A Courageous and Dog Walks Himself 3 Miles to a Veterinarian – on 3 Legs

Special hat-tip to Ray Hermann, www.OutlawBibleStudent.org who not only found this lovely article, he actually took the time to write an accompanying letter and snail-mail both to us. Many thanks Ray! This will surely lift hearts when news is growing ever-darker. Since this was first published in a French paper, you will notice European punctuation and spellings.

Reprinted in The Monitor of The Reign of Justice
April 2018

The following report was published in the French-language newspaper Var-matin under the heading:

"Django's Plaster Annoyed Him: He Walked Five Kilometres Alone By Foot,
or Better Said, By Paw, to Consult His Veterinarian!"

Ten-year-old, black and white Django, a setter-pointer cross, is a true phenomenon. Neither his mistress – Mrs Marie-Lou, an employee of the tourism office – nor the veterinarian in Cogolin (an area in south eastern France) can understand it.

After an accident and being put in plaster (a cast) up to his shoulder, Django the dog badly wore his prosthesis that pressed against his paw. Profiting from the situation – while his mistress was at work, and while a neighbour who watched over him turned his back – he made his way… From the street "Chemin de la Rascas" in the village of Grimaud where he lives, to Cogolin where was operated on, is a good five kilometres [3 miles], which he only knew by car.

Having safely arrived at his destination, he entered the nurse's office – alone like an adult, and as if to ask for forgiveness – and he knew how to make himself perfectly understood for what he wanted. Looking at his plaster, looking at the veterinarian, and then looking at the plaster again, he was quickly understood. To his great relief, the limb of his paw was laid bare.

The animal clinic telephoned his mistress and informed her when she returned from work. Several friends confirmed o her that Django had been seen hobbling around on three paws, going in the direction of Cogolin. We checked this unbelievable story with several people who confirmed its veracity.

In addition, Django suffered several fractures that were fortunately already healing, and furthermore, a plate and several screw were inserted into the affected paw. One can bet that the veterinarian in Cogolin and his assistant have rarely seen such a courageous and clover "patient".

Photo: This is what Django might have looked like as a puppy. You can almost hear him say, "Am I adorable or what!"

A photo shows the "hero" of this extraordinary and magnificent story snuggling up to his mistress on a sofa, looking somewhat mischievously but directly at the photographer. [Unfortunately in this reprint, the photo wasn't included.] The journalist certainly wanted to clear up all doubt that one could truly have in view of such a heroic deed. But witnesses confirmed the fact that this little "phenomenon" of a dog – quite alone and without a sign, a street name or a house number – found the one who could give it relief. The dog's expressive eyes were understood by the latter from whom it asked for the laying bare of its paw.

We understand the astonishment of the veterinarian and his nurse and also that of Django's mistress. This is an undeniable demonstration of animal intelligence, which should speak to our own, and especially to those who want to get rid of their dog o cat because they want to go on holidays or move house and who disgracefully abandon it in the middle of the countryside by tying it to tree or a post and leaving it to its despair…

Also, those who are responsible for animal experiments would do well to let themselves by touched by reports like the one above. They would find the courage to give up their atrocious business that makes them cruel and merciless towards animals and that is additionally more harmful than helpful for the health of humans.

For all those who love nature and its inhabitants and who put their hope in the triumph of good and in the happiness of all, as the prophecies of the Bible let us see, occurrences such as these subjects of instruction, of rejoicing and of enthusiasm.