DEC 30
Spanish Military Report: Islamic Terrorists Operate, Raise Cash in Latin America to Attack U.S.
DEC 29
Russia Arrests 7 Suspects Accused Of Plotting Terror Attacks
DEC 28
Islamic State Arrests Reveal Jihadi Threat Near Seat of U.S. Government
DEC 27
Race to Keep Bio Weapons Out of ISIS’ Hands
DEC 23
Berlin Attack Suspect Shot Dead in Milan By Police
Melbourne Terror Raids: Seven Arrested as Police Foil Planned Christmas Day Terror Attack in Melbourne
'Stabbings, Bombings': Terror Plot Designed to Create Maximum Casualties
Hijackers Threaten To Blow Up Libyan Plane Diverted to Malta
Understanding Why Hospital Closures Accelerated
Holiday Storm To Deliver Nasty Gift To Much of U.S.
DEC 22
Fingerprints of Tunisian Suspect In Berlin Attack Found on Truck Door
4 People Arrested…
Berlin Attack Fuels Anti-Migrant Anger Across Europe... As German Minister Says The Country is in a 'State of War'
ISIS Claims Responsibility For Deadly Jordan Attack
Sheriff's Office Arrest 'Potential Terrorist' in Florida Town
Former UK Intel Chief: Germany Has 7,000 Terror Suspects at Large, ‘Almost Impossible’ to Monitor
12 Most Unsafe Cities in Europe
System That Produced German Terror Thrives in U.S. – Obama's 'Countering Violent Extremism' Promotes Rights of Muslims Over Protection of Homeland
Man Who Interrogated 9/11 Mastermind Has Warning for U.S. – video
Congressional Panel Wants Trump Admin to Tackle Terror Financing
US Cities Bolster Security Following Berlin Attack
ISIS Lures Poor And Prosperous From 50 Countries To Build Terrorist Army
Mapped: Terror Threat Around The World
Report: Obama Aims to Cut Gitmo Population to 42 by End of Tenure
DEC 21
Berlin Truck Attack: Tunisian 'Sought Over Market Deaths'
German Government 'Has Lost Control of the Situation': Berlin Terrorist 'on the Loose' Indicates Presence of Active Cell
Jihadi Parents Kiss Their Young Daughters Goodbye... Before 7-year-old Walks into Damascus Police Station and Is Blown Up
ISIS Incites More Russian Embassy Attacks

DEC 20
Berlin Terrorist STILL on the Loose
Russia Blames West for Assassination of Amb. Karlov
'These Are Merkel's Dead': German Leader's Immigration Policy Blamed
Stark Contrast of Obama vs. Trump’s Response to Terror Attacks
US Cities Step Up Security…
Dr. Sebastian Gorka: 'The Front Line Is When You Leave Your House In The Morning'
NRA Member Speaks Out Against Terrorism and Freedom – video
DEC 19
ISIS Kidnaps 127 Children in Mosul Intending To Turn Them Into Blood-Thirsty Killers
DEC 16
France: 10,000 Troops on Streets As Islamic State Threatens Christmas Jihad Massacres
UN: Nuclear Plant Hack Terror Threat Rising
Jihadis 'Hiding in Plain Sight' Among Immigrants: Britain's Armed Forces Chief Warns 'Combat Experienced Terrorists' Fleeing Iraq and Syria Pose 'Threat to Our Way of Life'
Intel Report: Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Qatar Supporting Jihadis in Germany
To the Muslim Brotherhood: Quit Shouting Islamophobia and Quit Attacking Muslim Families
DEC 12
First Time Ever: FBI Documents Linking 22 Radical Islamist Villages in the U.S. and al-Qaeda
Terror-Linked Imam Fighting To Stay in U.S.
Islamic State 'Has Lost 50,000 Fighters' Over Two Years – HOLLY NOTE: Stating the obvious… This number might be more in their if they weren't blowing themselves up. Question is: how many more are there? Some experts say 1,500 a month are joining.
Airborne Footage Gives The Clearest Picture Yet Of A Devastating ISIS Truck Bomb
Security Stepped Up on Los Angeles Rail System After Reported Threat
Joint Chiefs Preparing New Plan To Defeat Islamic State
FBI: 'Too Soon' to Determine If Ohio State Attack Was Terrorism
NC Man Pleads Guilty To Plotting Terror Attack
A Year After Terror Attack, Some San Bernardino Victims Say County Has Abandoned Them
Christmas Party May Have Triggered San Bernardino Terror Attack
NOV 30
OSU Asst. Director of Residence Life: Let's Be Compassionate About The Man Who Tried To Kill Us Yesterday – HOLLY NOTE: This woman is seriously off her nut. Bet her tune would be different if someone she loved had been one of the victims. This is insanity. People wanted Artan dead except for his fellow Muslim extremists.
ISIS Claims Responsibility For Ohio State Attack
NOV 29
Ohio Knife Jihadist Praised Muslim 'Terror' Hero Before Attack
Dems Call For Gun Control in Wake of Ohio State Stabbing Spree – HOLLY NOTE: This shows how desperate Progressives are to take your firearms. This Somali jihadist's weapons of choice were his vehicle and a butcher knife, not a gun.
Almost 100,000 Somali Refugees Admitted to US Since 9/11; 99.6% Muslim – AND 43,000 Somali Refugees Settled in US Under Obama – HOLLY NOTE: Keep in mind "In 2009, nearly 300 violent Somalis went missing in America. More than 800 new refugees from Somalia arrive in the United States every month, according to Refugee Resettlement Watch. The constant influx has earned parts of Minneapolis the nickname "Little Mogadishu." Is your location one of over 130 Somali Cities of Refuge? Find out in Prophetic Perils.
NOV 25
Intel: Iran Using Commercial Planes to Smuggle Weapons to Terrorists
Amnesty International USA Preps for Protests Against Trump Anti-Terror Policies
NOV 24
US Issues Travel Advisory For Europe Over Terrorism Concerns
NOV 22
Muslim Charged with “Nice in Times Square” Jihad Mass Murder Plot
EXTREMELY GRAPHIC PHOTOS: Islamic State Circulates Gory Beheading Pictures
NOV 18
650% Increase in Deadly Terrorist Attacks in Western Nations: Global Terrorism Index
NOV 17
ISIS Recruits Learn to Beat Asylum-Seeker Checks
Chechens Becoming Radicalized in Austria
NOV 15
Massive Special Op Against Islamists Carried Out In 10 German Federal States, 60 Cities
NOV 14
Trump to Designate Muslim Brotherhood as Terror Org.
ISIS Urges Truck Attacks, Says Thanksgiving Day Parade an ‘Excellent Target’
ISIS Rounds Up 25,000 'Human Shields' and Transports Them to Kirkuk In Latest Desperate Bid to Stop Advance of Iraqi Troops
ISIS Calls For 'Slaughter Of Americans' On Election Day
Sources: U.S. Intel Warning Of Possible Al Qaeda Attacks in U.S. Monday – NY, TX and VA Possible Targets
UK Has Foiled 12 Terror Plots Since June 2013 - Spy Chief
Says ISIS Will Pose Threat To Britain For A Generation
5 Paris-style Attacks Foiled in 2yrs, UK Counter-Terrorism Police Claim
OCT 28
Horror: ISIS Fed 250 Children Through Dough Kneading Machine
IS Executes Dozens Of Prisoners Near Mosul, Officials Say
Iran Announces Suicide Drones To Attack U.S.
OCT 21
After ISIS Calls for Knife Campaign, 3 Stabbed in Attack Claimed by ISIS
ISIS Fighters Enter Kirkuk Mosques, Kindergarten, Take Civilians Hostage – Report
Al Qaeda and ISIS' Jihad for the Long Haul
Iran Threatens West With '9 Million Fighters'
ISIS Calls for Random Knife Attacks in Alleys, Forests, Beaches, 'Quiet Neighborhoods'
ISIS Leader May Have Been Poisoned
Comey Predicts Tsunami of ISIS Terrorists Heading for U.S.
ISIS Prepares for 'Apocalyptic Showdown of Muslim and Christian Armies' in Syrian Town of Dabiq
The O'Reilly Factor: Obama Must Identify 'Islamic Terrorism' — 'If People Get Their Feelings Hurt, Too Bad'
George Soros Network Pushed “Islamophobia” Propaganda After San Bernardino Jihad Massacre
NYC Pushes To Silence 'Negative Rhetoric' About Islam
16 ISIS Terrorists Killed When Explosive Belt Malfunctions
ISIS Preps for Apocalypse Battle
Merciless Iraqi Housewife ‘Beheads and Cooks ISIS Fighters’ To Avenge Her Family’s Death
Generation Jihad Threat Looms As Agencies Look At Reintegration
ISIS 'Dead Set' On Using Chemical Weapons, US Military Official Says
EU Counter-Terrorism Chief: ISIS May Strike Europe With Car Bomb & Chemical Attacks
Missing Afghans Raise Terrorism Fears
Hamas and Black Lives Matter: A Marriage Made In Hell
Trumping Islamic Terrorism: Obama Made America A Wide Open Target For Would-Be Terrorists
Pope Out In Left Field On Definition Of Terrorism
Texas to Withdraw From Feds' Refugee Program Over Terror Threat
Ahmad Khan Rahami's Father Told FBI His Son Was A 'Terrorist' in 2014, But Agency Determined He Was 'Clean'
Manhattanistan: London, NYC, Paris Mayors Call for More Immigration in Response to U.S. Terror Attacks
Look At The Map! All 3 States Attacked Have High Amount of Refugees - Multiple Bombs, A Stabbing Rampage In The Name Of Allah And No One Wants To Call It A Terror Attack?
Greg Gutfeld: Five More Lessons From Another Terror Attack
Bomb Suspect in NY, NJ Is A Deadbeat Dad Who Hates America, Mother Of His Daughter Says
ISIS Moving From Christian Persecution to Christian 'Extermination'
Tone-Deaf Governor Calls for 'Tolerance' After ISIS Stabbing. Tolerate What? Stabbings?!
USPSA Shooter, NRA Instructor Shot, Killed Somali Man on Stabbing Rampage – When Good Guys Have Guns, Bad Guys Are Stopped
Donald Trump Reads 'The Snake' – video
Suspect in NYC Bombing Ahmad Khan Rahami CAPTURED After Shootout With Police
Source: NY and NJ Bomb Signatures “Nearly Identical”
ISIS Supporters Rush To Celebrate NYC Explosion
Man Stabs 8 At Minnesota Mall – Ashs One Victim First If He were Muslim
…Five Taken Into Custody in New York Over Ties to Chelsea Bombing
First ISIS-Al Qaeda Cooperation for US Bombings
Islamic Movement in U.S. Preparing for Battle
Law Enforcement Concern There May Be An Active Terror Cell in the NY/NJ Area
Israeli Military Buildup In Judea After String Of Terror Attacks
CONFIRMED: 117 Gitmo Detainees Returned to Terrorism So Far or 18% of Released Detainees – flashback
At Least Two More Former Gitmo Detainees Return To Fighting
House Votes To Block Obama From Releasing Any More Guantanamo Detainees
ISIS 'Celebrate Eid' By Hanging 'US Spies' From Meat Hooks And Butcher Them 'Like Sheep' In 'Worst Ever Video'
New ISIS Magazine Explains Creative Ways to Shed Infidel Blood for Allah
Intel Chairman: Al-Qaeda 'Very, Very Good at Seeding People and Waiting'
Inheriting Chaos: ISIS and the Next President
ISIS-inspired Extremist 'Shouting "Allahu Akbar" Stabs Random Man in Sydney, Then Chases Bleeding Victim Down The Street Before Turning Knife On Police'
France’s Premier Warns Of New Attacks, 15,000 People On Police Radar
15 Years Later, Americans Feel More Vulnerable To Terrorism
On Eve Of 9/11 Anniversary, Al Qaeda Threatened More Attacks
Found: ISIS' Rape-Room Torture Cells
ISIS Stitches 4 Iraqis' Mouths Shut Using Metal Wire for Discussing Iraqi Army Victories
Prison Officials Intercept Cellphones Meant For Hamas Inmates
SAS Sniper Hero 'Killed an ISIS Terror Leader Who Was About To Incinerate Hostages With A Flame Thrower By Shooting Its Fuel Tank from 1,500m'
Western Counterterrorism Strategy, RIP
9/11: Then and Now - 15 Years Later
…Those Who Were There Remember Day Of Terror
Looking Back At 9/11, Americans Feel Fear, Anger, Worry
Two DHS Secretaries Agree: Another Terrorist Attack is Going to Happen
FBI: Islamic State Jihadis Targeting Theaters, Churches, Sports Arenas
US House Adopts ’Sue the Saudis’ 9/11 Bill
Remembering the Possibility of a Red, White and Blue Nation This 9/11
Number of Potential Terrorists In Germany Is Higher Than Ever – German Interior Minister
'Angelina Jolie' of Kurdistan Dies While Battling ISIS
9/11 Widow Wants Justice, And She’S Lobbying Congress To Get It
Muslim Group Wants ‘Islamic Terrorists’ Scrubbed from 9/11 Memorial
Bye Bye Burka: ISIS Bans Burka In Iraqi City After Killings By Veiled Women