sunrise in our high desert

This area close to where we live is a safe place for us to hike our dogs. The land is barred from motorized vehicles except the rare one that maintains this land. I've seen an authorized truck here only twice. The only dramas might be the occasional rattler or mountain lion. This is their domain; we are merely visitors.

In 17 years in our home, this is the second drought we've endured here. Normally this land is awash in wildflowers. Yellows, purples, whites, oranges and pinks sprout from a never-ending array of flowers and cacti that blaze through the panorama. This year, not even the weeds greened up, let alone flowered.

The large shrubs are Junipers and indicative of water. The road is abandoned from when the Metro District originally thought to develop this land and now they've given it over to us homeowners to enjoy. What you see is a small bit of this lovely 'hiking gift'. The rest stretches north, east and west in an interesting mix of hills, shale cliffs, rolling wilderness, native grass meadows and rocky trails.