Warning Dream: Christians Being Betrayed

October 26, 2018
By Karen

This dream was from around 2007, more or less.

In this dream it was evident that there had been a terrible economic / infrastructure collapse in the U.S. that was widespread. It felt like about a year or so had gone by since the event/ events had taken place. People were surviving on a shoestring, the fed gov't. didn't really exist much and what they did control was limited to their immediate area, except for some places locally, but not much authority. Different regions of the U.S. had different problems, but the general population of the U.S. was on their own. The sense was some events or series of events took us down. Did not feel nuclear. Very little, if any, modern tech. No banks, stores, little transportation.

People were poor, banded together in neighborhoods and small communities and worked out trade with other groups. Everyone had to be careful as to whom to trust.

I saw I was standing in a rocky ravine in a high desert area. With me were a couple guys and my husband. We were to meet a man who claimed he was from a small local group that wants to set up some trade. So we agreed to meet in this rocky ravine area covered with pine/pinon trees, woods, dry all around.

We arrived first, but shortly the man walked up to us with a smile and greeted us. He held out his hand to shake and when he came to me, the scene froze.

A voice said to me: Remember this man's face, he will seek to betray you, meaning betray our group. 

I got a flash that this guy worked for a group hunting people--Christians specifically. He got paid for locating them, like a bounty. It was not clear the who or why, just that it represented a real danger. It was made very clear it was important I remember him so I studied his face and clothing, recalled how he walked and his voice. (I can still picture this man today and even with my poor eyesight I know I can ID him.)

Then the scene came back to normal and we all talked about business agreements and things each group could offer one another. I played along to make him think we were deceived. I told him we have to take this deal back to the community to discuss first. He agreed, and I told him in order to make him at ease, that I thought there was no problem and everything would work out and that we would meet him back at the same place in 2 days and walk him to our community to meet everyone. He smiled, acted all happy and agreed.

Then our group left. I told the others that this was a bad guy so we headed into the woods and traveled in the opposite direction of our community for several miles to make sure he did not track us back. 

I felt we had to warn all the other groups we traded with that this guy was a hunter and to beware.

There was a strong sense that the PTB, who or whatever was still in charge, didn't care about the general population of the U.S. but they liked hunting out Christians. Like a sport, definite death sentence of caught. But also, God's protection was powerful in helping His people through this all.

Christians Are The Glue

I found myself in some large dungeon area, like a very large medieval stone fortress. Huge dark, stone walls and steps, soldiers with pikes and staves sort of weapons. Torches lit on walls. It was like I was invisible so I could go where I wanted to see things. There were crowds of people in lines being made to go through the passageways, herded like cattle up a large set of stone steps. At the top of the steps was a large stone platform. The people were being led up there. Men, women, no children though, just adults. All ages and colors and all wearing a simple white robe and barefoot. I instantly knew all these people were Christians who had been rounded up and arrested for being Christians.

It surprised me that though the atmosphere was prison-like with mean-looking guards, none of the people in the white robes was scared. They quietly and steadily followed the line and walked up the steps to the platform.

As I watched the line of people and changed my viewpoint, I was horrified to see that once on the platform each person, one by one, was made to jump off the edge and fall into a huge cauldron that had a fire under it. In the cauldron was this thick white glue-like substance. Once a person fell into it they died and was dissolved instantly.

i wanted to scream. I wanted to stop them, to save them, to get them to fight back, but they were very calm and determined even. In fact, as I watched the people, I was amazed to see as each one stood on the edge of the platform before they jumped, all had a beautiful smile on their face, pure love they were Happy! No fear at all. They knew they were going to die and they were OK with that. No one was scared or worried. They knew they were doing God's work at that instant and were at peace in giving up their lives as a witness for Christ.

My heart just ached, I started to cry and protested, but I was invisible and no one could see or hear me and I felt powerless and frustrated.

I then was taken up into space and looked down upon the beautiful blue earth. I was not alone, someone with with me and he felt very friendly and familiar as if I'd known him all my life. I did not see him as my whole attention was focused on the earth. We looked down on the earth and I was sad to see it was fractured with cracks all through it like a china vase that had been dropped and cracked open. But in between the cracks was this white substance holding the pieces together.  

A voice said: The white glue that holds the world together are the Christians, but it will not hold for much longer.

Then I realized the Christians in the stone prison being made to jump into the cauldron, the enemy thought he was killing them off, but they were being turned into a substance by God to help the world. People who love and serve Jesus are the glue that holds it all together doing God's work with their lives "and they loved not their lives even unto death".

But it was clear this would not last much longer as evil was growing tremendously fast and the Time of the End was very close.

---I believe the message of this is that even when things look terribly wrong, when it looks like we are losing, God is in control and has His plans. He wants us to fear nothing and to trust Him. He knows what He is doing.