Why the U.S. must back Israel: I will make you [Israel] into a great nation and I will bless you; I will make your name great, and you will be a blessing. I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse; and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you. —Genesis 12:2-3

God Bless Israel.
And I will bless them that bless you, and curse him that curses you: and in you shall all families of the earth be blessed. —Genesis 12:3

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NOV 17
Sanhedrin/Mount Zion Group Prepares Oil for Temple Menorah, Fulfilling Amos Prophecy on Jewish Land
Israel Not Prepared for Drone Threat
The Real Iranian Threat on Israel’s Northern Borders
IDF Soldiers Petition Chief to Restore Army Bible Studies

Israel Will Not Give Up Jerusalem
Israel’s Water Worries Return After 4 Years of Drought

Fearless Muslim Woman Reveals the Truth About Israel – video
UN Launches $65M Legal Pogrom to Hunt Down Israelis and Smear Israel as Criminal State – Funded with Your Tax Dollars

OCT 31
Gaza Tunnel into Israel Discovered and Detonated
OCT 30
Turn Israel into Pariah State to ‘End Occupation,’ UN Official Urges
Trump Backs Away from Promise to Move U.S. Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem
Tel Aviv City Hall Lights Up Offices in Red, White and Blue in Solidarity with US
'Now Europe Understands What Israelis Live Through'
Anti-Israel Speakers Making Rounds at U.S. College Campuses
Vile Anti-Semitic Rants as Labour Activists Call for Expulsion of Jewish Groups
Attacker Kills 3 Israelis Outside Jerusalem
Germany Election Results Ushering in Far-Right Party “Great Warning Sign” for Jews
Trump Quietly Sends $20 Million to Palestinian Authority Before Anti-Terror Fund Act Kicks In
Israel to Arm Apache Helicopters With Its Own Spike Missiles
The Most Pro-Trump Jews in America… and the Secret to Beating the Left

President Trump Authorizes First-Ever American Military Base in Israel
King of Bahrain Denounces Arab Boycott of Israel, Removes Travel Ban
Iran Threatens to Destroy Israel's Tel Aviv, But Gulf Arab States Appear Closer to Former Foe
After Harvey, Israel's Leading Wineries Send Wine to Houston for Rosh Hashana
State Department Won't Ask Israel to Return $75 Million in Aid
Tillerson State Dept. Demanding Israel Hand Back Millions in U.S. Military Aid
Breaking News of Saudi Crown Prince's "Secret" Visit to Israel Brings Embassy Scramble
Israel's Alleged Attack in Syria: Here's What We Know So Far – Exactly 10 Years After Taking Out Assad's Nuclear Reactor, Israel Allegedly Strikes Again 
If Israel Did Strike Syrian Arms Facility, It May Have Shot Itself in the Foot
Former IDF Intelligence Head: Strikes in Syria Overnight Not Routine
Amir's Breaking News Update on Israel's Strikes in Syria Overnight – video
Latin America “Hungry for Israeli Technology” as Netanyahu Prepares Historic Visit
Trump to Meet Both Netanyahu and Abbas
Iranians at the Gates
IDF Prepares Largest Military Drill in Almost 20 Years Along Lebanon Border
Sound of Messiah Is Heard in Israel as First Jacob’s Sheep Shofarot in 2,000 Years Are Blown
In Unprecedented Move, UC Irvine Puts Anti-Israel Protesters on Probation
52 American Police Officers Participate in ‘Unity Tour’ Delegation to Israel
In Effort to Revive Peace Talks, US Asks PA to Halt Diplomatic Offensive Against Israel
Mixed Messages on the 2-State Solution from a Hectic Week of Diplomacy
Palestinian UN Envoy: US Could Commit to Two-State Solution 'within Weeks'
The US Kicks the Israeli-Palestinian Peace Deal into the Long Grass
Guterres in Ramallah: We'll Do Everything to Realize 2-State Solution
France's Macron to Visit Israel, Palestinian Territories to Push Two-state Solution
AUG 29
Netanyahu Tells UN Top Dog That Iran Is Building Missile Sites in Syria, Lebanon to Strike Israel
AUG 28
Mort Klein – The Impossible Deal: Establishing a Peaceful Palestinian Arab State That Accepts the Jewish State
“Devotion of Martyrs Will Destroy Israel”, Iranian Army Chief Proclaims
Report: Trump Admin to Award $300 Million to UN Agency for Palestinian Refugees
Netanyahu Tells Putin, Iran Seeks to ‘Annihilate Israel,’ Control Syria and Region
AUG 24
PLO Official: Meeting With Kushner Will Be a ‘Waste of Time’
Palestinians to Jared Kushner: In 45 Days, We Blow Up Your Peace Process
Embattled Adviser Consolidates Influence Over Jared Kushner’s Israel Policy
AUG 23
Netanyahu Tells Putin Iran’s Growing Role in Syria Threatens Israel
PA Says 24 Years of Peace Talks Have Achieved Nothing
Saudi Crown Prince Discusses Peace With Kushner
AUG 22
Anti-Israel Leaders Hosted at State Dept. Seeking to Drive Wedge in U.S.-Israel Alliance
Report: Bannon Urged Trump to Move U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem – Was Blocked by Jared Kushner
AUG 15
University of Chicago Considered Aggressive Response to ‘Watch Lists’ of Anti-Israel Students
AUG 14
Israel Reveals Giant Underground Wall with Gaza Will Extend into the Sea to Stop Terrorists Tunnelling into the Country
Israel to Strip Arab Attacker of Citizenship for First Time
Israel Attorney General Likely to Indict Sara Netanyahu
Israel's Netanyahu Looks to Exude Calm in Face of Charges
Company Selling Swastika Apparel as Progressive Symbol of 'Peace'
Germany: Muslim Migrant Soldier Dismissed, Supports Hamas, Said “F**k the Jews”
Palestinian Violently Murders Pregnant Israeli Girlfriend, Claims It Was Terror
Amazing Story: Auschwitz Prisoners in 1944 with Tattoos 10 Numbers Apart Meet for First Time – video
Anti-Israel Activists Try to Shut Down Protests Over California Bakery Honoring Palestinian Terrorist
New Archaeological Find Confirms Biblical Account of the Babylonian Conquest of Jerusalem
Jews Prepare for Tisha B’Av Fast
77% of Israelis Believe Israel Surrendered By Removing Metal Detectors at Temple Mount
Netanyahu's Party Passes Resolution Permanently Nixing Two-State Solution
After Temple Mount ‘Victory,’ Arabs Set Sights on Western Wall
Netanyahu: Al-Jazeera Will Be Gone from Israel
Hate Crimes Against Jewish People Soar to Record Levels: Attacks Up 30%
Religion and Violence at the Mosque in Jerusalem
It's about Sovereignty: Israel Is Now Paying the Price for Behaving Decently Toward Muslims – HOLLY NOTE: It's astonishing that Palestinians rioted over metal detectors placed on the Temple Mount in an effort to spot terrorists. Metal detectors would have protected everyone.
Hamas Declares Temple Mount ‘Victory,’ Calls New ‘Day of Rage’
MK Smotrich: Build Synagogue on Temple Mount
Israel Capitulates to Palestinian Terror, to Remove Metal Detectors at Temple Mount
Jewish Legal Right to the Land Celebrates 95 Years
Riots Continue in Jerusalem, 2 Border Policemen Injured – Firebombs, Rocks Thrown in Judea and Samaria
Israeli Embassy in Amman: Shooting Leaves One Dead
The People Expect Vengeance
Kushner Leading Efforts to End Jerusalem Crisis
Catholic Churches in Jerusalem Blame Israel for Muslim Violence, Deny Biblical Roots of Temple Mount
Shabbat Massacre May Portend Painful Birthings of Messiah on Eve of Tisha B’Av
V.P. Pence: Embassy Move to Jerusalem Is Question of 'When, Not If'
Temple Mount Clashes Palestinians: 14 Hurt, One in Critical
Doomsday Averted on the Temple Mount, for Now
Minister: Israel Will Now Act to Reestablish Jewish Sovereignty Over Temple Mount
PA Leader Warns Israel over Al-Aqsa
Turkey: Erdogan's Obsession to Take Jerusalem
Abbas: Shut Up or I will Arrest You!
Canada Quickly Walks Back Boycott of Judea and Samaria Wines
Islamic Activists Instigate Scuffles, Block Entrances at Temple Mount
Israeli Government Opposes Adoption by Same-Sex Couples
Israel Mourns Two Police Officers Killed in Temple Mount Terror Attack
Is the Western Wall Crying? Water Flows from the Ancient Stones
Canada Bans Israeli Wines Produced in ‘Occupied Territory’
Hezbollah Threatens to 'Surprise Israel' in Next War
Temple Mount Official Linked to Hamas Terror Group
Senate Panel Hearing Mulls Cutting Funding to Palestinians for Rewarding Terrorists
Terrorists Take Advantage of Israel's Postal System
Covert Watchdog Calls Founder of Students for Justice in Palestine ‘Most Dangerous Professor in America’
60 Miles From Auschwitz, UNESCO Denies Jewish Connection to Jerusalem and Abraham
Trump Admin Stands with Israel Against U.N. Bid to Delegitimize Jewish State
Netanyahu: World's Largest Aircraft Carrier, USS George H.W. Bush, Off Israel's Coast Symbol of Freedom