Warning Dream About Israel and War That Will Affect Everyone

October 20, 2018
By Karen

I'm a 64-year-old lady living in the hills in Colorado. Been wanting to share this dream I had with you (addressing Larry Taylor). It was not just a dream, it was an experience from God and He gave it to me over 15 years ago when I was not much of a Christian at all and was trying to study and learn. Took me years to understand it. I know it is about to happen. I've been trying to warn people to get ready and [about] signs to watch for, but it is hard to find anyone who takes things seriously. I'm passing this on because it is not my dream, it is God's.

So for what it's worth.

This is the story I saw in 3 dreams in a row and I was told 3 times to watch and remember. 'It's all about Israel.' That is the real key for Everything and this event is the last warning we get to prepare for extremely hard times like we'd never expect.

Points revealed in dream series:

1-- There are 3 waves of attacks/skirmishes

Tension will be building up in ME (Middle East) with Israel more than average. There will be minor skirmishes and attack on her border but Israel will brush them back, not a big attack, more like a testing.

(*****I believe this first attack wave was when the Palestinians recently rushed the border and lit tire fires and protests. Not a real attack, more of a test.)

2-- Israel will find out about something REALLY dangerous in an enemy country north or north-ish of them. I assumed Iran or Syria but I don't really know who only that what Israel finds out shocks her at how much danger they are in at that moment.

(****I think this is what Bibi (Benjamin Netanyahu) is now talking about with proving the Iran nuke site stuff. Gave me the chills)

3-- A 2nd wave of minor attacks /skirmishes will come at Israel again a bit larger than the first. Israel will brush them off again.

(***I believe this is happening now with the repeated brutal attacks on the border fence and fire balloons, etc.)

In my dream watching the beginning of this second round of attacks I had a strong feeling we should be getting things ready for taking cover. Like checking preps, filling holes, checking lists. The sense I got was stop watching the theater around us and go DO what you need to do cause when it falls it will be so fast it will make our heads spin.

4-- Israel watches as a third wave is building up to attack her. this 3rd wave is much larger and more serious. Israel knows this will be the real deal, greater forces will attack her to take her out for good. I saw many more groups of peoples coming to attack her, not sure if that was just terrorist groups or armies or actual nations.

(***I think this also is happening now with Hezbollah, ISIS and Hamas on Lebanon and Syria border areas. I think they are massing troops and equipment for a set date).

In the dream watching this I had a Very strong sense of we need to get out of here and to safety because things are about to get REAL and dangerous.

Israel will try to get the worlds attention about Iran nuke sites and the enemy building up troops towards them but the will do nothing but talk and act as tho Israel is exaggerating or something.

At some point while the 3rd attack wave is preparing or has already started, Israel will take matters into her own hands and do a preemptive strike bombing sites in that country north-ish of her. more than one location will be hit by the Israelis.

5-- This preemptive attack will take the world by surprise and piss everyone off. there will be great rage and hatred towards Israel.

And Israel is horrified to learn a site they bombed they did not have enough good intel on it had some hidden bunker underground. Bombing it destroyed it but it released some gas or virus or radiation, not sure What. But this gas-thing released spread on wind to a couple small villages E/SE of the site (?) and some (small number) civilians died and of course Israel is blamed.. there is a great anger coming out of DC towards Israel for messing up some plans.

(****I assumed this was Obama but have read DT has an explosive temper)

6-- Israel beats off 3rd wave of attackers or the bombing shocks the attackers and they retreat, not sure which, but Israel survives..

The strike by Israel shocks the global markets and they start to Crash all over. it is a nightmare. There is no stopping it.

While all the worlds leaders and UN absolutely Knew the global markets were fake and crumbling and they were hiding the truth from the citizens to protect the banks and themselves, they were trying to keep the game alive as long as possible for a planned softer economic crash. This act by Israel spooks the worlds markets and people start panicking and all markets start to crash. It can not be stopped or contained, it is a economic bloodbath everywhere.

7-- The shock and global crashing sets off chaos, like a free for all. Nations/ groups go after their enemies, wars, civil uprisings, riots, hyperinflation as paper money crashes, which brings food problems, things skyrocket and shortages.

This Israel event is the domino that starts all others falling. There is no going back, no fixing things, normal as we have known it is gone forever.

I don't know if this starts WW3 or tribulation or whatever, all I know was that it was Very Clear that when I see this series of events, the Israel preemptive strike, the hatred and rage and the markets crashing, that it is THE last warning we have to get what we need ASAP. 'When you see this happen you will know IT has begun. That is what I was told at the end of each of the 3 dreams. At the start of a new dream, #2 and #3, I was asked--Do you remember what we told you? and I would reply 'yes' and repeat the first line--When I see these things happen I will know IT has begun.

This is the message I believe God was telling me

  • Prepare for something worse than great depression
  • get all money from bank
  • fill all gas cans, propane
  • hit grocery stores, etc for items we need
  • medicines

The banks will be in trouble, start closing or limiting funds. gas and food and other items will start skyrocketing. I do not know if the full crash will be overnight or a couple days 0or over a couple of weeks as nations desperately try to regain control. they wont. the sense was the fall is quick and catches most folks unaware because govt and bankers will be reassuring that all is well when it is not. . and try to get out of debt, pay off or pay down CC. debt is slavery,somehow our debts will be used against us. If we have debt trouble ask God to help us pay it off and He will help us if we do our part.

That's the story in the 3 dreams. Each dream was a part and the next dream picked up where the other left off. Kinda awesome, exciting and frightening. All I know is when this series of events happen, it is the Last Warning, last chance for us to get wheat we need for our family and prepare to hunker down as best we can and put ourselves in God's hands.

With Israel saying they have proof Iran has nuke sites and they are going to take them out and Iran spouting calls to attack Israel, and all the Syria, Russia, stuff I'm getting itchy.

While similar things have happened, the important note is from #5 and on.

  • the Israel preemptive strike shocks the world
  • upsets global leaders plans
  • it accidentally releases some gas or radiation that causes a few civilian deaths
  • the world is outraged, hates and blames Israel
  • global markets panic and start to crash
  • Last Chance to prep up and use dollars wisely
  • things start to fall apart and get real ugly everywhere but whatever happens, whatever comes our way, God is in control

Whether we live, die or get raptured, God is in control. We are expected to keep busy doing HIS work till He returns or calls us home. It's not about being rescued or saving our butts or surviving. It is all about Serving Him.

That's all.

God bless you and stewart, I pray for you guys all the time.

Oh, I've had a few other dreams years ago. The other top important one after this Israel dream is I saw the fallen ones returning, they appear holy and beautiful and the world embraces them, even churches. That was extremely important dream, God showed me it is the last chance any Christian has to getting out of dodge and God has places for His people to weather the coming storm. That dream scared me as I was shown so many Christians either scared doing nothing waiting to be raptured, or embracing the so called brothers from heaven as if holy from God or trying to find a way to compromise so they could stay in the world and keep their stuff. Christians who remained true to Jesus of the bible had to flee to rural areas but God had places prepared. Too few trusted God. If you want that dream let me know. Maybe wait and see if the Israel ones happen so you know I'm not a fruitcake.

I feel the Israel dream is about to pop, it's like I can feel the electricity in the air or something.

Praying for all God's people