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JAN 13
Vote-a-Rama Ends with Senate Passing Obamacare Repeal
Obamacare's Death Throes
Babies Made Without Mothers 'Will Come Sooner Than We Think'
JAN 12
Republican-led Senate Already Takes First Step to Repeal ObamaCare
Trump Speaks Out on Drug Price Gouging
JAN 11
The ObamaCare Hustle
Republicans Wrestle with Obamacare ‘Replace’ Strategy
FDA Accepts Merck Application For Lung Cancer Combo Therapy
Too Much Sugar Could Be Changing Our Genes, Shortening Life Span
British Man, 20, Will Be the First to Give Birth
JAN 10
Death of Washington State Veteran Prompts Call for VA Investigation
'Make America Sick Again' Slogan Bombs
Flu Season Officially In Full Swing, Doctors Warn
Scientists Are Working Towards A Universal Flu Vaccine That Could Last A Lifetime
Promising New Drug Stops Spread of Melanoma by 90%
George Soros Looks To Topple Pro-Life Laws Around The World
ObamaCare Wars Are In Full Force
Nancy Pelosi, Allies Prep For War Over ObamaCare, Planned Parenthood
IRS Prioritized ObamaCare Over Taxpayer Customer Service, IG Report Says
Why I Married Myself: Self-Marriage Is a Small But Growing Movement Around the World. – HOLLY NOTE: I wrote about this trend in
Prophetic Perils: End Time Events Revealed and how people are marrying all kinds of things like plastic blow-up dolls, pets, pillows, stuffed animals, trees, computers, even a bridge, a roller coaster and a threesome of guys and a mother who wed her stepdaughter. Yes, life gets weirder as we dive into End Times. 
Senate Passes Budget Resolution Repealing Parts of ObamaCare – Pence, Congressional Republicans Discuss Replacement
Obama Tells Democrats: 'Don't Rescue' Republicans on 'Trumpcare'
Obama Holds Secret Meeting to Save "Dead Legacy" ObamaCare
A Doctor’s Straight Talk: America, Your Health Care Is Not A Federal Responsibility
Alabama Supreme Court Rules Unborn Baby is a Person
$3 Trillion Showdown: Obama, Pence Huddle With Lawmakers as President's Health Law Faces Ax
Senate Introduces ObamaCare Repeal Resolution
DC Worst City for Bed Bugs
Spicy Chilies 'Help Destroy Cancer Cells By Making Them Self-Destruct'
Judge Blocks Obama Mandate Forcing Doctors to Perform Abortions, Transgender Surgeries
Pelosi: GOP’s Rush to Repeal ObamaCare Is ‘Act of Cowardice’
1,565 Refugees Diagnosed with Active TB Since 2012 – 3x More Than Previously Reported
Drug Approvals Lowest In 6 Years
Dozens of Women May Be Pregnant With a Stranger’s Sperm After Blunder at IVF Clinic
Catholic Diocese Files Lawsuit Against Obama's Transgender Healthcare Mandate
Looking to Shed Christmas Weight? Set Your Target High
Losing Weight - How the Human Body 'Burns' Fat – video