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FEB 24
Blizzard to Clog Travel With Up to a Foot of Snow from Colorado to Michigan
Deadly Storm Wreaks Havoc Across UK – Weatherbomb Headed to Europe
FEB 23
Here’s Exactly How Much Less Water Is in the Colorado River Because of Climate Change – HOLLY NOTE: This article attempts to blame climate change for lowering the River. What it neglects to address is that 6 states in addition to Colorado – Utah, Wyoming, New Mexico, Arizona, California and Nevada, in other words, the entire Southwest AND Mexico all suck water from the Colorado. They also don't address the huge influx of people to the Southwest. This is also well-documented here and here. In fact, the Center for Immigration Studies reports that "The Southwest is the fastest growing region in the United States, the world’s fourth-fastest-growing nation." More people, greater water usage. This is not to say we don't feel the planet has warmed. Check yesterday's Earth Changes stories (left column) to see it's going to be an early Spring and warm through Spring 2018. We don't ascribe to the theory that it's all human-caused. One could only believe this if they fall for NOAA's newly exposed data manipulation. To what end? According to recent article, to destroy capitalism and to redistribute wealth to poor nations.
This Insane Hole Is Pulling Water Out of a California Lake
FEB 22
Waters Rising in California
Wind Shrieks to 199 MPH
Flooding, Landslides Force Evacuations in California – video
More Than 200 San Jose Residents Evacuated in Floods
Crews Race to Save California's Highway 50 in Sierra
San Francisco Breaks Rain Records
San Jose Evacuees Devastated By Flood Damage
Every 200 Years California Suffers a Storm of Biblical Proportions – This Year’s Rains Are Just a Precursor
More Rain, More Homes Flooded in Utah
Rivers in Sky Causing Widespread Chaos
6.5 Earthquake Strikes Near Padilla, Bolivia
Middle America Is Basking in Unprecedented February Warmth – Some Cities as Much as 35 Degrees Above Normal
Warm Weather Cancels Canada Snow Sculpture Fest
…Causing Plants to Sprout Early in Chicago
DC Cherry Blossoms to Bloom Sooner
Manhattan-Sized Iceberg Breaks Away From Antarctic Glacier
Arizona Still Abuzz Over Rare Funnel Cloud
'Imminent' Nevada Dam Break Warning Sparks Evacuation Fear for 50,000 People
Avalanche, Snow and Rain Bring Traffic to a Halt in Nevada
Thousands of Homes Flooded After Heavy Rain Hits Jakarta
FEB 21
Heavy Rain Forces California Residents to Evacuate
Flood Fears Renewed as California Is Pounded By Storm
Trump Readies EOs to Dismantle Obama's 'Climate Action Plan'
Border-to-Border Fire Dangers Soar in Colorado with More Record-Breaking Heat, High Winds, Bone-Dry Conditions
FEB 20
Flooding, Mudslides to Threaten Northern California into Tuesday
Troubled Water: Feds Were Warned That Thousands Would Be Stranded If California Dam Failed
If Oroville Dam Failed, Residents Likely Would Not Be Advised in Time
Oroville Dam Exposes Rift Between Conservative Town, Coastal Liberals
Damage, Injuries Reported After Tornadoes Hit San Antonio
Dramatic Temperature Swing to Bring Taste of Spring to Eastern US
Chicago Breaks Temperature Record as Mercury Hits 61
FEB 17
Extended Period of Springlike Warmth to Surge into Midwestern, Eastern US
'Biggest Storm of Winter' to Unleash Flooding Rain in California at Week’s End
Mesmerizing Dust Devil Spins Through New South Wales – video
Scientists Discover 'Zealandia' – a Hidden Continent Off the Coast of Australia
Denver Breaks Another Record High Temperature
FEB 16
Speed Restrictions in Place as Nor’Easter Blasts New England With Heavy Snow
Christchurch Wildfires: Homes Destroyed and Residents Evacuated
Wildfires in Colorado Could Get Worse Because of State's 834 Million Dead Trees
Lake of Molten Carbon the Size of Mexico Is Discovered Under the US
Yosemite Park ‘Firefall’ Most Brilliant in Years
FEB 15
5 Tornadoes Reported as Storms Wreak Havoc; 1 Dies in Crash
Oroville Dam Evacuees Head Home After Order Lifted
Dam Operators Say They’re Ready for Next Key Hurdle: Wednesday Night’s Storm
Uncovering the Extent of Global Warming Cheating
Kevin Libin: Dear Carbon-Tax Republicans (and Democrats) – Canadians Are Here from the Future to Stop You Before It’s Too Late
FEB 14
No Return Home in Sight for Thousands of Californians Sheltering From Dam
Will It Hold? Oroville Dam Makes It Through a Key Test
What You Need to Know About the Oroville Dam Crisis – video
Engineers Have Known For Decades That Oroville’S Backup Spillway Was Unreliable
20% of Dams in Populated Areas Lack Emergency Plan
Western US to Face Renewed Flood Threat As Storm Onslaught Resumes
Weather Service Suffers 'Catastrophic' Outage; Stops Forecasts, Warnings
Tignes Avalanche: 3 Family Members Among 4 Killed at Ski Resort in French Alps
Decades of Disaster: 7 of America’s Worst Dam Failures in Recent History
Huge Blaze Ravages Slum in Philippines Capital, Leaves 15,000 Homeless
FEB 13
DAM DRAMA: Nearly 200,000 Evacuated from Calif. Towns as Fears of Complete Devastation Grow
Northeast Braces for Second Blast oF Snow, High Winds
Blizzard Conditions, Feet of Snow to Bring New England to a Standstill Today
La Niña Is Out and El Niño May Be Coming. Here’s What That Means for Our Weather
Aftershocks Rattle Survivors After 6.7 Philippine Quake Kills 8
Nearly 100 Bushfires Rage in Australia
"All Hell Broke Out" Homes, Animals Lost
'Never Seen It This Bad': Dozens of Homes Damaged…
Heatwave Leaves Australia State the Hottest Place on the Planet
FEB 11
Highway Patrol Cruiser Crushed After Wind Gust Blows Over Semi-Trailer
California Braces for Emergency at Crippled Dam – Gaping Hole In Spillway Preventing Release of Rising Waters
FEB 10
2 Dead After Heavy Rain, Rapid Snowmelt in California and Nevada Trigger Flooding, Mudslides and Dam Failures
Northeast Buried by Winter Storm, Thousands of Flights Affected
Landslides Kill 12 In Indonesian's Bali, More Rain Expected
Major Snowstorm Snarls Commute for Millions in Northeast; 3,000 Flights Canceled
2017 US Spring Forecast: Winter Won't Quit in Northeast; Severe Weather to Explode Across Plains
Destructive Louisiana Twister an EF3
Adelaide (S. Australia) Heatwave Knocks Out Power to 40,000 Homes as AC Demand Pushes Grid to Breaking Point – Sydney's Next in Hottest February Ever
At Least 7 Tornadoes Touch Down in Louisiana, State of Emergency Declared
Tornado Raw Footage – video
'I Thought I'd Just Died and Came Back To Life'
Dozens Injured…
Snowstorm to Snarl Travel from DC to New York City and Boston Thursday
Mudslide from Relentless Rain Destroys California Home
Shallow 6.3 Earthquake Strikes Pakistan
Monster Snowstorm to Batter Northwest Montana Sunday Through – HOLLY NOTE: Talked with a girlfriend Sunday night who lives in Eureka and she said a ham operator said this is supposed to be "the worst storm of the century." They were to get 24 - 30 more inches of snow where she lives.
Turkey Hit By 2 Magnitude 5.3 Quakes; 11 Villages Damaged
Strong 5.7 Magnitude Earthquake Rattles Parts of Colombia
Rare Heavy Snowfall Closes Schools, Complicates Commute, Knocks Out Power to Thousands in Seattle
Third Earthquake in Quick Succession Jolts Greece
Fearing Massive Flooding, Missouri River Reservoirs Lowered Ahead of Spring
Toxic Mosaic Sinkhole in Florida Filled Up – video
3.3 Quake Strikes Near The Geysers, Calif.
Earthquake Early-Warning Systems Finally Becoming Reality for California – HOLLY NOTE: These systems that would give about 30-60 seconds notice aren't foolproof. The closer to the epicenter, the less time there is. They've been found to under estimate a quake's size and also give completely false readings. Despite these problems, "experts agree that it’s not if but when an earthquake registering magnitude 8.0 or higher – will hit the West Coast. In fact, seismic experts believe a major earthquake on the southern San Andreas Fault is long overdue."
…Losses Could Hit $290 Billion
4 of Iceland's Main Volcanoes All Preparing for Eruption
Australia's Cotton Crop Bakes in Record Heat
Afghanistan Avalanches: Death Toll Passes 135
Strong Tremors Felt Across North India After 5.8 Earthquake
Insane! Man Swims in Kilauea's Lava Zone – video
Indonesia's Mount Sinabung Erupts 7 Times on Sunday
After 2 Years of Drought, W. Australia Farmers Celebrate as Gascoyne River Flows Again
'Apocalyptic' Snowstorm Blasts Middle East as Freak Weather Terrifies Arab Countries
Avalanches Kill Dozens in Afghanistan and Pakistan
Storm to Impact Millions with Rain, Wind, Snow – Threaten Travel Across Central and Eastern US This Week
Indonesian Volcano Sinabung Erupts 7 Times in Less Than 24 Hours
Remnants from Fukushima Tsunami Continue to Wash Ashore
Epic Explosion: Mexican Volcano Spews Ash 4 Km High in Latest Eruption
Brr..itains Braced for 10-Day Freeze
World Leaders Duped into Investing Billions Over Manipulated Global Warming Data
U.N. Official Admits Global Warming Agenda Is Really About Destroying Capitalism
Millions to Face Storm Impacts Next Week: Snow, Rain, Wind and Severe Weather to Unfold
Mexican Volcano Puts on Breathtaking Lightning Show
January 2017 Most Active for Earthquakes in Mexico in Last 10 Years
Speaker Series Explores Canadian Volcanoes
Stunning Footage Shows Day and Night Point of View of Piton de la Fournaise Volcano – video
Flooding and Damaging Wind Were Most Destructive Natural Hazards in 2016
Dinosaurs Died a Cold, Dark Death, New Study Shows
Phil's Forecast: Groundhog Predicts 6 More Weeks of Winter
Another Earthquake Shakes Western Colorado Towns
Earthquake Shakes South Australia Just After Midnight
Eruption Causes Alaskan Island to Double in Size In Just 1 Month
Lava from Hawaii's Kilauea Volcano Gushes from 'Firehose' into Pacific
Electricity Lines Explode as 50mph Winds Strike Cornwall Ahead of Arrival of 'Storm Doris'
Ominous Storm Heading Towards Britain
6 Cosmic Catastrophes That Could Wipe Out Life on Earth
'Gateway to Hell' is CRACKING: NASA Images Reveal New Fissures and Unexplained Rise Is Lava Levels
'Firehose' of Lava Flows From Kilauea Volcano
Volcano In Alaska Island Erupts, Aviation Warning Issued
Seismic Activity Recorded Around Numerous Volcanic Sites
Underwater Volcano Erupting Near Tonga
Melting Glaciers Set to Uncover Nuclear Waste from Secret Underground Military Base
JAN 31
Schools in Sicily Evacuated as More Than 60 Quakes Shake Mount Etna
Increased Risk of Katla Eruption
It’s Not ‘If’ a Big Quake Strikes Washington State, It’s ‘When’ and Many Aren’t Insured
Do We Live in the Most Dangerous Times?
New Mexico Most Snow in Century
'Booms' in Northern New Brunswick Not an Earthquake, Seismologist
Frigid February: Met Office Warns the Big Chill to Continue Until March After Temps Plummet to -10C on Coldest Night of Year
High Flood Risk for Northern North Dakota Communities
Manitoba Forecasters Say Major Flooding Possible This Year
Researchers at Mt. Washington Battle 127-mph Winds – video
JAN 30
Scientist John Casey on Why Catastrophic Earthquakes May Soon Strike the U.S. – HOLLY NOTE: This is a very important, sobering message and asks, are you prepared? If not, please make use of our FREE preparedness website. – audio
Italy’s Etna Volcano Awakens with New Explosions in the New Year
Elevated Unrest Continues at Alaska's Bogoslof Volcano
Super Volcano Italy: Campi Flegrei Eruption Could Kill Millions
Related: Long-Dormant Supervolcano May Be Waking Up
Unrest in Katla Volcano Prompts Caution – Authorities Worry About Tourists in the Area
Satellite Captures Fissure Eruption of Erta Ale
What Would Happen If Mount Vesuvius Erupted Today?
What Mackerel and a Volcano Can Tell Us About Climate Change: Food Scarcity
When the Rich Become Preppers, It's Time to Worry
Chile Wildfires: At Least 11 Die, Many of the Firefighters, in Catastrophe
…Entire Town Reduced to Ashes
Earthquake Risk for UK Mapped
Heatwave Hits Australia, Records to Fall as Students Sweat Through School
Incredible Lenticular Cloud Spotted in Sweden
JAN 27
Enormous Fissure Opens in Arizona Desert
People Dwarfed By Giant Crack – video
There’s So Much Snow in Summit County, CO They Can’t Deliver Mail
Peru Hotel Collapses Into Swollen River After Torrential Rain – video
Seismic Activity, Loud Boom Reported Near Santa Clarita
Earthquake Swarm Under Grímsey Island, Iceland
First Flood Report: Devils Lake to See Major Flooding, Cities Along Northern Red River Most at Risk
This Is What Triggered the Biggest Supervolcano Eruption In History
Climate Change Helped Kill Off Super-Sized Ice Age Animals in Australia
JAN 25
At Least 4 Reported Dead in California Storms
London Air Pollution Worse Than Beijing
Takawangha Volcano (Aleutians): Earthquake Swarm, Alert Level Raised
Colorado Hit By Swarm of Small Earthquakes
JAN 24
Deadly Storm Heads North After Battering Southern States
Georgia Expands State of Emergency After Tornadoes; 20 Dead Across Southeast
Sunday Was Worst January Day for Tornado Deaths Since 1969
Italy Crews Find 3 Puppies Alive In Avalanche-Hit Hotel, Pull 7th Body From Rubble
Chaotic Weather Intensifies-Strange Sky Manifestations -Venus Mystery Unfolds – video
JAN 23
19 Dead Over 48 Hours as Tornadoes Wreak Havoc in the South
Hurricane-force Winds to Pummel East Coast
The Latest: Floods Sweep Through California Mountain Towns
7.9 Earthquake Strikes Papua New Guinea, Causing Damage and Blackouts
FEMA Getting Ready for MAJOR Quakes – video
Super Volcano on Brink of Eruption Scientists Warn – video
Volcano Explosion Could Cause Global Catastrophe
Alaska’s Bogoslof Volcano Erupts Again
Record-breaking Waves Pound No. California Coast
JAN 20
8 Found Alive In Italy Hotel After 2 Days
Cascading Earthquakes: Why Central Italy Is Being Shaken By So Much Seismic Activity
Powerful 6.5 quake Strikes Near Solomon Islands
Larsen Ice Crack Continues to Open Up
JAN 19
Quake-triggered Avalanche Buries Italian Hotel, Rescuers Fear ‘Many Dead’
Mexico's Colima Volcano Erupts In Nighttime Spectacular
Storm Unleashes 80-Mph Gusts, Flooding Rain and Heavy Ice In Northwestern US
It's 59 BELOW in Alaska!
Thousands of Ice Balls Form On Michigan Beach – video
Cars Underwater, Traffic Nightmare During Flooding in Houston
Canada's Fort McMurray Wildfire Damages at Nearly $8.9 Billion
Ontario’s Painful Coal Phase-Out Didn’t Help Reduce Pollution — and Their Government Knew It Wouldn’t
Father, Son Missing After Being Hit by 'Sneaker Wave'
JAN 18
3 Large Earthquakes Hit Central Italy in an Hour
Dozens of Aftershocks

Record Warmth to Build In Eastern Half of US Ahead of Possible Central US Snowstorm
Huge Sinkhole Swallows 55,000-Pound Tractor Trailer in Georgia
Man Is Blown Away By Light Pillars in Canadian Night Sky – video
Obama Gives Another $500 Million to Green Climate Fund
Floods Leave 7 in the Philippines, Forces Nearly 7,000 People From Their Homes
JAN 17
Up to 8 Inches of Rain to Threaten Flooding in Northwestern US, Canada 
Early Taste of Spring Over Wide Area
Sorry, Chicago. Nashville Was USA's Windiest City in 2016
Antarctic Base Abandoned as Crack Grows in Ice
5.5 Quake Hits Cuba, Felt 100 Miles Away
Volcanoes Erupting Today: Klyuchevskoy, Colima, Ibu, Dukono, Turrialba, Sinabung, Sabancaya, Suwanose-jima
JAN 16
6 Killed In Central US as Ice Storm of 2017 Wreaks Havoc
Storm Damages More Than 30 Homes in Small Texas City, Tornado Confirmed
Recent Rain, Snow Helping to Ease Arizona's 17-Year Drought
Do Not Disturb: Peat Bog the Size of England – Over 33 Billion Tons of Carbon – Found in Africa
JAN 13
Snow to Bury US High Plains Sunday into Monday
Ice, Snow To Slick Roads In Northeastern US Saturday
Disruptive Snow, Strong Winds Slam Germany
Man Rides Chunk of Ice Down River to Catch Fish – video
20 Inches of Rain, 12 Feet of Snow Finally End 5-Year Drought in N. California
Northern California Drenched, But State's Drought Far From Over
Flooding in UK: Village Evacuated, Troops on Stand by, Flights Canceled as Britain Is Hit By Snow and Hurricane-force Winds
JAN 12
Dangerous, Potentially Destructive Ice Storm Looms for 1,000-Mile Swath of Central US
Mudslide Washes Away Huge Chuck of California Road
Thousands Urged to Flee Homes In Flood-Ravaged California
Massive Storm Spawns Flooding, Tornado, Mudslides in California, Nevada
Feet of Snow Burying California's Sierra Nevada as Heavy Rain Winds Down – video
Winter Storm Jupiter Could Bring an Inch of Ice to the Heartland – video
Another Colorado Ski Resort Closes Because of Too Much Snow
Rare “Extreme Avalanche Warning” Issued After Mountains Get 7.5 Feet of Snow
The Mystery of Ice Circles – video
JAN 11
Massive 7.2 Underwater Earthquake Strikes Off the Philippines
As Earthquake Threat to Seawall Looms, Can San Francisco Find Billions to Fix It?
Severe Flood Threat, Blizzard Conditions Snarl Travel in California as New Storm Hits
Europe's Deep Freeze Claims More Victims
Snowy Road Causes 100-Car Pileup Near Toronto – video
Scientists Now Warn of New Ice Age as Temps Plummet to -80°F in Russia!
2016 Was 2nd Hottest Year on Record in U.S., with 15 'Billion-Dollar' Weather Disasters
26-Acre Chunk of Hawaii Collapses Into Sea – video
Crater Lake National Park Closed Due To Avalanche, Heavy Snowfall
JAN 10
Something Very Strange Happening Worldwide – Earth Is Literally Shaking: Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Deadly Weather Events Are All Getting Worse – HOLLY NOTE: It's one thing to read a headline and another to see this info laid out in pictures and charts. These are presented in
Prophetic Perils: End Time Events Revealed, which paint an unmistakable picture. So when you talk to family and friends about how close the world is to catastrophic times, you'll have all the ammunition needed. The door is fast closing for preparing spiritually, physically and mentally. These events are End Times signs repeatedly warned about in scripture, but if you don't have the actual numbers in front of your eyes, you can't see how things have ramped up and then it doesn't mean a whole lot. It's the boiling frog syndrome. Seeing IS believing and you can check the data yourself in Prophetic Perils' nearly 1,600 Endnote references.
Hurricane Force Winds Cause Widescale Damage in Colorado Springs
High Profile Vehicles Ordered Off I-25 In Southern Colorado
Widespread Power Outages Continue in Colorado Springs
Avalanche Hits Semi, Closes Vail Pass
Polar Bear Zoologist Blasts Obama’S Climate Alarmism: ‘Sensationalized Nonsense’
After 5 Years of Extreme Drought, Flooding Forces Water Rescues as Deadly Storm Soaks California
Topples Historic Hollowed-Out Sequoia…
Wind Warning: 40-100 mph Gusts Forecast for Colorado
6 Dead, Travel Snarled as Storms Lash Southeast and West
49 States Have Snow Cover, Average Temperature 11 Deg. F – video
More Than 20 Europeans Die in Winter Blast
Heartwarming Moment Man Rescues Sparrow Stuck on Frozen Pipe – video
How to Protect Pipes From Freezing in Frigid Weather
Southern Severe Weather Outbreak Spawns 31 Tornadoes, Kills 6 on Second Day of 2017
Climate Scientist Resigns Over Climate Change
Beijing's Snow Is So Dirty, It Advises Using Umbrellas
Airlines Cancel Hundreds of Flights Ahead of East Coast Storm Warnings
Winter Storms Take Aim at West, South – HOLLY NOTE: Atlantans unused to dealing with snow crowed into this Kroger store and picked the shelves clean.
145 Flights Canceled at Denver International
Storm to Trigger Worst California Flooding In 20 Years – video
Giant Iceberg Set To Break Off of Antarctica
Avalanche Kills Montana Skier in Glacier National Park
Skier Triggers Avalanche, Narrowly Avoids Tumbling Down Mountain
Canada's Awesome Price for Road De-Icing: Melting Cars, Collapsing Bridges, Billions in Damage
Massive Quake Off Fiji Triggers Tsunami Warning Within 200-Mile Radius
Largest Earthquake to Hit UK in Decade Felt Off North Yorkshire Coast
Sydney Rocked By 3.9 Earthquake
Winter Storm Helena May Bring Snow, Ice to the South Late This Week After Heavy Snow Pummels the West
The Terrifying Power of Mega Tsunamis: How An Unlikely Wave Could Wipe Out The Entire East Coast of the US
String of Severe Storms Sweep Across Southern States Leaving at Least 5 Dead
Arctic Air to Infiltrate US From Coast to Coast During 1st Week of 2017
Greenland Enters 2017 Adding Extraordinary Amounts of Ice and Snow
Global Warming Alarmist NY Times Discovers Cold Is 17 Times Deadlier
Flood Threat Shifting Across US: Growing in the North, Dropping in the South
Quake Swarm Near California-Mexico Border Gets Scientists' Attention
Record-Breaking Year of Earthquakes: 32,828 Temblors Hit New Zealand In 2016
Snowstorm to Unfold From Colorado to Minnesota Early This Week
Snow Closes California Interstate Again
The Hottest Places in 2016 Offer a Frightening Glimpse into the Future