Warning Dream: Violence in U.S.

October 25, 2018
By Karen

Had this dream around 2006 I think. It was a series or flashes of scenes loosely tied together of events taking place in U.S.

Some crisis events happened in US, financial, civil, infrastructure. I did not see this event but it did not feel nuclear. More EMP like and some horrible weather or EQs in different areas. A combo of events it seemed, not just one.

I saw just the aftermath in different areas and how the people responded which was with fear, panic and anger, and things just sort of got worse.

Saw a big city burning unchecked, saw people fighting, rioting and looting, and a lot of violence by the public. Lack of food and basic services, little to no gov't. response except with troops as people got more angry. Damage was so widespread the gov't. just could not get a handle on it. This disaster/crisis did affect the whole U.S. but not in the same way in all regions. Cities were not doing well, rural areas did a bit , but not by much. 

Saw a battle scene from high above it, seeing waves of people, not soldiers, but civilians staring down a line of U.S. soldiers who were greatly outnumbered. It was in a park-like setting and felt like NYC. The people were very angry, the military was telling them they had to disperse and go home. Perhaps there was martial law as the captain said something about it being illegal for them to all be there and they must go home. The captain of the line of troops, he was almost begging the people to go home. He was scared; the soldiers were all scared. No one wanted to fire on the civilians, some of who were armed some with baseball bats, sticks, etc. The people were hungry, no power, no clean water and the gov't. was unable to supply them and get things back to normal and the people just sort of snapped. These were not criminals or gang members, they were average people, fathers with hungry kids, office workers, clerks, waitresses, etc, just ordinary people pushed to the edge after so much time passed – felt like 2-3 weeks maybe – and the gov't. could not fix things.

In the field, the 2 groups stood there staring at each other. The captain again used a megaphone and told them they must leave and go home. Then something snapped and the crowd broke running towards the soldiers to take them down. I saw and felt the fear in the soldiers. Before I saw them clash, I was taken up in the air and moved to another scene.

2 more scenes, something about bad weather disaster and destruction from that, and another one that went by so fast I don't recall, but it was of a destruction in another part of the country. The whole nation had been hit in so many areas with different crises, it felt overwhelming and horribly sad as the U.S. would not be able to come back from this multiple sector Crash. 

Then I felt myself slowing coming awake and I purposely reviewed the dream in my mind so that I'd remember it. the sense was that the whole country was in an uproar and even worse things brewing, ready to explode. It was real and it is coming.

Then I heard a voice say this:

You have been Warned

hen I woke up all the way and sat on the edge of the bed for a minute.

I wasn't afraid. It just clicked that this was something I had been praying about – a confirmation to a question I asked God.