Perry Stone Urges Intercession Against Possible EMP Attack

Perry Stone
Oct. 14, 2017

Information is now being made public that during the past several years the U.S. Intelligence community did not have the full resources, either proper assessment as to the weapons development of the North Korean dictator, Kim Jong Un. I believe this threat was actually being downplayed in the Obama years, as Obama refused to confront rouge nations in any manner, but was a Jimmy Carter type; very passive and non-respondent to threats. Iran was given millions of dollars from Obama, providing the Iranian government with cash to hire 7,0000 new secret police to arrest underground Christians (this information came from inside of Iran). The North Koreans were treated with kid gloves as the dictator developed nuclear weapons.

Two days ago a report was given to Congress warning them that Kim Jong Un had launched two satellites whose purpose was to assist in a major EMP attack on America. It was learned that soon his missiles can hit Los Angeles, Denver, Colorado and Chicago, and the U.S. power grid was the true target, The report continued to warn that should these grids be destroyed or made inactive, that without power, fuel, phones, computers, and transportation, 90% of Americans would be dead within 12 months. The problem with challenging Kim is the number of missiles he can release within seconds on South Korea, killing millions within minutes; his threat to wipe out Guam and his threat to Japan; all three regions that we have military agreements with to protect in times of war.

Then there is China, who supports Communist North Korea, a nation joining China’s border and the Russians who supply weapons, parts and material needed to make bombs. If we attack first, how would these two superpowers respond? It is interesting to note that in the Scriptures, several prophets speak of darkness covering the earth and darkness over the nations. Prophetic students are asking, is this only ‘spiritual darkness,’ on the hearts of nations, or is it a cryptic reference of a darkness due to modern warfare that will send the nations back to living as though they are in the 1800’s. For three days I have had a very heavy spirit about what I see coming. In California, the vineyards are burning, which in the time of Biblical prophets was a warning to Israel, who had turned from God to Idolatry.

Only a few are paying attention and rest mock these warnings, reminding me of Lot’s sons who died in the fires of Sodom. Pray like Abraham for an escape from what’s coming, Christ told us to pray we are ‘accounted worthy to escape what was coming.’ Thank God for peace that comes through the Holy Spirit!