JAN 13
Russia Deploys Anti-Aircraft Missile Systems Around Moscow in Latest Sign Putin Is Preparing For War
Hungary Swears in First 'Border Hunters' Who Will Patrol Country's Razor-Wire Fence Alongside Soldiers to Keep Migrants Out
Assange Agrees to Extradition If 'Chelsea' Manning Released
JAN 12
Mexico to Seek Broad Negotiating Strategy with Trump
ISIS Drowns Man In Shampoo For Saying Group Is Dirty
German Police: 13 Migrant Sex Crimes in 2 Days
Taliban Release Video Showing American, Australian Captives
Why Does the Pope Keep Meeting With Mahmoud Abbas
JAN 11
Dad Saves Daughter As Muslim Rape Frenzy Plagues Germany
People Are Using Cakes to Apologize for Behaving Very Badly in the Bedroom
JAN 10
US Tanks Roll into Germany to Protect Against Potential Russian Invasion
Obama Approves Big Uranium Shipment to Iran That Could Be Used For Nukes
Poll: Brits Would Prefer Controlling Immigration to EU Free Trade
U.S. Navy Destroyer Fires Warning Shots at Iranian Vessels
Iran: U.S. Surrendered More Than $10 Billion in Gold, Cash, Assets – Obama Admin Lowballs Cost of Dealing with Iran
Former Iranian President Rafsanjani, 82
Poland Acquires First Strike Capability to Pose Threat to Russia
NKorea Aims To Complete New Ballistic Missile Development By 2018
Looming Threat: NKorea’s Nuclear Capability Better By The Day, Top Diplomat Warns
The New Face of Maybelline Is a Guy – HOLLY NOTE: It makes women long for the days when men were men. What females want them wearing bras, panties and dresses or more make-up than they do. Huge turn-off. Ironically his name is Manny.
German Man Opens His Front Door, Finds A Brick Wall Was Built Overnight
The US Has Begun Amassing Troops on Russian Border
WikiLeaks Vows to ‘Blow You Away’ in 2017 ‘Showdown’
German Development Minister: '8 to Ten 10 Million Refugees Are Still on the Way'
Who Will Be King? After Queen Elizabeth Dies, Prince Charles Could Spark 'Constitutional Crisis'
Kim Jong-un Says NKorea in 'Final Stages' of Developing ICBM
Those Man-Child Migrants? Some Were as Old as 29: Social Workers Discover Hundreds Of Adult Asylum Seekers Have Lied About Their Age to Enter Britain 'as Teenagers' 
England's Labour Party Split Over Immigration
May Calls for Unity in 2017 as Divided U.K. Prepares for Brexit
‘Extremely Violent, Organized:’ 1,000 Migrants Storm Spanish Enclave Bordering Morocco
Why 2016 Was a Major Turning Point for the World