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JAN 13
20 Inches of Rain, 12 Feet of Snow Finally End 5-Year Drought in N. California
Northern California Drenched, But State's Drought Far From Over
Flooding in UK: Village Evacuated, Troops on Stand by, Flights Canceled as Britain Is Hit By Snow and Hurricane-force Winds
JAN 12
Dangerous, Potentially Destructive Ice Storm Looms for 1,000-Mile Swath of Central US
Mudslide Washes Away Huge Chuck of California Road
Thousands Urged to Flee Homes In Flood-Ravaged California
Massive Storm Spawns Flooding, Tornado, Mudslides in California, Nevada
Feet of Snow Burying California's Sierra Nevada as Heavy Rain Winds Down – video
Winter Storm Jupiter Could Bring an Inch of Ice to the Heartland – video
Another Colorado Ski Resort Closes Because of Too Much Snow
Rare “Extreme Avalanche Warning” Issued After Mountains Get 7.5 Feet of Snow
The Mystery of Ice Circles – video
JAN 11
Massive 7.2 Underwater Earthquake Strikes Off the Philippines
As Earthquake Threat to Seawall Looms, Can San Francisco Find Billions to Fix It?
Severe Flood Threat, Blizzard Conditions Snarl Travel in California as New Storm Hits
Europe's Deep Freeze Claims More Victims
Snowy Road Causes 100-Car Pileup Near Toronto – video
Scientists Now Warn of New Ice Age as Temps Plummet to -80°F in Russia!
2016 Was 2nd Hottest Year on Record in U.S., with 15 'Billion-Dollar' Weather Disasters
26-Acre Chunk of Hawaii Collapses Into Sea – video
Crater Lake National Park Closed Due To Avalanche, Heavy Snowfall
JAN 10
Something Very Strange Happening Worldwide – Earth Is Literally Shaking: Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Deadly Weather Events Are All Getting Worse – HOLLY NOTE: It's one thing to read a headline and another to see this info laid out in pictures and charts. These are presented in
Prophetic Perils: End Time Events Revealed, which paint an unmistakable picture. So when you talk to family and friends about how close the world is to catastrophic times, you'll have all the ammunition needed. The door is fast closing for preparing spiritually, physically and mentally. These events are End Times signs repeatedly warned about in scripture, but if you don't have the actual numbers in front of your eyes, you can't see how things have ramped up and then it doesn't mean a whole lot. It's the boiling frog syndrome. Seeing IS believing and you can check the data yourself in Prophetic Perils' nearly 1,600 Endnote references.
Hurricane Force Winds Cause Widescale Damage in Colorado Springs
High Profile Vehicles Ordered Off I-25 In Southern Colorado
Widespread Power Outages Continue in Colorado Springs
Avalanche Hits Semi, Closes Vail Pass
Polar Bear Zoologist Blasts Obama’S Climate Alarmism: ‘Sensationalized Nonsense’
After 5 Years of Extreme Drought, Flooding Forces Water Rescues as Deadly Storm Soaks California
Topples Historic Hollowed-Out Sequoia…
Wind Warning: 40-100 mph Gusts Forecast for Colorado
6 Dead, Travel Snarled as Storms Lash Southeast and West
49 States Have Snow Cover, Average Temperature 11 Deg. F – video
More Than 20 Europeans Die in Winter Blast
Heartwarming Moment Man Rescues Sparrow Stuck on Frozen Pipe – video
How to Protect Pipes From Freezing in Frigid Weather
Southern Severe Weather Outbreak Spawns 31 Tornadoes, Kills 6 on Second Day of 2017
Climate Scientist Resigns Over Climate Change
Beijing's Snow Is So Dirty, It Advises Using Umbrellas
Airlines Cancel Hundreds of Flights Ahead of East Coast Storm Warnings
Winter Storms Take Aim at West, South – HOLLY NOTE: Atlantans unused to dealing with snow crowed into this Kroger store and picked the shelves clean.
145 Flights Canceled at Denver International
Storm to Trigger Worst California Flooding In 20 Years – video
Giant Iceberg Set To Break Off of Antarctica
Avalanche Kills Montana Skier in Glacier National Park
Skier Triggers Avalanche, Narrowly Avoids Tumbling Down Mountain
Canada's Awesome Price for Road De-Icing: Melting Cars, Collapsing Bridges, Billions in Damage
Massive Quake Off Fiji Triggers Tsunami Warning Within 200-Mile Radius
Largest Earthquake to Hit UK in Decade Felt Off North Yorkshire Coast
Sydney Rocked By 3.9 Earthquake
Winter Storm Helena May Bring Snow, Ice to the South Late This Week After Heavy Snow Pummels the West
The Terrifying Power of Mega Tsunamis: How An Unlikely Wave Could Wipe Out The Entire East Coast of the US
String of Severe Storms Sweep Across Southern States Leaving at Least 5 Dead
Arctic Air to Infiltrate US From Coast to Coast During 1st Week of 2017
Greenland Enters 2017 Adding Extraordinary Amounts of Ice and Snow
Global Warming Alarmist NY Times Discovers Cold Is 17 Times Deadlier
Flood Threat Shifting Across US: Growing in the North, Dropping in the South
Quake Swarm Near California-Mexico Border Gets Scientists' Attention
Record-Breaking Year of Earthquakes: 32,828 Temblors Hit New Zealand In 2016
Snowstorm to Unfold From Colorado to Minnesota Early This Week
Snow Closes California Interstate Again
The Hottest Places in 2016 Offer a Frightening Glimpse into the Future