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DEC 30
Google Pixel Phones Copied Almost Every Detail of Apple's iPhones
13 Biggest Security Fails of 2016
Dumbest Things We Tried Connecting to the Internet This Year
DEC 29
On Dec. 31, an Extra ‘Leap Second’ Will Be Added to Our Universal Clocks — Because of Waves
9 Artificial Intelligence Stats That Will Blow You Away
How Can You Tell a Robot From a Person?
FDIC Latest Agency To Claim It Was Hacked By A Foreign Government
DEC 27
Satellites Help Discover a Jet Stream in the Earth's Core
Predictions for 2017: Science and Technology
Governments That Shut Off the Internet This Year
A Year in Dark Energy, Antimatter, and Gravitational Waves
DEC 26
Suddenly Hot Smart Home Devices Are Ripe For Hacking, Experts Warn – HOLLY NOTE: This should come as no surprise when appliances are used to spy on owners.
DEC 23
'Smartphone Toilet Paper' At Tokyo Airport
Lawsuit Alleges Google Operates Oppressive Confidentiality Program
DOJ Study: Police-Worn Body Cameras Increasingly Recognize Your Face
MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar Can Be Hacked To Play ‘Pac-Man,’ ‘Doom’
DEC 20
Feds Can Spy On Phones With 400 Cell-Site Simulators
Think Cyberthreats Are Bad Now? They'll Get Worse in 2017 with 'Spear Phishing,' Etc.
DEC 16
Congress Passed a Bill Making It OK to Microchip Humans
DEC 15
Yahoo Says Hackers Stole Data From More Than 1 Billion Users
Entire Chunk of Feathered Dinosaur Discovered in Amber
After the LHC, Which Will Be Crowned King Collider?
Mexico Clinic Plans 20 ‘Three-Parent’ Babies in 2017
New Robot Has A Human Touch
DEC 14
Millions of KFC Loyalty Scheme Members May Have Their Passwords Sold Online After Major Hack
Entire Chunk of Feathered Dinosaur Discovered in Amber
DEC 13
Pentagon Confirms Russia Has a Submarine Nuke Delivery Drone
The Cyber Threat: Congress Should Investigate Failed Obama Cyber Policies Along With Russian Hacking
Samsung Plans to Disable All Galaxy Note 7 Handsets in the US
Wanna Stay Safe? Trash That Internet-Connected Security Camera
New Technology Better Than Fracking Could Vastly Expand Oil Reserves
Is AI More Evil Than Nuclear Weapons?
1st US Offshore Wind Turbine Breaks Before It Even Opened For Business
Confirmation of Wendelstein 7-X Magnetic Field
SpaceShipTwo 'Unity' Flies Solo For First Time
Russian Space Cargo Ship Destroyed in Failed Launch, Debris Burns Up
Starting Yesterday, Feds Can Hack Millions Of Devices With One Warrant
Android Hackers Just Scored The Biggest Ever Theft of Google Accounts
NOV 30
Was Albert Einstein WRONG About The Speed of Light? Researchers Have Developed A Model Which Could Help to Show That the Speed of Light Fluctuated In The Early Universe. HOLLY NOTE: This is something Stan has discussed in lectures and interviews for over 30 years.
Hackers Take A Million Homes Offline in Attack: “Internet, Telephone, TV Outage”
Researchers Claim Time Travel Is Possible
Russia to Deploy New Space Surveillance System Elements in 4 Regions
Fusion Breakthrough As Researchers Reveal Liquid Metal 'Showers' Could Finally Make Reactors a Reality
Study Says AI Can Predict Criminal Activity Based on Facial Features
Our Closest Worm Kin Regrow Body Parts, Raising Hopes of Regeneration in Humans
NOV 25
UK Passes Bill Providing Most Extreme Spying Powers in the Developed World
NOV 24
Personal Data For More Than 130,000 Sailors Breached, Navy Announces
DARPA Building a Drone To Provide 'Persistent' Surveillance Virtually Anywhere In The World
The CIA, NSA and Pokémon Go
Is There a Pyramid in the Antarctic? Bizarre Theory Claims An Alien Base Is Hidden in a Huge Triangular Structure
NOV 21
Biometric Technology Skeptics Outraged at Plans To Implant World Population
NOV 18
Navy Identifies Mystery Plane Over Denver; Its Mission Still Secret – Can Launch Nukes
Related: Navy Airplane Flew Over Midwest with 'Trump' Flight ID
The USS Zumwalt Can't Fire Its Guns Because the Ammo Is Too Expensive – $800,000 a Round
WW3 Weapons: Underground Robots Deployed In Russia
Should We Ban Killer Robots?
Titanpointe: The NSA’s Spy Hub in New York, Hidden in Plain Sight
What You Need To Know About The Phones Secretly Sending Data to China
NOV 16
Japan's Nuclear Watchdog To Let A Third Reactor Run Beyond 40-Year Limit
Volcano Underneath a Glacier on Mars Could Be Next Place To Look For Life on Red Planet
NOV 11
Russian Hackers Accused Of Post-Election Attacks on U.S. Think Tanks
Massive Cyberattack Hits Russian Banks
US Air Force to Test Laser Weapons For Supersonic Fighter Jets in 2019
The US Military's Secretive X-37B Space Plane: 6 Surprising Facts
Samsung Raided In Political Corruption Probe
Canadian Agency Under Scrutiny For Programme That Illegally Kept Metadata
US Army to Test Radical 'Iron Man' Bullet-Proof Liquid Armour That Gives Soldiers Super-Human Strength
Putin Wants to Push Microsoft Out of Russia in Battle with U.S.
Next Year: Sex Robots with Fully Functioning Genitalia – HOLLY NOTE: I wrote about this company and their products in Prophetic Perils. They are aptly named – Abyss Creations.
Diamonds May be Used as Flash Discs to Store Data Forever
War Hawks: US Think Tank Already Planning 10 ‘Killer Weapons’ of a US-Russia War
Could Aboriginal Australians Carry the DNA of an Unknown Human Species?
OCT 28
DNA Scientists Claim That Cherokees Are From the Middle East
OCT 24
New Transistor 'Scavenges' Energy From Surroundings: Could Allow Devices To Function For Months Without Battery
The Bike Lock That Makes Thieves Immediately Vomit
OCT 21
Regulators: Can Big Banks Fend Off Cyber Attack?
Apple Warning: Many 'Genuine' Apple Products On Amazon Are Dangerous Fakes
OCT 20
India Experiences Catastrophic Cyberattack, 3.2 Million Debit Card Account Details Stolen
OCT 19
UK Intel Agencies Collected Personal Data Unlawfully For A Decade, Says IPT
Half of U.S. Adults Are in Police Facial Recognition Networks
Mysterious Discovery: Two New Cavities Detected in Egypt's Great Pyramid
OCT 18
Mouse Egg Cells Made Entirely In The Lab Give Rise To Healthy Offspring
Apple Wants to Kill Off Cash: Tim Cook Claims Consumers 'Don't Particularly Like It'
A Step Towards Limitless Energy on Earth: MIT's Fusion Reactor Sets New World Record For Plasma Pressure
OCT 17
Russia Unveils 'Death Ray' for Downing Drones
Super-Strong Robot Can Do Push-Ups
Industrial Robots Teach Each Other New Skills While We Sleep
Has The Secret Of Eternal Youth Been Found?
OCT 14
Treasure Trove of Ancient Human Footprints Found Near Volcano
OCT 10
Forget DNA, Experts Say RNA Could Hold The Key To 'Eternal Life Pill'
'We're Growing Brains Outside Of The Body' – Scientist Creating 'Cerebral Organoids' From Human Skin
$315. Headband Claims To Control Your Dreams and 'Fulfill Any Fantasy'
Mystery of the Earth's Missing Crust Solved
Young-Earth Creationist Wins Lawsuit
MIT Uses 3D Printing Technology To Create Shock Absorbing 'Skin'
The Dinosaur Footprint As Big As A Man
Talking Pint-Sized Robot Has Emotional Intelligence Of A Child
Obama-UN Internet Takeover Is Just Hours Away – Oct. 1st
Facebook Gives Rare Glimpse Inside Its Gigantic Lulea Server Farm Just 70 Miles From The Arctic Circle
Rosetta, After Mission Complete, Set For Controlled Descent onto Comet Tomorrow
Just How Bad Is Yahoo's Security Breach? 'Equivalent of Ecological Disaster,' Expert Says
Secure Passwords Can Be Sent Through Body
World's 1st '3-Parent Baby' Born in Mexico
‘Modern Family’ Exploits 8-Year-Old By Touting Her As TV’s First ‘Transgender’ Child Actor
Congress Passes New Bill Giving NASA $19.5 Billion For Mars Exploration, But Says It Must Happen Within The Next 25 Years
Clueless iPhone 7 Users Tricked Into Drilling A Hole Into Their Phone In A Bid To Get A Headphone Jack
Oliver Stone: Obama-Era Surveillance Worse Than Stasi
Edward Snowden: No Matter What, Don’t Use Google’s New Allo Messenger App
Hand-delivered Hacking: Malicious USBs Left In Mailboxes
When Everything Else Fails, Amateur Radio Will Still Be There—And Thriving
Cyber Attacks On Satellites Could Spark Global Catastrophe, Experts Warn
China Loses Control Of Tiangong-1; Space Lab To Make Crash on Earth
Trump Opposes Plan for U.S. to Cede Internet Oversight
Yahoo Confirms Massive Data Breach, Impacting 500 Million Users
Air Force Names Futuristic Long-Range Bomber the B-21 Raider
Forensic Techniques Sending People To Prison May Not Be Scientifically Valid
Researchers Discover More Efficient Way To Split Water, Produce Hydrogen

The Big 5 Mass Extinctions
98 Facts And Secrets Facebook Knows About You
Here's How To Find Out Everything Google Knows About You
Internet Group ICANN Boosted Member Who Transferred U.S. Technology to Iran
Obama’s Radical Proposal Could Result in Censorship Online
Newly Discovered Parasite Is Named After Obama
So Long Cable Box. New Rules May Allow You To Bypass The Box
Google and Box Partner On Document Storage In The Cloud
Pentagon Paid Boeing $20 Billion and Bonuses for Shoddy Missile Defense System
Keeping Your Identity Safe After a Natural Disaster
Cheap, Long-Lasting, Sustainable Battery For Grid Energy Storage
Google’s Secret Plan For Quantum Computer Supremacy