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DEC 30
Look to the Sky for New Year's Eve Comet
Strange Sounds Recorded from Auroras in Sweden – Turn up the volume
How One Scientist Decoded the Mysterious Sounds of the Northern Lights – flashback
Curiosity Rover Finds Purple Rocks on Mars
DEC 27
Hubble Spots Cosmic Megamaser
Mars Is within Reach
A Promising Spot for Life on Mars
NASA's Kepler Mission Rewrites Drake's Equation --"Humans Not the First Technological Civilization in the Universe"
DEC 26
Apocalypse Now? Nuclear Proliferation Is The Least Of Our Worries
DEC 19
A Sun-Like ‘Death Star’ That Consumed Its Planets Discovered
DEC 16
Supermassive Black Hole Spotted Tearing Star To Shreds: Study
Mick Fanning Enjoys Magical Surf Beneath the Northern Lights
DEC 14
How to See a Meteor Shower During the Last Supermoon of 2016
DEC 13
LIGO Black Hole Echoes Hint at General Relativity Breakdown
DEC 12
Massive Meteor Fireball Explodes Several Times Off The Coast of Norway
Geminid Meteor Shower Peaks This Week, But Supermoon Full Moon Interferes
Electric Arcs on Jupiter's Moon Io – video
Meteor Lights Up Night Sky Over Siberia
December 2016 Meteor Showers, Supermoon, Visible Planets and More Celestial Wonders Before 2017
Lloyd's of London Warns Of Devastating $2.6 Trillion Solar Storm

Astronomers Primed to Track Spectacular Comet Encounters
Astronomers Discover A Dense 'Hot Jupiter' Exoplanet Orbiting A Sun-Like Star
Russia Is Developing A Mega-Rocket to Transport Supplies to Build a Moon Base
NOV 29
SpaceWeather Reports: An Uptick In Solar Flare Activity: Two new sunspots are rapidly emerging on the solar disk, and one of them is crackling with B- and C-class solar flares. So far the eruptions are minor. However, they do represent a noteable uptick in activity compared to the absolute quiet of recent months.
NOV 24
Fireball Spotted in Night Sky Over Florida
NOV 23
'Meteorite' Burns Across Sky Following Japanese Earthquake
NOV 14
‘It’s Going to Happen’: NASA Simulates Huge Asteroid Hitting Major City. NANA's Response: 'Pray'
NOV 11
Largest, Brightest Supermoon Since 1948 To Rise on Nov. 14
Incoming! How NASA and FEMA Would Respond to an Asteroid Threat
Chance of Minor G-1 Geomagnetic Storms Possible Today
Stephen Hawking Warns Against Search for Advanced ET Life --"I am More Convinced Than Ever That We are Not Alone" – video
Earth's Super-Powered Telescopes Attempt to Capture the First-Ever Image of the Massive Dark Void at the Center of the Milky Way
Another Close Shave. Scientists Spots New Asteroid Just Before It Buzzed Earth
November Sky Highlights: Orion, Leonids Meteor Shower and Venus
How To See The Biggest Supermoon Since 1948
Curiosity Rover Discovers Strange 'Egg Rock' METAL Meteorite on Mars
Fossils on Mars?
What It's Really Like To Live In Space: Stunning 4K Video Tour of the International Space Station – video
OCT 26
‘Solar Winds’ Spur Geomagnetic Storm That May Affect Power
New Exoplanet Discoveries Reveal Red-Dwarf Stars as Likely Hosts to Large Populations of Earth-Like Water Worlds
OCT 20
ExoMars Lander May Have Crashed On Mars After Parachute And Retrorocket Problems
Volcanoes On Venus Erupted Recently, New Study Suggests
OCT 18
Warning for 'Long Overrdue' Solar Storm, EMP Flares - Could 'End Modern Civilization As We Know It'
Europe Attempts Mars Landing
New Icy World With 20,000-Year Orbit Could Point to Planet Nine
Orionid Meteor Shower To Dazzle Onlookers As It Peaks Late This Week
OCT 17
Distant Ringed Object Could Be 'Saturn on Steroids'
Sun, Moon And Earth Align For Stunning Supermoon Finale To 2016
OCT 14
Universe Has 2 Trillion More Galaxies Than Astronomers Thought
Are Planets Setting The Sun's Pace?
Halley's Comet Spectacle: Fireballs To Light Up Night Sky
Iceland Turns Off City Lights For Spectacular Northern Lights Show
The Morning Glory – Spectacular Phenomena Most Australians Have Never Heard Of – video
Solar storm Headed Towards Earth
Rare Black Moon to Rise On Friday In Night Sky of Western Hemisphere
Meteor Likely Cause Of Sudden ‘Boom’ in Southern Ontario
Queensland Meteor Raises Question On Near-Earth Asteroid Monitoring – HOLLY NOTE: Ever notice how we hear about asteroids whizzing by Earth a day or two after the fact?
VAST Coronal Hole Is Turning Toward Earth 
Meteor Described as 'Mini Sun' Streaks Over Central Queensland
Jupiter Moon May Be Firing Water Into Space
SpaceX Test-Fires The Engines That Could Take Humans to Mars
HAWKING: Must Find Aliens, Before They Find Us
Here Comes The Solar Wind
The Geomagnetic Blitz of September 1941
Ancient Lakes On Mars Suggest The Red Planet Could Have Hosted Life For A Billion Years Longer Than We Thought
Echoes of a Stellar Massacre: Gasps Of Dying Stars As They Are Torn Apart By Supermassive Black Holes Are Detected
NASA Warns Of Asteroid Strike; Holdren Says, “We Have To Be Smarter Than The Dinosaurs”
Earth Vulnerable to Major Asteroid Strike, White House Science Chief Says
Nibiru and What Is Happening To Our Sun? – video, must see. Stan says to ignore the part about Nibiru. What they're claiming is Nibiru, is really another photo artifact, not a planet. However, the Sun is behaving very, very strangely and no one is talking about it. Stan will discuss the Sun's weirdness next Tuesday night on the Hagmann Report.
Asteroid That Slammed Into Earth 1.2 Billion Years Ago May Have Been Bigger Than The One That Killed Off The Dinosaurs
Revealed: Giant 34 Ton Meteorite Discovered In Argentina Is The Second Heaviest Ever Found
China Telescope Discovers Doomsday Earth Killer Asteroid – video
How The Sun, Our Greatest Friend And Enemy, Could Knock Out The Internet – And Nearly Everything Else
First Glimpse Of A Black Hole Being Born From A Star’s Remains
Dark Matter Just Got Murkier
Burning Bright: East Coast Residents Report Seeing Meteor Fall
Witnesses: Meteorite Explodes Over Cyprus
Ripples in Fabric Of Space-Time? Hundreds Of Undiscovered Black Holes
Jupiter-like Planet Discovered In A Distant Star System
Another Previously Undiscovered Asteroid Just Buzzed Past Earth for the Second Time in Two Weeks
Bus-Size Asteroid Just Gave Earth a Close Shave