If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went.
—Will Rogers, 1897-1935

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DEC 29
Whatever Happened to Mary Lee? Great white Shark with 130,000 Twitter Followers 'Falls off the Radar' as Transmitter Goes Silent
Sorry Grumpy Cat, Study Finds Dogs Are Brainier Than Cats – video
20 Foods That Are Harmful to Dogs
DEC 28
Adorable Greyhound Performs 'Happy Dance' in Her First Snow – video
Millions of Australian Kangaroos Wiped Out By Mystery Disease That Causes Massive Hemorrhaging
Heart-Warming Moment Baby Elephant, Born on Christmas Day, Takes Her First Few Steps
DEC 22
Rescue Horse Frolics in the Snow Like a Puppy – video
Homeless Dog Away in a Manger – video
DEC 19
Genius People Find Ways to Protect Christmas Trees from Cats, Dogs… and Foxes – video
DEC 15
A Delighted Dormouse Is Crowned Winner of the Comedy Wildlife Awards, Shocked Seal and Frisky Bears among Runners-Up
Hilarious Holiday Feast: 13 Dogs and 1 Cat Eating with Human Hands – video
DEC 14
Patagonian Penguin Finds Second Home in Brazil – video
8 Years Later, Squirrel Still Visits Family That Rescued, Released Her – video
DEC 13
Ohio Woman Faces Criminal Charges for Rescuing Starving Dog
'Paws for Purple Hearts' Makes Man's Best Friend, Warrior's Best Friend
DEC 11
Joyful Dogs Absolutely Love Playing in the Snow – video
Can You Spot the Leopard About to Pounce on Sheep Herd?
Sphynxes, Maine Coons, Scottish Folds: International Cat Show in Moscow
Oh Deer! Young Fawn Strolls into Pennsylvania Supermarket, Mingles with Customers – video

Opossum Breaks into Florida Liquor Store, Drinks Entire Bottle of Bourbon
Sneaky Dog Spends an Entire Day Riding Around in a UPS TRUCK after Hiding in the Back

Dogs Really Are Smarter Than Cats: Canines Have More Than Twice as Many Brain Cells Linked to Intelligence
Soothe Your Anxiety By Watching This Little Elephant Bob for Apples – video
I Am Eating Cheese and My Cat Is Watching Me and Pretending That He Is Also Eating Cheese – video
NOV 30
Heartwarming Moment Mother Elephant Is Reunited with Her Calf after It Had Fallen Down a Well - Before WAVING in Thanks at the Baby's Rescuers
Science Shows Animals Feel Emotions and Have Distinct Personalities
NOV 28
4 Dogs Save Woman Held at Gunpoint
This 'Granddaddy of Hornet's Nests' Is Terrifying, But Not All Bad
Surgeons Operating on Man for Stomach Bug Shocked to Find Hundreds of Coins and Nails Inside Him
NOV 27
Priceless Photos of Pets Realizing That They’re Going to the Vet
Why Are North Atlantic Right Whale Numbers Declining?
NOV 24
Police Dog Does Push Ups with Officers
These K9 Heroes Support Our Nation’s Finest

NOV 22
Crooks Steal Dog's Cancer-Treatment Fund, Leave Family Desperate – Strangers Come to the Rescue
Trump's Turkeys, Drumstick and Wishbone, Will Join Obama's Tater and Tot at Virginia Tech

NOV 16
Chronic Wasting Disease Threatens Deer Population, Hunting Season
10 Thanksgiving Foods You Should Never Feed to Your Pets
Fox’s Ingraham Rips Trump for Ending Ban on Elephant Trophies

NOV 14
Millions of Black Snails Invade Popular Beach in Florida

NOV 13
Dog Enjoying Hot Tub! Is This You After a Rough Day? – video
Awwww! Compassionate Former Street Puppy Brings Her Blanket Outside to Share with a Homeless Dog
Dubbed the "Living Fossil" In Portugal, Caught the Ancient Shark
Somebody Is Mutilating Australia's Wildlife

NOV 10
UPS Driver Adopts the Enormous Pit Bull on Her Route After His Mom Dies
Meet Tink the Dog with Rare Condition Eats Every Meal in Special High Chair
Third Time’s a Charm for This Sweet Search & Rescue Dropout
Sheep Learn to Recognize Celebrity Faces From Different Angles

Do Animals Have Humor?
Dozens of Blood-Soaked Birds Found Scattered Along Road in Germany Leaves Locals Baffled
Chili Just Became the First-Ever Dog Certified to Save Our Bell Peppers
Army of Veterinarians Treating Dogs and Cats for Free Until December
New International Internet Scam Targets Animal Lovers
Humans Love Dogs More Than Other People: Study

OCT 30
Wolf Kills Cow in California for the First Time in More Than 100 Years

OCT 27
Are These the World's Naughtiest Animals? Despairing Owners Share Photos of Pets That Definitely Won't Be Getting Any Treats

OCT 26
Dinosaurs Were Sociable and Slept in Embrace

OCT 24
Rescue Dog Abused in Its Previous Home Is Photographed Cuddling Up to Its Tiny New Owner as It Learns to Trust Humans Again
Your Dog Can Smell Your Emotional State, and Will Adopt These Feelings as Their Own
Dogs Really Do Put on 'Puppy Eyes' to Get What They Want – HOLLY NOTE: Stan and I are reasonably sure our dogs 'work us'. They're not dumb. Put on that soft-eye, poor more, doncha-love-me face and we're all-in. They know… Science is just getting around to understanding what pet lovers know.
OCT 19
Beautiful Moment Dying Chimpanzee Who Had Been Refusing to Eat Recognizes the Man Who Used to Care for Her and Is Overjoyed to See Him

OCT 18
Adorable Moment Orangutan Uses a Straw to Clean Her Ears and Belly Button
OCT 17
Freedom and Jeff
OCT 16
Dog Stays Behind, Protects Family's Goats as Wildfire Rips Through Property
OCT 13
5 Military Dogs Awarded K-9 Medal of Courage – video
OCT 10
30 Giraffes Cross Road in Front of Tourists in Kenya
Mama Bear and Cubs Sneak into Colorado Pizza Shop – video
70-Mile Wide Wave of Migrating Butterflies Shows Up on Denver Weather Radar
Reps Try Crippling Endangered Species Act
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American Woman's Mission: Rescuing Dogs From Bali Volcano
Sneak and Destroy: Homeless Cats Recruited to Exterminate Washington, DC Rats – HOLLY NOTE: 2-legged or 4?
Adorable Sea Otter Pup Rescued in Alaska, Given Care and Attention – video
Cute Little Elephant Slides Down Slope for Fun – video
Amazingly Clever Orangutan Nemo Designs Her Own Hammock – video
This Badass Dog That Saved 12 People In Mexico Will Melt Your Heart – In Her Short Life, She's Already Saved 52 People from Accidents and Disasters
Bear on a Mission Climbs Up House's Deck – video
Exactly What to Do If Your Pet Eats Something Toxic
Animal Abusers Are Being Registered Like Sex Offenders in These Jurisdictions
Wounded Warrior Johnny ‘Joey’ Jones: Dogs Are Being Shamefully Abused in VA Labs. This Must Stop
The Miami Heat and FedEx teamed up to Help Pets Displaced By Harvey – video
Coyote Survives 20-Mile Ride Embedded in Car's Grille
Special Edition of 'Animal Planet' Highlights Hundreds of Harvey Pet Rescues – Airs Mon., Thurs., Sat. & Sun
"Surviving Harvey: Animals After the Storm" Schedule Here – HOLLY NOTE: Found it easier to go to our TV provider and do a program search. DirecTV Channel 282, Dish TV Channel 184
Human Antidepressants Found in Brains of Great Lakes Fish
Baby Deer Seek Shelter Inside as Storm Approaches
Python Found Lurking in Bathroom Toilet
'Zombie Dogs' Roaming Near Chicago Are Infected Coyotes, Police Warn
AUG 30
Hilarious Cat Shaming Moments
AUG 28
Paris Hilton's Pet Pups Enjoy 2-Story Doggy Mansion with Air Conditioning and Chandelier
AUG 25
Pit Bulls Save Children from Venomous Snake Lurking in Their Yard
AUG 24
Amazing Footage of Thirty Hummingbirds Partaking In a Peaceful Bathing Ritual Together - video
Girl Writes Letter to God aBout Deceased Pet and Receives a Response
AUG 21
These Smart Pups Can Sniff Out Terrorists Hiding in Plain Sight
AUG 17
Killed for a Selfie: Baby Dolphin Dies from Stress after Being Passed Around By Tourists as They Posed for Photos with It
Millions of Animals Dead as Floods, Algae Blooms and Disease Takes It Toll Around the Globe
AUG 16
Not a Unicorn, But Close Enough: Majestic Snow-White Moose Filmed in Sweden
AUG 11
Little Baby Elephant Throws Jumbo Tantrum
Bear Breaks into SUV, Then Takes It for a Short Drive in Durango, CO
Dog Snitches on Sibling. Who Stole the Cookie? – video
'I Think Your Dog Is Broken!' – Pup Refuses to Leave the Park and Plays Dead When His Owner Tries to Drag Him Home
Cat-Titude Is Everything: Cheeky Dogs Copy Their Feline Friends' Antics
Bees Are Bouncing Back From Colony Collapse Disorder
Talking Dog Wants a Kitten – video
Strange Creature Locust Scorpion in North Carolina – video
Dog Revived with Narcan after Getting into Oxy
Heart-Warming Moment Mother Elephant Comes to the Rescue of Her Helpless Calf after He Gets Stuck Upside Down in a Water Trough
Texas Calf Bears Uncanny Resemblance to KISS Rocker Gene Simmons
Australian Woman Calmly Removes Huge Snake from the Office Computer – video
Marine Dog Veteran with Terminal Cancer Gets Bittersweet Hero's Goodbye
Bear Takes Snooze on Florida Family's Doorstep
Dog Leads Family to Girls Who Were Struck By Lightning
Texas Officials Seize More Than 100 Dogs, Cats from Sweltering Home
House Votes to Ban VA Medical Tests on Dogs
Attack of the Bloodthirsty Giant Rats
Biggest Faceless Ocean Sunfish Found in New Zealand Is the First Species of Its Kind Discovered in 130 Years
Fishermen Reel in Record 926-Pound Mako Off New Jersey Coast
Snooty, World's Oldest Known Manatee, Dies One Day After Celebrating Birthday in "Heartbreaking Accident"
Over 200 Sheep Dead After Bear Chases Them Off a Cliff in France
Major Dog Chew Recall - Do You Give Your Dog Any of These 5 Brands?
Where Have the 9-spotted Ladybugs Gone? Scientists Ask for Your Photos to Document Sightings
PETA Plans to Put Up Billboard to Honor Cows That Were Killed in Semi Crash in Indiana
Bear Turns Heads By Riding in Motorcycle Sidecar, Waving to Onlookers – video
Report: Wolf and Livestock Deaths Hit Record High in Wyoming
Dog Rescues Deer Stranded in Long Island Sound – video
The Secret Lives of Hummingbirds in Incredible Slo-Mo Footage – video
Robert Farmer, Serial Cat Killer, Sentenced to 16 Years for Animal Cruelty
Miracle Dog That Survived Texas Tornadoes Comes Home from Rehab
For One Sweet-Faced Giraffe, an Outpouring of Sorrow
We’re Getting Closer to Understanding What Animals’ Facial Expressions Really Mean
Minneapolis Police Department Cop Shoots Tail Wagging Dog: More Counsel on Learning About Animals
This Mistake Could Make Your Pet a Target for Cancer
Earth's 6
th Mass Extinction Event Already Under Way, Scientists Warn
Dog Vaccinations & Skin Disease
Why Have There Been So Many Alligator Attacks?
Busted: 55 Times Worse Than Giving Your Pet Water from Flint, Michigan
Choosing the Right Bat House Site – HOLLY NOTE: Yes, some people freak at the thought of having bats around, but they are valuable beyond words. For example, one little brown bat can eat up to 1,000 mosquitoes in an hour. Stan and I had a family of bats that lived in our barn in Australia. They were fun to watch, kinda cute and kept the unwanted insect population under control.
Keeping Your Pets Calm During Fireworks
Fish Becoming Transgender from Contraceptive Pill Chemicals Being Flushed Down Household Drains
What Happens When 2 Monkeys Are Paid Unequally for the Same Work – video