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DEC 14
NASA Will Finally Reveal Mysterious New Kepler Mission and Google Joint Discovery
DEC 12
Here Come the Geminids: The Year’S Best Meteor Shower to Appear in a Sky Near You Wednesday Night
Asteroid 3200 Phaethon, Likely Source of Geminid Meteor Shower, Flies by Earth This Week
President Trump Directs NASA to Return to the Moon, Then Aim for Mars
Cigar-Shaped Interstellar 'comet' Oumuamua Is Being Investigated for Signs of Extraterrestrial Technology
Atmospheric Radiation is Increasing
Oldest Monster Black Hole Ever Found Is 800 Million Times More Massive Than the Sun
The $10,000 Quadrillion Asteroid: How Iron, Nickel and Gold Make 16-Psyche So Valuable - as NASA Prepares to Visit It in 2026
Series of 3 Supermoons Started December 3, 2017, and Ends January 31, 2018 with a Super Blood Moon
Elon Musk vs. the Flat Earthers: Is Mars Flat Too?
NOV 29
'Doomsday' Solar Storm Could Devastate Earth at Any Moment By Knocking Out Power Grids - And We Would Only Have 15 MINUTES Warning
NOV 27
Massive 3-Mile Wide Christmas Asteroid to Practically Graze Earth Next Month

NOV 22
Previous Evidence of Water on Mars Now Identified as Grainflows
First Known Object to Enter Our Solar System from Deep Space
NOV 20
Black Holes That Shred Stars Burp Out Cosmic Rays and Neutrinos
The Forces That Govern Matter and Light Could Be United at Last
NOV 17
Planet the Same Size and Temperature as Earth Found Just 11 Light Years Away May Be the 'Closest Known Home for Life'
Why Do People Still Think the Earth Is Flat? - BBC News – video
NOV 15
Brilliant Fireball Streaks Across Phoenix Sky – video
How to Watch the Leonid Meteor Showers
3 Meteor Showers Will Light Up Skies in November
Scientists on New Supernova: WTF Have We Been Looking At?
Plasmoids Are Alien Forms of Life in Our Sky

Discovery of Monster Planet the Size of Jupiter Stuns Scientists

OCT 31
Kepler Data Shows 20 Habitable Worlds 'Hiding in Plain Sight' Astronomers Say Could Hold Life

OCT 27
Comets Detected in Alien Solar System for First Time - "In Its Early Era of Extreme Bombardment?"

OCT 25
Sun-Like Star May Have Devoured 15 Alien Planets

OCT 18
Study Confirms Earth's 'Traveling Buddy' Is an Asteroid
China's 8-1/2 Ton Space Lab Will Soon Crash To Earth. No One Knows Where It Will Hit.
OCT 17
Cosmic Collision Estimated to Have Created $10 Octillion in Gold
Full Harvest Moon Appears Tomorrow Night
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Could a Magnetic Shield Protect Earth from Space Weather?
Asteroid the Size of a HOUSE to Skim Past Earth at 1/8 the Distance of the Moon
Mystery Boom Heard Across Wrexham, Wales
The Sun/Natural Disaster Connection – video
Puerto Rico's Arecibo Radio Telescope Suffers Hurricane Damage
Proof of Nibiru? NASA Is Monitoring Huge Object Heading Towards Earth Next Month
What If Huge Asteroid Is About to Hit Earth?
Ice, Ice Baby: Study Says Mercury Icier than Previously Thought

Gov’t: Radiation Storm Warning: “Massive Solar Flares… Extremely Intense, Very Significant Event, Scientists Bewildered”
Monster Solar Flare Marks 7
th Powerful Sun Storm in 7 Day – HOLLY NOTE: This is even more unusual as the Sun is nearly at the bottom of this solar cycle.
Largest Solar Flare in 12 Years Erupts from the Sun with the Energy of a BILLION Hydrogen Bombs
Scientists Now Think a Deep Reservoir of Water Exists Beneath the Moon's Surface That Could Help Support a Colony
th X-Class Flare: X8.2 Erupts from Region 2673, Second Strongest of the Cycle
Large Asteroid Near Earth Has Two Moons Orbiting
Sun Unleashes X9.3 – Strongest Solar Flare in More Than a Decade – HOLLY NOTE: This is Earth-directed. When you see all these signs come together, you know we are in End Times… Largest wildfire in Los Angeles' history, (Irma) Strongest hurricane-ever in U.S. history, Super-large solar flare … "Know that I am at the door…" Mark 13:28-31, Matthew 24:32-35. These signs taken together, herald the beginning of End Times and Christ's imminent return, which I wrote about in Prophetic Perils. We are there, friends. So very close … Be on bended knee.
Surprise Geomagnetic Storm to Hit Tomorrow
2 Behemoth Sunspots Facing Earth – Expect CMEs and Geo-Storms Later This Week
AUG 21
Eclipse Mania! Millions of Americans Sit in 'Worst Traffic Jams in History', Flock to Burning Man-Style Festivals and Fill Camp Grounds at 21 National Parks Ahead of Today's Once-in-a-Lifetime Celestial Event
The Procrastinator's Guide to Viewing the Solar Eclipse
Best Video Streams to Watch Live: Facebook, YouTube, Ustream, Slooh or NASA.
Eclipses of the Past Were Calamitous, Not Celebratory
Eclipse Day Timeline Coast to Coast: When Will You See the Total Solar Eclipse? – HOLLY NOTE: A talk show host shared Saturday that 200 million Americans – about 2/3 of the country – that's a bunch, will be within a day's drive of solar totality. Few news agencies are addressing that the narrow band of 100% solar coverage is over small towns, villages, hamlets, rural areas. Many of these locations are already sold out of gas, temporary campsites and motel rooms for miles all around. towns have called for the National Guard to help keep order. Other areas are stopping roadwork to help with road congestion expecting the worst traffic congestion in the history of America. They ask for all visitors to please PLEASE respect people's properties, their lawns, don't drive or litter on them, and pick up your trash. Don't forget your pets and other animals. Bring them inside to protect their eyes. While animals don't usually stare at the Sun, they do at times gaze upward especially when a jet or bird flies overhead. It literally only takes a second for permanent eye damage. As for Jayzbo and Bella, the eclipse starts here around 11:45 and ends about 15 minutes later for the largest coverage. So we'll keep the 4-leggeds inside for an hour either side just to be safe.
Man Who Suffered Eye Damage from Solar Eclipse Has This Warning
Birds, Chimps, Your Dog: Total Solar Eclipses Prompt Some Unusual Behaviors
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Total Solar Eclipse Weather Forecast as of Aug. 20
As the Eclipse Nears, Solar Activity Increases
NASA: 3-Mile Asteroid to Graze Past Earth Closest Ever Tracked – Still Very Far Away
AUG 18
5 of the Best Places to See the Great American Eclipse
AUG 17
Calif. City Asks Residents to Power Down for Solar Eclipse
…Expected to Interrupt More Than 9,000 Megawatts of Solar Power
Eclipse Fears: Miles-long Traffic Jams, Wildfires in Worst-Case Scenarios
10 Spacecraft Hit By Massive Solar Flare, Says ESA
AUG 15
10 Very Strange Facts About The August 21 Solar Eclipse That Will Absolutely Blow Your Mind
AUG 11
Asteroid to Shave Past Earth Inside Moon Orbit: ESA – HOLLY NOTE: This is the one Stan discussed on The Hagmann Report a couple weeks ago.
Broken Windows and a massive fireball: Expert Reveals What Would Happen If the 100ft Asteroid Set to Skim Past Earth in October Were to Hit
5 Surprising Effects the Total Solar Eclipse Will Have Besides Darkness
Hubble Detects Blazingly Hot Exoplanet with Glowing Water Atmosphere
Authorities Are Treating August's Solar Eclipse, the First in 99 Years, Like It's the End of the World
Idaho Officials Order Disaster Declaration for Solar Eclipse – video
Rare Space Lightning May Become a Common Sight in Our Night Sky
Historic Discovery of Solar Seismic Waves After 40 Year Search Reveals the Sun's Core Rotates 4 Times Faster Than Its Surface
Solar Eclipse 2017: Couple's 'Extreme' Prep to Watch – video
How Fast Is the Solar Eclipse? And 32 Other Questions, Answered
NASA Finds Large Quantities of Key Chemical Ingredient for Life on Titan
NASA Scientists Claim This Year's Historic Solar Eclipse Could Prove Our Star Is Hundreds of Miles Larger Than Previously Thought
Biggest Explosion in the Universe, So Bright It Could Have Been Seen 'with a Pair of Binoculars'
Commentary on TV Doomsday Asteroid Scenario – Salvation Episode 2: Just need $2 billion, but can only get more than half from the gov. – HOLLY NOTE: That's a bit implausible. To save the world, the Dream Team of fix-it people can't get a measly $2 billion, yet they can steal $10 TRILLION – in real life – from the American public and it goes undetected. Right…
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Historic Flyover of Pluto Reveals Unprecedented Detail – HOLLY NOTE This short video shows an interesting bunch of large asteroid – way more than shown in this small image – pummeling one side of Pluto.
Review of 'Salvation' – 13-Episode Show on a Coming Extinction-Level Asteroid Hit
Huge Sunspot 2665 Finally Erupts in a Powerful M2-class Flare, Hurls Bright CME at Earth
Juno Probe Sends Back Closest-Ever Images of Jupiter’s Great Red Spot
JunoCam Image Processing Gallery…
Solar Eclipse Ionosphere Study Will Be Crowdsourced Citizen Science Project
Solar Flare and Radio Blackout: Behemoth Sunspot AR2665 Now 78,000 Miles Across Is Almost as Wide as Jupiter: Stronger Flares and CMEs Could Be Coming
Moon Hit By Biggest Explosion Ever as NASA Warns Earth Could Be Next – HOLLY NOTE: This seems eerily prophetic after writing the following earlier this week. Over the last month there has been an unusually high number of news articles and videos addressing the asteroid threat. Then there's that new TV series, Salvation, that begins in a week about an asteroid that will impact the Earth just 6 months. You have to wonder if NASA and government are giving subtle warnings to get prepared for this inevitability.
The Sun Is Getting Quieter and Displaying Some Very Weird Behavior
Milky Way Could Have 100 Billion Brown Dwarfs
Planet X – Everyone Who Knows Is Moving Inland
US Government Prepares for 'Space Weather Event' As NASA Warns "Solar Minimum Is Coming"
Self-teaching Neural Networks Help Find Mysterious Stars Tearing Through the Milky Way
NASA Unveils Plan to Test Asteroid Defense Technique – HOLLY NOTE: Over the last month there has been an unusually high number of news articles and videos addressing the asteroid threat. Then there's that new TV series, Salvation, that begins in a week about an asteroid that will impact the Earth just 6 months. You have to wonder if NASA and government are giving subtle warnings to get prepared for this inevitability.
A Mysterious Mars-Sized Planet May Be Hiding at the Edge of our Solar System
Discovery Channel - Large Asteroid Impact Simulation – video
4.5 Billion Year-Old Meteorite Found in Back Garden