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DEC 27
23 States Showing Widespread Flu Outbreaks
Spanish Flu Centenary: 'We're Overdue Another Influenza Pandemic'
North Korean Defectors From Nuclear Test Site Show Radiation Exposure
DEC 22
Trapped No More: New Republican Tax Law Kills ObamaCare Mandate
Claims That “Thousands Will Die” If ObamaCare Mandate Goes Away Is Nothing But a Democrat LIE and Here’s Why
Opponents Mobilizing Against ObamaCare Deal to Force Tax-Paid Abortions
Mumps Cases in Florida on Rise in 2017
Blood Centers Plead for Donations Amid Holiday Shortfall
Pennsylvania Gov. Vetoes 20-Week Abortion Ban
8 in 10 Americans Afflicted by Stress
Salad a Day Keeps Brain 11 Years Younger
Yemen Cholera Cases Hit 1 Million in 'Hideous Milestone' for Worst Outbreak on Record
Fueled By Drug Crisis, U.S. Life Expectancy Declines for Second Straight Year
DEC 19
FDA Plans Crackdown on Risky Homeopathic Remedies
Massachusetts State Auditor Finds Widespread Rape and Sexual Abuse in Foster Care but DCF Officials Won’t Report It
Leaked Plutonium, Other Radioactive Particles Found on Workers' Vehicles Stop's Demolition at Washington's Hanford Plant
Transgender Children’s Books Encouraged in UK Primary Schools
DEC 18
Hundreds Come Down with Stomach Illness During Royal Caribbean
Norway Is Moving to Decriminalize All Drug Use
Arizona Man, Fiancee Say 'Whole Family Is in Transition'
40% of Cancer Deaths Could Be Prevented with Lifestyle
DEC 14
Massachusetts Unseats Hawaii as Healthiest State
New Cellphone Warning; Radio Frequency May Affect Health
Mom Accused of Subjecting Son to 323 Hospital Visits, 13 Surgeries
Study: Artificial Sweeteners Stimulate Fat Growth
DEC 13
Israeli Company's Vaccine Blocks 90% of Cancer Types in Just 1 Shot
Report: Opioid Crisis Is a Driver of Homicide Boom
STUDY: Patients More Likely to Die When Treated By Doctor Over 60
College Enlists Care Bears to Comfort Stressed Out Students – video
DEC 12
Millions Gained Coverage Since ObamaCare, But Many Are Worse Off as Premiums Soar
NHS Gives 10 Year-Olds Gender Survey
Tattoo Takeover: 3 in 10 Americans Have Tattoos, and Most Don’t Stop at Just One
Tattoos: Ever Wondered What Will It Look Like In 10 Years or Even 40?
DEC 11
Flu Season Is Coming Early, Looking Tough – HOLLY NOTE: In one month, influenza has spread rapidly. When seeing these 2 maps, it looks like (magically) influenza has been wiped out of Guam, but the key shown in the bottom map shows they just didn't submit a report to the CDC. This article again confirms that the flu strain most widely circulating and responsible for the most deaths and hospitalizations is H3N2. It's also the one easily overpowering a very poorly designed vaccine, with only 10% effectiveness.
Mother Got the Flu from Her Children – and Was Dead 2 Days Later
This Scary-Useful Site Plots Illness-Related Social Media Posts on a Map
Get the Sickweather App
Two Companies That Sold Aborted Baby Parts for Planned Parenthood Forced to Close Down
Planned Parenthood under investigation by Justice Department Over Sale of Fetal Tissue
72% of Millennials Say Calling Them a ‘Snowflake’ Damages Their Mental Health – HOLLY NOTE: What are they going to do when they're hit upside the head by 'real' life? Melt away? Instead of no-hopers, they're the no-copers.
Heavy Marijuana Users Showing Up at the ER 'Scromiting'
America Faces One of the Worst Flu Seasons Ever as Doctors Warn the Vaccine Is Only 10% Effective This Year – Infections Are Already on the Rise
CVS Merging with Aetna: Impact on Consumers – video
‘So Many People Died We Began Calling It the Ghost Disease’
Doctors Had Felony Convictions, Malpractice Claims, But the VA Hired Them Anyway
San Diego Opens Giant Tent to Contain Hepatitis Outbreak – More Coming
NOV 30
Flu Vaccine is the Most Dangerous Vaccine in the U. S. Based on Settled Cases for Injuries – HOLLY NOTE: Stan and I managed to come through the 2-weeks-ago vaccination unscathed though Stan did have a 1/2-day reaction already discussed on the 20
th. Before getting the shot, we had to fill out a questionnaire and one of the questions was whether or not we had Guillain-Barré Syndrome. In 20 years and having had the shot just 3 times during those 2 decades, we don't recall ever being asked this though the last shot before this one was maybe 10 years ago. Can't even remember. Anyway, otherwise healthy, I don't take chances with my lungs. As a child and through college, every year like clockwork I'd get bronchitis. This was back in the Dark Ages before portable steamers were available let alone home steam rooms.

It used to freak me out not being able to breathe through my nose while trying to get air into heavily congested lungs. It felt like you were suffocating, literally. My mom would run water in the tub till the whole small bathroom steamed up and hung my head over the side just to breathe. Have never smoked, not even one cigarette, and have always chosen to live in clean-air cities and towns. Mysteriously, the bronchitis episodes stopped in college and has never returned. But, I remember all too well what it's like not being able to breathe, feel like you're drowning, and had a nasty reminder when Stan and I both got influenza about 6 years ago.

The vaccine isn't for everyone, nor do we urge anyone to get it. However, of the literally 135 million shots that were given in 2013, 42 'flu cases' during a 3-month period 4 years ago seems pretty insignificant.
NOV 29
Trump Backs ObamaCare Payments As Part Of Tax Cuts Deal
NOV 28
Flu Already Widespread in at Least 2 States, CDC Says
Canada 'In for a Very Bad Flu': Virus Hits New Brunswick Early, Claims 1 Life
New Mechanism for Battling Influenza Discovered
Reduced Effectiveness of Last Season's Flu Vaccine Traced to Mutation
How Flu Shot Manufacturing Forces Influenza to Mutate
Deadly Scarlet Fever Cases Soar to Highest Level in England for 50 Years
AP: “Japan Poised to Flood Pacific with 1 Million Tons of nucleAr Water Contaminated by Fukushima” – Newsweek: “Experts Want Japan to Push a Million Tons of Radioactive Water into Ocean” – Release Could Kill Fishing Industry
NOV 27
Don’t Eat Food If a Fly Lands on It – They Carry More Dangerous Bacteria Than Previously Thought
5 Health Care Fights Facing Congress in December
Australia Vaccination; All Doctors under the Gun; Minister of Health Keeps Lying
NOV 22
Russian Radioactivity 986X Higher Than Usual Sparks Nuclear Accident Fears
Higher Prices, Insurer Exits and Sticker Shock for Middle Incomes If Obama's Individual Mandate Killed
VA Study Shows Parasite from Vietnam May Be Killing Vets
Utah Scrambles to Deal with Hepatitis A Outbreak
Doctor Blows Whistle on Medicare Fraud: 'I Just Felt It Was Wrong'
NOV 20
Flu Vax Update: Three days after Stan took the mega-dose shot, his arm got sore, he sneezed and got the 'trots'. Then by noon, it was over so it wasn't a drama. As you can see from Friday's flu map, influenza is spreading and it's early days. Some states that didn't have cases last week now do and others went from Local to Regional activity or from Sporadic to Local, etc. On weeks we don't cover flu, you can check the CDC's activity map here. Click on any state it'll say how many flu hospitalizations there have been. For example by clicking on Colorado it takes you to the State Flu Report and breaks down, by county, the number cases and also which strain is in each county. Unfortunately most of the hospitalizations are due to the really nasty A strain – H3N2. It's also the one that the flu shot is least effective against this year. It's updated weekly on Fridays. We didn't check every state, but the CDC's link to Pennsylvania's State Health Dept. has changed. If you find that to be the case you can easily find yours by typing in your state's name and Influenza Report like Pennsylvania Influenza Report. When scanning the info, some states list the really bad strain of flu, (A)H3N2, just as H3N2, H3 or Strain A H3N2. Don't know if the flu vaccine that we get in the U.S. is the same as what Australians received, but it turned out theirs was only 15-20% effective.
High School Honor Student, Varsity Football Player on Life Support After Contracting Flu
Want to Live Longer? Get a Dog
6 Years After Fukushima, Robots Finally Find Its Reactors' Melted Uranium Fuel
White House Puts Cost of Opioid Crisis at $504 Billion in 2015

NOV 17
The Detested ObamaCare Mandate Deserves to Go
Drinking 3 Cups of Coffee Each Day Slashes Risk of Fatal Liver Diseases By 70%
New Mum Wakes Months After Going into Coma after Being Struck Down By the Flu – HOLLY NOTE: This is the morning of the 3rd day after receiving the flu vax. Neither Stan nor I had any after-effects whatsoever. Not even a tender arm. There is some misinformation circulating the Internet. It is not a live vaccine. The only form that was, was that nasal mist, which didn't meet with resounding success in the first place.

This year's vaccine covers 3 strains: 2 - As and 1 - B. Unfortunately protection against the A strain, A(H3N2), that was so awful in Australia is less effective. Keep in mind people taking the shot are not bulletproof against the flu, which offers about a 50-50 chance of being the correct combination of antibiotics (read the Adjusted Overall VE% column), but it can make the illness shorter and less severe.

Another Australian who suffered from it wrote this morning. She says: "We got that bad strain of flu and I chose (unfortunately to not get antibiotics [flu shot] like my neighbors who recovered quickly) I fought through pleading the Blood of Jesus and it was worse than any travel immunization. I thought it was biological warfare. I am hearing Echinacea/garlic takers didn't contract it out west NSW. It was horrible. My 19 yr old thought the walls were spinning. My 14 yr old was out for a week and I was out for 3 days. I picked the wrong bug to stand in "faith" on or did I?? If there is a next time - we will get the antibiotics. Echinacea seems to be the clue."
Again, Stan and I aren't advocating people get the vaccine; we are sharing our experience, my original comments on Nov. 14, and what we've heard from people who've been stricken by it. This flu is really a challenge when it strikes.
Calls for New Super Flu Vaccines in Australia
World’s Most (and Least) Dangerous Countries Revealed
Las Vegas: Rio Legionnaires' Disease Outbreak Rise to 7 Confirmed
NOV 16
Alaska Told Stockpile Anti-Radiation Pills in Case of NKorea Nuke Attack – HOLLY NOTE: News items like this are often misconstrued. Radiation pills only protect the thyroid by 'filling it up'. It does not protect tissue, bones, blood or anything else, but it is not a death sentence either. It’s important to know and understand that a nuclear event is VERY SURVIVABLE. A horrible myth circulates today that a detonated nuke is the end of life. It is not, unless you are at ground zero or very close. Public fallout shelters in the US were dismantled or re-purposed in the 70s so it is up to us to make our own preparations. All it takes is a decision of whether to shelter-in-place or walk away and know what to do in either case. This is detailed in Chapters 44 and 45 of Dare To Prepare.
79% of Households Hit By ObamaCare Tax Make Less Than $50K
Stop Saying 13 Million People Will Lose Coverage If the Individual Mandate Is Repealed
SCOTUS Justice’s ObamaCare Decision Vindicates Inclusion of the Individual Mandate in Tax Reform Bill
Older Americans Are Sicker, More Cash-Strapped, Than Elderly in Other Countries Despite Medicare
NOV 15
Herbal Supplement Blamed for 36 Deaths

NOV 14
Bioweapons Simulation Test Planned in Oklahoma
Residents Afraid…
Madagascar Plague Death Toll Rises to 165 as Scientists Fear Deadly Virus WILL Reach US, Europe, Britain and Could Mutate to Become UNTREATABLE
Weekly US Map: Influenza Summary Update – HOLLY NOTE: True flu, not the intestinal barf thing that we all hate, has reared its nasty head in the U.S. Normally Stan and I don't get flu shots, but this year we'll make an exception. Doing it Wednesday. An Australian girlfriend shared that they never get vaccinated and got this flu earlier in the year. Said she and her husband had repeated virulent setbacks. Felt like they were at death's door… Said it's the worst – flu – ever. This is backed up by the death rates we posted for Australia's flu season two months ago.

In early Sept. they reported over 132K confirmed cases of this 'super strain'. Heaven only knows how much worse it got since then. Keep in mind Australia has only 1/10 of America's population. Since they are more spread out, it should emphasize that this is an easily spread variant of the disease. We don't advocate that you should get flu shots; it is your choice. But a hardcore anti-flu shot personal friend who is pretty isolated on about 300 acres in the Midwest, somehow contracted it. He's now hospitalized in Pennsylvania, gasping for breath.
Addendum from a site reader: I take 4 System Well by Nature's Way every 4 hours and I am over almost everything within 24 hours. I have a compromised immune system, too, and have usually worked 2, sometimes 3 jobs...with a lot of people contact. I do not recommend anyone taking that much at first, it is what works for me. I still refuse to get shots. I am 70 and still working with a lot of people at a grocery store. I have missed 3 days due to illness in the last 30+ years. Also, you may wish to take several a day for a booster if flu is on your horizon. Just remember, it contains Echinacea, so only take for 10 days in a row.
Addendum 2: Just got back from the grocery store to hear from multiple sources tht some viral junk is going around. We always keep in both cars, the short can of Lysol and give our hands a quick squirt after going into 'germy' places. Much faster and more effective than Purell, etc.
Related: Australia's Tough Flu Season May Be Bad News for U.S.
Related: Biggest Mistakes Australians Are Making in the Influenza Outbreak
Related: What Australia's Bad Flu Season Means for Europe, North America
Arizona-based VA Contractor Collected $89 Million in Over Payments, Federal Audit Shows
A Broken Heart Can Be as Damaging as a Heart Attack, New Study Finds
5.8 Million Uninsured Eligible for Cheaper Insurance But May Continue to Opt for Penalty Instead of paying ObamaCare's Hefty Cost-Sharing

NOV 13
Update: Nuke Fallout Alert as Russian Radioactive Leak Sweeps Across Europe
Sen. John Kennedy: 'Please Stop Having Children You Aren't Willing to Raise'

NOV 10
Release of Man-Made Killer Mosquitoes Will Reduce Disease Population
Syracuse University Mumps Tally Now At 37 Confirmed, 76 Probable Cases
DEA Cracks Down on Fentanyl-Related Drugs
After the ObamaCare Apocalypse: The Future of Health Care Reform
Black Death and Incurable Marburg Virus Now Spreading Across Africa’s Cities… World’s Medical System Helpless to Stop It
Revenue Hole May Bring GOP Back to Repeal of ObamaCare Mandate
Healthcare Spending Now Accounts for Almost One-Fifth of the Entire U.S. Economy
Womb Transplants Could Allow Men to Have Babies 'Tomorrow', Claims Expert
40% of Doctors, Nurses Go to Work With the Flu, Survey
Microwave Radiation: Why Should Consumers Be Concerned?
Alzheimer’s May Spread Through Blood Transfusions
Hepatitis A Outbreak Continues to Grow
Trump Readies Executive Order to Unravel ObamaCare's Individual Mandate
ObamaCare Signups Surge in Early Days to Set New Record
More Than 40 Million Fire Extinguishers Recalled for Safety Hazard
Soros Ex-Employee Sued for Sexual Sadism
House Votes for VA to Clean Up Its Management
Rev. Graham Warns Parents: Disney Using 'Andi Mack' Show to Promote LGBT to Tweens
Estimate of U.S. Transgender Population Doubles to 1.4 Million Adults
Chasing a Killer: CDC Scientists Pursue Deadly Monkeypox Virus in Africa
Professor: ‘Toxic Masculinity Is Killing Everyone’
Sexually-Transmitted Zika Case Confirmed in Miami-Dade County
Auburn University Study Finds Suicide and Altitude Link
Insurers Make Billions Off Medicaid in California During ObamaCare Expansion
New Vaccines Will Permanently Alter your DNA
Just ONE Dose of New Wonder Drug Can 'Melt Away' Fat Inside Arteries, Reverse Heart Disease
Doctors Successfully Remove Tooth from the Nose of Chinese Woman
10 Most Sexually Diseased States in America
‘Tell My Mother I Love Her': Man Who Hanged Himself Said Being Bisexual Made Him Bi-Polar
Woman Sues Sephora, Says Store Trial Lipstick Gave Her Herpes
OCT 31
Most Popular ObamaCare Plans Jump 34%, Some States to See 70% Price Hikes for Basic Insurance
ObamaCare on Shaky Ground as Re-Enrollment Begins
Black Death Warning as Plague Spreads: Officials 'Can't Explain' Why There's 'something Different' about This Airborne Outbreak

OCT 30
Senator Says Repealing Obamacare Mandate Would Save $300 Billion Over Decade

OCT 27
Black Death Warning in NINE Countries - Including Brit Holiday Hotspots - Amid Fears Plague Could Spread on Flights from Madagascar
Disney Channel Makes History with First Gay Storyline
Court’s Shocking Decision Will Make U.S. an Abortion Destination
Trump Pushes Border Wall as Vital to Solving Opioid Epidemic – video
FACT CHECK: Do Drug Overdoses Kill More Americans Than ‘Gun Homicides and Motor Vehicles’?
Catholic Hospital Group Grants Euthanasia to Mentally Ill, Defying Vatican
OCT 26
Trump Takes on Opioid Crisis, Declares It Public Health Emergency
Hollywood Sex Abuse Film 'An Open Secret' Released Online Through Oct. 31 – video
New VA Hospital Rankings: The Worst Still the Worst
Illegal Online Drug Peddlers Being Rounded Up By New Computer Tech
OCT 25
Everything You Need to Know About Trump's Executive Order on Association Health Plans
Men Can Be Pregnant Too, British Government Tells UN
1.3 Million Europeans Want Monsanto Pesticide Banned
OCT 18
Chuck Schumer Begs Trump to Back ObamaCare Deal – HOLLY NOTE: Schumer still in bed with Obama, making last ditch efforts to save the first black president's appalling legacy. May it just die a graceful death and we get on with something that actually helps Americans.
CDC: America's Obesity Epidemic Is Helping Cancer Make a Comeback
Obesity Linked to 13 Types – 40% – of Cancer
Sweating Blood: Bizarre Disorder Baffles Doctors
OCT 18
Death Toll from San Diego Hepatitis A Outbreak Rises to 19; More Than 500 Cases Confirmed – HOLLY NOTE: Last night on Ground Zero talk show host Clyde Lewis addressed this issue after a woman had urinated right in front of him on a Portland, Oregon street. A caller phoned in and made an alarming observation that was a huge wake up call. As the homeless population grows, they are often without bathroom facilities and Lewis commented that he's seen piles of human waste around these places. Sometimes people will use the streets as their bathroom and without the aid of toilet paper, let alone hand washing. Undoubtedly feces would be on their hands. So meld these two thoughts together about the lack of hygiene and Hepatitis A. When people out of the goodness of their hearts give homeless people money, Hep A bacteria can be transferred to the coins from unclean hands. When they go to purchase whatever, these germs then spread to whomever touches the money and round and round it goes, spreading further. It would be best if instead of giving the homeless $$, to buy them a real meal. That way you know your gift is actually going toward something nutritious, not booze or drugs, and it cuts down on some serious germ-spreading issues. Justa thought.
WaPo Fact-Checker Gives McCaskill Four Pinocchios for Claiming She 'Wasn't Here' When DEA Bill Passed
…Apologizes for ‘Sloppy, Embarrassing Mistake’ on Opioid Bill
Health Insurers in Pennsylvania Request Average Premium Rate Hikes of 31%
DOJ Indicts Two Chinese Drug Producers in Fentanyl Distribution Case
Exercise Pill PPARD Burns Fat and Grows Muscle
Michigan Mother's Birth Control Implant Went Missing for 5 Months – Found in Armpit
Human Ken Doll Rodrigo Alves Branded a 'Monster' on TV
OCT 17
Planned Parenthood at 101 Years: 7 Million Abortions And Counting
Abortionist Caught with Aborted Baby Parts in His Car Pleads ‘No Contest’
Smartphones Are Killing Americans, But Nobody’s Counting
OCT 16
Obamacare Tax to Raise Premiums in 2018, Cost $270 Billion Over Next Decade
Senate Faces ObamaCare Showdown
OCT 13
Trump’s EO for Health Care Alternatives Prods Congress to Pass ObamaCare Repeal
Trump to Halt Health Insurer Bailouts
Rand Paul on Trump Healthcare Executive Action: Congress Failed (Again), Time to Act
Medical Groups Angry…
The Fatal Attraction of Single-Payer
Nose Hair Extensions Are the Latest Bizarre Beauty Trend
The Australian Army Has Spent Over $1Million for 17 Soldiers to Have Sex-Change Surgery
Friday the 13th: History, Origins, Myths and Superstitions of the Unlucky Day
OCT 12
Pharmacist Hints Some Congress Members Have Alzheimer’s
Trump to Sign Healthcare Executive Order Today
…Would Mean Cheaper Insurance Premiums for Healthy ObamaCare Customers
Laura Ingraham Blames 'Gender Benders' for Boy Scouts' Decision to Permit Girls – HOLLY NOTE: Is nothing sacred anymore? Boys need a place where they can just be boys – as do girls. Going from Brownies through Senior Cadets, we Girls Scouts learned plenty of skills and today, there are few thing left off the table skill-wise that girls can be challenged by. This is just one more step toward making humans one blended gender. No lines between sexes, no borders between countries, no moral line that can't be crossed. OCT 11
Employer-Sponsored Healthcare Deductibles Surge 400% In Past Decade; 13x More Than Wages
Trump Says He Will Act on Health Care — with or without Congress
Trump Appoints New Acting HHS Secretary
OCT 10
Australian 5-year-old Is Going Through Menopause
Puerto Rico Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Slowed By Hurricane Maria
Gel That Can Stop Your Knees Become Arthritic
Health Insurers in Florida Request Premium Hikes as High as 71%
California Hepatitis A Outbreak on Verge of Statewide Epidemic
Hiker Dies Just Hours after Rattlesnake Bite in Colorado Park
California Sues Trump for Granting Employer ‘Choice’ on Obama Birth Control Mandate
Hugh Hefner's Real Legacy: Disease, Despair, and Death
Anal Cancer: The New Gay Epidemic the Media Won't Talk About – HOLLY NOTE: This is what Farrah Fawcett died from in 2009, not suggesting anything about her private activities as this disease can be transmitted by various means.
Colombian Company’s “Sex Island Experience” Offers 30 Men Trip with 60 Prostitutes Available 24 Hours a Day
Puerto Rico’s Health Care System ‘Is on Life Support’
Health Premiums Continue to Skyrocket
Woman Reportedly Received 20,000 Oxycodone Pills in Mail Instead of Yoga Mat
Wyoming Man Arrested after Claiming He Traveled from 2048 to Warn of Alien Invasion
Abortion After 20 Weeks Banned By House Bill, But Faces Uphill Senate Fight
Flu Near You – HOLLY NOTE: This promises to be a wicked flu season if it can be judged by what Australia went through and they always get this year's bug before we do. To keep you ahead of the news, you can check for flu cases at this site.
IRS Spent $5 Million Pressuring Americans to Buy ObamaCare
FDA Chief Says Agency Will Take Action to Lower Drug Prices
Trump Administration Backs 20-Week Abortion Ban
Trump Preparing Executive Order to Let Americans Purchase Health Insurance Across State Lines
Pill That Can Halt Arthritis Damage
Former Abortion Workers Speak Out – Video Critical of Planned Parenthood Released as Congress Takes Up 20-Week Ban
FDA Delays New Nutrition Facts Label Unveiled by Michelle Obama
Book: US Secretly Exposed Americans to Radiation Tests
House to Vote on 20-Week Abortion Ban Next Week
Sex Diseases in US Surge to Record High
Birth Control Vending Machine Comes to Stanford
th Republican Senator Says No to ObamaCare Repeal Measure
Collins’ Rejection Dooms Latest Republican Attempt to Repeal Obamacare
Protests Erupt at GOP ObamaCare Repeal Hearing
Santorum: If You Vote Against Graham-Cassidy but Claim to Be for Obamacare Repeal, You’re a ‘Liar’
Half of Americans Believe ObamaCare Exchanges Are Collapsing
'It's Difficult to Envision' Voting for ObamaCare Overhaul Bill
Rand Paul: I Won't Vote for ObamaCare Overhaul Bill Unless Key Provision Is Dropped
Here's the Real Reason McCain Voted Down Healthcare Repeal – Twice: McCain Says Trump Never Apologized for 'War Hero' Dig
Graham on Health Care Bill: Left’s ‘Real Concern…Is Taking Money and Power Out of Washington’
Which States Could Win and Lose from the New ObamaCare Repeal Bill
GOP ObamaCare Repeal Takes New Step in Nixing Medicaid Expansion
Black Witch Claims She Can Cure People of Cancer By Talking to Demons and Making Pacts with Satan
McConnell Pressures Senate Republican Holdouts to Support Last-Ditch Obamacare Repeal Bill
Patent Abuse Is Undermining American Health Care
AARP: Older Americans to Pay $16K More Under GOP ObamaCare Repeal
Cassidy: Kimmel 'Just Doesn't Understand' Health Care Proposal
Republicans' Last Ditch Push to Repeal Obamacare Gains Momentum
Sen. Johnson: We Are ‘Certainly Getting Close’ on ObamaCare Repeal
Sen. Rand Paul: Graham/Cassidy Does NOT Repeal ObamaCare and I Oppose It
Relationships Could Decide ObamaCare Repeal
Why Bernie's Universal Healthcare System Would Be a Disaster
As Clock Ticks, Senate Republicans Increase Pressure to Replace ObamaCare With State Block Grants
ObamaCare Costs Projected to Rise Faster Than Inflation in Next Decade as Enrollment Declines
Related: Planned Failure – Obama Knew His AFA Costs Would Explode
New Medicare Cards Coming, But So Are New Scams
VA Only Filling Half of Medical Appointments While Veterans Wait for Weeks
Wait Times at Colorado VA Facilities Among Worst
Related: VA Access to Care: Wait Times at Individual Facilities Search
Bernie Sanders’ Single-Payer Healthcare bill Would Even Cover Illegal Aliens
Check Out the Ever-expanding Obamacare Exemption
Democrats Follow Bernie Sanders Off a Cliff
Satanic Temple Aligns With Planned Parenthood
Trump Applauds Lindsey Graham’s Bill to Repeal Obamacare
Democratic Leaders Keep Distance from Sanders Single-Payer Plan
However… Liberals with Eye on Presidency Rush to Support Sanders’s ‘Medicare for All’ Bill
Obamacare’s Out-of-Pocket Costs for Specialty Drugs Increases 16% in One Year
Gillibrand to Back Sanders's Single-Payer Bill: Report
Booker Signs on to Sanders's 'Medicare-for-All' Bill
Petland Puppies Are 'Likely Source' of Outbreak that Has Sickened Dozens in US
Diabetes Type 2 Warning: Too Much Red Meat and Dark-Meat Poultry Can Increase Risk By 23%
Starbucks Muslim Workers Slipping Far Worse Than Feces in Your Drinks – This ‘Extra’ Could KILL You
Republicans Plot Last-Minute Push for ObamaCare Repeal
New Documents Trigger Questions About Special Treatment for Congress under ObamaCare
Governors Urge Greater Flexibility for States in Creating and Implementing Health Care Policy
Pro-Life Leaders to Congress: Defund Planned Parenthood
Two-thirds of Americans Approve of Editing Human DNA to Treat Disease
Rare Malaria Death of Girl in Northern Italy Puzzles Doctors
Joel Osteen: Televangelist Whose Church Closed During Hurricane Harvey Tells Victims Not to Have ‘Poor Me’ Attitude
Australia in Midst of Worst-Ever Flue Season on Record – HOLLY NOTE: Flu always starts in Asia, moves to Australia and eventually makes its way to North America. In addition to every other drama underway, it looks like we'll have a ripper flu season.
Legal Weed Is Getting Cheaper, Fast
'Emergency' Abortion Fund Established for Hurricane Harvey Survivors
Federal Judge Blocks Texas' Ban on Dismemberment Abortion
'Cheap Sex' Is Making Men Give Up on Marriage, Author Says
Trump Cuts ObamaCare Advertising Budget by 90%
Map Reveals More Than 20% of Every US State Is Obese
AUG 31
FDA Approves First Genetically Modified ‘Living Drug’ for Cancer Treatment
How Stem Cells Might Help Us Fight Aging
Dancing Reverses Signs of Aging in the Brain
AUG 30
4 Cups of Coffee a Day Could Slash Chance of Early Death
AUG 25
At Least 1 Canadian, 16 U.S. Diplomats Hurt By Suspected Sonic Attacks in Cuba
Google Will Now Ask If You're Depressed
Dutch Sperm Donor Allegedly Fathers 102 Kids Through 11 Clinics – HOLLY NOTE: Increasing chances someone is going to unknowingly marry their brother or sister or parent. It's not as rare as you'd think.
Cinnamon: Pantry Staple - and Medical Powerhouse?
AUG 24
Study: Eye Test Could Predict Alzheimer's Disease Years In Advance
Waiting Longer for an Ambulance When Seconds Count? Blame Obamacare
Trump Extends Obamacare Payments After CBO Warning
Transgender at 2-years-old? 'Baloney!'
AUG 23
4 Million Americans Paid $2.8 Billion in Obamacare Penalties Through April 2017
AUG 22
Chief ObamaCare Architect, Jonathan Gruber, Sacked After Fraudulent Billing Investigation
Gruber on Tape: Lack of Transparency, ‘Stupidity of the American Voter’ Was Key in Passing ObamaCare – flashback
Disturbing Trends in ObamaCare's Collapsing Health Care System
Keith Ellison Reveals Nancy Pelosi's Real Views on Single-Payer
AUG 18
ObamaCare Enrollment Program Signed Up a Fraction of Those Who Canceled Coverage in 2017
U.S. Hiding Key Details of Mystery Attacks on American Diplomats in Cuba – Number of Those Affected By Illness Greater Than Government Acknowledged
Trump Will Make Key ObamaCare Subsidy Payments in August
Duterte's Deadliest Day: 32 Suspects Killed in 24 Hours in Philippine Leader's Brutal War on Drugs
AUG 16
More Teenagers Are Dying From Drug Overdoses
Down Syndrome in Iceland Is ‘Disappearing’ Because of Abortion
AUG 15
Fleas Testing Positive for Plague in Arizona
District Judge: Feds Must Yield to States on Medical Marijuana
AUG 11
Trump Declares Opioid Crisis ‘National Emergency’
More States Raise Tobacco Buying Age to 21
Pieces of Fukushima Reactor Cores Still Floating Around, New Study Reveals, Radioactive Materials Contain Uranium, Polonium, Americium
Diary of an ex-Planned Parenthood Director – video
US Won't Declare Opioid Emergency, Health Secretary Price Says
Anthem Exits Obamacare Exchanges in Nevada and Parts of Georgia
Colon Cancer Deaths Rise Among Younger Adults, and No One Knows Why
Transgender Day Camp Tantamount to Child Abuse
Trump Backs ‘Right to Try’ Experimental Drugs, Already Law in 37 States
Isolated Caribbean Village Where a Genetic Disorder Causes Little Girls to Turn into BOYS and Grow Penises When They Hit Puberty
Planned Parenthood to Preschoolers: ‘Genitals Don’t Make You a Boy or Girl’
Mystery Bug Bite Lands Arizona Man in the Hospital, Described as Cross Between a Spider and a Scorpion – More bizarre creatures are appearing. Just last week we posted a video from a North Carolina man who filmed a weird creature that looked like a scorpion/spider nybrid.
Deadly Salmonella Outbreak Linked to Papayas Sickens Another 64 People
Dems Try to Recall CA Speaker for Denying Vote on Single-Payer Health Care
Obama’s IRS ‘Misled’ ObamaCare Customers: Audit
Covered California 2018 Premiums to Jump 8x Inflation
California, NY, Senate Republicans Join Forces in Bid to Bail out ObamaCare
Suicides in Teen Girls Hit 40-Year High
Birth Control Pills Can Now Prescribed By Pharmacists at Colorado Safeways, Albertson's
With This New Poll, Republican Lawmakers Should Be Sweating
Mexican Navy Seizes 20 Tons of Meth Ingredient from China
Transgender Man in Oregon Just Gave Birth to Baby Boy
This Is Why Friends Don't Let Friends Fall Asleep at a Party – video humor
Health Insurers in Idaho Request Premium Rate Hikes as High as 81%
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Omega-3 Oils Found to Halt Neuroinflammation That Leads to Alzheimer’s
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WH Drug Commission Implores Trump to Declare a State of Emergency
Harvard Experts: Give Statins to All Men at 60 and Women at 75, Other GPs Warn They Are Being 'Needlessly Doled Out'
Ebola May Linger in Men's Semen for More Than 2 Years
Geomagnetic Activity and Human Health
Princeton Asks Students to Pick from 6 'Genders'
Conservatives Challenge Trump to Revoke ObamaCare Subsidy for Members of Congress
Trump Warns of Ending Health Care ‘Bailouts’ for Congress, Pushes Senate for Majority Rule
Kellyanne Conway Says President Trump Will Decide ‘This Week’ Whether to Cut Off Insurance Payments
Bill O’Reilly: McCain Torpedoed Health Care Bill Because of Trump’s ‘POW Comment’
Tom Price: Trump Threatens to Let ObamaCare Implode to Get Healthcare Bill 'Moved in the Right Direction'
Pelosi Urges More Activism to Defend and Advance ObamaCare at D.C. Rally
Children as Young as 3 are Visiting Doctors Because They're Confused About Their Gender, Experts Say
800 Children as Young as 10 Have Been Given Sex Change Drugs
Factories Can't Find Enough Workers Because Up to a Quarter of Applicants Fail Drugs Tests
Church Expert on Gravity of US’s Worst-Ever Drug Addiction Crisis – audio
McCain's 'No' on Health Care Sent Shock Waves Throughout the Senate
McCain Explains…
Trump Blasts Failed Obamacare Repeal Vote: ‘3 Republicans and 48 Democrats Let the American People Down’
Conservatives Blast ‘Obamacare Repeal Frauds’ in GOP Caucus
Trans Ban Suggests Trump Will Also Scrap These Radical Mandates
Former Transgender: Trump 'Made Right Decision,' 'Military Is a Fighting Force, Not a Gender Clinic'
After Rejection of Full ObamaCare Repeal, Senate Republicans Resort to ‘Skinny’ Version
Chuck Schumer: Democrats Refuse to Offer Amendments Until Final ObamaCare Repeal Bill Revealed
Chipotle Blames 1 Sick Employee for Their $1Billion Loss
Brawl Over ObamaCare Repeal Returns to Senate Floor
McCain Votes to Advance ObamaCare Repeal, Replace After Vowing to Oppose
Senate Advances Bill to Defund Planned Parenthood Abortion Business
Christians Make Pre-Emptive Strike Against 'Gay' Weddings
Sperm Count in Western Men Plunges to Record Low
Trump: 'Obamacare is Death'
…Calls ObamaCare 'Big Fat Ugly Lie,' Demanded Senate Votes for Repeal
McCain’s Return to Senate Injects Momentum into GOP Health-Care Battle
Charlie Gard’s Parents End Their Fight to Save His Life, Say It’s Too Late for Experimental Treatment
Most Surprising (and Delicious) Way to Ward Off Skin Cancer
New Blood Test Can Check for 13 Types of Cancers
The Science Deniers
Robot Finds Likely Melted Fuel Heap Inside Fukushima Reactor
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Trump's DOJ Gears Up for Crackdown on Marijuana
Who Should 'Die with Dignity': Charlie Gard or ObamaCare?
Minnesota Schools Adopt Transgender Toolkit for Kindergartners
University of Chicago Professor: Infanticide Is Morally Acceptable
Chipotle Strikes Again: Over 130 People Say They Got Sick after Eating at the Restaurant That Was Recently Shut Down
Trump: ‘Let ObamaCare Fail and Then Come Together and Do a Great Healthcare Plan’
McConnell: Senate to Try to Repeal ObamaCare Next Week
Blame Democrats Who Created ObamaCare and Are Dishonest About It
Conservatives Rage Over Prospect of Total Health Care Failure – Say Republicans Risk Congressional Majority If Not Repealed
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For the Love of Charlie Gard
Little Charlie Given U.S. Citizenship 'Giving Him Treatment Lifeline'
Limbaugh: If We Want to Cover Preexisting Conditions, Call It Welfare – Not Insurance
Keeping Illegal Drugs from Flowing into the US Must Be a Multilateral Effort – HOLLY NOTE: Drug smugglers never lack imagination for moving narcotics across the border. As long as Americans provide a massively receptive market, drugs will stream in.
Parents Enraged at Teen Vogue over How-to Column Celebrating Anal Sex
Repeal Chances Over: McConnell and Trump Call for Simply Repealing ObamaCare
Liberal Groups Vow to Send Health Care Obstruction Efforts into ‘Hyperdrive’
Michigan: Muslim Doctors Arrested for Scamming Medicare for $164 Million
Zero-Calorie Sugar Substitutes Linked to Weight Gain, Health Problems
Cutting Edge Leukemia Treatment Saves Girl's Life – video
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McConnell Slips Kickbacks into Senate Healthcare Bill
New Medicaid Worry Emerges for Centrists
How the Left Hijacked the American Psychiatric Association and Normalized Personality Disorders
FDA Panel Endorses Potential First US Gene Therapy to Treat Leukemia
Judicial Watch Asks Trump Administration to End Congressional ObamaCare Exemption
Oregon’s Radical, Grisly Abortion Law
Do You Live in the World's Laziest Country?
New Senate Healthcare Plan Leaves Taxes on the Wealthy, Lets People Buy Less Expensive Plans
Rand Paul: Split GOP Healthcare Bill in Two If This Bill Fails
The Health 202: Doctors Make Last-Ditch Effort to sink GOP Healthcare Bill
Conservatives: Working with Dems on Healthcare a Waste of Time
Failing ObamaCare: Only 141 Issuers Filed to Sell Plans on for Upcoming Enrollment Period – Down 38%
Top Senate Republican to Unveil Revised Healthcare Plan
Single-Payer Socialized Health Care: What Would It Mean for Innovative and Alternative Medicine?
ObamaCare Collapse Takes New Form: Number of Uninsured Surges
Due to ObamaCare, 22% of Small Businesses Are Hiring Few Workers or Reducing Salaries – 250,000 Jobs Were Lost Because of ObamaCare
Judge Rules Against London Hospital--In Favor of Charlie Gard's Parents
New York’s Cult of Fitness May Have Gone Too Far
California Legislature Just Legalized Marriage to Children of Any Age – video
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Trump Prods Republicans to Get Moving on Repealing and Replacing ObamaCare
Ted Cruz: Senate Is Making Progress on Health Care Reform and ‘Failure Is Not an Option’
Single-payer Healthcare Gains Traction with Dems
'There's Nothing to Lose': Charlie Gard's Mother Pleads for US Treatment
British Man, 21, Has Baby Makes History By Giving Birth to Baby Girl Thanks to Sperm Donor He Found on Facebook – HOLLY NOTE: Maybe it's not so uncommon… Check the next story.
'Male Pregnancy' Figures Reveal How 54 Men Gave Birth in Australia in the Past 12 Months – flashback
2006: The World's First Male Pregnancy – video flashback
GOP Activists Put Congress on Notice: Repeal ObamaCare or Get Voted Out
Study: Millennials Are Suffering an Alarming Number of Strokes
55% of Millennials Had Children Prior to Marriage
Sometimes It Feels Like We've Awakened in an Alternate Universe:
Canadian Parent Demands Genderless Birth Certificate for Baby – HOLLY NOTE: How confused will this child be… Male parent with breasts, beard and moustache for openers…
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Penis Contouring Is a Thing, Yes, Makeup for Your Man Parts
Mapping the Opioid Epidemic in the US
Drug Deaths Rising in All 50 States – HOLLY NOTE: This is another vivid End Times Sign where the world is immersed in pharmacopia – drugs.
Starve the Opioids, Build the Wall
Oregon Approves Measure Requiring Insurers to Cover Abortion, Including Those for Illegal Immigrants Who Are Otherwise Ineligible for Medicaid
We're Not Ready for the 'Silver Tsunami' of Older Adults Living with Cancer in America, Top Public Health Consultant Warns
Chemotherapy May Spread Cancer and Trigger More Aggressive Tumors, Warn Scientists
Prostate Cancer: Ejaculating 21 Times a Month Can Lower Risk
Report: Medicaid Patients Have Longer Doctor Wait Times Than Those With Private Insurance
Heterosexual Pride Day Trending and Offending Again on Twitter
Millennials Aren’t Ready for the 'Reality of Life' and Suffer from Panic Attacks and Anxiety, Research Finds
The Power of Apathy
Declaring Independence from ObamaCare
Regence, Western Washington's Largest Healthcare Provider, Leaving ObamaCare in 2018
Charlie Gard: US Hospital 'offers Free Treatment' to Terminally Ill Baby after Donald Trump Intervenes
Report Says Canada’s Socialized Medicine Failing Canadians
Canadian Journalist Admits the Harsh Reality of Single-Payer Health Care – video
Related: Canadians Increasingly Come to U.S. for Health Care – flashback
Europeans Are Drinking Themselves to Death
Mike Lee Pushes Full Repeal of Obamacare If Senate GOP Can't Find a Healthcare Deal
Another Health Insurer Decides to Exit Obamacare Exchanges in Ohio – Many Counties Could Be Left with Zero Options on Exchanges
Are Warnings from 1995 Book Called 'The Coming Plague' Now Unfolding Before Our Very Eyes?