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ISIS Planning Wave of Attacks Against Western Targets
AUG 30
Pope's Swiss Guards Say 'Only Matter of Time' Before ISIS Attacks
AUG 29
Michigan: FBI Blocks Muslim from Flying to Middle East after Discovering His Weapons Arsenal
Congress Seeks to Cut U.S. Aid to Islamic Charity Tied to Terror
Islamic State Militants Captured While Building Radioactive ‘Dirty Bomb’ in Indonesia
AUG 28
Death Toll Rises In Barcelona Attack To 16
AUG 25
Zero Tolerance - Venice Mayor Orders Cops To Shoot Anyone Who Shouts 'Allahu Akbar'
AUG 24
ISIS New Face of Propaganda: 10-Year-Old American Boy
Tech Blacklisting of Counterjihadists Is What Muslim Brotherhood Seeks: Sabotage by Our Hands
Rotterdam Concert Canceled After Police Find Van Filled with 'Gas Bottles' Near Venue
AUG 23
Taliban Condemn Trump, Vow to “Continue Our Jihad”
Imam Planned to Blow Himself up in Barcelona, Suspect Says
Imam Who Masterminded Barcelona Jihad Massacre Had Been Given Human Rights Asylum
Switzerland Stops Funds to Palestinian NGO Due to Terrorism Connection
AUG 22
U.S. Islamic Movement Enters Final Stage
ISIS Child Warrior Threatens West – graphic video
Barcelona Attack: Spain Charges 4 With Terrorism
Nursery School Children Show Signs of Radicalization
Terrorists Threaten the Walkability of Europe's Cities
Attacks in Spain Put New Focus on Europe’s Moroccan Diaspora
AUG 21
After Barcelona Attack, Dan Bongino Makes the Case for Human Intelligence Sources – video
15th Victim Emerges in Barcelona and Cambrils Terror Attacks
800 Checkpoints…
Imam Suspected of Masterminding Barcelona Massacre Traveled to Belgium 3 Months Before Brussels Bombing and Was Friends with Madrid Train Bombers
AUG 18
Spain Attacks: Suspects Shot Dead in Cambrils after Van-Ramming
14th Victim Dies…
Carnage of Barcelona Attack – graphic – video
CIA Warned Barcelona About Terror Threat, Report Says
Spanish Police Kill 4 Suspects Hours After Massacre
Convicted Terrorist Rasmea Odeh Sentenced to Deportation, Loss of Citizenship for Immigration Fraud
Related: The Lies of Rasmea Odeh and Her Supporters Exposed
State Department Confirms It Welcomed Visit from Muslim Brotherhood-Linked Group
An Education in Terror
AUG 17
Mown Down as They Shopped: Elderly Couple Lie in Pool of Blood after 'ISIS' Van Attack in Barcelona – 13 Dead, 100+ Injured
Isis Claims Responsibility
Using Vehicles as Weapons of Terror in Europe
September 11th: Is Another Attack on the Way? – audio
Florida: Terror-Linked Mosque Buys $4.9M,19-Acre Plot in Delray Beach
Palestinian Authority (PA) President Mahmoud Abbas Condemns U.S. Senators for Cutting Aid That Funds Muslim Terrorists
Eyes Wide Shut: How US, UK-Made Chemical Weapons Ended Up in Terrorists Hands
AUG 16
New Threats from Al Qaeda: Inspire 17 Magazine Lists Specific Targets
It Doesn’t End With Davis: Radical Mosques in America
Shocking: Leading Voices of Islam in America – video
Paris Attack: Police Hunt BMW ‘Deliberately’ Ploughs into 6 anti-Terror Soldiers Outside Barracks – Mayor Slams ‘Terrorists’ and Says Victims ‘Didn’t Have a Chance’
Joint Taliban-ISIS Attack Kills Dozens, Afghan Officials Say
British Tourists Shunning Terror-Ridden France and Flocking to Spain and Croatia
Study: Islam, Not Climate Change or Poverty, Inspires Terror
'Improvised Explosive Device' Behind Minnesota Mosque Blast, FBI Says
ISIS Posting Syrian Children Outside of Car Bomb Factories to Prevent U.S. Airstrikes
List Found of 173 ISIS Fanatics Ready to Attack the West
Poll: More Americans Consider Islamic State a Major Threat (74%) Than Climate Change (56%)
Discover the Muslim Brotherhood International Network
Bill Signed by Trump Targets Iran’s IRGC for Terrorism – for First Time
Southern Methodist U. Moves 9/11 Flag Memorial to Avoid ‘Triggering’ Others
Texas Governor Urges Return…
Threat of Homegrown Terrorism Grew Modestly in Past 3 Months
How the Somali Government Is Getting Terrorists to Defect
‘I’m Going to Redefine Terror’ American Accused of Aiding ISIS with Plot to Kill 10,000
Bin Laden Son Seeks Revenge; Set to Lead al-Qaeda and Overtake ISIS as World's Most Feared Terror Group
'We Will Slaughter You in Your Own Houses!': ISIS Fighter with a 'British' Accent Warns of Terror Attacks in Italy and Turkey, Threatens Donald Trump in Menacing Video
Arrested Terror Plotters Had Strong Links with ISIS Fighters in Syria – video
4 Terror Suspects Arrested in Plot to Blow Up Plane Over Sydney
Plot Included a Meat Grinder…
Huge Lines at Sydney Airport as Terrorism Security Increased
Australian PM Ready to Act Against Facebook on Terror
Germany: Islamic State Recruiter Tells Undercover Reporter “Go to a Hospital and Calmly Kill Them”
London Bridge Terrorist Worked as a Teacher at an Islamic Primary School Where He 'Radicalized Children as Young as 4'
US Army Sergeant Arrested After FBI Discovers Terror Organization He Aligned With
Bay Area ISIS Supporter Wanted to 'Redefine Terror' and Kill 10,000
What Has Happened to Minneapolis?
Knifeman Shouting 'Allahu Akbar' at Spanish Border Taken after Police Smash Traffic Barrier Over His Head
Trump’s Special Ops Pick Says Terror Drones Might Soon Reach the US from Africa
ISIS Has the Ingredients to Make a 'Dirty Bomb': Report
ISIS Fighters Dress Up as WOMEN with Make-Up and Padded Bras
DHS Head Kelly: Laptop Ban Came After Test Blew Up Plane
Why ISIS Isn’t Going Anywhere: The Islamic State Is Not Just a Name, It’s a Mission
Schumer: Nuclear Power Plants Vulnerable to Cyber Attack
US Soldier Arrested after Pledging Loyalty to Islamic State
Virginia Muslim Attempts U.S. Military Infiltration
Somali Immigrant Living in Ohio Trained with Terrorist Group, Plotted Domestic Attack