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Paper: Future of Globalization ‘Shaken’ by Trump Victory, Nationalist ‘Political Earthquakes’
Coast Guard Rescues Stranded Couple as Advancing Atlantic Waves Threaten to Sweep Them to Their Deaths
Germany: Man Wearing Cross Beaten by Migrant Gang
Toronto Man Irks City after Building Stairs for $550 After $65,000 Estimate
Sweden Stands at Abyss as National Police Chief Begs for Help
German Judge Warns of Court System 'collapse' Due to Mass Number of Asylum Complaints
IT'S OFFICIAL: US Confirms NKorea Can Hit America with Nuclear ICBM
NKorea May Have More Nuclear Weapons Material Than Previously Thought
NKorea Committing ‘NAZI-era Atrocities’ and Executing People in SCHOOLS
Iran Military Warns Against IRGC Sanctions
Mayor in Italy: "We are INVADED, OVERWHELMED" by Muslim Migrants
Trump Admin to Hit Iran With New Sanctions as Tehran Threatens Attacks on U.S. Bases
Trump Must Withdraw from Iran Nuclear Deal - Now
Europe Beware! Turkey Eyes Iran as Replacement Partner
The US Deep State: Sabotaging Putin-Trump Ceasefire Agreement In Syria
SKorea Willing to Sit Down with North on Easing Tensions, Family Reunions
Winning a War Against NKorea Would Come at 'great Cost': Here's What It Might Look Like
The North Korean Threat – video
Revealed: London Accuses France of Plot to 'Wreck Britain' - Even If It Gains Nothing Itself – HOLLY NOTE: Sounds like the Progressives' agenda on Republicans
60 Minutes: Worldwide Pedophile Network – video
Freak Fest in Colombia
Hungarian Gov't Calls Campaign Against George Soros 'A Matter of National Security'
Pope Francis - World Government Must Rule U.S. ‘For Their Own Good’ – video
Kim Jong-un's Wife Seen for First Time in Months as the Pair Attend a Lavish Banquet to Celebrate Missile Test – HOLLY NOTE: Nothing says elegance and grace like rocket launchers and missiles flying adorning a table laden with flowers, fruit and wine.
Will Trump Stop the 10 Chinese Companies Supplying North Korea's Nuclear Program?
China Sends Troops to First Overseas Naval Base in Djibouti
France: Muslim Migrants Dig, Camouflage Holes with Sharp Metal Objects to TRAP POLICE at Night
NKorea Warns It Will Turn America into 'Pile of Ash'
The US Had a Clear Shot at Killing Kim Jong Un on July 4 – Here's Why It Didn't Strike
China Says 'China Responsibility Theory' on North Korea Has to Stop – HOLLY NOTE: This is clear indication that China has no intention of helping curb the actions of NKorea's crazy leader. The fact that China increased its trade with NKorea by 73% in the first 2 months of 2017, should have given Trump a big clue. China's President Xi was just playing him.
Brutal Muslim Religious Police Now Patrol Europe
Europe's Mass Migration: The Leaders vs. the Public
Air Canada Flight Nearly Lands on 4 Planes on Crowded San Francisco Runway
‘They Don’t Even Try’: Hungary’s New Border Fence Called ‘Spectacular Success’
North Korea's Missile Programme – Their KN-08 Will Be Able to Hit ALL 50 States and All of Canada – HOLLY NOTE: This graphic was made by the Center for Nonproliferation Studies for the Nuclear Threat Initiative in 2016. They state on their site that NKorea may have other missiles as well. Since this info is a year old and NKorea is making significant nuclear warhead and missile strides, there's no way to know just how far this secretive nation has progressed beyond what the article shares.
Russia Quietly Begins Building Third Military Base in Syria
NKorea Warns US Bombing Drill Risks Provoking "Nuclear War"
Asia Expert: NKorea Will Never Give Up Nuclear Weapons – video
Syria Cease-Fire Goes into Effect in Southern Part of Country
DIA Reveals New Details of Russian Information Warfare … Report Highlights Moscow's 'Information Confrontation' Plans for Future Conflict
Moscow Offers Evidence to UN That NKorea Tested Mid-Range Missile, Not ICBM
Spain Rescues 54 Migrants from Boat in Strait of Gibraltar
NKorea Threatens 'Whole US Mainland' with 'Annihilating Strike' after Latest Missile Test
Russia Nixes U.S.-drafted U.N. Resolution Against NKorea
Australia Will Join US in Fight Against North Korea If War Breaks Out
NKorea Nuclear Threat: There Is One Diplomatic Option Left to End It, John Bolton Says
Venezuelan Lawmakers Beaten, Besieged in Latest Violence
Russian Spies Ramping Up Their Intelligence-Gathering Efforts: Report
NKorean ICBM Not Seen Before by Pentagon
"It's a LOT Worse Than Anyone Thought" NKoreans Have Missiles to Reach ALL of USA – HOLLY NOTE: Crazy Kim doesn't even have to be terribly accurate – just detonate a nuke overhead releasing an EMP. This would do more damage for a longer period of time over a greater expanse than any bomb landing on a desired target.
Merkel to Take Charge of G-20 Agenda, Press Multilateralism Message to Trump – Keep Summit Focused on Her Pet Topic – 'Green Energy'
G-20 Summit’s Expected ‘Left-Wing Extremists’ Prompt German Troops to Forgo Uniform
Despite Paris Accord, G-20 Countries Invest 4 Times as Much in Fossil Fuels as Green Energy
Bill Gates Urges End to Generosity, Fears African Refugees Will Decimate Europe
Austria to Send Troops and Armoured Vehicles to Border With Italy to Block Migrants
Ukrainian Investigators: Russia 'Is "Liquidating" Witnesses Involved in the Shooting Down of MH17'
Tyrant Maduro Has Venezuelan Lawmakers Beaten, Besieged in Latest Violence
'Russian Aggression in the Caribbean Sparks Fears of New Cold War'. Sorry, No It Doesn't…
GAME-CHANGER: NKorea Claims It Successfully Launched ICBM
US Warship in South China Sea, ‘Military Provocation,’ Says China
Polish Leaders Ramp Up Anti-EU Rhetoric Ahead of Trump Visit
Mafia & Migrant Gang Violently Forcing Refugees to Sell Drugs in Sicily
At Least 20 Killed by Car Bomb in Damascus
President Trump to Address Famine in Africa
Europe's Migrant Crisis: Views from Central Europe: "We Are Not Going to Take Part in the Madness of the Brussels Elite."
The Unknown Refugee Crisis – Crossing Borders
Meet the American Woman Helping NKorea’s Defectors