A Call to Prepare

By Clint Young
September 22, 2017

Never before since I can remember have so many been affected in North America in such a short period of time.

First came Hurricane Harvey.  That was less than 3 weeks ago.  That left Houston and the Gulf Areas East of Houston pretty much flooded or wind damaged/destroyed. Then came Hurricane Irma which has affected a lot of folks in Florida.  Even those who did not have property damage lost electricity or found themselves on the road for days trying to avoid Hurricane Irma.  Now Mexico has been hit with two rather large earthquakes.  The last one has greatly affected Mexico City.  I figure from looking at pictures from above the city and the resulting dust clouds that occurred when buildings collapsed that at least 10% of the buildings there collapsed.  Those who lived further North were not as affected, but they were affected to some degree nonetheless.  I am down about $50 so far from paying higher gasoline prices.  That affect is nothing compared to those further south of me in Houston and elsewhere.  But it is an affect nonetheless.

Actually, everyone in North America has been affected by higher gasoline prices to some extent.  That is a lot of folks.  Some just have a few less dollars to spend on other things.  Others don't have a place to live or even lost their lives.  The news media slant here in the USA is to minimize these disasters as much as possible.  Most likely we will never be told the truth of how many have just died in Mexico City.  The news media will focus on the few survivors that are rescued as the next week goes by.  Very little will be said about how many really died.  As the weeks and months go by, more and more bodies will be unearthed from the rubble.  And there will be a hush from the media about reporting the true numbers of those who perished.  This has been the lying approach of the main stream media when it comes to natural disasters for some time now.

Now I am going to turn to something that effects me every day.  That is the sun.  I walk around a park almost every day.  Part of that walk takes me by a large pond.  Because of the intensity of the sun's rays lately, that pond is full of algae.  It really stinks.  I have never seen so much algae growing in it.  It never has smelled so bad  I like to take my shirt off for one lap around the park to soak up the sun't rays to get vitamin D3 production going in my body.  For sometime now, the sun's intensity is so high that the sun's rays are hurtful.  I don't know the mechanism of what is going on.  It seems like if the black star is sucking off electro-magnetism from the sun that the sun would not be so intense.  But nonetheless, the sun is certainly more intense than in the past.

Folks, a lot of crazy things are happening all around us.  These all serve as warnings for more drastic things to come.  And they certainly will come.  We are only seeing a foretaste.  In several months the Earth is going to be in alignment again with the black star.  The sun will be between the black star and the Earth.  As we approach this alignment, more electro-magnetic energy is going to be pumped into the Earth's core via the induction process.  This is going to further increase the core's heat causing the extension of the magma plume arms further than ever before.  This extension most likely will cause further disruption on the Earth.  I am expecting a move in the Cascadia area which could easily send a large wave towards the Western coast.

Meanwhile, it is best that folks start taking some action to insure they and their loved ones are going to survive what is yet to come.  It will come and it will be horrific.  The media will do what it can to quell the concerns and the fears of the people.  The media will tell you that this will soon past and we will rebuild yet greater and stronger than ever for we are the Great America.  Yes, the rebuilding will go forth.  And perhaps in some places the buildings and roads will be better than ever.  But before much rebuilding takes place another disaster will occur, then another.  It will be like a chain of stacked dominoes falling.  Don't get too caught up in the false promises of the greatness of the USA and how such will save you.  Instead, get prepared for your own hide and those loved ones that God has given you responsibility for.

I can't tell you exactly what you should do.  Most of us can't figure out what to do on our own.  Only God has the total equation for you and yours.  So go to Him and get His direction.  Following His will in your life is always the best thing to do.

As you seek Him, realize that you just may have to relocate to survive what is coming.  This is especially true if you now live on or near low lying coastal areas.  Taking some action to relocate to a safer place may prove to be most beneficial to you and yours.  The catastrophes are going to continue to come in more frequency and in more intensity than in the past.  This is something again that the media could easily be showing people.  But they will not.  They want you to think everything is lovely and will go back to normal.  Yet, the recent normal is quite non-normal.  Don't listen to either these liars or those that try to quell valid concerns via their non-scriptural religion.  Both will be the doom of multitudes for what will for sure come.

I can't tell you the timetable.  But as the catastrophic events start coming in greater frequency and intensity, beware the time for much greater catastrophic events approaches.