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trying to take away our freedom
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JAN 13
Rosie O'Donnell Calls for 'Martial Law' to Stop Trump Inauguration
Obama in Harvard Law Review: Prayer Won’t Do It; We Need Gun Control
Obama’s Farewell: Soap Opera for Liberals and Minority Pawns
4Chan Claims to Have Fabricated Anti-Trump Report as a Hoax
Minnesota: First Somali-Muslim Legislator Takes Oath…on Giant Koran
Senator John McCain 1st to Hide Behind Obama’s Citizenship
Mattis Waiver Confirmed by Senate
Graham, Cruz Bury Past to Introduce Anti-UN Legislation
Obama Surprises a Choked-up Biden with Medal of Freedom
Carson: No 'Extra Rights' For Gay Americans 
Nicole Kidman, Born in Hawaii: It's Time to Support the President-elect
Why California’s Silly Secession Scheme Can’t Succeed
Millennials on "Safe Spaces" – video
Harvard, Yale Open Sharia Law Studies
Girl's 'Suicide Video' Sparks Outrage Online – video
Woman Found Living With Sister's Decomposing Body
3 Civil Rights Sites Become National Monuments in Obama's Final Days
JAN 12
Russian Hackers Could Go After Congress Next – and Not Just to Read Their Email
Donald Trump Blasts ‘Fake News’ — ‘I HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH RUSSIA’
Trump Promises ObamaCare Repeal, Border Wall, Name Supreme Court Nominee Within 2 Weeks of inauguration
Trump's Sting on Intel Agencies Caught Them Leaking
James Clapper Laments Leaks…
BuzzardFeed Could Be In Legal Trouble For Publishing Trump Doc
'Fake News' CNN Reporter Tried to Ask Trump a Question – Trump Responded Like a Boss – video
RUSH: Democrats and the Media Are '9 Days Away From Absolute Purgatory' – video
Publish and Be Damned
Media Outraged Trump Criticized CNN. They Must Have Forgotten When Obama Did The Same to Fox News.
Trump to Donate Hotel Profits From Foreign Governments to U.S. Treasury – HOLLY NOTE: This isn't required by law and what President has ever been so scrupulous to avoid even the appearance of conflict of interests? Accepting many millions from foreign governments into her private Clinton Foundation is one issue that sunk Hillary's election bid.
…Outlines Plan to Separate from Business
Booker Eyeing 2020 with Anti-Sessions Stunt?
We Deserved Better Than Obama for Our First Black President
How Can We Miss a President Who Won’t Go Away?
HUD Spent Almost $1M to Cover Up Accusation Against Top Exec
Coulter: Tips for Hate Crime Hoaxers
The Nuclear Option: At Sessions’ Hearing, Dems Live Up to Party’s Tradition of Racism
National Reciprocity Bill Will Apply to Non-Resident Gun Carry Permits
Paving the Road to Hell: California Decriminalizes Child Prostitution
Woman Admits Starving Her 16-Year-Old Daughter to Death
Poll: Megyn Kelly's Fox Viewers Won't Follow Her to NBC
Obama: ‘White Americans’ Must Acknowledge ‘Slavery and Jim Crow’
Millennials Butthurt Over New TV Show Portraying Them as Snowflakes
JAN 11
Trump Blasts Buzzfeed Over Russia Reports: ‘Fake News,’ ‘Unverifiable,’ ‘Witch Hunt!’
Russia Denies, Calls Report 'Nonsense'
Lawsuits Loom for Obama Monuments Action
At Home and Abroad, President Obama's Trail of Disasters
Out with a Whimper: Obama Says Goodbye in Emotional Speech
…Calls on Supporters to Renew Fight for Liberal Values
Obama's 'Farewell' Speech Proves He Is Out of Touch With Reality
President Obama's Job Performance – video
Trump DHS Pick Addresses Border Wall, Russian Hacks During Confirmation Hearing
DHS Nominee Kelly: Cut U.S. Drug Use to Secure Border
How Protesters Plan To Wreck Donald Trump's Inauguration
Sessions to Senate: No Muslim Ban, Abortion and Same-Sex Marriage Settled Law
Sorry, Meryl But That Hypocritical Anti-Trump Rant Was Easily the Worst Performance of Your Career (Apart From That Time You Gave a Child Rapist a Standing Ovation)
Michigan Man Gets $128 Ticket for Warming Up Car in His Driveway – HOLLY NOTE: This sounds crazy to the vast majority. Imagine your car, parked in your driveway and it's bitter cold outside. In super-cold weather it's always clever to warm the engine before taking off, especially if driving a diesel. Enter the police; you get a ticket for not wanting to freeze. Most cars have remote entry, so what's the big deal if you lock the car with the keys in it?
Mom of Quadruplets Hides in Pantry to Catch a Break – video humor
Autopsy: 10-year-old Was Raped, Murdered and Dismembered By Meth Addict as Her Mother Watched
JAN 10
Justice: Roof Gets Death
FBI Director James Comey to Testify Before Congress
FBI Warned Clinton Emails Were Vulnerable to ‘Foreign Government Espionage’ In 2015
AG Nominee Sessions Unfairly Attacked on Tedious Racism Charges
Majority of Americans Want Donald Trump to Appoint an Originalist to the Supreme Court: Poll
Kellyanne Conway: Voters Didn’t Need WikiLeaks to Dislike Hillary Clinton – It Was Instinct 
Obama’s Ephemeral Legacy Anchored in Delusion
Alluring Aroma of Pork: Republicans Poised to Restart Earmark Factory in Congress
Dems to Rehang Police-As-Pigs Art Defiant GOP Lawmaker Took Down
Michelle Obama’s Final Speech Tells Muslims, Immigrants: ‘This Country Belongs to You’
Minority Youth Over Take Whites in 2020, 50% Under 18 – HOLLY NOTE: The Elites' age-old global agenda surging toward the "Race of Tan" will be fait accompli shortly.
Obama Administration Makes Desperate Play To Save Transgender Bathrooms
Obama: His Legacy of Damage Done to America
Farewell to a Decade of Media Drooling Over Obama
Millennials: The Dumbest Generation in History? – video
Top Ranked Colleges Don't Require History Majors to Study U.S. History – HOLLY NOTE: This might, in part, explain Millennial ignorance. Between revisionist history, eradicating Civics from high schools and removing the U.S. history requirement from university history degrees, it's a thinly veiled attempt to "erase" America.
Georgetown Professor Calls For Whites To Have An I.R.A. – "Individual Reparations Account"
Jesse Ventura Loses Appeal in $1.8M Verdict Against 'American Sniper
Man Shoots at Wife and Daughter Over Grilled Cheese Sandwich, Cops
Why a Strong Patent System Is Vital
FBI Quietly Releases 300 Pages of Hillary Clinton Investigation Records
Hollywood Hissy Fit: Streep, Fallon And Others Use Golden Globes Stage to Blast Trump
This Is a Coup: Homeland Security Takeover of US Elections
Rev. Al Sharpton Promises ‘Season of Civil Disobedience’ in Response to Sessions Nomination
'Sad and Disappointed'… Young Obama Voter Thinks the First Black President Made Race Relations Worse
Obama To Tout 'Successes' In Chicago As Nearly 4,000 Murders Ravage City Over Last 8 Years
Business Owner to CNN, Liberals and Springsteen: 'We've Had It With You Idiots'
When James Clapper Got Away With Perjury
Related: Lawmakers Renew Calls for James Clapper Perjury Charges
US Aristocracy Panics that Maybe Trump Is Serious
Obama Has Become a Bitter Clinger
Obama's New 8,200 Sq.Ft. Home Less Than 2 Miles From White House (Rent for 2446 Belmont Rd. NW, Washington DC 20008? – $22,000 a Month, according to Zillow and a nice BIG new wall under construction.) NOTE: Obama is the first president to stay in D.C. immediately after leaving the White House since Woodrow Wilson left office in 1921. Handy for Obama, a mosque is just a block away along with the Embassy for Oman 400 feet away.
Girl, 14, Was Raped, Murdered; Now, Her Mom Is Charged
7 People Arrested While Feeding the Homeless — Because They Didn’t Pay for a Permit
Guy Goes to Jail for 3 Days Over Cat Litter Mistaken for Meth
9 Most Shocking Moments From ‘Truth and Lies: The Menendez Brothers’ – HOLLY NOTE: I watched the entire trial on Court TV, just like with the months-long OJ Simpson pre-trial and trial. The 2 sons, Lyle and Erik, killed their wealthy parents and within days, began spending their $14.5 million fortune purchasing Rolexes and a Porsche, making investments. They claimed to have been sexually abused. If so, why didn't they just leave instead of committing murder? This was truly a messed up family.
5 Dead, 8 Hospitalized After Shooting at Fort Lauderdale Airport, Gunman in Custody
Aftermath of Fla. Airport Shooting – video
The ‘Most Transparent’ President in History Issues Record Number of ‘Midnight’ Regulations – 145 “Midnight” Regulations Costing More Than $21 Billion Just Since Trump's Election
New Intel Report Adds No Evidence of "Russian Hacking"
Read the Declassified Report…
Email Headache Returns: New Clinton Messages Show Passwords, Schedules Flowed Freely
10 Forms of Fake News Used By Major Media
Jon Rappoport: Will California Secede from the US? I Hope So.
The Most Popular States People Are Moving To — And Leaving
Media Fawn Over Obama Exit, Won't Call Him Lame Duck
Obama Honors Himself with Farewell Celeb-Fest
Obama Awards Himself Distinguished Public Service Medal
…Lists Regrets — Again: Failure to Secure Gun Control Still #1
Congress Certifies Electoral College Victory for Trump
Celebs ‘Demand’ We Stop Trump, and Other Hollywood Nonsense
Hate Crime Charges Filed in Chicago Beating Streamed on Facebook Live
Judge Denies Bail…
Obama's Disastrous Legacy
Law Enforcement Calls on Paul Ryan to Remove Disgusting Painting Depicting Cops as Pigs from Capitol
Ranchers Vs. Obama: New Federal Monuments in Utah, Nevada Spark Uproar
Eric Holder Hired To Help California Fight Trump Administration
Donald Trump and the Gun Law Revolution
Proposed Bill Eases Burden Of Cross-State Travel With Guns – video
Americans Flabbergasted As Obama Presses Agenda After GOP Win
Ted Cruz Introduces Constitutional Amendment on Congressional Term Limits
Alabama Supreme Court Rules Unborn Baby is a Person
Republicans Name First Targets In Drive To Repeal Obama Regs
GOPers Fighting Trump’s Agenda At Their Own Risk
Hard to Leave – HOLLY NOTE: This piece penned by Gov. Robert Ehrlich is one of the best editorials we've seen in a long time. It's opening salvo: "The construction of the Trump Cabinet has been another breath of fresh air. This group is heavy on relevant experience, private sector success, and conservative values. It is also quite wealthy. Accordingly, mainstream media coverage has been generally hostile. No surprise there. Its agenda of high taxes, high regulation, high pre-emption, high political correctness, and getting high (marijuana legalization) is now on ice. These disconsolate pundits understand their time in the wilderness has arrived."
Obama’s Outgoing Boast: ‘Our Country Is Stronger And More Prosperous’ On His Watch
Obama Has Seized 553 Million Acres - 3X Size of Texas
De Blasio’s Soviet-style Propaganda Machine Hits New Low
Rand Paul Introduces Bill to Audit the Fed, Says it Has Trump Support
Trump Planning Intel Community Shake-Up, Report
Extremist Website Insists Armed March Against Jewish People In Montana Will Go Ahead
Four Men Livestream Beating of Disabled Man as Onlooker Yells Repeatedly "F--- Donald Trump!" and "F--- White People!"
Chicago Police Hesitant To Call Videotaped Torture Of White Man A Hate Crime
Man Tortured In Facebook Live Post – video warning: graphic
‘The Biggest Loser’: Liberal Billionaire Tom Steyer Spent $88 Million on Democrats in 2016
The Scandals That Valerie Jarrett Overlooked
Boom: Record 27 Million Guns Bought in 2016
Deal Between Kerry, Obama and McCain to Arm, Fund ISIS
Obama: I’m Not Going Anywhere on Jan 20th, Trump Needs to Learn His Place In Politics
Obama’s EPA Fining People for Burning Wood to Stay Warm, Argues “Bad for Climate" – HOLLY NOTE: To be fair, this isn't a new thing. When I lived in northern Colorado since the early 80s, the toxic air inversion was so bad coming up from Denver that wood burning was banned unless it was your sole means of home heating. Sometimes it looked like living under a huge "brown helmet". However, in our area of southern Colorado, the constant breeze that sometimes qualifies as windy, keeps the air super clean, free of pollution and chemtrails. At times it's a mixed blessing and can be especially hard on unprotected veggie gardens. As a result there are no fireplace bans here, nor even emission tests for vehicles.
Trump Flexes Power Over GOP – Shames Them on Ethics Proposal
Clintons, George W to Attend Trump Inauguration
Whatever Happened To Smooth Presidential Transition Obama Vowed? – HOLLY NOTE: Somewhere along the line, he lost his big boy pants… probably on the links.
President Donald Trump Fires Obama – video
WikiLeaks' Assange: 'A 14-Yr.-Old Kid Could Have Hacked Podesta' Emails
Treasons Great and Small
Gunman Wounds 2 Cops After Luring Them to Walmart in Ambush
New York Takes Stab at Debt-Free College, Covering Tuition for Families Earning Less Than $125,000 – Funded by Taxpayers
DC Worst City for Bed Bugs
House GOP Votes to Gut Independent Ethics Office
BIG LIST of Obama's 25 Most Outrageous Abuses of Executive Power – HOLLY NOTE: Talk about a half-hearted salute. It's easy to tell he's never served…
Obama Brags About "Remarkable Progress" Of Past 8 Years - Our Data Paints A Slightly Different Picture
Top Obama Adviser Claims President 'Hasn't Had a Scandal' – But Watchdog Claims WH 'Scandal Rap Sheet' Is 'as Long as My Arm'
Obama Spending Another $300 Million – in Kenya
Obama to Deliver Farewell Address in Chicago on Jan. 10
Van Jones: 'The Clinton Days Are Over'
U.S. State Department Tied To Child Trafficking Operation With Epstein
Former Chicago Top Cop: Black Lives Matter Killing Blacks
Joel Skousen 2016 Year End Analysis – video
If We Had Our way: New Year’s Resolutions for the New Congress
Establishment Claims Of Russian Hacking Lack One Important Ingredient… Evidence
Obama’s Anti-Trump Quest to Crush America
Ars Technica: White House Fails to Make Case that Russian Hacking Tampered with Election
Trump Must Honor Vow To Black Americans
8 Years of Obama's Foreign Policy Disasters Recapped in Only 2 Horrific Weeks – HOLLY NOTE: Once the blinders came off, other nations are seeing just what a disaster Obama has been. Formerly, squarely in Obama'a corner, Canada denounces him in blistering terms saying "the failures of the last eight years … will not soon be forgotten." Following is another example.
Egotistical, Selfish Barack Obama Is the Sorest of Losers – HOLLY NOTE: This article was even more of a shock than the Canadian piece above. Left-leaning, very anti-Trump and forever fervent Obama fan, the Sydney Morning Herald now sees the President's true colors. Better late than never.
Unprecedented Times!
Obama’s Unprecedented Bid to Undercut President-Elect Said to Sacrifice U.S. Interests
49ers Honor National Anthem-Protesting, Castro-Praising Kaepernick with Prestigious 'Inspirational' Award
Dad's Hysterical Video on the 'Joys' of Having His Daughter Home from College – video humor
Potential Homebuyer Discovers Mummified Body Entombed in Garage
16 Numbers That Explain Politics in 2016
Obama Unhinged: Trying to start WWIII Before Jan. 20; Drudge Report with DDoS Attack; NaturalNews and InfoWars Targeted For Cyber Attack Take Downs
Chris Stirewalt: Putin Called Obama's Bluff – video
Vandalized Hollywood Sign Briefly Reads 'HOLLYWeeD'
Is Left Plotting Violent Anti-American Revolution?
Murder Capital: Chicago Records 762 Homicides in 2016, Up 57% From Previous Year