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Minnesota Schools Adopt Transgender Toolkit for Kindergartners
University of Chicago Professor: Infanticide Is Morally Acceptable
Chipotle Strikes Again: Over 130 People Say They Got Sick after Eating at the Restaurant That Was Recently Shut Down
Trump: ‘Let ObamaCare Fail and Then Come Together and Do a Great Healthcare Plan’
McConnell: Senate to Try to Repeal ObamaCare Next Week
Blame Democrats Who Created ObamaCare and Are Dishonest About It
Conservatives Rage Over Prospect of Total Health Care Failure – Say Republicans Risk Congressional Majority If Not Repealed
As GOP Health Effort Stalls, Senator Warns of Looming 'Insurance Bailout'
Are Republicans Wasting Their Health Care Mandate? – video
For the Love of Charlie Gard
Little Charlie Given U.S. Citizenship 'Giving Him Treatment Lifeline'
Limbaugh: If We Want to Cover Preexisting Conditions, Call It Welfare – Not Insurance
Keeping Illegal Drugs from Flowing into the US Must Be a Multilateral Effort – HOLLY NOTE: Drug smugglers never lack imagination for moving narcotics across the border. As long as Americans provide a massively receptive market, drugs will stream in.
Parents Enraged at Teen Vogue over How-to Column Celebrating Anal Sex
Repeal Chances Over: McConnell and Trump Call for Simply Repealing ObamaCare
Liberal Groups Vow to Send Health Care Obstruction Efforts into ‘Hyperdrive’
Michigan: Muslim Doctors Arrested for Scamming Medicare for $164 Million
Zero-Calorie Sugar Substitutes Linked to Weight Gain, Health Problems
Cutting Edge Leukemia Treatment Saves Girl's Life – video
Schumer: McCain's Return Won't Save Health Care Bill
6 GOP Senators Who Could Kill ObamaCare Repeal, Replace
McConnell Slips Kickbacks into Senate Healthcare Bill
New Medicaid Worry Emerges for Centrists
How the Left Hijacked the American Psychiatric Association and Normalized Personality Disorders
FDA Panel Endorses Potential First US Gene Therapy to Treat Leukemia
Judicial Watch Asks Trump Administration to End Congressional ObamaCare Exemption
Oregon’s Radical, Grisly Abortion Law
Do You Live in the World's Laziest Country?
New Senate Healthcare Plan Leaves Taxes on the Wealthy, Lets People Buy Less Expensive Plans
Rand Paul: Split GOP Healthcare Bill in Two If This Bill Fails
The Health 202: Doctors Make Last-Ditch Effort to sink GOP Healthcare Bill
Conservatives: Working with Dems on Healthcare a Waste of Time
Failing ObamaCare: Only 141 Issuers Filed to Sell Plans on for Upcoming Enrollment Period – Down 38%
Top Senate Republican to Unveil Revised Healthcare Plan
Single-Payer Socialized Health Care: What Would It Mean for Innovative and Alternative Medicine?
ObamaCare Collapse Takes New Form: Number of Uninsured Surges
Due to ObamaCare, 22% of Small Businesses Are Hiring Few Workers or Reducing Salaries – 250,000 Jobs Were Lost Because of ObamaCare
Judge Rules Against London Hospital--In Favor of Charlie Gard's Parents
New York’s Cult of Fitness May Have Gone Too Far
California Legislature Just Legalized Marriage to Children of Any Age – video
Related: Child Brides Join Push to Raise Marriage Age
Trump Prods Republicans to Get Moving on Repealing and Replacing ObamaCare
Ted Cruz: Senate Is Making Progress on Health Care Reform and ‘Failure Is Not an Option’
Single-payer Healthcare Gains Traction with Dems
'There's Nothing to Lose': Charlie Gard's Mother Pleads for US Treatment
British Man, 21, Has Baby Makes History By Giving Birth to Baby Girl Thanks to Sperm Donor He Found on Facebook – HOLLY NOTE: Maybe it's not so uncommon… Check the next story.
'Male Pregnancy' Figures Reveal How 54 Men Gave Birth in Australia in the Past 12 Months – flashback
2006: The World's First Male Pregnancy – video flashback
GOP Activists Put Congress on Notice: Repeal ObamaCare or Get Voted Out
Study: Millennials Are Suffering an Alarming Number of Strokes
55% of Millennials Had Children Prior to Marriage
Sometimes It Feels Like We've Awakened in an Alternate Universe:
Canadian Parent Demands Genderless Birth Certificate for Baby – HOLLY NOTE: How confused will this child be… Male parent with breasts, beard and moustache for openers…
A Hot New Fashion Trend? Dresses and High Heels for Men
Beauty Vlogger HeFlawless on Makeup Advice and the Hardest Story He's Ever Shared with Fans
Penis Contouring Is a Thing, Yes, Makeup for Your Man Parts
Mapping the Opioid Epidemic in the US
Drug Deaths Rising in All 50 States – HOLLY NOTE: This is another vivid End Times Sign where the world is immersed in pharmacopia – drugs.
Starve the Opioids, Build the Wall
Oregon Approves Measure Requiring Insurers to Cover Abortion, Including Those for Illegal Immigrants Who Are Otherwise Ineligible for Medicaid
We're Not Ready for the 'Silver Tsunami' of Older Adults Living with Cancer in America, Top Public Health Consultant Warns
Chemotherapy May Spread Cancer and Trigger More Aggressive Tumors, Warn Scientists
Prostate Cancer: Ejaculating 21 Times a Month Can Lower Risk
Report: Medicaid Patients Have Longer Doctor Wait Times Than Those With Private Insurance
Heterosexual Pride Day Trending and Offending Again on Twitter
Millennials Aren’t Ready for the 'Reality of Life' and Suffer from Panic Attacks and Anxiety, Research Finds
The Power of Apathy
Declaring Independence from ObamaCare
Regence, Western Washington's Largest Healthcare Provider, Leaving ObamaCare in 2018
Charlie Gard: US Hospital 'offers Free Treatment' to Terminally Ill Baby after Donald Trump Intervenes
Report Says Canada’s Socialized Medicine Failing Canadians
Canadian Journalist Admits the Harsh Reality of Single-Payer Health Care – video
Related: Canadians Increasingly Come to U.S. for Health Care – flashback
Europeans Are Drinking Themselves to Death
Mike Lee Pushes Full Repeal of Obamacare If Senate GOP Can't Find a Healthcare Deal
Another Health Insurer Decides to Exit Obamacare Exchanges in Ohio – Many Counties Could Be Left with Zero Options on Exchanges
Are Warnings from 1995 Book Called 'The Coming Plague' Now Unfolding Before Our Very Eyes?