Government's view of the economy could be summed up in a few short phrases:
If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it.
—Ronald Reagan, 1981

JAN 13
Millennials Earn 20% Less Than Boomers Did At Same Stage Of Life
Lowe's to Cut Thousands of Jobs
Amazon to Create 100,000 Full-Time Jobs in the U.S. by 2018
Walmart Swings Axe Again – Slashes 1,000 Corporate Jobs
U.S. Quietly Drops Bombshell: Wall Street Banks Have $2 Trillion European Exposure
Australia Says TPP Not Dead, Despite Trump Opposition
China-backed Trade Deal May Not Gain From TPP's Loss. Blame India
Chavista Socialism Has Destroyed 570,000 Businesses in Venezuela
JAN 12
Investors Bolt Mexico as Peso Enters Free Fall
Loud and Clear: Businesses Heeding Donald Trump’s Message
Gold Tops $1,200 As Dollar Dumps Below Key Technical Level
Why New Jersey Is the Worst State for Taxes -- and Wyoming Is the Best
JAN 11
Trump Effect Take 9: Small-Biz Optimism Surges Most Since '80
Trump Effect, Take 8: China's Jack Ma Chats with Trump About Creating 1M U.S. Jobs – HOLLY NOTE: To date, these companies Trump has already had an effect on for job creation or agreeing to stay/move back to the U.S.: Carrier, Apple, Chrysler Fiat, SoftBank, Ford, Rexnord, Mondelez, Alibaba
Trump Effect, Take 7: Fiat Chrysler to Invest $1B, Move Ram Assembly to US, 2,000 New Jobs
Inside Sears' Death Spiral: How an Iconic American Brand Has Been Driven to the Edge of Bankruptcy
Musings of an Average Joe: Stop Wasting Our Money! Can The Businessman Do What Politicians Cannot?
Jobs Disappoint In Obama's Final Month, Rise Only 156K, But Average Hourly Earnings Jump
In Obama's Final Jobs report, a Record 95.1 Million People Were Not in the Labor Force
Sears to Sell Craftsman Tool Brand to Stanley Black & Decker
Stanley Black & Decker Announce Opening of New U.S. Plant After Trump White House Win
Planned Parenthood, Abortion Clinics Overbilled Taxpayers by Over $130 Million, Report Finds
Trade Minister Seko Says Japan Will Keep Contributing to U.S. Employment
Multi-Billion-Dollar Hedge Fund Bet Against Trump, Lost Almost a Quarter of the Assets of Its Principal Fund
Scuttled Ford Plant Has Mexico Fearing More Under Trump
The Elite's Dream of a Cash Ban is Now Closer Than Ever
Global Stocks Rise to 1.5 Year High After Chinese Intervention Halts Dollar Rally
"Incredibly Aggressive" China Crushes Yuan Bears: CNH Surges Most On Record As Deposit Rate Hits 80%
Another Bubble Bursts - Bitcoin China Crashes Over 30%
China’s Credit Engine Is Running Out of Gas
Masses Shocked By Philly Beverage Tax Impact
Trump Effect: Ford Cancels Mexico Plant; Expanding In Michigan
Surging Bitcoin Breaks Through $1,000 Barrier
Mexicans Outraged Over Big Hike in Gas Prices on Jan. 1
When City Retirement Pays Better Than The Job
Only Twice Has the Market Stayed Higher For Longer – and Both Times It Crashed