetes in America: Full List of State Rankings
Aspirin a Day Could Dramatically Cut Cancer And Heart Disease Risk, Even Extend Lifespan, Study
Just 10 Puffs On An E-Cig Increases Your Risk Of Heart Disease
Martin Shkreli Congratulates Australian Boys Who Recreated Life-Saving HIV Drug
VA May Have Infected 600 Veterans With HIV and Hepatitis
Only a Quarter Of Americans Support Full Obamacare Repeal – Americans Like Key Provisions, Loathe Mandate
Hospitals To Trump: Any Obamacare Replacement Should Maintain Coverage
NOV 30
Obamacare's Death Panel – Trump May Have Just Put The Last Nail In Obamacare's Coffin
2.5 Million Americans Qualify for ObamaCare Tax Credits But Still Buy Private Insurance
Record-breaking 'Thunderstorm Asthma' Has Killed 8 in Melbourne
NOV 28
Rare 'Thunderstorm Asthma' Kills 6, Sickens Thousands, 3 Critical In Australian City
The Day I Stopped Living a Lie and Decided To Identify as a Plant  – HOLLY NOTE: tongue-in-cheek look at political correctness run amuck, language warning
I Don’t Care About Your ‘Preferred Pronoun.’ I’Ll Simply Call You What You Are.
Canadian Gender-Neutral Pronoun Bill Is A Warning for Americans
NOV 24
RED ALERT: The Fukushima-Daiichi Water Cooling System Has Failed, Warns NHK News... 2,544 Fuel Rods Stored There... Claims 'No Immediate Danger'

Cure For Aging? Scientists Discover Breakthrough Procedure To Replace Specific Parts Of Aging Cells
Natural Cure for Cancer Discovered - Run From the Cure – HOLLY NOTE: I haven't vetted this video
NOV 21
Under Obamacare Expansion, Medicaid Enrollment 110% Higher Than Projected – Will Take Taxpayer Dollars Away From The Needy, Education, Infrastructure
NOV 18
Americans Want Trump To Focus On Health Care First: Poll
7 Most Prescribed Drugs In The World And Their Natural Counterparts
NOV 16
Obamacare the Destroyer: How It Has Hurt Small Business
Study: Obamacare Premiums To Jump 27%
NOV 15
Quiz Determines If You Really Have Superior Color Vision
America's Heroin Trail: The Outdoor Factory That Feeds the US – video
NOV 14
Ripped Female Bodybuilder With Incredible 0% Body Fat – HOLLY NOTE: Hard to think many men would find this appealing. A dab of nail polish isn't going to fix this hot mess.
NOV 11
Leprosy Surprise: Medieval Scourge Is Lurking In British Squirrels
NOV 10
ObamaCare's Future In Critical Condition After Trump's Victory
Poll: Half of America Can’t Afford More Than $100 a Month on Health Insurance
Can Trump Kill ObamaCare? He'll Have To Answer These Questions First
Winnipeg Lab Employee Possibly Exposed to Ebola
Obama Is Wrong, Republican Warnings About ObamaCare Are Coming True
8 Ways Obama Bends the Truth About Obamacare: Most Are Outright Lies — Which Hillary Perpetuates
ObamaCare Premium Hikes Could Push Swing State Voters to Donald Trump, Republicans
Colorado's Universal Health Care: A High-Stakes Gamble – Ballot Measure Would End Up Costing The State Far More Than Taxpayers Could Afford
Health Care Premiums: 'Almost the Price of a Mortgage': How Could Families Ever Vote For Hillary When Sky-High Insurance Prices Are Practically Bankrupting Them?
The Scary New Teen Killer Ordered Online from China
After Subsidies, Many Young Singles Will Pay at Least $2,484 a Year in Obamacare Premiums
Biowarfare: Ebola Adapted To Target Humans During 2014 Outbreak, Study
Universities Work To Purge Male Students Of Their ‘Toxic’ Masculinity
Another Major Healthcare Provider Ready to Flee Obamacare
Is Insulin the New EpiPen? Families Facing Sticker Shock Over 400% Price Hike
Mom 'Injects Heroin Into Kids, Calling It Sleep Juice'
Obamacare in 2017: Fewer Choices, Higher Premiums
Trump, Pence Vow to 'Repeal And Replace' ObamaCare as Enrollment Begins
Surge in Prescription Opioid Poisoning Among US Youth
Just Say "No" to Recreational Pot? – HOLLY NOTE: Sunday night one of the 60 Minutes segments was on the pot issue on this year's electoral ballot. It focused on America's largest pot farm, which is right here in Pueblo. It is MASSIVE. Acres and acres of weed – 36 acres to be exact growing nearly 22,000 plants. Los Sueños (The Dreams) Farms is just 40 minutes east of us on Hwy. 50 in the little town of Avondale. Bob DeGabrielle, the founder of this company isn't even from Colorado. He moved here from N. Carolina where he and his partners invested $10 million in this very hi-tech sophisticated grow farm. Pueblo West made the news earlier this year from numerous drug busts of illegal growers from Florida setting up shop in 5 rented homes. Now Colorado's pot business is attracting Cuban and Russian nationals to grow dope here and ship it around the country, which is prohibited. While Colorado is benefiting from the tax dollars there is a huge downside. It's drawing countless homeless people on drugs and sleazy growers. Workers at Walmart say they smell the aroma of pot on some shoppers and postal workers can smell it through ill-disguised packages being sent all over the country. If the vote goes through, all Colorado pot growers will have to go out of business Oct. 31, 2017.
Gutfeld: The Left's Plan To Fix Obamacare? More Obamacare – video
Feds Plan To Force Vaccinations
Medical Identity Theft Is on the Rise: 7 Steps to Protect Yourself
OCT 26
Regulators Approve Higher Health Premiums – Some More Than 50% – HOLLY NOTE: The reality of ObamaCare is a far cry from Obama's promises that premiums would go down $2500 a year. By Sept. 2015, they had climbed to nearly $5000 and now they're going up again.
Obama Administration Confirms Double-Digit Premium
ObamaCare Health Insurance Premium More Than Doubled for This Man
States That Will Be Hit Hardest By ObamaCare Premium Hike – video
Quick Guide to Rising Obamacare Rates
Let the USS Obamacare Sink. None of the Promises Were True. Ever.
OCT 25
CRITICAL CONDITION: ObamaCare Spike Shows Law Is 'Blowing Up'
Insurance premiums will go up 25 - 38%
1 in 5 Consumers will only have plans from a single insurer to pick from
15 Insurers will be joining the exchanges, 83 are leaving
ObamaCare Premiums Soar By Double Digits – HOLLY NOTE: The very first year ObamaCare was thrust on us, my premium went up 47% and since I'm rarely ever ill, never use it, yet forced to pay outrageous premiums. Now it's going up double digits again. Mr. Trump promised to repeal and replace the onerous law of ObamaCare on Day 1 of his Presidency. This is his plan:
ObamaCare Exposes Dems
How ObamaCare Demoralized Doctors And Degraded Care – flashback
Terminally Ill Mom Denied Treatment Coverage — But Gets Suicide Drug Approved
Together We Can End Abortion Now – video
Majority of ‘Unprecedented’ High Rate of Syphilis Cases Are Gay, Bisexual Men
Michigan’s Washtenaw County Refuses to Release Refugee Latent TB Infection Rates
OCT 24
Risk of ‘Mass Exodus’ of Doctors from Medicare
Group Raises Awareness About Challenges Homeless Face With Winter Coming
OCT 21
Health Care Nightmare Grows as Insurance Companies Pull Out of Obamacare – video
Obamacare Premiums Up 30% in TX, MS, KS; 50% in IL, AZ, PA; 93% in NM: When Does the Death Spiral Blow Up?
Bernie Sanders Wants To Know Why This Cancer Drug Costs Nearly $200,000 A Year
Americans Head To Mexico For Cheap Doctors, Drugs
OCT 20
Obamacare Collapse Trips Hillary in Third Debate
Depression is Now Part of the School Day
CDC: 3 Sex-Spread Diseases Hit Another Record High
OCT 19
Huge Rate Increases Pose Serious Test for Obamacare
The Truth About Single Payer Health Care: As Clinton Promises More Obamacare, It's Time To Understand What's Really Going On
WikiLeaks: Hillary Wants Obamacare to ‘Unravel’
How ‘Surprise Medical Bills’ Are Sticking Patients With Outrageous Costs
Catholic University Blasts ‘Unborn Lives Matter’ Posters As ‘Bigotry,’ Bans Them On Campus
FYI: Number of Abortions in the US Since 1973 (Roe v. Wade) – 60 Million
OCT 18
Reps. Burgess, Price, Roe: Our Diagnosis As Doctors -- ObamaCare Is About To Collapse
Untreatable Gonorrhea New Superbug Crisis
OCT 14
Hospital Lifts ER Quarantine Following Hallucination Incidents
OCT 13
Planned Parenthood Sold Aborted Baby Hearts, Lungs and Brains to Medical Firms, Now They’re Being Sued 
OCT 10
Viral Drug Abuse In A Hooked Society
Not Just Bill Clinton! All Dems Know Obamacare Failing – 'The System Is Not Sustainable. It Will Go Broke'
Bill Clinton Slams Obamacare: 'It’s The Craziest Thing In The World'
California Petitions To Become First State To Offer ObamaCare to Illegal Immigrants – HOLLY NOTE: When trying to get it passed, Obama promised this would never ever happen, but then again, he promised, "if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.
Less Than One Month To Go: Obamacare Crunch Time Is Here
'Death Spiral'? ObamaCare Problems Making Coverage Harder To Afford, Find
Volcano Emissions Linked To Increases In Asthma Attacks
Link Between Natural Disasters and Domestic Abuse
BlueCross BlueShield Drops Obamacare In 3 Markets – After Losses Of Nearly $500 Million
8.1 Million Taxpayers Paid $1.7 Billion in Obamacare Penalties in 2014
Postal Service Fuels Opioid Epidemic By Delivering Foreign Drugs Right To Americans’ Doorsteps
5 Seasonal Illnesses Ramping Up As Fall Begins – video
World Leaders" Superbugs Are a ‘Major Global Threat’
IRS To Target Citizens Who Aren't Buying ObamaCare Insurance
$11 Billion In Missing Obamacare Subsidies From Mass Tax Noncompliance
Despite Obama Promises, Health Care Costs Have Risen the Most in 32 Years
Eggo Waffles Recalled in 25 States Amid Listeria Fears
Some E-Cig Flavors More Toxic Than Others
1 in 4 Older Americans Never Exercise - Leaving Them Open To Chronic Disease
Researchers Debunk 'Five-Second Rule': Eating Food Off the Floor Isn't Safe
New Mosquito-Borne Disease Detected in Haiti
Indonesia Haze May Have Led To 100,000 Premature Deaths, Says Report
Bayer-Monsanto Merger Is 'a Disaster For Global Food System'
Shocking Number Of Hotels Don't Wash Their Bedding Between Guests
Heroin Is Being Laced With a Terrifying New Substance
CDC Announces 4th Superbug Case in US Patient
LEPROSY HITS CALIFORNIA: Primary School Kids "Struck Down With Biblical Skin-Rotting Disease"
5,400 People Diagnosed With 9/11-Related Cancer
Tooth Enamel Of Bedlam Burial Ground Bodies Finds First DNA Of Bacteria Behind The Great Plague
How Chili And Ginger Cut Cancer Risk: Combination Of Spices 'Obstruct Tumor-Nourishing Receptor'
Think ObamaCare Is Broken Now? Wait Till Hillary "Fixes" It
Freaking Out About Zika Virus? West Nile Is The Real Killer