Warning Dream: Return of the Fallen Ones

October 29, 2018
By Karen

I had this dream around 2002 or so and feel it is the 2nd most important Warning Dream after the Israeli Event dream.

So for what it's worth.

This In this dream I was living in a home at the end of a cul-de-sac with husband and my teenage kids. I had this itchy sense building up for days that something was about to happen and each day the feeling got stronger, something that was evil was coming. I found myself looking at the sky and when in the house, up at the ceiling. I did not know what it was I was feeling or fearing, only that it will come from the sky. I was very glad that I had already prepared bug out bags for all my kids for an emergency, but I still could not put my finger on my growing sense of unease that was putting me on edge. I felt danger coming.

Then I heard a commotion out front and I ran out the house to the driveway where it meets the street where I saw an amazing sight. There were angels falling from the sky floating gently downwards, there were so many all over in the sky slowly floating down. They were stunningly beautiful with their beautiful light colored clothes and golden wings, hands folded. They looked angelic, holy, kind, wise, godly. They took my breath away and I just stood there looking up at the sky watching them gently float down as if a gift from God. It was incredibly exciting. Watching them I completely forgot about the warning of something evil coming down from the sky.

People had run outside to stand in the street to watch this. They were laughing and cheering, Everyone wanted to get their own 'angel'. It was like some street carnival with people running here and there, excited and laughing to get their own angel. There was a sense that the angels would bring you luck or prosperity or healing, important things would happen when you took in the angel and everyone needed one.

I wanted one desperately. I was drawn to them, they were so lovely, so holy, so beautiful. I craved one. I had this almost overwhelming feeling that I had to have one. Then something inside me shifted and I saw at once they were incredibly evil. Each one ware more of a 'container' or shell for this evil entity. It was all a horrible deception. Once a person welcomed them in, took one home, it would slowly take them over changing their thoughts and minds and people would just give in them. I was horrified, angry and scared. We were in great danger and people had no idea. 

Somehow I knew these 'angels' were something like a vanguard of the Fallen Ones returning to earth. It was like their final last attack on mankind and they came looking holy and god-like with the facade of peace, love and grace, but they were the most evil things.

Then I saw a small crowd coming from off to the right. It was a bunch of… all I can call them is 'church ladies'. They had on pretty pastel dresses and hats, nice little old ladies, sweet faces who came to our neighborhood to help everyone get their own angel. These were real church people who accepted the angels as from God and wanted to ensure everyone got one as apparently that was now the law somehow. It was made clear to me that most, but not all the churches in America, welcomed and endorsed them and I was shocked that so many churches fell for The Lie. The sense was… this was happening all over populated areas, bigger cities first, then towns and such, later, rural areas not so much yet. Maybe they didn't care about the low population of rural areas because it felt like that was about the only safe place to run to.

As the church ladies came closer to my driveway they wanted me to take one in, but God had revealed they were evil, so I said "No". They got pushy wanting me to take one. I refused again and they got mad. I felt they were going to rush me, force me, so I raised my right hand and said "In the name of Jesus you can not enter!" When they heard the name of Jesus, they got mean, ugly, hissing and spitting, their faces contorted in hatred and rage, but they could not come near me. 

Inside I sensed I had a short time to get out of there. God would hold them back, but I had to act fast. I ran into the house and called for husband and kids to get their bags and meet me in the basement. I yelled we had to leave immediately and were in danger. This was the moment that we must bug out. it was very clear that all Christians had to leave and head for the hills as great persecution would come on anyone who refused to accept the new 'messengers from god'. This was a time of true danger and God had prepared a plan for us if we were willing to trust Him.

I ran downstairs to the basement door that took us out back. Past our back yard was a large field and we ran in that direction to escape. I saw a crowd of people in the field and also an old beat up church bus. The bus looked like it could not make it another mile, it was so decrepit.

The people – there were 3 different groups. One group I called the 'helpers'. They were gently trying to help the others get on the bus. The sense was there was not much time left – that we all had to leave NOW. 

The 2nd group was the 'frozen', or maybe 'numb' is a better word. They were so shocked at the arrival of the fake angels, knew there was something terrible wrong, but scared to death. Some were catatonic. Some shook their heads back and forth not wanting to accept this supernatural event that upset their lives. God wanted them to leave their homes and churches and even in some cases, their families. I sat with one sweet little old lady who could barely respond to me. She just shook her head…"Pastor said we would be raptured before anything bad happened." She kept repeating that. She knew something was terribly wrong, but could not accept it was happening to her. One lady said, "I'm still here so this thing can't be too bad, right?"

Some would get on the bus, but some refused just sitting there saying over and over, "I'm supposed to be raptured." They could not accept that sometimes Christians are called to give up homes, jobs, even families to serve the Lord. They said "God would never let this happen to me," and they just sort of froze up.

The 3rd group was tough. They were the richer ones, the ones with big churches, homes, boats, fancy jobs, bank accounts and cars. They did Not want to leave it all behind and get on a broken down bus with some ragtag group of people just because some weird things came down from the sky. They kept looking for worldly excuses like the gov't. will deal with it all and sort things out, things can't be that bad, all sorts of excuses. I watched as one man angrily talked on a cell phone trying to figure out a way to stay and keep his company and homes and stuff and deal with the new ones/new system and still be a Christian. He just didn't want to give up his stuff and was looking for an excuse to not have to. He kept saying God blessed him with so much to help others He would not want him to just walk away. Just an excuse though, they just didn't want to give up their comfortable lives. Most of those people did not get on the bus.

Even sadder, there were many more Christians who had gotten a warning or message to meet at that field who did not bother to come. It's not that they were left behind by God, it was that they did not want to come. They did not bother to seek God's guidance or ask in prayer what to do. They just brushed it all off as an outlandish story.

It was very clear that this moment was The Last Chance to escape the coming persecution, that God had prepared a safe place for us and would protect us through all this danger, but we had to trust Him as everything in the world was about to change.

The atmosphere was Hurry, No Time, We have to leave NOW. 

We were able to get some more people on the bus and then had to leave. We called to the others who turned away. We closed the door sadly and the bus left. There was no driver. The last person got on the bus and the door closed by itself. Then bus drove off. No one knew where we were going but the bus knew exactly where it was taking us. It had the exact amount of fuel for the trip and though it groaned and creaked and sounded like the bus was about to die, it would get us to where God had a place, somewhere in the country already for us. That was the cool thing – God had people already preparing for this knowing it was going to happen one day, they just did not know when.

We escaped, but as the bus drove away we watched the people who refused to get on the bus, to leave their homes, jobs and lives. Those who stayed would all be imprisoned and killed. It made me cry. My heart ached so much I thought it would break but it was their choice.

The return of the Fallen Ones, the last great deception, last gasp attempt to take over as many souls, destroy as many as possible before the return of the King. But God had it all worked out for those who Trusted Him. 

I don't know how they will look when they return, but I know the buggers from the sky are evil. All these dreams I had years ago when I lived in another state, in a small town. I was no real Christian. I was very ignorant and knew little of spirituality, End Times, Nephilim, etc. the dream about Christians being betrayed, where I live now is exactly like the area in that dream. I never had any plan to move to Colorado and live in a high desert with rocky ravines and gullies all around, but here I am, where God put me. I'm not prophesying anything, these are Warning Dreams about things to watch for I believe God sent me, perhaps to wake me up.

God bless,